Cleveland Indians v Toronto Blue Jays

Here’s how dire the Day One rumour mill is going: everything you need to know about this one– pretty much– you read in the headline of this post:

So… yeah. That makes sense. Especially since Perrotto also tweets that the Pirates and have talked about a deal that would send the Marlins’ own platoon lefty, Logan Morrison, to Pittsburgh in exchange for Josh Harrison and “a second unknown player.”

Especially especially because Harrison is a 26-year-old utility guy with a .250/.282/.367 line in 575 career plate appearances, and a 2.6% walk rate. And while Lind is better against right-handers than Morrison, the price for him would surely be higher than practically nothing.

So… there’s that.

No, really. That’s the whole post.

Oh, There’s More Update!

According to Shi Davidi’s roundup at Sportsnet of comments from Alex Anthopoulos, the ask by the Jays was indeed quite a bit higher than the suggested discussion between the Pirates and Marlins.

The Blue Jays are also looking for help at second base, and when the Pittsburgh Pirates inquired about the availability of Adam Lind last week, the ask in return was for Neil Walker, according to sources.

He adds that “there was no fit and talks quickly withered” before suggesting that the club isn’t looking to move Lind, but is monitoring the market for him anyway, just in case there’s a deal that fits.

Walker, understandably if you’re Pittsburgh, doesn’t.

Oh, and some probably goes for the Jays, who are real comfortable with Izturis and Goins, right???

So… there’s that.

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  1. Probably because as Davidi noted the Jays asked for Walker in return?

    • Sharon, the Care Map can be helpful in esihblisatng your credibility with others; I have found that professionals accept my assessment of the situation if I’m organized and clear. There are a lot of other factors that contribute to a good partnership but definitely try this out if you think it could be helpful. Good luck! (And I agree, a bus driver that you don’t feel good about is really stressful!)

  2. First

  3. Another tweet has the Jays as interested in LoMo, would seem strange unless they are close to dealing KittenFace.

  4. Yeah I don’t really see the pirates lining up that well on a Lind trade. It would be stupid of them to give up Walker, and stupid of the jays to trade Lind for a mediocre prospect/utility player.

  5. If the jays acquire LoMo. I’ll look like an asshole.

    I had a heated discussion with Dan Evans last night. Saying I thought it was ridiculous 10 teams were in on him.
    I believe I used the term “he’s shit and garbage”

    Now today Evans and crew and trying to acquire him. Hahaha fuck.

    • I was thinking the same as you, Lomo doesn’t really fit and has struggled mightily.

      But it would keep with how AA likes to find undervalued guys and try to turn them into Unicorns.

      It’s like the guy watched Pretty Woman too many times.

      • To be fair to him he was injured for good parts of the two previous seasons and then had conflict with the Marlins front office for the rest of it. Good bet to be a rebound candidate for another team.

        • Great post! As someone who works in a pubilc library I can’t get enough of the print word and mourned EB news too.Loved the book photos, I’d hang your rainbow book photo in my youngest daughters bedroom if the titles were a bit more elementary’ maybe my room tho. She loves rainbows!

  6. Keep Lind and have the fucking balls to keep it a true platoon. It worked in the goddamn 80s.

    • Yeah I find it frustrating that a team that used platooning so well back then can’t figure out how to do it well now.

      • baker from texas is a good trade

        • I was thinking Youkilis if he would be willing to take a reduced role but Baker probably is the less risky move and cheaper. In fact he would fit really nicely because I had forgotten he’s played 3rd before as well as 1st.

        • Baker is a free agent and would be a solid utility backup player that can play many positions. Not a quality starting 2B by any means. Go get Kendrick AA!!

  7. Apparently we’re signing a cuban to play 2B. You heard it here fist!

    I may be taking liberties on Passan tweets.

    • What was the tweet?

      • Jeff Passan‏@JeffPassan·12m
        Lots of interest in Cuban SS Aledmys Diaz, eligible to sign Feb. 19 after year-long suspension for falsifying age. Some teams like as a 2B.


        Jeff Passan‏@JeffPassan·12m
        Teams that had large presences at a recent Aledmys Diaz showcase in Mexico included Braves, Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, Blue Jays and Cards.
        Expand Reply

      • “Teams that had large presences at a recent Aledmys Diaz showcase in Mexico included Braves, Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, Blue Jays and Cards.”

        Jeff Passan

      • Thanks fellas.

  8. “So Garth. I know you’re hitting lefties well, but Rance is really crushing righties, so I’m going to play him against lefties too.”

    - Things HOFer Cox never said.

    • probably should have been a reply a couple posts up…..*sighs*

      • Don’t worry, we can follow. Bring ol’ Coxie back from the dead is what I say. Didn’t that work with Cito? (Note: I have no idea if he was ever called ‘Coxie’ or not.)

    • “I’m going to need an eight-man bullpen because I’ve only got four starters who will each throw 200 innings this year.”

      - Something HOFer Cox also never said (fun fact: from 1982-1986, the Jays always had at least three pitchers who threw more than 200 innings. They also had 2 pitchers throw at least 250 innings every season except ’83 when only Steib did – he threw 278, and ’86 when no one did – but Key did lead the team with 232 innings, ahead of Clancy at 219 and Steib at 205).

      Can we stop pretending that it’s a quarter fucking century ago, and trying to lift strategies from a long-bygone era? You might as well complain that Bautista and Encarnacion can’t hit at least .350 every year? If Tris Speaker could do it, why can’t they?

      There are a finite number of roster spots. Having too many platoons limits the number of other guys you have available for other pinch hitting roles.

  9. Sign Corey Hart!!!

  10. Jays reportedly kicking the tires on Logan Morrison. Because… of reasons? I dunno.

    • Because if they trade Lind they need to have an idea of what to put in his place. It would be pretty dumb to move Lind and his ability to crush righties with no idea who to put in his place.

  11. What kind of a spread do you think is on the Banquet table at these meetings?
    Like would it be triangle sandwiches, fruit plates, and assorted cheeses?

    Or is it like deviled whooping crane eggs, spotted owl, and baby seal eyes?

    Just curious.

  12. welp

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