Now a little something to kill time on a Friday afternoon: it’s the DJF podcast!

And today we’ve got just Drew and I, with no one filling in for the hopelessly disinterested Wally Pippp, as we talk about the Winter Meetings, from a Jays perspective– as opposed to the Getting Blanked Podcast we recorded just before, which looked at them on the whole! (You should listen to that one, too, FYI).

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  1. best half hour of my day. fuck rogers!

  2. Uhmmm…I’ve been smoking quite a bit today but i’m still pretty sure it’s Friday. Thanks for all the content this week.

  3. How about RA invites Roy to his Knuckleball class come spring and we see Roy Parde Deux? You think it would work guys?

    • Come on David …… and stay out of your dads liquor cabinet. Think about what you’ve just said!

  4. So Infante is off the board. Jays and Yanks left without dance partners for 2B. Philips apparently not an option for either team, who does that leave? Ellis…………?

    • Goins and izturis.

      • Ugh

      • I guess Ackley or Franklin are potentially available too. I’m not sure who else would be in on Ellis at this stage so maybe his market is depressed enough now that the Jays can make a deal. He doesn’t seem to be enough of an upgrade over Kelly Johnson to warrant the Yankees spending even more money in the infield

        • I do think that if nothing else happens there’s a decent chance we get the cuban Diaz

        • Must be something wrong with Ellis. Dodgers had a 5M option on him they didn’t pick up. If anyone wanted him they could have just traded a bag of balls to the Dodgers for Ellis and picked up the option – unless maybe a trade voided the option

  5. One possibility we’re not hearing a lot of is bringing back AJ Burnett. Anyone else think there’s a chance he lands here?

    • I think you’ve got your turtleneck pulled up too high.

    • zero chance – he is either retiring, re-signing in Pitts or signing in Baltimore close to his home

    • I don’t think there’s much of a chance no. But I would take him in a heartbeat. The idiot mouthbreathers would probably think it was the end of the world though.

  6. I’m bored. Let’s play Playstation GM.

    3-way deal.

    We get Leubke, a real solid pitcher when healthy (he is recovering from surgery).

    Pittsburgh get’s Adam Lind. With Loney gone he’s the best option for a team on the cusp.
    And Tim Stauffer, solid reliever/swingman.

    San Diego continues the rebuild, gets Tyler Glasnow. Young stud pitching prospect 3 years away and Dawel Lugo. Flashy SS with plenty of upside.

    The FA market is gross, this has risk but lot’s of upside.

    I’m just here to bullshit and have fun. Feel free to comment, dissect or ignore.

  7. Stoeten: Goins = coins

    Fairservice: Goins = Go- ins

    Which one is the correct pronunciation?

  8. Glavin Floyd close to signing with the mystery team. Wouldn’t be surprised if this were the Jays.

  9. you guys are the best. just the best. so good. hahahaha

  10. I recall Stoeten saying fuck rogers as they showed A-rod at-bats during the jays broadcast

  11. I said fuck Rogers every time they would alter their camera choice or angle to fit another advertisement in at the expense of the viewer giving them a worse shot of the game.

  12. Could be interesting to see what he looks like come spring training. One of the jays many potential fringe starters but has more upside than the others except maybe drabek and stroman

    • Somewhere out there the ghost of Aaron Laffey is laughing.

      • Laffey sucked and McGowen is always hurt. The ghost isnt laughing at McGowen signing contracts worth more than his was for a commitment to rehabilitate.

        what are the odds of McGowen making the rotation, if not at the start of the year then into it … maybe not nearly as low as we would like to think.

        From what is being said by the front office and GIbbons it kind of seems like we might not see a big SP acquisition maybe a lower tier guy or two but who knows.

        Lots of wildcards with the Jays pitching who have real potential even if they are not likely to reach it this year. Can some combination of them fill the 4 and 5 hole and cover for injury. McGowen, Drabek, Rogers, Happ, Hutchinson, Stroman, Luis Perez, Jeffries, Romero, Sanchez are 10 guys and there are a few low ceiling guys too. Hell even Cecil is a longshot. Looking back at rosters we have never had anything close to the number of legitimate potential pitchers we do now – albeit lots of long shots but on the flip side lots could be pretty good too.

        • Yeah. I was trying to reply to those people talking about Floyd up there ^.
          Actually I like McGowan but because he’s out of options they’re going to
          have to get creative with him.

  13. Fun(?) fact:

    Of the top 60 wOBA leaders with at least 500 PA in 2013, only one player had a BABIP lower than his batting average: Edwin Encarnacion (by 25 points!!)

    The next closest? Jose Bautista, with his BABIP and AVG both at .259

    • This is why EE could be in line for a monster season with just a little bit of batted ball luck. He walks more than he strikes out and hits 40 bombs. That is unheard of. He could push his BABIP to .300 instead of .250, he would be an MVP candidate.

      • Career 2500 walks, 1500 strikeouts close to 40HR per season average

        But yeah EE is good at not striking out for a power hitter. Better 3 hitter than Jose, Jose better for 4 or 5 hole

    • How can you have a higher batting average than batting average on balls in play? That implies you somehow got hits without putting the ball into play. Or does a HR not count for BABIP? If that is the case I guess if you had more homers than strikeouts you could have higher average than BABIP.

      • HR don’t count when calculating BABIP.

        Jose is a high K, high fly ball rate so his BABIP generally stays low. EE is a fly ball guy too but who knows? Works for Colby!

  14. Had last year went the way I thought, you thought, all news agencies thought then this would be your favorite song…..

    • It kinda sucks that the Jays shittiness and follow up hate got thrust upon Metric and more specifically Emily Haines because she’s awesome.

      And hot.

  15. I have a love hate with Brett Lawrie.

    He makes me agree with this guy….

    great song either way…

  16. 0 for fucking may lmao. That made the cast for me.

  17. Gavin Floyd close to signing with an unspecified team.

    Has anyone been able to reach his cousin for comment?

  18. Omar Infante is gone…. so much for FA second basemen… trade for kendrick plz.

  19. Would the Yankees would trade us Nova? We need more pitching. I offer Gose, one of Loup/Delabar, Redmond, Romero and a minor leaguer.

  20. Fuck rogers!

  21. Would you ensue fascinated in exchanging links?

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