I’m not sure how serious the Jays ever were when it came to bringing Bartolo Colon to the Rogers Centre, but the opportunity is no longer there, as he’s moved to the National League, agreeing to a two year deal with the Mets.

Or… maybe it’s more actually that the Mets agreed to pay Colon, rather than the other way around. Clearly he was chasing a second year on the deal, and clearly the Mets were the team that was desperate enough to add him to do it. I don’t think it’s necessarily a terrible move on there part, but as for the Jays’ lack of traction here– read: their lack of willingness to overpay– I think it could signal one of two things…

One, they feel good enough about their internal pieces, or about the other options on the table, that they didn’t feel the need to go so heavily (note: heh!) after Colon.

Two, they don’t feel they have enough room in their budget– or enough of an ability to move money around to create room and still keep the team viable– in order to spend this much on a guy like Colon and still have room to do more.

The hopelessly negative lot out there will be sure it’s the latter, no doubt, but to me even that is a good thing. If they’ve only got one bullet left in their budget, I’m OK with it not being a desperation move for Colon over two years. Of course, I don’t really believe that’s all they’ve got going for them, either. I could be way wrong on that, or they might actually have options that end up falling apart on them, but I think it’s an OK bet that we’re not going to rue the day the Jays didn’t agree to pay a 40-year-old Colon $20-million over two years. Might work out to be a decent deal, even. But… whatever.

And if it lessens the pathways and gives Alex Anthopoulos some clarity on how to move next, that’s probably an alright thing too.

Then again, if they end up dealing their best prospects instead of just swallowing hard to get a guy like Colon, maybe my rosy look at it is entirely a load of shit. But they haven’t done that yet, have they?

So… there’s that.

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  1. Screw all that, I just want to watch him hit on a regular basis.

  2. Ugh. Thats all I can say.

  3. Interestingly, Anthopolous in a brief talk today with, I believe, Jamie Campbell, said that he considers Moises Sierra to be the team’s 4th OF. I don’t think I’ve heard him plainly state Sierra is that guy over Gose.

    • He should be, since he can platoon with Lind and leaves them room to get a caddy for Goins (or someone better who can play every day), and it also allows Gose to get more at-bats.

      Plus Sierra is out of options.

      Issue would be him playing in CF, of course, but that would be rare– and they could technically use Bautista or Melky (if healthy) in a pinch.

      • Yeah absolutely. Just don’t think I’ve heard AA explicitly say Sierra is 4 on the depth chart before. I figured he was for the reasons you state but just haven’t heard it out loud.

        if they need a CF, i think Gose or Pillar gets called up. though I believe Melky played CF when he was healthy in 2012 so that could work. Bautista i dunno…

  4. I don’t thing Colon for 2 years at $10 per is a lot compared to what the alternative free agent pitchers are asking. That being said, signing Colon wreaks of the Frank Thomas deal, which was okay for one season.

  5. Also, the giants are talking to jeff baker. Thats a guy the jays should be really interested in for a platoon with lind. He can play OF as well.

    • He could also platoon with Goins at 2B. His defense isn’t spectacular, but he can play 2B and it lefties.

  6. We’ll see what happens, but I would have been FINE with the Jays signing Colon to this deal (assuming he’d take it from Toronto).

    They need arms, and it wouldn’t break the bank so much that they couldn’t look at going for another SP.

  7. Volquez to Pittsburgh.

    • When I first saw this, I thought, “Crap! One got away!” but then I decided to see what got away.
      Man, is Edinson Volquez a crap pitcher, very much contrary to what I had imagined. I think I was still living in 2008.

  8. 2/ 20 for Colon is a big pass when in the AL East.

    • Take a look at his last three seasons..

      ERA IP H ER BB K ERA+ k/bb
      3.32 507.0 526 187 92 343 119 3.73

      Thats pretty damn well worth 10 million a year in this market.

      What shocked me is I just now realized he is only 5’11!!!!!

      All these years I thought he was like 6’3 / 6’4

      you dont find many power righties under 6 feet…

  9. “Then again, if they end up dealing their best prospects instead of just swallowing hard to get a guy like Colon, maybe my rosy look at it is entirely a load of shit.”

    I love it. No one can claim that you dont at least try to see things from multiple perspectives.

  10. Pending physical (read: Colonoscopy)

  11. “… on there part…”

    Yeah, I’m going to be that guy. You’re better than that Stoeten

  12. There is a third possibility: The Jays offered Colon a similar deal and for whatever reason Colon decided he didn’t want to live in Toronto/play for the Jays.

    We never know the whole story.

    • No. You can’t just say that.

    • Or maybe he just wanted to freebase on Grimaldi’s or John’s Pizzeria any time he wanted, and there’s no equivalent joint in Toronto to satisfy his cravings. He’s got to keep that waistline expanded.

    • A fourth possibility: Colon is about to have his frayed, geriatric, surgery and drug-enhanced arm fall off and only the Mets were dumb/gullible enough to sign him.

  13. Holy shitballs. Seems like a pretty light price for Morrison. Would be nice guy on the bench, as insurance for Cabrera or maybe trade Lind for something in return and there is clearly upside – 26 and first year of arb with some success.

    The reverence for sabermatics seem a little out of control to me. Common sense has some place in evaluation no?

    From MLBTradeRumours
    xFIP pegs a fluky homer-to-flyball ratio (18.8 percent) and a .365 batting average on balls in play as the reason for Capps’ woes

    Maybe he just threw so many pitches right down the pipe that the hitters were absolutely crushing for home runs to the tune of a 365 batting average hitting 1 out of 5 balls in the air out for a homer. BABIP and xFIP etc have their place but at the end of the day maybe a guy is just throwing homer balls in the middle of the strikezone out there that the batters are hitting it extrememly hard?

    Earlier Stoeten you referenced Rasmus’ BABIP discrepencies between his good years and bad. Yes maybe there is something to that but also maybe there is something to the common sense that the years he was poor he wasnt hitting the ball hard which is why he wasnt getting as many hits when he made contact.

    BABIP should come weighted with a “how hard did he hit the ball” part to the equation.

    • The reason people use xFIP, as opposed to normal FIP is that xFIP just uses league average homerun/flyball rates (times the number of fly balls he gave up), as opposed to FIP which uses the pitchers actual HR/FB rates.

      Its been shown that xFIP is a better predictive stat then standard FIP, because year to year home run rates for pitchers have such massive variations that, counter intuitive to what one might think, they dont tell us that much about how good the pitcher was. The same goes for line drive rates.

  14. My own personal dream of this big, fat mess of a 41 year old pig-faced RHP is now gone. Sigh….

  15. If we are to take AA at face value in that the FA’s cost to much and available starters teams want too much then Colon at 2/20 looks good.

    It seems a coincidence that he goes from one pitcher park to another so maybe the same offer or better from the Jays would have made no difference.

    A lot is going down without the Jays being involved. To be honest if AA is going to meet the demands of the FA market or trade market I want it to be a player that makes me go fuck yea.

  16. It seems like there have been a lot of moves, and the Jays have been sitting on there hands, but to be honest, I don’t think there was too many that I would have wanted them to do.

    Not including the Cano or Ellsbury, which would never happen, I wouldn’t have minded Tim Hudson, or the Angels deal. Everything else has been ‘meh’.

    Maybe you could make a case or Kazmir or Feldman, but I still think there’s gotta be something better out there.

    • Fister.

    • McCann and Cano were the biggest potential moves from a baseball perspective not considering the financial aspect and “would never happen” persepctive – and dont be silly it could happen just it is not chosen to be the course of action for the team. It was reported Cano even said he would have signed with Jays if they offered same contract and Jays could have managed it even without taking on too much salary if they backloaded and/or traded some guys. Not the Jays modis operando but certainly could be.

  17. Can he pitch with a round rubber nose please? With that Mets uniform he’ll look hilarious.

  18. I was only semi for Colon.
    But Usbaldo, HimManYes.

    I’ll see myself out.

  19. Keith Law likes the Colon signing.

    This is a tiny excerpt “he’s fat, forty, and fastball-heavy”.

    But honest, the article goes on to say it’s a real good signing, especially in the absence of Harvey.


  21. Brett Lawrie trade rumours on Twitter now and that’s fucked.

  22. Wow I can’t see them moving Lawrie.

  23. @stoeten Thanks for all the posts . I hope you are posting from a bar with healthy adult refreshments nearby.

    I would be going bananas following all these trade rumors. I was at a holiday lunch with co workers and had to slip away I to check my iphone to catch up with the latest rumors.

    The more I think about it, I think AA should stand pat & not trade the Lansing survivor & stroman. Those two kids + all the depth, Redmond, Hutch etc… should be able to do better than josh Johnson & ramon ortiz & chi ming wang did last year.

    If possible AA should try to get one of the remaining free agent pitchers and call it a day.

    What about Marcum? He must be healthy by now.

  24. I would have loved the Jays to have picked up Colon at that price and traded Buehrle. I feel like 2 yrs of Colon is lower risk than 3 years of Buerle at a significantly lower cost, plus given the current pictures market you might be able to get something for Buehrle. The Jays would have ended up with similar production, more payroll flexibility plus whatever you got in trade for Buehrle.

    • Lower risk? Colon is like 200 years old and that HR/FB rate doesn’t look sustainable at Skydome. With Buehrle you know exactly what you’re gonna get.

      • Bartolo Colon has been, worth 9.1 WAR over the past 3 yrs, Buehrle 7.8 WAR, Colon did pitch in only 24 games but has never been worth less than 2.4 WAR, while Buerle has consistently pitched in over 30 games/200 innings but has provided as little as 1.9WAR. Colon will cost 10 million a year, Buehrle 14.5 million a year. So we would free up 4.5 million dollars for a top end starter, end up with something in trade, and get a player with a higher ceiling, without giving up much.

        • I get your point, but I dunno. Least year he had a 6% HR/FB rate, 4% below his career average, and the Coliseum is a great homer-supressing ballpark. It’s well within the realm of possibility for that rate to as much as double at Rogers Centre. It’ll be interesting to see how he does in New York.

          He’s just too much of a wild card. History hasn’t been kind on 41 year old pitchers. At the moment, I think “solid but unspectacular” is more valuable to the Jays than “risky high-upside”.

  25. I’ll bet that Colon has negotiated a salary that includes 300 donuts a week from Peter Pan in Greenpoint. Can Toronto really compete with that?

  26. Colon would get killed in the done. One thing to throw 90 percent fastballs at the coliseum.. But now that the restaurant is gone? Lol

  27. Yanks turned down a Phillips for Gardner swap.

    Would it be crazy to think Reds could have made the same offer to Jays for Colby? Is it fair to suggest that be a similar comp?

    Both Rasmus and Gardner are FA’s next year, both are top CF’ers, albeit for different reasons, and both NYY and TOR need 2b’s

    Interesting thought at the least

    • Could also be where the rumour of Rasmus being shopped came from (Rasmus shopped to 2 teams for pitching). Reds possibly asked for Rasmus, AA said he could use Phillips but really wants pitching and asked for Bailey in an expanded deal of Ramus + and Reds said pass.

  28. Jays sign Tomo Ohka. I guess if you say his name 5 times fast it sounds like Tanaka . . .

  29. Jays just signed Tomo Ohka to a minor league deal. Apparently he now chucks the knucks. Because I believe in AA, I know that this is like a joke present at Christmas.

  30. Tomo Ohka??? Seriously??? Fuck this.

    • @Tom.

      He had a great season with the Expos in 2002 with Bartolo Colon.

      AA trying to trump the Mets move of signing ex Expos Bartolo Colon.

      Colon vs Ohka at the Olympic Stadium in March 2014. !!

    • It’s a minor league deal, calm your tits

  31. Thankfully the Leafs lost.

  32. Bettin big money Ohka is to get a knuckleballer in the minors for the catchers – Jimenez; Thole; Nickeas; Kratz- whomever is down there to get practice just in case and have him in Spring Training.

  33. Interesting exchange between Hayhurst and Lawrie on twitter about the new rule on collisions at home.
    Both sides have valid points.

    • I haven’t checked it out yet but I bet I know what position Lawrie is taking. Speaking of Lawrie I’m looking forward to him becoming a rock star at 3rd this coming season.

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