Shi Davidi rounds up the afternoon from the Winter Meetings in his latest at Sportsnet, and finds a little bit more out about the three-way deal that Jon Morosi reported earlier that would have sent Sergio Santos to Texas, if not for another player in the deal failing a physical.

The deal would have included a starter for the Blue Jays, separate sources told’s Ben Nicholson-Smith and this writer, underlining how difficult getting things done can be.

I think what might especially underline it is the fact that this all happened two weeks ago, and evidently there weren’t any contingencies or other, similar offers, or players who could be subbed in. At least not that have been executed yet, obviously. Evidently there was one very narrow permutation of one deal that all sides were ready to agree on, and when that went away… nothing.


And while you’d have to think that eventually something’s going to give, there continues to be a bit of a dampening of expectations– though in about as positive a way as possible, I’d say.

Emboldening Anthopoulos to at least consider standing pat in the rotation is the continued progress of Brandon Morrow in his recovery from a nerve issue in his bee-bee throwing right arm and the gains made by Drew Hutchison during the Arizona Fall League. Maybe it’s just bluster for potential trade partners and the representatives of free agents, but manager John Gibbons gave the possibility a bit of a push when he suggested the alternative to bolstering the pitching staff was using any available financial resources to strengthen the bench.

“(The way) we kind of look at it, you beef up a starting rotation and you might be a little less focused on the bench,” said Gibbons.

I’ll have more on some other comments that Gibbons made in my next post (barring something noteworthy happening in the meantime), but to stay with Shi’s work, he’s hopeful that, at the very least, things should come into sharper focus in the coming days, even if nothing actually happens just yet. Right now I don’t think I’d bet on that ending up the case, but maybe that’s just hopefulness on my part that all this energy isn’t being wasted.

Or as Shi writes about the rotation situation, “they may need to either make a trade – Chicago Cubs starter Jeff Samardzija is believed to be one target – or pony up for a free agent starter like Matt Garza, Ervin Santana or Ubaldo Jimenez (the representatives for the latter checked in with Anthopoulos on Monday) to take a real step forward.”

So… there’s that.

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  1. Colby Lewis?

  2. Ogando?

  3. Well… or the Jays got squeezed out of a revised deal that went forth between Texas and Oakland, and the Jays would have landed Anderson in the initial deal.

    Would make sense for Anderson to have been the one to fail his physical, too.

  4. Guys, it was a three way deal.

    Brett, yes, that would make sense. In fact, Wilner mentioned something about there being a bad medical on Anderson at some point recently when he was on the radio for a Jays roundtable at 7. But who knows… would the Rangers and A’s really do more trading involving each other? I know they did the Gentry one, but involving a starter sounds bigger.

    Then again, maybe that’s an avenue that’s going to be explored more, given how tight the market seems to be in so many corner.

    • Stoeten do you think the Jays will draft someone in the Rule 5? They’re now at 39 on the 40. Or did they just sell Weber because he sucks?

      • If he had the opportunity and wanted it, that’s why that would have happened.

      • I don’t think they have room for Weber. With adding Rasmussen, they have about 12 guys for the 10 spots in AAA and AA, 11 guys if you figure Hutchison will make the big league roster. That’s not including the no option guys or Happ who has an option but wouldn’t give permission.

    • Yeah, obviously I’m totally spitballing, just would seem fairly possible, since the Texas-Oakland deal happened shortly after two weeks ago.

  5. Anderson probably

  6. I don’t know why, but I feel like that would have been for Brett Anderson.

  7. Well at the very least it shows they are actively trying to get something done.

  8. Cory Luebke?

  9. with a left handed bat going to the padres from texas

  10. Whatever happened to Feliz?

  11. Sergio Santos fail…MAGINE!

  12. Rosenthal says Justin Masterson is available. The ground balls would be great, but ideally they land a starter controlled beyond 2014.

  13. I think wilner on the fan this evening mentioned Brett Anderson was involved in a deal but failed a physical, or something along those lines. Maybe the A’s were the third team in this…

  14. Holy shit Stoeten – you earned your money today. That’s a lot of posts!

    Masterson would be fucking awesome, but if he’s only got one year of control it’d be tough to pull off. The Dickey trade involved an extension, so who knows, mate AA could Ninja something — but I’d have to think that Masterson would want to go on the FA market to cash in.

  15. We should hang on to Santos and trade casey if we need to trade a closer. Santos or Janssen five years from now: I’m thinking Santos is the one to bet on long term.

  16. Reading Gibby is nearly as satisfying as hearing Gibby

  17. Brett Anderson perhaps? He’s always hurt, wouldn’t surprise me if he failed a physical

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