The Winter Meetings begin on today in Orlando, so it seems like now is the perfect time to do a little housekeeping to get you setup for all the delicious coverage around here that will begin this morning.

If you’re a longtime follower, you’ll already know what to expect: a torrent of posts for the duration of the meetings, featuring every manner of Jays-related rumour out there. Assuming, y’know, the Jays actually give us anything to work with– which I’m not exactly concerned that they won’t, given all the heavy lifting that’s still left to do in terms of constructing the club’s roster for 2014.

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Stay tuned for some podcastery at some point over the next couple of days, very possibly, and thanks for your continued support. Should be a fun week!

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  1. Happ did have some good innings and starts last year. But there were some bad innings too. Do you feel that he has received enough of a chances to prove himself for a fifth starter role or has he had enough chances already? What do see the role of a fifth starter 8-10 wins and a 4.20 era?

    • He has an option left so I’d keep him for depth. Unless he’s a piece of a trade in which case see ya later.

      Can’t go wrong!

      • He has an option left but I’m pretty sure he can’t be sent down without his permission.
        Could be wrong though.

        • You can’t send him down without his consent as he has over 5 years of MLB Service.

          This leads to all likelihood he’s being shopped. We”ll aquire a mid to upper tier pitcher somehow and use an inhouse option as our fifth starter.

    • 10 wins with a 4.20 ERA sounds a lot like our 1-4 guys as well. 2013!

    • I think he’s shown enough glimpses of quality that I’d like to keep him for depth.

  2. My boner is ready for some serious rosterbation.
    Merry Winter Meetings. And to all a good week.

  3. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

  4. It’s the most….wonderful tiiiiiiiiiiime, of the yearrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

  5. Liquor cabinet stocked ✔
    Twitter engaged ✔
    DJF on fucking manual refresh ✔
    Wife on ignore ✔
    Expectations set to unrealistic mode ✔

    All systems are a go!

  6. Chips are down, Still many holes to fill, other GM’s have already won some big hands and there has been little sign of AA………….


    Do us proud Alex.

  7. Most wonderful time !!

  8. should be a fun week indeed, appreciate the work and the articles!

  9. what a fucking circle jerk

  10. Damn it’s cold here, I could use a little Florida heat right now.
    Awesome check list Tom W.
    I’ll be checking in every chance I get., I get so friggin wound up this time of year.
    Let er rip AA

  11. Imagine if AA doesnt do anything during the winter meetings (i’m sure he’ll do at least some minor moves). Fans are going to lose their minds, and probably my own from the angst lol.

  12. Buehrle for kendrick! Gose for ackley! Something other than Sanchez/Stroman for samardjiza/bailey/cueto/gallardo/Anderson! Things are hitting a fever pitch

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