This item is probably better suited in a link dump, and I’m really just parroting the excellent work of Ben Nicholson-Smith and Shi Davidi here, but what the hell, here it is:

In a piece at Sportsnet, the aforementioned Benny Fresh lets us know that the option on John Gibbons’ contract for 2015 has been picked up by the Jays, and a new option for 2016 has been added to his contract by the club. Oh, but don’t be fooled. This wasn’t the produce of some tense sit-down negotiation between Alex Anthopoulos and his manager’s agent (presumably just ol’ Gibbers himself in a fake moustache and sunglasses with a sandy briefcase full of cocktail napkins that he uses to draw contracts up with — “Why yes, I’m his agent. Lon’s my name… uh… Lon Chibbons!”). No, it happened automatically, because of a stipulation in his original contract, and because Gibbons had made it all the way to January 1st without getting fired.


Nicholson-Smith explains that Shi Davidi explained a year ago how it all works:

The way it works is that as long as the Blue Jays don’t fire him prior to the following Jan. 1, the option becomes guaranteed with another option added to the back end. For example, if Gibbons makes it to 2014, his 2015 option vests with another option added for 2016.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the big-leagues, although that’s unconfirmed, the structure essentially means Gibbons will be operating on a perpetual two-year contract, eliminating any in-season intrigue on how his contractual status affects his standing.

Nifty. Except, perhaps, for that fact that Gibbons is now guaranteed to get paid for the 2015 season, whether he’s here, or whether he’s ejected through the windshield of another flaming wreckage of an April this year. But I’m sure he’s not making so much that it really matters anyway, and at least we won’t have to read a bunch of insufferable stories about how he’s a lame duck.

It probably also means I’m going to have to read a whole bunch of half-brained comments on this post about what a waste of a manager a bunch of dolts think Gibbons supposedly is, but that’s not really so bad. And it wouldn’t be the first time.

Otherwise… it doesn’t really change anything. Good for ol’ Gibbers, though. Smart man that Chibbons.

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  1. “It doesn’t matter since he’ll be fired by June with Anthopolous right behind him, when the Jays are in the basement again.”

    - Idiots everywhere.

  2. i think a Photo shop is in order for Mr Lon Chibbons

    because that would just be great.

  3. I wish there was an effective way to type that noise he makes when he starts a sentence that he’s thinking about. That high pitched, squeaky nasal “mmmmmmyyeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh” sound that only Gibbers can produce. My favourite.

  4. Wasn’t Chibbons the attorney that got Kramer a lifetime supply of Cafe Latte’s?

  5. #GibbytheBest

  6. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.( Charlie Rich?) but I’m curious to see if Gibbon’s approach changes,if at all

    • He needs to be a little more scrappy, a brawler!

      • I think the team’s pitching would really improve if they knew Gibbons was going to slide head-first into the mound every time he made a pitching change.

  7. I actually think he did a good job,
    nice matchups
    handled the bullpen well
    not really sure what else he could have done

    • pitched for them, while playing 2nd and smashing some long balls with men on……

    • It depends on what you think the manager can control.
      Yeah, he did a great job technically.
      Looking forward to the coming year.

    • He could have attended Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and cast “repairo” spells on all his injured players. Guess he’s too much of a muggle to get an invite though.

      • I think it’s better to judge someone on quantifiable things, because you could argue forever without proving or disproving anything if you try to measure intangibles.

        • Yes agreed. And the tangible thing with respect to a baseball manager is how well the team does and if it met expectations or not.

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  8. Smart man, that Gibbers.
    Next up – Gibbers solves climate change, brings peace to the Middle East – and finally gets to the bottom of America’s fixation with the Kardashians.

  9. and thus Lon Chibbons was born.

  10. Basically, this ensures Gibbons will never be a lame duck, which is a smart move.

    And besides, since when has a contract ever stopped a team from firing a coach? And before you bring up Shanahan, please note that he did eventually get fired.

  11. All the noise about “Fire Gibbers” or “Fire AA” makes no sense. There is a lot to be said for stability and neither has done a bad job.

    • Disclaimer: I don’t think AA or Gibbons should be fired nor do I even if they have a similar year record wise this year to last (well Gibbons maybe in that case)

      If the Jays do have another bad year firing Gibbons and AA does make sense and is not stupid to consider it could happen. The manager and GM have to be accountable to the results of the team which have not been good simple as that. Gibbons accountable for the poor record for a team projected to do well. AA accountable for the poor revenues with a boosted payroll.

      Interested in what Stoeten thinks about this recent prevailing talk in the media and by the “stupid” fans about AA being on the hot seat. and when the post about it will come.

      I dont think we can evaluate very well how well Gibbons does as a manager – most things are behind the scenes and not visible to us we can only see how he handles bullpen and platoons and calls a steal now and then. Managers job is to motivate players and make them feel comfortable foremost. I think the best we can evaluate how well he did is based on the teams record and if they were perceived to underachieve or not.

      • So, if Ol’ Gibbers has a similar year in 2014, i.e. half a rotation to work with, garbage behind the plate, shit at second base and position players all around dropping like flies, that he is ultimately accountable for the poor performance of the team? Horseshit.

        What manager could have somehow “motivated” the team this year into more wins?

        • I didn’t say the team record didn’t live up to expectation last year given all the injuries etc and that the record was Gibbons fault and he should be accountable for it. Thought he did a good job with what he had.

          • If they have a poor record this year, assuming there isn’t the shit show of injuries of last year, Gibbons may have to be accountable for it.

            Irregardless of injuries etc if the team with a high payroll tanks again and there aren’t revenue gains or enough revenue for the team to be profitable AA may have to be accountable to that.

            • Gibby won’t get fired unless AA goes. If Gibby continues to make defensible decisions on the field, is good with the media, and continues to keep the clubhouse loose, he’s not going anywhere.

              AA is the one ultimately responsible and accountable for the performance on the field.

            • Hate to be that guy….. But “irregardless”?

            • Irregardless is not a word.

              • Regardless you know what it meant

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  12. I love Gibby. I really have nothing else to add.

  13. +1

  14. Re : “at least we won’t have to read a bunch of insufferable stories about how he’s a lame duck.”

    With the current contract set up, doesn’t this set the stage for 2 years of lame duck stories when they choose eventually not to pick the option?

    • To me it just seems like if he does get fired he is ensured to get paid for an additional year. Wasn’t exactly an extremely sought after manager when he was hired who is likely going to leave Jays to go somewhere else when his contract is up anyway.

    • Nope, gets renewed if he still has the job by the new year. So every year he’s managing the team, he’s guaranteed to have the next year as well.

      No options to pick up. Just depends on when/if he gets fired.

      • “For example, if Gibbons makes it to 2014, his 2015 option vests with another option added for 2016″

        So if he gets fired this fall his option for 2016 isn’t picked up but he in under contract for 2015 because he made it to 2014 so will get paid out. If this option were not part of his contract and for example his contract would have been up after the year they would have either not resigned him or resigned him

      • So basically it’s a one year salary parachute?

        Not the worst set up, pay him a bit less, but have a little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

        Still though, that means he’s “on the hot seat” after every season till the calendar turns.

        • Yeah like Stoeten said this isn’t huge money relatively (although I think he makes something like $1m) and avoids the lame duck manager and distractions that could cause. Once the saeson is over his job is done for that year and they are either going to bring him back or not so isnt really a distraction at that point.

  15. Gibby is so mean, he makes medicine sick!

  16. Think Gibby will get the newly retired Ted Lilly to be his pitching coach?

    If ever there were need for a dugout tunnel cam, that was it.
    I bet Gibby landed a few.

    • I call Mariners win the sweepstakes.

      After getting the Cano, they better build around him soon before he falls out of his performance window.

      Kinda like how we fucked around with the best pitcher in the Galaxy for 10 years.

      • Mariners have protected pick like Jays so maybe more likely to go after Jiminez, Santana, Drew since they may get them at a discounted rate rather than Tanaka who Dodgers, Cubs and Yankees may be in on?

        • Noticed Badler speculating on trading Paxton to the Jays for Rasmus.
          Only a few things wrong with that:
          He’s not crazy about them
          They’re not crazy about him (at least they weren’t when they drafted him)
          I don’t think they want to part with Rasmus.

  17. I wonder if Gibby will run more of a “drill sargent” approach this spring.?

    Last year, half the team was away at the world baseball classic. He didn’t know anyone. Gibby seemed to trust the players to be professional enough to know what to do.

    This year. the entire team will be in Dunedin in February, so Gibby will have more time with them.

    Does anyone remember Gibby’s spring training in the second year back when JP Riccardi was around. ?

    Was Gibby tougher in year 2?

    • Doesnt strike me as a guy who is going to be tough on players unless there is some particular gong show incident like we saw with Hillenbrand etc in the past. More of a players manager like Gaston who will plug a guy like JPA in there when he is struggling showing confidence in him etc. Does do the platoons more often something Gaston didnt do but Gaston was an extreme players manager.

      • I disagree. He crawled up Lawries ass instantly after flyball/missed-rbi-gate.
        Also Lilly famously many moons ago, also Bats when he was losing it on the bench.
        They need a little tough love this spring I think.

        • Right yeah, I think he picks his spots and is tough in the odd certain situation like you mentioned but is generally fairly laid back. Don’t think he is a hard ass all the time like some other guys but knows when to be tough and isnt afraid to be. A good mix it seems to me.

          Not the kind of guy you would want to get caught fooling around with his daughter when the parents are supposed to be away for the night but would be a nice guy if you were a good kid dating his daughter while showing respect to him and his boundaries rather than the guy sitting on the porch with a rifle when you come to pick her up for a date.

  18. Angels sign Moulder to incentive laden minor league deal. Kazmir and Liriano were huge for their respective teams last year these guys can really pay off. Moulder is interesting case, hasnt pitched in 5 years but has his fastball up to 90MPH.

    Dont think they Jays are going to get any reclaimation project signings like this this year given the glut of out of option and fringe pitchers they have.

  19. Fangraphs Dave Cameron guesses it’ll take 6 years 120mil or even something like 6 years 140 mil to get Tanaka – but with his skillset wonders if he may put up a season similar to what Ervin Santana is projected to do:

    • Not really anything close to conclusive from that analysis. He looked at his skillset then set filters for projected performance of key metrics then took the average of the guys who made the filtered list based on previous performance. Lots of room for error there – looks like with the hot stove is not so hot right now and with all the Tanaka analysis already he is grasping at straws for something to write about.

      I don’t expect the Jays to be players on Tanaka but try to get Santana or Jiminez for cheaper and shorter term instead.

  20. It’s a good contract move to avoid ‘lame duck’ discussions that can be distracting. I doubt he’s making so much money that they would hesitate to fire him if they felt it necessary. So functionally I don’t think this says anything one way or the other about the front office’s faith in him. There have been enough distractions. I’m sure they don’t want to add yet another managerial search to the to-do list. He’s doing OK. End of.

  21. Somebody just hop in a time machine and tell AA to go with Butterfield instead of Farrell and this horrible alternate timeline we’re stuck in never happens.

    • I must admit that back then I didn’t think Butterfield was right for the manager’s job. Now I think I was wrong as hell but it’s too late. I’m not against Gibbons but maybe Butterfield would have been better.

      • He made Farrell look better than he was and the Red Sox would’ve had a tougher time winning without him.

  22. Fromm BBB

    Drunk Jays Fans – Started by Andrew Stoeten in late 2006, DJF is now part of theScore’s rapidly-growing family. Stoeten continues to give excellent analyses and opinions while using language that would not be accepted here on Bluebird Banter

    Stoeten and his potty mouth.
    Where’s my bar of fucking soap?

  23. Gibbons takes things to emotional see. When I’m back managing in June I’m gonna lean way back on the bench, chew some dentine and let those kids swing away.

    • And you’ll probably still leave starters in way too long and misuse the bullpen like you did before. Problem is, there isn’t an Wamco four the first five in the order, and you retired on your terms. I loved you as a coach, but time goes on, the game continues to evolve, and you aren’t the hitting coach you used to be(see Travis Snyder, not that it’s Cito’s fault in anyway that he was a bust).

  24. so is the market still in a holding pattern, just waiting for tanaka to sign so the ball gets rolling?

  25. I would love all spring training games to be televised and to have a AAA game televised weekly as well. That would be sweet

  26. Makes perfect sense, the manager of an awful team deserves the security of another year on his contract…

    Here’s an idea AA how about you wait a couple months into the season before giving Gibby an extension, ya know, to kinda see how the team is doing. Then again Gibby is prob the lowest paid manager in MLB so eating his contract when he is inevitably canned won’t be a huge pill to swallow.

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