Montreal Expos' pitcher Bartolo Colon throws to th

MLBTR has scooped up a statement that Peter Gammons made on the MLB Network this afternoon about the Jays potentially having interest in Bartolo Colon.

That’s… interesting? Unsurprising?

Or do I mean uninspiring?

No, no, it was the first thing. And actually, while Alex Anthopoulos has been saying that they’d have interest in any top pitcher at this point, and while Colon– about to pitch his age-41 season– might be a scary proposition, given he’d be moving out of the pitcher-friendly confines of Coliseum, there’s a lot to like there, all things considered. I mean, shit, he was a +3.9 WAR pitcher by FanGraphs and +5 WAR by Baseball Reference. Not sure about the changing environment bit, or the move to the AL East, but for the right price, sure? Fine.

I guess that goes for anybody, but… I don’t know. Sure. All the pitchers!

Of course, the Jays aren’t the only team interested– in fact, Gammons reportedly spoke mostly about the Mariners’ interest, suggesting the Jays as a secondary team with interest. Meanwhile, as the MLBTR piece tells us, Jon Heyman suggests that the market for Colon is heating up, with the Mets and Orioles also possibly interested, and with the terms of a one-year deal expected to potentially end up north of $10-million.

Is that the right price? I don’t know. If the Jays only have about that much left before hitting their payroll budget, probably not. They could, of course, find ways to move some money around, but I don’t know. Then again, I don’t know how firm that reported $150-million number is anyway. It’s very, very easy to get sour on the club’s lack of activity, so far, but let’s not forget that if this was last year, the figure being reported would have been $105-million, and they blew past that number.

So… there’s that.

There’s also, speaking of the MLB Network and it’s availability in Canada, this! (Important Update At Bottom!)

I don’t know much about the cable TV, and all I can do is pass along these tweets– I can’t verify what’s in them (or… well, I probably could, but what am I going to do, make a phone call?) but I’m pretty sure that’s a thing too!


Then again, maybe I should have made a call, because here’s what I’m also hearing now…

Again, I don’t know much about the cable TV (what year is this, seriously?), so I’m not sure if I’m the right one to keep following this, but I’ll do what I can when I can… I guess.

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  1. Yeah baby, the Boss, Rugor Nass.

    That fuckin frog creep can throw.

  2. Fuck yes, why not? I’m sure anyone we sign will have warts (snicker). He can be our new Oliver. We’ll call him, Green Magic.

    • Why not sign a fat, old, PED user rather than ponying up real money? I actually had to shake my head typing that out. Welcome to Toronto where we compete with podunk backwater American cities and debased franchises with no fans for “value” when it comes to the player marketplace.

      Hopefully AA’s corporate masters over at Rogers appreciate how hard he’s working to not sign good ballplayers at market rate. “Look, look.. Sir we saved tens of millions by signing Bartolo over Garza.. Tens of millions! You can keep all the extra broadcast rights money while others simply piss it away! Are you not proud???”


  3. I heard Brett Tomko is trying to make a comeback, we should try to get him too

    Our rotation could double as a bridge club

  4. I’d give him a shot. At the very least he’ll make the rest of the team look good. (Physically speaking, by comparison, I mean).

  5. If he was the only starting pitcher addition the Jays make the offseason – mmm. It’s OK.

    But if they make a splash with a Tanaka, Garza, Jiminez etc PLUS a one year 10 mil flyer on Colon? Awesome.

  6. El Gordo would be a great signing on a short term deal. Would be much better than trading prospects for fucking Samarddfjsdfa.

  7. Dickey, Bone Morrow…Johnson and Wang are gone. We’re definitely short on anatomies, so why not Colon.

  8. Make it happen AA

  9. just like with cable tv, a colon signing would have me excited circa 2002

  10. I love that whatever they use to transcribe Chisholm’s interviews has him asking Gibby about former starting catcher “Aaron.”

  11. I have been beating this drum for a few weeks now. Fuck yeah!

    Frog face!

    What a solid signing at the right price, this could be. Innings, innings man. Good ones too.

    • What’re the chances he gets caught with testerone and gets a 2nd offence penalty…what is that, 100 games?

  12. Maybe a package deal with a 2b..hmmm

  13. I really think there is something to the idea that Jiminez and Santana’s value takes a hit due to draft pick compensation. That is where we come in…without a first round pick loss to be worried about. Bartolo and Jiminez…would that please people enough?

  14. I’d like to see Johan signed on a minor league deal to be thrown into the mix for the back end of the rotation. Obviously this shouldnt stop them from going after a top arm but why not?

  15. You mean the best available FA pitcher in terms of value and, probably, performance?

  16. Well, he’ll eat some innings. Amongst other things.

  17. you have to worry about bartolo coming to canada and discovering tim horton’s donuts and the existence of ketchup chips.

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