OK, so it’s return-to-normalcy time here, at least until the Winter Meetings get started on December 9th– though I’m sure there will be all kinds of other fun stuff to happen between now and then. There should be at least a transaction or two, and the non-tender deadline will pass, which will allow us– and the rest of the baseball world– to ask the sorts of questions that APODionysus of Baseball Arcade did this morning, such as, is “J.P. Arencibia, Starting Catcher” scarier than Cthulhu? Zombies? Freddy Kruger?

The answers may surprise you!

Anywho… in the meantime, here’s something else to get your mind off of the mayor’s at-home culinary habits, which I suspect we’ve all thought a little too much about so far today: it’s Aaron Sanchez!

Scout Bernie Pleskoff has some very kind words for the Jays’ top prospect in a video from MLB.com– money quote: improved command since the start of the Fall League– while Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus– in response to a question from theScore’s own Jonah Birenbaum– makes a very nice suggestion about when we might actually be able to see the kid we’ve dreamed on for so long actually set foot on the mound at the centre of the Rogers Centre’s sea of shitty, rugged, concrete-and-felt turf.

Nails much???

Now, the clip:


Image via MiLB Prospective.

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  1. I watched this video a day or two ago. Thought it was pretty high praise.

    Should’ve linked it in here for you…

    But wait – isn’t he standing too tall?

    • That was my read, too. Very little drive from the lower half in his delivery.

      This is consistent with the last we saw of him ’round these parts:


      It looks like what we heard from KLaw around his short stride and upright delivery with less of a follow-through has remained, although I think that at a point you might have to simply say “well it’s working for him, so let’s not sweat it”. Sometimes having a guy with unconventional mechanics doesn’t mean he can’t get things done, or that he’s more likely to be injured, or that he doesn’t have command. It just means he has unconventional mechanics.

  2. Just what I needed to get the visions of Rob Ford at the Muffay out of my head.

  3. I can kind of see the issues with the short stride, but other than that he seems to have a very fluid yet compact delivery without too many moving parts. And the curve is something to behold.

  4. Maybe my reading comprehension just sucks but what is he saying absolutely to?

  5. Cthulhu !!! Reminds me of the legendary Canadian band The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets.

  6. You know how fangraphs does that list of the most valuable commodities in baseball, like the one that factors in age and years of control/contract status? There’s a rational argument that Aaron Sanchez has more value individually than any other commodity on the Jays (2nd would be Bautista). And unfortunately Noah Syndergaard would probably be right there with him after his dominant 2013 but thats neither here nor there because we’ve got Dickey on a good contract which is valuable too.

    I really just hope that we can actually get to see the promise of Sanchez in a Jays uniform in either late 2014 or 2015.

    • EE is above Jose, and for sure ahead of any prospect the Jays have.

      • I would say EE is not above Bautista simply because Bautista can play a crap ton of positions decently, as opposed to EE playing only 1B and maybe 3B every so often. Plus his upside is much higher then EE.

        • Bautista cannot play a crap tonne of positions, and EE’s bat may be more valuable moving forward.

          • My apologies, not a crapton, but he can play the outfield and 3b decently, better then EE anyways. And while EE may have a future better performance, Bautista has the better track record and the higher upside so GM’s will look at that.

            Don’t get me wrong though EE has a ton of value for his consistenly good bat. It’s just that Bautista’s value is better.

            I still wouldnt trade either of them unless we get a overpay of players in return though.

            • He can play a passable RF, and he is a well below average 3B. He is probably an above average LF but hasn’t played there in time, and his 1B defense is about in line with what you would expect of pretty much anything.

              • You are also ignoring contract and injury history, and the actual performances of last year. Both players have very similar trade values, in that the other team has to give up a lot to get them.

  7. I feel like i’ve just grown to accept the fact that every year some pitching prospect ive never heard of is going to come and be an all star for the rays, and prospects for the jays i’ve been waiting years for aren’t going to do shit…. It would be fuckin awesome if Sanchez and Stroman just busted in half way through the season and took over.

  8. He’s got some big ears. Future promotion idea, Aaron Sanchez fake plastic ears night?

  9. After the depatures of Syndergaard, D’Arnaud, Nicolino, Marisnick, etc. etc. this is the crown jewel. I have high hopes for the likes of Sanchez, Stroman and Hutchison. That said, it is difficult to envision a scenario under which this team improves itself (on paper) and all three of these guys are still in the organization at the start of the 2014 season.

    • It is absolutely not difficult.

      • Indeed, all you need to do is make Gose, Happ, and Relievers as your only trade chips.

        Done, all of our top prospects are not dealt lol.

      • Andrew,

        When you say it is “not difficult” to envision a scenerio that all of the jays top prospects are still with the team at the start of the 14 season without the jays getting better. Can you elaborate then? How would the team have gotten better without trading top prospects? signing free agent number 4 arms for 20 mil a year isn’t feasable.

        Please advise.

        • It’s going to have to become feasible if that is the new reality of MLB salary.

        • Why are you limiting yourself to signing back-of-the-rotation free agent SP for 20M AAV as the only possible solutions to upgrading the 25/40 man roster(s)? We should seek different management if these are the only moves made.

          Every single player on the Jays 40 man roster can be traded except maybe Maicer Izturis, and even then, someone in the MLB is probably willing to absorb the contract as a depth piece in the right trade. We have good trade chips in Bautista, E5, Rasmus, Reyes, Lawrie, and Dickey. We have plenty of depth trade pieces in Jansen, Delabar, Santos, Cecil, Lind, Morrow, Gose, Goins, JPA, Buerhle, Happ, Rogers, and pretty much everyone not named Maicer. If AA is unable to improve this lineup (aside from the players themselves playing better…..) with the flexibility he has built himself since the Vernon Wells trade, I will be the first one (maybe the last one?) to finally jump off the AA bandwagon and start calling for new management.

          It was a couple years ago where Beeston hypothesized that the Jays payroll could easily support 150 M per year, in a couple years. It is now that time, and the new MLB TV money is finally coming to fruition in conjunction with the new MLB CBA. I expect the Jays payroll to significantly rise for the 2014 season as it rose before the 2013 season. Not just because we have to re-sign our arbitration eligible players, but because there are going to be several moves and upgrades via trade and free agency. These moves might not steal the spotlight, but this doesn’t mean these moves can’t be upgrades.

          There is not a single move this Jays team can make this offseason, without making another corresponding move. If we bring in an SP? We have to move an SP or long RP. If we bring in a 2B/C? We have to move a C or Mid INF. There will be plenty of moves this winter for your comment to appear as the product of a let down single season fan. This includes being aggressive on the waiver wire to get players like Redmond, Juan Perez, and Casper Wells – though these additions will not significantly change payroll, but are indicative of our management’s activity and successes/failures. Veteran minor league signings, such as that of Munenori Kawasaki last year, are also quite indicative of team management actions.

          It is a long offseason. Angst this early is probably a bad thing.

    • There’s a good chance that this is the highest Sanchez and Stroman’s value will ever be.

  10. He actually gets hit decently in that video, but clearly has good stuff.

  11. he was never going to be a free agent right now… the mets were either going to extend him last offseason or trade him to someone who would.

  12. Love to hear the good reports, but…….

    Wasn’t the knock by KLaw was that there was not enough swing and missies? I didn’t see any in the video.

    I wouldn’t put too much stock into ProfessorParks’ response because he wasn’t answering an valuable question. If guys like Nolin made the bigs last year, I see little reason for fanfare Sanchez having a shot this year because, y’know, it’s kinda his turn so far as development in the Jays system goes.

    As for the source, mlb.com is kinda a media mouthpiece for mlb. They kinda have to say good things about the teams that comprise their ownership. Also, (not sure if this is still the case), but when I was watching mlb.com back in the days when it first came out, over 50% of it’s adds were for seasons tickets by various team. Grab a salt shaker.

    I won’t pretend to be an expert on baseball evaluation, but having had listened to the majority of the “up and In” podcasts that ProfessorParks’ was a part of, one gets a feel for surface scout jargon, and more thoughtful takes. Give the report a listen again and ask yourself which camp Bernie Pleskoff belongs to.

    I’d love to see the kid do well, but let’s temper our enthusiasm until a decent sample of MLB/AL East work is under this kids belt. We all know what early expectations did for us in 2013.

  13. Does he really have improved command though, can’t watch the video right now but… sure that 1BB/8K + GB on his Nov. 8 outing looks hot but just his previous outing had a three walk in 4 innings – GB performance.

    Need to see some more consistency… his overall line looks typically Aaron Sanchez not improved Aaron Sanchez.

    • The opponents have improved so I’d say what he has done is more impressive.
      He’s not facing 18 year olds in Low-A and High-A, he’s facing some of the best prospects in baseball.

  14. FYI – Sanchez is pitching right now.

  15. Baseball America posted a great article on Sanchez on Tuesday. They had 20 year scout Therron Brockish give his report on Aaron, it’s behind the paywall so I can’t paste it but here’s the money paragraph:

    He’s got the stuff to be a No. 2 starter in the majors. His hits-allowed-to-innings-pitched ratio in the minors is outstanding. He’s got more than one strikeout pitch and is going to get some swings-and-misses. If he can get his command and improve his breaking ball just one notch, he will definitely be a front-line starter. If not, he still has the stuff to be a starter or even a closer at the major league level. I think he has enough of a repertoire to be starter. He should be in Double-A next summer at 21 and possibly compete to make the club out of spring training. Realistically, he starts the 2014 season in the minors with the possibility of being called up due to an injury or need at the major league level.

    • Bah, was hoping for ace material but #2 upside is still good. Man I hope he solves his command issues.

      • Yeah, I’m hopeful he ends up a true number 1.

        Who’s the last guy like that we brought up? Big Roy?

      • Upside of a no 2 is garbage. Sanchez absolutely has the stuff to be one of the best 30 pitchers in baseball, and that is a no 1

        • I read quite a few of these on BA and these scouts rarely if ever use the “he’s a number 1″ line. They were real high on Bumgarner a few years back and they projected him as a 3/4 type guy. He’s been a filthy animal.

          I think that he’s calling him a number 2 is pretty high praise.

        • When prospect raters give a grade of “no. 2 starter” on somebody they don’t mean on any rotation. I’m pretty sure the definition is “on a championship team” or “first division team.” So a no. 1 starter is really a top 10-15 pitcher, not top 30.

    • Yes I have to agree with username…When you talk about a true #1 – I can only name 12 of them: Verlander, Price, Kershaw, Harvey, Wainwright, Scherzer, King Felix, Yu Darvish, Jose Fernandez, Sale, Moore, Strasburg. They are perennial Cy Young candidates. High K, low WHIP studs.

      #2s are the likes of Lee, Hamels, Zimmerman, Greinke, Cain, Bumgarner, Anibal Sanchez, Shields, to name a few. Potentially best pitcher on their team and still excellent, but they aren’t going to the HoF anytime soon…

      I’m OK with Aaron Sanchez peaking as a 2, maybe getting close to a 1 as described. He is filthy and so is Stroman.

      Looking forward to these 2 future young arms doing what Wacha and Kelly did for the Cardinals this year! (wishful thinking but I hope it happens)

  16. I’ll only do this once, I started a minor league blog and have a writeup on Sanchez that you will all already know all of, but maybe you’ll find tales of Kris Bryant’s exploits compelling or something.


    Won’t spam again, thanks.

    • Nice blog.

      I didn’t realize that Bryant had been a Jays pick.
      Shit, if only we had that kid in the pipeline…

  17. Matt Wieters trade here we come

  18. Decent line from Sanchez:

    5 innings, 6 hits, 1ER, 2 BB (tolerable), 3k

    49 strikes in 79 pitches, 3 ground outs to 0 fly outs (although the maths doesn’t add up)

    And, most importantly, the WIN !1!!

    Couldn’t have had a much better AFL, despite the KLaw criticism.

    • I was at the game today so instead of a box score and a bunch of numbers I will tell you what I saw. Of the six hits today 2 were bunts in the 5th inning, 2 hits were on pitches batters could not get around on an were blooped to the opposite field. He was only hit solidly on three occasions and one was a line drive to first which ended up to be a double play. There were 4 double plays in his 5 innings pitched the other 3 on ground balls, nice to see when you have guys on base. Was only able to see the rader gun from a scout in the first inning on every pitch but he was throwing easy 95 – 96. One of the hits was on the first curve he threw that just hung and was laced into the field. After that it was just nasty he was throwing to both right and left handed batters with a couple of the right handers bailing out and one third strike to a left handed batter that just gave up on the pitch and looked real embarrassed when it fell in for a strike. His change of speed was incredible throwing some off speed stuff at 87-88. One curve he threw to strike a guy out with came in at 83 (shouted out to all the scouts what was the speed 3 yelled back with the number and all looked very impressed. I am not a any kind of baseball expert but from what I saw today this guy looks like a real keeper.

      • Great first hand info, crazy how misleading box scores can be.

      • Cool, thanks for the info.

        • Looks like I did alright for my first report, this article pretty much says everything I did but I just don’t write as well (I think I need an editor). Trust me it was impressive and even more so than the day before when I saw Hutchinson pitch. But to be fair it looked like Drew was working on trying to improve his breaking stuff. When he was throwing his fastball with that heavy sink they could touch him. In the first inning he stuck out the first 2 batters who didn’t even get a whiff. From that point on the fast ball was very rarely seen. While I have gone this far I might as well tell you about Stroman. Looks like if the Jays wanted they can put him in the bullpen now and he would be successful in the majors. I had fun watching him because his size really sticks out. When looking at all the pitchers now it is like the pro golf tour they all look the same. It is like centralized scouting got together and said don’t scout any pitcher unless he is 6’4″. and 200 lbs.. Teams figure if the pitcher doesn’t fit the mold why spent the time and money to develop them. In my humbled opinion I think the Jays are spending their money wisely on Marcus and they shouldn’t hurry him if he has a chance to be a starter.

  19. ?

  20. God i hope they trade Sanchez and Stroman this winter.

  21. I just wanted to thank you guys at DJF for the shout-out. I’m glad you enjoyed the post on Arencibia. You have my sympathies that you had to watch that all season.

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