DeRosa DeRetires!


Of course something like this would happen while I’m out grabbing a bite, but… uh… this is interesting: according to a team release from the Jays, Mark DeRosa has decided to retire.

And here it sounded to me two weeks ago as though he was pretty certain he wasn’t ready to hang it up, after finally feeling that his wrist was back to where it needed to be in order for him to actually compete, which hadn’t been the case for the three years previous. I suppose 2013 will ultimately prove to have been a nice swansong for him, but it’s a little strange, seeing as he’d been spoken about as the possible platoon partner at DH for Adam Lind, while serving as a backup infielder.

He was also, as we’ve frequently heard, a supposed clubhouse leader and mentor for Brett Lawrie, who the Jays, by exercising his $750K option, demonstrated that they wanted back.

Ahhh, but about that option. In his piece on the sudden retirement, John Lott of the National Post writes:

Even though he agreed to the club option when he signed his Toronto contract, in the end he decided he was unwilling to play again for that salary – the same amount he was paid in 2013.

It’s an interesting explanation– one that, unfortunately, makes you wonder if there’s more to the story– because DeRosa has a young family, and could easily have used that as his reason for not playing.

“My wife always has the line,” he’s quoted as saying in Lott’s piece, “Do you want to raise 24 men or do you want to raise your own sons?”

Considering that, it would be hard to blame the guy. The quibbling over money, though, is maybe a bit odd. But I can see how that might be a “thing,” considering that he’d have been a pretty good bargain next year, given the production he showed he was capable of this year, and the bigger role he’d be asked to fill. Also, it’s hard to make the family excuse when there are rumblings like this:

Of course, if he was going to be a Zaun-like in-studio guy, I’m probably an asshole for scoffing at his family concerns. An opportunity like that, which doesn’t come around every season, and could possibly keep him in one city for the duration of the season, would be hard to pass up.

Obviously, at the end of the day, it’s his career, and I know that all the media guys in this city are going to miss him.

And now, of course, we understand even better why Moises Sierra has been doing work at first base in the Dominican Winter League, as he’s currently the de facto option to platoon with Adam Lind at DH. Though that could change any minute now– and… y’know… hopefully will.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Will end up being the best move of the off-season

  2. Kinda sad he’s going. Really feels a like a shot to the heart!

  3. Speaking of retirement…. Oliver?

  4. as sad as i am that derosa is retiring

    i can’t finish this, too tired, will try later

  5. What’s Moises Sierra’s history of playing First Base?

    How can somebody who “apparently” is too brain dead to play Left Field play First?

    • I don’t recall Lind’s outfield defence being considered any hot shit So maybe there’s hope? But who knows? I was horrified by Joe Carter at first, but there he was in extras of the 1992 series.

    • Probably won’t have to worry about bad routes to the ball.

      Seems like a waste of his great arm but whatchagunnado? Make him a Catcher?


  6. Farrell didn’t win Manager of the Year. Thank you Jehovah!

  7. Not that he wasn’t a bargain at 750k, but I’m glad we can now set our sights a bit higher in terms of the other half of our DH platoon. Personally, I’d love to see our bench now round out with Kevin Youkilis (back up at the IF corners and right-handed half of DH platoon), Chris Young (4th OF who is a decent starter and could also be the other half of the DH platoon if Youk stinks, or a CF platoon if Rasmus/Gose need it), Kawasaki/Izturis/Goins (backup MI, pinch runner), catcher. Maybe Youk and Young are too high of targets, but I’d reallllly love to see some more aggressive bench usage by the Jays this season.

    • Sights higher = Youkilis?

      You lost me.

      • Yes? I know it seems like he’s been awful for a while, but it’s really not the case. 2013 was a lost season (118 PAs), but he put up a 103 wRC+ in 509 PAs back in 2012 (and more importantly for this fantasy, slashed .275/.386/.492 with a 136 wRC+ against southpaws). In 2011, he posted a 126 wRC+ and slashed .311/.426/.561 with a 163 wRC+ against lefties. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ll take that off my bench for sure.

  8. Hey stoeten! Whens the last time i told you i love you?!

  9. 750k isn’t going to change DeRosa’s life but being around for his kids is likely to change theirs. I get the decision and appreciate it.

  10. Class act. Leaves a whole in that clubhouse. This team lacks character guys.
    This should free up enough money for 9 innings of Cano

  11. hole

  12. From Lott in National Post : “I go back and forth on it every day, and I think my family will play a huge part in that,” he said then. “That’s something in the off-season we’ll sit down and discuss as a family. I’ve been gone for a long time. My wife always has the line, ‘Do you want to raise 24 men or do you want to raise your own sons?’ ”

    The Mrs is also really hot, so there’s that. Broadcasting in Chicago it is.

    • I will miss Uncle Mark big time, even after one season. But good for him, his wife is a dime.

      Although, upon closer inspection Dero it bad shit either, if utility infielders is your jam you could do a whole lot worse.

  13. Catastrophic loss!!

    And the Phillies just took Marlon Byrd off the market. Now who will we sign after we trade Bautista to the Rangers for their entire starting rotation???

    Seriously though… Not sure whether to say something about Derosa being a good guy … Or just stick with Meh.

  14. In the grand scheme of things this isn’t a big deal at all, but the past few years the Jays have been taking fliers on veterans, promising them a roster spot while mitigating the risk by adding a team option at an affordable price. After what happened with Oliver and DeRosa I think it’s clear that even if they pinky swear that they honor the option year, we should no longer be using that as a way to try to lock in any kind of advantage.

    Not that it matters at fucking all in the big picture, but ya…

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