Seriously, an item on Kevin Youkilis?

Yep. That’s where these winter meetings are at, here on midday Tuesday. Which… isn’t exactly why I’ve shut the rest of my life off for these three or four days, but that’s alright. I’m at least not like the many, many other fans getting stupidly antsy about why the Jays haven’t done anything yet, as though they can– or should–¬†force the issue, or as though last year’s Marlins deal was supposed to have been a template for what happened this week– while, apparently, the long-dragging Dickey saga was not.

Anyway, I hadn’t thought a whole lot of Kevin Youkilis– late, of course, of the Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, and New York Yankees– before he was brought up as a possible platoon partner for Adam Lind in a piece this week by Chris Toman at Gamereax.

He explained, somewhat cautiously:

Youkilis’ 2013 year was so brief — he only played 29 games and made 119 plate appearances — that it’s almost not worth assessing. The season was a write off for him and he didn’t play a game past mid-June after a herniated disk forced him to go under the knife. His ugly year looked like this: .219/.305/.343, .290 wOBA, 78 wRC+ (it was -19 against southpaws).

There’s a lot not to like here, such as his age, injury history, decline, and the Rogers Centre turf. Those were the same concerns associated with DeRosa, though, and that relationship worked out pretty well for the Blue Jays. Youkilis suffered through an injury-plagued 2013 season with the Yankees but has a good track record at the plate, including a strong ability to get on base. The Blue Jays could do better, especially when factoring in the level of risk attached to signing Youkilis, but there’s also potential for reward.

Fair enough points, though clearly the risk is a major factor, as would the fact that, by making a move for the husk of the former Greek God of Walks, the club would make it a lot harder to find themselves a platoon partner for Ryan Goins– which, if they’re seriously going to try to carry his bat (and they shouldn’t), is an absolute necessity.

Ahhh, but it’s all for not, as Nick Cafardo tweets that Youk is starting to draw interest, while Jack Curry adds– both via MLBTR– that he’s told the Yankees that he’d rather play on the west coast. Awww, too bad! But not really.

So… there’s that.

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  1. No thanks

    • The Winter Meetings…bringing RADAR and Stoeten together on the same side…

      Who said these meetings aren’t crazily impactful?!

  2. The Angels got their starters, now its our turn!

  3. He would be great as a bench bat. Love his approach.

  4. In other news, the Angels have gotten Skaggs and Santiago for Trumbo + PTBNL. That’s two pitchers who are now off the market.

    • Or you could look at it this way: One team no longer in the market for starting pitching from acquiring 2 starting pitchers that we didn’t know were even on the market.

      So there’s that.

  5. These meetings certainly are filled with inaction. As far as bench guys go, Youk could be great, but going by Gibby’s words I don’t think we should expect much of a splash at all when it comes to the bench. Goins, Gose and Izturis really “should” be the bench guys.

  6. Would be nice to see a jays move now

  7. have fun out west.

  8. Would take Jeff Baker if there was room. The guy destroys lhp also can play 1st and 3rd.

  9. I hate his dumb face and everything about him. But I will concede he would probably be a good RH bench bat….

  10. I’ve always liked Youk. But I’ve liked him for a very long time and he’s a bit old now. So I don’t feel really bad about this.

  11. He would be entertaining. Him and Bautista getting all pissed off at balls and strikes. Youk and Lawrie being gritty together. The thought of Gibbers and Youk in an interview together makes me happy. Make it happen.

  12. The quote that I read was that Youk told the Yankees that he wanted to play closer to his California home… Toronto is closer than New York to his California home. Just sayin’.

  13. Moving on.

    Jeff Baker, to platoon, please.

  14. Pools of Youk sweat in the west.

  15. It’s getting depressing.
    It’s like watching all the girls at the dance get up and go off with the other guys…while you sit at your table and try to smile when you’re actually dying a thousand horrible deaths inside.
    Or so a friend told me.

    • mmm not really cause alot of players that are moving are the ones you werent attracted to in th first place. Sure the hottest chick is now taken, but you were never going to get her anyways.

      • Yeah, but it’s that sinking feeling that you’re gonna’ end the night with your dick in your hands… That said, a lot of BAD fucking decisions have been made in the duldrums of that mind-set, so maybe you’ve got a point!

  16. Sanchez, Stroman, Cecil, Norris, Nay for Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. Who says no?

  17. They got that for fucking trumbo? and here we thought Anaheim was run by idiots.

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