Jim Bowden tweeted out the following clip from his MLB Network Radio show on SiriusXM today, featuring the Red Sox new catcher, A.J. Pierzynski talking about how he landed in Boston as a free agent.

He also talks about some clubhouse chemistry bullshit that I’m sure commenter RADAR will seize on and try to point to as some kind of hard proof that magical warm fuzzy feelings create winning, without the foggiest grasp of the whole correlation=/=causation thing, but that’s not important!

What’s important is, though we already knew this stuff, at the beginning of the interview Pierzynski lays out in pretty plain terms many of the reasons that the Jays seem to find the free agent market so discouraging.

I’ll transcribe the relevant comments, and then groan about them, after the jump– which is also where you’ll find the clip!

Here’s what he said:

It was not an easy decision to go to Boston at all. It was tough– it was a tough decision, not only for myself but for my family. There’s a lot of things that weigh into it; not only the money– which, obviously, is more than you could ever ask for– but also where they are in the country, where they are as far as their chance of winning. I mean, right now, that seemed like the biggest thing. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity, one, to go to Boston, and two, to go to the defending World Series champions.

Asked if he turned down offers of more years and a higher average annual value, he added this:

Yes. I know I turned down years. I don’t know about AAV– AAV is tough, because any time you start getting into a one year deal the AAV tends to go up a little bit. But I know I turned down years in other places. It was one of those things, like I said yesterday, when I did some stuff for the Red Sox and in Boston– you know, it’s hard to say no to the Boston Red Sox when they call. The Red Sox, the Yankees, there are certain franchises in baseball that, when they call, it’s hard to turn down.


I mean… I know, we know! And the fact that Pierzynski is now employed by the Red Sox has to colour his statements at least a little bit. But seriously! That sucks. And don’t think the “which part of the country” bit doesn’t rule out the part of the country in that other country that isn’t even Amurica! for a lot of the like-minded– not that it couldn’t be overcome, as we’ve all heard repeatedly as well, by the other bit about being a championship-calibre organization.

While there are definitely some mercenaries out there, it’s maybe just a little bit outdated to believe that if a team like the Jays backs up a truck with enough money to the house of any free agent, they can land whoever they want, and it’s really just cheap motherfucker Rogers who is holding back all of our dreams. This is hardly the first evidence of that, of course, but it doesn’t make it sting any less– not for us, and not, I’m sure, for the guys in the front office.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pining for Pierzynski here, and I have no idea if the Jays were even interested before turning their attention to Dioner Navarro. But it ssure ounds like they wouldn’t have had much of a chance anyway– except maybe on a deal that made absolutely no sense.

Maybe that’s what the giant truckload of cash metaphor is exactly about, but… I don’t know. As much as we really, really want to think of Rogers as a behemoth with all the money in the world to splash around on things like NHL TV rights or MLSE, it is a business. Big as those deals are, there’s a business case to be made for them. “Who cares about paying Pierzynski $10-million in three years when he’s too broken down to even warrant a roster spot?” isn’t a particularly compelling one. So… I guess I see that side of it, too.

I don’t know, man. Fuck…

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  1. can’t wait until the day rogers sells the team

    • I feel like if Rogers ever sold the team, the first in line to buy it would be Bell. The content is so big for these broadcasters.

      • But if Rogers sold the team, why exactly would Bell buy it? They’re the same company, more or less, and if one wanted out of it, why the other want in, unless Rogers needed the cash from the sale

    • The Blue Jays will have a 150 million payroll in 2014, what exactly is wrong with Rogers as an owner? according to Beeston and AA they have never been turned down when they ask for money And you’d be kidding yourself if any GM didn’t have to go to ownership before making a large finical addition.

      • Well said. With the increased importance of sports content to media companies, I am glad that a company like Rogers owns the Jays right now. They clearly have a vested interest in protecting the value of their asset.

    • Uh based on what we’re hearing, how would that change anything at all?

  2. Lets just hope Robinson Cano keeps have dinners in parts of the country like Seattle and Queens, NY.

  3. Disappointing that AA told Brendan Kennedy he didn’t feel optimistic about signing any starters. I know they’ll be overpaid, but fuck… At some point what are you trying to do? Balance a budget or win?

    I think a Jiminez signing could go a really long way for this club.

    • Imagine you’re the agent for a starter that’s out there and you saw that a GM had told reporters, “YEAH! I think we’re TOTALLY going to sign one of these guys– which is great, because we’re really desperate for one!”

      Would that influence your next conversation about money with that GM, perhaps?

    • he’s in it for the long run not just a flash in the pan, like with Dayton Moore or Jack Z. that should be heartening.

      the Jays already have an 84 win team, according to projections. they just have to add a starter and a second baseman and their chances could be really good.

      i think we can be fairly certain that the Blue Jays are going to acquire a starter through trade in the next week. it may be Shark, it may be Gallardo or Lohse. but it’s going to be someone like that. someone they don’t have to overpay for, like with Ubaldo or Nolaso and whose risk will be minimized by only having to pay for 2-3 years.

      the Jays are going to have to give up some minor league depth to get that pitcher but as Jason Parks’ and Marc Hulet’s recent prospect lists have shown the Jays system is stacked again and with two first rounders next year, it’s going to be stacked again next offseason.

      but by the time the core of Bautista, Dickey, Buerhle, EE and this new starter rides off into the sunset the Jays are going to have a new superstar core built around guys like Stroman, Barreto, Nay, Davis, Sanchez or whoever survives the trades, injuries, busts that will come.

      the future looks bright for the Jays.

    • What andrew said. but also every team runs on a budget, did you not just see what the Tigers have done? they cleared valuable and good players for budget reasons. So there are restrictions for AA too and he cant just go out and spend/overpay for FA pitchers. however if a FA pitcher will except a deal at or close to their evaluation then you’ll see a signing to help to the rotation

  4. Woot Radar you got mentioned in a post!

    • Ha!
      I thought the same thing.
      Welcome to THE SHOW, RADAR!

      • Enjoy the cup of coffee Bud, then hunker down as per usual.

        At least Stoeten spelled your name right.

    • I guess I should be honored but I gotta consider the context.
      Hard to believe, that during a prickly discussion many years ago.Stoeten actually requested my input as the “voice of reason”. Now, I’m sort of a buffoon whose ideas and thoughts are totally irrational.
      How times have changed.
      As usual, Stoeten can’t quite grasp anything that doesn’t fit into his xbox mind.
      Faced with indisputable anecdotal evidence from players who live inside the game,he responds with a mocking diatribe that defies common sense.
      I’ve looked at his side of the argument, questioning my own experiences,reading interviews with players,coaches and baseball exec’s and time after time, they are the ones who says it exists.
      He should save his vitriol for them,he obviously knows more than they do.What do they know?They only live it everday.
      Why doesn’t the statisitcal superior team dominate all the time?How does a team filled with players that have been regressing find a way to win championships?Could it be that there are unmeasurable factors that do influence performance?To ignore the possibilty that enviroment can affect a team results,presents a flaw in some of baseball’s analysis.IMO.( See I got it in there)
      It’s easier to mock or condescend rather than admit the Emperor has no clothes.

        • Haven’t owned a video game system for years and years, but why would that stop ol’ fucking moron RADAR from thinking he has a clue about anything.

          • The metaphors fly right over your head.
            You attacked, I defended.
            As usual, out of the complete comment, you pick the Xbox part, totally ignoring any possible rebutal.
            Got any real substance to your position? Or are you just going to play the “he’s a moron” card because you can’t come up with a counter argument.
            Try to focus.

      • Once again, RADAR doesn’t understand what evidence is.

        Then he goes and agrees with a guy a few posts down who basically tells me exactly what I’ve been telling him: that taking players at face value is a fools errand.

        Amazing, stuff, really. But I guess he can’t stop doubling down on the stupidity of his argument now, can he?

        • Once again Stoeten, you try to misdirect people just to avoid answering the questions asked.
          To hard to come up with a logical rebutal?
          Maybe cause there ain’t one.
          Addressing the stupidity of the argument would be great if you actually adressed any part of it.
          C’mon Stoeten, Think. I know you can do it.
          Instead of attacking the person, try attacking the attacking the argument.
          Stiil can’t do it huh?

  5. I would buy this as the reason the Jays aren’t players in FA if there was any evidence they were even really trying. All we hear from AA is that they aren’t afraid to go the FA route as long as they get the player at the “right value,” regardless of what market value actually is.

    But until there’s some evidence that they actually made a serious bid on a player and were turned down, I’m still not ready to absolve Rogers and the front office of blame.

    Am I saying this stuff isn’t a factor at all? No, that would be nuts. But it certainly seems like a divider between similar offers as opposed to actually THE major concern (especially when dealing with younger players instead of guys just going for a(nother) ring at the end of their career).

    • And while the argument could be made that all those comments are posturing for agents, the largest contract the Jays have signed under AA is still Melky’s 2/$16M.

    • There is all kinds of evidence pretty much every winter, actually.

      Beltran? Peavy? Sanchez?

      If I’m AA I wait out the market for the guys who require a draft pick and hope one of them gets Lohse’d and you can be the Brewers. It’s not all I’d do, of course, but I’d definitely be letting Ubaldo and Santana feel real lonely out there at this point.

      • Peavy was never a free agent. And I don’t recall anybody saying they were seriously in on Sanchez at all. Just people linking him to the Jays saying he fit. I’ll give you Beltran though.

        • Peavy was about to be a free agent and re-signed instead, or they were going to trade for him and exercise a stupidly expensive option. The Sanchez interest is definitely real, by anything I’ve ever heard. Not just people making up stories.

      • And that’s definitely a decent plan. If the Jays do something like that I will come on here and happily eat my words. I really do hope I’m wrong here.

      • Um… no. For someone who looks at everything with the appropriate dollop of salt, I’m always astonished that you accept this asinine narrative at face value so openly.

        The moronic assumptions required in the concept that baseball (note: not true of any other sport) players choose their teams based on anything but money defy belief in addition to historical example.Admittedly there is the odd veteran (Carlos Beltran, AJ Burnett) who, having made hundreds of millions of dollars in his career, will take less to sign with his preferred team. But they are the glaringly obvious exception rather than some kind of “woe is me” rule.

        I’m embarrassed that you would fall into the kind of causation vs correlation fallacy that you appear to so frequently. Players don’t go to the Yankees because they hate changing out of their pajamas. If the Braves had offered $90M, fuck, even $85M, Brian McCann would be a Brave right now. HOLY FUCK, AJ Pierzynski even says as much. He doesn’t “know” about turning down AAV BECAUSE NO ONE TURNS DOWN AAV!

        Holy shit, for someone so well informed about baseball, you’re embarrassingly stupid in adopting this sad sack, Toronto Sun train of thought.

        • Abso fucking lutely Ray.
          Well said.

          • Nonsense. Though I agree entirely about not taking players at face value– which is why I exactly pointed that out in the post.

            Still, though, garbage comment, as I conceded that it’s not all one way or the other, so while raging at me for suggesting it is all one way might be cathartic for you, it’s pretty dumb.

            Hilarious that RADAR agrees, given that he takes players word on things as gospel.

            • Players,general managers,managers and a lot of other people’s experiences carry more weight than your theory’s Stoeten.
              Don’t attack the messenger, attack them.
              You can’t do that, can you?
              Explain why they are full of shit.

  6. You’re telling me Reyes, Bautista, and EE couldn’t take care of the over the border stuff with Cano? Have them give him a talking to, give him $300 million, watch him hit 45-50 bombs out of the Rogers shit hole, and then trade him after we win the World Series. Boom.

    • I like the cut of your jib.

    • Ya i’m sure Bautista and EE who were told by their GM that there is a 5 year max on Blue Jays contracts would love for them to break that rule in order to grossly overpay in years for a 2B.

    • It doesn’t lower the tax rate or incresae his endorsment opportunities but I do agree that there’s at least a chance that their presence is some incentive for him.

  7. Unfortunately, if the Jays go another season in the dumpster the fanbase will skyrocket to the basement. Then we could definitely be talking about the worries of a lost franchise. FML.

  8. So we don’t have the location, we don’t have the weather and we don’t have the perennial contender to attract FAs. That leaves $$ and we don’t have a ton of that either.

    It would seem the only way to get above average players, assuming they look for those qualities in a team, is to force them here by trade or throw money at them. The former seems more likely.

    I think I understand now?

    • Or to draft and develop them.

      • Which is the route I believed the Jays were taking under AA prior to last season.

        I think it’s difficult to keep that balance between drafting and developing and trade without committing to one above the other.

        • Actually according to John Farrell the route was to draft and then NOT develop them… or something. Who the fuck knows what that guy is talking about.

        • it’s not a zero sum game. the Cardinals trade all the time.

          the Blue Jays aren’t the Rays they don’t have to horde all their prospects and trade them away when they become stars.

          • Obviously the Jays don’t “have” to but it works out pretty well for the Rays does it not?

          • Cards also have signing power with players. They are not in a situation that the Jays are in.

            • by “signing power” you mean they’re good? well yeah, that’s because for the last 15 years or so they’ve done a very good job of scouting pro talent to acquire and drafting and developing talent.

              they were also pretty mediocre for a long time after 1987 when the Twins beat them in the WS. it took about 5 or 6 years for Walt Jocketty to right the ship and provide stability in the system and John Mozeliak has built upon Jocketty’s foundation.

              Anthopolous is what? 4 years in? he has two .500 seasons and two sub-.500 seasons. in that time he’s also transformed the farm system from a laughing stock to one of the most respected and top-ranked systems in all of baseball. not bad for 4 years of work.

              • Signing power does not necessarily entail only “being good”. Yes, it clearly helps to be good and have a team that can contend every season but my point was that there are other factors that appeal to FAs. (location, weather, fans, stadium..etc.) That the Jays may not possess.

                You prove my point when you mentioned that the Cards decided to scout and develop when they were not-so-good during the late 80′s. They took the draft and develop route and look at how their franchise stands now.

                Improving the farm system from 28th to 11th is impressive, I will give you that one and I think AA has done a great job improving it. Now that the system has improved, how is AA going to improve the big league team?

          • i actually like what the Rays do. They put all their efforts into developing prospects properly, and have one of the best coaching staffs in baseball IMO. They were fortunate to have a stud in Longoria to build around, and seem to have found another in Myers. Now I dont see why the Jays take a look at how the Rays develop pitching and copy it. Maybe Stroman/Sanchez/Nolin will be the start of that. The Jays should be playing the Rays game, not the Yanks/BoSox one..

      • I dont buy that.

        Detroit, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Cleveland. all dont have nice weather and aren’t storied franchises, they seem to do okay in certain aspects of free agency.

        Our GM has a 5 years max contract rule, that makes it impossible to land a top tiered free agent. Everyone else is up for grabs, comes down to dollars and fit

        • maybe he’s figured out, based on historical evidence, that free agency is not a smart way to build a championship team.

        • I want to see how all of this plays out when there is grass in the dome instead of turf.

          No position player is going to sign on to play on that junk if he can sign elsewhere and play on grass. The turf can shorten one’s career & give you gimpy knees for the rest of your life.

          Yes, being outside the USA is a factor. The dollar, travel, customs, taxes etc. all factor into it.
          But if they were playing on grass and the team had a chance to win and the money was right, all of that other stuff would go away…for all but a handful of players anyway.

        • Detroit is not a storied franchise??? REALLY Cincy as well???? Really hummmmmmmmm what was that team nicknamed the big Red machine???

        • Translate this into Hockey – & it’s the Canadian kid who has stars in his eyes when either the Leafs or the Canadians call.

        • “Our GM has a 5 years max contract rule, that makes it impossible to land a top tiered free agent. Everyone else is up for grabs, comes down to dollars and fit”

          So you are telling me that if Yankees or BoSox offered Matt Garza a 5-year $90 million contract and the Jays offered him the exact same money for the exact same term, each team has an equal chance?

          • how do you know matt garza’s situation? What if he loves toronto? what if hes comfortable pitching here.

            WHat if he hates new york or boston?

            not every player dreams of being a yankee or a red sock.

    • Don’t forget the rays had ten last place finishes to jump start their farm system. Pretty sure I could draft a good team when I pick first every year.

  9. I’m just hoping a low Canadian dollar doesn’t start to factor in once again………Fuck Stoeten put up some prospect porn or something this shit that isn’t even necessarily a thing is bringing me down.

    • he has. you’re just not paying attention to the good news.

      Stoeten recently pointed out that Jason Parks said he’d take the Jays’ 11-20 prospects over a bunch of teams 1-10. that’s pretty darn impressive.

      Marcus Stroman, is pretty much the hottest prospect right now. after his performance in the AFL. he’s not the top-ranked prospect pitcher but the unanimous buzz around him is amazing – guys who usually disagree – Klaw, Parks, Hulet, Callis, Pleskoff – have all said this guy is ready for the big leagues.

      based just on Stroman you should be feeling very good about the Blue Jays’ future.

      • More please.

      • Yeah I remember when Arencibia and Snider were top tier prospects and the future was looking good

        • um, that actually wasn’t a thing. Snider and Arencibia were top prospects under Riciardi. Riciardi didn’t care about prospects. they were big because they were the only prospects the Jays had. things are different. id try and explain why things are difference but you seem incapable of having an open mind so i wont waste my time any further.

          • Oh fuck off.

            You come on here talking in absolutes about the future being rainbows and puppy dogs based on a kids who have never even played in the bigs yet. Then when somebody challenges your position you attack their intellect.

            It’s entitled fucktard fanboys like you that this sport can do without.

          • Snider was a monster prospect. They don’t have anything like that now, he was consensus top ten, KLaw had him at #5 if I remember right. Until they do it on the big club it’s just wishful thinking. Also how did Ricciardi care about prospects less than AA? JP didn’t trade very many, the awesome farm you’re raving about look like trade chips to me.

          • snider was a highest BA prospect the jays have had in 10 years. what does that have to do with the other prospects on our system exactly?

  10. Fill the up the pipe with cement boys, the dream is officially dead (it was before, but whatever)


    • 10 years? Unreal.

    • How bout bigger AAV for fewer years? Like $150M over 5? I’m sure he could go back out at 36 and still command plenty.

      Cano must be smart enough to know a bathtub full of money isn’t nearly as fun if your team isn’t very good. Not to mention no limelight from playing in a smaller market.

      • Just noticed this, totally agree. Posted similar opinion below. Cano may cost himself money by getting a longer term now….in the long run. Could conceivably get a 3 year deal at 36 in the 65-70m range….in 6 years that is, especially with the direction salaries are going

        • They’ll play for less $ in a large-market area, because the opportunity for endorsements are greater in NY than in Milwaukee.

    • Cano wouldn’t make the Jays a contender on his own, they would still need to add to the rotation, probably making it a 400 million dollar offseason.

      Anyone else think the Jays should poke around Seattle for Ackley if they do sign Cano?

      We would probably have to give up something decent for him, but it could be a good gamble. Mariners need bullpen and outfield help, we line up well with those needs

      • Ackley reminds me so much of Gordon Beckham. Terrible hitter, decent fielder. Kind of sounds like Ryan Goins, doesn’t it?

        • I dunno, goins didn’t kick ass as a hitter and go second Overall in MLB rule 4 draft. Goins is not Ackley. He has never projected to be a plus hitter, Ackley has.

          And he played centre field last year. Versatile guy. I like Ackley.

  11. Get to Dunedin while you can Jays fans. Reports that Brewers contemplating moving to Dunedin. Makes those reports about the jays sharing a complex with the Astros more interesting.

    • Jays and Astros are looking at Palm Beach Gardens, a brand new 100 million dollar facility.

      15,000 restaurant seats on the main thoroughfare, and the Cards and the Marlins would be 10 Minutes away, and the Minutes are 30 minutes north in Port St Lucie. All great venues.

      Dunedin is a hole in comparison. Put away your Otto Velez and Doug Ault shirt and come down to West Palm Beach, hotel is the Embassy Hotel at Military Trail and PGA Blvd. 10 to 15 minute walk to the proposed stadium.

  12. Has anybody else noticed “steroid alternatives” being promoted at mlb and mlbtr.com???

    • kind of odd, isn’t it?

    • the adds are parallel to what you have been googling and searching.

      For instance right now on mlbtr there is an add for a hotel i googled yesterday.

      So chances are you looked in to some gym equipment or weightloss

    • Andro was a sponsor for MLB radio last year, that’s the actual brand that got everything started with McGwire, I thought that was really funny.

  13. OK. But take that interview back to 1992 off-season when the Jays had just won a WS and had the highest payroll in baseball, and the all the talk was–and I remember this very clearly–how players wanted to come to this wonderful successful organization where they treated ball players so well. The Jays were considered the class of mlb in those years.

    I’m not saying we need the highest payroll although a bit more would be nice. But what I am saying is that success breeds interest and more money. The team steadily declined from 1994 and never really came back. It will take more than one visit to the playoffs to convince elite free agents that they are coming to a winner. But one visit to the playoffs is a good place to start. I would like to see the team get there with players they drafted and nurtured supplemented by judicious signings. So I will be interested to see Stroman et al when they come up. Because that’s how you build a franchise that plays interesting games in September. We had our ‘big off-season’ last year and look where it got us.

    • On the flip side you have teams like Oakland and Tampa that have been successful for quite a few years now and it is not like free agents are beating down their door to play there for less money. Money definitely is going to be a factor at the end of the day just less so for older players. That said, the playing conditions are another thing. The turf is something Rogers can control yet they don’t.

      • @ sandlot

        Yeah you’re right. If I got to wave a wand and change one thing about the Jays it would be the turf. Get rid of that shit and I think it would make a big difference.

        • @isabella

          The turf is a big negative. The sooner they get rid of that, the better the Jays can be.

          I think Bonifacio & Izturis were freaked out about the turf conditions, so the defense suffered.

          It looks like the Argos will share a field with BMO.

        • ok, this is awkward but .. I think I’m speaking for a lot of DFJers here .. I mean I’m … just curious, ISABELLAREYES, are you … um … female?

        • I mean, you’re waving a wand and all …

        • I guess what I’m saying is that … I think you’re kind of cute but ..if you’re a guy, then EMBARRASSMENT!!

          • I’m female. But I am also old enough to be your grandmother :(

            • I like that.

              • Most people would’ve twigged to the “Isabella” part

              • @ Isabella
                I like your point about winning. I believe the Jays had 2 or 3 years of winning teams prior to the WS years. (they lost a heartbreaking ALCS to KC in one of the years previous) They also had an established “core” group: guys like Wells, Cerutti, Henke, Ward, Key, Steib, Borders, Fernandez, Bell etc
                There are a few more points along those same lines:
                1/ Not going to bother looking it up but when Winfield signed on, he was eager to come because he had played with Cito and I think it was Winfield that talked to Ricky Henderson. So the point would be that networking helps.
                2/Not every player likes New York and/or Boston. There IS the (for want of a better term) Cliff Lee factor which figured in when he chose Phillie. His wife was treated terribly when she took in one of his games at Yankee stadium. The key is to pick the right guys.
                3/ It’s not going to happen ALL the time, but the Yankees and Boston were not the power franchises most people think they were in those days..

                • I remember that game against KC. That was a really painful loss. But it was also a late September game with the post-season on the line. What bothers me almost more than anything else is that I can only remember 1 year since ’93 when we were close to the playoffs. I think it was ’98. That’s 19 years when the club has been out of it by the end of August and a whole bunch of those years we were out by the end of July. It’s not just that we haven’t been to the post-season, we haven’t even gotten near the post-season.

                  I am one of those people who think that it’s been this long, let’s take a little longer. Win Now is not a healthy approach. It’s hurt us in the past and I think it may well have hurt us last season. Let’s pay more attention to developing the players we already have. If the guys we drafted aren’t working out and this is happening on a regular basis, then there is where changes need to be made. And should have been made a while ago.

    • @isabella


      I moved to Toronto from Montreal in August 1993 & was a die hard Expos fan.

      I was baffled by Toronto being a “high class big spending ” franchise as opposed to scrappy Expos that won 90+ games in 1993 on a shoestring budget.

      To this day, I regret not following the Jays more closely in the fall of 1993.

    • agreed. as much excitement i got after the trades last off season, now i kinda think the Jays really need to go with development of their own drafted players process and add the big free agents once they have a good foundation set. Even if that means a few last place finishes.

  14. hahahaa RADAR is always going on about chemistry. maybe hes a chemist. or a meth manufacturer.

  15. Perhaps the Jays will target Bartolo Colon

    • I’ve been beating this drum for a while, and even harder since they signed Kazmir.

      Get Bartolo! He looks like a frog!

  16. In my dreams we……sign Cano for high AAV (6/180), and then free up some $ by trading Colby, Happ and prospect for young, controllable (ie. cheap) starting pitcher. Move Gose to CF (plus defence) and have Pillar as 4th OF.

    In 6 years $30m per might look pretty ok, then Cano can sign with someone for 2/40 and still end up with a total of 8/220 over the life of the deal. Done?

    • And in this pipe dream scenario we still hold onto Sanchez and Stroman

    • Trade Colby and Sanchez for Chris Sales

    • @Jake.

      I would keep Colby. e is happy her & productive. I would have no concerns with AA locking up Mr Phenix Alabama to a long term contract.

      Colby reminds me of Darryl from the Walking Dead. Give Colby a crossbow.

  17. It’s the chicken and the egg dilemma all over again.
    What do free agents want? Money – yes, obviously. But they want a chance to win. Some big name guy is not going to Pittsburgh North…or the Kansas City of the ALEast.
    Start winning. Start being perennial threats to win it all. Guys who want a ring will not automatically cross off Toronto as a landing pad if they’re going to be threats to be in the post-season.
    Unfortunately, it’s like saying “start with a million dollars” – you have to initially get there on your own drafting and homegrown developed players.
    Bottom line…be a team that other guys want to come too. I’m betting Mr. Tanaka is preening in front of a mirror, imagining himself in a Yankees/Sox/Dodger jersey. They’ve got the mystique…the brand name cache.
    Toronto….meh, not so much just yet.

    • @fastball

      I am getting more comfortable with a “stay the course ” 2014.

      If the Jays can get good production from Stroman, Hutch, Drabek & Redmond in 2014 then they have a shot at competing in September.

      The cost of free agents has skyrocketed with all the new tv money.

  18. Yeah I think winning has a lot to do with it. You can talk about New York and Boston, but those teams have done almost nothing but win the last decade (Boston) or two (NY). The Jays haven’t. Last time the Jays were really winning, they had no trouble bringing in free agents.

    • @ Blue Jay Way.

      Good point.

      I was reading Jeff Blair’s book this summer about the history of the Jays.

      In the late 80′s & early 90′s , Toronto had no problem attracting high profile free agents.

  19. Someone tell these FA’s about our sexy women and excellent craft beer.

    Jesus Christ, our city fucking rules, man! Why don’t these stooges get it?

  20. I think we all knew this was the case, and it explains the jays behaviour in free agency very well. They’ll have to wait till they’re viewed as a contender before they’ll have a shot at signing any top free agents to market level deals.

    On the other hand, so what? You play the hand you’re dealt. There are plenty of teams who do more with less than the blue jays have to work with. There are many ways to improve this already talented roster through trades, internal promotions and value signings.

    • @kevin


      There will always be players that don’ t want to play in Toronto because of border, taxes etc issues.

      Grass at Rogers Centre will help the team going forward

      The key to the Blue Jays long term success is developing home grown talent.

      As a relatively recent Jays fan , ( 2009- today) , I am disappointed that Romero & JPA have flopped.

      I had high hopes for Snider, Hill & Rios. Snider hasn’t done much for the Pirates, & Hill & Rios are doing better with other teams.

  21. Raise the payroll to $160 million.

    Sign Cano for 8/200 with an opt-out clause after year 4 if necessary.

    Sign Burnett or Colon for 1/15.

    Move Lind, Janssen & Happ for prospects as necessary to afford the above two expenses.

    If the goal is to be Boston, spend money and save the prospects.

  22. Don’t know if you know this A.S. but they plugged you this afternoon on MLB radio, speaking rather highly of you and the blog, but I think used the term “unfortunate” with regards to the name DJF.

  23. Seriously, fuck this guy, even if he’s right.

    I hope he and Farrell have a season-ending collision in ST.

  24. I mean is this even a story? Isn’t it like this in every sport more or less … There are always marquis franchises in every sport and frig they don’t even have to be goo for players to want to play there e.g. Knicks.

    So the jays have to work a bit harder to attract and keep players. This should be incentive to put together a top to bottom great team and organization.

    This situation is not changing and I doub we needed AJP to tell us this nor a Stoets reminder to reemphasize it.

    Good riddance!

    • @beeds.

      The jays do deserve credit for keeping players like Bautista & EE.

      They took them in when they were faltering & were able to get them to sign long term contracts at relative discounts.

      This is he main reason why I am leery of trading Jose Bautista or Edwin.

      They like playing here, * it would cost a fortune to get similar quality players to sign in Toronto as free agents

  25. Isn’t this a bit knee-jerk, Stoeten? We all know the Jays aren’t the Yankees or the Red Sox. Neither are 27 other teams in the league.

    Get into the playoffs, win a WS or two and players will be falling over themselves to sign here. Also getting rid of that damn turf wouldn’t hurt.

    • @Gippo.

      It’s true that the Jays aren’t the yankees or red sox.

      However, Rogrs has enough financial resources that if they wanted to, they could overpay Mccann or Cano or whoever they wanted to bring them to Toronto.

      If that strategy worked, & the jays made the playoffs, Rogers revenues would sor & it would become cheaper in future to get free agents that wanted to sign here to have a chance at winning.

      The early 90′s jays got free agents to sign here because of a culture of winning.

      The key though is to develop home grown talent.

  26. Looks like JP heading to Texas. Be interesting to see how he does.

    • he’ll hit a bunch of homeruns and strike out a ton.

      i could be wrong, but i dont seem him changing his swing or approach enough to do any better. If he does then great, but you’d have to expect after struggling for 3 years straight here, if he was capable he would have changed already.

      • Depends. Getting your ass kicked to the curb can be a wake up call for some people. A little humility and a new desire to prove people were wrong about you can go a long way. Not to mention the influence a new set of teammates or coaches could have. I still think it was best for the jays to make the move, but I think he played hurt more often than most people knew about. That of course doesn’t come close to making up for all his other flaws. Like Escobar and Johnson last year, it certainly will be interesting to watch him along with Josh Johnson this coming year.

        • Agree Sandlot. There’s no mistaking he has the athletic ability to do the job, but for some unknown reason he either can’t or won’t do it. I would not be surprised if he does better in Texas if for no other reason than it will be a brand new environment


  28. Fuck.

    I’d rather asphyxiate on my own fetid bile and die a miserable death than watch that Grade A Sham-Fuckin-Wow wear a Jays uniform.

    My fucking hallergies!

  29. Not going to jump to conclusions. let’s see what the next week brings. They might surprise us all.

  30. According to MLBTR, Jay-Z just destroyed the negotiations with Seattle, and they’ve withdrawn their offer to Cano.
    Hova! Hova!

    • Damn, i really wanted him to go to sea to screw the yankees, unlikely as that was. Now id say its 90% he returns. Not to mention, he loses quite a bit of leverage.

      • @AFDG
        AND commission

      • Same. I would have been fine with him going to Seattle. Really puts a crimp in the Yankees plans.

        Now he’ll probably end up back in New York. Everything always works out for them.

      • Hey man, Heyman says that Mariners and Cano are close to a deal.

      • Seen on a Yankees blog:

        Fucking Seattle is the bane of the Yankees’ offseason existence. From Cliff Lee, to Michael Pineda, and now Robinson Cano. All they did with that contract is take him away from the Yankees. I understand that’s not their intention. But what are they going to do with Cano? Seattle is miles away from even resembling a good team, even with Cano. What a dumb move by an awful GM. And to top it off they took him away from the Yankees for basically no reason at all. Hate Seattle right now.”

        Oh, how dare some other team take a Yankee player away?

    • Jay-Z. Not a businessman. A business, man.

    • This was first reported from the New York Daily News, so I wouldn’t necessarily take this to heart.

  31. I think f/a’s not wanting to come to Toronto has everything to do with the fact that the Jays suck and have basically sucked for 20 years. We have contenders again and the narrative about not signing f/a’s changes in a hurry.

    And yeah, the money is a thing. Baseball players careers are short, relatively speaking. They’d be stupid to get as much as they can when they can.

    and let’s be honest: sure, there are gonna be some ‘Murica types who don’t want to play in a foreign country, but the reality is Toronto is a diverse world-class city that only a few others in MLB can match, especially not the piles of shit in the Midwest and South.

    • The problem is most Americans are programmed to think everything outside of the good old USA is inferior.

    • The problem with this line of thinking is that the international membership of the MLBPA is rising each year. The US is declining in producing major league talent, or the international is increasing at a faster rate, either way. You could realistically create the best MLB team with zero US content. Japan/Dominican Republic is stashed with talent.

    • With the exception of the most historic winning teams (Boston, Yankees, etc.) I really don’t think players consider a franchise’s winning or losing history when choosing a new team. The Mariners just signed Cano, and they don’t even have a World Series banner (I know I’m generalizing using one example, but how about Werth going to the shitty Nats for $120 mill and leaving the contending Phillies?)

      Money is always the driving force, generally followed by factors such as proximity to home/family, with a teams history well down the list.

  32. Heyman says cano to mariners is close
    O/u until the contract becomes an albatross

    • His power numbers will probably drop right off the bat playing at Safeco and the other AL West parks, right?

    • How about Over/Under for number of minutes until Stoets posts this massive news….I’m going to 32 minutes.

  33. Cano to Seattle, 10 years 240 million

  34. holy shit

  35. So, Ackley then?

  36. At $240M, Mariners can have Cano. It’s going to be interesting to see how he plays in an actual baseball stadium.

    Still though, it must be nice to sign a superstar.

  37. Always a good thing when one of the top 5 players in the game leaves your division and goes to a team that helps balance out the competition in another division that is competing for the same wild card spots.

  38. Cano just went to Seattle for 10/240m. Unreal1

  39. wow. Some guys beat me to it. Sorry for the redundacy. Can’t believe those fools gave them that dough

  40. Seen on a Yankee blog:

    “Fucking Seattle is the bane of the Yankees’ offseason existence. From Cliff Lee, to Michael Pineda, and now Robinson Cano. All they did with that contract is take him away from the Yankees. I understand that’s not their intention. But what are they going to do with Cano? Seattle is miles away from even resembling a good team, even with Cano. What a dumb move by an awful GM. And to top it off they took him away from the Yankees for basically no reason at all. Hate Seattle right now.”

    Yeah how dare some other team take a Yankee player away.

  41. Holy shitsnacks. I was hoping it, but didn’t expect it. Take that, Yanks.

    The contract sucks, but still… C’MON ROGERS AND JAYS AND AA, YOU FUCKERS. >_<

  42. It will be interesting to see if the Cano signing triggers any additional ones that the Mariners might not have got due to their situation.

    • Overall it’s been a pretty good day for Jays pitchers. They have to think that X-mas has come early. 2 big bats out of the division with maybe a third on the way out in Napoli. McCann probably will make up for some of that but it’s not like they’re adding more to what they had so a small victory overall.

      If the Rays move Price you might get a short term bonus there as well until whatever prospects they receive come into play.

  43. Granderson signs with Mets on 4-year deal.

  44. Jason Stark at ESPN is trying to help out the media with possible headiline, not sure which I like best:

    Stripless in Seattle

    Ca – No he didn’t

    Jay-Zed and confused

    Cano me the Money!

  45. Well, if nothing else, the Cano signing makes me feel even better about my Ackley to Toronto prediction.

    • I’d rather Nick Franklin.

      • He had a great rookie season, struggled for a year and a half and then seemed to figure it out in the second half of 2013. I’m not saying it would be the best move or that it’s the move I THINK they should do. I just guessed it because I think it’s the kind of move Anthopoulos would do… buy low on a guy who’s struggled recently and won’t cost much.

      • It is unclear whether he really is terrible. He didn’t live up to his hype, but he still might be wroth taking a shot on. I would try him or Franklin.

  46. Feldman to the Astros 3 yrs/30 mil

  47. Payroll Parameters!

  48. Don’t worry guys, AA is working on a trade which will see a reliever with options left come to Toronto….. sorry just getting frustrated. Apparently Cano’s people contacted the Jays but their 5 yr max deal made it a short conversation

    • or maybe it was the fact the cano team was adamant about getting 8+ years? do you KNOW that AA was firm on the 5-yr thing, or are you just assuming? maybe he was willing to go up to a reasonable term (say, 7 yrs, or 6 with an option), but they had better offers in terms of term &/or AAV?

  49. Yanks re-sign Kuroda for 1 year deal. (Sorry if that’s old news.) Roughly $16 mil for a 39 year old. Nice to see an old guy get a paycheck. Now let’s hope his fucking arm falls off.

  50. So its Feldman to the Astros, Granderson to the Mets, Kuroda back to the Yankees, Cano to the Mariners and the Blue Jays are hot on the trail of……Jamey Carroll. Be still my beating heart.

  51. Infante’s cost likely just went up, but wouldn’t swiping him out of NY’s clutches be sweet right about now? Fill a weakness and leave a division rival picking through the dregs. Do it AA. Ninja that shit.

  52. Now the Yankees are going to compete with us finding a second baseman.

  53. I. Am happy that cano will be leaving the Yankees. There is no way that ALex would give cano a 10 year deal.

    • Agreed, but this team needs to get talent from somewhere and FA never really being used makes it that much harder

  54. Being from Vancouver.. the Cano to Seattle thing is double awesome. More Cano on TV for me, and less Cano in the AL East for the Jays.

  55. Wow, Cano to Seattle, if Seattle signs a big pitcher as well you have to imagine this puts pressure on the Jays to spend. Seattle isn’t the fourth largest city in North America.
    I mean pressure by the media and Fans. I hope AA doesn’t overreact.
    Good chance he’s in the hot seat this season not with Rogers or beeston but you know fans are going to somehow blame him for not to signing Cano for 240 million. Even though that’s way to much money. If the Jays struggle in In 2014, you know there are going to be people calling for his head, first year and people wanted Gibbys head.

    With all this money floating around there good be some really good baseball in 2014 assuming these deals work out. Twins, and Whitesox got a little better, Seattle is better, Al East is still Beast. Oakland/Texas/Angels/Indians/Royals should be good, Tigers should be good really the only team that might be predictable in where they finish in the standings is of course the Astros……………they will be terrible

  56. Remember, Jack Z , the GM in Seattle, is in Save hiss ass job mode. He won’t be around long enuf to worry about the back end of this dopey deal. If the Mariners stink it up again this year he will be gone and Seattle will have this nice fuckin albatross to deal with. Picture Cano at 40 years of age still hauling 24m as a 2nd baseman.
    Then again, the way dollars are deprecaiting that 24m US will be 100m CDN and both will buy you a car

    • What you are saying is convention wisdom and eminently sensible.

      Problem is, you have to play the game the way the game is being played.
      Teams signing these deals are obviously prepared to just write off the back end.

      If they win now aand/or increase the value of the franchise, its the cost of doing business.
      Maybe ownership is tired of being used for leverage and nothing more.
      Maybe they’ve opened the purse strings and this is just one of several shoes to drop.

      Don’t be surprised to see the Mariners go all in on Tanaka…
      whatever it takes…how would you like a top 3 of Felix, Tanaka and Iwakuma?

      They’ve got two big trade chips in Walker and Paxton.
      They can keep one and trade the other..and still have Hultzen on the way.
      And now you can add Franklin or Miller to that list.

      They could resign Morales to DH…or trade for Butler
      And they could package one of their pitchers with one of their infielders
      and one of Ackley or Saunders to land a big bat like Bautista’s or better.

      This team could become a contender in a real hurry if the money is there
      to fund the acquisitions.

  57. OK Andrew, the draw is over and you can handle Spain to avoid Brazil, now tell me why I sjould be an optimistic Jays fan.

    • On paper our team is still quite good, provided we have minimal injuries. Our pitching depth is much improved with room for upside and our lineup is rather potent. A couple more smart aquisitions would probably put us over the top, both in the line-up and our rotation. Not to mention our bullpen is incredibly strong and should be even better as long as the roation holds up.

  58. Mariners will probably just trade Cano to the Dodgers in a few seasons anyway.

  59. “The Rangers have reached an agreement with free agent catcher J.P. Arencibia, according to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News (Sulia link). Reports last night indicated that the Rangers were nearing a deal with the CAA Sports client.”

  60. You know what we should do after a 74 win season? Sign a couple of backup catchers and run the same team out there next season!

    • i know, right? that’s TOTALLY what’s going to happen too!

      • Well, realistically, what are they supposed to do now? The trade deadline has passed, every single free agent has already signed, all the AL East teams have made massive upgrades and the season starts on Monday!

        Wait, what? It’s December 6 and we haven’t even reached the Winter Meetings yet? Well why the hell are we already in panic mode?

    • That same 74 win team, if healthy wins a lot more than 74 games in 2014. They already have a pretty solid core. Just need to fill a couple of holes to contend.

    • Hopefully with a little bit of good luck on the injury front – the current roster should be able to easily surpass last season’s record. Not running guys like Wang, or Ortiz or Redmond out ever fifth game might be a decent start. Having a solid, healthy left side of the infield would help. Hopefully getting a tumour removed from your spine will help a hobbled left fielder.
      Hopefully a catcher who doesn’t compile the worst statistical year ever might help.
      The Jays don’t NEED a team of Cy Youngs and Babe Ruths…they just need their existing team to stay healthy and perform to their capabilities.

      • It is possible, but fact is, with Rogers money THEY should be the ones buying up free agent talent to add to their current core. Everyone knows Morrow will be injured again by May, and Bats/Lind/Lawrie will all miss significant time throughout the season. Ugh, ANOTHER season of Adam Lind…kill me now. Don’t worry, Ryan Goins is coming!

        • You’re one of those guys who’s completely forgotten how desperately you wanted the Jays to sign Pujols and Fielder, aren’t you?

          • Never was a fan of the Pujols deal, Fielder yes. I still say yes. You don’t think Fielder would be hitting 50 bombs out of the Rogers Centre a season? It’s not like these backloaded contracts aren’t tradeable, as proven by Fielder’s this off-season.

            My point is there is no reason for the Jays to be middle of the pack spenders, bargain hunting to fill holes. Please don’t act like you have any clue about me Philbert, I haven’t always had the spend mentality. I have been on-board with the building process for a LONG time. However, there ARE times when spending is necessary…those times are when it is looking like Ryan fucking Goins is going to be your 2B in the ALE. Sorry?

            • The two guys who play in Fielder’s potential positions, Encarnacion and Fielder, both had better offensive seasons in 2013 than Fielder and Pujols. That’s why Fielder would have been a bad move.

              We probably didn’t know it when those guys signed, but the Jays actually had better options who they are now paying roughly $15 million a year COMBINED with no long term commitment. That’s exactly what they should be doing, and that’s exactly the kind of decision making that makes something like the Marlins trade an option.

              You just sound like you’re mad at the Jays because Lind will be back (even though he was awesome last year), Morrow will be hurt (I obviously don’t have to get into how ridiculous that is, but they also have more depth to replace him if needed plenty of time to add pitchers) and Goins will be the starting second baseman (even though IT’S DECEMBER 6).

              • “Awesome”. A decent platoon bat.

                • I actually meant “awesome” as in 22nd highest wOBA in the MLB (in spite of the horrendous numbers against lefties), but we can reserve “awesome” for the top 20, if you would prefer.

                  And he was 12th in the MLB in wOBA against righties. If you want to reduce his value to “decent platoon player,” you may want to rethink your definition of the word “decent.”

        • What kind of payroll do you think they should have?

      • Spoken like a true disciple of J. P. Richardi.

  61. Rangers have apparently signed JPA

  62. JPA supplants Soto as the Rangers # 1 catcher,
    hits .260 with 40 bombs on his way to being
    the MVP as the Rangers win the World Series.

    And you thought that Farrell and the Red Sucks
    winning in 2013 was enough to make you puke.

  63. It was pointed out on here late Wednesday night the Yanks had signed Kelly Johnson and that the move sent a strong message about Cano not coming back, as it hindered his market value. As usual we had people on here berating the poster. He was absolutely right in his analysis.

  64. We should sign this guy, had a great year for Oakland.


  65. The Blue Jays cannot be successful in 2014 unless Dickey and McGowan have huge years. Fact.

  66. I dont think Canos deal is a bad one at 10 years.

    in 6 years 20-25 mil will be the normally ave pay for a starter anyway, trout will be making 40 plus then btw.

    When back ups and shit starters get 3 years for 24mil…..its not far off the mark.

    they will get at least 5 good years out of a top 3 hitter at 2nd. And in that park, he is going to hit 50 plus doubles, and its now a little shorter to deep right at Safeco, with only 326 to the RF corner. Do not be surprised to see Cano jake 30 this year.

    • The walls might be in at Safeco, but he doesn’t get the benefit of that short porch in New York anymore. Also, he gets fewer games in the Fenway, Camden, and RC bandboxes and more in pitcher friendly O.co and Angels Stadium. I don’t see his power increasing. The fences moving in could mean his numbers don’t drop as drastically. There’s only one way to find out and we’ll have to wait and see.

      • no question he played in hr parks, but who was around him to scare pitchers from not throwing around him?

        The guy can flat out hit. and he shows no signs of slowing, and is always healthy.

        I like this deal because we didn’t make it and the yankees didn’t make it.

        But at the same time, I think Seatle did something that might be the first mega contract that doesn’t blow up in their faces.

        • He had terrific players around him in New York (mostly). Is he not more likely to get pitched around with the Mariners current roster? In New York he’d have A Rod or Teix or Granderson or someone else with some pop behind him to force pitchers to go at him, not so much in Seattle.

      • Cano has an excellent numbers at Safeco as per Kenny Ken Ken:

        Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 37m

        Cano at Safeco since 05: .309/.350/.487. All of MLB: .251/.315/.383. Only player in SEA history better than .309 BA at Safeco: Ichiro .320.

  67. This article mentions an interesting side effect of the Granderson signing…namely that Eric Young might be moved from OF to 2B which could free up Daniel Murphy for a trade. I know nothing about the Mets needs, but would the Jays be a fit for a trade for Murphy?


    • i dont see Daniel going anywhere, he has been one of their better players of the last 3 years.

    • Good bat poor glove at least according to BR.

    • I am sure Stoeten will have a post soon enough about Franklin but the more I think about Franklin the more I like it. If you look at the Jays farm system they are really deep in pitching and to a lesser extent in the outfield. On the infield not so much. Probably could say it’s quite barren in fact compared to other organizations.

      Getting a young guy like that to play 2nd might be similar to the Lawrie trade. FanGraphs 0.4 fWAR didn’t love him nearly as much as Baseball Reference did 2.3 bWAR so there’s plenty of room for discussion either way. The good thing is that he would be under control for 5 more years. Of course that works against you in how much you’re going to have to pay to get him in the first place. Then again if a Mariner’s team is looking to be all about now, maybe the Jays surplus of relievers comes into play with lower level prospects thrown in.

      Is Franklin a potential risk? Of course, his 2nd half was awful, but judging from all the love he got as a prospect, it still sounds like there’s a lot of potential there. Keith Law had a few good things to say about him today in his write up about Cano. He thinks he’ll play really well at 2nd going forward though he’s far from a polished product.

  68. Question…..

    with Cano, Grandy gone. ARod likely not back. Mark T hiting like a granny, and only MaCain to jack Hrs….

    can we stop calling them the bombers now? or use that saying for another reason?

    • McCann*

    • As I said above it’s been a relatively good week for the Jays pitchers. That said, the Yanks continue to shit all over us even when we think they are finished. Look at how they destroyed the Jays early in the season. Guys like Wells tore them up. Won’t count the Yanks as vanquished until we win the season series from them.

    • I can’t see how that arbitration will uphold ARod’s 211 games for 1st offence. If it goes against him then I believe he’ll go to court AND apply for an injunction. Having said all that, I don’t think he’ll be half the player he was. In fact if he plays he will probably hurt the Yankees both financially and on the field.

  69. Noise — mere speculation really — that the Mariners may make a run at Price. Another All Star shipped out of the division? Why the fuck not?


  70. This tweet made me laugh:

    Chris Sherwin ‏@CWSherwin 2h

    I’m picturing AA at the winter meeting talking to himself……”They said they would wait.”

  71. Mariners? Hahaha

  72. In my opinion, the yankees got worse. Atleast up to this point in the offseason. They replaced granderson(power) and cano(amazing overall) with ellsbury and mccann who are worse hitters for yankee stadium. I dont even know why they got ellsbury considering they have gardner who is a pretty damn good leadoff hitter himself. Choo would have provided 20-25 homers at least.

    • http://www.hittrackeronline.com/detail.php?id=2013_1161&type=hitter

      thats McCanns HRs from last year, drop Yankee Stadium over it….

      he will hit 30

      but i agree that they got worse, but to say Yankee Stadium is worse for either of these LH hitters….well, thats wrong.

    • McCann is a huge upgrade for the Yankees. You can’t say he “replaced” Cano. They play different positions and the Yankees aren’t finished with their offseason yet.

    • There’s certainly huge risk in the Ellsbury deal if it wasn’t the Yankees. the contract wont hurt them like it would for other teams. Still could be bothersome htough, but when healthy…. when…. Jacoby is a great player who has shown power before, didn’t he win Al MVP one year or come second so when healthy he can be a really good player.

    • Agreed, but there is still plenty of time for them to spend on other free agents unfortunately.

  73. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1878724-yankees-top-options-potential-2014-lineup-after-losing-robinson-cano

    this says that for 3 years 20mil……the yanks could get Omar Infante

    Someone call AA right now

  74. BP rankings for Jays Farm system is up for you moneybagses out there….

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