Fascinating stuff from Chris Sherwin at Blue Jays Plus about biomechanics, Brandon Morrow, and the worryingly outdated ways that the Jays may be looking at their pitchers. I don’t know nearly enough about this subject to call bullshit on any of it, or to counter what seems, on the surface, like pretty well-reasoned expertise, which is all the more reason that this sort of stuff needs a bigger place in the conversation — especially, I fear, in the Jays’ front office, where, despite the progressive reputation, you get the sense that a lot of old school thought pervades.

Toronto FC’s “Bloody Big Deal” on Monday was a pretty spectacular thing for the team and the city (unless, perhaps, you’re one of those people who has an incomprehensible knee-jerk hatred of soccer that, more than anything, is about a sad fear of the unknown), and for Jays fans it brought thoughts of the possibilities of a committed ownership that doesn’t push the lie of needing to tie payroll inexorably to shady dreams of revenue we’re, of course, not ever allowed to see the full picture of. Money quote from Tim Leiweke: “Three DPs is financial suicide,” but “in the end they wanted to win and they would do whatever it took.” Isn’t this a company that’s part owned by Rogers???

At Fanatico, Parkes tells the most elaborate version of the DJF origin story published yet, but that’s just the hook for an outstanding piece on the state of sportswriting in the wake of the furores of the last couple weeks. Read it.

Jack Morris is going to return to the Jays booth this season, says Jays Journal, with an impressive exclusive. Apparently the favourite of revisionist historians everywhere was only considering leaving — as reports earlier in the off-season had suggested — if he’d been elected to the Hall Of Fame. Since he wasn’t — which, OK, OK, would have been fine too (who cares!) — he’s going to return. And you know what? I was not keen on the hire when it was first announced, based mostly on a few clips I’d listened too, some poor reviews from Twins fans, and reports that were quick to highlight the negative. But I found him a whole lot more enjoyable to listen to than I gave him credit for. Old school, yes. A little to quick to point to dispelled notions that only aid his legacy, sure. But pretty alright, on the whole.

Chris Crawford of MLB Draft Insider rolls out his top 14 Jays prospects for 2014. A bunch of great scouting reports– he’s really bullish on Osuna, despite the injury, and has Sanchez ahead of Stroman, but likes them both — and definitely worth a read.

Yahoo’s Jeff Passan tweets that the Jays are scrapping their plan to make Jeremy Jeffress a starter. So… there’s that.

Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com talks Adam Lind — who the Blue Jay Hunter shows us was recently spotted at a Raptors game (with bonus Steve Paikin sighting!) — and also to Marcus Stroman, who is staying patient as his time in the Majors nears.

Another Lind piece comes from Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star, with a focus on the hitting coaches he’s been through during his tenure with Jays. Money quote: “Then Farrell … he kind of knew everything.” Lind ended that final sentence with another heartfelt chuckle.

Elsewhere from the Toronto Star we have an eight-year-old fan who got Cooperstown’s ear when he requested more Canadian memorabilia in the museum, a look at the key players who were visiting the city last week for the club’s prospect camp, while Richard Griffin specifically looks at A.J. Jimenez.

At Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at the asking prices for the remaining available pitchers, as well as Marcus Stroman and Sean Nolin’s hope to reach the big leagues in 2014, and Anthony Gose, who played some winter ball in Venezuela this year. Meanwhile, Shi Davidi talks to Adam Lind, who is excited that he wasn’t traded, and relays John Gibbons’ confirmation that the Jays have some interest in Masahiro Tanaka.

Speaking of Tanaka, at Getting Blanked, Drew rolls out some outstanding — if a little to disappointingly realistic — Tanaka Power Rankings.

In last week’s chat with readers at ESPN.com, Keith Law suggested that he thinks the Jays would choose Ubaldo Jimenez over Ervin Santana — something Buster Olney said on a podcast this week, though I’m too lazy to go look up the link — because a “higher beta makes more sense for them, where a pitcher who’s worth 4 WAR is worth maybe three times as much as a guy who’s worth 2 WAR.”

Bluebird Banter takes a look at the Jays’ uniform assignments for the upcoming season. Because… January.

The Blue Jay Hunter tries to put together some “clues” regarding Colby Rasmus’s impending arbitration case — including the Jays’ policy not to negotiate one-year deals after arbitration numbers are exchanged (which happens on Friday) — to wonder if a contract extension is imminent. Because… January. It’s fun enough, I guess, but once you get into stuff connecting bobbleheads to front office decisions I’m way out.

The Jays sent out a press release this week listing their various coaching staffs at the minor league level.

The Mets ZiPS projections are out at FanGraphs, and if it means anything to you still, the comp on Noah Syndergaard for his 2014 season is Paul Wilson. For d’Arnaud it’s Ryan Doumit.

Elsewhere at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan looks at the insane fact that Mike Trout alone is projected to be better in 2014 than all but seven other big league outfields. More insane? The Jays project to be one of the seven better than him.

Great stuff from Jonah Keri at Grantland, as he looks for the Red Sox Redux — five teams in line for positive regression in 2014 — among whom the Jays are clearly a candidate.

Because I can’t resist, Ben Lindbergh of Baseball Prospectus goes through a bunch of examples of how everyone always says the same things about clubhouse chemistry because it’s all meaningless.

Baseball Card Vandals has an outstanding riff on a Tony Fernandez card.

Drinking: at BlogTO, friend of DJF, Ben Johnson, gives us the twelve bars with the most taps in the city. Presumably.

What’s that? The A-Rod stuff, you ask? I mostly don’t care and have purposefully been avoiding most of it. Nobody is going to come out smelling great from this one, and bizarrely I think it’s A-Rod — who has proven time and again to be hopelessly self un-aware — who understands that better about his own situation than Selig, MLB, and the odd media sycophants defending them, do about theirs. But A-Rod is obviously a loathsome figure. I”m pretty “soft” on the P.E.D. issue when it comes to the Hall Of Fame stuff and the odious whitewashing an era where it was condoned to the point of tacit encouragement by painting certain individual users as the sole corrupters of the game’s innocence who alone must be punished, but in 2014 that’s no longer how things are– at least, it’s not how they’re supposed to be, though obviously MLB’s testing program has massive holes in it, as this whole sordid episode shows. It’s a far more complicated issue than we let it be, but with the rules as they are, even I must grant that systematically, intentionally, repeatedly violating clear, collectively bargained rules deserves punishment. I’ve never understood why it should have been more than the 50 games given any other player being caught for the first time, but clearly he should have been punished. And while I believe that the arbitrator suggested multiple violations were each individually suspendible under the Joint Drug Agreement, given MLBs response to the arbitrator who ruled against them in the Ryan Braun case, it’s hard not to question the integrity of that decision. It’s also hard not to wonder about the other thuggish behaviour of MLB in pursuit of Bud’s white whale. Rodriguez, of course, is no saint himself, but I don’t think the onus is on him to maintain credibility the same way that it is on the league. I don’t think the ends justified their means, but they obviously disagree. I also don’t think it serves anyone to continue propping up the narrative that these substances are the baseball equivalent of magic beans, but like this A-Rod mess, I don’t think that nonsense is going away anytime soon either.

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  1. nothing about the jays
    how depressing

  2. “unless, perhaps, you’re one of those people who has an incomprehensible knee-jerk hatred of soccer that, more than anything, is about a sad fear of the unknown”

    lol what kind of dumb statement is this

    • Those people exist. What kind of dumb statement was yours? I strike a nerve?

      • Not really, just that in my experience with people, when people make ridiculous connections like that one, it’s from their own issues…i just did a double-take when i got to that part

        • Hahahaha. So I struck a nerve. WAHHH.

          • are you delusional, i’m trying to understand the connection between “disliking soccer” and “sad fear of the unknown”, it sounds like you have some serious insecurity issues about soccer for some weird reason, what do I have to do with this?

            • I didn’t say anything about disliking it. Lots of people dislike it without a “sad fear of the unknown.” I was talking about an “incomprehensible, knee-jerk hatred.”

              You’re allowed to read stuff before you go making ridiculous comments about it.

              • lol oooook there

                • Walk it back with all the sarcasm you need to, big guy. You didn’t read, you shot your mouth off. It’s OK to just say so.

                • Jesus, pastlives.
                  I’m not a soccer fan because I’ve never bothered to learn the nuances of the game. Thus I can’t and don’t appreciate the good or bad plays that are made.My knowledge is limited and thus I make ignorant comments about the sport.And yes I even played teh game in my youth.
                  That said, it is the most widely watched type of sports in the world.
                  My loss.
                  Still don’t get the flopping around on the ground like a fish when somebody brushes against a player.
                  Again, my loss.
                  Now if they start attacking my favorite sport,Jai Alai, that’s another issue altogether.

                  • Jai Alai Sucks

                    I think….

                    • Catching a ball that goes 190mph, in a basket attached to your hand.Then you get to fire it back, at 190mph, at the son of a bitch who threw it at you in the first place.
                      And you get to gamble on it.
                      What’s not to like?

          • Grow up

        • Many North Americans do not like soccer because it is foreign to them so rather then take the time to understand it they hate it. That is what he meant. Its pretty straight forward.

          • I hate soccer because its an incredibly idiotic sport. Perfectly aware of what it is.

            • Idiotic because it’s so damn simple and doesn’t fall prey to pissing match of my rules are more arcane than your rules?

      • Kinda like your irrational hate for Hockey. Fuck Hipsters.

  3. Thing about Jack is that although he’s got some “old-school” ideas about the game, he’s not afraid to call shit on shitty things. Today’s announcers have no balls, it’s just sugar coated drivel.

    • That’s also why footie announcers are some of the best (and of course the accent and a better than high-school level vocabulary)

      • Both my daughters relocated to England, and we’ve spend a bit of time there….so I’m starting to understand some of the “footy” vibe (although it’s too insane to fully comprehend yet)
        But I love the commentators on TV – who pretty much call it like they see it.
        “Oh, a pretty weak attempt there”.
        “Oh, a bit of playacting there on his part”.
        “Not an impressive effort today”.

    • Like Stoeten, I was initially leery of Morris, and the first impression wasn’t very good, as he seemed to be trying too hard to perform his concept of a “broadcaster” – which he wasn’t very good at. But a couple of games in, he just started being Jack Morris, and that’s when he started being bloody great, especially in comparison to Buck and Tabby. He provides excellent, insightful commentary on what’s actually going through the players’ minds out there, and I enjoy listening to him when he’s on the air. He’s also feisty, which provides the “colour” to his commentary. I’d like to see him take on Zaun on an issue or two.

  4. Was surprised by how much I enjoyed listening to Morris to the point that i ended up being disappointed if he wasn’t in the booth for some of the TV telecasts.

  5. Yeah, Jesus. re Leiweke.

    I wouldn’t mind this guy being the next Jays president.

  6. After reading about how bad Morris supposedly was, I was expecting a verb challenged, monotoned , nimrod to take to the waves, boring the fuck out of me like tim mccarver. When I heard him on the radio with his anecdotes, I was pleasantly surprised and I enjoyed his commentary thoroughly, so ..don’t know why the crap reviews out of Minny.
    While he is not as smooth or eloquent as Ashby he certainly is not afraid to call shit play shit, and that beats the hell out of a whole lot of smarmy ass wipe homers other teams carry around. i’m glad he is back

  7. ARod gets jobbed, the Yanks come out awfully fortunately.

  8. “it’s hard not to question the integrity of that decision.”

    Of course it is.
    The process was collectively bargained.
    And without the knowledge of what evidence was presented,it’s hard to question anything.
    Stop thinking it was “The Man” attacking the poor worker until you have the data.

  9. Personally I am loving the attention soccer is getting here of late other than just during the World Cup years and I am very familiar with the sentiments Stoeten is talking about. I think with the amount of money pouring into soccer in North America it won’t be too long before it becomes even more mainstream.

  10. “He really needs to come inside here…you have to own the inside corner of the plate…in my day, we never used to just sit on the outside half, we’d come right after the batter.”

  11. Regarding the AROD issue..

    -is he gulity.

    is he a despicable character that is delusional.

    is MLB right in what procedures they went to in order to “nail” him?

    fuck no.

    First of all..they illegally obtained these documents. then the documents themselves…who even knows if they are credible…assuming they are…the process is still shady.

    next..the arbiter….uses some gymnastics when he says “well, he used three different PEDS..so thats three violations..”

    Okaaaaay…is that the definition they collectively bargained? if so…is that the same standard that they applied to the other players involved in the biogenesis bs?

    where is the players association on this? dont they realize that in not speaking out against the process, they are in effect, telling mLB to have at it when it comes to going after one of their own?

    dont these fools realize that the process is the entity you are trying to combat abuse of..you are not “defending AROD” by questioning the process…you want to ensure the process is legit for when one of your brethren who is INNOCENT gets ambushed..not for AROD..but you cannot allow AROD to get skewered and then expect the next guy to get a fair deal when his time comes around.

  12. I hate ARod with every fibre of my being. But I hate Bud Selig’s fight against PEDs even more.

    Good synopsis, Stoeten.

  13. Paul Wilson, eh? If Snydergaard becomes Paul Wilson II, then that makes me feel that much better about the Dickey trade.

    *taps fingers waiting for the dominoes to finally fall on the pitching market*

    • wouldn’t you rather have him turn out to be good, doesn’t that say more about the staff that is currently in place and will be making the jays picks this year?

  14. Not to open a can of worms but
    DJF is wholey owned by The Score,according to the Parkes article?
    Can Stoeten be replaced by someone else,if the powers that be, decide so?
    Just askin.

  15. According to that prospect list, 10 of our top 14 prospects are pitchers. Hopefully we are in the last few years of drooling over every piece of shit pitcher who hits the FA market.

    Also, Nicolino was listed amongst the top 10 Lefty pitching prospects in the game.
    AA has done a great job of compiling arms and using them to address other needs.

    Can’t wait until these guys start hitting the bigs, should hopefully quiet alot of the criticism that Anthopolous has been taking.

  16. Stoeten, you gonna punch Parkes in the face?

    Good article, didn’t know how it was all spawned.


  18. “shady dreams of revenue we’re, of course, not ever allowed to see the full picture of”

    See: The Rogers Sportsnet baseball contract that was just signed but has no dollar amounts attached to as far as I saw.

    • Err, just went to see if that dollar amount was out there, and saw that maybe it’s actually an “MLB” contract and covers games other than the Jays.

      Move along. Nothing to see here.

  19. What say you change the name from the Daily Duce just because I don’t like it? Seriously I preferred the old name but I am too fucking old to remember it ….afternoon snack? Anyway lets look at calling it, The Hot Steibing Dump or maybe The Henke Handjob unless you are trying to go mainstream of course.

  20. NEWPOST: Nothing New

  21. Everyone posting tonight sounds out of their fucking minds.

    • Yeah, but I got an excuse.
      Bad acid from the 60′s.
      Shoulda stayed away from the brown and stuck with Purple MicroDot.
      Or was it the other way around?
      I’m confused again.

      • First fucking sane comment I’ve read tonight.

      • Everyone else? Get off my fucking lawn!!

        • And in flies a guy dressed up like a Union Jack
          says I’ve won five pounds if I have his detergent pack (ACID)

          This line doesn’t have fuck in it, but leads to “Get off of my cloud”
          Because of the above lyrics the song by the Stones was banned on many stations in North America.
          I thought they were talking about mescaline at the time, RADAR.
          Then again, I spent too much time chasing White Rabiits and asking Alice when she was ten feet tall

          • Mescaline.
            Synthetic peyote.

            • Lotta California dreamin went on in those days my friend. Jefferson Airplane was always there to help with a free trip in my neighbourhood-thought I knew Grace Slick personally back then. Now I just want the Jays to get a good 2B and a few SPs. I think I’ll go ask Alice, since she is 10 feet tall as the Red Queen is out chasing rabbits.
              More Merlot, man

  22. pretty sure that was jesse carlson next to adam lind at the raps game

    • Fuck it all we are Jays fans. This just in IF the Jays land anything substantial cockyness is kind of ok

    • yeah carlson on the left and Paikin (half of him anyway) on the right. Paikin’s a huge sports fan, he sits in my section for Jays games and is usually wearing Boston garb.

  23. Peter Gammons on MLBN Hot Stove this morning basically dumped cold water on the Jays picking up ANY free agent starter. If I heard him correctly “a source” has advised that the Jays are hesitant to offer full value contracts to Santana/Jiminez et al after the results of last years transactions. To re-inforce the point, the tagline to the Blue Jays portion of his segment was something like “Blue Jays not in on any free agents”.

    This (at least the reasoning) sounds like a load of crap that Gammons is either making up, or is being fed to him by the Jays to downplay their interest in said free agents. He also felt that should the asking prices drop enough, Santana and Jiminez will just end up back with their original teams anyways.

    Gammons segment started around 9:20 am ET on MLBN so it will appears that it will re-air today around 11:20 or so for those that are interested.

    • Meh. Gammons hasn’t been relevant since this happened.

    • In re-hearing the segment, Gammons’ comments are more in line with what has been discussed here. Namely, the Jays won’t go to $80 million (I’m assuming a 4 or 5 year term is implied) on Santana or Jiminez, but they would be involved if the price dropped. He did seem to say that if the price was too high, the Jays are comfortable with the Johnson/Dickey/Morrow/”AJ” (Gammons words…sigh) Happ/”one of several young guys” (my summation of his discussion, where he included Stroman in the mix) rotation.

      What I found bizarre was the headline writer at MLBN interpreting that to mean that the Jays are not involved at all on FA pitchers, along with Gammons’ contention that, should their price drop, Jiminez and Santana will just end up back with their original teams.

      • Yeah the fact he doesn’t realize johnson is no longer with the team kinda ruins his credibility on anything Jays related. Gammons remains the world leader in Red Sox propoganda.

      • Crap…typo on my part…he did realize that it was Buerhle/Dickey…etc. I have no fucking clue why I wrote Johnson instead. Sorry.

  24. I have no idea what the value of a hitting coach is. From watching players who have struggled in the past (Rasmus, Lind etc.) they seem to try everything. If you’re slumping its time to change the stance, try to hit first pitch fastballs, pull the ball, go up the middle.. whatever you need to do until you start getting good results. That’s fine – it seems to have worked for some players.

    For whatever its worth I like hearing what Kevin Seitzer has been saying regarding the younger players on the team. I love players that try to work a count in their favor. Its been a hallmark of good Yankees and Red Sox teams in the past, and has helped a guy like Kawasaki be of use to an MLB team even when he probably shouldn’t be.

    Its not a one-size solution.. Some guys might be better served trying to hit a fastball early than falling behind and facing breaking balls. Fair enough. Still, I love the idea that Seitzer is going to be trying to get a guy like Anthony Gose to have a game plan when he steps into the box – which will be less JP Arencibia – and more get on base where you can use your speed. A guy like Gose can turn cheap singles into doubles really quickly.

    Again – its all talk in January.. but given that some of the coaches in the past have been the sell-out for power variety, it will be interesting to see if Seitzer can have an effect on turning some of the young Blue Jays into viable MLB players by getting on the base paths for the mashers in the lineup to drive in.

    • Gammons source could also just be a case of the Jays using the media to negotiate as well.

    • The problem is if we believe that managers and coaches really do much at all, it can be argued we have one of the lower tier/least experienced pitching coaches. Fortunately I’m not sure they do all that much. Can you imagine Pete Walker trying to fix mechanical issues for a guy like Ubaldo Jimenez?

    • Anyone can hit a fastball. Pro players that is.

      A guy like Gose needs to work on making offspeed pitches his feasting strength. Afterall, they say the hardest hit balls in baseball are hanging sliders/changeups. By trying to hit more offspeed it make you have to watch the ball longer, which in turn makes you become better at pitch recognition. Thus potentially taking more walks when the eye is trained and confidence increases because of it.

      Then he works on hitting the outside fastball. The other way. Level the swing, increase contact, increase OBP probability.

      Switzer, you owe me a case of beer. And none of that stinking America piss.

  25. Stoeten,Thx for linking the BJP article.Chris makes it an enjoyable read.Interesting biomechanical analysis.Way beyond my knowledge base.

  26. It feels like we are in a stalemate point in the offseason. I’m still optimistic but it just feels like its taking forever. But I’m glad we have MLB tv now on Rogers (Yes I’m one of those fucking losers with cable tv that Stoeten makes fun of) and its MLB Tonight program for the lead up to the season and all the moves that have yet to be made.

  27. Breaking news over twitter.
    As per a team release
    Pizza Nova has replaced Pizza Pizza at the Rogers Centre.

  28. There is some breaking news about prospect Anthony Alford’s family but it’s not baseball related and it’s not good. Looks like both parents and one brother were arrested for selling drugs.

    • Thanks for the link.
      Alford’s career has been a clusterfuck of distractions.
      He may need to go back to baseball just for stability.

  29. Great article about the bio mechanics. Really makes you wonder when a blogger can break down and understand things well and pick out particular scenarios where the professionals on baseball teams seem completely out to lunch with relatively basic stuff like with Morrow and the inflammation not considered a potential sign of nerve damage and investigated as such (or Cabrerra with the back nerve problem last year). The pitching coaches are not doctors / medical practitioners and really have no business deciding on this stuff especially considering their bias and likely lack of openess to consider fact and progressive analysis.

    Where are the doctors / trainers in this picture advising the coaches about mechanics in relation to injury risk? Is the old guard so strong they will not allow any progressive medical professionals to tell them they are wrong and force change? Does it take all these pitching injuries before this thought is overcome? It is more extreme than the sabermatics resistance. Here we are talking about anatomy and body mechanics – the argument for the status quo cant be justified nearly as easily from baseball players that they know better about the body than professionals compared to resistance to sabermatics where they had some basis for of an argument that there is more to playing well than statistics.

    • It seems Chris’s resume is a little more detailed than the average bloggers.Also he admits that the analysis of bio mechanics is still emerging,witness the discovery of the dreaded “inverted W” and the controversy behind it.Long toss being another.
      Chris says the pitching mechanics can be extremely complex to analyze.That said he’s made some compelling arguments in his article. I don’t think it’s a resistance to sabermetrics and the new fangled ways.

    • I’m curious to know what his background/qualifications are. Statements like the below make me raise an eyebrow:

      “The moment the nerve issue was brought to attention further diagnosis should have been made. MRI’s revealed nothing but inflammation? That’s what this kind of nerve injury will do; cause inflammation.”

      Yes… in juries like this will create inflammation… but so can a lot of other things. Also:

      “He attempted a rehab game just two weeks later. He should have been shut down from any kind of throwing routine for at least six weeks.”

      This is the sort of thing a physical therapist or someone with background in sports medicine might say. Is it the truth as a qualified professional, or is that his opinion?

      He also tends to dismiss the idea that continually throwing a new pitch would have caused this issue… but overuse on untrained muscles can cause tendinitis and muscle soreness, which includes inflammation.

      Finally, these:

      “. It appears AA conveniently forgets that Morrow had trouble in the same forearm in as early as 2009.”

      I’m not sure an injury 4 years prior, which may or may not have had the same diagnosis is something one “conveniently” forgets.

      “In 2011, he again suffered forearm soreness in camp, which would eventually lead to a DL stint and cause him to miss most of the first month of the season”

      … Which as I recall was looked at widely at the time with a side-eye as a “phantom” DL stint to delay his start to the season so he could finish the year, rather than be shut down early as he was in 2010.

      I dunno. I’m not saying he’s wrong on this, but I’d love to know what his background is, other than someone who “has a passion for the game of baseball, and is particularly focused on pitching mechanics” and “strategical analysis”.

      • In general the Jays injury woes maybe shouldn’t just so automatically be attributed to bad luck and when some of these particular cases are examined it really makes you wonder. Having the pitching coaches commenting about how the mechanics of the pitchers are sound when it comes to injury, then having them get injured really makes you wonder their qualifications for such a diagnosis and if the organization is simply putting faith in pitching coaches to too large of a degree rather than progressively examining things from a more academic and knowledge based perspective. Maybe Chris isn’t entirely on point with his analysis but Id like to see how much understanding of things Walker and Walton with respect to mechanics in relation to injury prevention and suspect it is not based in science much at all and science that contradicts their beliefs may be brushed off with the old guard resistent to change perspective. Would expect the Jays to have an eminently qualified training staff to decide on these things and direct the coaches while the coaches are knowledegable about mechanics leading to success / performance and are influenced to not do some things that may pose injury risk. Who is the Jays head trainer and why isn’t he fielding these questions?

      • @ Allisauce Excellent point. Seems to me he (they’d) make a point of telling us all about his background if in fact he had one. But nothing. In fact he’s got a pretty young face and I’d bet he’s a baseball fan/kid.

        • That’s why I presented it the way I did. I have no reason to doubt what he’s saying… except I have no idea what his qualifications are or anything about the subject matter myself. The way he explains it all makes sense, and I certainly don’t want to simply be dismissive of it because I don’t have the background — or because the guy’s face looks “too young,” because that matters exactly zero — but I can’t just say, “Welp, problem solved!” here either.

  30. Peter Gammons doesn’t paint a very optimistic picture about the Jays chances of landing a SP, and he includes a comment from an anonymous Jays official.


    This time around, they admit that the only way they’re going into the pitching free agent market is if Ervin Santana or Ubaldo Jimenez fall down to them, in which case both might go back from whence they came. Instead, after veterans Mark Buehrle and R.A. Dickey, the Jays plan to build on youth and rehabs, with Brandon Morrow, rookie Marcus Stroman, J.A. Happ and the return to health of Kyle Drabek and Drew Hutchison. One official told me, “We have to figure out what we have and go from there.” And $80M for Santana or Jimenez is considered too big a gamble.

  31. Gose seems to have a bit of a long swing.

    And a bit uppercutty,which is fine if he was making more contact and driving the ball.

    I wonder if he will ever take a more anorexic approach and try to bitch-slap the ball more, with more of a plained out swing.

    • New hitting coach!

      Everything will turn around!

        • I’d love to work with Gose as hitting coach.

          The first thing I’d do is take him out for Pogo’s and draft beer. Lots of draft beer. Get him drunk and then ask him what he like to hit, or his approach to hitting. Make him boast about it.

          The next morning I wake his hungover ass up at 5 am and take him to the park. I’d holler at him all the way there for being such a lame ass for having a headache over Blue Ribbon Pabst draft.

          Then we would work on doing the opposite of what he told me the night before.

          I’d stand right behind his ear in the cage and chirp about how his swing is too pornogrphic.Tell him his dick is too small to be swinging it around like that.

          Flatten it out . Shorten it up. Maybe look at wielding at 33/31.5 sword. Work on deuces, and sliders. Bitch slap the ball around like it’s World Cup Cricket.

          Then he inside outs every fastball thrown to him. This will set him up for game time. Make him watch balls deeper into the zone, and increase confidence. When he gets pitched inside his hands will naturally do the work and jerk the ball. Otherwise he is set to take everything opposite way or off the pitchers cock.

          Then I’d buy him breakfast and tell him to lose the chains, and the bitches during the season and tell him that he is a very average player that needs to work his ass off to stay in the bigs.

          Seitzer, you owe me one.

    • when they drafted him he was like that, I think the plan was just to see if they could develop the swing for more power.

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