As easy as it is to speculate that Brett Anderson was the player who failed a physical and nixed three-way deal involving the Jays and the Rangers that would have sent Sergio Santos to Texas and brought a starter back to the Jays– and it is easy, believe me!– maybe we’re being a little bit hasty in just going ahead and assuming that’s what happened.

I don’t say that because, as I noted last week, Anderson’s reputation as a man made of glass slightly more misleading than what those who just look at the starts miss want to assume. On the DL in 2013 for an ankle sprain/foot fracture; on the DL in 2012 and 2011 because of Tommy John surgery; on the DL in 2010 with elbow issues that (presumably) led to the following year’s surgery.

I mean, yeah, it’s four years derailed by injury, but three of those stints are entirely related– not to mention, hopefully, dealt with now that he’s had the elbow reconstruction– while the other is entirely unrelated.

But like I say, that’s not why I suggest we might be a little bit hasty in assuming he was involved in what fell apart for the Jays. I say it because of a thing like this, from Troy Renck of the Denver Post:

The Rockies are moving on multiple fronts Tuesday, revisiting talks with Oakland on starter Brett Anderson while continuing to push to land a late-inning reliever.

The pursuit of Anderson, for now, has discussions for a reliever, which were developing quickly on Monday night, fading slightly. Oakland isn’t in any hurry to deal Anderson, but the deal continues to percolate.

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t know for sure how this stuff works, but you’d kind of think that if a player failed one physical, his team might be reluctant to bother continuing to do work in the hope of moving him elsewhere. Sure, they could hope to pull a fast one on another team, or maybe the Rockies ultimately have a lower bar in terms of what they think is acceptable, medically– or maybe that’s been built into the price– but if he does get dealt, and does pass the physical with the acquiring club, shouldn’t that kind of indicate that he wouldn’t have have failed an earlier one with the Jays? I don’t know. Not necessarily, I guess. But if other teams are still interested, maybe the Jays can still swoop in.

If he actually wasn’t the guy we were speculating about yesterday, given that his injury history is somewhat less troubling than it looks, maybe they should.

So… there’s that.

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  1. maybe it was Santos?

  2. If there’s some sort of league wide standard for passing a physical? Or is it just up to each teams doctors on a case by case basis?

    • you usually hear about players being in the city they just signed with/were traded to, in order to take a physical…so i assume it’s a team thing.

  3. I kind of hope it was Anderson – or whoever the starter we would have acquired – that failed his physical. Much easier to handle not getting a starter after finding out he had some physical issue than wondering if, I dunno, it was Moises Sierra’s health that cost us a starter.

  4. Perhaps the Jays have made their standards a little higher with physicals regarding pitchers do to what has happened with arms the last couple years. Don’t know, just a thought.

  5. “…but if he does get dealt, and does pass the physical with the acquiring club, shouldn’t that kind of indicate that he wouldn’t have have failed an earlier one with the Jays? I don’t know. Not necessarily, I guess.”

    I think that you came around to the right answer at the end. Whether a person passes or fails a physicial is very often nothing more than the subjective opinion of a medical professional. Different doctors could reasonably give varying opinions about the same person, and none of them would necessarily be wrong.

    • And I assume that passing a physical is subjective on the price paid for a player, too.

      I remember during the Wells-Napoli trade, when it was said the deal was awaiting the completion of Napoli’s physical, the joke going around was: “Oh, he has no legs? Yeah, we’re fine with that.”

      Just like I’m sure the Rangers would have had much more leeway if they even did a physical on JP Arencibia compared to how thoroughly they’d have looked at Prince Fielder.

      All of which is to say, the acquisition cost might tell us the answer to whether this had anything to do with Anderson. If the price is a utility infielder or something, it may stand to reason that the Athletics simply had to lower their cost to find a taker.

      • All true.

        There is no rule against trading a injured player. The jays could trade someone who is recovering from TJ surgery, who would definitely fail a physical, it would just be that the receiving team knows and accepts this player.

        so the jays could have nixed the deal based on something they saw, where as the rockies see the same thing but accept the trade based on a lowered price tag

    • That is the suitable weolbg for anyone who wants to seek out out about this topic. You realize a lot its almost onerous to argue with you (not that I actually would need…HaHa). You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just nice!

  6. here is a question.

    Rangers get Santos,
    Jays get Anderson

    who was going to the As?
    someone from Texas right? so who I say.

    • The thought was Craig Gentry. Probably some additional moving pieces too I’d guess.

      • well, if it wasn’t santos, and wasn’t anderson, then someone from the Rangers?

        thats if Santos is = to Anderson?

        did the Jays have another chip on the table that might be the one who failed?

        think we may never know.

        • I agree that we probably never will. It could have been another piece from any team. It may even have been what some commenters suggested above: Anderson failed a Blue Jays physical but maybe not another team’s…

          • with the way we wait to long to put a pitcher on the DL the past ….. 10 years or so……do we really believe we have Drs who would pass on a player over other teams Drs?

            just spitting nonsence, but really, our Drs…..i dont trust them.

  7. I’m curious too see what type of physical activities they ask to pitcher to do to evaluate his shoulder and elbow.

  8. I guess all there is to do is play “who dun it” in lieu of anything tangible or interesting actually happening ..

  9. Could the guy failing medical Melky Cabrera? I think it’s conceivable he might be included to make up space for Sierra and Gose.

    • he would fail the Napoli physical.

    • this is so dumb.

      of course melky would fail a physical, he just had a fucking tumour rumoved from his back 11 weeks ago.

      Maybe it was roy halladay?

      • That could still happen, the Jays feeling his rehab is far enough along to show he’ll be ok by March and the other team not sharing the same opinion. Don’t be so quick to dismiss. I’m sure the Jays wouldn’t try to sell him as being in “mint” condition. To an extent, the A’s are probably not showing Anderson as totally mint either. It depends on the amount of risk you’re prepaped to take on, and at what price.

  10. What if, the person who failed, does not want to go to the traded team (Toronto) and failed the test purposely? just a thought!

  11. Everyone is assuming that this was a player on another team – but if the deal was bigger and there were other teams involved its conceivable that the injured player was a player on the Jays who isn’t Santos. I haven’t seen all of the tweets but I think that everyone was a little quick to assume it was a deal with only a few parts.

  12. The reality is we don’t know if the A’s were the third team involved. Everyone assumes that because a trade was made with texas soon after.

    But its perfectly possible that texas had the A’s deal as a back up plan for the deal that fell through. So the third team, could be anyone.

    • Especially since the jays give up santos and get Anderson. Even with the contract and injury history, that seems like a very small return for Anderson.

      and yes it could have been Santos + but then wouldn’t it have leaked that it was a bigger name +?

  13. Everybody’s assuming it was the A’s. Because of the trade shortly after.But when it was initially reported, it mentioned Texas,Toronto and a third team.Supposedly a starter failed a physical but Shi never said the name of that team. As I recall anyway.
    If not the A’s, who might the third team be?
    Just askin,Maybe somebody’s got a confirmation it was defiitely the A’s.

  14. Although it seems Jays have done nothing so far to upgrade, we just might not know how close we were on the other teams’ deals.

    It might be an indication we only have some pitching prospects and not a whole lot jaw-dropping position players to attract.

  15. I have a friend of a friend who works for the A’s. Anderson was not the pitcher. There was nothing close on that front apparently.

  16. I thought it was weird that mlbtr had The headline “rangers close to a major trade”…this could have been the 3 team trade with oakland and toronto. Shortly after that it was revealed the “major” trade was gentry…that doesnt seem very major in my opinion. Maybe neftali feliz failed a physical?

  17. Once again, am I only the person who would rather have santos than anderson?

    • It’s the starter/reliever problem, but I also really love Santos…when he’s healthy that slider is ridonkulous…

  18. Just saw this: Ken Rosenthal

    Source: #Rockies acquire Brett Anderson from #Athletics for Drew Pomeranz and Chris Jensen.

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