UPDATE: Aaaaaaand the tweet is now deleted. Let’s relive the magic anyway, though, eh?

UPDATE THE SECOND: The station tweets that it was a fake account, and I’ll be damned if they aren’t right! GAH!


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Oh, the jokes just write themselves, don’t they? Ruben Amaro loves him some RBIs, making he and J.P. Arencibia a match made in heaven. So why wouldn’t this be a thing that’s really about to happen?

I’m sure Arancibia will be even better once he’s joined by Batista, amiright?

But OK, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here. While I’m pretty sure that, based solely on the fact that he has a different name, Anthony Gargano is not Howard Eskin, he does work for the same Philadelphia radio station. And while I’m hardly about to call them the purveyors of filthy fucking lies, their track record over the last twelve hours or so isn’t exactly spotless.

But this one certainly passes the smell test with flying colours compared to last night’s wild rumour. Because… y’know… jokes:

Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, or a joke gone too far. I mean… of course the team that signed Delmon Young would see value in J.P. Arencibia.

And maybe this explains why there were rumours of the two clubs talking last night, even if the names involved aren’t necessarily the ones we first heard. Hmmm?

I don’t know. I just really, really don’t want to fucking jinx it. It’s too perfect. I want to bronze it and put it on my mantle and stare deeply at it on frigid mid-winter afternoons, possibly while smoking a pipe.

It’s… seriously, happen.

We’ll keep our eyes on it. Fingers crossed!

So… there’s that.

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  1. I”m close too.

  2. Okay, we’re getting Cliff Lee back in this, right?


  3. I imagine the Phillies would be the team that would give up the most to get him too, RBIS1!!!1!!111

  4. This would result in JP Arencibia versus Jose Fernandez’s curveball about 50 times per season.


  5. Trading him to Ruben Amaro Jr. is the one situation where I can actually see the Jays getting something worthwhile back for JPA. God, I hope this is good.

  6. Side note: Congrats to Mark DeRosa on the new gig MLB Network, studio analyst

  7. As we figured last night, the longer this goes untouched without a confirmation from a big reporter, the less likely it’s true.

    In other words, hurry up Kenny Ken Ken!

  8. Genius move by the jays to drive up the price on Chooch to make the Phillies make a deal for JP

  9. There are dumb GMs and then there is Ruben Amaro Jr.

  10. As long as it isnt for Ryan Howard

  11. If he does leave who is the new whipping boy? A Rasmus and Lind platoon?

    • Maicer. Goins.

      Lawrie if he doesn’t hit?

      Melky if he doesn’t hit?

      Basically fans will think whoever isn’t playing well isn’t trying or working hard enough and will hate him.

      • And they will remain confident that the player’s biggest problem is his attitude. Also it will be the hitting coach’s fault.

      • I can see Izturis but if he is that bad I don’t think he will play enough to become that despised.

        • Just wanted to go on record saying, I have always hated Izturis.

          I will be referencing this post come Spring/Summer

      • and he will be making for bad chemistry.

      • No matter what, it’ll be that fuckin’ Farrell’s fault. (I still use JP Ricciardi as my favorite personal whipping boy).

  12. What would Aaron Cibia fetch from the Phils? Seriously… Phillipe Aumont? Kyle Kendrick? AAAA guy? A bag of balls?

  13. Which will be mounted higher on your mantle – JPA to the Phillies or Vernon Wells to the LAA?

  14. And the tweet is deleted!

  15. Bogus tweet???

    WIP (capital I)

    WlP (lower case L)

  16. Ruben Amaro Jr. is a hero and a patriot. Don’t mock this man.

  17. if JP thought T.O’s media was tough…..

  18. And the offseason is officially underway when we all get had by a fake account.!

  19. JPA and Romero for a pair of cleats.

  20. Does jpa still get moved in the offseason

  21. What the going price for a clubhouse and team leader, anyways?

  22. The only thing that would have been better than this fake rumour is if it was JPA to the White Sox for Gavin Floyd.

  23. I remain hopeful. Philadelphia signed Shawn Camp to a minor-league deal. Clearly a precursor to getting the old band back together.

  24. Nothing beats the Cesar Izturis twitter account trollness about a year ago!

  25. not JP related… but i was thinking last night that I wouldn’t be shocked to see Cano in a tigers uniform…. that sort of deal is right up their alley

  26. I take it then this Bello fellow is not looking too great?

  27. It was fun while it lasted.

  28. Shit! Nick Punto is off the board.

  29. I’m assuming you wanted him as a lefty platoon, otherwise this isnt that big a deal

  30. I get how bad JPA was last year, but he’s really not bad for a back up catcher, so moving him for the sake of moving him is pointless.

    I’m all for an upgrade at the catcher position, and if costs Arencibia to do so in a trade (obviously with more pieces) then so be it. But this notion of just cutting or dumping off JPA to sign another catcher is pretty stupid.

    I mean, remember when everyone was screaming for Josh Fucking Thole last year, remember how that turned out.

    • Projected 2 million when we already have thole as back-up? no thank you.

      Problem with arencibia is that he’s just not very good at catching besides maybe framing. His defense is questionable, his game calling is meh and he cannot throw out base runners.

      On top of this he can’t hit for average OR take a walk. These do not scream amazing back-up to me.

      • you know who else wasn’t an amazing back up.. Jose Thole.

        So unless you bring in a starting catcher and a better back up catcher, dumping JPA for nothing makes little sense.

    • Option B: Josh Thole was being screamed for so loudly because he was the only option to a historically bad Option A: JP

      I know what you’re getting at with keeping assets but if we upgrade through free agency which we should definitely be doing then you can’t keep JP because he doesn’t catch the knuckleball particularly well and you could probably turn him into a low level prospect.

      • If you get something of value for him I’m all for it. but in reading most of the comments, people didn’t even want him tendered.

  31. I remember the first girl who dumped me… I was young and dumb, but man I thought we’d be together forever.

    Looking back on it, I knew it wasn’t real, but I know that the heartache I felt was real. You know, when it feels like that person might as well have stabbed you in the stomach?

    • This is a lot like that.

    • i was porkin her like tits on a clock, every hour on da hour! she loved my dirty meat like JPA loves dressin up like a school girl on thursdat nights. GO JAYS!!!

  32. Ok then

  33. Slo clap for Mags

  34. we need infante

  35. I still like the Seattle rumours better. Ackley and Iwakuma for Bautista. Jays can throw in more pieces if Walker is on the table. That leaves a catcher, SP, and first base to be filled (sorry, Lind has to go too).

  36. Remember when some people (idiot fans) wanted to move JPA to first when D’Arnaud was ready? Ahhhhh, those were the days….

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