Snip-snap, indeed!

Shi Davidi tweets that Alex Anthopoulos has called the Bautista-Brown rumour “fabricated,” ridiculous,” and “completely false.”

He adds that, contrary to another Howard Eskin suggestion, the GM says that he has made no offers to any free agent. OK then.

John Gibbons is apparently dismissive of the whole thing as well. Jim Bowden tweets that the Jays’ manager appeared on his SiriusXM show and said that the club is “looking to add pitchers not swapping outfielders.” It’s been a fun several hours, though, hasn’t it?

Bowden adds another item from the Gibbons chat, as the manager also confirmed that Brett Lawrie will play at third base this year. “He grew up a lot this year. Sky is the limit,” ol’ Gibbers said.

Uh… so… what does it say about your decision to fire your hitting coach when he’s almost immediately snapped up as a minor league hitting coordinator for one of the best-run organizations in the game? Because that’s kinda what just happened, as according to a tweet from Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, Chad Mottola has joined the Rays.

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs has a number of interesting thoughts on the Bautista-Brown rumour, which are less specific about the proposal itself, and more about general trends. Among them, he allays fears about Bautista’s supposedly diminishing skills, explaining that “extrapolating trends into the future is often completely incorrect, because the reality is that performance often regresses back towards the average of a larger sample performance rather than continuing to move further and further away from a peak. Or, put another way, players who are labeled as “trending downwards” often have a very good performance in their recent history which should continue to inform our opinion of what they will do in the future.”

An MLBTR piece notes a Matt Gelb tweet that quotes Ruben Amaro as saying that his club isn’t looking to move young, controllable players.

The links in the last 24 hours between the Jays and the Philles prompted @Phylan to send an awesome post from Todd Radom my way, which tells us story of how the Philles were once the Blue Jays.

A piece from Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun quotes Alex Anthopoulos as saying that “every single reliever” on his roster has been asked about so far.

Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles takes a look at the garage sale item with the “WORKS FINE” sign that is Josh Johnson. He likes him, even!

Over at Sports Illustrated, Jay Jaffe takes an in-depth look at the free agents who declined qualifying offers clubs, suggesting that the Jays may be the club willing to swallow hard on the contract demands from Ervin Santana.

Ever considered that Brian Wilson might be awesome? How about after learning that, according to a tweet from Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger, he wouldn’t play for the Yankees because he doesn’t want to shave his beard?

A report from MiLB.com focuses on Kenny Wilson, the Jays 2008 second-rounder who is having a good time in the Arizona Fall League. Drew Hutchison and his nice start is mentioned in the wrap-up as well.

Teddy Cahill, writing for BlueJays.com, gives a report on how the Salt River Rafters– the club on which the club’s AFL prospects are playing.

Another AFL item, as Eno Sarris of FanGraphs looks at the success rate of AFL All-Stars.

And another BlueJays.com item reveals the club’s Spring Training schedule for 2014.

I’m currently getting a 404 error, but if the page ever gets working, you can read at the National Post about how a couple of Toronto voters may have cost John Farrell the manager of the year award, by both picking him ahead of Terry Francona. And if it still doesn’t work, you can hear us talk about it at some point on the upcoming DJF Podcast.

Drew takes a look at how arbitration awards can be beneficial to some and not to others in a piece over at Getting Blanked.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star has put together a nifty interactive infographic on the Cy Young candidates in each league.

Lastly, it’s podcastery, as we’ve got the latest installment of Jeff Pearlman’s Quazcast at Fanatico.

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  1. hey its the one year anniversary of the blockbuster trade with the marlins by the way

  2. Man, I wish we needed a closer. Brian Wilson is the coolest bastard on the planet.

    If you haven’t watched HBO’s “The Franchise” he’s worth the price himself.

    • Saw him open for Jeff Beck recently at the Sony Centre. He was clean shaven, and had aged considerably.

    • I can’t believe the Yankees still have that ridiculous ‘no facial hair’ policy. What if you’re prone to horrible ingrown hairs or have dermatitis or anything else that would merit not shaving?

      Get with the fucking times.

  3. While you can say that a lot of Bautista’s success comes from a ridiculous (to the naked eye anyway) bat speed, he also uses his exceptional plate discipline for success. And that won’t necessarily age as fast as his bat speed might.

    I keep waiting for the Yankees to suddenly be too old to play. And it has been a maddeningly slow process.

    Even on D, Jose’s greatest asset is his arm and that shouldn’t change much. His range has never been great.

  4. What a stupid rule to have no facial or long hair anyways, its 20 fucking 13.

    I remember when the Yankees claimed Darnell Mcdonald off waivers, made him cut his dreads off and then released him like a week later.

  5. Very good article about Cameron. His point about aging curves should be repeated loudly and often for everyone who draws a straight line from ’11 through ’13 and uses it project ’14.

    • That was a very well-written piece. Essentially:

      WAR over 2011-2013
      Player A – 3, 3, 3
      Player B – 7, 5, 3

      I’ve never understood how people have a perspective where Player A projects to have a better season because he’s consistent while Player B is “declining”. Assuming the same ages, Player B’s high peak shouldn’t penalize his projection going forward.

  6. I find Wilson’s shtick pretty old at this point but good for him for giving the finger to the Yankees for trying to make him dress a certain way. Glad some people realize that it’s not such an honour to play for a crappy old Yankees team that they need to change their own image….ahem Youkilis

  7. I like John Gibbons. A lot.

  8. Kind of hope the General Manager starts trying to make deals with winning organizations. Taking other teams “losers” is getting old.

  9. If tampa snatched up a fired pitching coach of ours, I’d wonder.

    They may have the best front office in baseball, but their offense is not usually their driving force.

  10. Lets offer Cano a 3 yr deal at 30 mil. per yr. with an option to walk after 1 yr. If he takes the option give him a 5 mil walking bonus. It’s a fair price for 1 yr. and gives him some security if he flames out or gets injured. Look at him as a hired gun. Do this with a catcher and a couple of arms and for 75 mil for 1 yr you’ve got a top flight team. Next yr. you’re back to a 125 mil payroll.

    • Ok

    • Why would he do that when 10 teams would happily pay him 30M times 5 years?

      • He gets to win a championship with Toronto and then move on to another City, instead of tying himself to some outfit that will spin its wheels for 5 years.

        • Ha ha aha ha ha.

          I bleed Blue as much as anyone here but if you think we are even top 10 in the eyes of free agents for “chance of winning the WS” you’re crazy.

          You know who he plays for right?

          • sons, I read this blog regularly, and last yr this time you were giddy with excitement. You were at the point of orgasm. I’m sure a few free agents probably called their agents, with a view to getting on board.

            • As touching and creepy as it is that you pay attention to my posts from a year ago, I doubt Cano does.

              And while I yet am optimistic about next year, I hardly think the Jays are the only team worthy of optimism.

    • then lets trade JPA and Adam Lind for Clayton Kershaw.

  11. I like Gibby’s quotes on Arencibia: word on the street he’s gone, the heat he took last year was deserved

  12. Well to be fair Gibby also said JPA was his favourite and that nobody knows if he’ll be back or not

  13. I hope i get to hear Buck Martinez regularly say jew bald ho jim men isss

  14. Does it make sense that the Toronto writers cost John Farrell the award by picking him “ahead” of Tito? Is this a typo, or did something weird happen?

  15. It’s a typo. They both chose Francona 1st, Farrell 2nd.

  16. Traderumors is reporting the Dodgers are shopping their outfield (including Puig, but at a higher price).

    So, let’s start some mongering:

    Joey Bats for Puig.

    • There aren’t enough + signs in the world to convey how much that deal would have to be Bautista+++++++++++++++ for Puig.

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