Domonic Brown displaying every ounce of his fielding acumen

Howard Eskin showed up on Jeff Blair’s radio show on the Fan 590 this morning, and to his credit he didn’t back down from the tweets he made last night that sent us into such a frenzy. In fact, he had some pointed criticism for Jon Heyman and “haters” out there on Twitter, reiterating that he had made clear any trade would involve more than just Domonic Brown heading to Toronto, and insisting that he’s just doing his job by putting something out there that he’s heard from sources he deems credible.

I mean, it’s true. What else is he supposed to do?

Think about this comment, for example, left on last night’s post by someone claiming to be the CBC’s Elliotte Friedman, and doing a pretty good job of imitating his well-reasoned tone:

Do not discount Howard Eskin…he does have his swings and misses, but also has hit some mammoth HRs. Very powerful voice in Philly and important people do talk to him. I know there have been cases where teams “float” things through him to see reaction.

Give it time.

And indeed, Blair is saying that there have been informal discussions between the Jays and Phillies about Bautista– including some as early as last year– but he’s not indicating at all that those were terribly different than informal discussions that certainly go on all the time, and definitely not different enough to put a wild rumour out there.

Still though, knowing where his bread is buttered– which the entire Fan 590 operation seems to, as their morning show was discussing the rumour as if valid while their news updates reported Shi Davidi’s rubbishing of it– Blair is also saying that he does think there’s “a 60 to 70 percent chance” that Bautista gets dealt, because “he’s the guy who gets you what you need,” and has devoted the first hour of today’s show mostly to letting fans invent wild scenarios that would see Bautista shipped out of town.

I’d groan, but it’s not like he’s not providing all kinds of good stuff. His shitting-on of Domonic Brown’s defence, for example, is quite delicious– and apt!– and the Eskin chat was rather interesting. In particular, it was curious when the issue of Bautista’s supposed bristling at the fact that the Jays brought in higher-paid players than he came up again. Eskin doubled down on that as well, though later Blair said that he certainly hadn’t got that sense during his time around the team, but added, “I do know that Jose Reyes became a much bigger part of the clubhouse culture than Jose Bautista did.”

I don’t know… I guess this is the thing we’re still talking about today, even though it was basically over in the middle of the night. Traditional media, everyone!

Beats hockey talk, at least.

Anyway, Shi Davidi, in an early morning post today at Sportsnet, provides us with the extremely plausible explanation for how the rumour can both be garbage, yet something that Eskin genuinely felt it was necessary to put out there:

Much like the recent round of Blue-Jays-interested-in-Gordon-Beckham rumours, this appears to be another attempt to increase a player’s market value by using Alex Anthopoulos’s secretiveness as a cover.


Well this day just keep getting better, doesn’t it?

So… there’s all that.

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  1. I can’t even remember what the off season was like without the Twitter.

    • Good on you for making good use of a bad siauttion. That half asleep/sleep deprived state is perfect for accessing that free creative part of your brain. I do hope you get a good nights sleep soon, I know exactly how torturous sleep deprivation is.

  2. Good times. Good times.
    It’s fun to think about even if it will never happen…. Or at least I think it’s fun.

  3. Whether this stuff is true or not, I always find the offseason tremendously entertaining.

  4. kiss ass time ..Stoets the amount of words you have put to the NET so far beats the crap out of anything anywhere for any team site (at least I assume it does) .. keep up the penning and I hope you don’t get Seinfeld’s check signing injury anytime soon!

  5. Love lots of jays talk this is a fun time of year. I was awake last night when that tweet from Eskins popped up and my gut reaction as I posted on DJF was its bullshit. It may have some truth to it but the ” in serious discussions” part kinda through up flags. Especially when a SP wasn’t the name being put out there as the other piece.

    • It’s as if he has a team of one thousand monkeys typing on one thousand typewriters to keep us up to date.

      Seriously fantastic work for sure.

  6. Love this time of year. Twitter is perfect for this stuff. Stoets I haven’t seen so many posts from you in one night before good work lol

  7. Has anyone mentioned the fact that Brown had a brutal second half? Breakout first half maybe, but lots of questions and skepticism are still warranted.

    • Well, Bautista’s missed nearly half of the past two seasons, so that evens out in that regard.

      • No, it doesn’t even things out at all.

        Bautista is a legitimate scoring threat when he is healthy. I’m not sure we can definitively say the same thing about Brown. His reasonable contract may make it worth the gamble, but I wouldn’t roll the dice with our best player.

        • Not a 1-for-1 deal even if it were true. The salary savings allow the Jays to go after a big name pitcher. It works out.

  8. Assuming the Jays need/want to free up payroll, is there any player better to trade than Bautista? He’s not the most important part of the offense, but will still bring something back, and will free up a good amount of money. If these are the Jays goals, it makes perfect sense.

  9. Makes the dog days of fall/winter go by easier though doesn’t it?

  10. has a story up about the supposed trade

  11. Love Jays drama in November … awesome.

  12. Jesus they have Bautista and jpa for brown hahahaha who do they think this brown kid is the next coming of Jackie Robinson !?

  13. I do believe that Eskin has stumbled upon something, like Morosi before him – the Jays fanbase are great targets for troll jobs:

    His latest tweet:

    “Hope #phillies don’t match 2 Year offer by #bluejays to C Carlos Ruiz. Another 35 year old player. Ruiz wants 3.”

    Rosenthal and Davidi have both said the Jays haven’t made any offers, especially a two-year offer to Ruiz, but if you really want to believe Eskin, I suppose there could be a difference in how sides view what an “offer” means.

  14. Well there is a world of difference between Philly floating the idea vs AA floating the idea.

    AA is a nice Canadian guy. Philly could offer a piece of burnt toast for Bautista and AA would still say thanks for the offer.

  15. And just how would anyone know that Bautista is unhappy that there are guys making more than him? I mean maybe he feels that way deep down (hey we all are capable of being jealous about things). But are you telling me he would actually voice that as if AA is supposed to only get mediocre players?

    Plus Bautista seemed quite thrilled to be having Reyes and Buehrle come to the team.

  16. More madness
    @howardeskin: Hope #phillies don’t match 2 Year offer by #bluejays to C Carlos Ruiz. Another 35 year old player. Ruiz wants 3.

  17. How awesome is Shi Davidi? He really gets what this team is all about and how Anthopolous works as well. Good for him, he is a pleasure to follow.

  18. I assume there is some angle of truth here, but man, Eskin sounds like an idiot. He keeps saying Bautista was put off by the players the Jays signed. He doesn’t seem to know the Jays or Philies prospects (which is fine, but maybe do some research last night if its not your area of expertise and you’re going to do radio about it all day). He thinks the Jays would want Kendrick. He hasn’t suggested that even for a second he is being used to inflate Brown’s value.

  19. IF this has any traction, would a Dom Brown/Phil Bickford package, maybe with secondary pieces going both ways make sense? It seems like a pretty Ruben Amaro thing to do to trade young unproven players for established guys. That would free up a lot of payroll and give the jays flexibility to trade someone like Sanchez, since most teams looking to trade a frontline starter would be looking for prospects over an aging slugger. Just spitballin’ y’all

  20. I think if the Jays really wanted to move payroll$$ the most obvious choices w/b Buerhle (19m!) and Reyes 16+, so to say they want to free up $$$ by dumping bautista makes no sense to me, especially after committing 5m more just to keep Adaam Lind. Besides they have Jose for up to 3 years at14m and soon Rasmus will cost that much.
    So, while I think they will entertain offers for Jose I don’t think he goes, I ,in another post, gave a scenario where Reyes c/b dealt to St Louis, perhaps, but I doubt that too.
    I can see Buerhle and 5m being moved, however, if we are pursuing at least 2 other pitchers to help finance it but I have no idea on it, just surmising

  21. Okay not for Dominic Brown, but if we can get Lee or Hamels or Utley, yes. People need to stop treating Bautista like he’s untouchable. I love the guy, but he’s 34 and has been inured the past two seasons. He’s got maybe 2 elite seasons left. EE is a better slugger anyway, and this is simply a question of need. We need a front-line starter more than JB. If we can’t get one, then don’t trade him, but if we can, fuck yes.

    • He’s 33. His injuries are pretty fluky. Did David Ortiz have only two good seasons left at this point? Why does EE being good matter in the slightest?

  22. JP Morosi seems to think it’s likelier the Jays trade EE because of the availability of replacements on the FA market.

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