The Winter Meetings continue today in Orlando, and since I missed passing this along in the morning, like I’ve been doing so far this week, it seems like now is the perfect time to do a little housekeeping to get you setup for all the delicious coverage around here that will continue through until the end of the meetings.

If you followed along yesterday, or read the recap, you’ll already know what to expect: a torrent of posts for the duration of the day, featuring every manner of Jays-related rumour out there. Assuming, y’know, the Jays actually give us anything to work with– which I’m not exactly concerned that they won’t, given all the heavy lifting that’s still left to do in terms of constructing the club’s roster for 2014.

And how will you know when a new on goes up? Aside from constantly refreshing the site (which you may be doing anyway, if you’re participating in the discussion in the comments) you’ll see every new post tweeted out as soon as it’s live by joining the 20,000 strong monkey army following @DrunkJaysFans on Twitter. Alternatively, you can have a link to every new post sent straight to your news feed if you join the… uh… considerably less strong number of folks who like DJF on Facebook!

Remember, though, that the DJF Twitter is mostly just a feed setup to pretty much give you only links to the posts, with the occasional additional bit of “ICYMI” prodding. However, you can follow me at @AndrewStoeten to get all the same links, plus a whole lot of relevant re-tweets, fun stuff, and someone who’ll actually interact with you more than ol’ DJFBot. If you’re into that.

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Stay tuned for some podcastery at some point over the next couple of days– I think we’re gonna do one tomorrow!– and thanks for your continued support.

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  1. That twitter link to Zubes is to another Archi Zuber….not THE Archi Zuber

  2. does anyone else think that it would benefit the Jays to move the fences back 5 feet?? it would benefit our young arms!! and how many times did Dickey give up a fly ball which landed over the fence. it also seems that that same fly ball would have been an out, had been pitching with the mets in their big ball park….
    also, the type of dingers that Bats, EE and Colby hit, seem to land well past the fence, so an extra 5 feet wouldn’t really hurt our major bats that drastically???

  3. Is it a unilateral decision or do they have to get an OK from the league?

    • If you’re asking about moving the fences, I’m reasonably certain the league has to approve.

      I also dunno why the Jays would want to do this since they are a team built around power (mostly)… and also… Chicks Dig The Long Ball!

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