Some people like pizza. Some like certain brands of pizza better than certain other brands. They used to sell pizza made by Pizza Pizza at the Rogers Centre, and some people liked that, other didn’t. Today the Blue Jays announced that they had signed an Official Pizza Agreement with Pizza Nova, and now they will sell that pizza at the Rogers Centre. Some people like that, others don’t.

And now I’m writing a dreadful post about pizza.

Hey, it beats what I was going to do — writing more fretful pieces about the Jays being horrifically outdated in some of their thinking — right??? Like, all that stuff about Brandon Morrow and biomechanics that came up yesterday, or new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer speaking exclusively in terms of batting average and RBIs in every. fucking. interview. Or a new one from Jeff Zimmerman at FanGraphs showing that over the last few years a player’s BABIP will begin to drop as soon as he reaches the Majors, which wasn’t the case even just a few years ago, with the theory being that it’s based “on the increased knowledge and use of defensive information,” since “teams are doing a better job of tracking players in the majors and minors and know their hit tendencies.” Yet, of course, the Jays plod along with Luis Rivera, who replaced Brian Butterfield last season, still entrenched as the club’s point man on this stuff, despite announcing a year ago that he would be more conservative with shifts, putting that pronouncement into action by becoming one of only two big league clubs to buck the trend and shift less in 2013 than the previous year, and overseeing some atrocious on-field results. (Granted, undoubtedly some — maybe even most — of it comes down to personnel, but in 2013, on ground balls in play, Jays opponents hit 15 points higher than the MLB average (.255 BABIP on ground balls versus a .240 league average), after being 17 and 24 points under the league average in the final two seasons with the uber-shifty Butterfield).

But no. Today let’s pay no attention to the front office’s possible deference to stubborn old school-ness that’s potentially costing the club. Let’s just go with pizza.

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  1. At least it wasn’t Pizza Hut

  2. In the words of some dude on twitter “Is the Pizza Nova mascot just a naked guy in an apron who won’t make eye contact?”

    Also… Aaron sanchez ranked 9th best RHP prospect in minors (… real baseball talk!

  3. Does pizza in Canada come in bags?

  4. This is probably the most appropriate background music to this post

  5. Mid-January: when the baseball world starts to get stir-crazy.

  6. i miss butters
    i really really miss him

    AA shit the bed on that one. Should have made Butters a condition of signing Gibby. But hey, what can ya do.

    • He may well have tried and just not succeeded you know.

    • Huh? You think Gibbons wanted Butters gone?

    • Butter was interviewed for the Manager position, when he was told he wouldn’t get the position he was also told that there was no guarantee of being a part of the staff. He went to Boston. He won a world series that he deserves. Not sure how great he would have been as a Manager, but losing him had an impact last season.

      I was at a game where some douche kept heckling butter because he chose Boston over us. He wanted to manage the team, he didn’t get the chance so he went to do his job in Boston in a place he liked and with a team he believed in.

  7. How bout them Raptors though, folks?



    • seeing as there is no raptorsblog on thescore anymore, we might as well talk about it here right?

      Any other year rap fans would be going insane about the fact that toronto is the 3rd best team in the east. Seeing as it’s the year most of the east decided to tank, i’m just slightly excited about it.

  8. It’s a step up, better ingredients. Better tasting.
    That said the worst pizza in Ontario is in Windsor.
    The best in Cornwall.

  9. I love pizza more than anything, but I don’t love either of these pizzas so I’m not voting. Who is winning the pizza wars?

    I don’t think I need to further romance Safeco, but I will say that they had some damn fine pizza there. + they gave me extra pizza for free!

    Also, that mascot makes me feel like he’s going to give out a creepy touch or something…

  10. Pizza nova pisses all over pizza pizza. This is great news for those of us who actually attend games and then spend money when we attend them. Furthermore you’re all fat

  11. I posted this in the previous thread from yesterday – Gammons (for all the LOLs he provides) doesn’t sound too optimistic about the Jays landing a pitcher.

    “This time around, they admit that the only way they’re going into the pitching free agent market is if Ervin Santana or Ubaldo Jimenez fall down to them, in which case both might go back from whence they came. Instead, after veterans Mark Buehrle and R.A. Dickey, the Jays plan to build on youth and rehabs, with Brandon Morrow, rookie Marcus Stroman, J.A. Happ and the return to health of Kyle Drabek and Drew Hutchison. One official told me, “We have to figure out what we have and go from there.” And $80M for Santana or Jimenez is considered too big a gamble.”

  12. Thats a huge contract for Pizza Pizza to lose.

  13. Pizza Pizza is sooo bad unless you douse a slice in like 2 of their dipping sauces (although they make damn good dipping sauce), their crust is like cardboard….so this rules

    • pizza is like art, its all personal preferences and opinions, there is no univerally good or bad pizza.

      Unless of course you are talking about pizza hut

  14. Remember when we could get mcdonalds fries at the skydome. those were truly the glory years

  15. They both fucking suck. I don’t think anyone has enjoyed stadium food that wasn’t overpriced and shitty since about 1955.

    • Someone must be enjoying it…I tend to think I have a bad time because I don’t eat meat, but I’m not so sure – everything looks terrible. Expensive, too. I want to travel to other stadiums to see if things are as bleak as they are @ SkyDome.

      • That will just make you realize even more how bleak the Rogers Centre is.

        • I went to Safeco last summer + this season I am not planning to go to the SkyDome @ all. Semi-related. The food + drink was good there!

      • Having been to over a dozen other baseball parks in the majors, we definitely have the worst hot dogs in the league, with the rest of the menu not very far behind. They’ve made some efforts in recent years, so I don’t want to be overly harsh, but they should travel a bit and see what’s going on elsewhere. Heck, I remember going to Cleveland two years ago when they were having a promo with the Food Network, testing different ballpark foods. They had an awesome mac ‘n cheese (with bacon) and two different marquee hot dogs.

      • I’ve only been to a few other stadiums, but let me assure you they are empatically NOT as bleak.

      • So you know, there is a horrible, overpriced veggie dog you can buy at one stand on each level. They’ve been sitting around for hours and usually look like the hot dog equivalent of a bloated body they just pulled up from the bottom of a river.

      • How could any of this be better stated? It conl’udt.

  16. I’m going to assume this means that there will be some sort of strike-out promotion involving Pizza Nova pizza.

    The ONLY possible disappointing thing I can take out of this news is that there are no Pizza Nova locations outside of the Kitchener-Penetang-Peterborough circle that rings the GTA.

    I used to love taking my 7 strike out game ticket stubs to the Pizza Pizza locations here in London for my free slice.

    The only downside I can find.

    • I live in Toronto + I feel like I’ve never seen a Pizza Nova. I love getting the strikeout pizza.

    • I love free pizza as much as the next guy, but I hated that promotion

      People would get way too pumped over the one aribitrary K, regardless of the game situation

      • The fucking team hasn’t won shit in 2 decades. What do you expect fans to do. Of course they are going to cheer for stupid shit when the team on the field is atrocious.

  17. Where can I see the results of the survey?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  18. Pizza is usually the one food I can afford at the game. Hopefully the prize doesn’t go way up. That being said it’s a great day to be a pizza-eating jays fan.

  19. My imaginarium – a SkyDome populated by craft brews and artisanal pizza options from Libretto, Terroni’s, Magic Oven (with gold leaf topping option!), Buddha Pie and what the heck Pizzaiolo!

  20. pizzalolol or death

  21. Don’t think I’ve ever had Pizza Nova, let alone seen one. I live hours from the GTA, so maybe that’s why? Pizza Pizza isn’t the highest quality, but eh. It’s alright.

  22. Nova WAYYY better…

    Ugh, plz sign Ubaldo.

  23. Now all they need to add is some quality Ontario craft brews and a starting pitcher!
    And grass. REAL GRASS.

  24. who fukin cares? get some fukin players and never mind all this misdirection shit!

  25. yay-pizza. But if they insist on charging 8.50 for a slice, I’ll stick with the street meat outside the stadium where you can get a 12″ dog for 3$

  26. Fucking cheap ass rogers bastards picking up third rate maple-boner local fucking pizza company instead of spending the money on front-line ace pizza talent like Dominos. Going to get screwed by Boston Pizza and outclassed by New York pizza, and we lack the history of Chicago pizza and our pizza is served is shitty stores with roofs rather than ones with lots of character and open windows and shit. Another year when Toronto’s going to come last in the division in pizza with embarressing thin crust lack of pizza depth chart perfomance.

  27. We have a few Nova’s out here in Shwa. Come to think of it I can’t recall seeing on in Toronto. Prefer it to pizza pizza though

  28. Of the various mass chains Pizza Nova is typically better than most. I don’t mind Panago either.

    Now if Rogers can start working on the beer…

  29. As far as large chain pizzas go, Pizza Nova is probably best in show.

    Here’s my appeal to authority as Mark McEwan agrees:

  30. Ivan Nova Pizza day!! Think of the marketing possibilities!!

  31. Looks like Colonel Sanders might own a share in Pizza Nova.

  32. I just hope that Alfie Zappacosta is there to belt out the theme song when I get a slab.

  33. I heard a guy from MLB network the other day say he thought the Dodgers could only really sign one of Tanaka or Kershaw (to an extension).

    Joel Sherman tweeted the other day that even without ARod’s salary, the Yanks should be able to get under the 189 million threshold if they don’t sign Tanaka.

    I’m sure the fucking Yanks or Dodgers will still sign him (or the Mariners, Cubs, Angels) … but hey, who the hell knows…. maybe the Jays will be able to squeeze in there with a 6yrs/120 mil offer or something.

    • They paid $28 MM this year in luxury tax. Without ARod they are a cinch to be under. WITH Tanaka on the other hand….

  34. Yeah but will they have Jays-centric options?

    The Tommy John – topped with elbow macaroni.
    The Adam Lind – impossible to eat with your left hand.
    The RA Dickey – bounced in the dirt before they toss it in the oven.
    The Brett Lawrie – smothered in Red Bull sauce and maple syrup.
    The Anthony Gose – looks really good when someone else is eating it.
    The 2B – no pizza, just an empty container.

  35. Why is The Beest so awesome in every photo??

  36. It was a rainy day in Pizzaville when they missed out on offering free sex free sex at the Rogers Centre.

  37. The Jays probably signed them to a <5 year contract, as per club policy

  38. Don’t be bitter that the best you guys can do is that Papa Johns crap.

  39. So with Kershaw’s jaw dropping extension I imagine all the other remaining free agent pitchers and Tanaka just did a cartwheel or two while GM’s for teams like the Jays probably tripped and fell down the stairs. It will be interesting to see how much, if any, this extension moves the dial for some of these guys.

    $20 million a year + his signing fee looked to be a lot for Tanaka (even if it was going to look cheap in a year or two anyway) but now it’s got a chance to be just the floor for him.

    • Kinda makes you wonder if they WILL be outbid for Tanaka.

    • I dont really see the extention having that much of an effect on the domestic 3, they are nowhere near the pitchers that kershaw is. not even the same area code.

      Neither is Tanaka, but since the dodgers are supposed to be his primary suitor, i could see this impacting his market.

      • I don’t think it will affect the others on a dollar for dollar basis but as the saying goes “a rising tide lifts all boats” and comps aside, I cant see it not affecting them somewhat. Remember, these contracts tend to work on precedents and even if they are not comps for him I am sure they will command a percentage of the new top rate.

    • Listen you second lieutenants, Kershaw’s deal does not effect these other guys as much as you think. He has no comp. He’s young, left handed, and the best in the game.

      Sure, if a shitty pitcher breaks the bank, the collateral damage travels upwards.

      Not necessarily the other way around.

  40. Out here in Victoria, Oregano’s Pizza is great. As is Prima Strata. Mmmm pizza.

  41. cox future column:
    Pizza nova only contract jays can afford

  42. So uh, i probably missed it, but why haven’t we signed Stephen drew yet?

    Guys gotta be starting to get desperate for a job, his price has to have dropped over the last few weeks. Sounds like the only spots really out there for him are Jays 2b and Mets SS

  43. God, I hate Pizza Pizza.

    They’re a bigger embarassment to Toronto than… I can’t think of a good example right now.

    Welp. Time for more crack.

  44. My theory is: there’s really no such thing as a bad pizza.

  45. I had to move away from Toronto to realize that paying $4 or whatever for a chintzy slice of Pizza Pizza was a total ripoff.

  46. Frustrated Blue Jays Fan. Why did we make all those trades last year if we were not going to follow up to fix the holes left? Traded the future away to just start all over again and sit on your hands. AA has to go!!!!

  47. Sad days, indeed – when talk of pizza is the leading story of all things Jays.
    God, give us a signing!!

  48. gotta admit-getting a little worried(miffed ) here. Bought my 2 futures tix in LV , 2mos ago now, banking on a couple of dramtic improvements to the line-up, to make me look like a genious and so far nada, fuck all zippo,bupkis!. Sitting on 45-1 with 45$ for the WS and $5 at 20-1 for the pennant.
    I suspect if they do fuck all that the odds will go to 60-1 for opening day which will piss me off because I was hoping for a move to knock the odds down to say 20-1 for the WS to make me feel good about “my investment”.
    C/mon man, Tanaka up and we’ll be the faves again. Kershaw or not

  49. If it would have been Boston Pizza even the baseball gods would have laughed.

  50. Pizza Mag in Quebec City…bar none…Tata’s in Kingston a distant second. Anyone ever have premium grilled cheese with bacon and other items from a chipwagon? Goes really well with beer…so does baseball, just sayin’….

  51. Was kind of hoping for some small-town representation with a New Orleans pizza sponsorship. The original square party pizza!

  52. Edwin and Jose will have their typical very good seasons, the difference will be that
    Brett Lawrie is going to put this team on his back this year.
    Healthy Melky -a plus.
    Healthy Morrow -big plus.
    Healthy Dickey-plus.
    Colby in his walk year. Money has always been the best motivator.
    A harem of young pitchers coming.

    And whatever additions AA makes. And he will make additions, just need some fuckin patience around here.
    I don’t know if that makes us a playoff team but I think we’ll be much-much improved from last year.

  53. You are confusing at best.

  54. I have never understood why Rivera has a job with the club. His shura ulnar sending of runners and even worse defensive alignment should have resulted in the first firing of the off season. But who knows what Gibby or Alex was thinking.
    But fuck he sucks in his role. Give me Butter any day.

  55. Can Tanaka finally just pick one of the NY or LA teams to sign with so we can move on to speculation about the Jays hopefully going after Jimenez. What’s the damn hold up?!?

  56. Jesus, 132 comments on a post about pizza…January sucks

    • Whatcha got against pizza?Pizza’s great. Pizza loves you. Pizza will still love you when you eat another pizza.Pizza doesn’t care that you go to bed and leave it in the living’ll still be there in the morning,patiently waiting for you to eat it.Pizza says you can dress it any way you want,it doesn’t care.You can call for pizza at 2 in the morning and bam,it’s there,hot and ready.Pizza will never complain when you don’t finish it.
      I think an apology may be in order.

      • I’ll never think of pizza the same way again. Pizza is a loose woman. And yet, pizza is a faithful dog. It is both insecure and loyal. Pizza is unconditionally always conveniently there when you need it most.

  57. Wow, much bigger news then Pizza.

    I spent a few billion hours playing this as a kid.

  58. I just tried to explain the last couple days of Blue Jays news to the Old Lady, and I don’t think she got it.
    Started with the Brandon Morrow biomechanics issues and progressed onto the big pizza issue, and the comments/videos that have ensued in the comments section.
    Anyway, it all got jumbled together and I’m not sure it made much sense. I’ve also be drinking so that doesn’t help.
    Luckily I’ve managed to snag some tickets (possibly VIP/backstage) to a Dean Brody concert this weekend…fuck you all, I like my country music…so it all works out in the end.
    I’m pretty sure this is a roundabout way of saying fuck the biomechanics shit, Morrow’s gonna have an awesome year, the Jays are making the playoffs and I’ll see you crazy fuckers in the Dome in October while we’re all eating some delicious Pizza Nova pizza.

  59. I thought Stoeten banned this dick.

  60. So Pizza Nova’s mascot is a person with brain damage?

  61. Kershaw though…..

  62. Has anyone seen Jose Bautista’s new sitcom ‘Moone Boy’ where he plays an imaginary friend to a 12 year old. It’s on Friday at 10:30 on Bite.

  63. I just read that according to Stephen Drew’s agent he is open to playing a different position than SS. Wonder if he would be open to 2nd. I know just the team that could use him.

  64. Pizza Nova is the best big chain pizza in Toronto, bar none. Is it as good as a Neapolitan pie at a Roman tratorria ? No. Is it better than Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dominos, 241, etc.? Yes, it definitely is. Good move Rodgers. Tasty pie.

  65. Joey Bats now sponsored by Pizza Nova? Poor Joey losing an endorsement deal.

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