Here’s something rather interesting, though there isn’t a whole lot of meat on it as yet. And by “not a whole lot,” I mean nothing more than just this, basically:

Mark Buehrle rumours?

The fantasy-focussed site KFFL.com seems to have noticed the tidbit, but all they’re adding at this point is this:

The Toronto Blue Jays are shopping SP Mark Buehrle this offseason. It’ll be difficult to deal him because his contract was heavily backloaded.


I did post last week that Jeff Blair had written there was a “chance” that Buehrle could move, but whispers since have been few and far between. At the time I actually figured that the two years remaining on Buehrle’s deal are maybe better than KFFL– and presumably Gammons by extension– is giving credit for:

In total the remainder of Buehrle’s deal is only $2-million richer than the one Tim Lincecum signed with the Giants in October, and Buehrle actually has a bunch more value– especially if you go by the Baseball Reference version of WAR (which you may want to in his case, since he has fairly routinely had his ERA outperform his FIP over the course of his career). By rWAR Buehrle has been worth +5.6 wins over the last two seasons, while Lincecum has been worth -2.3. Even by the FanGraphs version of the metric Buehrle (+4.4) has been nearly two full wins better than Timmy (+2.5) over that span.

Of course, the Lincecum contract is a clear overpay, and not a particularly good benchmark. But the market could catch up to it, in which case Buehrle would start looking pretty good to clubs not willing to make the kinds of commitments it will take to land Matt Garza, Ubaldo Jimenez, or Ervin Santana– none of whom, it should be noted, produced more total rWAR or fWAR than Buehrle over the last two seasons.

Holy shit!

Hang on, that can’t be right, can it?

Buehrle was +5.6 over two years by Baseball Reference, and +4.4 by FanGraphs. Garza was +2.6 and +3.3. Santana was +1.5 and +2.0. And Ubaldo was +2.1 and +3.3.

Still fits. Still kinda mind-blowing. Still maybe suggests that Buehrle could be a pretty decent alternative for a club who would rather not commit to the length of contract those sorts of pitchers are going to command on the open market. Of course, that’s still also why he has a tonne of value to a club like the Jays.

Then again, Alex Anthopoulos said over the weekend that he’s considered moving some surprising members of his 25-man roster, with the view to back-filling through free agency. Would that fit a Buehrle move, though? I don’t know.

So… there’s that. I’ll keep my eye out for more and update the post as needed.

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  1. It’s amazing what a year of market inflation does to a pitcher value. A year ago Bhuerle was almost certainly going to be an extremely hard contract to move without eating salary. Now you can make the argument that Jays don’t have to eat a single cent and STILL get value in return.

    Economics man. Blows your mind.

    • There is zero chance a team takes the contract as is AND gives something aside from organizational depth prospects.. absolutely zero chance

      • False.

        • get real.. you seriously expect them to land a good player and/or solid prospect package plus have a team take Buerhle’s full salary?? time to take off the rose colored glasses

          • He said it clearly – Buerhle’s unique value is a high AAV over a small number of years. Those deals aren’t available on the open market. These opportunities don’t come around often for clubs unwilling to sign long term FA deals. Wait isn’t that the Jays?

          • Yes, and I don’t wear glasses of any color.

            What metric are you evaluating him based on that says he’s not desirable at his current price?

          • Don’t see what’s wrong with the possibility that Bhurle’s contract still has positive value and GM might overlvalue that even more.

          • He has been the most durable pitcher in baseball, giving you 200 innings every year at roughly league average era. He routinely outperforms his FIP, enough over a big enough example to say its no fluke. So he’s basically a 3 win player being pay $3m per WAR added, so yes I think he has value with his current contract

      • Mark was one of the few good things to happen for us in the 2nd half…..so if we trade him with this win now stance…..it better be worth it, or keep him and pay the man to put up 200ip of winnable games – for the most part.

      • I remember when VW’s contract was unmovable.

    • Economics is part of it but Buehrle having a quality season when many thought he was about to fall off the cliff plays an even bigger part.

      Even then these are just rumours, I would be surprised if the Jays were able to move his contract without eating some of it and I wouldn’t count on getting more than a marginal prospect in return.

  2. So, they’re blowing up the team?
    “I played panicky idiot #2 in the Poseidon Adventure.”
    “Sorry, we’re looking for more of a ‘duh duh’ idiot.”

  3. Can’t wait for someone to create a pitbull-based narrative around this trade talk.

    • This made me laugh.
      Well done.

    • I was just about to suggest that given those numbers we should extend Buehrle and build an island retreat in Lake Ontario for the dog and the family….or just buy Wards island…hmmmm.

    • Maybe Buehrle asked AA to trade him (quietly) because he wants his family to live in the same country as him? Doesn’t he go back to New York State after every Toronto home game? I could see how he might not be enjoying the commute.
      Or maybe he’s not being shopped at all.

      • I’ve heard he was actually much happier here than was feared.

        • That could definitely be the case. I only said something because of Chief Dan’s comment. I personally think the interesting part of the post/conversation around Buehrle is how his contract isn’t the road block it once was. I’ve never been a big fan of ignoring a possibility, and just wanted to point out that for Buehrle, its not inconceivable that the Pittbull/Family portion of his reality could be a major factor in this rumour.

      • From all (googled) reports Buehrle’s family (including all his dogs) moved to his birthplace in Missouri and he visits them there when time permits

      • His family lives in St. Louis area. He has recently been quoted as saying he is very happy here….he was apprehensive / negative about the trade, but likes the organization, the city etc. and said if he was a FA , he would sign with Toronto

        • And if he said anything different, the media would have a field day. Again, I have no idea if he loves it or hates it, but I think closing the door to the idea that he might not like it here would be a mistake.
          Heck, he might love it here, but hate how much extra time he is away from his family due to his living arrangement. His family has always been around him through out his career.
          It’s one of those things we would never know, or it might be something he says 5 minutes after he’s traded, or 20 years later in his autobiography.
          Long story short, who knows if he’s being marketed but saying he definitely feels one way or the other is not accurate.

  4. I’m alright with it as long as they fill the huge gaping hole this will create for the Jays… and I have no idea how you do that without spending even MORE money than your paying Buehrle or taking on a lot more risk.

  5. The Jays have zero $$$ committed after 2017, so moving the contract wouldn’t be a priority if it were me in charge – especially considering Buehrle was our best starter last year, and doesn’t look like he’s going to really regress any time soon.

    • Exactly why trading Burhrle kind of makes sense….. If you are committing to another FA pitcher.

      Buehrle for 2/$37 or Jiminez for 4/$60. Which do you want?

      Spreads the commitments out a bit, opens up $7 million in salary for 2014-15 and locks in a rotation piece for 4 years. It’s like getting half a year of Jiminez for free.

      Plus we maybe get back an OK prospect without impact to the current roster.

      Not seeing the problem here.

  6. Stoeten.
    That comparison you provided still blows my mind.

  7. Your numbers surprisingly suggest that Buerhle may have some value but keep in mind teams who sign those 3 free agents are only spending money. Nobody is going to take Buerhle’s contract AND give anything worthwhile

    • Right, because we haven’t spent the last few weeks hearing about how AA thinks it’s preferable to trade for guys rather than to just sign them.

      • And anyway the free agent argument always overlooks the fact players ultimately decide where they go – only one team can actually sign Ubaldo even if you did prefer his deal to Buehrle

  8. It’s too bad the Jays missed the boat (IMO) on Dan Haren. He’s basically Buehrle but with upside and at half the cost. I would’ve loved to see the Jays unload Buehrle’s contract to anyone who would take it and sign Haren to take his place, and use the extra $5-10M somewhere else.

    With Haren out of the picture, it’s hard to see how the Jays could get rid of Buehrle without having to spend the same amount to replace him, unless they hurt themselves in pitching, or take on a huge risk

    • How is he basically Buerhle? I don’t get the comparison.

      • Do you really think they tried and failed?

        • And no, Stoeten, I have no idea if they tried. I hope they did, but I assume Haren would take a pay cut to play in a pitcher’s environment on a winning team that’s near his family. Even if we offered $15M instead of the $10M he got, who knows if he would’ve taken it. I’m just saying if we could’ve saved money replacing Buehrle with Haren, I hope AA would’ve done it

      • Both around mid 30′s, both very durable, get 200 IP basically every year, both past their peak, both control artists without great velocity, can likely count on both for close to 200 IP of close to 4.00 ERA, just Haren still has the upside of being much better than that for those who haven’t given up on him yet.

        • Not convinced on Haren’s upside. Last year the Angels tried to trade him and the Cubs suddenly nixed it. They (Angels) then did not pick up their option on him and he went on the market.

        • Yeah Fuck batted ball numbers, strikeout ability, repertoire and mechanics – they’re both old durable dudes who don’t walk many guys! I’m just saying – have YOU ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

    • He has home run problems. You really want too bring him into this stadium? He’s just a name your familiar with is all. Plus he wanted too go back too the west coast per mlbtr

  9. I don’t really know what to make of this. The only that comes to mind is that finding three quality starters (in addition to Dickey and Morrow) would be a lot harder than finding two.

    I just find it pretty tough to see it making sense, even if Buehrle is owed a good sum of money in the next two years. So you trade Buehrle, and then you almost certainly have to go to free agency to add at least one starter. If you want a starter ‘better’ than Buehrle, you’re going to be paying close to $18M a year anyways, and the options – Ubaldo, Santana, Garza – aren’t really clear upgrades.

    It obviously depends on what they could get back, but I have trouble thinking of realistic scenarios where they come out better off. I mean, could they send Buehrle and something to the Angels for Kendrick and Iannetta – then spend the next two months solely trying to find pitching? Isn’t that risky? And AA has said himself they won’t do any pitching-for-pitching (or outfielder-for-outfielder) trades.

    Just spitballing thoughts, but it just doesn’t seem to make much sense. Unless he’s asked for a trade.

    • Don’t forget by trading Buehrle and signing a free agent pitcher in his place AA could end up filling a hole, like 2nd base for instance, that he couldn’t fill otherwise with a good player. Also with a new free agent, the contract could be easily back-loaded allowing further payroll flexibility to fill additional holes for the next couple of years. As someone mentioned, there’s a ton of money coming off the books a couple of seasons out from here. Starting in 2016 there’s only $27 million on the books.

    • Rumors and conversations is all this is.

      A Buehrle trade might be in waiting for a “dominoe” to fall.

      If Cano, Garza, Jiminez and Choo all take AAs money then Buehrle goes for a prospect.

      Something like that. :)

  10. Great now no one will get to 200 innings.

  11. I can’t stop banging the drum for him. He’s just so solid and reliable, I don’t know how we replace that, especially if we’re going to put some kids or injury concerns in our rotation.

  12. Did anyone out there actually hear Gammons on MLBNetwork? I can’t even find a comment about his appearance on Twitter.

    • Think he was

      • I mean, I see the same MLBNetwork tweet that Stoeten included in this post, but there’s nothing on Twitter like “Gammons says Teams X, Y, and Z could be interested in Buehrle” or something like that, as there typically is when these guys hit the radio.

    • He was the one who started the talk about Navarro signing soon.

  13. Shit. I wish I could see the future. The off-season suspense (or lack of activity) is killing me. Plus, it would probably make me very rich.

  14. Gammons also said the Jays would be looking to rebuild and replace some of their pitching prospects traded last offseason. So…Grain of salt.

  15. The same week Prince Fielder gets traded, and people are still talking about unmoveable contracts. How many of these contracts need to move before they’re not longer viewed as unmoveable?

    • I wa thinking along those lines yesterday.

      Unless the player does an absolute tank job or has a career ending injury these contracts don’t seem so “immovable”.

      That’s what? Three years now that one of the worst contracts in baseball has been moved? And Buehrle’s doesn’t even look that bad anymore.

      Kind of mitigates the risk of a big signing. And yes I’m slowly convincing myself the Jays should sign Cano.

    • trading a player is one thing; trading a player & not having to eat any (or just a small bit) of his salary is something else. in this case, buehrle’s likely right on the line of being able to be traded (for something of value) without having to eat any/small % of his remaining $. but generally speaking, the more $ a team is willing to eat, the better the package coming in return is.

  16. I’m not sure if anyone has made a mention of this, but what are the chances that maybe, just maybe, the Jays are looking to move salary because of this NHL deal? I’d like to think none, but you never know.

    • like moving $20M/year to pay back the $500M/year? And then replacing the $20M/year with $12M/year for a net savings of $8M/year out of $500M/year?

      • Any company that shells out $5.2B I’d imaging would look to get any money they can back quickly. They may look to move Buehrle to get some money back. I mean, it’s not like many people pay to watch Buehrle play anyway (making an assumption, not fact).

        $58M isn’t chump change.

        • I’d put the odds of this at approximately 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%

        • so much dumb.

        • so much dumb. i thought the parrot was smarter than that?

        • Holy dumb thought process. Yeah, Rogers needs to move Mark Beurhle so they can pay the 5/2 billion for NHL tv rights…are you listening to yourself?

        • If this were an unexpected expenditure, like a loss on investment or a one time legal fee, I would completely agree with you – any public company would try to save money in other parts of the business in order to try and maintain shareholder expectations and avoid a collapse in stock price.

          But, and I can say this with the confidence of experience, a major acquisition would unequivocally NOT have this kind of impact. Before it was completed dozens of cost estimating models must have been prepared to lock it in as a stand alone profit generator. The money for it has long been locked in, either through long term bond sales, equity expansion (unlikely) or just priced into their business model so that the payments align with some designated revenue stream.

          No publicly traded company would ever make a major acquisition and then immediately begin cutting at the margins of other parts of it’s business. The message that sends is that they know they overpaid and are expecting to take a haircut on the purchase which is not only unlikely so soon after it was completed but is also something a corporate behemoth like Rogers has the flexibility to avoid.

          Other than that your scenario is plausible.

          • “Other than the fact that it’s completely implausible for the reasons stated above; theory holds water!”

          • $20M per year is immaterial on Rogers’ consolidated financial statements, so I really doubt Buehrle’s salary would have any impact on stock price regardless.

            You are correct that Rogers would have performed a lot of analysis prior to making the aquisition….if they are paying $5 billion for this deal, they must be expecting at least this return on their investment (after accounting for any intangible benefits/goodwill)

    • Zero

    • I’m selling my old baseball cards because the value of the money is more to me than the value of a box of cards sitting in my basement; I’m not doing it because my dad just bought a new house.

  17. blue jays trade mark buehrle for evan gattis’ testosterone

  18. If he is being shopped would have to agree with the commenters suggesting that he may have asked for a trade. Otherwise it does not make any sense for a team desperate for starting pitching to trade a guy who was the best starter last year, and who can be pencilled in for 200 innings every single year over the last decade.

    What’s left on his contract, 2 years/40 million (give or take)? An overpay in average annual value but good luck finding a cheaper player in total salary commitments on the free agent market…

    • well, doesn’t your 2nd paragraph sum up why he MIGHT be being shopped? of course, this is an almost nothing of a rumour, so it’s more than likely some assistant GM testing the waters & throwing it out there, but still…there really wasn’t any mention at any point during the season – and nothing that’s come up since the end of the season – to suggest he’s unhappy in TO.

      • I suppose it sums up why he MIGHT be traded, but to me it further emphasizes why he is so valuable to a club like the Jays who need starting pitching…and specifically, inning eating, DL avoiding starting pitching.

  19. is this potentially the ‘deal on paper pending the free agent market shake out’ AA has been talking about? Maybe he was an offer out to a FA, and pending his acceptance, has traded Buehrle in principle to a willing buyer.


  20. This makes absolutely no sense to me given how valuable reliable innings are to the Jays, despite having noted DJF-sanctioned workhorse Brandon Morrow locking down a spot in the rotation. I can’t imagine possibly finding someone to replicate what Buehrle can do without paying out the nose in prospects and/or length of contract.

    But, I definitely still trust AA. Everything he’s ever done just makes so much sense to me when it happens. Except the Happ trade. That one was a little weird, I guess.

  21. It doesn’t really matter how the rotational pieces get shuffled around as long as by opening day they have it figured out.

  22. Came across this sabermetrics-inclined bluejays blog that appears to be relatively new: http://www.breakingblue.ca. The bloggers are a bunch of kids but still, it’s quite informative.

  23. So, this is the worst thing I’ve ever read – http://www.torontosun.com/2013/11/25/its-time-for-blue-jays-to-open-the-purse-strings

    At least, it was, until I got to the comments…

    • I commented on this topic the other day, but isn’t it strange how he conveniently forgets to bitch about the Jays not “opening the purse strings” for Pujols and Fielder? I guarantee he complained about it at the time, but of course he’s going to ignore it now that those deals look so horrible. The only thing that matters now is that they didn’t sign Darvish.

  24. So basically is this the market at the moment?
    Sign a just above average player to an overpay of a long contract, and a couple years down the road with inflation and more money coming in, the contract will be well worth it’s value. At which time you could trade him for younger players/prospects, or ride out a good value deal.

    • 100% it is,
      Buerhle would get the money he’s making now if he was a free agent,
      I think Loria is a lot smarter than people give him credit for.
      I would bet by the end of Pujols’ contract he’ll be one of 20 players making close to 30 mil a year.

  25. Unless we get some really good return … it’s not worth it. The stats above prove Buehrle is worth the cabbage and he was our most consistent pitcher last season. Also, we have some young left handers that would benefit from watching and being mentored by someone who has such a great work ethic. Unless someone wows AA with a mind blowing offer, trading Buehrle doesn’t make any sense and hurts our team.

  26. Not sure what trading Buerhle accomplishes…other than spreading some salary around. I totally get the financial part, though – he’s owed like 37M over the next two years? That’ll get you SOMETHING, for sure. But they need a starter – so trading a top guy in the Jays’ rotation accomplishes……what, exactly?

  27. This is not going to happen- book it.

    How do I know? Because I suggested something ike this on this very website just last week, (actually, trade Beuhrle and sign both Jimenez and Santana), and was more or less sluffed off by Stoeten ( paraphrasing, but more or less said that this was not even close to being a realistic possibility).

    Therefore, it can’t happen.

  28. This off-season has been excruciatingly uneventful thus far.

  29. I think AA is angling a multi-team deal – not many teams out there seem to match up well 1:1 the way that Fielder deal does so I wouldn’t doubt if many teams are trying to come up with some creative 3-way deals.

    Seems many teams have similar trade chips and similar wants and needs – many teams want pitching and power and a reliable up the middle infielder. Market for relievers isn’t quite as nuts as last year. Market for centerfielders isn’t as hyped as last year. Market for 1b-man seems to be muted.

    Probably going to have to wait until the December meetings, these multi-team/creative deals seem to go forward quicker after face to face interactions among GM’s

  30. I love Buehrle, dude can pitch and is the best defensive pitcher out there and keeps his defense on their toes with how quick he works. He puts hitters into swing mode the way he works which is very beneficial for him and his changeup heavy tendencies. He is the perfect example to young throwers on how to pitch…. Oh and he never gets hurt and you can book 200ip right now. I see AA looking for more Buehrle type pitchers, not less.

  31. I could see the angels targeting him. If you could move buerhle, janssen and arencibia for a catcher and Kendrick i’d do it.

    I wouldn’t ‘dump’ Buerhle for salary relief, the key would have to be to get value back to fill other holes. If you don’t then whats the point, this isn’t a vernon wells situation.

    • You’d also have to fill the hole that Buehrle himself would leave, which is a fairly big one.

      • well if there is any validity to this rumour then I would assume that anthopolous feels he can fill that hole through another trade or free agency.

        I really can’t see a GM with one of the worst rotations in baseball trading an asset and then worrying about filling the void after.

        Granted buerhle has been better and more reliable then garza, if you can get garza and his magical spit for aprox the same money as what remains on the buerhle deal but also have a 2B and catcher in house as part of the trade then you do it.

  32. He’s an old man who is league average, his best years are WAY behind him, 2 more years at 37 million, if anyone is foolish enough to take him, GOOD RIDDANCE!

    • except he was the Jays best most consistent pitcher last year, and really was lights out post all star break.. so there’s that.

      • The fact that Buehrle was the most consistent pitcher last year speaks more to the terrible performance of the starters and less to the consistency of Buehrle. Also, by consistent, are you talking about his numbers year over year and his durability? Because he was very up and down.

    • Good point MB. people are forgetting the huge crap egg he laid in the 1st half. Consistent was one thing he was not. If there’s a taker, he’s a gonner. If you are predicting his ” usual year” is that really good enough for a #2 or 3 guy.

  33. Everybody on the Jays is being “shopped”. If it benefits the team, and if there is a better/control/performance cost solution available AA will do it.

    Nobody on this team has a no-trade, and if you’re high on AA these days or not, we can all agree that the guy will make a ballsy trade. He’s done it before, and he’ll do it again.

    To me, the wild card in all this is the influx of cash that AA mentioned many teams will be receiving this year.

    It could be a crazy off season.

  34. I dont know what the budget is like, but say the Jays only have $10 million for free agents. You can probably sign a pitcher like Colon or Arroyo for that salary.

    If you can trade him for nothing really, then use his money to sign Ubaldo and pay half of Garza’s salary, would you not? You can probably get both of them for $28 million a year, combined.

    So would you rather have Buehrle and Colon (albeit on short deals) or Garza and Ubaldo (on long deals)?

    I don’t know what I like more, but I would lean to the latter option. Then try to trade to fill the other blackholes on this team.

    Of course I totally just made this scenario up and don’t know jack squat about what the budget is like.

  35. I really don’t know what to make of this. Obviously everything is in play, but consistent innings-eaters are exactly what the Jays should be in market for. Unless they’re pulling the wool over our eyes and actually DO plan to take a step back after the disasterfuck.

    • In which case wouldn’t they starter at bautista, reyes and Encarnacion to get back some value?

      I doubt a step back to retool would start with our most expensive yet reliable pitcher.

  36. Maybe we better go down and investigate this Tom W

  37. So what exactly did Gammons have to say on this subject? Anyone catch it?

  38. Buerhle + $15mill for Kendrick and Conger. Maybe a little more value going the Angels’ way, but I think this is a good framework. Could substitute Iannetta for Conger, then there would definitely be less going the Angels’ way, but you have to figure Conger is the one AA would want. Angels are one team desperate for pitching but can’t take on a bunch of salary. Jays pay enough to make Buerhle a really sweet deal for them and in return fill the two holes in the lineup with solid players.

    • Nobody is that desperate for pitching that they would give up conger AND Kendrick for Buehrle even if you kick in the dough.

      • I’m not sure that’s correct. Buerhle is effective and as durable as they come. After kicking in $15mill, his price tag is 2 yrs, $22mill. Nothing even close to that kind of value is available in free agency, and the angels are as desperate for pitching as the jays are, if not moreso.

  39. Oh for the love of God
    Please don’t trade Mark Buerhle. I don’t believe this horseshit for a millisecond. Where’s the truth in shit man?

    Why are people…. fucking… giving creedance to deals that would fill a hole while creating another one? (drink) I mean yeah

    I tell ya…(points finger out with beer in hand) if I wake up in January and they don’t have more pitching…there’s not enough fuckin…….booze in the world.

  40. I think the reasoning behind a potential Beurhle trade is:

    1) we have a lot of arms that can put up decent back of the rotation innings in Morrow, Hutchison, Stroman, Happ, Rogers, Nolin, Drabek, Redmond and McGowan.

    2) to upgrade the rotation, we should upgrade the front end (Dickey – Beurhle).

    3) so you try to move out a Beurhle while moving in someone younger with more upside like Samardzija (ideally you’d find someone with a name simpler to spell, not more difficult).

    I’m not necessarily endorsing the strategy, but it’s not unreasonable that the Jays are thinking along these lines.

    Also, I am endorsing this strategy.

    • Gil I respectfully, fuckin……disagree with your #1 point there. You wanna give those rotation spots all them starts to Mike Redmond or Happ fuckin Stroman? OK well I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when we’re in the goddamn basement in ERA again. I don’t trust em man…fuckin it’s all about fuckin trust inthrefuckin….(drunken incoherent ramble trails off)

  41. Let me just clarify my comments here….sorry.

    I don’t think trading for Kendrick and Conger is useful at all god damn it. Who would replace Buerhle’s innings? That’s 200 innings you know…fuckin quality innings…hard to get quality innings these days…(drinks)

    Yeah I guess we’d be OK at second base and catcher with that trade, but still opens up a huge goddamn hole in the rotation yeah? Huge goddamn hole.

  42. Maybe AA deals Buehrle so that he’s freed up the cash to go after Victor Cruz who Heyman reports is targeting 4/75. Jesus.

    Note, I do not actually think this. I guess I’m more saying that Buerhrle’s deal isn’t the millstone that so many seem to suggest it is in the new MLB economy…

    • Er…Nelson Cruz. I’ve got to lay off Grumpy’s sauce (and NY Giants games apparently…)

      • Couple drinks…it isn’t a crime. So what..I had couple drinks?

        Since you didn’t fuckin ask I’ll rank the F.A. pitchers I want to come here.

        1. Ubaldo (the youngest and highest upside of all these fucks.)
        2. Garza (pretty fuckin confident he’d be solid for the Jays)
        3. Fuckin Kuroda (guy’s been fuckin solid for a long time)
        4. I hate to fuckin say it but Burnett (based on the fact he’s fuckin gettin up there and might only get two years)
        5. Ervin “fuck no 100 million Santana”

        We get any of these guys and end up getting Samard (let’s face it, there’s alotta goddamn smoke here) I’m fuckin optimistic here. Fuckin optimistic.

  43. DICKEY

    The Jays do not need the 37 million dollar man.

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