The Winter Meetings begin on Monday, but that doesn’t mean that the hotstove isn’t already sizzling. Yesterday was a ridiculous day in terms of transactions, and the always-invaluable MLB Trade Rumors has got all of it covered. And… uh… since I barely covered any of it myself, let’s just pivot off of what they’re saying, shall we?

Of course, the big one is the Mariners’ poaching of Robinson Cano. It’s a stunning deal, and one that I’ve already written about from a business perspective, but which also has baseball-related consequences for the Jays. The Mariners would now seem to have a second baseman to offer, with interesting prospects Nick Franklin and Dustin Ackley as potential trade chips. We’ve already heard suggestions that the Mariners could use Franklin and Taijuan Walker to try to get David Price, so the notions might be fleeting, but there are certainly some things to like, and some to not like, about Franklin and Ackley. The former is a converted shortstop who isn’t a great defender at second and who was as good in the first half of 2013 as he was bad in the second. Did he get figured out? It’s too small a sample to say, and the consensus seems to be that his bat will play. Ackley, on the other hand, is better liked by the defensive metrics at second, had a terrific second half after being demoted at the end of May and coming back as a centre fielder. The latter fact had me wondering on Twitter last night if Anthony Gose might be of interest– cheaper, younger, years more control, and a better defender in the outfield– but the second-half turn around was maybe enough to make the Mariners think hard about whether Ackley is about to make good on the huge promise he showed as a prospect and as a rookie. And now, of course, the Yankees are going to be sniffing around all these same sorts of players as the Jays– Kelly Johnson is certainly not all that they’re going to do at second.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the Rangers’ signing of J.P. Arencibia. It’s a little frustrating that this is the team he ended up coming to terms with, given that the Jays and Rangers had a deal worked out before the non-tender deadline that would have seen the club get at least something for him, had they been able to agree on this contract by then. Of course, that would have undercut a tonne of Arencibia’s leverage, and it was entirely his right to not agree to do the Jays any favours, so… whatever. Good spot for him, and a one-year deal for $1.8-million with incentives is pretty reasonable. Plus, as I’ve mentioned before, it should be noted that Jon Daniels is no fool. Will be interesting to see how he does.

The Marlins signed Rafael Furcal to a 1-year, $3-million deal. I noticed immediately that a number of folks on Twitter were wondering where the Jays were on this one. A not entirely unfair question, I guess, given what the Jays claim they’re planning on running out a second this year. I kind of see it two ways: one, if a guy ends up on the Marlins on a deal like that it’s not like there was a tonne of interest elsewhere, and that’s probably because he kinda fucking sucks, that he didn’t play at all in 2012, hasn’t played second base since 2000, and wasn’t particularly well regarded at short when he last played in 2012. Or… actually maybe that’s the only way worth looking at it. The other is, if the Jays weren’t desperate to add this small, cheap, near-certain upgrade, uh… maybe they have bigger plans in mind. Such as…

While this isn’t from MLBTR, and isn’t anything that– as far as we know– anybody’s actually discussed, Dave Cameron writes a piece for (Insider only), in which he suggests four trades that he thinks out to happen. One of those suggestions involves the Jays sending Brett Cecil and salary relief to the Reds in exchange for Brandon Phillips. It sounds awfully fanciful to me, but the Cameron thinks the relationship in Cincinnati has soured, plus Reds definitely could use both of those things, the Jays certainly could use a guy like Phillips, and as Cameron explains, “taking on the remaining $50 million due to Phillips over the next four years doesn’t seem that crazy given what free agents are signing for this winter.” He’s a guy I’d like to think the Jays could explain to upper management is worth taking on a little extra money for, and with the cost of top relievers getting nutty (Brian Wilson and Joe Nathan, come on down!), maybe? It seems light, but then again, think of the standard aging curve– Phillips was worth 2.6 WAR this season, and would be expected to go down by half a win next year (his age-33 season), and 0.7 wins each in the years following. That’s pretty imperfect science, for sure, but it’s scary– as is the fact that his only full season with a wRC+ above 104 was driven by a BABIP 30 points higher than his career mark. Upgrade, though! And out of an area of surplus, if it’s to be believed.

Another second base item that isn’t on MLBTR comes from Alden Gonzalez of, as he reveals that “the Angels have offered [Howie] Kendrick to the Blue Jays, Tigers and Royals, among others, to no avail. But they’ll keep trying.” Now, we have no idea what the Angels were trying to get in return, but the fact that they would love to get their hands on some young, cheap, controllable starting pitching, and that they’re built to compete now, gives us a pretty good idea. Marcus Stroman would do it, I bet. I’m glad the Jays balked, but for a lesser price, there’s appeal there: Kendrick isn’t the defender that Phillips is and he strikes out a bit more, but they’re pretty similar otherwise. Kendrick had a better year at the plate in 2013, but Phillips made up the difference in value with his defence, and looking at two- and three-year samples Phillips has been slightly better. Yes Kendrick is two years younger, and is owed just $18.85-million for two years, instead of the four-year $50-million commitment left for Phillips. Hmmmm…

The Yankees have re-signed Hiroki Kuroda to a one-year, $16-million deal. So now they have three starters! And while it’s probably a good deal for them (because: Big Hirok), his last couple of months in 2013 weren’t so hot. FIP and xFIP still liked him, though, so we’d better cross our fingers extra hard that it was a harbinger.

Speaking of the Yankees’ quest for a pitcher, apparently Masahiro Tanaka may not be posted at all. I’m not sure that’s good for the Jays, seeing as they too could be players for him, or because the Yankees could jump in and spoil the party for the Jays with someone else. But it’s also kind of hilarious, right? “Rakuten is ‘really balking at the $20MM posting fee,’ tweets Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker,” we’re told. We’re then pointed to a report saying that Rakuten is going to meet with Tanaka, with their priority being asking him to stay.

The other big Yankee move was their signing of Carlos Beltran. He moves to the AL, somewhat inexplicably to a team that’s well-covered at DH (meaning his creaky knees will see time in the outfield– though you can bet not at Rogers Centre). The deal is for three years and $45-million, which… I guess is about right on this market. It’s not as well-liked, generally, as the Ellsbury and McCann deals, but Beltran still makes them better than they were yesterday, even if they’re relying a lot on the elderly, and pitching that they still ought to be desperate for more of. An issue for the Jays, though, is that the Yankees are now getting interest in Brett Gardner, which could help them find help in areas the Jays are also looking for help in: the rotation and second base.

Scott Feldman agreed to a 3-year, $30-million deal with Houston. I don’t mind Feldman– he did alright in the AL East when he moved to Baltimore this year, and when he’s been able to stay on the field, over his last 335 innings he’s been quite good. Good enough to make that kind of commitment to, though? For some teams, sure, but for a team with a bunch of guys who could be worth about two wins– as Feldman has in each of the past two seasons– for a lot cheaper? Leaving aside the prospects even, I mean, I’d take him over a guy like J.A. Happ straight up, but at that price, compared to Happ’s guaranteed $5.4-million, plus an option for $6.7-million? Assuming the Jays have a very hard time getting the green light to go over $150-million this year (which I don’t necessarily think is for sure going to be the case), definitely not. Then again, a deal like that probably makes Happ look not so terrible to another team, right? Well, hopefully it does. Ben Nicholson-Smith write about Happ at Sportsnet, as well.

Another one that’s not from MLBTR comes from Gamereax, as Chris Toman looks at some platoon possibilities for Adam Lind who are still out there. Food for thought, but as he notes, probably a January move. Also: Youk!?!

The Mets signed Curtis Granderson, which is notable for us only because it takes him out of the AL East, and also for the fact that Granderson, who played almost exclusively in centre field until 2013 (and still played the majority of his games in centre during this injury-hampered season), has one season in his last six that was more valuable (by WAR) than what Colby Rasmus did this year. If Colby keeps that BABIP regression at bay next year, while being terrific for the 2014 Jays, he’s going to be ridiculously expensive, as he heads to free agency ahead of his age-28 season. Granderson’s deal is for four years and $60-million. He turns 33 in March.

Mike Napoli re-signed with the Red Sox, which seems like a good deal for both sides, even at a bit of a discount at two years and $32-million. Wait, but players don’t really actually do that, right? Oh, and you totally can’t compete unless you sign giant mega-contracts free agents, right???

A note worth passing along from a post on Brett Anderson, which says that the Rockies had interest in him, is the fact that “the 6’4 southpaw has seen his last several seasons derailed by Tommy John surgery and a fracture in his right foot.” That’s right. As much as people are falling all over themselves to call him a terrible injury risk, his Baseball Prospectus page shows the injury history, and it’s not exactly horrific. He had elbow issues in 2010, pitched half a season in 2011 before requiring Tommy John. He came back off the DL in late August of 2012, making a handful of starts, and then missed much of 2013 because of a foot/ankle issue. There are other minor issues throughout the chart, too, but maybe he’s not as giant a health risk as some like to believe?

The agent for Matt Kemp, who the Jays have been linked to, thinks his client might be moved. Hmmm. And in the same piece, we’re told that the Diamondbacks are searching for some power in a corner outfield spot, and have a bunch of pitching that they could possible move. Double hmmm….

Lastly, Eric Thames is headed to Korea! The one-time Jays prospect who a lot of people thought was a better prospect than he really was has signed on to play with the NC Dinos in the Korean league. Yeah… that Delabar trade is looking pretty alright, I think.

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  1. If Phillips for Cecil and cash is really available, AA has to sell it to the bean counters, no?

    • I like Cecil, and totally get that Phillips makes a ton of money and will be in decline at some point during the remainder of his deal, but I do that trade in a heart-beat.

  2. Make a move, AA. Grab Kemp or Franklin…even if it costs us (gulp) Sanchez. I’ll keep Stroman, thanks. Make a move that makes people say “Hmmmm, the Jays are in it to win it”
    I’d rather have a few years with a young Franklin than only a year or two with somebody like Phillips.

    • There is 0 chance that they would give up Sanchez for Kemo. He is owed yoo much money, and has too many questions about his ability to produce in the future.

    • Kemp or Franklin is not worth Sanchez. At least, not with Kemp’s contract, it isn’t.

  3. I hadn’t heard the Gose for Ackley angle. Guess I should crawl from the cave and get twitter.

    One of those rare deals that sounds good for both teams.

    • Also, when I read that Cameron article I read it to be the Reds that would send salary not the Jays.

      • Agree

      • i read it as the jays would be relieving the reds of a salary commitment, not that there would (necessarily) be money coming from the reds.

      • I don’t remember if he even used the words “salary relief.” I used them because the whole point would be to get the contract of Cincinnati’s books.

    • I can’t imagine the Mariners moving Ackley for Gose. It doesn’t seem to make much sense for the them. Ackley has the bat and pedigree. Gose can handle CF but is likely a 4th OF.

  4. Am I crazy for being ok with Sanchez traded in the right deal, but not stroman?

    • I don’t think so if you’re looking at it from the perspective of when he’s likely to be able to help the team. Also, the control issues are still kind of worrying. Considering he hasn’t pitched in AA yet you’re probably looking at mid 2015 before he’s ready to help unless he takes a giant leap forward. That gives you a season and a half for guys like Noris, Osuna and Tirado to catch up. Not to mention you’ve got guys like Hutchison and Stroman that are basically ready to help now.

      If you could get a strong #2 at minimum for some kind of package involving Sanchez or a premium position player I would do it in a heartbeat.

      In one of the interviews I watched of Pat Gillick years ago he said he would take the position player every time over the pitcher in deals like that.

    • I’d do Sanchez for Shark straight up without hesitation.

      And I’m incredibly excited to see what Stroman can do in 2014.


  6. Thames

  7. I”m the opposite as I would never give up either Sanchez or Stroman for anything other than a proven ace. That seems to me like a huge over pay for the Shark.

    • I agree completely. Trading away all that prospect capital last year made sense, but you’d have to imagiine the team thinks Sanchez is pretty special if they’ve held on to him this long. I’d actually be less reluctant to move Stroman, but really I hope we can keep both, unless its for a frontline starter with a ton of control.

    • I agree, even trading last year the Jays were always acquiring what they thought was an ace (Either JJ, or Dickey). But everything I have read on the Shark suggests hes a #3 at best

  8. K so throw out a package you’d deem worthy of Bautista from the DBacks…

  9. Soooo, te Jays came out last year and spent like the big market team with very wealthy owners…the team tanked for a shit-load of reasons…

    This year teams are getting more money from the TV deal. Combine that with the increased attendance at Jays games last year, would lead me to think that the Jays would have more money to spend to get more talent this year.

    Instead, all indicators are that the Jays are back to their penny-pinching ways…

    If ownership didn’t buy into AA’s “window to win” philosophy for three years, (this being year two), then they should have fired AA., or given him the resources to see his vision through.

    In my mind the Jays are only an elite player or two away from contention…not a reclamation project player or two.

    I hope the winter meetings will help renew my faith in AA, but everything I hear from him seems to indicate he’s shopping in the bargain bin again

    • If that means keeping the farm then ok

    • Not you or anyway has an idea what AA is looking to do right now. Everything reported in the media about the Jays tends to be baseless speculation. You are assuming alot right now. There’s still lots of time to make the necessary improvements. Although I do agree with you that they are likely a couple of pieces away from contending.

      And if Rogers doesn’t give AA the necessary money to see this through, then I wouldn’t be putting any blame on AA.

      • But fuck me what does he say? “You give me $165 million and I’ll put a contender together” Well no shit, you or I could put a contender together for that money.

    • Pretty sure that they took on salary with 2014 and 15 in mind as well. It is not like payroll is only looked at in the context of one year. You seem as if you would have liked it better if they took on 25 million last year and then another 25 this year.

    • genius. you do know that aside from melky (signed to a cheap – relatively speaking – deal) & izturis, everyone was acquired via trade, right? do you think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, something similar is in the works? that maybe FA isn’t the best way for AA to accumulate talent?

  10. Anyone else looked at Mariners’ prospect list? It seems to me Chris Taylor may be a better long term target than Franklin. Franklin hit ok through the miners but Taylor has been an OBP machine with some pop as well. He has struck out a bit less and the OBP has been supported by good walk rate and .300 BA. He stole 38 bags over two levels in 2013 and only thrown out 5 times. He seems like a high IQ sort of player, while Franklin to me seems more like a grip and rip type. It is my opinion the Jays could use some more of the former to compliment guys like Lawrie who is the latter

    • Not sure the jays are into “project” players at this stage of the game.

      • He is a 24 year old who seems pretty close to Franklin to me. If everything is about winning in 2014 then I don’t see how Franklin is a reliable asset to expect to perform enough above the incumbent duo vs what will be lost via Cecil or another contributing bullpen piece. If it is about adding a viable long term asset and trying to take advantage of the inflated price of bullpen arms at present and Seattle’s push to win now, then seems to me Taylor is as legit to consider as Franklin with a 3-5 year outlook.

  11. “And in the same piece, we’re told that the Diamondbacks are searching for some power in a corner outfield spot, and have a bunch of pitching that they could possible move. Double hmmm….”

    Three way trade perhaps?

  12. I am not sure I agree with the 2/32 million for Napoli being a discount. Since the hip injury his days as a catcher are gone. As a 1b/ dh he is decent, but since Ortiz signed for 2/30 and had a much better avg, obp, slg, hr, and 4 sb (wtf?) I am not sure I understand how 2/32 is a discount. it’s a discount on what others were paying but on a 1b who without Ortiz would be full time dh. I understand at 1 year of 1b he had decent uzr, drs, but I doubt with the hip that it can be sustainable long term. Maybe I just do not find 187 SO (last year) appealing. Heck, he had more SO per ab than arencibia.

  13. Considering the ballpark in which they play as well as their need for an outfielder or three, Gose for either Ackley or Franklin would seem to help both teams.

    Also, Law on Franklin:

    “He should probably give up switch-hitting and focus on tightening his approach left-handed while adapting to second base, a position at which he should eventually be above average to plus, thanks to good instincts and game awareness that make up for below-average foot speed.”

    So, according to Law at least, Franklin has the potential to be solid at 2B.

  14. Very excited…. I get to see Thames this summer

  15. Its not a payroll thing with the free agents. Its a “they do not want to come here” thing unless we pay through the nose. Didnt we have to pick up all these limo rides for burnets wife?


    And we thought things were bad at then end with JPR lol

    That would explain a lot of those trades.

    • Yikes

    • Holy shit, that is an incredibly scathing article. I had read about Lincoln and how he meddles despite knowing very little about the game, but this is nuts. For your director of scouting who brought in Hernandez, Pineda and all the talent he did choose to leave and become a scout again is telling. For your manager, the Assistant GM (who wrote your resume) and director of scouting all to speak out about the internal dysfunction is damning.

      I see the future: Seattle struggles, attendance falls off, Zed get’s fired, the team implodes, Cano wants out, Yankees trade for him.
      All in a 3 year window.
      Write this shit down.
      I want credit.

    • Thanks for the link Sand, made me feel better about our franchise.


      • So , how much credit do we give AA for taking advantage of these guys? It looks to me he may have a nose for this stuff.

    • Interesting.
      And this is the team that has a new 2 billion/17 year deal to produce a RSN.
      With the national TV money and everything else, thats a lot of coin before you even put one ass in the seats.

      • Damn, that’s a crazy article. I wish I had friends to share it with lol
        This part is crazy to me. I know that cano is one rich mofo but I kinda feel sorry for him.
        ” The sources say Wedge implored Zduriencik to stand up to unreasonable demands, like Lincoln and Armstrong wanting Felix Hernandez and other pitchers to throw live batting practice between starts so position players could work on bunting and situational hitting.”

      • I wish our team was so dysfunctional that we’d signed Robinson Cano.

        • A 31-year-old Robinson Cano, though, for 10/240MM? No thanks.

          • If it got you playoffs or a World Series before then? Please.

            • Money quote from the article..

              “Jack portrayed himself as a scouting/stats hybrid because that’s what he needed to get the job,” Blengino said. “But Jack never has understood one iota about statistical analysis. To this day, he evaluates hitters by homers, RBI and batting average and pitchers by wins and ERA. Statistical analysis was foreign to him. But he knew he needed it to get in the door.”

              LOL…So jacks’ entire advanced stats background is BS? would explain eric thames for delabar.

  17. I am more interested in Ackley than Franklin for some reason. His bat was so juicy in the minors and as a prospect. Kind of Travis Snider-esque…wait a minute…? But seriously, ya…send Gose for Ack. Get it done AA.

    Is it possible that Seattle would have more interest in Colby? Would we want to go there?

  18. fuck it. im ready to go. bring it on. fuck adding shit. get aa to tell gibby, this is it, work with it. then see the manager everyone wanted to fire bring it home, see all the under achievers explode and see all the fucktards pull a 180 and praise gibby for righting the ship.

    never get out of the boat, absolutely goddamn right! unless you were goin’ all the way… Kurtz got off the boat. he split from the whole fuckin’ program. holy fuck its rum o’clock…..

  19. My current pipe dream, trade for Price…sign Garza (keeps your draft pick to restock the minors after Price trade) and trade for Phillips or Kendrick.

    What might happen? Some minor 2B upgrade, an A’s pitcher and a trade of our out of option parts for more low level SP depth…which I still can be affective. Im not down on the Jays as I have rationalized and come to terms with the reasons I feel the 2013 Jays failed.

    Plus because the Jays sucked so badly so early I found soccer and love that sport now. I hated soccer before last year and had no interest..the Jays made me a soccer fan. Ouch

    • I’m stumped how you know what AA is going to do. Last season you probably thought the same and he made the biggest offseason splash of any team. What makes you think he won’t go ninja stealth mode again?

      Also, you do realize that injuries DESTROYED our season last year and even with minor changes, this team could be 10-15 games improved. Not to mention our young pitchers healthier and one more season experienced.

      Have faith in AA. This is by far the most talented Jays team we have seen in 20 years.

      • Are you retarded or just like to come up with your own narrative? Which part did I state I “know” what AA is going to do? What “might” happen is a lot different than me say what “will” happen and stating it as fact.

        I also didnt expand on why I feel the jays failed, which I believe was injuries and JPA and some bad defense and I have stated that to people I talk to and even commented on here from time to fuck off eh?

        Im a huge AA fan, still root for the Jays and your rant is misguided and miss directed at the wrong again fuck off..k? Thanks.

        • Guys – I’ll pull this car over RIGHT NOW if you two don’t settle down. Keep this up, and I’m making a call to Sant – and this’ll be the worst Christmas for you two….EVER.

          • awesome lol terrible Jays season..Im now a soccer fan and christmas is ruined..Fuck my life. sorry dad i’ll be good lol

            • Well apparently you read my “rant” wearing your angry pants.
              I wasn’t intending it as being mean, just countering what you said with what I thought was a positive statement about how hopefully AA and the Jays can get it done this year.
              But if you want to be angry about it…
              So I guess I’ll fuck off?

              • sorry didnt see the polite part where you called me out questioning me on something I didnt say, didnt imply and questioning my knowledge about why the team didnt have success. I guess i should read posts directed at me with all that differently…stupid me lol

    • ” because the Jays sucked so badly so early I found soccer and love that sport now.”
      Ah ha, is that the reason for the rage?
      Perhaps an intervention is needed?.

      • Friends don’t let friends like soccer…..or is it football?
        Dude, seriously! I hope you didnt start wearing one of those
        dopey scarves.

        • Guns don’t kill people, soccer does.

          • I had no plans to ever watch a full soccer match but after that april I left me GF and moved provinces and took up watching soccer. I didnt mean to, things just spiraled out of control. I came back briefly during the 12 game win streak but then it went to complete shit again and saw JPA getting run out there every day..the injuries piling up and the SP list growing..I caved. Im good now, its the off season, theres hope and every teams record is equal. I will never root for another baseball team regardless…I kicked smoking, drugs and alcohol..sadly but still occasionally watch a soccer game..cant wait for march.

            • Still I would consider getting into a soccer treatment program or 12 step support group. I know many people who have turned to soccer out of relationship issues, depression or just plain boredom. Many of these people can kick soccer and return to perfectly normal productive lives. Just say no to soccer and stay in school kids!

              • +100000

                Its true Tom W

                Thanks for the great advice…I hope to come back from this

              • First I’d like to thank Tom W for having the courage and fortitude for starting this intervention.Well done Tom,I know it was emotionally draining.

                Macho.we are all here for you because we care.You are too important to us to see you like this.This is a rough time and it calls for honesty and “tough love”

                Let me start by saying, I’ll be brutally honest and sincere,Are you out of your fucking mind?Soccer?Footy?Over baseball?You pathetic piece of shit. Snap out of it,for fucks sake.Soccer?Really, you’ve sunk that low?A bunch of guys who flop around like fish,everytime they’re touched.Soccer?Do you not have any dignity or self respect?You pus-sucking bag of bile.
                Whew,sorry about that, got a little carried away there.
                We know how you started.Watching the Jays highlights from 2013 on Sportsnet Connected and they tricked you by showing some upcoming soccer footage.You thought,hey something new.Maybe a better sports high. So you tried a little bit of it.Couldn’t do any harm,you thought. You could quit anytime you want.One thing begat another,soon you were talking bicycle kicks and wearing ManU colours.Secretly visiting soccer blogs late at night,alone in the dark, only fueled the obsession.It’s bound to get worse,if you continue like this.Eventually you’ll be completely engulfed by this thing called soccer. The term used, in psychiatric circles,is that you’re becoming Stoetenized.An afflicition where the rest of the world ceases to exist,especially when the World Cup is being played.Don’t let yourself get Stoetenized.
                There is hope.Pitchers and catchers report in about 2 months.Spring training breeds optimism in all of us.The sun will shine in the dark place where you are now.Soccer is just a fleeting fad but Jays baseball will always be there for you.
                Godspeed in your journey away from the evil demons that cloud your mind.
                Godspeed, my friend.

  20. Sorry for hurting your feelings. Thought you might have tougher skin, with your name macho man and all…

    • its fine..I didnt get drunk and punch you in the face of church parking lot like the real randy travis either..we must be different people…lol

  21. Now I’m interested to see Arencibia catching Darvish

  22. How about Bautista for Franklin and Walker???

  23. Just so you know, we are getting Headley this week and remember I told you this. Thanks

  24. I don’t want to see Bautista or Edwin traded. All I want is a healthy team in 2014. With the additional pitching depth, Redmond Drabek,Hutchison, Rogers etc, we should be OK.

    One more starting pitcher would be great.

    I do hope they bring back Kawasaki. Goins & Izturis should provide more production in 2014

    AA could shock the MLB with a winning bid for Tanaka.Unlikely though.

    The Jays have a realistic shot at winning 80+ games in 2014 with the current lineup which would be amazing considering the last 2 years .

    AA has a much tougher job now than in 2009. Baltimore isn’t a pushover. The Rays development program continues to produce. The Yankees should be better & the Red Sox are strong. There are no easy teams for the Jays to beat up on except the Astros.

    • I’m starting to think Tanaka won’t be posted at all. He’s probably worth more than $20 million to his Japanese team, and if he is, there’s no sense in giving him away to MLB.

      Baltimore isn’t a pushover, but they seem to have some crippling payroll issues this winter. I think something posted today on MLBTR said they seem to have no interest in going after any moderately expensive external talent.

      The AL East looks like its evening out this winter. Boston hasn’t really gotten better, lost Ellsbury, gained Pierzynski and some bullpen pieces. New York has gotten maybe a bit better with McCann Beltran and Ellsbury but losing Cano obviously hurts, they have too many OF pieces right now, a thin infield, and only 3 SP.

      It’s all going to change a lot by February, but it’ll be interesting to see how things shake down in the East.

      • @JT.

        I think you could have an AL East in 2014 with 5 teams above 500. The leader could 89 wins & the rest in the 80′s.

        4 teams in the AL east had 85 wins or more in 2013.

        • +1 to both of you

          • I’ve been browsing onnile more than 3 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is pretty worth enough for me. Personally, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the web will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  25. We also get Ubaldo because no one wants to give up a draft pick in January

  26. Sign Choo to play RF ($20m per for 5 years), trade Jose to Mariners for Walker and Franklin. Only adds $6m in payroll, and you keep Stroman and Sanchez. Dickey, Buerhle, Morrow, Walker, Stroman/Hutch. Offseason over.

    Choo signing is a long shot though, plus you might have to throw a solid reliever in with JBats to Seattle…..

    • Keep dreaming with that Bautista deal.

    • Get ackley and trade for kemp, Cecil, then plan the parade route.

    • I don’t understand why Jay fans would want to see Jose traded. He is a masher, and although he has had his injury problems the last two years, he has still been very productive. If Bautista can stay healthy this year, he is more valueable than Choo, and after the bad press he got this year, and the albatross of last season, I would expect his to come in this spring focuesed and fired up. There is a reason he is this teams leader(by example), and it has to do with his intensity. I would not trade him if your trying to contend, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets back to 2011 numbers this season.

      Although the Mariners seem to be primed to add to their current roster, I highly doubt they trade Walker without getting a number 1 or 2 starter. Like AA said earlier this week, some teams line up in terms of needs, and I don’t think they line up well with the M’s. The Rays on the other hand, have a front line starter and a history of dealing for young stud prospects. Rays wouldn’t want Price in their division, unless the haul was to much to refuse, which would mean the Jays would have to give up the farm to even be given consideration.

      • @Digital.

        It’s silly to trade Bautista unless you get an Ace pitcher +. which they won’t so why bother.

        I suppose some fans are tired with bautista’s antics with umpires, but i prefer that to Vernon Wells walking away quietly.

  27. Could the Angels have interest in Drabek? Has his stock fallen too much? If we could take some money off LAA’s hands, they might be able to sign a top FA. Kendrick for Drabek, Happ and maybe a reliever wold take ~5MM off their payroll.

    • Jays reportedly already rejected the Angels offer of Kendrick according to the Angels MLB beat writer. Dying to know what the Angels wanted back for him that would have AA turn them down.

  28. The Angels must have been asking for the moon for Howie Kendrick, because he just seems like a perfect fit for the Jays. Still relatively young, he’s proven,he gets on base, can slot in anywhere in you order from the 2 hole to bottom third even, his contract times well with the ‘window’. Just makes sense.

    Angels need starting pitching and salary relief. So guys like Drabek, Hutch makes sense, even Happ is fairly cheap. If you could eat some salary, that may help.

    But there seems a fit there.

    • I think I would hate aa forever if he turned down a Happ for Kendrick trade but I am not lucky enough in this lifetime or the next 6 for the Angels to ever do that.

    • Also they didn’t offer Jerome Williams a contract so you have to ask which Jays pitchers do they consider better and go from there otherwise they would have just brought him back.

  29. Lind, Gose, Wagner, Jenkins and Santos to the Mariners for Walker and Franklin? Is that an overpay?

  30. Melky Cabrera, Gose, Izturis, Jenkins and Tirado to the Rays for Price. If Gose and Jenkins are traded to the Mariners then you add Drabek and Davis instead.

    Then if you sign, Choo, you have Choo, Price, Franklin, with Walker at AAA for the first part of the year anyway. And you haven’t given up too much.

    • They would’t take Melky or want Izturis or Jenkins. Friedman tells his secretary to quit taking your calls.

      • Agreed that there’s no way they would do this deal.

        But let’s not underestimate Cabrera. Now that they’ve apparently solved his injury riddle from last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a great hitter and decent defender in 2014. Having him healthy could be the equivalent of a good FA signing for the Jays

        • I hope he has an Adrian Beltre like walk year in 2014. Would be pure gold for this year’s offense and then they could give him a qualifying offer heading into the off-season.

        • If you followed this blog last year at all you’ll remember that I’m a huge Cabrera fan. When he was getting shit all over last year for hitting an empty .280 I kept saying that he was swinging with just arms, he had to be hurt. (obviously didn’t realize he was battling a spinal tumour). Anyway, the point I’m trying to get to is TB wouldn’t want Melky because of the risk, not his talent. He’s coming off a suspension and then spinal surgery so if TB were to deal an ace like Price they want high value, low risk guys that are as close to a “sure thing” as possible.

          • All that said, I’m on the record as saying Lord Melklington will have a monster ’14.
            Think he’ll triple slash .300/.350/.460.
            It’s kind of in between his 2011 and 2012 stats.

            Don’t forget kids the Melkman is only 29 and due for a big prime year.

            • Would you extend him in July if he was putting up those numbers?

              • It would depend on a number of things:
                His willingness to stay – years/term
                If we are a winning club next year. If we are struggling again then I’d probably try to flip him for prospects at the deadline before he hits FA.

                I would probably try.
                But I love the MelkMan.

    • will you get real?
      If that was on Let’smake a deal you get zonked!
      Sure, Tampa will take our AAA talent and -WAR players for an all star ace. Trading CRAP for QUALITY is not gonna happen. That bunch o f”talent” might get us JP arencibia back

      • This would be a good deal for Tampa because before he got a tumour Melky was an All-Star and he had an OPS of .906 in 2012. And Gose can play centre field for them and Jenkins was a first round draft pick. And Izturis could be good again and I read a report that Tirado is one of our top minor leaguers! I think Tampa might do that deal for Price.

        • Melky=risk
          Gose=all leather
          Izturis=back up infielder
          Tirado=An 18 year old A-ball prospect who has thrown 96 innings.

          Now honestly, if you had Price would you trade him for that?

        • Not happening. If they’re trading Price within the division the Rays are gonna ask for a king’s ransom, including Sanchez and/or Stroman.

  31. I wonder how much of a shake up in the scouting department has caused ripples on the front office. We haven’t seen much happen so far other than JPA shown the door and their confidence in Navarros hitting. AA already stated floor is also important not just ceiling relatively.

    • @ed sprague.

      Good point.

      I think the Jays should focus on trying to develop young players.

      We can’t afford any more JPA & Ricky Romero or Travis Snider fiascos

  32. While we wait for AA to make a deal, we can revel in the decided direction of the Raptors — in the Tank we go!!!!

    • This deal made the Raptors better, actually. Gay was hindering the development of guys like Ross and Valancunias, plus his shoot-first mentality doesnt really help other pick and roll players like Amir. Sure enough, first game Gay is gone and Amir is going off on the Lakers for 13 in the first quarter alone.

      Vasquez and Patterson are intriguing players IMO. Vasquez will pass more and benefit the wings and spot up 3 players like Novak. Patterson is a former top 15 pick, still pretty young.

      So far Raps only shed salary for next year and removed a problematic player for Casey’s coaching style. The Raps still have a long ways to go to tank properly, but at least they will now be a true rebuild team with no albatross contracts (DeMar’s is worth the money IMO for his performance in comparison to other scoring-centric wings/SG’s)

      But hey, at least some sort of trade/intrigue in Toronto! Something to discuss while we wait for AA to make some bigger moves.

    • Wow…Cathal Kelly has some really harsh things to say about Gay….wow!

  33. I think Tanaka will get posted because from what I read here the team will let him go if he wants to. They’ll try to convince him to stay because they don’t think 20 bills is fair but will let him walk if he prefers it. And how can he not? 20 teams will probably meet the 20 million dollar fee and then it’s basic free agency. He could get north of 100 million.

    • I am conflicted about him. On one hand I know the Jays have no shot in hell in signing him so if the Jays can’t have him I’d want none of the teams to have him. On the other hand, one additional good pitcher creates that little bit of extra supply so that maybe the Jays get one after all.

      Would really love for AA to make his move sooner rather than later. My natural skepticism with all things Rogers keeps me thinking the Jays are going to get shut out here. Silly of course considering how early it is.

  34. Was reading that the Mets were making Murphy available for trade. I know one of the other posters mentioned this the other day. Looks like there is more confirmation now from Alderson.

    Question is, do the Jays go shit bat, good glove, or good bat shit glove? Interesting dilemma. Of course he’s a lefty. Splits aren’t horrible though.

  35. You guys dare to diss The Beautiful Game? I’m a baseball fan as y’all know but I grew up watching soccer. There is nothing better than a Premium League grudge match with 60000 screaming fans into every minute of it. If there’s one thing I find hard to deal with it’s the quiet at the RC. Soccer fans are loud. We could learn something from them about getting behind the team.

    • Twas satire.
      Got no issues with people being fans of multiple sports ( I myself am a Jai Alai fan) but the guy was committing hari-kari,foregoing baseball and switching to soccer completely.
      An intervention was the only option.

      • We’ve done the Lords work Radar.

        • Amen Brother Tom.
          It needed to be done.
          Saved him from life in purgatory.Neither here nor there. A not knowing what possible trades AA may be working on. An empty existence.
          And I say verily,though I walk through the valley of death,I shall fear no pitcher.For I will smack his fucking fastball so far outta the damn yard, that I will in fact own his sorry ass.Try the high insider again Meat and you’ll get more of the same.Sonofabitch.
          Whew,got sidetracked there a bit,where was I again?
          Never get out of the boat.

          • I have since left “footie” and came back to baseball, my GF has taken me back and we have a wee one on the way…no doubt I will soon be drunk and finding a new whipping boy now that JPA has been banished.

            I must note that I would never turn my back on baseball, but I did last season when it was deemed hopeless half way through the season…but agree Gods work boys, god’s work. forever and ever Amen lol

  36. Yes, the Delabar trade looks better every minute. The Mariners have a long and distinguished history of awful trades (See Asdrubal Cabrera for Eduardo Perez, Sinn Soo Choo for Ben Broussard, Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe for Heathcliff Slocumb or Omar Vizquel for Felix Fermin). It makes you wonder what they would have given us for JPA. Felix Hernandez maybe?

  37. Check out BP. They have the Stroman/ Sanchez debate.

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