‘Yes Killface, this is the way.’ … YOU TALK LIKE THAT!

Bruce Levine of Chicago’s 670 The Score tweets that teams should know by tomorrow where Masahiro Tanaka will sign. Dun dun dunnnn… (By which I, of course, mean: please, if it’s not going to be here, just not the fucking Yankees. Or Red Sox. Or… just… the National League. Please.) (Of course, that could just be a reference to a tweet from CSN Chicago’s David Kaplan, who figured a few days ago we’d heard about the deal early, so Tanaka could take his physical, etc.)

Since we may only have a day left to pretend that we think there’s a small, secret chance that the Jays could actually land Tanaka, why not commence drooling over him with a great piece from Ben Badler of Baseball America, who speaks with scouts about the incoming ace– complete with fancy GIFs!

The above item actually came my way via Drew’s latest URL Weaver post at Getting Blanked, where he also has an awesome YouTube clip of all 183 of Tanaka’s strikeouts during the 2013, plus a bunch of playoff highlights, too. Total fucking boss.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, Drew looks at the remaining starting pitchers available on the free agent market. Like… all of them. From the White Whale, to the elbows full of spiderwebs, to the detritus.

At Sportsnet, Ben Nicholson-Smith takes a look at a market finally about to resume business, with the Tanaka log jam finally being cleared away.

Speaking of that, not that it means a whole lot, but in his chat today at FanGraphs, Jeff Sullivan was asked about where some of the remaining position player free agents will land. He responded that he guessed Stephen Drew might end up here, explaining that’s because he “saw word the other day that Drew is open to playing other positions besides shortstop, and the Jays’ 2B situation is laughable.” Yep. Drew and a pitcher would be a nice consolation prize for this team, indeed.

Gregor Chisholm takes a look at the still-blossoming partnership between the Jays and the Buffalo Bisons in his latest for BlueJays.com.

Speaking of, John Lott of the National Post talks to Gary Allenson, who will be taking over for Marty Brown this year as the skipper of the Bisons, and who gives scouting reports on his former (and soon to be returning) charges, Marcus Stroman, Sean Nolin, and A.J. Jimenez, all of whom played under Allenson last year for New Hampshire. He likes Stroman, obviously, but the money quote is on Jimenez, about whom he says “I had Wieters in Triple-A and the Arizona Fall League. He reminds me of him. Kind of a quiet, reserved guy, will learn how to take charge. More of a gap-to-gap, hit-for-an-average type guy than Wieters.” (Bonus points for the link to the awesome ejection video).

TSN.ca passes on a Canadian Press piece about Peter Gammons, who drew the ire of the hopelessly parochial knee-jerk hockey puck set on Saturday, when he tweeted that the donnybrook between the Canucks and Flames “reiterated why the NHL is a minor sport.” But I might be with the puck heads on this one, actually, astonishingly dumb as the melee was, as is any defence of it or staged fighting in general. The US TV money is way different, sure, but they’re both sports with very regionalized audiences, and the NHL’s current salary floor of $44-million is higher than the payrolls run by the Marlins and Astros last year. If the cap goes up to $80-million, as it’s projected, there will be hockey teams spending as much as, or more, on payroll than about the entire bottom third of baseball. Only the bottom third, I know, but still… minor?

Bluebird Banter speaks with the Jays’ director of minor league operations, Charlie Wilson, about some of the changes the Jays have made to their minor league structure this winter.

At Grading On The Curve, Jay Blue has a nice profile of the Jays’ Canadian prospect Dalton Pompey, focussing in particular on his formative years.

Lastly, an AP story from ESPN.com tells us that Bud Selig will be the first recipient of the Commissioner Bud Selig Leadership Award. Um… OK?

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  1. I realize that everyone is all wet re: the miniscule change that Tanaka lands with this Jays, but here is the last factor that will result in that likelihood being zero. Tanaka’s wife is a Japanese pop star and she probably rules the roost like other ball and chains. She will definitely want to live in a market that can further her career in North America so they will end up in NYC or L.A. Forget Arizona, forget Chicago and forget Toronto unless her idea of exposure is playing at the Much Music Awards.

    • It’s a cute theory, but totally meaningless. Lots of celebrity wives of players in other cities, hardly the only factor, which is basically how you’re presenting it.

    • She doesnt actually perform anymore so I don’t know what you’re talking about. She stopped being a part of Hello Project when she got married.

      • Whether she is an active member of the group is not the point. She has tasted the celebrity life and likely will want to be in the spotlight again. I can’t imagine her doing that in Arizona or in Toronto. Tanaka has big market signing written all over him. Hell, I’d love to be wrong but all indications point otherwise. Plus, there are maybe a half dozen great sushi places here. Have you ever been to New York or L.A.? They know their sushi there.

        • You’re crazy, she was part a group in Japan, but they were not that popular unfortunately. This is speaking froma former fan of Hello Project. She has been out of the public eye for about 3 years. So no, indications do NOT point her to craving the taste of the celebrity life again. Besides, she is married to a guy who is about to recieve a 100 million+ contract. If that’s not a ‘taste’ of the celebrity life I don’t know what is.

        • There are lots of reasons to believe he’s not coming here. No need to invent bullshit.

        • Can you please stop pretending you know what you’re talking about.

    • Because NY and LA are just clamouring for Japanese “pop stars.”

  2. From his Facebook page: “Dirk Hayhurst (The Garfoose)
    Lots of folks keep asking, so I’ll just confirm it: I am not returning to Rogers Sportsnet this coming season.”

    Well, fuck.

  3. Make it stop, already. It’s cruel and unusual punishment, having to read about Tanaka – knowing deep in your bones that – to quote Don Henley – “He ain’t here, he ain’t comin’ – not in a million years”.
    A man can hope, though.
    I just hope that after the Tanada debacle settles down, that AA goes into full-ninja mode and signs “a guy”.

  4. Oh god, the Gomes comment in the Fangraphs chat. Makes me want to cry.

    • He was low on him going forward so… I don’t see why.

      • I didn’t read that as low. He said ‘Gomes wasn’t going to be one of the very best.’ I read that as him saying Gomes could be a decent or even quite good catcher in the future. But mainly I want to cry when I think of the catching we got in the past year.

        • and the pitching

        • its hard to get mad over that. Indians did some pretty significant work on his swing. Hard to tell if he would have realized some of that potential while still with the jays.

          Not a knock to the staff here, but sometimes a hitting coach will just click with a player.

        • Sure, but he was last year — top six (tied) by fWAR — so he’s basically saying not to expect a repeat. Or at least that’s how I wanted to read it. Still, good, yes, but the whole hitting as well as Buster Posey and providing more defensive value in half the plate appearances thing isn’t likely to happen again. (Even if the defensive value stuff is unreliable anyway.)

    • You know what should make you do the exact opposite? He said that the Indians could grab Ubaldo at 3 years 45 million. HOLY FUCK LETS DO THAT TOMORROW!

      Like given the contract thoughts we’ve had, I’d much rather Ubaldo at something competitive to that rather than Tanaka well over 100 million. Who disagrees and why?

  5. Bud Selig wins the Bud Selig award?


  6. so what will happen if AA tries to dodge questions at the state of the french fries

  7. Hi Andrew this is Alex Anthopolous I have some swamp land in Afganistan would you be interested. Oh yes of course Alex anything you want.

    • I don’t think stoeten is an AA apologist so much as he is an actual fan who actually likes baseball and cheers for the blue jays in a positive way as opposed to the sky is falling doom and gloom angry living in mom’s basement crowd.

    • If you’re going to troll, can you at least be witty?

    • freespace – quite possibly the worst attempt at trolling I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

      It is called grammar, look it up.

  8. I would say the jays getting Tanaka is more likely than AROD winning a bud selig award.

  9. Noticed upon review of the video that more of his strikeouts come with men in scoring position. Maybe he focuses more on pitching to bad contact until men are on base and then channnels his inner Darvish when he needs to get out of a jam. Rather than being too far to one side of the equation like an AJ or a janssen. This is just an observatory thought without much basis for Andrew to disagree with, but a talking point for his lower K rate.

  10. Sullivan nailed Goins too, in a very Stotenesque response:

    Ryan Goins, any chance he hits enough to let his defense be a difference maker?

    Jeff Sullivan: The hope should be that no one ever has to find out.

    I laughed and cringed all at the same time.

  11. Wow, Drews piece was pretty interesting. More so the RISP data then the Tanaka stuff.
    I’m sure that Jays hitters have access to and use that info, and if not they sure as fuck should. A lack of hits with runners on base sure seemed to be a recurring problem last year.

    • Jays with RISP last year: 100 wRC+ (10th in MLB), .321 wOBA (7th), .332 OBP (17th).
      Jays overall last year: 99 wRC+ (11th), .320 wOBA (11th), .318 (15th).

      Not much difference with RISP. However, change the split to high leverage situations and things get ugly:

      Jays in high leverage situations: 82 wRC+ (20th), .297 wOBA (19th), .318 OBP (20th).

      On average the league’s wOBA dropped by almost 10 points and wRC+ by about five, so it’s expected that there’s some kind of drop-off, but there’s definitely something a bit weird going on there. It would be easy to construct the obvious narrative out of that, and… well… I’m sure there’s probably a logical explanation. But, shit… that’s bad.

      • Forgive my ignorance, what is the baseball definition of high leverage situation?
        As compared to RISP?

      • Issue, as has been pointed out to me on Twitter, would seem to be sample size, which I totally didn’t look at. Just 696 high leverage PAs, distributed unevenly over a whole roster in even smaller chunks. The RISP numbers are based on 1446 PA.

      • I’m liking that the ‘clutch’ itangible quality that so many former player/announcers talk about is becoming more tangible.

    • They drove me nuts last year with runners on, it was uncanny how fast they could put themselves in a hole than strand the guys on base. Of course JP appeared to have the lead role in that fiasco.

  12. I’m sure a number of you will shit on me for the following question but I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Would I rather find out that Toronto is one of Tanaka’s final four, including let’s say the Yankees or would I rather find out that Toronto is out but so is the rest of the American league east? I’m thinking I’d rather miss out on him, if I was guaranteed that the skankees and red Sox weren’t going to get him either. Thoughts?

  13. A healthy Stephen Drew is such a massive upgrade over what’s currently sitting at 2B, if it had to be one or the other I’d pretty easily take Drew on a short term high dollar deal over Jimenez/Santana on 4+ year commitments.

    • I think I might be with you on that. Maybe. Possibly.

      • I agree 100%.

        Higher probability that the younger guys could fill out the back of the rotation adequately than Goins being able to hit.

    • As I’ve posted the last few days I would love if they got Drew. I would be happy to go with the pitching we have if you could guarantee that Dickey and Morrow would pitch like they are capable of for a full season. Unfortunately, that seems like a lot to ask.

      • Does it really, though?

      • Why is it over the last few years that he’s never really played more than 80-120 games? Seems like he’s been plagued by injury and that is concerning, no?
        That being said, I see his numbers are average and not all that exciting. Most are suggesting he’s worth 1-2 war. I guess that’s better than the alternative but I still think I’d rather have a solid arm.

      • You know what I really feel that Morrow HAS to have a break the fucking bank year this year or he will become a member of a long list of would have should haves. My gut tells me this is his year.

        • I’d like to think so too, though some of that stuff from Blue Jays Plus about his mechanical red flags was a bit worrying.

          Regardless, he’s probably got one more year after this one to tease us. Got a $10-million option with a $1-million buyout for 2015, so it’s hard to see how it won’t be worth $9-million to bring him back, though stranger things have happened.

        • Morrow had a terrific 2012 season.

    • I’ve always liked drew and with the pick attached, he’s probably not going to do better than 3/30-35

      only problem is, his injury was pretty gruesome. He may want to stay off the turf.

      He would fit in nicely to our top of the lineup though, Reyes, drew, bautista, ee sounds good too me

    • Can’t we get Drew and one of the SPs for the price of a Tanaka?

  14. Hey Stoeten, can you straight up buy players?
    MLB sells guys to the Japanese leagues, The Sox sold the Bambino, just wondering if you were allowed to straight up buy a guys contract from a small market team that was willing.
    Like with no PTBNL or future consid.

    • Commissioner needs to approve any exchange of money over $1-million (I think that’s the number), and probably wouldn’t if it was a straight purchase.

      Bowie Kuhn blocked straight-up sales when Charlie Finley tried to sell A’s players to the Yankees and Red Sox in the 70s, and I don’t think it’s been tried since– though don’t quote me on that, not sure.

      • Interesting, maybe you’d need to include a small prospect.

        Reason I ask is because it’s well known that Cincy has serious salary constraints. From what I’ve read they are right up against their self imposed cap. (which is why they want to shed a somewhat reasonable Brandon Phillips with no obvious replacement)

        So today Jeff Sullivan was asked about a possible return in a Homer Bailey trade and Sullivan alluded to Cincy being in a real tough spot because they won’t get much for one year of Bailey and may not be able to afford to resign him.

        If we could it afford it would it not be something welcomed to offer the reds the 8.7 to 11.3 million (arbitration filed numbers for this year) plus another 5 million for the draft pick allotment they lose, and then to appease the commissioner’s office a high upside low level prospect.

        I think 16 million for Bailey is miles better then 14 million for either Santana or Ubaldo.
        We’d then have a good chance at extending him and if he chooses to test the market we get another pick.

        Am I crazy or is this even 5% plausible?

        • Jays bought Olivio for 500 K,then turned him into a draft pick.
          Thus causing the rule to be changed about a player staying with the team for a year to qualify for compensation.

          • Oops, missed the part where Stoeten said over one million.

            • My bad.
              I’m so ashamed.

              • Yes, but in this case he would be with us for a year. Hopefully more. (if this crazy idea were at all plausible)

                • The Homer thing is creative but IMO,I think the commish squashes it.

                  • Yeah, if it were allowed,then the Jays( or Yanks) could send 50 milllion and a prospect to Tampa for Price.
                    Even better, 100 Million and a prospect for Trout.

                    • I responded to your last post without seeing this one.

                      You make your point but those cases would be far more blatant. And in one of the cases the team would still have no interest in trading. See Mike Trout.

                  • What if the prospect included were “the high upside, high risk, coming of TJ” Roberto Osuna?

                    He’s a gamble but as our former number 2 prospect (as per MLB’s 2013 rankings) and currently our number 7 (as per Baseball America 2014 rankings) hardly an afterthought, and hardly a straight cash for player transaction.

                    Cincy gets a possible future ace, $ to address their needs, and it doesn’t hurt our immediate plans because Osuna is 18 years old and probably 3 years away.

                    Again, all this is crazy but gets my mind off of TANAKA.

                    Thanks for indulging me.

                    • Like, every pitcher has TJ. Let’s not go writing off Osuna just yet here, or going nuts with the idea of risk. He’s risky because he’s a prospect, not so much because of the elbow thing.

                    • Yeah, that’s what I meant. Risky because he’s a prospect in A ball. My comment may have lacked clarity.
                      BA has a thing where they rate the prospects based on ceiling/floor and volatility/or chance of reaching that ceiling. Most real good guys that are only in A ball get the high/high rating.

                      The point about TJ, coupled with the fact he is in A ball was to illustrate that he’s probably 2-3 years away and therefore more palatable to move then a pitcher at the higher levels.

        • It’s not really plausible.

  15. “Thanks for indulging me.”

    I’ll bet you say that to all the girls.

    Anyways,nope,I don’t think so.Bud invokes “the best interest of baseball” clause. It was one of the things that held up the Marlin trade.Bud sought advice that the players Miami recieved were of enough value.The commish has to protect the fans from unscrupulous owners being used as feeder clubs for the rich ones.

  16. “And the winner of the Bud Selig Leadership??? Award is… Here you go Bud, and now, here’s the door…. See Ya!!!” Think the next Commish will reinstate Rose. Who will replace old bud. Dare I say Beeston?? Ha, ha, I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid. Seriously, who will the owners have to do their dirty work for them, if Bud actually retires this time?

  17. Rays acquiring IF Logan Forsythe from the Padres in an expected five-player trade that seems to include dominant lefty reliever Alex Torres going to the Padres.

    Tough to know what to make of Forsythe, though he’d at least have been the Jays most interesting 2B option – hit “well” for a 2B in 2012 but poor offensive numbers in his partial 2011 and 2013 seasons. Decent minor league numbers and a reputation for being a bit of a lefty masher. Defensively seems like nothing special.

    Torres for Forsythe seems like an overpay if it were just the two, so could be interesting to see what else is in the deal.

    • Would have liked the jays to have gotten him. Got 4 years of control and there’s a reasonable chance he ends up being a serviceable 2B. Not that the competition is tough but he’d be competing for the starting (or platoon) position on the jays.

  18. Diamondbacks are out on Tanaka, reports Steve Gilbert, the D’Backs MLB.com beat writer. Hoping this is the start of reports on a bunch of teams being out as the Tanaka drama winds down.

    • He’s being interviewed on Hot Stove right now and says that Tanaka’s people told the D-Backs were out despite bidding a reported 6-120.

      • These are my completely groundless odds for tanaka: LAD: 3/2 NYY: 4/1 CHC: 32/1 CHW: 32/1 Rest of the field: 40/1

  19. The internet taught me that Dioner Navarro is 5’9” – 205. Nice.

    • He is also, still NOT J.P. Arencibia.

      • Who else is dreading JP hitting 245/305/490 this year? I know it wouldn’t happen if he stayed a jay, but fuck it’s going to be hard to watch him be decent somewhere else. Also watch Boner steal 60 bases this year.

        • 245 – maybe.
          305 – unlikely
          490 – no way.

          I mean, he’ll probably be better than last year (how could he be worse and still keep his job?) but… yeah I won’t miss him.

          Boni – we might end up missing him, but I’m sure I’ll get over it.

          • Ya, really I’ll only care if navarro/thole/kratz ended up being worse than JPA in 2014 and the jays don’t win 90 games. I really think boner is gonna be better than anything we have or get at 2b.

  20. Rosenthal reporting Tanaka to Yankees. $155M for 7, with opt out after 4 years. FUCK>

    • That is a worst case scenario. Fucking Yankees

      • Rosenthal just pointed out that now the Yankees are over the luxury tax number, there’s no reason for them not to make some other signings (like Drew, etc.). God fucking damn

  21. Fucking motherfucking fucking Yankees

  22. Fuck the fucking Yankess. Fuck.

  23. Tanaka to yanks 7/155mil

  24. would have been nice, but there is no guarantee he is Darvish like in his results. Could be Matzusaka.

  25. Damnit…..I hate them!

  26. …. sweet now there is $ for both Ubaldo and Drew …

  27. Yankees just got good. Tanaka for 7/155

  28. If anybody needs me I’ll be bleeding out in the bathroom at work.

  29. Ugh.
    Ok AA, time to go to work.

    • Fuckity fuck. Anyone but the Skanks.

      Fuck the Dodgers for saying they won’t be outbid. Fuck the Cubs for saying they’re all-in.

      7 years, 155M, definitely too much for the Jays on a wild card (even with the skill level he supposedly has) that Tanaka is. Tanaka isn’t worth more than Yu Darvish.

      Go, AA. Get one of the three remaining mid-level FA starters and Drew. Now.

      • you act like Toronto is going to win the division. They are the weakest team in this division even if they sign Ubaldo. AA fucked it up. That Dickey trade was pointless

        • ah, the benefit of hindsight.

        • Better than the Orioles for sure. Still have a chance to be the best team in division.

          Baltimore had almost zero significant injuries last year. Jays were devastated with them.

          • They aren’t better than the O’s, and injuries weren’t why the Jays weren’t good last season.

            • They actually are better then the Orioles, and while injuries were not the sole reason why the jays sucked, it was a huge reason.

        • I never said the Jays would win the division nor that picking up Tanaka would help them win. I just don’t want him going to the Yankees.

          Reading too much into what I said (or rather, what I never said)?

  30. I hope the ghost of ARoid comes back to fuck them in the ass

  31. This makes AA’s answer at the State of the French Fries pretty easy though…

    “Hey AA, why didn’t you outbid everyone to land Tanaka”
    “Because that contract is fucking nuts.”

  32. A-rod is paying his salary

    • Yes, the ghost of A-Roid! Let’s hope his karma fucks up the Yankees and Tanaka’s arm falls off after the overwork from last year’s playoffs.

      A-Roid – the gift that keeps on giving, hopefully.

  33. I blame Farrell.

  34. 175 over 7 years, 25m a year basically. In today’s world, I guess it’s not too crazy..right?

  35. DAMMIT.

  36. I hate seeing him go to the Yankees and have to deal with him in the AL east but I’m glad it’s over.

  37. Theres also an opt-out after the 4th year, the yankees were really desperate.

  38. Whelp so much for anyone but the Yankees. Remember for those who are inclined to whine about Rogers in this case, the Jays never got a chance to bid, so don’t blame them for a horrible off season quite just yet.

    • I’m not going to whine about Rogers because, as much as I wanted the Jays to land Tanaka, that money can be better spend elsewhere… but you keep saying how they “never got a chance to bid” and I would be interested to know where (other than some fantasyland in your head) you’re getting that information.

      • Again I have absolutely no reason to BS about it. I’ve been a very harsh critic of Rogers in the past and you can dig through the old posts from a couple of years ago to see that for yourself. Let’s wait and see what additional info comes out in a few days to confirm what I know. I trust the source implicitly but I am not going to give anymore info. It’s up to you what you want to do with the info. As for me, I will just sit back and watch the all the rage directed at Rogers over Tanaka and have a good chuckle.

        If the Jays don’t end up landing Jimenez or Santana, I’ll probably be one of the idiots shaking my head in disbelief at them too.

        • Or garza, though I doubt AA will go after another pitcher with such injury history. Unless he goes after garza and signs drew so he only has to give up one pick.

    • This seems like BS. The new posting rules meant that any team willing to put up $20MM in a posting fee to Tanaka’s team (Ratuken Golden Eagles) could then negotiate with the Pitcher for his services. The only way that the Jays wouldn’t have been able to negotiate on this one is if they CHOSE not to offer the $20MM as a posting fee.

      I’m not saying they should have outbid the Yankees on this, nor that Rogers is unwilling to spend on reasonable talent, but don’t tell me that the Jays didn’t even get to offer anything to Tanaka.

      • Why is that so hard to understand? If he and his wife were set on playing/living in someplace like California or New York what is a potential few million in the grand scheme of things when you still get paid but get to live where you want. Again go back and read about his agent. He’s not a dick. It was the considerate thing to do by telling teams that had no chance, “thanks but no thanks”. By telling the Jays no up front, did he cost his client anything? I don’t think so. Obviously, he knew what the market for his client would look like. If it was a blind bid it would have been a different story but as we know that was not the case.

        • I find it hard to believe that a dumptruck full of cash beyond what the Yankees offered wouldn’t have got it done. If the Jays had (been stupid enough to have) offered $200/7, I can’t imagine he would have walked away from it. If you’re talking about a few million, sure, I can see that – what’s a few million between friends. But I don’t believe that the Jays had no shot, unless they were unwilling to dramatically outbid their rivals.

  39. Sort of off-topic but for MLB.tv, can I watch Jays games live if I block my IP address??

  40. Time to move, Alex.

    As for Tanaka, I don’t wish injury upon anyone, but I sure hope this dude has a devil of a time in the AL East.

  41. Fuck you Yankees!!! Your whole team is going down! Cory Lidle style…O’Doyle rules! O’Doyle Rules! O’Doyle Rules!

  42. Time to move on I guess. Does anyone else think that signing ubaldo this year seems alot like trading for Joch johnson last year? I’m not saying its a terrible idea, but at least with johnson we were only taking a one year chance that he would good.

    • Except for that statement makes no sense. Ubaldo is one of the most durable pitchers in baseball. Unless you mean that you’re concerned he will just be unplayably terrible, in which case I would remind you that Ubaldo’s worst season was still better than Santana’s worst one. And that he’s had fewer seasons below replacement. And that his best stuff is infinitely better than anyone else’s out there.

      You’re right that there’s risk, but is it really fucking riskier than trotting JA Happ out there as your number 5? Or counting on Dustin McGowan to do anything at all? I mean shit, you need to find another pitcher, and Ubaldo’s the best of the bunch.

      • Pretty much agree with everything you said, I don’t think sanata is a better option, or that we should stay away from both, always better to have more SP depth. I’m just getting this bad feeling that ubaldo is gonna stink next year no matter where he goes, not saying he might not have a good year in the future, like Josh johnson might this year. I just think that if there is a budget in place, it would be more wisely spent upgrading 2b I would, of cours, like to upgrade SP and 2B.

  43. All I can say is…Nooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  44. Ok Alex, let’s get Jimenez and Drew signed by 4:00 pm EST thanks very much.

  45. Very disappointing. Fuck the Yanks. Still, fuck the Sox more, but still, fuck then Yankee sobs of bitches.

    Your move, AA…

  46. Man … I Wonder what the Dodgers offered.

    Anyone else think we need a DrunkRobsFans.com? Or are you all just bumbaclots

  47. If the Yankees get injury ravaged, they are so fucked with no depth

  48. At least it will be fun getting to watch Tanaka (even if he is carving up hitters with that splitter)? Maybe…I mean I wish we got to see more games with Darvish pitching. Interesting pitching makes for entertaining baseball.

  49. LOL what a shocker the Jays didn’t get Tanaka… but I thought they were very much in on him? Sit down, buckle up and get ready to watch AA pay a 4th starter 25 million over 4 years.

    • What’s it like going through life as such a negative fuckwit?

      • No need to be a rude asshole… If you can’t handle negativity towards this team you shouldn’t be a fan.

        The Jays have the need, the Jays have the money…… Anything beyond that simple explanation is just a person trying to rationalize why they still think the Jays have a chance at winning.

        • Why the hell would the jays pay a 4 year 25 AAV contract to a lesser pitcher then Tanaka? That’s so stupid.

          • Because they have a threshold that they cannot/will not exceed, thus leaving them to fight over the scrub left overs with the other teams that fancy themselves playoff contenders.

            • That still makes no sense, why the hell would we pay for a 25 million per year for a pitcher for one that is not tanaka. No one is offering Jiminez or Sanata that insane AAV except you.

    • If it had been 5 years, 100 million I could get the negativity but c’mon, you really expected the Jays to be able to push 200 million?

  50. There is always this:

    Steve Berthiaume ‏@BertDbacks 8m

    #Yankees have spent half a BILLION dollars this winter & still have Kelly Johnson likely starting at 3B & Brian Roberts at 2B.

  51. His arm’s gonna fall off.

  52. Blah, that was the worst case scenario.

    A: Doesn’t pick the Jays
    B: Picks a team in the AL
    C: Picks a Team in the ALE
    D: Picks the team in the ALE that cares least about spending money (so if his arm falls off it’s no big deal to them cause they’ll just spend more)

    • Actually the worst case scenario would be if the Yankees signed him to a 7 year 100 million dollar deal with no back out clause, just cause Tanak a want to play for the Yankees. At least we know the Yankees won because the submitted a ridiculously huge bid for a potential number 2 starter.

  53. Alright, here is some lunacy to distract y’all from those Yankee fucks:


    The terrorists can’t win when we implement a Total Police State!!!

  54. I would have loved to have Tanaka as much as anyone.. but that is a FUCK TONNE of money for a guy who some say won’t be a frontline starter in MLB. Largest contract in terms of new money behind only Sabathia.. Imagine if he kind of sucks? I mean he’s probably going to be good at least.. but The Yankees have taken quite the gamble on this one.

    • A gamble the Jays need to have the stones to take.

      • So your saying the jays should have bid even HIGHER than the Yankee’s? Approaching Felix money now are we? What are we the angels?

      • Are we that anxious to have another Vernon Wells albatross?

        • …. didn’t they trade that “albatross” .. no blood from that contract

        • If you are going to try to win with all stars, then trying to get value out of your signings is a waste of time. You either build a team with undervalued players, and hope to get lucky, or you pay the market rate for the stars. They Jays aren’t trying to win on a shoestring budget. You have to decide to either go for it (they have) and play with the big boys, or draft and build with value. You can’t pretend to be involved in signing a star if your are hoping to get value because by definition you’re paying more than anyone else thinks he’s work. So why bother with Reyes’, Bautista, Buehrle, or Dickey if you are trying to determine what Tanaka is worth based on his skill. He’s worth whatever it costs to build a winner.

          • So you’re saying you would pay a 30 million dollar AAV for a potential number 2 starter that hasnt even pitched in the MLB? are you insane?

            • The fact that he hasn’t pitched here doesn’t mean much.

              • Alright fair, but darvish he is not, even if he is only 26. The fact remains that the AAV required to beat the Yankee’s bid would be way too high. Thank you but no thank you, would rather not take that kind of risk.

  55. Let’s hope he’s like Igawa or Irabu or DiceK rather than Darvish.


    • I have a feeling he’ll be better then Dice-K, but worse then darvish, you know based on the general public concensus lol.

      I know what you mean though. Hopefully he turns into an albatross rather then a contract with fair value.

  56. I’m fine with the Yankees getting Tanaka. It’s not like the other 24 men on their roster make one worried. Now the Jays can focus on Ubaldo.

    • Unfortunately, if Tanaka produces like Kuroda or better, then the Jays are likely a worse team then the Yankee’s, assuming that the Jay’s make no more aquisitions. That better not be the case though.

      • I honestly don’t think the Yankees are that much better than the Jays right now. The Yankees have some huge holes – an infield with Johnson, Jeter and Roberts is pretty terrible (and who knows what Teixeira has left after missing most of 2013) – and if the Jays add one of the FA starters then I think they’re a better team.

        • Right now I don’t even see the Yankees being on par with the Jays. With all the injuries and unsustainable under-performances they had last year in consideration, I’d say they’re about an 85-win team.

          If the Jays signed a 3-win pitcher and had some luck, they may be a 90-92 win team in 2014 IMHO. History has shown me that this likely won’t happen, but if the Jays can win 85 games, I’d take that as a huge improvement over 2013. Still a wasted year though as players get older, contracts are closer to expiring – essentially their window closing just a little more.

          • I think the Yankees and Jays are about Par right now, the Yankees having the stronger rotation but we have the stronger lineup, though Tanaka performing like a number 2 would push the Yankees over us.

  57. Don’t fret guys. AA evaluated Tanaka. He wanted him only at the right amount of years and the right amount of dollars.

  58. Glad Alex isn’t wrapped up in an INSANE contract like that… Flexibility is key moving forward. If he’s only slightly better than league average.. WOW. 7 years. Just… Wow.

    I’m all in on Hutchinson and Stroman with Drabek coming on strong late in the year. McGowan as the wild card. Internal options, baby.

    Remember, we have NO idea who could be made available mid-season.

  59. Fuckin’ Tanaka, man. That creep can roll.

  60. Pardon my rant but…

    I’d rather have Tanaka at his salary than Buerhle and Happ at roughly the same. I think the Jays need to figure out a long term strategy and stick to it rather than shift from strategy to strategy per season…they aren’t very good at that.

    If you’re going to develop young players for a core (which was the belief for a time) then don’t trade Syndergaard and Darnaud for Dickey or Marisnick/Nicolino/Alvarez for JJ/Reyes/Buerhle – if you could’ve gotten just Reyes for less of a haul then great.

    Alternatively, if you’re planning to go the FA route and sign elite players that other teams don’t have exclusive negotiating right to then sign the Cano’s, Darvish’s or Tanaka’s.

    If instead your strategy is to build through trades then trade for the Shields, Fister’s, Prices of the world not Mark Buerhle (who I love, but he ain’t a #1/2).

    For all the talk of taking risks and going after elite athletes AA seems to be looking for the best value. That’s great if you want to make the most profit and bang for your buck but not if you want to have the best chance of winning the ALE. RISK and $$$ gets you into the city VALUE lands you in the suburbs.

    If the Jays plug some of their holes like the Cards did this offseason or the Red Sox did last year (good value with upside investments) then everything will be okay and I would understand their strategy. But unlike those two storied franchises I don’t think players will come to Toronto on a discount.

    • A) They couldn’t have gotten Reyes for less. Part of that trade was the Jays willingness to take on the other contracts.

      B) They should go out and sign the big free agents the same way they should have signed Pujols and Hamilton and Fielder… right? Cause those ones are working out great so far!

      C) Fister would be nice, but it’s pretty widely accepted that other teams didn’t really have a chance. It’s also widely accepted that the price Kansas City paid for Shields was ridiculous. It’s not always as simple as “Go get him!”

      I also don’t see how the Jays strategy has changed at any point during Anthopoulos’s tenure. It seems like his plan all along was to tear things down, build the farm system, then use his prospects to make moves to contend. They’re still in that process.

      • Lol so you admit the Jays weren’t offered a chance at Fister even though it made no sense for the Tigers GM to do that because he could have got so much more in an open bidding war for him? Hmmm why does that sound familiar? So why is it so hard to believe that Tanaka wouldn’t operate in the same manner?

      • My main point is that they’re not picking one option or the other, AA is trying to find a middle ground. To have his cake and eat it too so to speak.

        If you can’t get Reyes without the salary pick ups then pass like the Red Sox did. If you can’t sign Reyes, Fielder, Pujols or don’t want to risk that type of financial commitment then don’t trade away prospects for one year players like JJ.

        • Prospects that are currently amounting to what, exactly?

          • Alvarez I guess isn’t a prospect anymore and I don’t know if I would want him in our rotation. But Marisnick and Nicolino, being a left hander, I would take any day – even if only to flip as part of a trade for a pitcher…but then I guess my point is mute since using them to trade for a pitcher is what the Jays tried to do with JJ.

    • Strategies don’t have to be that narrow, so it’s kind of pointless to talk about them in those terms.

  61. …..and he’s gone!

  62. Please AA, for less than 150M I’m sure we can add two quality arms.

  63. Ah..fuck. You just KNEW it, right? I was hoping the National League…but no joy, I suppose.
    But still….the motherfucking Yankees of ALL teams.

    Now let’s forget the untouchable prom queen…and find a girl that’ll come home with us.

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