Munenori Kawasaki will return to the Jays organization, the team announced in a media release today. He’s signed a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training, and damn well may be the best second baseman in the organization (save for their third baseman, of course).

It’s hard not to like Kawasaki as a depth piece. He came in last year and did exactly what you want from a guy you’ve stashed in the minors in case your shortstop gets hurt. He took a lot of good at-bats, which was something it felt like not a lot of his teammates did last season, and he had the added dimension of being a wacky-fun mascot for the club. He was a refreshing bundle of energy in midst of a grim and depressing season.

So… sure, seems a reasonable move given their lack of middle infield depth. An actual MLB-calibre starter would be nice, but this doesn’t prevent that in the slightest.

I’d continue, but not only do I have to run, I’d risk getting awful cynical about all the warm fuzzy feelings this gives people. So… yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

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  1. Booyah! My Christmas wish has come true! The Jays can make no other moves and I’d be set.

    • I like losing teams too.

      • Pretty sure a starting 2B isn’t the difference between this being a winning or losing team. Pretty sure it just rides on health and people playing to their career norms. If jays can get both of those then they are likely a winning club even before a new SP and a new 2B. Feels like jays dabs have gotten really fixated on tge 2b opening. Sure would be nice to do better there, but come on, the season doesn’t hinge that.

        • Refreshing comment. Not that we don’t all want a star at every position, but the thing that struck me the most when I was watching rebroadcasts of the 92 WS was how many guys weren’t all stars on those teams. Not to say we have that great of a team now – but it certainly all doesn’t hinge on 2B. Now SP….,

          • Well, some of those guys weren’t really stars before being on world series winning teams…

          • Hall of fame calibre 2B never really hurt either

          • Much more to the point, look at the incredibly shitty pitching the ’93 team had. Just awful. Jack Morris ’93 / Josh Johnson ’13 – not so different from each other. You don’t need elite pitching to win. You simply need your pitching to be a little better than your offence. And luck, of course.

  2. ‘Everytime a bell rings – Kawasaki fouls off a pitch’
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas, everyone.
    Thanks, Stoeten, for all you do.
    Enjoy the holiday.

  4. Solidarity on the cynicism, Stoeten.

    Enjoy your break. And to all of us, hopefully a better 2014 (baseball and otherwise).
    (Sorry for the case of the sads today.)

  5. If more of our regulars saw as many pitchers per at bat as kawasaki does, they would get to tee off on shit ballers more often.

  6. While I’d prefer someone better then either of them I’d take Kawasaki over Goins.

  7. If I absolutely HAD to, I could live with him at 2B over Goins. Still prefer a real MLB starter.

    • Neither player can hit, but I’d rather have Goins on the bench than Kawasaki. It’s pretty much a wash between the two for being replacement-level players.

      • I’d rather have Kawasaki. I mean ideally you’re not using either but in the event that you have to use one I’d rather Kawasaki since he likely offers the better OBP and will rag up the pitch count better. Just don’t let either play against lefties.


  9. Can someone explain to me why they don’t shift Lawrie to 2b, Bautista to 3b, and sign an outfielder? Seems like a much more palatable solution than Goins/Izturis/Kawasaki.

    Merry Christmas Stoeten. Thanks for the regular quality Jays content.

    • They don’t have the money to sign an outfielder, so you’d be looking at Gose in RF. His bat is no better than Goins or Kawasaki’s, and you’d get shittacular defense at 2B from Lawrie and even worse at 3B from Bautista. I’d rather have the plus defense in the infield, live with Bautista’s limited range in RF for now (when he moves it’ll be to 1B or DH), and have Gose either in Buffalo or coming off the bench to pinch run.

    • Leave Lawrie and Bautista alone, if that’s where they want and like to play (and they do pretty well there) let them stay. Its not their fault the Jays are lacking a good enough 2B as of right now.

    • As of last year, it’s too late to try these experiments.


  11. Merry Christmas to all the drunk jays fans out there!!

  12. Maybe I’m reading too much into this but all these aaaa fa signings for inf it looks like we aren’t going to see a proven player brought in to start at 2b. We have goins Kawasaki goedert tolleson morel nyrich for six spots – starting 2b backup inf and four guys for buffallo. Looks like we will be rolling with goins at 2b with Kawasaki in minors with another guy in MLB for bench. I’d rather see Kawasaki start at 2b let goins try to improve hitting and get reps at all inf positions to prepare for a career as utility inf. Isn’t the worst one guy could step up and perform and at least should be ok defense and Kawasaki at least sees some pitches and is entertaining. If it means having money for sp it works for me.

    Sierra to platoon with Lind.

  13. This off season has been pathetic to say the least. This is the biggest signing so far… A guy that can barely be a bench player. I guess AA is hard at work looking for those elusive “value” contracts. Here’s an idea – spend money for fuck sakes.

    • Easy there. Exactly ZERO of the front line free agent starters have signed yet. The offseason may as well have not even begun yet, as far as front of the rotation guys go.

    • ???

      Pretty sure Navarro is the bigger signing (In all meaning of the word bigger including $$$, Term, Impact on the team, and girth of player).

  14. Very happy to see Kawasaki back with the jays. His at bats were fun to watch and his defense was ok. We could do worse.

    A quality starting pitcher would be nice as well.

    Merry Christmas to all the posters and stoeten

  15. Kawaski signing a minor league deal is a good thing but I’d take Goins D at 2nd any day of the week.

    Merry Christmas everyone and a prosperous New Year!

  16. Now is there anyway to add him to the winter tour?

  17. Nice Christmas present from the Jays. Watching Kawasaki foul off pitch after pitch after pitch was one of the few highlights of the ’13 season.

    Happy holidays, Stoeten and posters all.

  18. Mune Christmas and a Kratzy New Year!

    • I think we are going to love this guy. He is a very interesting story.

      We will all appreciate a ‘defensive’ catcher.

      Would it ever be fucking nice to not have to ‘rely’ on Josh Thole as the lone knuckleball catching catcher.

  19. And don’t forget a Happy Tannakah (I can dream……)

  20. Merry Christmas.

  21. Merry Christmas fellow DJFers!

  22. Merry Christmas DJFs

    And may the Blue trade for starting pitching.

    And may Stoetens new years resolution be to shave it off.

  23. And ditto all the previous holiday wishes to the lurkers, haunters and other denizens of this site. God, it’s good to read some intelligent Jays’ comments from actual thinking people.


  25. I bet he’s on the big club before Goins.

    Maybe it’s Merry Christmas Toronto?

  26. With Tanaka posted I think things are about to get interesting. Will the Jays be a serious bidder…I’m thinking so.

    • If you think so, prepare to be disappointed.

      • I’m interested in the process, but with the Cubs, Dodgers Angels Diamondbacks and Yankess in on the bidding, I’d be amazed if somehow Toronto had the $$ and sales job to convince him to come to the jays

    • With Tanaka posted, wouldn’t it be handy to have someone who speaks Japanese playing at 2nd to come over and talk to him whenever the catcher needs to come to the mound?

  27. He posted!! Happy Tannakah!

  28. Won’t get excited this time until he’s signed, sealed, delivered. Fool me once, shame on you…Fool me twice…

    Merry Christmas fellow DJFs. Hopefully, AA has something up his sleeve for us.

  29. “Twas the night before Christmas,when all through the blog
    Not a commenter was stirring,due to Tom W’s egg nog
    The stockings were hung,with hopes of a trade
    That hadn’t been announced but already been made.
    The lurkers were nestled,all snug in their beds,
    While visions of second basemen danced in their heads
    And small potaotes in his kerchief,and I in my cap
    Had just settled our brains to wonder about Happ
    When on the radio, some sportscaster boasted
    I’m the first to announce that Tanaka’s about to be posted
    Away to the computer I flew like a flash
    To see people complaining about Roger’s and their cash
    The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
    Made me think of Spring Training,two months to go
    When what to my wondering eyes did appear
    But a minature sleigh and eight commenteers.
    With a driver so lively and by the bottle he was tote’n
    I knew in a moment, it must be old Stoeten

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
    Go Jays.
    Never get off the boat.

  30. Buzz off Stoeten and all the Bullshit that comes with you. And also,Merry Christmas.

  31. Tanaka will be posted per mlbtraderumors

    time to get the popcorn ready

    • Love to get him, but it’s not going to happen. The fireworks between the real players will be interesting as will the aftermath/fallout as well as seeing the remaining SP dominos fall.

      • Even if we don’t get him, I’d like to think we’re in the mix for Garza or Jimenez. Regardless, as you said, the fallout will be news worthy. Lets just hope that if we don’t get any of these starters, that they end up out of the A.L. east.

        • I’m almost to the point where I want to ride the pitchers we have, see what the prospects can do. Not a fan of any of the FA starters. Not a Garza fan and not convinced Jimenez can compete in the AL East, though he would be my choice of the two. I don”t want the Jays to turn into the Rays but I also don’t see spending money on a “meh” FA year.

  32. Merry Christmas my fellow DJF’ers. Hope the new year brings what we all want so badly. A(healthy) playoff bound team. Go Blue Jays!

  33. $100 on Bodog will win you $2800 if the Jays win it all. Apparently. Damn my drunk fucking clicking.

    • that’s a rip at 28-1. I got 45-1 in vegas where that 100 would get you 4600 back. I bet 45 and am looking at almost 2800 if it goes. Ya gotta shop around

  34. i’M WEELL into my 6th or so Merlot smoothy chased by a couple of mooseheads, but, rather than issue an acerbic pronouncement related to baseball, I thought I would reflect, as the hour is almost nigh here in teh east of what, for the most part is a great community here on DJF. The regulars that contribute and give me pause for cogent thought, to all of those I want to wish the merriest of Christmas and a good jumpstart to the New Year. I’ve sorta started already.
    Best wishes go out to my alter ego, Small potatoes out in Lotus Land, the irascible but not contrite RADAR, the StaT king and minor league player update Formerly Smasher, the knowledeable KAREN, TOM in BC, and Kyle too ( our surrogate A’s got knocked off by a pathethic Detroit team), The philosoper Karl SAgan, KGBS, and the indefatigble Isabeela. And oh yeah, to the owner , A Stoten who brought us all together and produces wonderful script. To all of you and others too, Merry XMAS! ( Fuk the PC stuff)

    • Back at ya fukstick.
      Merry Christmas.
      (irascible is a good thing.Am I right?)

    • Well…I started out the evening merely sampling the Jameson’s – and now I see the bottle’s purt near done. Thank fuck for the backspace key – otherwise, this post would look like 200 monkey jerking off on a keyboard.
      Even though I’ve said this already – but I’m feeling maudlin…it’s Xmas in an hour, AND my birthday, AND i’ve just watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”…and fucked if I don’t get teary-eyed and verklemmpt when all the residents of Bedford Falls help George Bailey out in his hour of need.
      Fuck, I love you guys. And the backspace key.

      • And a Happy Birthdat tooo. Let me drink to that. It;s one thing I can still do. Listen ,Istopped watching those smarmy movies years ago-goofy pollyanna stuff but the wife still watches em over and over-I think she’s off watching the wizard of oz for the 46yth time. Fukin Tin man my ass! she’s eyeing the scarecrow. I thought she said Wizard of Odds so i fucked off to Rama for a while.
        I see my son in law brought in some CC. gotta go say merry and I mean merry Xmas to that fat fucker. Oh..Santa..

    • Merry Christmas fukstik.

      Since birddawg stopped posting, no one mangles the Queen’s English quite like you, although many try.
      I’ll give you an Irish Christmas Toast:

      “Holly and ivy hanging up
      And something wet in every cup.”

      and another…

      “May you never forget what is worth remembering, or remember what is best forgotten.”

      Cheers, Bud.

  35. Yeah, the Blue Jays signed a mascot.

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  37. if a team has every player above a 320 obp with the power the Jays possess, they will score a bucket full of runs … if a team has the power the Jays possess, with last year’s catcher’s obp and last year’s second baseman’s obp … they suck …

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