We managed to sneak in one post on this blog back in the year 2006, the week before the calendar turned to 2007, meaning that the seventh anniversary of this site is now upon us, as we head into 2014, our eighth season covering the Jays.

I’d like to be able to claim that it was with some foresight that I chose this particular week to make the first post, as every year the anniversary is perfectly timed for me to mail in a post about it and get back to doing anything with my life but groping around for meaningful baseball content in late December. More likely, though, it’s Vernon Wells’ fault– or, more accurately, J.P. Ricciardi and Paul Godfrey’s fault– since this month also marks the seven year anniversary of the club signing Wells to a deal that, at the time, made him the sixth-highest paid player in baseball history.

That’s obviously not what I was on about in the very first post– the main image of which you see above, in all the lame MS Paint glory of its wiffle ball bat tribute to Reed Johnson’s tripod trick and brazenness about the ease with which one can sneak booze into the Rogers Centre– but I suspect Wells was the catalyst for our friends telling Parkes and I to take our damn baseball conversations away from their email circle (these were pre-social media days, kids), which we then did. And though we began it entirely with the thought that no one would ever read it, somehow people found it, and somehow it has turned into this thing.

I’ll spare you the boring details of the long arc from there to here, because what’s more important is to just say thank you. If not for all the readers and the community of commenters over the years, this site wouldn’t still be here, and wouldn’t still be growing, getting better, and let’s face it, I’d be working a way shittier job.

I try not to gloat about it in the company of people who don’t wake up every day and get to do a thing they love, but I’m not going to lie… my job is kinda the best, and the people I work with at theScore and who have given me the opportunity to do this (and paid me for it, unlike how certain other companies get their content *COUGH*) are amazing. But it’s the loyal readers– many of whom have stayed loyal, even in the face of me calling them braying morons or telling them to go fuck themselves, and knowing there’s a distinct possibility that I may do so again– who’ve really made it all possible. So thanks, y’all. I mean it.

Lately I’ve been putting a bunch of year-end stuff together that you’ll see in the coming days, and it’s really been striking how, despite how utterly deflating it was to watch the Jays, 2013 has been a genuinely fun year. At least it was for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. So here’s to, if not seven, at least a few more years before I go full Michael Baumann on this fucking organization.

Seven years. Jesus, has it really been that long?

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  1. Best in the business.

    Cheers to another 7 years.

  2. Best jays blog out there and interacting and floating ideas is a lot of fun. Especially in December , hopefully we get something to talk about in January !

  3. For someone who resides well outside of Canada, finding this blog lo those many years ago was truly fantastic. Here’s to seven more years. Or six and an option. Whatever.

  4. It’s been a treat to read on an almost daily basis. Congrats and thank you.

  5. As we say in my family, Many More You See!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Best Jays blog there is. Keep up the great work Stoeten! (Nice shot at Bleacher Report!)

  7. Always great. Thanks Stoeten.

  8. Happy Anniversary,old guy. May the best days of your past be the worst of your future!

  9. Reading this blog is what set me down the path to reevaluating how I watched and thought about baseball and made me more of a fan than I would have ever realized. Thank you.

  10. Not just the best Jays blog out there (by fucking miles), but pretty much my favourite sports read, full stop. Congratulations Stoeten, the Jays blogosphere will be far poorer when you inevitably get hired on somewhere more lucrative. Or just get tired of this shit.
    Cheers man.

  11. I don’t know how I found this site sometime during the offseason of 2007-08 , but I am forever glad that I did. I had never followed a blog before and I really haven’t followed any others since. I still check in at least 5 times a week, quite frankly because nobody nails it nearly as well as you, Andrew, and the others at DJF do on a regular basis.

    It’s no coincidence that after a few years of reading your posts I added a blog component to my website, heavily influenced, in my mind, by your writing styles (without the swearing, of course)… never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that would have eventually led to a gig writing virtually alongside guys like Andrew, Dustin, and Drew at

    I’d like to thank everyone associated with the Drunk Jays Fans for all the hard work (yes, it’s hard work running a blog) they’ve put in over these past 6 years — you deserve every accolade that you have earned. Cheers.

  12. Congrats on the anniversary Stoeten. As a hopefully long dead ad man said, “You’ve come a long way, baby!”

  13. Congrats and thanks, Stoeten. Here’s to a better New Year!

  14. What the fuck ever happened to Bergkamp?

  15. Been reading your blog since (I think) 2007. Your mix of sabermetric analysis with “you’re a fucking idiot that pitcher is fucking bullshit” commentary is genius. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I must say I do miss Parkes’ contributions
    P.P.S. Fuck off Parkes (but I still miss your writing on this site!)

  16. Aggravating at times, often hilarious, never boring. I like it here.
    Thanks Andrew.

  17. keep it up budz

  18. Grats on the run. Your awesome job’s podcasts help me endure my shitty one every week.

    You deserve to program this jingle to occur every time it turns this day of the year:

  19. Happy Blogday! Stoeten you have become what I would call an accomplished baseball writer and I am sure you will go far in the field. Lets not forget the commenters on this site who have made this a place I love to come to for fun, knowledge and fuktardian bitching. Go Jays!

  20. Your doing a great job Stoeten, I just wish I would have found this site years ago.

  21. Thanks Stotes and Drew and all the others.

    Ever since ARod said “HAH” that time and I didn’t know where to turn in my bewilderment. (no baseball friends here)

    This place continues to be a daily multiple visit for me.


  22. Congrats Stoeten and everyone else involved!

  23. You’re a prick.
    But a likable one like Steve Stiffler.
    Here’s to a great ’14 Stoeten and minions.

    • Smasher. Would that make you Finch? And, if so, how was Stoeten’s mom?

      • I’m closer to Jim, I never glued my hand to my penis but it was stuck there anyway through most of high school.

  24. Stoeten, all the best in 2014 from all us lurkers out there.

  25. Congrats to all of you, can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014.

  26. I found this place in the first few months of 2007. DJF was quite a bit different then, but hilarious to read and unlike any other place to talk Jays baseball (while similarly informative, Batter’s Box had grown a bit too stuffy for me). It was really my first experience with a blog of that kind and over that time, it’s become my primary source of Jays content.

    I’ve had my fair share of differences with you over the years, but I’ve always respected your opinions and appreciated the job you do here. Despite that gruff persona, I’ve always found you to be a reasonable and devoted Jays fan and I like to think of myself in much the same way.

    I look forward to another 7 years of DJF (let’s just hope they are a bit more fruitful for the team than the last 7, we’ve waited long enough).

  27. Stoeten, congrats to you and all the past contributors on your 7 year anniversary. I also have no idea how I found this blog in 2007, but I’m certainly glad I did.

    Keep in mind, this was all before Twitter and before Facebook blew up, so blogs were fairly new … and there certainly weren’t many (if any) Blue Jays blogs out there other than DJF.

    You’ve managed to keep this blog and grow it to new heights year after year, so thanks for all the great content over the years and all the best to DJF.

  28. Congrats on 7 years, Stoeten. I rarely used the refresh function on my browser until I stumbled upon your site, ironically from Ghost Runner on First.

    You’ve built a great community of fans and commenters that has me learning and laughing out loud every day.


  29. Congrats! Been reading since 2007, I come for the Jays info and analysis, I stay for the mocking and sarcasm.

  30. Congrats on everything you’ve done so far! I have this blog to thank for taking me from a casual baseball fan who loved Reed Johnson because of his dirty uniform and high batting average to a regular Fangraphs reader. For that, a huge thank you!

    And only because it’s my biggest pet peeve, it should be “Wells’s,” not “Wells’.” None of the major news outlets seem to have figured this one out either.

    • That is fucking awesome! Probably the best comment ever as far as meaning goes

      • Meaning :
        1. Something that is conveyed or signified; sense or significance.
        2. Something that one wishes to convey, especially by language:
        3. An interpreted goal, intent, or end:
        4. Inner significance:

        • Fastball, that reply is precisely why I enjoy reading the comments!

        • Ah…
          Those who live by the sword…
          However, if revenge is a dish best served cold, did half an hour satisfy?

          • A more sober, mature man would have let it slide…but since I’m neither tonight, the adage of a dish best served cold is apropos.
            No offense, Tom W – but if you wanna play with fire with me, bring asbestos shorts.
            Otherwise, let’s just say “touche”, and Happy New Year to y’all.

            • Fire? All I bring to the table is quasi intelligence and bullshit and this ain’t my main table so don’t let me get in yer skirt….it’s always meant in fun.

              • Well, you’ll get no argument from me regarding the “quasi-intelligence and bullshit” part. I just come here to talk, postulate and debate the Jays’ moves and directions – and have a couple good chuckles along the way, if possible.
                So, like a grown-up and in the spirit of the season – I raise a glass and say “touche” and be done with it. Happy 2014…the year the Jays MAKE SOME NOISE!

  31. Holy shit has it really been 7 years since Vernon Wells’ monumental extension?


  32. It’s crazy to me that places like Rogers, TSN, the Sun and the Star have paid people real salaries to write about baseball … But for the last several years the country’s best analysis has come from this blog, by a writer who was (at least for a time) doing this for free.

    I check this blog every day, and it is the first place I turn to when something happens with the Blue Jays. With the exception of Jeff Blair and maybe a couple others, you put the rest of the baseball media in this country to shame. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Rogers or TSN tries to reel you in.

    Thanks for the hours of enjoyment I’ve had reading your posts, and for giving people a non idiotic place to talk about the Jays.

  33. Great work Andrew. I always read it but seldom post. Sort of an insane presentation of rational thought which is, when you think about it, really quite an accomplishment.

  34. Man that makes me feel old.


  35. It’s been seven years. Things have evolved but much has stayed the same. I respect how you have kept the essence of the blog the same even after the money came.
    I remember at the start how one of the four writers would ask for a hook-up in the comment section.

  36. Cheers!

  37. Best. Thanks Stoet

  38. Always the first site I check. As someone else said, very entertaining and informative.

  39. Congrats! Despite the trolls and keyboard warriors this is the best jays blog out there.

  40. Will be having many Donald Sutherlands in honour of this blog tonight, very glad I came across it once upon a time. The amount of entertainment this website has provided me with is easily in my top 3. Keep it up Stoets.

    Bring back Rex Murphy quote plz.

  41. I can be a little spiteful, so I think the biggest compliment I can give is that this site is still my most viewed in Chrome despite you calling me and my thoughts stupid, idiotic, etc. from time-to-time.

    You do a really great job here, Stoeten, and like others have said, had a major impact on my understanding and enjoyment of my favourite hobby, and that’s something I’m really thankful.

    I’m not one of those people that hates my job or anything, but I’m really glad my company is lax enough about Internet use that I can keep up with your latest posts and sometimes engage in intelligent debate/discussion with you and other readers here and on Twitter.

    Also, one time I bumped into you and introduced myself on the street near the old Score offices, as I was on my way to a job interview – I was kind of nervous about the job interview and am pretty sure I made a fool out of myself on the street, but you weren’t a dick about it then or anything. I appreciated that.

  42. Excellent blog, need to hand out more prizes :)

  43. May you one day receive a much deserved Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

  44. I’ve been religiously following your blog for over 5 years now and have ‘spread’ the word to my other baseball friends. I very rarely comment but wanted to thank you. As awesome as it must be to have a job you love so much and to be so good at – it’s also so awesome to have a blog to go to for passionate Jays fans that is so much better than anything else out there.

  45. Congrats on the great work all these years. Have been reading this site for longer than I can remember. Despite writing some of the longest, most rambling sentences in the English language since Ulysses, your work is fantastic. Keep churning it out.

  46. A big thanks to you stoeten for my daily or nearly daily, and frankly sometimes not fucking daily enough, fix.

  47. Great work. Keep it up.

  48. I was on the blue jays page last night. A lot of the commenters are fixated on a dual McGowan/Romero bounce back year. Thank you Stoeten for giving this mouth breathing fucktard somewhere else to get his fix.

    • I think we’ve been promoted to “Mouth Breathing Fucktard Braying Morons” if memory serves. I wear it proudly !

  49. Just started reading you a year ago, Andrew, love this blog.
    Fellow posters: does he always get maudlin around new year’s?

  50. I’m getting all teary eyed over these comments. But what can I add? Nice job!

  51. Love the site! Never stop working. Also, please get your ass back on the Getting Blanked podcasts, and drag Parkes with you.

    Congratulations DJF

  52. 7 years huh? Well if this were baseball, I’d probably say Stoeten’s best days were behind him. Luckily I don’t think the regression demons apply in blogging. Extend this man!

  53. First site I go to for Jays news. Congrats on the anniversary and here’s to many more!

  54. Yup…pure gold. Keep it up.

  55. A couple of things Stoeten. Firstly, my wife hates you. I, however, love you. She hates you because i check the site three to four times a day. It’s my most viewed site by miles and I am eternally grateful for the hours of enjoyment I get here weekly.
    My second comment is actually for the commentors. Part of my evening routine is to get in bed, pull out my phone and read the posts. I read for at least 30 mins nightly. Haven’t missed a night in months. Each night, although I enjoy the articles, I truly enjoy the discussion and debates between you all. As Stoeten said, you all are vital parts of this site as well.
    So ya…thanks guys.
    Ps. Won’t winning 90 games be that much sweeter this year after last year? I can’t wait.
    Pps. Never get off the boat!

    • My wife made much the same comments.
      She actually thought I was chatting up another woman, or looking at something illicit.
      When I showed her the page and she read some of the posts, she seemed much relieved – and then looked at me in a very pitying sorta way…like a SPECIAL child.

      • Our wives internal dialogue would have went something like this…
        “oh, how cute…but kinda weird. Is he really chatting online with other guys? And about some stupid sport like baseball? Guys are so dumb ..
        Well…at least there’s not another woman…
        Drunk jays fans…what a dumb name…
        Now back to watching TMZ and doing some online shopping for a new handbag.

  56. Keep up the awesome work Stoetem. And fuck off Parks. There, somebody had to say it.

    Yes, I am back. Had to deal with a benign tumour on my spine the size of a grapefruit. I feel a kinship with Melky now. I can walk and talk and swear and drink. If I can get over this, so can the milkman.

  57. Congratulations on 7 years of blogging Stoeten !.

    I have learned a lot about baseball analysis since I started coming to this site.

    I used to agree with Bruce Springsteen that WAR was was good for absolutely nothing, but I now concede it has some merit.

  58. Seriously…can a guy actually make a living doing this? Because I’ve got a year or so left before I can call it quits at work…and making a few extra shekels a month blogging the Jays and occasionally telling people that they’re fucked in the head has a bit of an appeal.

    • Takes a lot of work and a lot of luck to make any money blogging. The ball and chain’s into it pretty hard as a hobby, been doing it for four years and makes about $2 a month.

    • The Jays have an especially strong blogging contingent, its very hard to stand out.

  59. I have only been reading this blog for the last 2 years but it is sure nice to know that there are others out there like me, who follow baseball and have some what rational thought. Thanks Andrew, and all the commentors that make this blog so enjoyable.

  60. That Michael Baumann fellow is sure having a rough go of it, isn’t he? Someone give that fucking guy a hug already.

  61. Congratulations!
    A round of beers for you and your friends next time i see you at Tallboys!

  62. My new first stop on the Blue Jay information train. The word is out!

  63. Can’t believe I’ve been telling Parkes to fuck off for seven years.

    Time flies

  64. Congradulations Stoeten.
    I too, remember somebody telling me about the blog and checking it out.
    I couldn’t have imagined that such a group of misfits and degenerates, would populate a site about Blue Jays baseball.
    Back in day,I was surprised at the irreverence and emotion that enveloped the blog. That also produced unmoderated and heated debate.
    Times have changed and so the blog has evolved.For the better,I must say. Although I still reminise about those times in the beginning, the changes were necessary.
    While we have had our disagreements ( and still will have them) I have,over the years, written several homages to you and the blog.
    You have created a place, where Jays fans can express their passion and debate all thinds Blue Jays, with raw,honest intensity.
    Continued success to you and especially to the blog you created, Drunk Jays Fans.

  65. Were those tweets from Baumann genuine? If so, yikes..

  66. “One of the things that is happening in baseball right now, that I scratch my head with [is that] young players are so overvalued right now, and I think falls in with the draft picks, too,” Ricciardi says. “No one builds through the draft. You add through the draft.” Ricciardi says that, to him, proven big-league players are more valuable.
    - From MLBTR

    Thank fuck we now have AA. Thank fuck.

  67. Congrats on seven years.
    Here’s to some winning blog AND some winning ball in 2014.

  68. congrats stoeten
    Still miss the disqus comments though

  69. Best sports blog I ever ran across! I must say that I think Wilner deserves some credit on your success. To me, he was the original Jays blogger, responding to hundreds of commenters on a daily basis, and subtly mentioning your blog in those comments (I remember him referring to your blog as “The Drunks”). That’s how I discovered your blog, and I wonder how many others did. That being said, your content is so good, that it surely would have gained momentum by other means, regardless.

  70. Because of you guys I bought a Snider jersey!

    Lesson learned, there is NO SUCH THING as a cant miss prospect. Especially with fuckface cito around

  71. Congratulations Andrew. DJF was this geezer’s first introduction to a blog, and still the best by far. How did I survive work before; by hanging at the water-cooler? You’ve taught me much and I thank you. Good health in 2014!

  72. Andrew: You started around the Wells extension? I came in around the Wells trade.



    No idea what it means though…..

    Anyway, Congrats dude!
    You are, in actual fact,
    the best.

  73. Great site Stoeten.

    What’s your new years resolution? Mine is to punch John Farrell’s mom in the ovaries.

  74. So is Elliot speculating or he knows already?

    Hayhurst is moving on and Morris may not be back?

    “which will be the case next year as Hayhurst is headed elsewhere. ”
    #95 Jamie Campbell

    “We’ll know soon if the Wilner lobby was successful to get Jack Morris, who may not return to the Jays, elected in his final year on the ballot”
    #64 Wilner

    • Shit! I hope Eliott is wrong. I like Hayhurst a lot. That radio show was a good listen. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d be pissed if Morris left too.

      Like, seriously, we’re going to be left with Zaun, Buck and Tabler?

      • Morris was surprisingly good last year. Losing Dirk and him would absolutely suck, depending on who the replacements were.

        • Morris was insightful last year and spent a surprisingly short amount of time talking about “pitching to the score” and pumping his own tires on the air. This is not my first f&*(ing rodeo was the best line ever.

  75. I’ll add my congratulations as well on seven great years.

    Like some of the other commenters here, this blog is my most-checked website and has led to awkward conversations with my gf about “who I’m talking to on my phone…”

  76. I wonder how Stoeten takes all these compliments — like this perhaps?

  77. Great job bro. This is my #1 destination for Jays news. And I work for the club!

  78. This site is pretty good, even if Stotten doesn’t understand good, old school fundamental baseball, like moving a runner over and diving into first base.

  79. Fuck my over/under was 2 years….

  80. Griffin says AA is on thin ice. Hmm. I doubt the Jays would fire AA even if the team did not win 81 games in 2014

  81. Found out about this site from a friend and then started following it religiously just before the Halladay trade rumours really started heating up. Haven’t missed a single post since then. Awesome site, awesome discussions. Love it. Congrats and keep up the great work!

  82. I see they have Griff’s piece at MLB trade rumors now. i don’t think he’s in AA’s good books after that load of horse shit.

    • It really was dump eh? The part about the fister trade was stupid. AA himself commented that him and dombrowski had talked prior to the trade and that Toronto didn’t have pieces that matched up with their needs. I recall that mlbtraderumors also had a piece that many gms were shocked after the trade because they knew nothing of it.
      Also, can we not stand back and objectively say that this organization is leaps and bounds improved in the past few years? From the minors and up, this organization is so much better off and much of it is because of AA. He has done a tremendous job improving the big club and has loads of talent in the minors. So when i read a big steaming piece of dog shit like this, filled with ridiculous opinions by a moron spewing negativity, I’m less than pleased. Unfortunately, much of the cattle in this world will read an article like this and call for his head the second things go south this season.
      Is the Toronto star’s goal just to sensationalize things? This is like the national enquirer meets baseball…

      • No we can not say that. There doesn’t seem to be any objective, independent evidence that this franchise has improved one iota under AA. We may all feel like it has, but there’s really no evidence of that. The farm is ranked similarly to how it was before AA, it didn’t produce any MLB regulars under AA, and the team’s success in terms of wins and losses has been the same. It’s payroll has also been similar to the past (upper half to third).

        This year is a big year for AA. If a couple kids come up from the farm and contribute, a good pitcher is acquired and plays well, and the team plays to it’s potential, then we’ll have something to point to. But another year like 2013 and we’d have to concede that AA really hasn’t accomplished much. Particularly considering he inherited Bautista, Encarnacion, Lind, Hill, Halladay, Romero, Cecil, and Janssen.

        • Well its not just fans who feel that way. Independent scouts and evaluators pretty much feel the same way to a man. Maybe the story has soured a little in the past year, but compared to where the organization was at the end of the Riccardi era, its night and day.

        • Not buying the “job-is-in-jeopardy” stuff. Why would you expect a GM whose 1st draft was in 2010 to have MLB ready players by 2013? The number of extra draft picks AA has pulled out of the system up to now has been a feat in itself but they are just now on the brink of playing in the big league. AA’s (and Beeston’s ) stated mission was not to just produce a winning team, but to produce a team that wins consistantly for years. And that can only be judged after his drafted players get to the MLB.
          Also, if you’re going to argue that Bautista, EE, Cecil, Lind (?), etc were all JPR’s choices , then you have to give some credit to AA for hiring the coaches to get the most production out of them. But it’s probably more accurate to say that those guys in any other division would make their team a lot better.

          • Im an aa supporter but as matt said an objective look at his results are not positive at all. The team just won only 74 and 75 games in last two years with payroll being high last year and lots of regressing veterans on team after trading mlb close touted prospects for them. In previous years lots being spent on draft and internationals. Griffen is a good writer, the fister example is likely bullshit but there could easily be something to the chatty kathy theory. To say the organization is way better than it was when he took over is not objective at all and a lot more horsehit thst the article which objectively presented that his job may be in jeopardy given his lack of results. Doesnt mention finaces but if team loses and not much revenue they could be losing money with high payroll and thatis a good way to get fired when you are middle managememt

      • Well, we don’t know, but there might be merit about AA pissing off other GMs but being Chatty Cathy over deals that he had no desire in, but only to gain other info.

        Kinda like your neighbors who view your home for when it’s up for sale just to see what kind of shit you have.

        That would be annoying amongst a small fraternity of people who wheel and deal.

        I don’t agree he is on thin ice, but he might be quietly pissing off the people he needs to have good repoire with. Right?

        • Possible, yes. I thought it seemed odd that dombrowski (according to AA) said their needs didn’t match up. I have absolutely no way of proving this but don’t we have a lot of young talent similar or better than what they got for fister?
          Maybe you’re right and people have stopped working with him…who knows but interesting take

        • Does anyone honestly think that AA gets on the phone, calls all the GM’s and gets the scoop on certain players but only he gets this low down no one else. He than uses this info that only he has to wheel and deal and create a market that is beneficial to him……
          The very first basic rule of trading is don’t say anything unless you want it out there. The worst GM out there will know the basic guide lines to trading which tells me that Griff’s entire article is made up horse shit.

          • It seemed a bit unfair: especially if Griffin doesn’t know anything for 100% fact. Now if AA calls someone up to deal with, all 29 GMs will be wary, if they talk to him at all. AA has consistently said that he will do his “due diligence” on every player. Shouldn’t every GM be doing that and at what point does due diligence cross the line? The Fister deal could just as easily NOT have anything to do with AA.

          • Horse shit has value. Fertilizer, frozen pucks, and farmers use it for aroma therapy. Please use dog shit instead.

  83. Years of this site: 7

    Number of times someone has called Stoeten fat: incalculable

    Pounds lost: 0

    Just some gentle ribbing.. Your apologist trash has been good can fodder for years. Good for you. May you follow in the storied footsteps of the great Tony Ambrogio and graduate to making dirty dirty cable TV dollars one day. I hear Jamie Campbell needs a shoe polish boy.

    Was Rob Faulds the pbp guy when you started? Scary. All the best in 2014.

  84. Congratulations!

    • Rob Faulds was replaced after the 2004 season, when John Cerutti died on the last day of the season. Jamie Campbell took over in 2005. Not sure how long he lasted, whether there was someone between him and Bucko, and not sure when Bucko took over. Kind of a blur between then and now. 2004 is memorable though because the team sucked large and we lost John Cerutti in season and Tom Cheek (barring a magical inning in 2005) was done as a broadcaster due to the brain tumour.

  85. I do think that Griffin had a good point about some teams being weary of talking to AA.

    AA is probably seen as a creative guy in trade talks so if he wants your teams players, maybe he knows something that the GM of the team that has the player does not.

    I didn’t follow the team as closely in the JP Riccardi era, but from what I recall he had bad relations with the media & attacked other baseball players on his radio show with Wilner. Didn’t Riccardi say that Adam Dunn hated baseball or something like that.?

    AA is very polite about players , & won’t throw them under the bus. He never trashed JPA.

    I think most posters agree with the majority of AA’s decisions since he became GM. AA has only had 1 year of a playoff calibre roster, 2013 since he became GM.

    Let’s see what he does with the 2014 team before we light up the torches to throw him out of Rogers Centre.
    I think that Griffin doesn’t understand that Beeston & Rogers are close, & they would not fire AA without a valid reason.

    My concern with the Jays has been the above average injuries compared to other teams & the inability to develop home grown talent.

    If I was Rogers, I would spend money on hiring every trainer,coach etc from the Tampa Bay Rays( player development) or Chicago White Sox ( health ) to see if that makes a difference.

    • Re: injuries and trainers. You could also punt the fucking Argos and get grass into the RC. As it is right now they play on painted concrete on turf that’s already looking sickly.

      I don’t know if this accounts for the pitching injuries though. That’s where they’ve got a helluva lot of work to do, and I don’t know where you begin.

      • @ Tom

        I agree completely about Rogers Centre Turf. It seems bizarre that the Jays have a 100 million+ tied up in Reyes & other players who could get hurt more easily on turf.

        The jays would be a better team if they played on grass at home. Last year Bonifacio & Izturis had trouble adapting to the turf.

        I read that the Argos could move to BMO field

      • @ Tom.

        I had the privilege of sleeping on the Rogers Turf for one night in 2011 . It was a camp night for fans.

        It was very painful sleeping on the turf, so I can imagine playing on it for 80 games per year.

        • @ Oakville I sure hope that was a junior jays night you’re talking about!

          • @Karl.

            It was an event on a Saturday in May 2011, where you could bring your kids to the game & stay at the stadium after the game. They had food, & activities for the kids. You could play catch. We met Casey Jansenn, Zepchynski,& Rajai Davis. It as fun & encouraged the kids to get excited about baseball.

            • Just having a little fun at your expense Oakville, but I bet it was a thrill for the kids!

              • @Karl

                +1. The kids went wild. I enjoyed trying to catch the ball at the Center Field fence. The Jays had a poor LF in 2011. His name escapes me now but he used to be a top prospect . I think he was traded with Zep for Rasmus.

        • Were you trying out for Canada’s idol and thats why you slept on the carpet? Lol

      • The first damn thing I would do is “punt” my trainors and hire the best guys away from the Rays and White Sox. Those 2 teams have among best injury stats in MLB for the last 10 years: and not by a little bit.
        At the very least they should figure out what they’re doing and put it into practice.

        • I think it was reported earlier that the Jays already have “punted” some of the training staff.

    • The fact that this is a business that just spent a pile of money on potentially diminishing or negative returns is being glossed over here

      trainers coaches injury prevention player development – all of these things are the gms responsibility so how do you not figure aa has any accou tability for them when you state them as issues. Rovers has nothing to do with spending money on trainers et that is aa and the baseball operations departmrnt. Could say it has been dumb shit bad luck etc which may be vslid msybe not. At the end of the day there needs to be accountsbility to results which aa has not got yet. I hope he sti ks aroundlong enough to see if things pan out with the low minors farm there is now even if the team does poorly. For all we know if they have another bad year they will be bleeding money and how can you not hold aa and/or beeston accountable if that happens? Especially considering aa has no track record

  86. Thanks everyone for providing a place to not only to get a refreshing perspective on shit that is going down but also to have conversations that are or at least tend to be intelligent. Here’s to many more!

  87. Seems to be a slow news day. I’ll throw out a discussion topic: Brother got me Jeff Blair’s book Full Count. I started reading it yesterday. Any thoughts on the book?

    • @traveling newf . I got this book as a gift in the spring and haven’t finished reading it yet. I found the first parts interesting since I didn’t follow the Jays till 2009.
      It’s a prety detailed historical analysis of the Jays

    • Hey I got it for christmas too amd just startdd reading. Seems like it should be a good read lots of behind the scenes mangement aspects. Blair is a good writer so glad the wife lucked out and I didnt have to be tempted to use some book written by Eliot for shit paper

  88. I think I came to this site in 2008, but I can’t even remember. First as Indestructible, now as Encarnacion’s Parrot, I thank you for bringing quality humor and commentary to us Jays fans for 7 strong years.

    Things I miss from this site:

    • Hilariously shitty photoshop jobs
    • JB
    • Ice Cream Jonsey’s rants
    • The Lyle Overbay Shitshow

    Keep it going, Andrew!

    Fuck Parkes.

  89. I found this place during the off season few years ago and nearly shit my pants at the amount of content that was coming out as the rumor mill churned. Thanks to Stoeten who takes far more shit than he deserves and to everyone else here who chirps on a daily basis. I check this blog constantly through the day and all of the content, conversation, and hilarity keep baseball alive during the cold winter months – and then again by June when the Jays are inevitably already out of the pennant race.

  90. Griff’s latest article on Clemens and the HOF takes a shot at “smarter-than-thou baseball bloggers” for their cerebral approach.

    I am looking forward to see if Stoeten has a response.

    • Even stupid people know enough NOT to write that last column on this being AA’s last year.

    • In the article, Griff seems to be firing a pre-emptive strike against the inevitable attack by sabermetric inclined bloggers.The problem is not so much in the analytical debate but with the fervor in which the message is delivered.
      The tone of the sabermetric community when providing their analysis is “this is what I interpret the stats to say” and anybody who disagrees or has another opinion is an illogical moron and a fool.
      Also it’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of WAR/xfip/babip.

      • No, it’s a Hall that is supposed to recognize the best of the best to have ever played the game we all know and love. Thanks to the Friends of Frankie Frisch and writers having littlr to no concept of what separates a great player from a not so great one, and using awards that they themselves handed out as part of their judgment process, it will never be that.

        Fortunately, there is an online alternative called the Hall of Merit, which can be found here:

        It includes an extensive roster of Negro Leaguers, 19th century ballplayers, right on up to the most recent ones. With the three that will go in this year (Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas), the total number of plaques will be 249, which is somewhere in the neighbourhood of the top 1 – 1.5% of players ever to play the game professionally in the U.S. and Canada. Sounds about right to me.

        Rather than doing secret ballots, they argue the merit of each candidate one by one in separate threads. Things can get pretty heated, and this is where the math goes way over my head. They also have a complicated ballot system where they vote for 20 players in the order they feel they merit, and points are awarded for a player’s placement on each ballot. Players cannot fall off the ballot unless absolutely nobody uses one of their 20 slots to vote for them. Some players from the 19th century are still bouncing around on there this year. Complicated stuff, but I look at the results, and they appear to have gotten it “right”. At least more “right” than Cooperstown.

        At least somewhere, there are baseball fans who are passionate enough about the game, and care enough to do tons of “homework” on each player, in order to try to fix the silliness of Cooperstown. It’ll never be perfect, but it’s a darn sight better than the sham in that little town in upstate NY.

        • ^ ^ ^ That’s little, not littlr

          • They also have a running ballot collecting gizmo for this year’s BBWAA vote, which can be found here:

            So far, with approx 12.5% of the ballots collected (based on last year’s totals), Maddux, Glavine, Thomas, and Biggio (already in the Hall of Merit) are in and Piazza (also already in the Hall of Merit) needs a slight push to get over 75%. Very, very early stages though, but the good sign is that the writers seem determined to clean up their mess. Most are filling out ballots with ten players. The average is a hair above nine the last I saw. Very disappointed in the Larry Walker, Edgar Martinez, Alan Trammell numbers (all in the Hall of Merit already), but there are consequences to the backlog that is of the writers’ making.

  91. Does anyone know when the Tanaka bidding ends?

  92. Thanks for the posts. Always a great read!

  93. Ghost Runner on First lead me here somehow a few years ago. Although I don’t always agree with the blog’s opinions, I do always appreciate the content. Congrats on the many years of success and hopefully many more are on the way.

  94. I remember how panicked I felt when the most entertaining voice of baseball reason in Toronto was acquired by The Score. Here I am, years later, in December even, still enjoying the same candid, funny, rational perspective that brought me to the old fledgling blog to begin with. Very nice. Congrats on the anniversary.

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