Artist’s rendering of Alex Anthopoulos if he refused to shave until Reuters gets some damn new pictures of him in their image archive– or perhaps if he started growing a beard the last time I used this gag.

Alex Anthopoulos showed up with Jim Bowden and Jim Duquette on MLB Network Radio yesterday for a quick segment, and– holy shit! They have the clip up on Soundcloud, so I can actually embed it– sort of like we’ve started doing with the DJF Podcast, which we totally might actually get around to doing again this week!

Have a listen– it’s action packed!


For those of you who aren’t able to listen, or who might be looking for some help in digesting what was said, here are the highlights…

- Anthopoulos wouldn’t comment on the Samardzija rumours. “You know what, I just saw that too,” he said, playing coy. “I’m in the office today, I’m just going through some things,” he added. Some things like a Jeff Samardzija trade???? Hmmm.

- “I will say that we’re definitely exploring starters– with teams,” he admitted. “But also, just like a lot of stuff that’s out there that is false, we have not made an offer to anybody, with respect to a starter. So if there’s something out there that we’ve made an offer to someone for a starter, that is not accurate.” So… he’s offered on a position player??? Perhaps. But also, this is all semantic, of course. Surely names have been exchanged in some capacity, it’s just, I suspect in his view that– quite rightly– doesn’t constitute a formal offer.

- “That doesn’t mean we’re not inquiring,” he adds. “We’re still inquiring.” Well… yeah.

- “We’re talking to one club about a smaller trade,” he says, “and maybe it will move in the next few days, or maybe it won’t happen,” he admits. Cue people speculating– or hoping– that it means Arencibia. People like me! I don’t think that Arencibia is quite a non-tender candidate, but would it shock me if the kind of player you could get in return for him was one? No, it would not. Add in the fact that the deadline to tender contracts is next Monday, December 2nd, and that the four days preceding it are likely to be pretty quiet, with American Thanksgiving, and yeah, I could could see a deal involving a player like that– or other non-tender candidates (MLBTR lists Esmil Rogers, but not JPA, among them)– fitting the timeline. In fact, I could see it being a busy week for minor transactions.

- Speaking to that point he adds that “before the Thanksgiving holiday sometimes there’s that last little push. Teams get things off their plate, so maybe things happen here in the next two or three days.” However, he also makes clear, “there isn’t anything imminent– we’re not necessarily waiting on someone to get back to us– but, again, at any time that could change,” he says. “And I hope it does.”

- “If not, we’ll take it to the meetings, at that point,” he adds, meaning that the Winter Meetings– which begin two weeks from today, on Monday, December 9th– might be where much of the activity really heats up. As always, there will be blanket coverage around here for you all to enjoy over the course of the three day event.

- “I probably wouldn’t come out and say who we might be in on, just from a competitive standpoint,” he says of the free agents that are out there, but he acknowledges having talked about and called ones that were suggested to him by the hosts–  Garza, Arroyo, Saltalamacchia, Pierzynski– and says that “any team would have interest in guys like” Garza. “The mid-tier guys,” he continues, “we may have someone that we like a little bit more than some other clubs, and we’d want to keep that a little more quiet.” Hmmm…

- “We’ve even called on positions that we don’t have a need on, because there have been some trade talks where some teams have asked about some guys we don’t plan on trading. But all of a sudden, we get to fill some other holes, and if we can back-fill through free agency and strengthen the club, we would look to do that as well,” he says.

- He says that last option is complicated, obviously, but that they’re trying to be creative. Makes sense– and it’s music to my ears to hear him not sound entirely gun shy about entering the free agent fray. But it also sounds like the kind of talk we’ve heard about all kinds of teams trying to come after Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion, doesn’t it? And frankly, as much as we want to dream on spinning relievers and low-minors prospects into quality pieces to add to the big league club, uh… we probably need to start coming to grips that we’re going to have to give up something, eh?

So… there’s that.


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  1. We’ll he knows he has to keep up with the Yankees moves

  2. Julie DiCaro, who you mentioned in the earlier Samardzija post, posted this on her blog – kind of makes it sound like the most likely scenario is that the Cubs extend him, but are happy to float out some crazy asking prices and see if a team bites first:


    “Chances are that the Blue Jays aren’t going to want to give up young arms like Marcus Stroman or Aaron Sanchez in exchange for a second / third starter with two years left on his contract. To get Samardzija, it would certainly take one of those prospects, if not both…

    For what it’s worth, I get the sense that Samardzija really doesn’t want to leave Chicago, and I don’t think the Cubs really want to move him, either. Let’s see who blinks first: Samardzija or the Cubs front office.”

  3. Piece on Fangraphs this morning where Marc Hulet opines that Blue Jays RHP Ryan Tepera is the top player available in the Rule Five Draft.

  4. I’m ok with trading Sanchez for a frontline pitcher who fits our timeline better. but it sure as hell better net a fish bigger than The Shark. I wouldn’t do that deal straight up (especially after experts say he could be up in 2014)

    • How does Sanchez possibly being called up in 2014 not fit our timeline any better than trading him? Sanchez has gotten Verlander comps, even if that is remote, you do not trade someone with that sort of upside.

      • Sure you do. Teams do all the time. Upside doesn’t speak to the likelihood of him actually hitting it.

        Which isn’t to say that I would do it, but the idea that you *don’t* is just not true– and the Verlander comp is very, very fanciful for anybody.

        • Isn’t it fair to say that the established pitcher we should get in return for Sanchez is > than The Shark?

          • My base sentiment is that if you’re trading Sanchez, is better be in a package for someone who is clearly a step above what is available on this FA market (or so cheap that it allows you to also sign a FA). Shark fits neither of these criteria.

  5. Could the player AA likes more than others be Navarro?

    • That would make sense to me.

    • Dioneer Navarro is FA so AA wouldn’t be talk’n trade with Cubs to include him.

    • What about Phil Hughes as a potential target? I’d prefer him to nolasco

      • As hilarious as it would be to watch him pitch awesome for Toronto after watching Yankees fans hope for years to get something good out of him, I’m going to say no.

        (With that said, he was worth 2.3 fWAR last season. Hmm…)

      • Hughes has given up 59 homers in the last 2 years. Yikes.

        • in Yankee Stadium, so that number ought to be asterisked.

          Of course, it’s not like Rogers Centre is a whole lot better.

      • I’m just spit balling here, but could Goins be the next Mark Grudzielanek. A late bloomer, who hits for decent average, doesn’t draw many walks, but has bottom of the line up value. They were both originally short stops too. I’m not saying that the Jays should go into the season with him as there everyday 2B, but if he works his way into that position as the season progresses, I wouldn’t be completely surprised. Guessing what paths players take is nearly impossible, but many players emerge each year that exceed everyone’s expectations. We sure could use one or two of those for a change.

  6. Interesting to see, after some hand-wringing around these parts, that Carlos Perez (C) was left unprotected by the Astros.

    • Almost like he’s just org fill.

    • Where was there hand-wringing over him?

    • There is a lot of talk about prospects not becoming anything very good. It happens the majority of the time. Having said that, they still have value as prospects: for example, could the players in the Happ deal have been used to acquire someone better?
      Not in reply to anything you said, just bringing up something that maybe isn’t said enough.

  7. I’d do gose/drabek/nolin/stroman/dj davis for shark and castro

  8. Would it make any sense to take a page out of the Cardinals playbook?

    Many teams would offer Bartolo Colon $10m for 1 year
    The team that offers 2yrs for $16-$18m likely gets it done.

    Last year, Pierzynski, 37, signed a one year deal worth $ 8m.
    If you offer 2 years for $ 12m you’d have a shot.
    The other choice would be to trade a mid level prospect
    to KC for George Kottaras, currently in DFA limbo.

    If they’re not losing a bat (Rasmus, Bautista, EE etc)
    they don’t need much offense from 2nd base.
    They could get a Mark Ellis, Alexi Casilla on a modest one year deal,
    have Goins available as a backup and still have the resources available
    to make an in season trade if necessary.

    Covers their holes, they give up no key prospects and are not on the hook
    for long term commitments.

  9. So I’m reading that and thinking teams are interested in Colby and so we have been talking to Ellsbury/Granderson/etc.

  10. Here is a question for Stoeten or whoever. We keep hearing that the Jays want to go the trade route instead of the FA route. Part of the reason seems to be the exorbitant prices on the open market, so trades would save money. Isn’t this kind of thinking short-sighted? Prospects who might play at the league minimum would save them so much money if they got to the major leagues. For example, they could overpay for Ubaldo or Garza and then hang on to Stroman and Sanchez. You hope then that you can get 12 affordable years from those two prospects, which mitigates the premium you pay on the free agent. It is just not obvious to me that in the long run the trade route saves the team that much money unless all /most of the prospects bust.

    • The problem is that prospects, like Sanchez and Stroman, are very far from a ‘sure thing’. so you may just be better of trading them when they’re value is high, like it is right now. No one knows.

    • AA is about value adding. He has surplus to extinguish and gaps to fill. Perfect scenario is moving the right surplus pieces in return for under/market-valued return players. Just so happens that Jays have lots of RP and a few quality fielders with excellent offensive stats over the last 3 years. Since Jays are shallow in prospects in the minors he must pursue trade options for his surplus. Failing that he’ll look to what pieces he does have on the farm (which might be over-valued right now).

    • That makes sense, especially with the top prospects like Brett Lawrie… we’re going to need some more guys like him.

      As for the middle-tier prospects, we can’t possibly keep them all & try them out. If we want to contend, I’m okay dealing some quantity to get mid-priced, high-quality MLB’ers via trade. If we didn’t deal some of the guys we did, they would have to be added to the 40-man Roster, & it’s crowded as it is… In 2-3 years, we have potentially over 10 guys that we’d need to add!

  11. I like Pierzynski. Former Mark Beuhrle catcher. Probably won’t be much better than replacement level but thats a shit load better than what we got. He made $7.5 mil on a 1 year deal this year.

    U think we could get him on like a $6 mil/ year for 2 years? No comp pick, in our price range, fits the time line, no prospects required to get him. Seems like a perfect fit…

    • Too many other non-FA catcher options. I’d like to see AA pick up catcher depth in Rule 5 or as part of SP trade. I don’t see return value for moving JPA unless it was to seal a deal for top SP, and that’s prob wishful thinking. More likely JPA stays a Jay in Buffalo, works with hitting and catching coaches, meanwhile Jays have defensive improvement at the position for 2014.

  12. Gah, just sign a starter or a catcher instead of making trades every time. Everyone else does it and their franchises don’t fall to ruin because of it.

    • “everyone else does it” ……high school was rough for you eh?

    • AA doesn’t get enough credit for avoiding pitfall contracts like: C.Crawford, J.Hamilton, P.Fielder, Pujols, M.Kemp, Ethier, all the guys on big long-term deals that aren’t/probably won’t age well… that could really hurt their teams

      He’s done an excellent job signing Bautista, Morrow, Encarnacion, Cabrera, Lind(?) to reasonable, value-added, & mostly below-market contracts that look really smart looking back… & retaining flexibility. Even Romero(?), Dickey, & Izturis weren’t “bad” moves

      The only blip in that model is the trade for Buerhle contract, and to a lesser degree Reyes & JJ

      • except Reyes rocks, JJ was a 1 year deal, and Buehrle is still worth it. So those r kinda alright

      • I’m not advocating the $150 MM+ super deal here, its just would be swell is all to add a nice starting pitcher without taking any talent away from the team.

        • And I’m not saying AA hasn’t tried to do this (like Beltran a few years ago or maybe A Sanchez last year) in the past or isn’t trying to sign someone now either.

      • Jays’ organizational mandate of < 5 yr contracts shields them from over-priced "stars." Also some of AA's moves have been low risk-high reward out of sound economics: Bautista came from no where; EE didn't come with great hype from the Reds and was bad at 3rd; Lind had a great season at DH then sucked and got sent to the minors.

      • Yeah, that’s something he’s done really well. So many people were screaming to open the wallets for Fielder or Pujols. For some reason, the only non-signing people can seem to remember is Darvish. Weird, the way that works sometimes.

  13. Um..is it just me, or does AA look like Fidel Castro?

  14. I’m surprised Danks or Santiago + Beckham hasn’t gotten more play lately. Might be an under the radar possibility that AA has mentioned isn’t in popular press circles?

  15. Dan Szymbroski at FanGraphs was asked what Samardzija should get the Cubs in a trade. His answer:

    “No top prospect, but the shark’s interesting enough that they should get a couple real ones. Hard to be more specific.”

    That sounds a lot more like a deal involving guys like Norris/Nolin/Drabek than one including a Stroman or Sanchez.

    He later added this.

    Comment From Cannonball Titcomb
    “Toronto should totally trade Sanchez and/or Stroman for Samarzija. agree?”

    Dan Szymborski: “*and* would be crazy. *or* would need to be part of a specific plan of the Blue Jays aggressively pushing forward, not as the only move they make”

  16. I’m not in a hurry. I can do without the excitement of last year’s off-season. However–although I don’t think his job is on the line this year–I do think that AA might be under pressure to come up with a splashy hire to sell fans on the 2014 Jays. Because as much as I think the 2013 version was an outlier (at least I hope to God it was an outlier!) I can’t see too many tix sold on past performance. And that splashy hire likely comes from a trade given the budget restrictions.

    • AA is not one to make moves to satisfy popular opinion. The Marlins deal came about from the Jays’ interest in Josh Johnson only. Once the fire sale escalated AA was all in. AA needs to improve the club – that’s it. Replacing JPA and moving extra relief pitchers (or lesser prospects) for SP or 2B/C combo would do it. I think this is enough for the majority of Jays fans. If Sanchez, Nolin, Stroman, and Osuna keep improving the fan base will appreciate those trade rumours that never became a reality.

      • I don’t think AA will be under pressure from public opinion at all. What the fans want is irrelevant. But I do think the front office and their bosses may look at the beneficial effect of last year’s off-season and make encouraging noises for him to pull another rabbit or 2 out of his hat. I hope this is not the case because I would rather see him stay steady and add a catcher. If he manages to find a decent starter I won’t be upset about it. But I’d like to give last year’s bunch another chance.

  17. i wonder how much of grist being churned in the rumour mill is just the cubs floating stuff out there trying to bump up shark’s value?

    • probably a lot

    • Didn’t Epstein pull that shit when he was in Boston?

      • every rumour comment is retweeted by tons of other experts simultaneously. Allows media savvy GMs the ability to control the messaging

      • Yeah, when it comes to GM’s using the media to push their agenda, Epstein is one of the best. That might also explain why every report has come from local Chicago guys, rather than the national reporters.

  18. Anyone who actually thinks AA is in job trouble (I personally do not) has to then accept the fact that he won’t give a shit about the farm system. If he thinks he loses his job without wins this year, then any GM would deal what they need to deal to put together the strongest “win now” team possible.

    • So long as Beeston is there, AA will be there.

      As far as win now moves, I think that there will be moves that appear that way…..

      but remember this….. as the team is made up now, there will be plenty of opportunity to replenish the system when several of the big contracts on this team near expiry.

      Come 2015/16 or so, JB, EE, JR can all be flipped for the next generation of the team.

      • If AA is thinking that way… then so much for the plan of ongoing contention rather than push/rebuild cycle.

        • Not necessarily.

          Depending on how the future unfolds this could be accomplished relatively evenly.

          I’m just trying to speak to the larger point that even if the prospect cupboard gets thin this off season, there is opportunity down the road to fill the shelves.

        • Whatever, this is what the Tampa’s and Oakland’s of the baseball world do.

          They constantly trade their stars for multiple near MLB ready prospects.

      • I don’t think we’d be getting much for Reyes or Bautista in 2015.

  19. Every time I think such and such is going to net us a player, it always turns out to be way more.

    I thought Arencibia and Nicolino would have got us Dickey, welp that was wrong.

    So in saying that, I think the Shark is going to cost us way more than we think it is, especially given the fact that AA is not going to get any discounts anymore. Teams no he needs to push to make his team better.

    I just think that, if you’re going to make a move for a pitcher it should be someone a bit more front line shouldn’t it?

  20. Still kind of imagining Samardzija, with Dickie, Buehrle, Morrow. What if AA still plans to add a big FA pitcher like U. Jiminez?

    If they trade for Samardzija, paid $2.6M, not like the bank is broke to get a big FA pitcher. For the dollar price this year and next, Samardzija would make a very fine 5th starter. That is the attraction for me — could still get another FA pitcher and have a very fine rotation for 1-2 years. Then you know more about the kids too.

    One thing AA and we have all learned: cannot have enough greatness in the rotation.

    Of course it all depends on cost, but Dickie, Ubaldo, Buerhle, Morrow, Samardzia, with Happ the 6th man, does sound, well, pretty great.

  21. So, after listening carefully to what AA is saying, or NOT saying – and trying to interpret his nuances…..we know exactly as much as we did before.
    We’re kicking tires on a lot of guys.
    Discussions are underway.
    Lots of factors are in play.
    Can’t really say anything for competitive reasons.

    Call me if something happens, OK?

  22. Wow, who says absolutely nothing with most words?

  23. All of the SBNation sites recently did pieces on “5 Pivotal Players for the Offseason” – where they named a player who needs to be kept, should be kept, they are neutral about keeping, should be traded, and needs to be traded.

    On the Diamondbacks SBNation, AZSnakePit, their “Should Be Traded” might be familiar to you: Aaron Hill. The reasoning is that the team needs to cut salary and has a replacement, Chris Owings, who made a good impression at the end of 2013.

    Scanning through the comments, another player their readers can see being dealt is Trevor Cahill – the groundball machine who had a down year in 2013. He’s still just 25, and seems like a good bet for close to 200 league average innings.

    The Diamondbacks don’t have any obvious needs – though their GM is known for overvaluing relievers, and they don’t have a great bullpen. Nonetheless, my entire point is that I think the Diamondbacks would make an interesting trade partner.

    Here’s the link, by the way: http://www.azsnakepit.com/2013/11/20/5123128/diamondbacks-offseason-pivotal-players

  24. Every rotation has a couple of young guys holding it together. Whatever we do, we should have Hutch, Stroman, Drabek, and maybe Nolin contributing. I reckon the first two on the list would perform atleast around the same, if not better, as many of the mid/lower tier pitchers out there (and many of the better FA’s coming to the RC and AL east from other divisions).

    Also, Halladay on a minor league contract would be sweet x)

  25. I dont know….his lack of an outright refutation (vs the Phillies deal) leads me to believe there is something going on here.

  26. Some context on the Sanchez/Samardzija rumors from Jason Parks:

    Kyle (Ottawa, ON): After watching Noah Syndergaard blossom into one of the best pitching prospects in baseball, could the Blue Jays actually be stupid enough to consider sending Aaron Sanchez or Marcus Stroman to Chicago for two years of Jeff Sarmfhugjhkhjiza?

    Jason Parks: I hope that doesn’t happen. It seems a bit reckless to me. For what its worth, I would take Stroman over Sanchez.

    TulaneCubs (Chicago): How many industrial sized bottles of lotion will you need when you do the Cubs’ system rankings if they trade Samardzija for a package of, say, Aaron Sanchez, Marcus Stroman and DJ Davis? Would a deal like that move their system ahead of the Twins? What do you think about Sanchez and Stroman?

    Jason Parks: That’s not a realistic package for David Price, much less for Shark.

  27. I’m guessing Gavin Floyd is the mid level pitcher AA wants to keep quiet. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Gordon Beckham being that smaller trade.

  28. He basically said nothing.

  29. I’d rather drink a vial of Magic Johnson’s blood then give up either of our top 2 pitching prospects going into this season. Our one glaring weakness is pitching so why even entertain any offers that include Stroman and Sanchez?

    We have a stable full of good prospects that other GM’s would clearly see value in.

    Personal favorite – Dwight Smith Jr

    Plus, although I think they are kinda shitty some guys may think Jenkins and Deck McGuire still have value.

    I know the whole “quantity over quality” argument but I’m pretty sure 29 GM’s out there would take some of these guys for a decent starter if we told them Sanchez and Stroman are off limits.

    And of course Free agency only costs you the second rounder.


    • Fuck Smasher that first sentence had me rolling!

    • What world do you live in when AA calls around for a starter and he tells GM’s that our top 2 prospects are off limits and they just accept that and continue to try to work towards a trade.

      What you fail to understand is that for the most part a trade is going to be with a non competing team, that will be in no rush to trade their players, where as AA is in a rush to improve his starting rotation.

      So why would any of these GM’s who hold all the leverage, just accept that Stroman and Sanchez are off limits??

    • I hear Magic Johnson’s blood cures vampirism.

    • Keep it up and I’ll have to put a sneeze guard in front of my monitor. Holy fuck!

    • Holy shit smasher! Must. Stop. Laughing.

  30. An SB Nation article on the Oakland A’s top prospects contained an interesting sentence.
    “Rather, (than resign Grant Balfour) it seems more likely that they could plug either Ryan Cook or Sean Doolittle into the (closer) role, and work toward finding a reliever for the back end of the bullpen instead while moving others up.”

    Full article is here:

    As has been posted here before, they might be willing to move Brett Anderson.
    They also have three catchers in Jaso, Norris and Vogt (as well as Donaldson, who can catch but is now seeming quite entrenched at 3B)

    Might they package Vogt and Anderson for something like Delabar and Gose…maybe another minor piece as well?

    If not Toronto, KC would be a good place for them to go shopping.

  31. Navarro on verge of signing – could be that small deal AA was discussing

    • AA said it was a trade.

      • ah k

        i thought so initially cuz Stoeten mentioned trading JP but wasn’t sure if AA mentioned it in a vague way it could have applied to a FA signing

    • He said “trade” in the audio, but they are do seem like a fit for Navarro.

      • I like Navarro a lot.

      • Well, if they were to get navarro, I think it would be a thole/navarro platoon which would be ok but not great considering navarro hits better vs lefties. To be honest, I wouldnt be against it but I think they could do a bit better. Navarro never had such a good year like last and that could be due to an inflated babip.

        • He had a couple bad years before last years bounceback. But his BABIP averaged about .225 during the down years.

          Career BABIP is .273 and last year was just over .300.

          Make of that what you will. Was he unlucky for a couple years or is he a ridiculous infield pop up machine that was lucky this year.

          HR/FB%, LD% and IF Fly % all improved drastically this year. So he was definitely making more solid contact and hitting the ball harder

  32. In fairness who are we to really judge just how great Sanchez or stroman are as prospects. How many ‘great’ prospects have flopped? Too many to count. Obviously I have no idea what pieces are being discussed but to say ‘oh god don’t trade so and so’ seems silly. Unless one of these guys is a ‘can’t miss’ like trout or Harper, if the deal overall makes sense, pull he trigger. This team is built to win in 2014. Or, shit just spend the $$ for Santana and pray!

  33. What are the chances sanchez or stroman even become as good as samardzija (a very solid #3 in my book)? I think sometimes as we (and that includes media scouts) are having our love-ins with prospects and dreaming on their potential, we forget how difficult it is to pitch in the big leagues. Even guys like samardzija and morrow, who I’m sure everyone agrees have top shelf stuff, have topped out (so far) as average to slightly above average starters. Scouts were probably saying the same things about those two back in the day as they are about sanchez and stroman now. That’s not to say that those two are doomed to being the morrows and samardzijas of the future (though that wouldnt be a horrible result in the least), but I think it helps to put scouts prognostications in perspective. I’d deal one of sanchez/stroman and a lower level prospect for Samardzija, no question. But I also understand the logic of just dishing out the dough for garza or jiminez. I think samardzija is slightly better, has lower risk and more upside than those two, but probably not in a season altering kind of way.

  34. Why do I hear so much about Dioner Navarro and so little about Kurt Suzuki? Looking at their career numbers (AVG, OBP, SLG, and OPS) they are virtually identical.

    Suzuki: .253 avg, .309 obp, .375 slg, .685 ops with a .993 career fielding percentage.
    Navarro: .251 avg, .313 obp, .371 slg, .684 ops with a .998 career fielding percentage.

    Yes, Navarro is a switch hitter and put up some surprising numbers last year but prior to that wasn’t anything special. Do we have anything to suggest that he can put up numbers close to that again? Has he figured something out at the plate or was it a lucky year?

    I don’t know much about WAR or how it factors into this equation, just thought I’d ask the question since I haven’t seen Suzuki’s name around much, and he should come cheaper than Navarro.

  35. “..and if we can back-fill through free agency and strengthen the club, we would look to do that as well,” he says.
    So if AA is musing on trading EE or JB, (ie if he got a good enough offer), he would do it and “backfill” the ensuing hole(s) through free agency.
    I wonder who he considers good enough for either JB or EE?

  36. Mid-tier guys they like better than other teams? That’s probably the most interesting thing he said the whole interview. For SP’s I’m thinking someone like Hammel, Feldman, Kazmir or Colon. C’s? Probably Navarro, there’s at least a little familiarity there. 2B’s? Maybe Barmes?

  37. I’m just spit balling here, but could Goins be the next Mark Grudzielanek. A late bloomer, who hits for decent average, doesn’t draw many walks, but has bottom of the line up value. They were both originally short stops too. I’m not saying that the Jays should go into the season with him as there everyday 2B, but if he works his way into that position as the season progresses, I wouldn’t be completely surprised. Guessing what paths players take is nearly impossible, but many players emerge each year that exceed everyone’s expectations. We sure could use one or two of those for a change.

    • That’s definitely the scenario you want – goins playing behind someone more proven. The rest of what you said is extremely unlikely, but it would indeed be great. He wouldn’t have to hit very much to be an average or slightly below average regular.

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