We’ve heard rumblings about this for a while, and frankly, I haven’t been quite comfortable with the details of it, because as a person under the age of 75, I’m not much for the cable TV. But the MLB Network tweeted this today, and apparently it’s a thing:

Hurray? Maybe?

I don’t know. If this means anything to you (i.e. you’re not with Bell, Shaw, or whatever other providers still exist these days) and is news you’ve yet to hear, there you have it. Congratulations.

I have no idea how the whole CanCon thing works either, or… anything about this, really. Happy to be doing so P.R. for Rogers, though, I guess.

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  1. Neato, gang.

  2. See, I told you he was a Rogers employee!!!!1!!

  3. Is it coming to Shaw satellite?

    • I have been asking Shaw for over a year now and it appears they have no appetite for MLB. Pity. If more of us ask perhaps they consider it. I’m not ready to switch providers yet though. I can also listen to MLB on my XM radio.

  4. Cool,
    Watching it now.

    • Radar – is it saying anything about the pkg it’s in?
      VIP only – or free for awhile?

      Was in the US recently – MLB Network does have some cool stuff to watch “Best Playoff Series that went 7 Games” – including Walter Johnson’s Washington Senators beating the NY Giants in 1924 – a Classic!

      • I’ve got the VIP package so I guess it’s now included.
        I have no idea whether there is a free preview or not.

        • Im in the East coast and 415 doesnt exist for me cant find MLB network..anyone know?

          • I’m speaking to Rogers Customer service now.
            I’ll ask.

            • you the man cool guy. seriously though, thanks.

            • Unbelievable Rogers.
              Rogers customer service Does not know about the MLB channel being added to their lineup.
              When they look to see what’s on 415, their computers show nothing.
              They don’t know whether it’s part of the VIP package,part of the Sports package or the basic cable.
              They don’t know if it’s a free preview that may disappear.
              They asked if I indeed had the channel.I explained I was watching it right this second.They were dumfounded.
              I asked if it was available in other parts of the country,where the cable channels don’t include 415.They don’t know,it might be on another channel in other parts of the nation but really weren’t sure.
              If it is a free preview.When it ends ,how much will it be or is it part of a package?.
              They don’t know because they don’t know they are broadcasting the channel.
              Visiting the website does no good.
              They do know,at this time, I’m not paying for the non existing MLB channel that I’m watching as I spoke to them.
              I need a drink.

              • And yes,I tried to escalate the question to the rep’s superiors with the same results.

                • Thanks for trying, thats why I didnt try calling(that and stole the mother in laws cable box and used to hook up in our place a few towns she can pay the bill) I use to work for rogers and they know shit about the channels unless its online somewhere or they were given a recent email and told to learn it and share it. when I punch in 415 ??? show up. Ill take a look around the dial later

                  Thanks again for enduring the asshats that are rogers cable techs.

                  • No prob, I was curious too.
                    Told them they better find the answers soon. The interweb is blowing up with the news.
                    Okay,I lied to them.Didn’t think they’d give a shit if I told them Drunk Jays Fans blog is blowing up with questions.
                    Might not have the same cachet.

  5. About damned time. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. This is great news….I don’t care if they repeat the same headlines/content 5 times an hour (maybe this is an unfair joke, but noticed it a bit while watching it on vacation), I’m still really excited to have a sports channel running in the background that doesn’t have 90% hockey (no offence to our national sport – Go Canada).

    • Interesting fact: Canada’s official national sport is actually lacrosse.

      • actually since 1994 Lacrosse is the national summer sport and Hockey is the winter national sport….

        • That’s funny as both sports are played professionally in the Winter, but you are most certainly correct.

  7. i want to cut my cable.. but if i get MLB network the Jays are blacked out across Canada correct? Is there anyway to get HD Jays without cable through my PS4?

    • I assume you mean MLB At Bat. Worth googling. Your location for blackout is currently based on IP, and there are VPNs and other ways to change your IP, so…

      • Actually, Playstation accounts are also divided by country, so your PS4 may be a no go based on your account and not your IP.

    • The Jays weren’t blacked out last year. Shhhh.

      But yeah, you mean MLB At-Bat, not MLB Network. It carries a bunch of games, but is otherwise not usually very interesting, in my experience. Maybe if you’re channel surfing it’s OK once in a while. Most of the relevant stuff on it is streamed on anyway.

      • I put the Jays on a personal blackout about the third week in July.

      • Re: Jays not blacked out

        Was that the case all year? Or did happen after a few months?

        As one of the Rogers customers who had online access to games until I was told in June that I have buy the SportsNet cable package to see the game online (even though I don’t have, or intend to have cable) I need a plan for next season.

        • It wasn’t blacked out all year. Whether they do the same thing next year is anyone’s guess. If you’re using a computer download mediahint, it’s a free extension for Chrome and Firefox, if you’re using other devices (ie smart tv, playstation, etc) you’ll need to use something like unblock us.

          • It wasn’t?

            • What a clusterfuck.
              Why I remember the days where I would get up and turn the goddamn dial to watch a good olde tyme base ball contest.

              And while I’m bitching- anybody else get their Flex-Pack CARD yet? A fucking card. No tickets. Bullshit, I tells ya. Bull. Shit.

              • @dr fever.

                I got the card. I called my Blue Jays rep & he explained the new system. I can forward tickets to friends & family by email.

                You can present the flexpack card when you enter the stadium & they give you a receipt for your ticket.

              • The Flex Pack card is an amazing idea. I love it.

    • I have MLB.TV and I get around blackouts by using Unblock Us. It costs $5 a month, but for that price, I can watch US or British Netflix and get around all blackouts for MLB.TV and NFL Game Pass.

      Lastly, I also have Apple TV, which is great for watching MLB games, since it has an MLB.TV app right on it.

      • How easy is Unblock Us to use?

        Do I have to dig into proxies and ports?

        Is it necessary to change everything back to get to usual settings etc.?

        A layman’s walk through would be really, really appreciated before I invest in MLB.TV.

        • I use for netflix n stuff.
          It’s quite easy. You pay a monthly fee (4.99 I think) and you just have to follow the instructions on their website to set up each of your devices.

          I find with Rogers internet you need to occasionally go back to the unblockus website to reset things because Rogers changes your connection info on a regular basis.

        • Unblock Us is crazy easy to use. I’ve read blogs that say that there are cheaper VPNs, but they still recommend Unblock Us simply because it’s so easy to use.

          All you end up doing is switching your DNS. I don’t know anything about computers and I found it super simple. They also have a responsive support message board.

          I highly recommend it. Well worth the five bucks a month, in my opinion.

          • +1 for unblock us (though I have cable also)

            One nice thing about unblock us is that it’s a Cdn company, so the service is tuned in and can easily test if there are issues with access to something. Also the money isn’t going to the Russian mafia (I think)

  8. I want to punch sasktel in the balls. Fucking communist bastard idiots!

  9. Awesome.

    This is the Super Bowl of MLB broadcasts, I love watching it in the states.

    As for how it is going to be laid out, but looks like Radar sums it up. Typically fucked up.

  10. So let’s say I live in the dark ages and still have cable. And then let’s say I don’t wanna anymore.
    Can someone spell out for me (real slow, use small words) how I go about getting my fix of Jays baseball this summer?

  11. Channel 415 is classical music for me. Shaw of course, I no freebies.

    We get utterly worked liked Friday night Bangkok hookers here in Canada.

  12. Has anybody here have any experience with Xbmc?

    • I tried it on my Linux desktop but I couldn’t get it to load properly.

      • Just loaded it now.

        Watching archived episodes of Intentional Talk.

        Could work out to be a decent companion to MLB At-Bat and Unblock Us for the year.

    • Yep, just no great success with high quality sports on it.

    • The MLB.TV add-on works well. As a non-subscriber, I used it for the free game of the day. The sportsdevil add-on for all things sports is another great add-on but can be tough getting a high quality stream.

  13. I am happy for the mlb network, but am not a fan of Millar. He seems so ridiculously outstandingly spectacularly fake to me.

  14. The talking head shows are as dumb as they come. however on nights the Jays have a night off MLB tonight is a very good show to put on in the background. a ton of live look ins to every game. it’s miles better than the NHL Network version.

  15. Finally.

    In HD as well.

    Now to hate on Harold Reynolds…

  16. So is everyone ready for the hilarious “Former Blue Jay Frank Thomas elected to the Hall of Fame” headlines?

  17. First day on the air here and they’re playing Major League tonight. Works for me.

  18. How in the fuck does having cable make you old? lol… stop being a cheap ass Stoeten and pony up.

  19. Anyone hear Tim Micallef discuss why Morris should be in the HOF today?

    Something like “Morris was an allstar starter three times. That shows me he was a hall of famer. But the stat nerds will say – (nerd voice) he had a 3.90 ERA”

    haha. oh man.

  20. does anyone know if the decision/announcement of the Tanaka winner could come BEFORE the 24th ??

    • I don’t see why it would. It doesn’t seem to be to his current team’s, nor his, benefit.

      • the dodgers have spoken to him, and apparently Tanaka is still in the “feeling things out” stage. I’m interested in the timeline of tanaka, A-Rod decision, Yanks payroll quagmire……

        • I think the ARod decision could be dragging out the proceedings as much as the Tanaka decision. The Yanks don’t want to commit to another large contract without knowing what’s going on with ARod. With both Tanaka and ARod on the payroll there’s no way they won’t be over the cap and have to pay the 50% luxury tax. Even after 2014 they’ll still owe him $61 MM.
          Tanaka will have to decide though by the 24th so it should be interesting

        • @Ledo Don’t forget the Dodgers still have to sign Kershaw who won’t be cheap. And if they want to keep him past his Arb year, he probably need somewhere in the neighbourhood of 25-30 MM AAV. (Greinke gets 24 MM)

    • It could happen before. Any major league team that agrees to post the 20 million ,payable after the player agrees to a ML contract, is then allowed to negotiate with that player. The player has 30 days after he is posted( Tanaka Jan.24) to finalize a contract. If he doesn’t then he can’t be posted again until the next Nov.1.
      The posting fee is paid, by the team that signs the player, to his Nippon club in two installments over two years.The 20 mil does not count against the salary cap.
      Although I haven’t seen anything,Tamaka could be negotiating with 30 clubs as we speak.

  21. Wow – Kevin Millar’s a bigger idiot than I’d even imagined. Painful viewing.

  22. Hey guys. I am on Bell satellite mainly for the Jays in HD. If I get the MLB network and unblock us will that give me all the games in HD quality and the ability to watch them after the fact since I live in BC? Thanks

  23. I know, I know. Coaches are nothing more than cheerleaders,blah,blah,blah.

    Mike Wilner ‏@Wilnerness590 2h
    Seitzer compared @rgoins5 to Alcides Escobar – they thought he wouldn’t hit, Seitzer disagreed. He hit .293 in ’12

    Mike Wilner ‏@Wilnerness590 2h
    I was seriously impressed! @raford3: @Wilnerness590 Blue Jays have a gem in Seitzer. He did great work in KC

    Some praise from a saber guy who doesn’t give credit lightly.

    • Making chicken soup out of chicken ****?

    • You mean the guy who continued to sing the praises of JPA deep into summer last year?

      • I’m trying to see the glass half full.
        Heard decent things about Seitzer when he was first hired.Sorta took them with a grain of salt because Gibby and him were coaches together in KC.
        Figured Wilner would be more reserved until at least the beginning of the season.

        Another tweet,this one from Stoeten

        Andrew Stoeten ‏@AndrewStoeten 5h
        Jays bullpen coach, Bob Stanley, tells Prime Time Sports pitchers should expect a more intense Spring Training, higher pitch counts by end.
        Methinks there’s a different approach by the management and coaches brewing.
        Good or bad ?who knows?but different.

    • “From a saber guy”? Fuck off.

      “I know, I know. Coaches are nothing more than cheerleaders,blah,blah,blah.” Fuck off with this horseshit, too, or at least stop trying to pretend you’re above the fray next time someone calls you on it.

      The blatant transparency of your bile would be less insufferable if you weren’t so hopelessly ignorant and wrong about such things, constantly mischaracterising others’ positions, playing dumb in your self-serving definition of what constitutes evidence, all while pretending to be taking the open-minded high road, FYI. Seriously, man, open your damn mind for real and not pretend already.

      And let me guess: your response to this is that I’m being an unprovoked meanie, right? Always above it, you are.

      • Take a deep breath,repeat some mantas.
        There doesn’t that feel better.
        Now drink some coffee and wake the fuck up.
        Wilner,IMHO,is one of the most sabermetrically minded people of the local MSM to report on the Jays. For him to admit that he’s impressed with Seitzer after interviewing him,says something about the new hitting coach.Usually, the method is to allow for a significant sample size before an evaluation takes place.Yet,Wilner is already using his mind and experience to make a judgement call, pror to having the statisical evidence.
        To me, that means he must be really impressed and that’s a good thing.
        The coaches being cheerleaders comment was a preemptive statement to avoid some people going off the deep end, in a mouth frothing frenzy of hysteria.
        Obviously,that didn’t work.
        Once again, you ignored the intent of the comment to insert your own narrative.
        The Jays,according to some experts ( notice I included you), have picked up two coaches who will be taking a different approach to preparing and training the players.
        Debate the value of that,if you wish.
        I have a different view than you when I analyze baseball.Surprise, there sometimes is a difference of opinion.Isn’t baseball great?
        Your gonna have to deal with it,instead of throwing a hissy fit.
        Whatcha gonna do next?Hold your breath until you get everybody to agree with you?
        Seitzer is comparing Goins to A Escobar.So maybe Goins shouldn’t be written off just yet.
        Sorry I intimidate you, to the point where you feel you need to spew out this venom.
        Stick to baseball talk,you’re better at it.

        • That’s the spirit!

          Wilner is about as sabermetrically inclined as you are, at this point, I’d say.

          The Goins/Escobar comparison, in and of itself, means less than zero.

          • That’s an interesting statement about Wilner.
            He constantly uses stats to back up his arguments on Jays Talk.
            He also seems more inclined to use advanced metrics than either Elliot,Griffin,Lott and a lot of others.
            You may be correct about Goins/Escobar.
            But Seitzer doesn’t share your opinion.
            And that opens up a lot of possibilites,IF he’s right and you’re wrong.

          • You guys should go to marraige counseling.

            • He’s still upset at having to do the dishes after the next DJF soiree.
              I told him,I’ll wash or dry,just not both.

    • Have to wait and see Radar. The real test won’t come til the 1st month of the show. ST can’t tell you much. If Seitzer can do it though, it’d be amazing.

      • Agreed Karl.
        It seems that it won’t be the same approach with every batter.Seitzer talked of peaks and valleys during the season. Avoiding the prolonged valleys is key,so he says.
        IF successful,I’d be curious to see what a more consistant Lawrie or Rasmus would do over a full season.
        And as silly as it sounds,It might be interesting to see the pitchers pushed a little more in spring and see if it produces results.
        Reports from last years ST is that it was pretty laid back.

  24. To go back to the Goins thing.. he is really the perfect guy to stash in AAA for when a need arises due to injury at 2b or SS (remember how Reyes is injury prone..) We may actually need a 2b apart from Goins who can solidify the middle infield because almost inevitably someone will go down for a period of time, probably even Reyes.

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