I can answer the question posed by the title of this post quite easily, actually. It’s “yes and no.” And that’s not vacillating on my part, it’s the literal, genuine truth based on what’s happened over the last fifteen minutes or so.

First, Brett Anderson– the subject of so much speculation in these parts of late. Take it away, Kenny Ken Ken…

So… there’s that.

It’s an interesting price, and one that you’d think the Jays may have been able to meet, assuming they lined up with Oakland the way that the A’s wanted them to. Jensen is a 2011 6th rounder who has yet to pass high-A ball (and hasn’t been spectacular by the numbers, though that doesn’t always tell the whole story), so they clearly could have done something there.

Pomeranz, like a lot of Colorado pitchers, hasn’t been able to find himself up in the thin air of Denver just yet. However, he has an impressive pedigree– the fifth pick in the 2010 draft, and the key piece in the deal that sent Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland. He’s struggled badly with issuing walks whenever he’d been asked to pitch at the highest level, but it’s a well-liked arm who has succeeded everywhere else and was the 30th best prospect in the game according to Baseball America’s top 100 list for 2012.

So… a nice piece, but maybe a piece that isn’t quite as good as once hoped, or one that needs a new situation and some new eyes to try to help get things turned around. Or maybe just a new ballpark. Plus, he already has over 130 big league innings under his belt.

Are the Jays being hurt by the fact that their best prospects have yet to taste the big leagues, then? Possibly. Or maybe it’s just that more is expected from them in order to offset the lack of certainty on some of the better arms they have to offer. And it is definitely an interesting coincidence that precisely as this trade was going down, Alex Anthopoulos was speaking with local reporters, telling them this:

Obviously one of those guys would be too high a price to pay for Anderson, and, unfortunately, the Jays don’t quite have a pitching prospect like Pomeranz, in terms of where his career is at. So it probably makes sense that they struck out here.

It also, then, makes sense why we continue to hear the club linked to Jeff Samardzija, as the Cubs more than most would be able to stomach taking back players from the lower minors. But is he, as I asked in the title of this post, off the market now, too?

In a word, once again: no.

Cubs manager Rick Renteria did, however, speak to his own local media contingent today, and said pretty much exactly what he has to say when it comes to the status of Shark:

Does that actually mean anything? Nope! Especially not with the “right now” caveat. Maybe something could still happen there. But the market for guys in this range, who are good, cheap, and not requiring the kind of boatload of prospects it will take to get a Lee or a Hamels (if those guys are really even out there) is dwindling.

So… there’s that.

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  1. I think something is going to materialize for the Jays here. If not, I’m not overly worried about the rotation. Fans should be more worried about shitty Goins playing second.

    • Yup. Happ, Stroman, Drabek and Hutch are all worth trying out this year. Unless we think we have someone markedly better, don’t bother. Just get a real 2B.

      • If those four are relied on to fill two (possibly three) rotation spots, then we might as well hold a fire sale now.

  2. bleh I’d say guys like Nolin would match up nicely with Pomeranz among others. No doubt he’ll fare much better playing in Oakland anyway.

    Still have to wonder about his medicals. Would love to know which team’s doctors failed the player in question.

  3. Not that it matters, but Hutch and Drabek seem somewhat similar to Pomeranz no?

    • I commented on the Anderson post, but I think Drabek is a good comp for Pomeranz. Drabek is a year older, but they were both highly touted prospects who have struggled with control issues at the MLB level.

    • I think for A’s it was years of control they talked about. The article I read said Pomeranz had 5 so I guess Hutch would fit that bill while Drabek not so much.

    • Drabek’s injuries could have given Rockies the edge. And the year of control. I wouldnt doubt if they asked for Hutch and AA probably said no.

      Once again, I’m sure there was lots of dialogue but it looks like A’s have very specific types of arms they are trying to acquire and the Jays couldn’t match up.

  4. Man I hope AA doesn’t trade either Sanchez or Stroman for the Shark. i just think we can do better with those two as trade chips.

    • Agreed. And I feel that Stroman can help our rotation in a non-trivial way right now, so trading him for less-than-outstanding rotation help seems a little silly.

  5. A’s also sent $2 million in cash. Like they almost couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.

  6. Does this mean that with the trade route getting more and more difficult we’ll see AA signing a free agent?

    Ubaldo Jiminez – COME ON DOWN!!!

    • He’s kind of all over the map. On one hand he says he might be able to stretch to 6 years for a player and then he says:

      Richard Griffin ‏@RGriffinStar 5m

      Anthopoulos said “As we sit here today, trade market seems more viable.” #bluejays Trying to keep rotation depth — Stroman, Sanchez, etc

      • I personally think that 6yrs talk is BS to appease the fans. If he is, however, willing to surrender 1 top sp prospect +other pieces they
        should be able to get someone good.
        You wouls think shark wouls be a jay
        If that was the case but maybe they dont like shark that much or the cubs are screwing around.

        • 6 years would only seem to make sense with a position player or for someone like Kershaw. You could even go that many years for a really young guy if the price is right like the Rays did with Moore.

  7. If nothing happens now its fine
    But come new year
    Time to be angry

  8. This version of the roster, with no additions, is not too incredibly dissimilar from the one that was the popular choice to win it all last year…. minus josh johnson and add a real catcher and the minor league depth is much closer

    • Meh

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    • I think there’s more questions with the rotation than anything else. Is Morrow healthy? Can he stay healthy? Will Dickey bounce back to some semblance of who he was with the Mets? Can Buehrle remain reliable? Those are just the 3 that are “locks”. We have no idea how Stroman, Hutch, Nolin or Drabek will do over the course of a season and Happ is, well Happ, a giant bucket of MEH.

      Don’t forget, there’s a good chance that you even see some regression from the bullpen guys. Considering that relievers are notoriously volatile year to year and quite a few of them all had injury problems in the recent past (Janssen, Santos, Delabar, McGowan, Cecil, Perez) so there’s a lot of risk there too.

      Bautista, isn’t get any younger. Melky and Colby are on their last year of their contracts. Time is now.

  9. Interesting article at where JPA talks being banged up last year and focussing on power instead of BA/OBP. I suspect a slider in the dirt looks the same in warm weather, JP…

  10. I would rather see the prospects compete for the final 2 rotation spots. If anything I would trade a 25 man roster player to fix second base and get another 1 or 2 high ceiling arms. If that happens this offseason I will be satisfied. And sign Kemp (to replace Bautista who was traded for Ackley and Walker).

  11. Sorry trade bullpen depth for Kemp

  12. I don’t think we are that far from contending I could see a trade for 2nd base and a FA starter.. If were looking good at the half than make a trade at the dead line. Personally I like having Hutch and Drabeck back plus Goins is a great back up for 2nd. Can’t wait to see how Stroman makes out also. We just need the baseball gods to shine on us we’ve pd. our dues. Next year we will be dancing like it’s 1992.

  13. I’m still hoping for Cliff Lee. Depth is great for injuries. Lee has pitched 200+ inning for 8 years in a row. Want depth? Get a reliable pitcher who’s lowest fWAR in the last 6 years is 4.9.

    • yea Lee is one of those few guys who in almost any scenario, I’d love to add him to the roster

    • Lee would be insane. I wonder what it would take to get him? He’s amazing, but also makes a ton of money.

      • Which why i think it may be plausible. With his contract, it shouldn’t cost toooo much in the way of top prospects. Maybe Cecil and Jimenez or something? The term is short enough that the contract is manageable IMO.

        • I suspect if Lee was going to cost Jimenez and Cecil, he would be a Jay already…

          • Most likely, which is why it’s all theoretical. No team in their right mind would pay “Sanchez, Stroman, Nolin, and Hutchinson” for a guy making $25M a year, and only for 2 guaranteed years. That’s, what, 21 years of team control on the cheap for 2 years of Lee? It’s likely you’re more correct than I am though, that it would take one of Sanchez or Stroman.

            • I’ll be Philly’s ask would be something like Sanchez, Stroman and Nestor or something similar. No way AA goes for that, but that’s where I’d start if I was the Phils.

              • I’m not sure the Phillies really want to pay Lee $25M when they’re going nowhere. I don’t think there’s much leverage on their part. They’ll get good value for him though, which they should.

      • “Also makes a ton of money”…and your point is? Poor Rogers, we should be oh so concerned about their pocketbooks.

    • Say goodbye to Sanchez, Stroman, Nolin, and Hutchinson

  14. I wonder how much money it costs long term in trading cheap major league ready starting pitching rather than than going a 6th or 7th year for an established free agent starter who costs you no prospect capital?

  15. Wow…I’m so much dumber for having listened to PTS with Cox and McCown interview JP Morosi…

    Cox’s question about whether AA is now “gun shy” was only bested by his comp of Trumbo to Bautista…

    • Wouldn’t say gun shy necessarily, but he’s been described as very humbled by Beeston himself.

  16. I’m shocked so many people are content just making small changes around the edges. Regression and depth will absolutely help, but to the tune of 15-20 wins? That’s asking a lot.

    • Healthy Morrow = 3 wins
      No Johnson = 3 wins
      Better D at 2nd and C = 4 wins

      Already at 10 wins-ish in my books

  17. Stuff-wise, I think Josh Johnson was and still is better than Brett Anderson.

    Anderson costs $8 million a year.
    Josh Johnson costs $8 million a year (in 2014, anyway).

    Why give up prospects for Anderson when you could have kept Johnson without giving up prospects?

    I’m glad the Jays didn’t trade for Anderson. Would have been illogical.

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