I don’t exactly remember what I was going for with the above image, which I began using last year during the GM Meetings, but I’m sure it’s still apt. Alex Anthopoulos is still a man on fire, as he needs to make all kinds of magic at the event once again this year, despite laying the groundwork for all kinds of thrilling deals last year in Indian Wells. This year the baseball establishment, and the assembled media, are in Orlando, and with all the news that’s coming out– or expected to come out– of these meetings, we’re keeping very close watch on all the rumblings.

Here’s what’s worth talking about when it comes to the Jays tonight:

Worth another look is the Shi Davidi piece from earlier today at Sportsnet, regarding the health of Melky Cabrera, as it includes a clip of the author on Prime Time Sports this evening, where among other things he says that word is that things are going to be a little slower to develop this year than it was last year– the reason being the cash that’s available in the game giving all kinds of teams and players options, and that there just aren’t very many great pieces to be target. That said, he reiterates what he said in his later piece, which focussed on J.P. Arencibia, that there are names available in trade that a lot of people didn’t think would be– though nobody is saying, publicly, at least, what those names are, apparently.

Regarding the NPB agreement, Jon Morosi tweets that he hears an announcement will come this week, and that not a whole lot will be changing. As I wrote earlier, I think that’s good news for the Jays… theoretically. Another, earlier piece on it, from another angle, is from Barry M. Bloom of MLB.com.

Morosi has a full piece at FoxSports.com in which he says he hears that reliever Joe Nathan and the Tigers could be a fit, which ought to remind us not to indulge too deeply in our Janssen-for-Rick-Porcello fantasies, or any of the other fantasies where clubs start offering actual, legit, valuable starters for bullpen pieces. Could happen– especially I think with the cheaper and longer-controlled Delabar– but as I wrote last week, there’s little chance the Jays will find a deal that doesn’t come with a tonne of risk.

And another MLB.com piece comes from Gregor Chisholm, who looks at the nine Jays players who will be out of options next spring, many of whom won’t clear waivers. The list: McGowan, Rogers, Redmond, Santos, Jeffress, Lincoln, Cecil, Perez, Sierra. Definitely a lot of moving parts to this roster, huh? Because while just about any of those guys could actually land a spot on the Opening Day roster, it’s really only Santos, McGowan and Cecil– provided they’re healthy– who are locks. And maybe not even! Adding a wrinkle to things is the fact that the Jays almost certainly needs to be thinking more about their bench this year, and less about carrying way too many relievers. Definitely going to see at least one of those names moved at some point– I think that’s pretty damn safe to say. Gregor sees Rogers, Lincoln and Sierra as trade bait, while Redmond, Jeffress and Perez seem more likely to eventually hit the waiver wire.

Friend of the blog Captain Latte has spotted a 2014 Jays calendar, which… yeah, that’s going to get outdated pretty much… now.

Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic asks a half-dozen scouts and executives which Diamondbacks shortstop and centre fielder they like best, while I ask… uh… you think Chris Owings or Didi Gregorious could play second base?

Because it’s a thing that happened, I guess I should mention that Wil Myers and Jose Fernandez won the AL and NL Rookie of the Year awards, which were announced tonight. Good for them– and, actually, good on the voters for not selecting Scrubby McScrubberson, who was technically a rookie but isn’t actually ever going to amount to anything in his career. Nothing against ol’ Scrubby, of course– assuming such an entity exists (I can’t even quantify how little thought I’ve given to this year’s awards)– but I’m (unsurprisingly) with Keith Law on the whole thing about wanting to see actual future stars win this award, and the voters definitely pegged a couple of them. theScore has all the coverage of the awards that you’ll ever need– including words from Drew Fairservice!

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  1. I’d be fine with Ubaldo and Feldman to round out the rotation, as well as signing chooch. That would probably take them over 150MM by 5-10 mill but there’s tons of guys you could shed salary with (Lind, Santos, etc)

  2. lol to Gregor for thinking Lincoln is trade bait. He’ll hit the wire and end up back in buffalo.

  3. Ruiz is the answer.
    I can’t think of a better free agent out there.
    He helps this club in so many different ways.
    Anthopolous has his pick of a number of similarly talented/risky starting pitchers but Carlos Ruiz needs to get inked.

  4. I like the idea of Jiminez and Ruiz. Maybe Ellis to play 2nd. Safe, fairly realistic moves, I’d say.

    But I think AA showed last offseason that he’s unpredictable, and that (at least last offseason) he is willing to take major risks and aim big. So while something like Jiminez, Ruiz and Ellis would be my current guess, I feel like AA will end up doing some things none of us would have guessed.

  5. Sorry… Who is scrubby mcscruberson?

    • Bob Hamelin, Marty Cordova, Eric Hinske, Ben Grieve…….

      Anyone who won the award, a little older, who has no star value.

  6. I haven’t watched baseball since August. Who is Scrubby McScrubberson supposed to be?

    • It’s no one in particular. It’s basically applauding the voters for not picking a 25 year old guy who hit some bombs but will never be a difference maker.

      Doesn’t really apply this year though as secon and third in the AL were Archer and Iglesias. Iglesias may not continue on playing this well but Archer looks like a good one.

      In the NL Puig and Teheran will probably have good careers as well.

  7. Klaw is way out of line suggesting voters pick someone who will be a future star. They need to focus on picking the player who had the best rookie season. Not how much VORP Klaw has predicted throughout their careers

    • His explanation is that ROY should highlight future stars and his understanding (through asking the committee) is that he’s right. It works a little different than other awards in that respect but I think it’s the right way to do it.

    • Not even funny as an obvious troll job.


  8. “carrying way too MANY relievers”. MIssed that word in the Chisholm paragraph, Stoets.
    Yeah, I think AA going to be walking a bit more tenderly this time out. He’s got some money to go the free agency route, no doubt – but not enough to go knocking players out by smacking them on the head with his wallet. And if he goes the trade route, now we start subtracting from the roster….and the funny thing is, that no one wants to give up their gems for our garbage.
    Good luck, AA – we wait with bated breath.

  9. Still really like the photoshop job on this one. Would be great to make the guy Loria or something like that.

    Regarding making a big splash on Tenaka. I haven’t seen too much about ballpark figures for him but let’s say he get’s 75% of Darvish’s contract and psoting. That’s 84M over 6 years (with the bulk of that being money upfront which increases the real value of the contract). Would that not be enough to get McCann? Or at least close?

    The difference between Tenaka and the #5 pitcher on the Jays has to be way smaller than the difference between McCann and JPA. If they’re dropping that sort of money, I’d hope it was on McCann.

    • I think the consensus guess is that Tanaka will actually get more than Darvish (at least the posting fee will surpass what was paid for Darvish). That being said, saying he would be the #5 pitcher on the Jays is probably both under rating Tanaka (based on reports) and overrating the Jays’ rotation.

  10. This isn’t really new information,but I’m listening to Shi Davidi with Bob McCown from yesterday. McCown, for what it’s worth, says he’s heard from a very good source that the budget is $150M, Nothing else really interesting from what I’ve heard, besides that Davidi doesn’t think the Jays have much interest in Nolasco, and would only have interest in Santana if his price fell substantially.

  11. Stoeten – you are a machine this time of year. I say it every off season but thanks for the content. It helps the pathetic Blue Jays junkies overcome the bitter cold and shakes that come with baseball withdrawal. Though you’re also probably responsible for 90% of my crushed dreams each season when our shiney hopes for a better tomorrow come crashing and burning down each June.

  12. Who is the genius in marketing that put Romero on the 2014 calendar?

  13. Owing can definitely play 2nd base, and is being targeted there as the starter for the Snakes.

    From all the contacts I’ve talked to reports are that he is essentially untouchable from the DBacks perspective. I would expect that the Diamondbacks trade Aaron Hill (or possibly move him to 3rd and play Prado in left) before they trade Owing.

    He’s exactly the gritty gamer that they look for in their players.

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