The talk of baseball all afternoon– mostly (OK, entirely) because it’s all that there was to talk about– has been the three-team deal between the Angels, Diamondbacks, and White Sox that is finally fully brewed, it seems, after hours of percolating.

In the end outfielder Mark Trumbo has moved to Arizona (along with a couple PTBNLs), pitchers Tyler Skaggs and Hector Santiago go to Anaheim, and outfielder Adam Eaton winds up in Chicago. And… wow, really? The Angels added two halfway decent pieces to their rotation for Mark Trumbo? Right-handed power, man.

It’s hard to relate this to the kind of return that Jose Bautista could bring in a similarly structured deal, because Trumbo is just about to enter the arbitration process for the first time, but… man. The guy has had an up-and-down career, but it’s evened out to a .250/.299/.469 line over 1850 plate appearances. He’s been liked by the defensive metrics at first base, where… he won’t play in Arizona, as the Diamondbacks already employ America’s First Baseman, Paul Goldschmidt. He’s not rated as highly in the outfield, and… so… sub-.300 on-base, OK defence, two genuine rotation pieces? I mean, Skaggs didn’t have a good year and some of the shine came off him as a prospect, while Santiago isn’t great, but that’s still pretty alright, I think.

Whatever we think of it, the move will certainly end up helping to shape this winter’s slow-developing market. Here’s what’s changed:

- The Angels look like their five-man rotation is set, adding the two new pieces today to an existing triumvirate of Jared Weaver, C.J. Wilson, and Garrett Richards. I’m sure it would still behoove them to search for depth, but probably not at the cost of losing another significant bat, which will make Howie Kendrick harder to extract.

- The other side of that, though, is that the Angels– though nobody took them too seriously as a potential destination in the first place, considering their already bloated payroll– are no longer competition for the starting pitching that the Jays seek.

- The White Sox, on the other hand, have less of that pitching to offer, now that they’ve dealt away Santiago. Ideas of a Chris Sale deal, given his age, contract, and skill was always really, really fanciful, and it seems even more so now.

- Conversely, though, the Diamondbacks appear set to jump into the free agent market for starters, now that they’ve dealt away Skaggs. Nick Piecoro tweets that the club’s GM, Kevin Towers, had said that he wanted to add a power bat and starter (a front-line starter, according to a Ken Rosenthal tweet), and that he’d like to do one through free agency and one by trade. He’s now halfway there.

- On the other hand, Piecoro notes that Arizona could still aim to accomplish that goal through trade, and while they’ve depleted some of their best trade chips by moving Eaton and Skaggs, he wonders if one of their shortstops could help accomplish that goal. Hmmm.

Probably not for a front-line starter, no, but he adds that Didi Gregorious went for Trevor Bauer at this point last year, which could maybe be a template for a deal to send him the other way. I still don’t think the Jays fit here. Gregorious was OK defensively, by the metrics, and his bat disappeared quite considerably in the second half after a hot start to 2013. He’s a right-handed bat and might look pretty nice in a platoon with Ryan Goins if he moved over to second, but that’s not exactly the kind of role you’re going to move a piece Arizona would actually want to move into their rotation for.

- Via the Twitter, an excellent point from @BVHJays as well, as he suggests that losing Skaggs probably removes Arizona from their pursuit of Jeff Samardzija, as well.

In other words, some possibilities we’d considered for the Jays have closed down, some have become more favourable for them, and other new ones have perhaps opened up. Now it’s all up to Alex Anthopoulos to just pull all the right strings.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Brett Anderson is a Colorado Rockie.

  2. Anderson to the Rockies

  3. Hilarious, idiot wilner actually wrote that JPA will hit 20 hr for the next EIGHT YEARS!!!

    Remember his prediction that snider would be a perennial MVP candidate???

    What a joke. Always good for a laugh.

  4. Davidi tweets that AA says talks for a starter keep leading to sanchez or strohman. Isn’t it time to consider moving one of them for the right pitcher?

  5. Ben Nicholson-Smith ‏@bnicholsonsmith 5m

    Anthopoulos also indicated that Blue Jays could budge a little on five-year deal stance. Six may be a possibility.

    That’s the real interesting nugget for the day so far. Does that mean they’re leaning towards giving one of these guys 6 years? 5 would have been a shocker to start with but 6???

    • Could mean Jays pursue Choo, I dont see Choo taking anything less than 6 at this point.

      • Can’t see why Choo would be on our radar unless it was because we had plans to trade Bautista for a pitcher. Choo is one of the few guys out there right now that don’t fill a need that we have.

        • “Hey, Choo! Try on this second baseman’s glove, will you?”

        • He fills plenty of needs – Melky can move to DH, Lind has already been mentioned several times as a player teams have asked about and I think AA would deal him. Choo offers great OBP which the Jays could improve upon. If a good player is available, AA will find room.

    • Probably just letting all his potential trade partners know that they will be major players for FA starters, and so are not desperate to make a deal.

  6. Sometimes it feels like Jays fans have just conditioned themselves to hate superstars on their team getting paid like superstars, and get excited over finding a somewhat useful platoon piece.

    • I think we’ve been conditioned not to expect superstars period because of budget Rogers has given the Jays. You’ve basically got about 15 years worth of that by the various owners. I don’t think fans have problems with guys getting paid, just a problem with the guy getting 40% of the payroll.

  7. So many fucking idiots on twitter calling for AA to go

    • Why are these people idiots? AA has gotta be on the hot seat. The Jays record under AAs watch has been horrific, worse the JP by a long way.

      He sold the organization and fan base on a rebuilding model then abandoned the plan as it was coming to fruition acquiring expensive declining vets. The team was super hyped selling a winner to the fan base who came out and generated more revenue. And they ended up being terrible, again.

      Now the Jays are clearly in a position where they need to try to put a winner out there and build on the gains of last years hype with an actual winner. The big city is starving for a winner, there is an entire country fan base to tap into providing the parent company with potential gold quality content.

      Luckily this year more than usual there were several all star caliber players in the prime as FA the Jays could have signed and stayed under luxary tax payroll. Realistically McCann, Cano and Ellsbury could all have been signed and hte jays payroll under luxury limit next several seasons. Make all the excuses you want but AA could have brought in 2-4 elite level players if he chose to. And what has been done? Signed a mediocre / risky catcher to small deal and Roy Halladay for one day.

      It been said oh Rogers doesnt give him the payroll. If this is the case AA needs to grow a pair and go to management telling them with conviction if you let me sign these guys and trade for these guys and have payroll at 175M we will win. Rogers is not poor and know the value of the content better than anyone so a convicting case from baseball operations will convince them. Instead he searches for maximising value and limiting the potential for winning awhile also not going out on a limb with conviction that he can build a winner

      If AA doesnt make a significant move and the team tanks again he has got to go. I am pretty sure the new CEO with a history of making companies lean will have some thoughts about accountability – not accountability in terms of fans unwavering support and faith in a guy but accountability towards results and facts which thus far have been very poor.

      • Every now and then someone truly special steps forward and takes a bow.

      • I’m sorry but AA has built one of the best prospects systems in the last 2 drafts, which is why our lower levels prospects that came up made Syndergaard, Nicolino, ect. expendable. I don’t care what anyone says last season wasn’t only AA fault, you can only have so many injuries until you can blame that on bad luck. I actually think AA made great deals last year”s offseason. I bet they will pay off this season. I expect Dickey to feel more comfortable, Joey bat to be healthy, Morrow to have a bounce back season. I expect great things from Reyes and a BETTER 2B, and LF. Melky should be healthy now that his tumor has been removed. Only getting a better healthier Melky could help the Jays to contend. I seriously think this team is only missing a few pieces to contend. Why? because if they can find a couple of good SP via trade of FA, they will have more depth than last year, as Hutch, Drabek, will be healthy, Stroman and Nolin will be ready at some point this season. Also We have one of the better Bullpen in the MLB. NO starts will be given to guys like Wang, Ortiz, and Johnson just for the heck of it. I expect them to get 15-20 more wins than last season and be in the race for most of the season. I don’t think they will make the playoffs, but anything is possible at this point.

        Getting a healthy team can only help this team take the next step. I don’t think AA has made “bad” trades, as He received quality MLB veterans. I would still do the Johnson, Reyes, Buerhle trade to this day.

        Signing a guy like Choo, Garza, or even Tanaka could help this team A LOT! They NEED to replace Johnson’s salary because if they don’t they will send the wrong message to the fans.

    • Just because someone has an opinion that is contrary to your own does not make them (nor you) an idiot.

  8. You really have to wonder about Anderson’s medicals now if the A’s are sending cash with him for one failed prospect and an A ball starter who just looks meh.

    • I assume a rough equivalent from the Jays would be Drabek + something fairly insignificant. I could have handled that, but I assume the concerns over Anderson’s health are pretty substantial.

    • I concur…looking like “maybe” he was the player that was involved in no-go trade.

    • Is Pomeranz officially a failed prospect? He’s still 25, still left handed, seems like he can still strike out a healthy amount of hitters? Not meant as a rhetorical question.

      • He walked as many guys as he struck out last year. He looks like Deck McGuire to me.

        • Except older, left handed, and with a higher K/9 at all stops, including AAA, than McGuire’s career high, which was last year, in AA?

          I don’t see the resemblance.

  9. I dont see what the problem is ginving 6 year deals. History has shown you can easily trade them.

  10. With the Anderson deal – I’d like to see the comparables if it was the Jays?
    Pomeranz looks like a new reliever, high K, sketchy control guy (Pre-Arb) – so Jeffress?
    and Jensen a High A – no flashy stats starter. I’m sure we have a few of those.

    Makes me think A’s would’ve preferred Santos over those two – but with a failed physical, gets rejected, and Beane gets what he can?

    Makes me think AA just said no to Anderson.

    • Whatever the case I’m glad the Jays didn’t take on that risk.

    • Pomeranz is more like drabek imo, but probably a little more valuable. Could be a very astute pickup by the A’s. Colorado is a very tough place to break into the league as a pitcher, and the A’s seem to have a way with young pitchers, or at least the coliseum does

  11. Hopefully the 6 years refers to Tanaka, right??

  12. It looks like every GM out there want our two best ….can’t say as I blame them.

  13. The trade market has really been great for the Jays recently. Power hitters are getting massive returns, and pitchers are getting diminished returns. Could be time to capitalize on Lind, Encarnacion or Bautista.

    • I think Edwin is too important to let go right now, unless in a Lee/Hamels type blockbuster. As for Bautista, he’s been unlucky with injuries the past couple years so they might be selling a bit low right now. Then again, he’s not getting any younger, so who knows.

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