Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports alerts us to the name Aledmys Diaz, a Cuban shortstop who back in July was ruled ineligible to sign until February of 2014 because he lied about his age.

To wit:

Waiting until the 19th of February for the hope of a chance to shore up the Jays’ second base situation would be awful tough– but maybe it’s a reason that they haven’t gone too hard, as far as we know, on a more permanent solution at second. Perhaps this is a guy that the Jays are eyeing, with a view to having some seasoning in the minors first, but being a long-term piece.

I’m guessing at that, just as I’m guessing at the notion that he’s actually any good.

But shit, the Jays have had some success with guys from Latin America, so maybe that bodes well! And they’ll need some fortune, because it’s not like competition from the teams reportedly involved won’t be stiff.

Of course, this could all just be matter of due diligence on their part, but the fact that they’re among the clubs with a “large” presence, coupled with the glaring need at second base, makes it probably worth taking the report at least a little seriously.

So who is Diaz? Cardinals blog Viva El Birdos tried to find out about a year ago, finding… it hard to get a read on him based on his Cuban league numbers. What they saw didn’t exactly translate in any sort of eye-popping way when run through a Major League equivalency calculator, but the data included a down year, probably downgraded a power spike coming on, and was for his age 19-22 seasons. Virtually nobody is going to have those years translate into great big league seasons.

Ahhh, about his age, though *COUGH*. At the time of the suspension, Ben Badler of Baseball America explained the situation like this:

Diaz, who is represented by Jaime Torres, had presented himself at the beginning of the year as being born Jan. 8, 1990. That date of birth would have made Diaz 23 and thus exempt from the international bonus pools.

However, Baseball America reported in January that the date of birth Diaz was presenting didn’t appear to match any records he had used in Cuba.

. . .

The incentive for Diaz to pretend to be older than he is rather than younger lies in the details of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. International signings count against teams’ international bonus pools, but Cuban players who are at least 23 and have three or more years of professional experience in Cuba (which Diaz has) are exempt from the pools and can sign without restrictions.

OK. But can he play?

No, seriously.  I have absolutely no idea.


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  1. Why not?

    Obviously if he isn’t even 23 he won’t be in the big leagues in April but as a long term piece why not give it a shot?

  2. Where’s Tom W…..he should be all over this.

  3. Apparently Jays and Rangers had a deal for Santos fall through because someone else failed a physical. Wonder who it would have been?

    Jon Morosi @jonmorosi
    Rangers, Blue Jays agreed on deal sending Sergio Santos to Texas but another player failed physical, sources tell @Ken_Rosenthal and me.

  4. Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi 4m

    Rangers, Blue Jays agreed on deal sending Sergio Santos to Texas but another player failed physical, sources tell @Ken_Rosenthal and me.

    Jon Morosi ‏@jonmorosi 3m

    At that point, deal fell apart. This happened about 2 weeks ago. Sources say this was a 3-way deal.


  5. My wife keeps giving me the hairy eyeball, thinking I’ve got a girlfriend on the side because I keep running to the computer (no, I don’t have a fucking tablet yet) and hitting REFRESH to see if AA is going to be my special Santa this year.
    AA…my marriage is crumbling because of you!!!!

  6. Danny Espinosa will be a Jay soon. We need a new figure of hatred and derision now that JP has gone. He had 189 strikeouts in 2012.
    I think it was Sam Miller who described the Jay’s hitting philosophy as ” Swing hard in case you hit it”.

  7. There’s a couple of vids on youtube of the kid: Moves well, and he’s got a great arm but apart from that….

  8. A baseball insider told me he’s the next Alomar/

  9. Cuban Baseball Career statistics:

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