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That’s him on the left.

Well, they had the Tim part right, it seems, but it’s not the much-rumoured Tim Raines who we’ll see patrolling the first base coach’s box at Rogers Centre next year, but former Ottawa Lynx manager Tim Leiper.

Who, you ask? Tim Leiper! He has a Wikipedia entry and everything! And it looks like he’s on Twitter, at @timleiper! But first, Shi Davidi’s report from Sportsnet:

The Toronto Blue Jays will name Tim Leiper their first base coach next week, rounding out the coaching staff under manager John Gibbons, multiple sources told sportsnet.ca.

The 47-year-old gets promoted from within after serving as a senior advisor, player development for the club last season.

Shi adds that the club is still considering whether to add an extra coach for this season.

Interesting here is the fact that they’ve got a guy from the player development side of things on the big league staff– the kind of voice that it was hoped John Farrell was going to be able to bring while he was here. Not really sure if it means anything though.

Hey and get your maple dicks unfurled– if they already weren’t thanks to the picture above– because here’s what what Wikipedia tells us:

Previously an offseason resident of Ottawa, Leiper has also been a coach on the 2004 Canadian Olympic team, and Canada’s 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classic squads. He was also a part of the Baseball Canada Staff that won bronze medals at both the 2008 and 2011 Baseball World Cups and the Gold Medal in the 2011 Pan-American Games

And from his bio on BlueJays.com:

Tim played 12 years professionally where he was predominately used as an outfielder. Tim has coached and managed at almost all levels of the minor leagues. He has been a member of Baseball Canada’s Senior National team coaching staffs at both the World Baseball Classic and the Olympics. Tim is a players’ manager who brings a ton of passion and excitement to the game. Tim was recently hired by the Blue Jays as a Special Assistant to Player Development.

Yeah! Tim Leiper! Straight from the Ernie Whitt school of coaching hires, I guess. Which isn’t at all to scoff at his his credentials. It’s just, rich, sweet, maple-y goodness.

Anyway… I don’t know. Seems alright, eh?

So… there’s that.

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  1. Man, what a boring winter meetings so far. These teams have had weeks to prepare and discuss stuff (trades, free agents) for this event. The two biggest jays items (non-doc related) are thad weber and the 1b coach. Sucks.

    • Ugh. Stop it, please.

      • Fucking seriously.

        And please, teams aren’t spending weeks talking about trades and stuff FOR THIS EVENT, this thing just happens to coincide with a lot of the movement of the market, and there are opportunities there for teams to do things, but it’s really a bit antiquated, and clubs definitely don’t need to do face-to-face stuff there like they used to.

        If the off-season ended Wednesday, then complain. Otherwise, come on.

        • Point taken, but it has been a boring winter meetings thus far. We can agree on that.

          • Boring? A winter which includes things like Cano moving OUT of NY to Sea; Ellusbury sliding over to a rival, Doc retiring; two massive contracts (and one massive person) getting swapped; a posting system getting overhauled; the Jays’ farm system getting glowing reviews (again); and much more hardly seems like a boring six weeks for baseball fans.

            • Thats last week, which was awesome btw. Im talking about this week and the winter meetings specifically, dude.

              • Ya he needs instant gratification every day/week in order to care. Now Now Now!!!!

                Stomp your feet else where. Theres lots to think about, read into and try and be creative. Theres been 4-8 posts a day for a few days now. Do some stat research, complie a list of top 10 Jays prospects by each site and compare, do a spreadsheet for each team and the locks and holes they have to see where teams and more specifically the Jays line up with other teams. If that is too much than shut up and wait for the people that do these things write posts, comments and articles about them.

                AA is such a dick for not catering to his ADHD fans. What a prick.

    • Same as last year,if I remember correctly.

      • Only difference is last year jays did A LOT of stuff before the meetings so thats understandable. Still dont get why MLB offseason moves at a snails pace compared to other pro leagues.

        • you need a hobby

          I can barely keep up with the MLBTR updates….

          maybe go outside for a change

  2. He looks like a pretty supportive guy…

  3. Boom! Press conference?

  4. Here’s hoping he’s not the only ottawa based jays announcement over the next year or so. We want the Fisher Cats!

    Well actually me and about 5 guys I know want the AA team here, nobody else in this town gives a shit about baseball.

  5. You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with Tim Leiper.

  6. I’m sure they’re SUPER important and everything, but…y’know…first base coach? Meh?

  7. I remember when he was with the Lynx. I also remember the first few years of that team’s existence and how successful it was.

    I also ALSO remember getting to run the bases after the last Lynx game. A sad day indeed!

  8. Nice move on Leiper. Good credentials and a logical hire.

  9. The Jays players developed so greatly last year. I’m sure this is step one to glory!

  10. Gimme Tim Raines !

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