I’m going to go ahead and say that this doesn’t seem like a trade thing, just because of the way that it’s filtered out– though it could be something to do with the way the tight-lipped Jays operate, but according to a tweet from the Jays… uh… this:

On the radio Jeff Blair is making the point that these sorts of things aren’t normally reserved for minor deals– “you don’t make an announcement unless it’s a ‘big announcement’,” he says– but let’s maybe not get ahead of ourselves just yet. It could be a contract extension, an organizational thing (first base coach?), we just don’t know yet.

The fact that it hasn’t come through the media– that no agent is crowing about it, an no other front office has leaked anything– makes it sound awfully less impactful than we’d maybe like to think.

Speculate away, though!

10:37 AM Update

Shi Davidi, perhaps from word on high, makes sure to take the wind out of everybody’s sails on this a little bit:


And, of course, always one to leave his language open enough to provide some intrigue, Jon Morosi tweets that he hears it’s not necessarily [italics mine] related to a player move. I’ll go with the guy who’s much clearer and much closer to the club on this one, thanks.

But OK, so what could it be? Something related to their Spring Training facility moving to Palm Beach Gardens? Something to do with the contract status of Paul Beeston or Alex Anthopoulos? Still waiting to find out…

10:56 AM Update

Boo. It’s this.

More in a new post.

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  1. Rob Wong speculates that it’s the first base coach announcement. I could see that. Hoping for something more exciting though.

  2. Signings and trades are always broken on Twitter first. I’m guessing it’s just an org move. A Colby extension would be nice though..

  3. Ubaldo!

  4. Colby extension is my completely unsubstantiated guess.

  5. “Fans can take their ticket stubs to the Jays Shop the day after they win any game in 2014 and strike out at least 7 batters to receive 5% off their purchase”.

  6. Matt Ubaldo Choo!

  7. Ooh potential contract extension, Rasmus?

    Though it would be super ninja of him if it were a major deal like a trade or signing.

    I fully espect it to be an announcement of bobblehead days or something of that ilk.

    Or Kawasaki being signed to a minor league deal.

  8. Davidi says it’s not roster or coach related, so, fun cancelled.

  9. Not roster or coach related, as per Mr. Davidi

  10. A Colby extension would be real nice. Firms things up in CF.

    I still like the potential of Gose, but if they have chosen Colby that now allows them to move on and offer Gose as part of a package.

  11. Can’t see them doing the coach announcement on a big stage. If it was for a Manager maybe.

    Its likely a FA signing, thats my bet.

  12. Dustin McGowan has suffered an injury and is resigned for an additional 3 years!

  13. it’ll have nothing to do with the roster. Just my guess…. it has something to do with Bobby Cox

  14. Gotta be a formal announcement re spring facility.

    My guess, anyway.

  15. Not roster or coach related?!?!?!

  16. leaving Dunedin is a good bet

  17. Davidi says it’s not roster or coach related.

  18. Shi just said not Roster or Coach Related.

  19. We have kicked the argos out earlier then the resigned lease and grass is being installed as we speak!!!!

  20. Maybe they signed Drake?

  21. It is going to be about the new spring training facility I bet.

  22. ANNOUNCEMENT – Yankees like all of the palyers the Jays want. Jays would like them to butt out.


  24. Bobby Cox just elected to Hall of Fame, so maybe adding him to Level of Excellence?

  25. The Rogers Centre will be removing the Astro Turf. The 2014 Toronto Blue Jays will play the season on bare concrete.

  26. gonna guess that The Beest is retiring / stepping aside or some such thing.

  27. Beer prices at the RC cut in half for 2014!

  28. Rogers Centre Jumbotron will play hockey games during Jays games in April, May and June as part of Sportsnet’s deal with the NHL.

  29. A++ on the picture. Work of art.

  30. On a side note, great Reyes photoshop pic

  31. The winter meetings would be an odd place to announce they are moving spring facilities. Like, who gives a fuck? Also, wouldnt they announce it simulataneously with the astros?
    Dont think its that. I could see front office hiring or maybe extension

  32. New waterfront stadium in 2098

  33. ITS ROY!! He’s retiring a Jay!

    • yup. I think 1 day contracts are silly….but it’s Roy, one of the only reasons to get excited for Jays games for so many years.

      I saw Stieb in his prime, the crazy Clemens years, but I would pick Roy if I could bring any of them back for just one more hypothetical start at the Dome.

  34. Wow.


  35. Rogers is selling the Jays & Rogers Centre.

  36. My God that is sad.

  37. AAHHHHGGG….I see the Jays announcement headline, and I get all worked up.
    Then I realize it’s probably just nothing that affects the on-field Jays for 2014.
    Heartbeat goes back to normal.
    The world looks just as grey.

  38. Too bad the 1-day Halladay signing is our most substantial move of the offseason.

  39. Cliff Lee too! :) i wish

  40. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Chris Carpenter retired too.

  41. Doesn’t surprise me about Doc retiring though. He was clearly a shell of himself last year, and with all the arm problems…if he wasn’t going to pitch at his normal ace level he wasn’t going to pitch.

  42. Did AA include a team option on the second year?

  43. One of the last posts coming that will hopefully feature the terminator/roy mashup. sad times

  44. sad face..Id vote him for HoF. Hope the BBWAA agree eventually..maybe?

  45. *Tear rolls down my cheek*

  46. +1 for Roy Halladay. Very good career. Too bad thathe couldn’t play one more year.

  47. Maybe a nice Doc trib post on his time as a jay.

    Clearly he is the fan fav from the past 20 years of not making the playoffs. We always had Doc.

  48. Awesome.. I love the fact the Jays will allow Halladay to retire a Bluejay!!!

  49. If it’s not coaching or Roster related it seems like the options would be:
    Front Office related – ie. Beeston or something
    Facilities related – ie. plans for renovations of some time
    Spring training related – ie. relocation
    …. can’t think of anything else that seems feasible

  50. Glad he got both a perfect game and a no hitter. As a Phillie but the guy deserved both. A got to play in the post season.

  51. Matt E (or someone – I’m a lazy bird) needs to do a photoshop of Terminator being lowered into the mantle with half his face being Roy’s.

    • Hell, just the picture of Arnold’s T-800 giving the thumbs up in the molten lava is enough to bring tears to the eyes!

    • He’s not done yet… we’ve got Delabar’s weighted Balls!

  52. Great, another NL pitcher.

  53. Love how Andrew and Drew act as this isn’t awesome. Wow dude you guys are so hip.

  54. For a few years there, he was the best pitcher in the game.

  55. Roy will accumulate more WAR on this contract than Melky, Morrow, Arencibia and Bonifacio combined for last season

  56. To satisfy all the puckheads that think it’s so important to get a ring maybe Rogers can get the NHL to put Roy’s name on the Stanley Cup.

  57. Does this mean that Roy will go into the Hall as a Jay? It must, right? Wait, Roy Halladay will make the HoF right? Fuck, now I’m sad again.

  58. They should let Doc pitch home opener

  59. Seems to me all the moves below are plausible. I dream that at 12:30 the announcement that all of these moves are made and we can have below as our roster (which would remain intact mostly for foreseeable future and keep payroll under luxury tax limit)

    Feel free to lash out about the “over payments” for FAs and in trades but then consider the roster and its chance to win compared to what is currently assembled

    Also assumes the Jays have financial wherewithall to have payroll up to luxary tax limit rather than the rumored 150M. No reason to not spend up to limit for Rogers and Jays given the market and the content potential of Kays across Canada
    6 Reyes
    7 Cabrera
    9 Choo
    3 Encarnacion
    dh Kemp
    8 Rasmus
    4 Kendrick
    2 Navarro
    5 Lawrie

    C Kratz
    INF Franklin
    OF Davis

    SP Price –> MiLB Walker
    SP Dickey –> MiLB Drabek
    SP Morrow –> MiLB Hutchinson
    SP Buehrle –> MiLB Stroman
    SP Garza –> MiLB Romero
    CL Jansenn –> MiLB Wagner
    SU Santos –> MiLB Stitson
    R Dalembar –> MiLB Jenkins
    L Cecil–> MiLB Rasmusson
    L Loup
    R McGowen
    R Jeffries
    L Perez

    Trade for Price
    Price Sanchez, Lind, Gose, Matthew Dean, Griffen Murphy — throw in Jays 20+ prospects if needed
    Sign Price to 260M over 10 years –> 10, 10, 30, 30, 30, 30, 30, 30, 30, 30

    Sign Garza
    120M for 5 years –> 10, 20, 30, 30, 30

    Trade For Kemp (No salary relief)
    Kemp Norris, Pompey, Anderson, throw in Jays 20+ prospects if needed
    Kemp makes 105M over 5 years –> 21, 21, 21, 21, 21

    Sign Choo
    120M for 5 years –> 10, 20, 30, 30, 30

    Trade for Kendrick
    Kendrick Happ, Rogers, Redmund, Izturis, Cardona
    Kendrick makes 19M over 2 years –> 9,9

    Trade for Tijaun Walker
    Bautista, Sierra, throw in Jays 20+ prospects if needed Walker, Franklin
    Lose Bautista salary –> 14,14,16

    Sign Rasmus to extension
    120M 6 Yr –> 10, 15, 20, 25, 25, 25

    Sign Rajai Davis
    2Yr 10M –> 5,5

    Announce Kratz is backup catcher and Thole is in minors

    2014 payroll
    135M right now. Additions add 65M. Subtractions are 30M –> 170M

    2015 and beyond Payroll
    Letting current one year deals expire and not resigning those players in 2015, trading players before the final year of deals (Morrow, Buehrle in 2015, Dickey Encarnacion in 16) and accounting for arbitration raises make the payroll under the 178M luxury tax cap for next 5 years assuming no players beyond minimum salary rookies are added to roster.

    Ill take that roster for the next 5 years

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