Here’s a handy digest of what went down during Day One in Orlando, which… well… it wasn’t much in terms of crazy innuendo or fast-breaking trades, but for us– more than most fan bases around the league– it was still a pretty special day…

We woke up to a giant primer of reading material,¬†though we maybe thought we were still dreaming as we stared at the surreal work of Robert Crumb. Highlights included Geoff Baker’s similarly surreal takedown of the Mariners’ front office, Jason Parkes giving out some prospect love on the Blue Jays Plus Podcast, and (shameless self promotion alert) some Jays shirseys over at the hilarious Cespedes Family BBQ.

Early in the day we were stunned out of our slumber with word that the Jays would be making an announcement– something that doesn’t usually mean a minor deal, but which came without any other word about a trade or a free agent signing, which certainly seemed unusual.

We eventually found, of course, that the announcement was for Roy Halladay, who would be signing a one-day contract and retiring as a Blue Jay. And it got a little dusty in here.

Halladay, we later learned, will be working with the Jays organization in the future, joining them in the spring in Dunedin to impart some knowledge, while also stepping into the front office as a “fly on the wall” at a later date, hoping to learn a thing or two about that side of the industry.

Wistfulness sufficiently realized, the day moved on, and we heard that the Pirates were interested in Adam Lind, only to find later on that the Jays asked for Neil Walker and the talks went nowhere.

Word of an Edwin Encarnacion-for-David Price rumour tickled our fancy, even though we knew that it couldn’t possibly be terribly serious.

Then Alex Anthopoulos checked in with reporters, admitting to having one “complicated long shot” deal in the works, while mostly putting on his best poker face, admitting that he may wait out the market for free agent starters, acknowledging that he had arranged with certain agents that they’d get back to him before moving on with any other deal, and looking with some seriousness to the possibility of making a play for Masahiro Tanaka.

John Gibbons met with the media as well, praising Ryan Goins, who he says he thinks can start, while standing up for J.P. Arencibia, admitting there has been talk about Tanaka, and more.

We heard that the Jays are one of many clubs interested in a Cuban infielder, while Peter Gammons suggested that the Jays may be a suitor for Bartolo Colon.

It then came about that two weeks ago the Jays had a trade that fell apart. It would have sent Sergio Santos to the Texas Rangers, but apparently another player in the deal failed his physical. We later learned that the player the Jays would have received was a starter– which led to much speculation that it could have been Brett Anderson, as the Rangers and A’s completed a smaller deal shortly after this one reportedly fell apart.

Lastly, that Anderson speculation came in a later post, which also looked at the status of Tanaka– who may not be pursued by the Dodgers and Yankees, we were told– and featured speculation on Justin Masterson, who Cleveland may be making available for trade.

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  1. Go to bed.

  2. Stay out of bed.

  3. Fourth

  4. I’d been thinking Colon would make sense as a potential mid tier fall back. His superficial stats from last year look good

    • I’m thinking Colon could be an OK option too. If they could land him plus a Tanaka/Jiminez/Garza or someone of that level? That’d be a pretty good offseason right there.

  5. Stoeten…are u actually in orlando?

    • Nope. I’d be useless there. Just sitting behind a computer. Would rather be here, aggregating it all.

  6. Ive been reading up on the doc for HOF debate.

    IF he doesn’t make it in, does any pitcher outside of Mo make it anytime soon?

    • You mean of the guys who become eligible at the same time as Roy/Mo or later? Hmm, good question. I’m stumped. I can’t think of anyone more qualified than Roy (other than Mo). Sabathia? To me, he is not really HOF material, though very good. Verlander? But there will be sizable length of time before he becomes eligible
      Of course, Pedro and Randy Johnson will make it in the meantime. (And Clemens?)

  7. Roy is in. when you normalize his stats for the era in which he played..its a no brainer.

  8. I don’t think he had the longevity. If he had a ring as well that would guarantee it too.

    I think he should be in. But knowing the system, I doubt it.

    • I think with crack down on peds we’ll see IP drop significantly and become less of an issue for candidacy.

  9. I actually think Masterson should be the #1 target. I think he’s the best fit in terms of ability and likelihood of getting.

    Colon…….no thanks, unless its for something like what he signed for with the Yanks a few gears ago ($1,million or so).

    I see $10,million being thrown around? Like, wtf? The guy is a clear juicer (remember when his career was over, like, five years ago?) and is 41.,Not that I have moral qualms, but you never know when is gonna be the season he decides to get off the gear. I think he has a better then 50% chance of being a bust this year, and we can’t afford to make our “one big move” on such a low probability of success.

  10. So we’re back to 1 in the morning posts. Feels like Darvish all over again. You’re the man, Stoets

  11. Great work Stoeten, thanks.

  12. So I see Mark Trumbo is available. I don’t know a lot about him but know he has some pop and might be a nice replacement for Lind, if we can move him. I’m seeing he isn’t an FA until 2017 so he’d stick around a while too.
    Any thoughts on if the Jays are interested? What might it take to get a guy like that?

    • Do not want. Angels want pitching– talk of the D’backs and Skaggs last night. Trumbo hit .234/.294/.453 and was especially bad in the second half, like he got figured out. Huge pass.

  13. Fair enough. Thanks Stoets. You’re killing it right now man. Thanks for all that you do.

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