Not that this is exactly an effing revelation here, but Ken Rosenthal at least has his ear to the ground for some Jays stuff, and he’s hearing exactly what everybody else is hearing (basically from Alex Anthopoulos himself)– or at the very least what we could all surmise by the fact that nothing has happened yet.

To wit:

I mean… yeah. This time yesterday I was writing about Kevin Youkilis, so at least this qualifies as Jays-related news, I guess. And the fact that they looked into David Price is maybe noteworthy– especially with the market for him not exactly flush, especially, one assumes, after the Mariners learned that Price wasn’t open to re-signing in Seattle, and after the Rays learned that the M’s wouldn’t include Taijuan Walker in a deal– but… we don’t really think this is going to happen, do we?

I don’t know. But the sense here is that we’re in the middle of a pretty big staring contest on just about everything that’s in play for the moment, including Stroman and Sanchez– who Anthopoulos hasn’t shied away from saying he’ll deal, though he acknowledged that he didn’t want to (or maybe flat out wouldn’t) move them both in the same trade.

It’s just about as exciting as being in the middle of a staring contest, too, huh?

One guy who isn’t in play, it should be noted– and so, why not here?– is Cleveland’s Justin Masterson. Jim Bowden tweeted earlier today that Terry Francona had informed him on his radio show that Masterson had been called and told he wouldn’t be getting dealt. Hard to compete if you’re trading away your best players– which is exactly the lessons I’d assume the Reds are learning at the moment, as well. The Jays too, most likely, when they’re being asked about the Bautistas and Encarnacions of the world, rather than prospects like Sanchez and Stroman.

I said all along that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Masterson stuff was just Cleveland’s way of getting a feel for his market, with the though that they may make him available as a rental in July, should their season go south. Seems about right.

So… there’s that.

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  1. Both Stroman and Sanchez for the Shark? I’d say that Theo’s officially lost it, but after how long he waited to deal Garza and what he actually wound up receiving, I can hardly blame him

  2. Don’t fucking blink, Stoeten.

  3. Woo hoo. I love baseball!

  4. I’d give anything and everything for Price, simple as that.

    • 12 total cost controlled years of Sanchez and Stroman for just two of Price? I don’t know man…

      • Agreed, as much as I love Price, the only way I give them both up is if we could extend Price as a part of the deal

  5. I’d give a shit tonne for Price. The others not so much.

  6. Mariners sign Hart. Can’t wait to see if they fall on their face like the Jays did last year.

  7. Well, AA wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t at least inquire about everybody available – nor would he be doing his job if he didn’t listen to offers for everybody on the Jays.
    As much as I’d love a Price – but holy hannah, the money AND the bounty you have to give up for him. And as much as I’d love a steady #3 or #4 guy like Sharkey – honestly, the Cubs are asking the world for him.
    Throw the cards back onto the table, AA….there’s no harm in walking away at this point. If Sharkey’s around in a month or two, maybe the asking price will have changed.

  8. Price for ..

    Sanchez, Norris and one of the lower level high-ceiling prospects like NAY, Barreto? you have to say yes to this from the Jays side .. but probably still not enough for Price? they probably want a major league caliber piece too

    I am sure the Jays can make the Rays happy from a minor league player perspective, but not sure if they have the MLB talent to include – young controllable? Hutch, Drabek, Gose, Pillar – not exactly mouth watering from the Rays side

  9. Seriously, couldn’t Stroman start the year playing for us? And couldn’t Sanchez be with us by mid-season?

    I get giving away guys that don’t have room to play or that are still years out. I don’t get giving up guys that are ready and cost nothing for the pleasure of paying some guy 10 or 20M only to have him leave shortly after.

    • That’s another reason I don’t want to see either of them moved. It applies to Stroman more, I guess, but they both provide the team with some very high-end pitching depth in 2014. Unlike some of the lower-level guys, moving Stroman and Sanchez affects the current pitching depth as well.

  10. Lind and one of Sanchez/Stroman for Price

  11. Price makes every pitcher better. Dickey becomes a 2,Morrow a 3,Buerle a4 etc…

    • I agree, but if the Phils were really listening on Lee or Hamels for “all of the prospects” (which is what it would take to get Price), then I’d much rather the Jays go that route. More years of control feels more justifiable to me to part with everyone in our top-5 prospect list…

    • That’s… that’s not how that works.

      • How what works?

        • I guess he’s replying to the guy above you, the one who proposes that when you are called a number 3 in a rotation, then you are actually better than if you were the same pitcher but called a number 2.

        • The rest of the Jays starters don’t get better by adding Price. The rotation as a whole gets better, but listing Brandon Morrow as a #2 or a #4 doesn’t change the value of Brandon Morrow.

          • I know.
            On a completely unrelated note, your name reminds me of the Seinfeld episode in which they discuss that two nuts actually have human names, hazel and filbert. If your name is truly Philbert, were you ever ribbed for this (the Seinfeld connection, or even the direct nut connection)?

    • doesn’t the 1-4 thing mean jack unless it’s opening week or the playoffs? It’s mix and match through the season, and you might drop #5 here and there on off days, otherwise, what’s a number?

  12. The more I hear about the SP trade market, the more I hate it.

    Can’t we just sign Ubaldo, 4/60?

    • +1

      • were I a betting man I’d say the offer would have to be closer to 6/84

        • I’d do that rather than give up a guy like Stroman or Sanchez to get another pitcher. It only costs money to sign a FA.

          I’m not convinced the Jays are any better off having Samarzjdia in the rotation over Stroman.

  13. Here’s to Andrew Stoeten on the continued excellent work he is doing on these winter meetings! *raises glass*

  14. I would give up a LOT to land Price. Samuraininja, not so much.

  15. 2 years of Price though, he’d probably get hurt partway through next season only to come back the next season struggle and then get traded for less then the Jays paid for him. I am basing that on the quality of the starting pitchers Toronto has employed over the last few seasons.

  16. I really wish the Jays had the money to just sign Ubaldo. Oh well.

    If no additions are made, what are we looking at? Dickey, Morrow, Buehrle, Happ, Hutchison?

    • Seems reasonable. Very little talk of Happ these days. To me, he is not really an improvement on Rogers, or Redmond, though I will admit to flagging attention as the season went on. Could Happ be moved for a couple of B prospects and salary relief? Is that too little return for what they paid to get him?

      What is the status of Redmond, by the way? Is he still a Blue Jay/under their control?

  17. Giving up both Sanchez and Stroman for Price is a good deal providing you sign Price to an extension. Throw a offer to TB with permission to work out a deal with Price. If he signs, its worth the steep pay in talent.
    Definitely not worth that much for the Shark though.

  18. Not about starting pitching, but how much would it cost to get Jeff Baker to platoon Lind, and does the hernia scare you if you’re the Jays FO?

  19. I think the Logan Morrison trade really helps Jays. Pitt, Mil and TB need 1B. Lind could be a fit.

    Jays could sign Morales w/o losing 1st rounder. All the other teams don’t have protected picks.

  20. For Masterson, I’m willing to go to Gose, Lind, Cecil and Stroman. AA should push hard and if they make him he should add Tirado.

    • Wow Im glad you arent the Jays GM. I hope that was a joke.

    • I think Masterson is only under contract for this coming season… silly to give up that much without an extension being agreed to

    • You are a masher. Keep hitting them out of the park. Too much…too little. This exercise is futile here anyway. Someone will bitch and moan…no win situation when you name names

    • Jesus. Why not throw in a couple million to balance it all out?

  21. This may seem ridiculous (and probably is), but does having a couple of really top prospects slightly hurt the Jays in negotiations to acquire Price, for example? I mean, does their refusal to include their “number 1 and 1a” prospects provoke the ire of their potential trading counterpart? Would the opposing GM take a “number 1″ prospect from another team who was actually worse than what the Jays were offering (their number 4, perhaps), just because of the crown of the system label?
    Probably not, but anyone with interesting thoughts?

    • I think the problem with stroman and Sanchez is combined I don’t think they are worth a number 1 starter who has more than 1-2 years left but trading them both for a number 3 would basically feel like an overpay, especially since we need more than 1 starter to be set.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there are situations where it could work that way, but I’m confident the Rays wouldn’t qualify as one of those situations.

      • You’re probably right, the Rays front office is too smart. I wonder if they pretend to be dumb though, and try to use the silly idea as leverage? Never mind, this is going to get into one of those “if he knows that you know that he knows…” deals. :)

  22. So when should we be angry at the jays relatively inactivity

  23. You guys are crazy, we’re not getting price and dealing Snachez and Stroman is a massive overpay. It’s two years of price versus 10 years of top prospect pitching. Not to mention interdivision craziness.

    • That’s why you ask for a window to work out a deal with Price. He’s an ace and will cost. But better to overpay for your ace than to overpay for anything else out there. If not, keep the prospects and go with what you got.

      • Window? if we trade for him you would have 2 years to work out an extension. However with how the free agency is shaping out, it would be smart of price to wait till free agency and get paid

      • Price has been worth between 4-5 WAR over the last several seasons. He’s very, very, good but it’s not like he’s in the stratosphere of Halladay/Cliff Lee/Verlander who had several 6-8 WAR seasons.

        I would love a pitcher as good as Price too, but if it’s going to cost you your top 4 prospects PLUS paying him $20 M a season for the next 6 years, i would pass.

        Remember, he’s 28, so he’s basically peaking right now. Whoever signs him when he’s a free agent is going to have an albatross of a contract on their hands because he’s not regressing from an 8 WAR peak; he’s regressing from a 5 WAR peak.

    • Ridiculous. It’s POTENTIALLY 10 years of Stroman and Sanchez for 2 years of Price. Or it could be 0 years of Stroman and Sanchez for 2 years of Price. Or 5 years of Stroman and Sanchez for half a year of Price, etc. You never really know.

      What you do know is that David Price is extremely durable, in his prime, and already the pitcher that you hope one of Stroman or Sanchez will become. He’s much more of a known quantity than the other two.

      Sanchez may never make it past Double A. Stroman may end up a middle reliever. Or either of them may fall apart after 200 big league innings. No one really knows.

      If you can get David Price from a division rival right now for those two guys, you do it. If you’re not going to make that kind of deal right now, you might as well sell high on what you have already and rebuild. Price is the perfect player at the perfect time in his career to match the Jays needs.

  24. I say get Roberto Hernandez! If he isn’t available maybe we should see what Fausto Carmona is up to these days…

  25. I think the Jays should now trade with Seattle for Smoak and flip Lind (where ever Loney doesn’t sign) for a SP

  26. Alright, fuck it — I’ll bundle all my services and upgrade to the premium cable package, increasing Rogers’ revenues, thereby allowing AA to sign Tanaka — Happy you friggin’ babies?!!! (Geez, now I gotta sell that to the wife… Wish me luck, boys.)

    • Fuck Tanaka…he’s going to be the Yu Darvish consolation prize. Twice the AAV and half the skill.

      • OK — tell me who you want, and I’ll scribble it on my check to Rogers. But be snappy. I want to wrap this up so I can stop refreshing this web page every 2 goddamn minutes!

  27. Things i don’t want to hear any more:
    -It’s still early
    -Due diligence
    - Window

    The Winter Meetings are dead to me.

  28. Does it make sense to anyone to try and cash in on seattles sudden spree? Something like Rasmus and Cecil for ackley, Jesus montero and Paxton? Would fill a few holes for us, and give them the cf and bullpen depth thy need

  29. David Price would look good in the blue and white.

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