According to the busy twitter fingers of the reporters currently at the Jays event in Buffalo, Alex Anthopoulos has revealed that the club has signed second baseman Chris Getz to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training. Ryan Goins now has another small measure of competition for his spot, as Anthopoulos also says that Getz — like Goins a lefty at the plate, so not a platoon option — could earn playing time at second base once the position battle Getz Goins (sorry).

Thing is, it’s Chris Getz.

If you want to be glib about it, Getz is just another left-handed bat can’t hit and won’t play defence nearly as well as Goins. And… well… the more I look at it, the more it seems like you probably don’t need to say a whole lot more than that.

He’s depth.

If you really want to debate it, though, Getz will walk more and strikeout less than Goins, and has flashed the kind of offensive “upside” that a pessimist like me doesn’t even feel comfortable enough to expect out of either of them: a .275/.312/.360 line through a tiny, 210 plate appearance sample while working with Kevin Seitzer in 2012 in Kansas City.

Would that sort of “high-end” “production” offset the gap in their defensive play? Considering how pessimistic I am on Goins’ bat, definitely maybe. But if Getz is better than Goins with the bat — and that’s hardly a given — he still isn’t even the best-hitting hollow-OBP lefty who can play second base currently in the club’s employ. That would be Munenori Kawasaki– and his defence is stable enough that he can be run out there at shortstop. He doesn’t play short particularly well, mind you, but in the competition in my mind, he’d actually probably be in front of both of them until Goins shows he can do anything with the bat.

Of course, there’s also Maicer Izturis, who had an atrocity of a 2013, but who has shown a fucktonne more at the plate than any of these guys– and did so as recently as 2011. Even his 2012, with an 82 wRC+ and a .256/.320/.315 line, is pretty close to the upper end of what you’d expect from any of his competition. Offensively, at least. Defensively, though, Izturis would have to show a whole lot more in Spring Training than he did in 2013 in order to vault himself ahead of the competition. A middle infield of Izturis and Reyes on that damn turf — which Anthopoulos said today might be replaced in a year or two, with grass being more realistic in four-to-five (ugh) — is a scary proposition, defensively, and maybe that’s why the Jays keep insisting Goins has the edge.

Then again, maybe such posturing — and the additions of Kawasaki and Getz as depth — really is just a way to motivate Izturis, who the club still owes $6-million over the next two years. Twitter’s @BVHJays tells me that he remembers Angels announcers suggesting that Izturis looked out of shape last year compared to his time in Anaheim. While I’m just spitballin’ here, and generally loath to get into this kind of bullshit, perhaps some re-dedication could help him overcome some of the struggles he had last year.

It’s a tall order for an aging player coming off a season in which he was two wins below replacement, but he remains intriguing to me for more than just a utility spot. His defence has never been close to as bad as it was in 2013, and he’s a switch hitter who posted a wRC+ between 89 and 102 against right-handers for every season from 2007 to 2012, and was an above-league-average hitter against lefties from 2009 through 2011.

So pick your poison, Jays!

But before you do, don’t forget, not all “no-hit” players are created equal, and those clamoring for the defensive wizardry of Ryan Goins often don’t quite understand how the bat still matters. A bat too awful can still undo all the good a player can bring with the glove.

The projections available on each player’s FanGraphs page underline that. The usual caveat applies — projections aren’t the be-all, end-all — but it’s interesting to see that, over 600 plate appearances, the Oliver system suggests that all four would be exactly the same: +0.6 WAR.

How they get there, though, is quite different: Izturis is the best hitter and worst defender, Goins provides a tonne with his glove and pisses it all away with his bat, while Kawasaki has a slightly better bat and the defensive edge on Getz, who makes up for the differnce on the base paths.

If forced to choose, I think I’d have to argue that Kawasaki is the safe option. However, if you don’t believe the defensive metrics are accurate, don’t think they’re weighted properly in FanGraphs’ WAR calculation, or don’t think they can be swallowed whole without context of team and turf — certainly a defensible position, though one I probably wouldn’t take myself — you could argue for Goins. He certainly has some upside with the bat that could make him the better option overall, but there’s not a lot of certainty that he’ll reach it. The Izturis of two or three years ago would have been head and shoulders above any of these guys, I think, which is why he was signed to a multi-year deal last year, with the thought that he might even be a bargain after a small dip in 2012 that ended up turning into a massive chasm in 2013. He could win back playing time by doing a good job in a utility role, but would have to show a tonne in the spring to make anybody forget the awfulness of last season, and even still makes one cringe with the thought of him and Reyes on the turf.

Getz, unless Seitzer can work a miracle, has to be just depth — a second baseman for Buffalo who’ll play up the middle with whichever of Kawasaki or Goins isn’t in the big leagues. And Stephen Drew is sitting at home waiting for a team to offer him a pillow deal, while the Toronto FC, co-owned by Rogers and worth a fraction of what the Jays are worth as a TV property, is laying out buckets of cash on players.

Of course, it’s not April yet. And Getz being in the fold doesn’t prevent the club from doing a damn thing. SO FUCKING DO SOMETHING ALREADY!

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  1. Yeah! Chris Getz!

    You know, he isn’t great with the bat but boy is defense average!

  2. higher career avg against LHP! Still no power at all.

  3. That Getz Goins pun was absolutely fantastic. Please do not apologize.

    • + Billions and billions !! Stoeten Getz an A+!

      • Real fucking nifty play on words Stoeten. Now if Getz or Goins are the answer at second base, are we gonna ask why the fuck either of them is Izturis there by May? Lord help us if they get the bulk of the at bats this season.

  4. i hope he gets cut so we dont hear getz jokes all year….. wait around for jays news and this is all i getz

  5. I just signed on to post in the Pizza thread a message asking you where our Christ Getz post was…and there it already was!

    Well played, Stoeten…well played…

  6. So barring any other moves, it’s Goins/Izturiz as 2B and backup infielder. With Getz and Kawasaki as depth in Buffalo?

    • And when Reyes misses 30 games at some point in the season we get to see some combination of Goins/Kawasaki/Izturis/Getz as our middle infield! Fun!

      • This is the issue.
        People complaining about Getz as a AAA backup
        are not really complaining about Getz.
        They’re justifiably complaining about Goins
        or any one of these guys as a starter.

        • There’s always gonna be the issue of using more veteran players as a yo-yo option/AAA insurance if you even believe that Getz or Kawasaki are good enough for the majors. I believe that Goins is better then them which is why I think he’s the perfect guy to stash in AAA/be the first call-up/ or yo-yo from Buffalo to Toronto, especially considering he plays a good shortstop and we have a shortstop who’s only played one full season since ’08.

      • Jose Reyes has also had 5 seasons where he’s played at least 153 games. Including 160 in 2012. Don’t be surprised if he plays 150 next year.

  7. Looks like a signing to fill out the AAA club.

    Because Chris Getz isn’t a major leaguer. Or at least he shouldn’t be.

  8. Oh fuck it’s starting to look like Anthopoulos actually thinks a Goins/Izturiz/Getz combo is going to get it done. Getz is pretty fuckin terrible though so I would prefer even Goins to him.

  9. And AA says.

    Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi 11 mins
    AA again says acquisition cost for FA pitchers and arms in trade too high at the moment

    Does he expect prices to fall?

    • I think that’s what he’s banking on.

      He probably thinks either Santana or Ubaldo could fall to them based on draft pick attachment.

    • And the tweet from Wilner saying there are FA’s they could sign with a “yes” but the prices are too high.

    • Well there was a Gammons tweet yesterday I think where he heard that the only way the Jays get Ubaldo or Santana is if they fall to them, i.e. come down a lot in price

      AA’s got the perfect plan: hide under some old coats, and hope everything turns out all right.

    • Yeah, he does.

    • I’m thinking this is all posturing at the moment

      • I agree with him. I think that, unless you have unlimited funds, lavishing a huge multi-year deal on the likes of Jiminez or Santana is just asking for trouble. That is not to say that those guys will bomb or anything but each experienced a point in the last couple years where he was statistically one of the worst pitchers available.

      • Either way, Tanaka still has to decide and because of that (and other things like losing a draft pick for some teams) nothing’s happening in the pitching market. Wouldn’t we all be surprised if Tanaka picked AA’s bid. Eight days left.

    • And what happens when they sign with other teams? It makes sense that Anthopoulos is trying to wait for the free agent’s prices to come down more, but at the same time he’s already committed to making this team a winner. I think it’s more likely that this will blow up in his face than not.

      • Its a mistake to read too much into comments that GMs make to the media. Especially when it’s AA. No one ever saw his moves from last year coming. I’ll bet he has 10 different scenarios on the go depending on how other dominos fall

    • Please don’t take these kinds of comments so seriously.

  10. Chris is far from a star but as AAA depth/injury insurance he’s a good getz.
    In the event of a callup, he’s got good wheels and can be a late innings pinch runner.

    Don’t see them using Gose as a 4th outfielder.
    He can, and should, start the season playing every day in Buffalo.
    That gives them one spot on the 25 man for a position player.
    Sierra, Thole/Kratz and Izturis will be the others.

    They could do worse than sign Jeff Baker or Brennan Boesch
    to that 24th spot. Since both are still out there, seems likely
    that they’re holding out for major league deals. If that is all it takes
    to get it done, I’d take either one and try and get the other
    on a minor league deal.

    Best to be somewhat prepared to deal with injuries.

    • I’ve been banging the drum for Baker to anyone who will listen. Perfect platoon for Lind (if he has recovered from the high-five injury that is…)

      • Not sure how much a DH platoon helps their 2B problem. Who platoons at 2B then?

      • I think Baker’s a great fit as well.

        Maybe we’re just waiting to see how much budget space is left after the SP’s sign, otherwise, what’s the hold up?

  11. Jays give Bonifacio to the Royals. Royals with a glut of 2B choose to keep Bonifacio and non-tender Getz, which makes sense given he has only once topped Bonifacio’s 2013 fWAR of 0.6 (in 2009). Now the Jays are stuck with the Royals sloppy seconds.

    I rarely “Debbie Downer” this team but I hated losing Bonifacio at the time and this only cements it. Huge mistake IMO.

    • Bonifacio couldnt do dick all here.

      • “Here” is the key word.
        He was a different guy in KC.

        Seems like the speed of play on the turf
        just freaked him out when he was here.
        Even when he came back as a Royal,
        he was laughably bad in the games at the Rogers Centre.
        Was in the house that weekend and just shook my head.

    • Nothing to get excited about. Getz is AAA depth and Boni was terrible at 2nd base last year.

      • Good points, but with the Royals he completely turned himself around. In half the playing time he added a full 1 WAR, and posted a slash line and (more quick to normalize) K% and BB% in line with career averages. He also posted one defensive run above average (via Fangraphs Def metric).

        Credit for the Royals for giving Bonifacio something the Jays couldn’t. He was touted as a useful dude when we picked him up from the Marlins, but Jays gave up 100 games in and it looks like we’re paying for it.

        • …or you could wait to see if Bonifacio does anything even remotely close to that in 2014. Which he won’t.

    • As much as it was painful to watch Boner last year, I would still prefer to have him and his potential upside at 2b going into this year rather than: Itz Goins to Getz Saki at 2b.

    • Bonifacio’s salary is in the millions (projected to be 3.3M this year through arbitration). Getz is probably less than a million if he makes the ML team, and far less if he doesn’t.

  12. Almost certain I just read a tweet about them being set at second from wilner that was promptly deleted for some reason. Am I crazy?

    • Jamie Campbell tweeted that they’re unlikely to sign a FA 2B now. I guess that doesn’t rule out a trade. But it definitely seems like they’re content going in with this crew.

    • I read that in my tl from WIlner but now I can’t find it.. So maybe they’re not set?

  13. On the plus side he went to high school at Gross Pointe, so there’s a dated pop culture reference to be made somehow.

  14. So I guess get that from AA’s comments that they are pretty much out (if they were ever in) on Tanaka. Doesn’t really look good going forward for the other guys either. Unless of course AA is sandbagging the media and he doesn’t seem to be the type. Dumpster diving anyone?

  15. I think it behooves them to get a proper 2b option and stash Goins in AAA in case of an injury to Reyes or the incumbent 2nd baseman. Not trying to state more than the obvious here but Reyes is always gonna be an injury concern and I don’t wanna see a lengthy stretch of a Kawasaki-Izturis or Kawasaki-Goins middle infield again this year.

    • Or let me rephrase, rather than “i don’t wanna see” its more like “they can’t afford”

    • Looks like they are just going to fling various piles of 2nd base poo at the wall and see what sticks. Not unlike what they’ve done with the starting pitching in years past.

      Don’t get me wrong, I could have lived with that if they upgraded the starting pitching, because I still believe their offence is top notch, but it sounds like they will need a bit of miracle to get another top arm.

    • Everyone is an injury concern. Not sure Reyes is more of one than others (except that his value is very hard to replace).

  16. I wonder what his relation is to Leo?

  17. More positive spin by AA on a bad situation where he has failed to upgrade

  18. 1. Travis d’Arnaud, Mets: If it hadn’t been for injuries, d’Arnaud would be off this list. Despite missing time with a knee injury in 2012 and a broken foot in ’13, he made his Major League debut in August. Traded twice for Cy Young Award winners, he is ready for a full-time gig in the big leagues. The 24-year-old has the chance to be an outstanding offensive player with the ability to hit for average and power. He’s not a slouch behind the plate, either, with more than enough catch-and-throw skills to be an everyday player. All d’Arnaud needs is health, because he has the skill set to be one of the best all-around catchers in the National League.

    Yayyy!!! Go Jays!

  19. The price for these pitchers will come down. The draft pick compensation attached will be a killer for them. The jays dont have to worry about that so much…so they would just be handing over money…while other teams will be handing over money and an earlier pick.

    If the jays dont sign one of these two guys, despite, in all likelihood..of below market prices due to draft pick compensation…combined with the fact the jays are less effected…

    then we gots problems.

  20. Woe is this offseason thus far

  21. Now AA is saying it looks like Happ is going to be in the rotation with Hutchison. Off season just going from bad to worse if that Is true. I just hope that’s AA’s way of negotiating with the agents through the media.

  22. Scrappy

  23. AA knows that if the Jays don’t contend this year he’s gone. Pretty confident he’ll get something done.

    • I don’t think that’s his situation at all. For sure he’ll be in the hot seat if that were to happen, but I don’t at all get the feeling rogers is contemplating that move. What will happen at some point is Beeston will retire and I’ll bet AA takes his position with a new GM coming into the fold.

  24. I believe that AA is far to smart to have spent all that prospect capital last year
    unless he had reason to believe that additional funds would be available this
    year to patch whatever holes needed patching.

    So what has happened?
    Oliver has been replace by a bullpen guy making the minimum.
    JPA has been replaced for 2 yr. by a guy making
    what JPA would have made through arbitration over the next two years.
    Raji has been replaced by a guy making the minimum (Gose, Kawasaki or whomever)
    Da Rosa was making nothing and either is Sierra
    JJ has been replaced by guys coming back off the DL (no additional cost)
    2B will be manned by AAAA players.

    There are three logical conclusions to draw:
    1) There is another shoe to drop. This one makes the most sense.
    2) The new CEO at Rogers pulled the plug on financing. Possible, but somewhat
    unlikely given their moves hockey and soccer (as part owners of MLSE)
    3) AA was unable to make a trade that “made sense” and he does not see any of
    Santana, Ubaldo or Garza being worth the money or term it will take to sign them.
    If this is the case, I can’t really say that I disagree with it.

    If 1) and 3) are both true and he does not get a pitching upgrade,
    then maybe he swings a trade for an upgrade at second base
    and spends some coin there.
    He has to do one or the other does he not?
    He can’t really expect to compete with the roster “as is.”

    • Your three logical conclusions are hardly the only logical conclusions.

      And please stop with the CEO bullshit.

  25. I give AA full credit for slow playing this off season. I think its safe to assume he’s feeling pressure to put a contenter on the field and yet all he’s done is tweak. Not sure I’d be interesting in playing poker with this guy.

  26. His name is “Not JPA”…

  27. be patient .. there are still like 24 days until Pitchers and Catchers report .. :~

    still time for some old time Ninja moves ..

  28. At least his wife is hot to make up for the hotness void that Posednik’s wife left in our lives.

  29. I have to think, given what’s transpired at second base, and all that’s been said, that AA plans to leave second base as is; and that all the remaining money the Jays have to spend will be earmarked towards landing a starting pitcher.

    • You don’t have to think that at all. They’re clearly holding money for a pitcher, but what’s transpired at second base means nothing in terms of potentially getting another one.

  30. An issue I have with waiting for the starting pitching price to fall is that everyone is doing the same. Yes Jays have the advantage of not losing a 1rd pick but maybe if the price gets that low for Ubaldo, Santana etc teams that would lose the pick might decide its worth it if the contract they are giving out is a bargain. Or maybe an injury happens to a starter they already have, especially as this thing gets closer to spring training and they bite the bullet and AA is standing around still waiting,

    • Alex is just saying that. It doesn’t really mean anything.

      • But isn’t the most likely way the Jays sign a starter is by offering the most money? So if he is waiting around, the chances that happens are pretty slim no?

        • No.

          • I disagree, if AA wants Ubaldo or Santana or whomever then he has to offer them the most money. And if he waits until the price falls then I can definitely see another team that at least offers the same amount and is more of a destination they prefer picking them up instead.

            • Don’t forget, especially for those 2 there are draft picks attached. IMHO once Tanaka signs then the teams who are in on Santana and Jiminez will come out of the woodwork and start bidding. It’s also my guess that because of the draft picks attached that there won’t be a lot of teams in on the bidding. AA (if he doesn’t get Tanaka) has already told their agents to call him before they decide.

            • Yes, he has to offer the most money, but no, waiting around doesn’t make any chances any more slim.

              • I think that the longer they remain unsigned means more teams are likely to sign them and the more teams interested means higher offers which could price them out of what AA had in mind.

                • Doesn’t work like that. See forthcoming post.

                  • You would think that it could.

                    Maybe offering the best deal available now lands them at the risk of signing for more than you could have later vs the risk of not being able to sign them if another team is in on them later while they aren’t now whether because they didnt land Tanaka or one of their guys is hurt.

                    I just hope that AA is willing to go above his valuation if needed considering that the team needs another SP to be more of a legitimate contender. It makes sense to “overpay” for the Jays given how the team is currently constructed. Now is the time to overpay whether via FA or trade. Last year wasnt necessarily unless it is followed up by fiurther improving the team

                    • And they don’t wait until the Dodgers or Yankees lose out on Tanaka because… ?

                    • I’m still trying to decipher this.

                    • The FA maybe dont wait on Tanaka because it is not guarantee that the Yankees and Dodgers will want to sign them even if they lose out on Tanaka. If Yanks sign Tanaka do the Dodgers really want Jiminez / Santana / Garza at that price when they have so many expensive starters already? If they don’t the market could go down. Maybe once one or two of them sign the others could get the Kyle Losch type deal with only a few teams really in the market which is what AA may be waiting on? If they sign before Tanaka signs in some middle ground between the best and worst case for them it may be the least risk for them and for Jays that may be the way to get them signed with the least risk as well – albeit at a higher price than they may value them at but without the risk they don’t get them at all if the Dodgers sign Tananka and the Yanks go crazy and sign 2 of the 3 for instance.

  31. Getz can steal a base.

  32. This 2B debate/circle jerk is boring the fuck out of me.

    Goins is a defensive wizard and I think has some potential with the old bat.

    Where’s the home opener party Stoeten? Let’s kick off the season DAF (drunk as fuck)!

  33. in other news, RBI Baseball is making a comeback on the PS4 and Xbox One. yay!

  34. Blah, of these four options I think I’d vote for (provided none of the above isn’t an option) an Iztarius/Kawasaki platoon.

    OF course I would more hope that Stephan Drew is antsy enough to accept a move to 2nd base.

    • I saw someone saying there was a suggestion that he’d be open to it, but I can’t attest to how credible the source on that is.

      • Personally I’ve only read journalists speculating about him moving. Nothing about anyone close to him actually saying he’s considered/considering it.
        … Not like I’ve read everything ever written about the subject though…

        Sure would be nice. Even if he can’t match last year’s #s.

      • Commenter m2m in the last post says that Drew’s agent claims he’s okay with the move.

        • Saw a tweet from a big name reporter yesterday saying the same though I can’t remember who it was exactly.

      • It was hinted by Boras actually; rumor came through Peter Gammons

        • Agent Scott Boras has increasingly given indication that free agent Stephen Drew is willing to play positions other than shortstop, says Gammons.

          Yes this was the comment a MLB Trade Rumors…but who knows if he’s just talking through his ass.

      • Came from Boras himself as per MLBTR

      • You would think he would be more open to it the longer the term of the deal is. On a short term he is going to want to maximize his value for the next contract and ss likely has more value than 2b.

  35. I wonder why Price signed that 1 yr/14 mill deal with Tampa. He seems to have undervalued himself. Could be risky on a 1 year.

    • It wasn’t a 1 year FA deal. He was avoiding arbitration.

    • He was arbitration eligible. They all go year-to-year. Tampa still owns his rights for 2015, they’ll just have to negotiate another contract then (assuming he’s not dealt).

      • Ahh okay. Thanks. Maybe this will keep some of the FA contracts lower than predicted?

        • Don’t think it will have any effect on FAs whatsoever. Price is still as tradeable as he was before.
          and Arb contracts don’t reflect FA values.

          • Dont you think there was a good chance that price crushes that number in arbitration though?

    • Jawn, all arb contracts are pretty much set in stone. There are formulae that the arbitrators follow for determining the value. Price and the Rays agreeing to this contract essentially just lets them avoid going through the messy arb process.

    • He is still in his arbitration years, its not like he has much choice unless he goes to arbitration.

  36. This headline is the sort of thing Parkes would only tweet, with his last shred of dignity.

  37. Drew is willing to move off short to sign. Umm sold!

  38. one week till tanaka signs right?

  39. You are just embarrassing yourself now. At least if you were funny you would be entertaining.

  40. Players whose names have a ‘Z’ in them is the new market inefficiency. Besides, I heard Getz is fluent In Japanese

  41. all i want is some good pitchers a a not-shitty second baseman. is that too much to ask for???

  42. I am expecting a Bautistaesque breakout for Kawasaki this year. Sake bombs to right, sake bombs to left, sake bombs everywhere!!! And a lot of sake sparklers dribbling by second base of course.

  43. All I know is AA is playing Hard Ball at the wrong time. They need Ubaldo Jimenez and he is playing Hard Ball probably over a few million per year. Meanwhile, this could cost us a Playoff Spot and probably cost him his job. He better not fuck this up.

    • I agree. There are only four quality FA SP left. Hope AA doesn’t posture and / or valuate his way out of landing any of them because the team desperately needs a SP to be a strong contender. Would have to think the market for SP in trade gets steeper as the season approaches – lots of team’s pie in the sky plans fall apart when guys get hurt in spring and fewer are available with teams having their projected rosters more set. Hope he knows what he is doing and really hope he doesn’t walk away over a couple million per year.

  44. Hey what are Joe Randa and Micheal Tucker doing? Our org needs more ex royals

  45. Does anyone remember how late in the offseason it was that Bengie Molina signed with us in 2006? I think it was close to spring training games but I could be wrong. That was kinda the ultimate “fell-into-our-lap” type deal, but it’s also the last time the Jays got one of those deals.

  46. Posted this in an earlier, but I’ll say it again, here’s what I think the plan is at 2nd base: the Blue Jays go into spring training with Goins as the projected starter, knowing he will likely struggle, and as soon as he does, what they then do is promote the idea of having Kawasaki play second, which was of course their idea the entire time, but is a move which creates the illusion of their looking for that piece, doing all this work, when all they’re doing is giving the guy they planned to give the job to an added introduction, further adding to his ridiculous mythology as club house super-glue; they then demote Goins to AAA, promote Kawasaki, the fan base goes nuts, as his return signals a return of the good times, and it makes AA look good by his positive tinkering, and we all think what a good job he’s doing when Kawasaki shores up the middle infield at minimal cost to the club.

  47. Do you think Drew, who has played every single game in the majors at short, would sign up to play second base? Or on the flip side, do you think Reyes would make the switch to second?

  48. This has Seitzer written all over this

  49. In 4 to 5 years, I expect the talk to be about plans for a new stadium, not whether there will be grass at Rogers Centre.

    • It would take 4 to 5 years at least to plan, design, agree on a site and build a new stadium. Wouldn’t get my hopes up though.

      • Exactly. Which is why is why I would want the Jays starting to put those plans in place by 2019, when the RC will be 30 years old. That means it will be 2023/24, 34-35 years old when they open a new, and they’ll have a hard time convincing the fan base that a concrete multi-purpose stadium is “just fine” when all the others will have closed 20 years earlier by that point. Except maybe the Trop, but really we can’t count that.

  50. AA on PTS. Lots of stuff about free-agent arms, but nothing that different than he’s said before (i.e. they could have a contract signed for a FA right now, but the prices are too high).

  51. Still dreaming on Ackley, for his ability to back up SS and CF. It would negate the need to have Goins and Gose (who have options) on the 25-man and allow Sierra to start the year as the 4th OF, and not be exposed to waivers.

    Anyone think the M’s would have interest in Santos for Ackley?

  52. Everyone loading up on lobster and Chivas Regal….and the Jays are at the kiddies’ table, scrounging for Kraft Dinner and Tang.

    Just how I feel lately. Don’t judge me.

  53. Wow. owners have finalized approval of the new replay challenge system for this upcoming year.

    here is an article with most of the nitty gritty.

    some highlights.

    -you get one challenge..and if you get it get a second challenge.

    -umpires can CHOOSE on their do a video review in the 7th inning or later.

    I dont me this might become a cluster…specifically the “umpires judgement” whether to initiate video review.

    now we are going to have mangers who have used their challenges up..arguing for the umpires to initiate their own reviews…. just seems like a set up for myriad unintended consequences.

  54. Wow!

    AA is a NINJA!

  55. Is there any way we expose Sierra to waivers? I can’t imagine losing him for nothing. Has to be backup 1b/4th outfielder?

    • /5th outfielder. Sigh.

    • I don’t think he’s going anywhere for a number of reasons. One, he’s cheap, two, he plays both outfield corners reasonably well, and three, his bat has a chance to be a pleasant surprise in 2014. His 125 wRC+ last year (SSS I know) isn’t something to turn your nose up at.

      • Agreed on his bat but he reminds me of George Bell in the Outfield.

      • Ugh excuse my comments on his 125 wRC+. Too many beers. Double checked his BABIP. That said, I like the pop in his bat, not a big HR hitter but plenty of XBH’s.

  56. When Kyle Kendrick get’s 8 million bucks you know the old financial model is long gone.
    You used to have to be pretty goddamn good to get 8 mill.
    Tim Hudson 2010,11,12,13 only made 9 million.

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