Is this getting to be a bit much?

At this point it almost feels as though I’m continuing to bang the drum for us to keep the Tanaka pipe dream alive mostly because of how awesome it would be if it turned out I was actually right to — and, of course, how awesome it would be if the club actually managed to pull off signing him. It’s still a massive long shot, for all the reasons that are by now well-understood — geography, the team’s lack of recent success, Toronto’s small Japanese community, strong-willed and übber-rich competition for his signature, and the club’s own reluctance to do deals of the size that it’s going to take to land him — but you don’t have to look much beyond the Mariners’ deal with Robinson Cano to see how those sorts of issues can be overcome with gigantic piles of cash.

It wouldn’t be very much like these Toronto Blue Jays to go as all-in as it would take, and it’s not really up to them either, but the possibility, however remote, certainly exists that this is more than just the fantastical delusion of idle fans. At least, that’s what an unnamed agent who spoke to Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish thinks:

One agent said that the Yankees, Dodgers and Blue Jays were involved when asked what he had heard about Tanaka. Although reports from Toronto made the Jays seem like an unlikely destination, the agent said that the “Jays are in for sure”.

Feel free to roll your eyes. I mean… I get it. After the whole Yu Darvish thing of a couple years ago — and how impossibly awfully that’s worked out for every team but the Rangers — nobody really has the wherewithal to raise their hopes on this one, knowing how utterly likely it is that they’ll come crashing down by Friday’s 5 PM ET deadline. But there really isn’t much reason to believe that the Jays are out just yet, no matter what Nikkan says, or what the local media will blindly insist about “The Policy” ruling the club out automatically– or what the club may claim after the fact.

Still far more likely than not that they won’t come close to landing Tanaka, but I’m definitely not done watching.

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  1. Can I just roll my eyes instead over sourcing this to some obnoxious high schooler instead of the whole drama instead?

    • Say what you will about Cotillo, his reporting has been pretty damn good.

      • Thank you, Bret. People sure do get put off by Cotillo’s age, but I think that says more about them than it does him. Seems best to trust the work itself, not the person’s resume, and you’re totally right that his reporting has been good. He’s scooped Rosenthal et al, so obviously he has connections.

        • Cotillo was interviewed by the Effectively Wild guys a couple months ago, have to say I was quite impressed. I’m rooting for him for sure.

    • I am not sure how you can roll your eyes at Cotillo, since he has broken a couple decent sized trades already, beating out the MSM.

      Age is only a number.

      • “Age is only a number”
        That’s what I keep telling myself. Then my back,knees,shoulders and other body parts start laughing and bring me back to reality.
        But when it comes to breaking news,you are correct.

  2. But… but… Griffin says they’re out!

  3. You probably missed this while you writing the post, but apparently Tanaka has tweeted, in Japanese: “It is decided.” Hopefully we’ll find out his destination in the next 24-48 hours, if just to speed things up.

  4. Cue “Secret Assassin” alarmists. “The Jays were thought to be out, that’s how AA loves to work. #2014 #R.A.Dickey”

  5. God I can’t wait for this Tanaka ordeal to be over. Fingers crossed, but still, dem Dodgers/Yank motherfucks. I just want it to be over so I can finally see some action elsewhere in the league, involving other players.

  6. Why do you keep doing this to me?!?!!?

  7. I agree. Eye rolling or not, what the hell difference does it make? The off-season is a very long wait. If anything, we should be thankful that there is always some sort of a buzz during the winter. As much as I love the Jays, I always say “The most exciting time for a Blue Jays fans is the offseason”. Now let’s hope that changes soon.

  8. In it to win it?!

    Lets hope.

  9. If the Jays get Tanaka, I will eat my shirt. And everyone else’s shirt.

  10. Sounds like somebody may be using AA’s silence to raise the prices again.
    Because we know AA will neither confirm nor deny his interest in a player.
    They can say he’s in on Tanaka all they want,but nobody knows for sure.

    • I’m pretty sure everyone knows he’s “in on” Tanaka, in that he’s making an effort to sign him. How far he’s willing to go do make that happen is the real unknown.

    • That’s not at all how this process has been working, so no, doesn’t sound like that at all.

      • Dunno,Stoeten.
        Wouldn’t be the first time somebody said the Jays are in,only to find out it was a negotiating tactic.
        Call me skeptical and wary.
        Just spitballin of course.

        • True, but not sure why this sounds like that. Don’t really need to pretend the Jays are in when the Yankees, Dodgers, and Cubs are pushing around huge bids, most likely. And when it’s all so clandestine, not sure there’s much negotiation through the media anyway. Maybe, I guess. I definitely didn’t see it that way.

          • It can work the other way around — a team could announce they “won’t be outbid” or they’re “all in” etc., hoping to get other teams to back off and not bother to make a bid, so they can go in lower.

            Certain teams might hope for lower bids to be made as a result and swoop in to steal the player.

    • that isn’t really casey close’ style, RADAR.

    • Good grief RADAR. There are like 20 teams that want the guy including the Yankees and Dodgers. Those two alone can raise the price to infinity if they want.

      I don’t want to sound negative, but the thought of us signing a big free agent probably doesn’t exactly make rival GM’s start shaking. We aren’t exactly known for it currently.

      • And don’t forget sons that the Cubs won’t be outbid.
        So when the 20 teams get to 1 or 2 and it’s announced that a 3rd team may make a late bid.Who do you think that 3rd leaked team will be?Do you think an extra year might be added as an incentive?Not like it hasn’t been done before.

  11. Not the Yankees, not the Yankees, not the Yankees (clicking heels, with fingers crossed)

  12. Gotta say though after the Darvish fiasco, the jays were definitely going to present themselves as severe underdogs in any of this, regardless of how strong they’re pushing for Tanaka.

    • That’s exactly what I heard early in the off-season, and it’s holding true to form, though… it’s pretty easy for that to hold true, seeing as all it takes is for them to not sign him and never really look like they were ever going to sign him.

    • What was the fiasco though? For all we know, they may have bid upwards of $40M just for the posting fee. In a closed bid auction you can’t guarantee anything.

      • People keep missing that sons. There a still very few people (like, say, 5 or 6 ?) who knew all the details and all kinds of people who were down on AA because they thought they knew for a certainty, to the cent, what he bid.

        For all we know AA bid $ 51.6 MM. And let’s not forget that no one had any idea how much Texas bid so it was pretty difficult, if not next to impossible, to win.

  13. Is Mark Lemongello still available?

  14. Of course the Jays are in. There’s absolutely no harm in throwing out an offer in this scenario. They are one of the top ten teams who could realistically get Tanaka. But lets be real here. This a formality, not a reality.

    I think that last off season has given Toronto fans and bloggers a skewed perception of how AA works. Lets not forget that Toronto’s largest FA signing to this point is Melky Cabrera. Alex doesn’t seem to be wiling to overspend, which is a requirement in the realm of free agents. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jays don’t sign a single starter (despite how much sense doing so might make).

    People also seem to forget that although the payroll COULD hit 150M, it probably wont. Just because AA could spend, doesn’t mean he will. We saw this repeatedly during his early years, when he could’ve easily added a big contract, but chose not to. His only big salary additions have come via trade.

    Despite what we want to believe, adding Tanaka still probably leaves us third best in the East alone. Yes, the team could exceed that, but it is not like the addition of Tanaka would catapult us into easy contention. If it would, a move like that would make much more sense.

    More likely he signs with a team that is willing to spend more, either because they are closer to contention (like the Rangers), or are more willing to throw money around.

    • Rangers have publicly stated they aren’t bidding.

      Most of the rest of what you wrote was negative horseshit.

    • Sorry, but that’s all nonsense. Not the part of about landing Tanaka being unlikely, but the part where you read too much into past actions. A year ago you’d have been saying that AA hordes prospects and is never going to trade a bunch of them, and that Rogers will never come close to the payroll they ended up reaching. Just because it hasn’t happened in the past doesn’t mean that AA is insistent on never operating in that way.

      And as for not overpaying, though it wasn’t in dollars, the Dickey trade absolutely shows that he’s willing to go the extra mile when he thinks the fit is too good to pass up, and that he isn’t necessarily going to be beholden to some rigid calculation of value, despite all the talk to the contrary.

      • It wasn’t a commitment in dollars AND years Andrew. Which are pretty much the only two things free agents are looking for.

        And no, I wouldn’t have said AA was a prospect hoarder before that trade, especially coming off the JA Happ trade (which was the opposite of hoarding prospects), and in the wake of his constant comments about preferring to add to the team via trade. Aaand Paul Beeston was constantly talking about a payroll bump. Sure hind site is 20/20, but the path they took jives with what they have constantly said.

        I know your job is to create excitement around the Jays. So when people start complaining that maybe Josh Johnson isn’t as good as we thought, or that team chemistry is a real thing and that the Jays don’t have it, or that the Jays payroll won’t go up this off season, you’re the first person to defend the other side. Good on you. This fan base needs some positivity. But lets be real here. Tanaka will sign for around 7 years, 125M, plus a 20M posting fee, which the Jays will almost certainly not pay. And he’ll probably sign with an attractive, contending team something the Jays are not (the very same reason you bemoaned the change to the former posting system, which took that disadvantage from the Jays). Sure there is a chance. But its like 20:1. Sometimes I wish you would admit that.

    • Two major flaws with this. First, you don’t understand sample sizes – the fact AA hasn’t done something in 3 offseasons doesn’t mean he never would. If you tossed a coin 3 times and each time it came up heads, does that mean it will never come up tails?

      Second, you say even with Tanaka we would be 3rd in the East. That may or may not be true, but it also isn’t how baseball works. If you have an 85 win worth of talent roster, you could win 95 or 75 games, but you are certainly in the conversation. Did you pick the Red Sox last year? With upgrades to the starting rotation the jays have a shot at the postseason

      • AA isn’t a coin, nor is the Jay’s entire front office. They have certain ways of operating, and through their past actions, these ways have been made pretty clear.

        The Jays of course, could pull a Boston. However, an overpay of the nature Tanaka will receive is only really merited if they believe that they really will contend (Note, by the way, that Boston didn’t sign any huge contracts coming off a terrible year).

  15. If the Jays land Tanaka it would be a huge win for them. If not, I sure hope he lands in the National League.

  16. I can’t wait for this to be over so we can get around to signing whatever overpriced middling starter is going to help the jays win 82 games this year.

  17. AA said multiple times he would over spend on a free agent “for the right guy”, “to get them over the top”.

    I guess it comes down to wether AA thinks Tanaka is the guy?

    He’s only 25
    Darvish’s success has helped the league comp math.
    Although is may cost a lot of money, it’s not Pujols, Feilder, Cano money.
    AA was dropping Kuroda and Uehara comps in his recent interview.

    They sign him.

    • I can totally imagine them wanting to as much as we want them to, especially looking at how great the Darvish contract looks now (not to mention Iwakuma, who came with so much less of the hype) — and how badly they’ve been burned on Yu, and Chapman, etc. by not going hard enough. Does that translate to them actually being able to get a deal done? I don’t know if I buy that.

  18. For what it’s worth, Mr. Kasten was on PTS last night and stated that he knows for sure that the reports on Tanaka (of only 5-6 teams offering) were contrary to industry knowledge. That, combined with AA’s PTS appearance last Thursday where he did anything but drop cold water on the idea of signing Tanaka as well as the lacklustre options next to Tanaka – seriously, why would a smart GM like AA go for Santana or JIminez when he can get a a guy like Scherzer or Shields in ’15? – all point to the Jays not being out.

    • Your conclusions are ridiculous.

    • Why not? Because he has a good team now that needs help to get over the top.

      Also, the Jays will have to be retooled in 2/3 years, and the guys you mentioned will have draft pick composition attached.

    • There are reasons to think the Jays aren’t out, for sure, and those tie into them. The stuff about just plucking Scherzer and Shields off the free agent market next winter is a bit silly, though. First because it’s not likely they’ll even get there, and second, because we’re talking about a fraction of the cost if they do.

      Maybe this prediction is light, but I’d figure Ubaldo eventually coming in at $12-16M per year on a 4 or 5 year deal. Good luck getting either of those guys for anywhere remotely close to that. And at the low end, that’s pretty decent value for a guy like him, volatility and all. Probably fanciful to think 4/48, but… maybe not.

      • That makes sense. I guess I didn’t really consider how much the elite SP salary may have jumped. Question then, do you think those guys (Scherzer and Shields), if they do make the open market with draft pick compensation, how much more do you think they will get than Tanaka?

      • Scherzer,Shields, and Lester,Masterson,Bailey,Rodriguez,Peavey,Beckett,Johnson and Price will be on the move.
        Some will be sign before FA
        I’ll leave the analysis to you guys.
        Pay for the current crop now or wait for these guys next year?

      • Jays should stand pat. Fuck Ubaldo. Hutch is more clutch.

  19. Other GM’s make it known that they are all over Tanaka unfortunately for us ours operates in a shroud of secrecy plus doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks. We as fans have to adjust to his way of doing business or else find ourselves over reacting in the down times.
    I think he’s all over Tanaka unless the cost escalates beyond his comfort level. Than as a good manager he has to know when to walk away.
    Some people could end up with egg on their faces before this is through. If they do they can call me for advice as I’m used to it.

  20. If you are are going to be UP IN ARMS when unsubstantiated rumours say the Jays are not player for Tanaka, then in turn you have to be OVER THE MOON when these same types of rumours suggest the opposite.

    Either way if you want to believe that 20 teams posted, and maybe 8 of them have super serious interest then at best they are 13% to sign him. Add in all the reasons why you don’t expect him to choose the Jays and that goes down to say 5% .. point being in a totally wide open Free Market the Jays chances are always slim (like most every other team), and thus someone saying there IS A CHANCE .. sweet!!!! .. ship ‘em!

  21. I leave Thursday night….got a wad of Peso’s burning a hole in my pocket ….signing might go on the back burner while I sample the Rum and light up a Cohiba

    • Whatever you do bro, DO NOT go to the hotel lobby for wifi to see what happened.

    • And if you go to watch any local teams play baseball,don’t start snapping pictures.
      I’ve heard some horror stories.

  22. We aren’t getting tanaka
    We are getting Santana
    He’s going to be awful

  23. First prize is a Cadillac el Tanaka. Second prize is steak knives. Third prize is your fired.

  24. It would be a pleasant surprise if his signing gets announced today.
    Obviously it’s huge if we get Tanaka, I always thought there was a chance, but never got my hopes up too high either.
    If not though, we can be almost 100% sure that soon after Tanaka signs the Jays will sign a free agent starter (if they don’t get Tanaka).
    Bottom line: The starting rotation will be better within a week’s time

  25. “Still far more likely than not that they won’t come close to landing Tanaka…”

    So, you’re telling me there’s a chance…


  26. Sigh. Not this shit all over again.

  27. yes agn

  28. One of the best selling points on toronto is that he doesn’t have to worry about his children being gunned down by a psycho with an AR 15. With the recent gun shootings down there, this would be a huge selling point. Is an extra 20 mil really worth your family’s safety?

    Also tanaka is only 25 so why would you want a 7 year deal? Why not take 5 and reenter the market at 30 when you are at your prime and can get another 7 year deal then when salaries will be much higher? So there is a fit here if tanaka’s people think this way and nobody gives him an op out clause.

  29. I’ll make it easier for everyone.

    Jays have absolutely no chance getting Tanaka.

    Now go focus on Jiminez or Santana.

    • Focus on player development. Not shit-tier AAA depth.

    • thank you for the sanity. Stoeten is chasing hits for his website; this news report here is trash.

      I check djf looking for some analysis on the 3rd-tier starters were going to go after, not silly second-hand reports that we’re “in” to get Tanaka.

      I got burned with Darvish the last time, never again.

      • awww poor little baby got his hopes up.

      • Or you could use your brain and actually try to understand what’s being written about here.
        AND you could do your own research if there’s something you want to know that isn’t written here.
        AND you could use your brain again to come to your own conclusions instead of getting pissy at someone else’s

      • And how many days in a row do you want me to write the same analysis of the available third-tier starters, you hopeless fuckwit?

        Oh, and I suppose I should ignore a thing like this — which, in case you noticed, I bent over backwards to say I think is meaningless, while I called the whole Tanaka thing a fantasy — just because poor moron Aaron doesn’t like seeing it? You’d rather not use your brain and decide for yourself, you just want me to be your gauge, is that it?

        Dumb, Aaron. Dumb as fuck.

    • What other mysteries of the universe do you pretend to know?

    • Just saw this is from yesterday, and that Stoeten already deemed it as borderline retarded.

      *waves hand*

      This is not the URL you’re looking for..

      Move along..
      Move along..

    • Well if he knows what my source knows then he understands the Jays were told not to offer a bid. Like I wrote on Saturday if you want to understand why AA didn’t comment on it in the public just read Buster Olney’s insider piece today on Tanaka’s agent, how he opertates, and his requests. Combine that with the jay’s policy of not talking about players then it should be clear. I am getting a huge kick out of all the reports linking the jays to him the last couple of days. Again I can certainly understand the skepticism considering I would be doing the same thing so debunk away.

    • Read to me like he was basing it on Nikkan and “The Policy,” mostly. He’s probably right, but not because those are credible reasons.

  30. Doesn’t mean anything but interesting….. from Jeff Sullivan chat at Fangraphs:

    Comment From Grack Zeinke
    how do you see the Drew situation resolving? Cruz? Kendrys?

    Jeff Sullivan: Gun to my head I’ll say Drew to Toronto, Cruz to Seattle, Morales to Baltimore

    Jeff Sullivan: Saw word the other day that Drew is open to playing other positions besides shortstop, and the Jays’ 2B situation is laughable

    • Really really hope they end up going that way.

      • definite possibility, just like the tanaka situation (kinda) lol

        • It’s not a bad idea if he’s willing. He’s a good fielder and has a decent bat and would solidify that position…finally. Not to mention the pitching (if they don’t sign anyone else) could not possibly be as terrible as last year. Next year they could either take a run at better FA pitching options or promote Sanchez and/or Stroman.

  31. maybe Ricky Romero can be the ace?

    • 2014 SPs as envisioned 4 years ago: Romero, Morrow, Cecil, Drabek, McGowan

      • what we have now would win just about as many games as that lot . . . wait, you mean that still COULD be our rotation in 2014?????

        72 wins sounds like a hell of a lot right now. tank like the Raptors should’ve!!!

        • please go back to TSN comment boards.please

        • Dumbest, Aaron. The dumbest.

          • I always appreciate the replies! It’s funny how around here I’m considered a ‘troll’ or whatever, when really I’m just posting how I feel about the baseball team I have followed with my father since I was a kid. A team that has not sniffed the playoffs since before I have real baseball-related memories.

            It’s good that you can all vent at me though, it probably keeps you from exploding at your significant others about the Jays and their lack of transactions.

            Bobby Abreu to the Phillies, though! At least we can always say we’re not fans of a team run by Amaro!

            • Guy, you wrote: “72 wins sounds like a hell of a lot right now. tank like the Raptors should’ve!!!”

              You’re really trying to claim you’re not a troll? Easy to do after getting called on it.

  32. If the Blue Jays really are in on Tanaka, downplaying it all is exactly the strategy AA would use here.

  33. Technically possible, right?

  34. Finally some confirmation of what we’ve all been thinking/hoping for. Again, still not coming here most likely, but there is every reason in the world for the Jays to be in on him.

  35. As much as I would love the Jays to be all in on this, forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

  36. So what all this means is the Jays are a front runner. He’s got offers from California and a better offer from Toronto, hence he can’t decide.

  37. If they do get him, next Wednesday will be the best State of the Franchise ever!

  38. Why even bother. If AA sees the value, he will toss the money. Having watched what darvish has done the last couple of years should have him set strait on this topic already.

  39. If the jays dont land him people need to keep calm and not get so fucking emotional that we didn’t land him.

    In situations like this, when there are a dozen teams throwing a large amount of money to a player its tough for the jays to land the guy. its unfortunate but it is what it is. Tanaka doesn’t need to make a decision purely based on money, he’s moving his family across the world, he’s going to be able to get money AND whatever else he’s looking for.

    It could be toronto, it could not be, but in the end its his decision and you can’t fault AA for not bringing this guy . Put yourself in his shoes, where would you sign?

  40. As for AA and free agents, he has said he would spend money for the right player to take the team over the top. But I don’t think this is the right atmosphere for that to happen. The team came off a disaster of a season where they ended dead last in their division. I think a prudent front office would want to see how this season goes before splashing the cash around. If only because getting an amazing starter (should there be an amazing starter available which right now there isn’t) who goes out and wins 20 games would be a complete waste of time and resources if the rest of the games are lost by mediocre pitching, ham-handed defence and inconsistent hitting. I think we **really** need to see what we have already and how well this team is playing before AA starts flexing the chequebook. Tanaka is a one-off. You’d want to get your hands on him in the hopes that he might be a proximation of Darvish so I get that we’d want to land him. But there will be other free agent pitchers next season, and possible trades for pitchers in-season. I’d much much rather wait and see.

    • He’s not a one-off, whoever gets him is getting him for multiple years.

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that he was here for just one year. I meant that he is unusual in that he’s got a great reputation, might be a huge pick-up but hasn’t pitched in mlb so has no track record. In that sense he’s a one-off–meaning unusual–acquisition.

  41. Breaking: AA just signed Tanaka to a 4 year, $40M contract, plus 4 team option years at $12M per. What a ninja…

  42. If we dont get him………then i hope he bombs and drags on someone elses payroll for a few years.

  43. AA mentioned recently that the actual baseball in Japan last year was altered in way that favoured the hitter…… So Tank (yes that will be his nickname) is even more awesome than first imagined!

    Money Quote:

    “Japanese Pacific Leagues — ordered a change in the makeup of the balls, which were slightly smaller and lighter than those used in MLB, to bring them in line with the stateside model.”



    • well Wladimir Balentien did break the single season HR record…..

      • ….and that’s why we should temper our expectations for Tanaka, in the slightest chance we do end up getting him. Wladimir Balentin couldn’t hack it in MLB, but he goes to Japan and crushes the single-season HR record that had been in place for 50 years or so by Sadaharu Oh?

  44. hoping for Tanaka, really hoping the Evil Empire does not get him.

  45. Come on Drake, work your magic once again.

  46. If I could post Pics here, I’d find a pic of Lloyd Xmas and the caption

    “So you’re telling’ me there’s a chance”

  47. For everyone here preaching the “calm down” stuff – give it a rest. I know you’re all getting psyched up to spend another disappointing season telling Jays Fans they have nothing to be upset about. The fact is, fans should be upset. They have every right to be pissed off at the way this organization is run and the fact that ownership/management have put themselves in this kind of situation yet again.

    • Let me guess… Toronto Sun reader?

    • calm down.

      • Ok go ahead. Jump in with both feet and have an anxiety attack, a stroke and a coronary.

        We’ll visit you in the hospital.

        Yeaaaaah, THAT’S the ticket.

    • Last year the comments section delivered bandwagon declarations of 100 wins! This year it’s been more like having Karl Pilkington on board to contribute his upset musings on the game. Good times!

  48. Wilner tweeted that Tanaka expected to sign a deal tomorrow.

  49. AA has the green light to go get him for sure. Up to tanaka though. Simple as that

    • And unless AA has the green light to offer an insane amount of money, more than anyone else (yeah, right) then there is no logical reason for Tanaka to choose the Blue Jays.

      • Yeah you’re probably right

        • I’d love to be wrong but really, when better teams in more desirable locations like the Dodgers and Yankees are opening up their wallets, what do the Jays have to compete with that?

  50. I think after seeing the success yu darvish has had in Texas that AA would be given the green light to outbid everyone. Just wishful thinking on my part

  51. Tanaka looks a lot like Chin Ho from the original Hawaii 5-0 series.

  52. Yankees 6 yrs 151M

    • Don’t know if the Yankee rumour is true. Rumour on twitter

      • Nobody credible has said it as yet.

        Of course, nobody particularly credible has gone ahead and said the Jays are in, either, and that hasn’t stopped us from wanting to believe.

    • i couldn’t find splits to check if he can pitch to left handed batters, which would make him suck in that park…

      unfortunately by all accounts he’s even better at pitching to LHB. Let’s hope the rumours arent true. I would think he wouldn’t want to bat, but wants to stay in LA, my prediction is the Angels.

  53. When will Kevin Gray weigh in? He’s the only reporter whose integrity I trust.

  54. Yankees just got him 7/155mil

  55. Tanaka to the evil empire Yankees on a 7yr, $155M deal. Worst. Possible. Scenario.

    • Fuckity fuck. Anyone but the Skanks.

      Fuck the Dodgers for saying they won’t be outbid. Fuck the Cubs for saying they’re all-in.

      7 years, 155M, definitely too much for the Jays on a wild card (even with the skill level he supposedly has) that Tanaka is. Tanaka isn’t worth more than Yu Darvish.

      Go, AA. Get one of the three remaining mid-level FA starters and Drew. Now.

    • What?!? You mean Tanaka chose to go to a very good team, in a great city like New Year for a shit ton of money? No way.

      This is why any talk of Tanaka to Toronto was laughable once the new bidding rules came into place. The Jays or any team outside of NY, LA or Chicago never had a shot unless they went insane with the $$ amount.

  56. New York* of course, goddamn.

  57. and now he’s the 155 million dollar / 7 year pinstripes..

  58. Darvish makes less than half of tanaka’s salary. That’s gotta really piss him off

  59. Soooo… we’re not adding any starting arms to one of the worst rotations in the MLB… sweet.

  60. Apparently, Garza has signed with the Brewers (4yr; $52m)

    That is quite a modest number when judged
    against what others have been getting.
    Did the Blue Jays not like the injury risk ?

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