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Richard Griffin’s latest for the Toronto Star contradicts earlier reports from Bob Elliott of the Sun that suggested the Blue Jays were actively shopping Colby Rasmus in their quest to find pitching.

“Will Colby Rasmus be traded?” he asks. “It may very well happen this winter, but contrary to rumours, the Jays have not been shopping their power-hitting centre fielder…although he has been very popular whenever the Jays’ GM Alex Anthopoulos picks up his phone.”

He mostly ends up suggesting that the Jays and Cubs are still the best fit, for some kind of a deal involving Jeff Samardzija, though the fact that Alex Anthopoulos is very reluctant to move his top pitching prospects– as, according to Griffin, he dreams “for a similar situation to the ’13 Cardinals, how Michael Wacha and Trevor Rosenthal emerged, coming on like freight trains in the second half and the post-season”– is making it hard to get anything done. Though, he tells us, there is still time for the clubs to figure it all out.

Gregor Chisholm focusses in on Samardzija as well, in a new post at his North Of The Border blog, giving some quick thoughts on all of the hot topics around the Jays from down there in Orlando. One of those is also on Rasmus, who “is just one year away from a massive payday as a free agent and that has a very negative impact on his overall value.”

“The Blue Jays don’t need another back-end starter — they already have plenty of those — they need someone that can easily be a candidate for the top three,” he continues. “If the club couldn’t get that for Jose Bautista then it’s incredibly hard to believe they’d be able to get that for Rasmus.”

Wait, they couldn’t??? And now they’re done trying???

I’m sure he doesn’t mean it quite that way, and I see his point there, for sure.

Meanwhile, after word broke last night about the possibility of Rasmus being moved, ol’ @FlorenceFalcon0 (aka Tony Rasmus IV) weighed in on the situation…


Yep. He gets it. Very, very obviously. However, these next two tweets, relating to the possibility of a fit in Cincinnati, though, were even better still…

Gold! Totally great stuff.

So… there’s that.

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  1. “If he duplicated 2013 you probably don’t sign him anyway.”

    Basically stating how the Jays are viewed in the world of free agency: They won’t offer you the deal you want/deserve, and therefore you aren’t going there.

  2. Watching him go from objective business-minded realist to passive-aggressive Dad in the same series of tweets is pretty great.

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  3. I’d hate to see Cletus go. Been hard on him since he came to TO but he was a stud last year.

  4. That last Tony tweet is awesome. Wow. Take that TLR.

  5. Fine then…

    I almost wish they would keep Rasmus put him in RF and get #1 or 2 starter by trading Bautista.

    The Trumbo package produced a reasonable return, couldn’t Bautista get something better? Even a one for one trade-forget the peripheral stuff

  6. I’ve gotten the vibe from Tony on Twitter that the Jays have tried extending Rasmus to the type of deal we saw Bautista & EE sign (one that acknowledged both sides of the risk equation), but that the Rasmus side is perfectly content to play out the string in 2014 and see what he’s worth on this ever-expanding FA market.

    This doesn’t mean, however, that you just trade him for the best pitcher you can get. It’s a lot more likely the Jays can get decent back-end innings from within their own system than it is they can get MLB average play out of CF without Rasmus around.

    • “This doesn’t mean, however, that you just trade him for the best pitcher you can get. It’s a lot more likely the Jays can get decent back-end innings from within their own system than it is they can get MLB average play out of CF without Rasmus around.”

      Nailed it.

  7. No doubt, AndyMc9293 was being completely reasonable about AA.

  8. I find it so odd that, with the small circle of baseball beat reporters in Toronto, that one guy will come out a day after another guy writes something and basically call him a liar in public. I guess that’s the business? Both Elliott and Griffin are pretty senior in their respective fields, you’d think a little more respect would be shown between the two.

    Saw those Tony Rasmus tweets last night, so awesome. It really is incredible to be able to watch live thoughts of an athletes parent, especially one who has a ton of knowledge about the game. Would hate to lose Rasmus, LOVE watching him stalk the ball in CF. If it makes the team better though, do what has to be done. Gose AND Goins though? *Full body shiver ensues*.

    • Griffin’s not calling Elliot a liar, he’s reporting different information based on hearing something different from his own sources.

      I’ve no doubt they’re friends, or at least friendly on some level, but they’re both professionals, with obligations to report what they believe to be the truth. Disagreement will come with the territory.

      • I like both of them and wouldn’t be surprised if they were good friends. It looks to me that Griff is just having a little fun with Elliot and probably expects that at some point in the not-too-distant future, Elliot will get him back: Kind-of like journalistic ping pong.

  9. Ugh I hate when my dad gets all up in my career.

  10. And the award for “best use of twitter as a full length blog” goes to…

  11. i like colby. i want him to stay, and be awesome, and get paid, and continue to be awesome, so that every time i see that smug asshole greg zaun, i can think back to his spot on PTS a year or so ago when he went on some typical zaun-tard rant about hustle & playing the right way, and that colby didn’t run hard and that blahblahblahblahblah.

    gawd, i hate that fucker. zaun. not colby. LOVE ME SOME COLBY.

    maybe i’m just being optimistic, but i don’t think they’re all that far off, and i’d rather they not create one hole by filling another that MAYBE doesn’t need to be filled just as badly as we’ve all sort of assumed?

  12. The Sage has spoken

  13. Formerly Tony Fernandez For Prime Minister

    I have changed my alias since AA is clearly a master politician. Super nice guy that can talk intelligently for hours without actually saying or committing to anything while gaining unwavering support of the masses.

    From yesterday
    quoting Anthopoulos as he explains that “If we’re going to go seven times 10, or go five times 14, it balances out at the end of the day.”

    Um in the latter the player is under contract for 2 additional seasons.

    It is still early but Jays PR sure seem to be dampening expectations. Do expect a couple impact moves to be made but nothing that will make them top 5 contenders for the WS or anything. Marginal improvement and depth

    Trade Rasmus for Bailey sure that sounds good Ill take Bailey in rotation and Gose in center. If they arent going to extend him and commit long term then trade him now while his value is higher not risking him having a bad start. Don’t want to bank on young unproven player without insurance like we did last year with JP.

    Add Garza as FA sounds like a solid rotation with good depth. Seems like best FA move given what is left.

    5 year window yeah sure I buy it – hopefully we have an indefinite window for contention which is the advertised model. Glad AA doesnt want to trade the farm. Really this seems to be an attempt to dampen expectation for the upcoming season and have fan base accept small additions / not trading the top prospects or raising payroll a bunch which could result in a win now season rather than a we might win season. Not bad but dammit when are we gonna go for it and try to take a serious run at winning? Its been 20 years and we are close now with roster we have.

    Next year is a crucial time to win as Elliot says. “Have to win” – well no the world will not end if they don’t. Certainly most important season to win in a while – payroll is up, fan base / attendance / revenue is up from last years hype. If they tank again they lose a lot of those gains and the end of that 5 year window could see a reduced payroll from this year if the revenues drop which they will if the team tanks. If they win the sky is the limit and payroll is added next year. Reminicent of 2005-2006. They didn’t win then (although they did win 85 that first year) and support dwindled and JP got canned.

    Furthermore we hear the Gibberish – was he drunk? Available moneys maybe better for the bench than a SP! Goins is good and would go with him as starter! What bench guys are we talking about signing that don’t beat out Goins and Izturis for 2B? Maybe I guess a low end OF that could spell Melky if he is hurt and backup for Gose if Rasmus is traded. – Franklin Guiteeraz would be solid bench guy if he is relatively cheap – prime AA buy low target. Not too inspiring yesterday’s Gibberish

    • Well you might want to change it again because you spelled “Anthopoulos” wrong.

    • You do realize that people do not come to this site to read your life story or get your in depth expert analysis right? Your comments are too long. F off

  14. You couldn’t get an arm for Bautista? Or is that no win now team would be willing to give a big piece of their 2014 rotation to acquire him.

    I would absolutely hate to be the guy who has to end up deciding to either trade stroman or Sanchez. Seems like a very hard decision at this point .

    • Lots of talk about Scherzer being available today. Detroit does need some power after dumping Prince…

  15. These are shockingly reasonable tweets from someone so close to the situation.

    • i know, right? kinda puts the rasmus clan / TLR feud in better perspective. because of course it makes sense to draw conclusions from a few tweets. i don’t care, i’m doing it anyway…suck it, tony (larusa)!

  16. I find it amusing that Tony Rasmus interacts with a twitter user named @PervColby.

    • I noticed that too. I wonder how the 1st couple of tweets went, or were there any death threats?

  17. As always though, it’s all speculation, albeit at a very close range. (who would know better than Colby’s dad what’s going on with Colby?)
    It does bring to mind some points though:
    Maybe, if some of the speculation is right, Colby HAS been offered an extension already and turned it down giving rise to the “shopping Colby” rumours.
    In 1990 the Angels traded an underperforming Devon White to the Jays for Junior Felix and the Jays went to another level, and ultimately won two WS. I wonder what their real valuations of Gose vs Rasmus are?

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