This was going to be just one part of a larger post on Day Four of the Winter Meetings, but… it’s done now, and I’m sort of thinking, why hold it while I write up a bunch of other stuff? So… here you go!

While you were sleeping– or… wait, was that maybe just me?– the Rule 5 draft happened down at the Winter Meetings in Orlando, and the Jays actually made a selection!

Shi Davidi was the first in my timeline to tweet that the club had selected RHP Brian Moran from the Mariners. Brendan Kennedy was the first one in my feed to later tweet, though, that the Jays had immediately flipped him to the Angels for international cap space. And it was Gregor Chisholm who tweeted later still that the amount of the cap space the Jays have added is $244,000.

That’s a tidy piece of business, I guess, but it’s also slightly unfortunate, because it means for a minute we have to try to wrap our brains around the international spending pool limits, and how the trading of those resources actually works. At least a little bit.

What the Jays appear to have acquired is actually slot number 81 of the 120 international bonus slots assigned by MLB to its clubs. It was one of the slots held by the Angels– valued at $243,500. I know this thanks to the excellent work of Ben Badler of Baseball America, who explains that each team’s bonus pool is broken down into slots with assigned value– not coincidentally, much like the new slotting system for draft picks and draft bonus money– and it’s the slots that can get traded, not just some arbitrary number out of the pool.

There are stipulations, and it all gets pretty complicated– as explained by Badler in another piece– and fortunately for us, the fact that the deal went through means it’s been deemed above board and we don’t have to think a whole lot about it.

We know that earlier in the year the Jays spent $1.2-million of their $2.8-million pool on top Venezuelan amateur Yeltsin Gudino, and that they also signed his fellow Venezuelan, Freddy Gonzalez, for an undisclosed amount.

The money, it should be noted, doesn’t factor into whatever play they may make– should they choose to do so– for Cuban shortstop Aledmys Diaz, who I wrote about earlier in the week. DiazĀ would have been subject to the limits had he signed last year, as a 22-year-old, but he falsified his age in order to look older and was ruled ineligible to sign until February– when he’ll be 23, and no longer subject to them. I think. (And now, thanks to reader Joshua, and this transcript of comments from Alex Anthopoulos by Gregor Chisholm, I know: Diaz is exempt from the pool money.)

So… there’s that.

Oh, and there were some minor leaguers moved in that portion of the draft, but who cares, right?


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  1. Pretty sure AA specifically said that Diaz doesn’t count (they didin’t name the shortstop, but I assume that’s him) against the pool.

    At the bottom.

  2. The Cuban was suspended for a year though from signing, so wouldn’t they have also punished him, by making him still eligible for the limit? If not, it seems like just rewarding him?

    And does he have the proper amount of years playing pro ball? I think you need to be 23 and have played 5 years of pro ball in another league to not be eligible.

  3. I see our ‘ol “can’t miss lefty, with the great curveball, Evan Crawford” got taken from us by the CWS.
    Fuk when he first came up to the BJz, AA said lwfties couldn’t hit him. Then Dwayne Wade and a couple of other lefty mediocre hitters tonged him and basically that was it for him. Sort of like Sam “best stuff in the orgi” Dyson who toils somewhere in Miami now with his shit stuff. reminds me of the Queen song “Another one bites the dust”

    • Nobody ever called him can’t miss.

      Even if they had, you can’t take team’s praise of their own players very seriously.

    • Haha Dwyane Wade. Yeah he is a mediocre lefty. He’s much better with his right hand. And he’s much better at basketball than baseball anyways.

      (Perhaps you meant DeWayne Wise).

  4. No mention of Russell Wilson (yes that Russell Wilson) getting selected by Texas?

    • Are we supposed to know who that is?

    • Nope. Do not care one bit.

    • Was pretty hilarious. Hey, I guess if you want to blow some money out the door, go for it.

      • Shit guys, come to the West Coast. The Seahawks are the best thing going right now.

        • I’m on the west coast!!! And if I recall, my 49′ers just beat your Seahawks, not exactly revenge for when they beat them earlier in the year, but a win is a win, and a lost is a lost.

          • Loss, Dig, Loss.

          • I can’t pretend to be anything more than a bandwagon Seahawks (read:football) fan, but a two-point loss on the road against a good team after already clinching a playoff berth…the 49ers HAD to win that game.

    • As a Seahawks fan and a (in need of second baseman) Jays fan (in northeast US, yeah, dont ask) part of me kinda wishes that couldve worked out… but I’d rather nobody fuck with our franchise quarterback thank you very much… Hope the Jays can start to approach that level of success too!

  5. At this point, I’m pretty sure AA’s strategy is to bore everyone to death (including all unsigned free agents).

    As people fade into the darkness of eternity, they’ll be easily lulled into signing up for flex packs, signing to be our newest member of the rotation, etc.

    The silent ninja is always one step ahead.

  6. Dwayne Wade plays basketball, no? DeWayne Wise, do you mean?

    • +1. You’re right. Must have Basketball on the brain at the moment. Wise it was or is it were?. Anyway you are correct sir. I owe thee a pint of overpriced Rogers centre beer

  7. Oh TSN comments, they make you laugh and want to rip out your hair at the same time.

  8. Some clever business, similar to getting Olivo for compensation last year. International draft pool money for nothing nice job.

    Would have preferred to see talks with Angels lead to us landing Kendrick for some scrap heap depth pitchers we have out of options instead of figuring out they like a guy in the Rule5 draft we can pick and flip for some signing pool money. Skaggs and Santiago for Trumbo, how about Rogers, Redmond and Izturis for Kendrick instead?

    • Kendrick is quite a bit better compared to trumbo

      • Vastly more expensive, teams dont like having other teams spend their monies. So they pay less. Remember Angels want to spend their monies elsewhere, with a free agent pitcher if they can save 5 million dollars they will take less quality and prospects of a lower level.

        • Angels would save about the same money either way. Kendrick is 9M.

          Point is the price for Trumbo was a couple mediocre looking pitchers which the jays have lots of and Kendrick was rumored to be on the block. Would fill the 2B hole and hopefully leave money to get a SP while still having some SP depth even if you traded 3 guys like Redmond, Jeffries, Rogers along with Izturis.

          • Skaggs and Santiago are anything but ‘mediocre looking’ pitchers. AA would wet himself to get these two! Angels did well to get this much for such a one dimensional player……Agreed though that Kendrick would be a great fit for Jays at a reasonable price, especially for any of those pitchers (won’t happen though as they all have marginal trade value)….might need to deal Delabar to get someone like Kendrick

            • Skaggs certainly has some potential. So do Rogers and Jeffries. Santiago not so much and if AA is wetting himself to get him that is a bad bad sign. We don’t want to be in Anaheims position where Rogers, Happ, Jenkins and Redmond would all be legitimate cadidates for the #3-5 spots in rotation. Jansen would be the guy to throw in if they needed more.

  9. AA is making moves like a guy pretty confident of his job going forward. I doubt if he felt the pressure of a ” must win this year or else” mentality he would make this his main move of the winter meetings. I for one appreciate these small moves for the long term betterment of the club.

    • I really need to get a new handle so when I post legitimate comments on here they are taken in as semi relevant

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