So It Was The Yankees…



The Yankees.

Damn it. And sorry, some late night tennis and my running on cold medication the last couple of days and yelling at people on Twitter have conspired to bring me late to this little shindig. Which… is fine, because this isn’t exactly a party I want to be at for long anyway.

It was the Yankees. Masahiro Tanaka has signed with the Jays’ division rivals — the favourites from back when this whole race started, you may remember — inking a seven year deal (with a fourth year opt-out) for $155-million, according to a tweet from Ken Rosenthal.

There were several teams that New York eventually separated themselves from, but “not by much,” according to another of his tweets. The Jays were not among them, so far he’s saying and so far as we know.  So much for the Dodgers and Cubs saying the weren’t going to be out-bid, eh? And so much for our fun little pipe dream, which has now turned on us in nearly the ugliest of ways, with the spectre of having to face the pitcher we were just drooling over multiple times per year.

I say “nearly,” because the Red Sox would have been worse — not that they’re in the running, nor did they need to be — and actually it’s kind of hilarious that the Yankees seemed to be trying so hard, to their own detriment, to get under the luxury tax threshold. They deferred to the Pirates last year on Russell Martin, and declined to go after big ticket pitchers the last couple of years, relying instead on Andy Pettitte’s carcass to save their rotation, only to now blow way past the tax number anyway.

Also, they’re still kind of terrible, even with the addition of Tanaka.

But this, of course, isn’t about them, it’s about us. So here are a few thoughts on what this all means for the Jays. Y’know… just as soon as I write them down.


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  1. well that sucks

  2. Dickballs

  3. The underdog Yankees finally nab their guy.

  4. remember last year when we laughed at the yankees and all those washed up former jays….then they swept us in a 4 game set, and that was just about the end of the season….in April.

    Im not going to make this…”Also, they’re still kind of terrible, even with the addition of Tanaka.’……kinda statment again….ever…..when talking about the Yankees…..Their new Catcher and CF have shit power to RF right? with that big long walk to that part of the field…..the yankees are now #2 in the AL East, and that just fucking blows.

    • pre-season favorite rankings before we play a game?
      fuck as a jays fan i thought maybe we’d grown past this.

    • But the Yanks WERE kind of terrible last year.

      And from the eyeball test, they appear to have gotten worse.

      That team looks pretty bad with most of their stars old and getting older.

    • They were terrible last year, and the fact that they swept the Jays in April (and had a great record against us, and the same record as ours against everybody else) doesn’t change that.

      • they are better this year then last year.

        their rotation is very strong now. They added some very good players, and if Tex is back to 1-2 war, they are a 90 win team.

        • Coach LB – your ranking is just fictitious and based on nothing, Sabathia was bad, they lost their best player, and are relying on Jeter to take the bulk of the time at short, and Kuroda is like 82 years old and was horrible down the stretch.

          • did we forget about teh 3 allstars they signed in Dec? Already? all upgrades over what they had playing there last year. Yes Cano hurts, but CC Kuroda would both be 1-2 in our rotation, then add Tanaka.

            Anyone that thinks this yankees team isn’t in it for 2014 is not being honest with themselves.

            • They’re not very good.

            • looking at this line up…..theyre not a bad team. Our line up might be better, but not at Yankee LHB HR park.

              Ellsbury – LHB with power
              Gardner – no power but very good OBP
              Beltran SHB with power
              Teixeira SHB with power
              McCann – LHB with power
              Soriano – 34 hrs last year…..
              Jeter – who knows – but a carreer 300 hitter
              Johnson – LHB with pop – not going to say power
              Ryan – a ?

              thats not a bad line up at all

              then a rotation with two Aces and Kuroda who is still effective….

              lets not kid ourselves here, the yanks got better in Dec, this makes them a playoff threat, and we already had the Rays and Boston to worry about.

              • They’re not very good. Just adding “with power” doesn’t mask the flaws on many of those players.

                • are we going to factor in age? and depth? or just stacking career stats?

                • Their value is terrible, but if these salaries averaged 5 million a year rather than say the 15 they are actually paid, we’d probably consider them a very competitive team.

                  • I”m not guaranteeing they’ll be bad, I just can’t reasonably guarantee they’ll be great, getting worked up and pretending you know how the season is going to play out in January is just dumb.

                    • this all started because in the Post stoet put up, he makes this statement

                      Also, they’re still kind of terrible, even with the addition of Tanaka.

                      but im the one making predictions on how the season will go?

                  • you missed what was said.

                • ok…..projections are just projections…but here is what i found – Oliver via fangraphs

                  Ellsbury – 3.8
                  Gardner – 3.5 WAR
                  Beltran 2.4
                  Teixeira 1.5 – not kind to his D – which is a little unfair – maybe
                  McCann – 4.1
                  Soriano – 1.5 – DH so because his D takes a big hit in there projection, im guessing it will be higher.
                  Jeter – 1,1 but they kill him on the bat…we will see…he is still Jeter, Yank or not, i like him
                  Johnson – 1.1
                  Ryan – 1.1 – they love his glove

                  thats not Terrible. With Good pitching, they are a playoff team.

                  So if CC has an Average year for him, and Kur is Ave for his years, then you have Tanaka.

                  I dont by that they are bad team. Yes they are old, but thats just a number

                  they still had 8 more wins then us with a shittier club last year.

                  Its going to be a slug fest this year, if we can add to our rotation, lets not count them out.

                  • Based on those projections, they’d need to get about 24 WAR from their pitchers. They got 18.5 last year, and I imagine a near best case scenario would have Tanaka covering the 4.7 WAR hole left by Pettitte and Rivera.

              • You’re giving waaay too much credit for a team that has Kelly Johnson set as their 3B, Jeter at SS, and Brian Roberts at 2B. Their rotation is alright, but not great. Sabathia has lost velocity, and they just paid A LOT of money for a complete unknown. Who knows what Soriano will do will do at age 39, what Ellsbury will do being injury prone, Beltran will do being 37 and a horrible fielder, and what Teixeira will do after missing most of 2013.

                • They could always upgrade their weaker positions during the season via trade, much like the Jays could upgrade their weaker positions via trade in-season as is much posited around here.

                  As of right now, the Yankees are a good step ahead of the Jays. AA’s AB.

                  • They don’t have much to offer in trade. And no, they’re really not.

                  • I don’t see how the Yankees could upgrade mid-season when their farm is kinda awful.

                    The Yankees are likely to start the season with more question marks than the Jays with a much higher payroll. If you want to be worried about an AL East team, be worried about Boston or Tampa. Yankees are likely an average team right now.

              • How many times will that line up actully play together this year? Betwen them they have missed an awful lot of games over the last few seasons. 2nd & 3rd look like black holes (not that they are finished yet)

                Plus there are questions marks over the SP.

                Im not convinced they are that good

              • You are looking at Beltran and Soriano in the 3rd and 4th spot in the NY lineup next yr.

                If this is 5-10 yrs ago, I would say NY has the best 3-4 in the game but not now. Even the Jays very own EE and JoeyBat are better 3/4 than that.

              • Yep… Jacoby “LHB With Power” Ellsbury. 13 HR in his last 959 PA. More like Jacoby “Lower ISO The Last Two Years Than Anthony Gose” Ellsbury.

      • Yup. If the Jays were even just .500 against the Yankees, they Yankees would have finished with a losing record. They’ve lost Pettite, Hughes, Rivera, Granderson, Cano and A-Rod and brought in Tanaka, Ellsbury, McCann and Beltran. There are some upgrades, sure, but how many more wins will Tanaka provide over Pettite and Hughes and Chamberlain, or Ellsbury over Granderson? Losing Cano and A-Rod and Mariano probably off-set those signings as well. The Yankees will be competitive, but the age IS showing with guys like Sabathia, Texiera, Jeter. After that, who the hell is left?

        • Those players they lost were worth about 13 fWAR in 2013. The players they gained were worth about 10.5 fWAR. If Tanaka is worth 3 WAR (and they sure as shit are paying him as though he will be worth that or more), then they have definitely made up for the holes they now need to fill.

          As for the Kelly Johnson/Brian Roberts/Derek Jeter black holes in their lineups, do we really believe that Goins/Navarro will be superstars? That bottom of the order for NY may not be world-beating, and they may be expensive, but I’m not sure that our bottom of the order will be leaps and bounds better.

          • Our lineup is superior to the Yankee’s lineup because our top 6 is quite good. For the yankee’s, after their top 4, things start to get quite questionable. Thier infield is worse than ours, cause our only weakness is 2nd base, they basically have 2nd, 3rd and SS to worry about.

            • I’ll take Eddie/Joey/Reyes/Colby over Jacoby/McCann/Beltran/Texeira but it’s not like there’s a chasm there, is there? The rotations are built similarly boom/bust.

              A good season from unknown commodity (Morrow/Tanaka) coupled with a return to recent, dominant form by their nominal ace (Dickey/CC) would push them from questionable to excellent.

              Where’s this huge disconnect, not that I think they’ve become miles better than us, but how do you say so convincingly that they’re worse?

            • anyone who says “the yankees are a bad team” needs to get past the age of thier players.
              its a winning culture they have there lol

  5. They’re not that terrible, but if Tanaka blows out his arm or kind of sucks, they’re screwed. Even if he settles in around a 3.80 ERA, they’re really tying their hands here, with that and Sabathia sucking up something close to 50M for a few years…

    • If he averages a 3.8 ERA per year over the 7 years I think they will be very happy.

      • They would? That’s not what they’re paying 175M for.

        • they spent 175 million on him because they purchased a ready and proven YOUNG asset.

          no time to groom in the minors and hope he develops, no issue with being young and inexperienced, this is a clean deal and extremely rare.

          absolutely if he averages 200 IP a year at 3.8 ERA the yanks are extremely happy with this deal.

          He doesn’t have to be felix hernandez for it to work out, thats not how this works, felix never made it to free agency.

    • Yeah, if Tanaka doesn’t translate, or gets hurt, it will be hilarious. That’s all we can hope for at this point.

      I can see why the Jays wouldn’t find value in this deal. Yankees are betting on about 4 wins a year from Tanaka, if you factor posting fee. I know he’s good and young, but that’s asking a lot for someone who hasn’t thrown one pitch in the MLB.

      Just sign Ubado and Drew and be done with it.

  6. Maybe he sucks in the Majors. Baseball is s a strange game.

  7. well, AA better get off his dumpy ass now that the apparent first ‘domino’ has fallen…

  8. Hey, at least we were in for sure!

  9. At least we get to see him and the gyroball.

  10. Now the real fun….and a little bit of scariness, really begins….
    Bring us a starting pitcher and 2B please ???????

  11. Someone mentoned it in the last post, but if the Yankees suffer a couple of injuries, they’re pretty screwed….they have absolutely no depth anywhere. They look good on paper but so did the Jays last year. We’ve seen how quickly it falls apart when you have 0 depth anywhere.

    • it wasn’t just injuries with the jays, it was healthy players shiity the bed for large or the whole season: JPA, Boner, Melky, JJ. Hell even Buerhle and Dickey were shit for the first half of the season.

      • Melky and Johnson and Dickey were healthy?

        • I guess I assumed by hurt, he meant missing games, and Dickey made 34 starts but ya i guess he wasn’t really ‘healthy’. As for melky and johnson, i thought they played more than they did, johnson only made 16 starts, and melky only played 88 games, which was less than reyes. I stand 2/3rds corrected.

          • Playing through pain/injury (which both Dickey and Melky did for the vast majority of the year) is often much worse than sitting out and letting a scrub AAAA player come in… important to keep in mind.

  12. I bet we could sign both Jimenez and Santana for less total dollars than the Yanks just committed to Tanaka. Possibly less AAV too.

    Now, granted, we aren’t going to do that, because we don’t actually have room on the roster for two more starters. But one could argue that the combined impact of Jimenez and Santana would be much more valuable than Tanaka, especially since they would eat up approximately double the innings.

  13. I predicted 7×18=$126m with an opt out and I thought that was a lot.
    Not even close.
    No guarantee Tanaka would come to Toronto at any price,
    but AA surely cannot be faulted for not going above the Yankee offer.
    Where the Blue Jays look next is for another debate.
    One thing we can take away from this is that home grown talent
    is, as they say in the Mastercard commercials, “Priceless.”
    Stroman and Sanchez should be regarded as foundation pieces for the future.

  14. What does that put their payroll at? Arod doesn’t count now for 2014?

    Fuck…. fuck. I keep saying though, for that kind of money, 2 good pitchers should be attainable. Every year it seems our 5th spot will “surely work out” considering all the options we have. Then you get freak injuries and regular injuries and get Romero turning into a pumpkin and suddenly that 5th spot is being used in the 3 spot.

    Let’s get 2 healthy, established big league pitchers.

    • I think it puts them just over $200M.

      • What I thought was interesting about the luxury tax threshold stuff was A-Rod’s suspension being used as a resource in that argument. They’ll save a ton in 2014 but he still has 3 years left after this season. If they’re at $200 million this year they’ll be at $230 million next year.

      • And it’s not so much that they’re over the $189 MM cap and will have to pay $ 5.5 MM (ish) for their $11 MM overage. The killer for them is the ongoing 50% tax rate which will be applied to their overage next year when (if) ARod comes back or in the event they want to sign another big name. This is assuming they’re over of course come opening day.

  15. Without a legit pitcher coming to the Jays, why would we think the team would be any better than 8th in the AL?

    If that’s the case, why the hell not rip the whole thing down and sell off the pieces? There’s no point in playing out this year with a bloated payroll for nothing.

    It’s time to reload because the bullets in this gun are blanks.

    • Get down from the ledge, man! There’s still 2 months to go in the off season…

      • Time to panic

      • Seriously, though. If this is the roster doesn’t it seem like a silly use of cash? AA took a swing, and he missed badly. Johnson and Bonafacio were crap, Dickey increasingly looks like a 40 year old pitcher. Reyes will oft be injured.

        So to what end do you spend 120 million? What kind of return could you get on E5, Bautista, Rasumus?

        There’s no reason to think this roster can win 90 games.

        • There’s some entertaining players on this team, and a faint glimmer of hope of sneaking into a WC.

          There’s reason to watch in 2014.

        • They were a much better team than their record last year.

        • Dumb.

        • If the 2012 Orioles won 90+ games, then we can win 90+ games this year too. Though another pitcher and 2nd baseman would help that immensely and we wouldnt have to bet.

        • Meh, You might want to take a look at the trade deadline and (depending on how they’re doing) see who’ll pay what for what they have. But they’ve got some good pieces at the MLB level with some good years left and some good peices on the way. I can’t wait to see the Stroman debut but I still expect someone will coax some good pitching out of Drabek and Hutch.

  16. Say Tanaka is a 4 win upgrade over whoever will take a spot in the Jays rotation.

    Drew would be at least a 2 win upgrade over the replacement level player we currently have manning second base.

    Ubaldo is probably another 2 win upgrade.

    Both those guys would cost a total of about half of what Tanaka cost. Would have made no sense for the Jays to sign Tanaka at that price.

    • “At least two” is a hard case to make when some projections have him as being possibly less than one. Not that projections are everything, but “at least” is at least wrong. Also, a four win upgrade from Tanaka is asking a hell of a lot, too. Happ and Redmond combined for 170 innings and 2 fWAR last year. Shit, Johnson was worth half a win himself (though the FIP-based WAR is awfully kind to him), and he and Redmond combined for about 160 innings and 1.3 WAR. If Tanaka takes those innings he has to be awfully, awfully good to be a four win upgrade. As in better than Verlander, Lee, and Sale were last year, and about the seventh best pitcher in the game (which is about what he’s being paid as, actually).

      Technically, that is.

      Ubaldo last year was at 3.2 WAR, so about a two win upgrade, but major volatility, so you can’t just pencil him in at that either.

      • So it’s definitely possible to get the same production for half the cost, and theres an argument that it’s safer to have those wins split more evenly over two positions instead of the Yankees Tanaka+shit hole infield

  17. Bring back AJ!

  18. Tanaka not being a Jay was somewhat inevitable. Sucks he’s a Yankee, but let’s get to some business now. The only good news is that this means NY won’t be going after Ubaldo….

    • Lets hope not …..

    • “Somewhat inevitable”? Jays were never in on this, no matter what $$$ they reportedly offered. International stars are not coming here until they became a perennial contender. And after they sweep out the front office.

  19. Just happy that the Japanese posting system holding the MLB off season hostage is over. Now we can begin.

  20. Baseball-Reference says the #Yankees are saving $22,131,148 in 2014 with A-Rod’s suspension. Tanaka’s AAV: $22,142,857.

    • .

    • Arods signed for 3 more years though, so not sure I see what you’re insinuating.

      I really doubt the yankees offered him a 7 year deal because they are saving on Arods salary 1 year.

      • I heard somewhere that the Yankees may just try to reach a settlement on the remaining 3 years 62 million. If they do, they’ll probably want to get it fixed so that his salary (or settlement) isnt included in the luxury tax calculation.

    • Interesting…for that reason i was hoping arods suspension would get overturned

  21. It was the damn sushi. I knew it. Tanaka needed to be close to a Nobu.

  22. If the season started today, the rotations would look like this:
    Price, Cobb, Moore, Archer, Hellickson
    (with youngsters Ordorizzi, Colome, Montgomery and Romero in the wings.)

    Red Sox:
    Lester, Bucholz, Lackey, Peavy, Dempster,
    with Doubront, Workman and Webster in the wings.

    Tanaka, Sabathia, Kuroda, and Nova, with Pineda or Phelps
    plus Warren and Huff in the wings.

    Blue Jays: Dickey, Buehrle and Morrow
    with Hutch, Happ, McGowan, Rogers, Redmond and Drabek
    competing for spots 4 and 5 and Stroman in the picture.

    Orioles: Chris Tillman and 4 guys named “who.”
    Kevin Gausman is in the picture with Dylan Bundy recovering from surgery.

    That’s probably pretty close to where the teams would finish at the end of the season,
    though with the age of the Yankee lineup, they could finish anywhere.
    The question is, would the Jays chances be significantly enhanced by adding
    one of Garza, Santana or Ubaldo?

  23. I am saying a big meh on Tanaka. Yes, Darvish turned out well and Kuroda is pretty fucking good, but most Japanese starters who go to MLB kind of end up sucking. Moreover, I think this is more a matter of fans wanting AA to make a big splash for the sake of making a big splash.

  24. There’s no guarantee that Tanaka won’t be terrible, in fact I had more faith last that Josh Johnson would pitch well for the Jays than I do that Tanaka will pitch well.

    Thank God the Jays weren’t the ones that gave him this contract.

  25. Anti -Climatic isn’t it? Oh well.. Should be interesting to see if Ubaldo, Garza and Santana’s agents begin to play hard ball with teams who lost out on Tanaka. Some of the ‘rebuilding’ teams like the cubs and white sox I would expect to be out.

  26. There’s prob a decent chance that he sucks.

    Just like Darvish was underrated because of the Dice K effect, perhaps Tanaka is overrated because of Darvish.

    Darvish obviously worked out, but those were legit concerns ppl had about him, trying to translate NPB success into MLB. But there have been no such concerns re: Tanaka. Its just assumed he’ll be a star. And Tanaka is not supposed to be as good as Darvish. So if those concerns were valid with You, they should be even more so with Tanaka.

    Yes, this is mostly sour grapes. I would have liked Tanaka. But there is a lot of risk here for NY at that price.

    • Dice K was very, very good before he started breaking down. Kuroda, Iwakuma, Darvish, Koji– there’s an ever-growing track record of success on these guys, and that’s because teams seem to be getting it in terms of scouting and seeing how guys are going to be able to be successful in the Majors, as opposed to just trying to translate numbers. Seeing guys face big leaguers in the WBC can’t hurt, either. The risk isn’t as great as the mysterious/unknown narrative wants it to be– it’s not zero either, though.

      • agreed.

        its been looked at, essentially this is of no greater risk then signing any pitcher to a long term contract.

  27. Eat shit tanaka!!!

  28. If they slot Tanaka 4th in their rotation, his ML debut is the Jays home opener.

  29. It kind of sucks being in a division where two teams can buy there way to at least being competitive. The other divisions have more of an ebb and flow to the standings.

    The cards won the world series in 2006 with a worse season record than us and we didn’t come close to getting in. Our 87 wins in the ALE was like a 100 in the NLC that year.

    Sorry about the whining it just seems like the deck is stacked sometimes.

    • Take a look at the Yankees roster though. Behind the “names” there’s a lot of rot in that core.

      Even with Tanaka, the Yanks are not as scary as several other AL teams, including Bos and TB.

    • not sure that really makes sense .. the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays are also incredibly well run for the most part .. Look at the depth of prospects/contributors on both the Sox and Rays

  30. Well, now that the inevitable is over, time to see where everyone else lands.

    I can already see Stoten’s spin on things if the Jays don’t end up bringing in a SP or 2B come spring training. Something about how the Jays obviously didn’t sign anyone because for what they were asking, they felt more comfortable with what they had internally. And then something about liking their depth. And something sorta realistic about Huchenson coming back strong. And then something less realistic along the lines of – hey Aaron Sanchez might even join the big club at some point this year.

    • Completely agree. No matter what happens, these guys will find some completely unrealistic way to spin the whole thing in a positive light for the Jays. Play this Tanaka thing down all you want guys, this is a BRUTAL WORST CASE SCENARIO for fans of baseball in Toronto. Until this morning I had the team pegged at 82 wins for 2014 – now I’d be surprised if we even get that many.

      • Combined zips+steamer projections have Toronto’s current roster at 88 wins going into 2014 as constructed.

        Worst case scenario would have been us trading the farm for a mediocre SP and Brandon Phillips and then blowing money on a shitbag like Bronson Arroyo.

      • Not getting Tanaka is a WORST CASE SCENARIO?


        • @sons – Not to defend the hyperbole, but I think JJ means that Tanaka going to the Yankees was ‘worst case’ not necessarily that the jays didn’t get him.

          You have to admit that it sucks that he’s in the AL East.

    • You guys actually think Stoeten would say don’t worry about not fixing 2B and SP, Aaron Sanchez is coming?

      But yea, if the jays do nothing he probably will say something to calm people down and temper the inevitable retardpanicstorm that will occur in the comments

  31. We’re gonna knock that cocksucker around the park like a Hello Kitty piñata.

  32. Well, it sucks, but at more than $22 million per year, it’s tough to feel TOO pissed. While I believe that the Jays should absolutely be the beneficiaries of one of the wealthiest ownership groups in baseball, Tanaka is a real wild card still, and spending $155 million on a relative unknown is tough to justify.

    What really would have pissed me off would have been the numbers that were floating around earlier in the week – $17 million per season. If the Jays are “in” on someone like Jimenez or Santana at $15 million per, they’d have to be ridiculous to not be in on Tanaka at $17. $22 is a little different.

    Of course, this is all moot if Tanaka told the Jays “thanks but no thanks”.

    All that said, I’d still like to hear AA talk about it. I’d like to hear him say “we tried, but the player wasn’t interested in coming here”. It would probably benefit AA. Or, “we scouted the player and didn’t think he was worth this kind of money, but ownership was prepared to pony up”.

    I dunno… would be nice if we knew what was going on, or had some idea of what the actual plan is. Will the Jays be buyers or sellers, for example.

  33. Nobody should have believed Tanaka was coming after the Darvish cockup. This actually seems like a desperation move by the Yankees and I’m glad. I’d rather have solid young arms in the pipeline than three Tanakas. Stay the course.

    • “Stay the course” is a ridiculous statement. THERE IS NO COURSE!!! This team is an also-ran due to years of mismanagement.

      • Dumb.

      • That’s idiotic. Tell the Tampa Bay Rays there’s no course. How has Tampa been eating the Jays lunch for the better part of a decade? Young, often great, controllable arms is the key to long term success. When the Rays start chasing pipe dreams like Tanaka, then I’ll be worried.

    • I’d rather 3 Tanakas

      • I’d rather three Tanakas as well.

        I think the point he meant to make is that he’d rather have three young solid arms rather than one Tanaka.

  34. The $155M would have been worth it just to have Kamikazi Tanaka motivate the existing Jays that have no marbles

  35. I’d that a picture of Adam Sandler losing his shit with homerun ball. Take a really close look at the fans in that picture. All the hats backwards, obnoxio

  36. I think the fact he went to Yankees instead or Dodgers, Cubs or D- Backs helps the Jays pursuit of Ubaldo/Santana.

    Yankees are now out of the market for SP FA’s. And the Dodgers and Cubs likely have little interest (were only in for a big star like Tanaka). D-Backs don’t want to lose their 1st rounder.

    This might work out quite nicely.

    • Yeah, interesting thought. AA should have more leverage with less suitors.

    • Does it mean that? I wouldn’t be shocked in the least to see the Yankees sign one of the three “next best” starters

  37. Tanaka’s deal has a full no-trade clause. I’m liking this even more.

  38. I think the yankees team defense this year will be below league average, with a cast of pitchers who don’t strike a tonne of guys out… maybe this is their year to have a BABIP regression from their staff.

  39. ugh

    Thanks, Pizza Nova!

  40. Fuck do I cherish hating the Yankees.

    I mean cherish, like waiting to take that overdue morning shit.

    Cherish like day you finally pay off your mortgage.

    Cherish like telling your boss on the last day you quit work to go eat a bag of sweaty balls, with a dash of cinnamon on em.

  41. It’s funny, the Yankee’s have overhauled their lineup and spent 500 million this offseason, but they’re still not good enough to win the division. Meanwhile we’ve added one piece, but we’re expected to be hell a lot better then last year.

    Baseball is a wonderful sport.

  42. Another thing that can’t be ignored if the defense. Pitchers don’t pitch in a vacuum.

    The scouting reports say that Tanaka is a heavy ground ball pitcher. How is that going to play with such a putrid IF? Including the worst defensive SS in baseball?

    • I thought similarly last season when the Jays had so many rabbits (Rajai, Bonifacio, Lawrie, Izturis, etc.). I looked forward to playing the defensively-challenged Tigers and running roughshod over them while they played Keystone Kops with the worst infield D in recent memory. It didn’t work out to my satisfaction. The NYY will have plenty of O to carry them, and they have McCann.

      You’re right, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but this vacuum wasn’t bought at the thrift store…

  43. Well this blows chunks, good for Tanaka , but if he crumbles it will be in NY due to the pressure.

    He looks like Chin Ho on the original Hawaii 5-0 .

    • also there isn’t a strong arm anywhere to be found in that outfield..
      i think there will be a lot of first to third, and first to home, and second to home against them this year.

  44. I hope he fails his physical….
    Failing that..
    I hope he turns into Hideki Irabu..
    Failing that…
    I hope Kawasaki puts up more WAR this year…
    Failing that I hope AROD wins his appeal and the Yanks are forced to play him.

    Well at least Jeter is gonna suck.

  45. The Jays have the worst rotation in the east right now…until the Jays can get another reliable 1-3 starter, AA’s plunge last year looks more and more like a “one and done” attempt to get into contention. I think they are only a quality starter and a second base away from contending, but it looks more and more like AA is back to shopping in the bargain bin.

  46. You know what’s crazy? Andy Pettitte put up 3.2 fWAR in 2013. Yu Darvish had 5.0. If Tanaka manages to replicate the success Darvish has had, the Yankees are looking at something in the area of two extra wins in 2014 out of this deal.

    • There are lots of reasons to like Tanaka, but it’s crazy to put any pitcher into the top 5-7 in baseball like that. Let’s not go nuts.

      • Well… that was kind of my point. If Tanaka somehow puts up Darvish-like numbers, the Yankees add two wins. He’s much more likely to have the type of season Pettitte just had (very good, no elite), so it’s probably not that big of an improvement for 2014.

        • Speaking of Darvish, He’s got to be shaking his head over this deal. He got screwed.

  47. Pre season rankings in MLB are pointless but I remember many of us enjoying them last year at this time.

    Stoeten by late night tennis do you actually mean the real game? If so I am curios if your tennis garb is plad flannel.

    Go Jays! Die Yankees.

  48. Can’t wait for the Beeston AA lip service on this fiasco.

    The Jays have the money and have the need for a top of the rotation pitcher like Tanaka. Sad fact is neither of these two guys have the balls to put themselves out there to make a deal like this. They’d rather play it safe, sign some middling free agent who’s highly likely to shit the bed.

    When will the Jays start acting like a big market team, just for once?

    • Garbage.

      • Hey man it’s the truth and the truth hurts sometimes… to know that the Jays are half assing it hurts but it’s right before our very eyes.

        If Toronto FC can drop that much on a washed up Premier league player from a B class team surely to god the Jays can do the same for a top flight starter.

        • Or maybe he JUST DIDN’T WANT TO PLAY HERE.
          But that would be too simple an answer, right?
          Let’s blame it on the sushi.

        • I’m offended by this remark. My beloved Spurs are not B division and calling defoe washed up implies he was ever good in the first place, which is categorically not the vase

      • It’s not garbage. Clearly the Jays are not trying to be Tampa Bay or Oakland, waiting for their prospects to mature at the right time and filling the holes with value. They have a 3 to 5 year window here to put a winner together around their expensive talent. If we are in a competition for the cheapest wins fine Tanaka is a brutal signing, but we’re not. We are competing with the Dodgers, Detroit, Boston, and yes even the Yankee’s to be the best team in baseball. At this point wins are expensive but necessary. I imagine it costs close to 10 million a win on the free agent market. If that’s too much they have built the wrong way.

    • You actually wish the Jays had agreed to a contract even bigger than this one?!?!

      • Why not?

        • Because risk for one thing. Albatrosses are bad, and any contract that big carries that risk.

        • I think you should always have a walking away point for a player. You do your research you decide what he’s worth to you and you stick to that.
          At a certain point the money you spend on Tanaka could bring you more value if used in a different way.

          I don’t pretend to have enough inside information to know what the walking away point ought to be, but you should still have one I think.

          • It’s a nice theory, and it makes sense, but then you always lose to the Yankees and Dodgers, because theirs is always going to be higher.

            • But that information just factors into “my” formula for calculating what the player is worth to me. If I know the bids for Tanaka are going to be in the 100+ range, then there’s no point even bothering to set my limit at 80. But I could certainly say to myself that after 130 or so it’s not longer something I’m willing to spend on.
              It’s very possible even the Dodgers and Cubs did this. They said they would not be outbid (which is a bit daft in my view) and then they ended up getting outbid (unless you subscribe to the belief that Tanaka took the NYY offer despite it not being the highest. Which is possible I’ll grant you). Presumably they got outbid because they hit whatever limit they deemed to be a sane amount to offer.

            • And it won’t ALWAYS be higher either. It depends on the situation the team is in. The Yankees were desperate for starting pitching so their value was high. The Red Sox, who also could have easily outbid jsut about anyone had a low value on Tanaka because the don’t need him.

    • lol this is the type of inevitable response I was talking about. “It’s all Rogers fault”.


      At least when it comes to Tanaka.

    • The sad fact is the Yankees are the flagship organization in MLB. I hate it.

  49. So basically, I gotta go from being big fan of this guy to hating him. All because he chose in an open market the best opportunity for himself and his family.

    Good thing I’m a sports fan from Toronto, this will be easy.

  50. Brandon Morrow tho… lol

    • Moron.

    • You mean the above average, but still fairly young Brandon Morrow who has consistently been an positive contribution to the big league pitching staff of this team?

      • haha you are kidding right?
        did you just use the word “consistent” when describing Brendan Morrow?

        • 3.6 WAR 2010
          3.4 WAR 2011
          2.4 WAR 2012

          Yes, 2013 was derailed by injuries. But the previously 3 years were three years of POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION to the team, which is the term I used.

          • And only one of which he produced 200 innings as a starter.

            • I made no statement to the contrary, and that wasn’t my point.
              My point was that he is a positive contribution to the starting rotation and is not the reason why the jays aren’t winning.

              Also, ifyou want to get into it, he was until recently not ALLOWED to pitch 200 innings, for very good reasons.

          • Because producing 2-4 WAR in less than 200 innings is awful, right?

            • it is when you gotta go with a Redmond, Happ, Rogers type in his place for the other half of the season that hes on the DL.

  51. what the Jays need.. is the Rays management and coaching.

    • Garbage.

      • Umm, doesn’t everyone want the Rays management and coaching? Whateve they are doing is obviously working, except for being located in Tampa, that part still sucks.

        • Meh.

          • The funny thing about this response to me is the stories on this blog early in the off season which implied that BJ’s ownership needed to go “all in”. They still weren’t giving AA enough resources to compete in the AL East….with 120mil in payroll lol. Friedman, meanwhile, has his club in playoff contention every year with as little as damn near 1/3 the payroll……

            But, Yeah, Meh.

            • exactly this.

              • Yes, and thanks for your superb analysis that exclusively revealed you’re ‘starting to think’ we should have kept Syndergaard – can you also tell me the lotto numbers for next week?

                • its better than “we should have kept Syndergaard” right? i still have faith Dickey can be a top rotation guy in Toronto..

    • Yup but the best part is Rays management outnumbers Rays fans.

    • I mean, sure, about 29 other teams wish they could have the Rays management and coaching. (Maybe not the Cardinals.) On the other hand, the Rays haven’t won the World Series yet.

    • Because the Rays would have signed this deal?

      • no because the Rays realize that Player Development is the most important thing for a team that cant attract the big name free agents.

        • The Jays have twice the resources that the Rays have, the Jays don’t have to be run like that. Not to mention that the ceiling in their market is a fraction of what the jays would garner if they were remotely competitive down the stretch.

          I think the rays front office is good, but in many cases its not like they had a choice to piece off expensive players for prospects.

          That being said, I think Maddon is a bad ass and far ahead of any other manager in the game.

        • Kevdog, are you suggesting the Jays pull a full Rays move and finish dead last by a mile for a decade to get a nice stockpile of talent to work with? Usually high draft picks “develop” a little better than lower ones.

          • no. not at all. but if they have “twice the resources” as someone suggested. dump more money into scouting and development, especially when it comes to pitchers. I like Dickey, but im starting to wonder if it would have been a better idea to wait on Syndergaard. Who knows though, maybe Dickey returns to ace form this season. /hopes

            We will see what becomes of Sanchez and Stroman.. but if they dont work out to be real MLB pitchers, there is clearly something wrong with the Jays system of development.

    • I dont know the Rays system well enough to know what their failure rate is on prospects compared to other teams, and I doubt you do either, but I can guarantee you they make their share of mistakes too. Plus the Jays PD staff isn’t even that bad, we have a solid farm and the players we traded away are pretty much doing great all round too.

      • I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that few teams have the same success rate with developing pitchers and keeping them healthy that the Rays have.

        • and not many teams have the balls to cut ties with established pitchers when they see the downside coming either. another way they stockpile picks to develop.

          • By “balls” I assume you mean “necessity.”

            • they have a system that works. they have been a better ball club than the blue jays for how long now?

              • you’re just completely ignoring how that system came to be…
                how did they get the pool to draw from?
                can you imagine the panic attack you’d be having if the jays, tomorrow, traded their best player for some prospects in a season they were supposed to contend?
                I feel like the more I go on this message board the dumber i get.

              • since the blue jays last made the playoffs, the rays have the worst winning percentage in baseball.

                so, maybe don’t be so short sighted?

                • Short sighted? That sounds like what you’re doing. You wouldn’t trade your teams better winning pct. for multiple playoff app. an, al east titles and a pennant?

                • and honestly taking statistics as far back as 20 years really means fuck all.
                  maybe look at the Rays statistics in the past 5 seasons compared to where they sit in terms of payroll allowance..

                • Wtf?? They didnt even exist until 1998.

    • its just a rumour, but if the high bid was from chicago(s) or arizona I could buy that he would want to play for a team thats currently competitive.

      • It sounds right. The Cubs said they wouldn’t be outbid and Arizona was bragging about some amazing strategy they had. I’m sure if the Yankees bid wasn’t the highest though, it was close.

  52. I can’t decide if I want I want more, the Yanks to fail, or the Jays to succeed. Its like the chicken and the egg. Or it’s not. Who knows. 11am rums! Wooo.

  53. I realize its a huge contract for a pitcher, one of the biggest of all time.

    but the more I look at it, and you factor in that you saved on drafting and development costs and time, and have a 26 year old ready to take the ball and barring injury, give you 200 innings, it really doesn’t become that unreasonable.

    I hope the Yankees suck donkey balls this year, I hope Jacoby, Texeira Jeter, Roberts and CC all rot on the DL for extended periods of time… but I hope Tanaka works out well, because at the very least I wish it was the Jays who got him.

    • I agree, don’t want Tanaka to bust because then you get all the quasi racist stuff about Japanese pitchers all being the same and sucking and whatnot but clearly don’t want the Yankees to do well as a whole.

  54. I hope this is the type of contract AA expected Tanaka to get because if its way over what was expected then it could change how much Ubaldo, Garza and Santana are offered probably pricing out the Jays. Because I do think the two thing are related.

  55. $175mill over 7 years? I can’t say I wouldn’t have been happy if the Jays had got him at that price (because excitement!!) and I also can’t pretend I’m not biased against the deal now (because Yankees), but I’d like to think that it’s the rational part of me saying that deal is pretty freaking steep for a guy that untested. Isn’t that like 4 WAR/yr they’re betting on, even given the increasing value of a win?

    O well, I’ll take one Ubaldo Jiminez and one Stephen Drew Mr. Anthopoulos, please.

  56. Not that this means anything, but depressing to read Jonah Keri’s Jays-related comments regarding the Tanaka signing…
    - apparently it could be a 4-way race for the division if things break right…for the ORIOLES
    - if we get Santana as he predicts, he immediately becomes our 2nd-best starter, and maybe our ACE

    I usually like Keri’s writing, but that seems a little off on both counts, no?

    • I may be missing context out of Keri’s comment, so will have to take your word on it.

      but with Santana’s up and down seasons as of late, usually due to his HR/9, moving in to the AL east, in these ball parks and pitching at rogers center… I cant see him as anything more than our number 4 starter if Dickey, Buerhle and Morrow are all healthy.

      should your #4 starter be signed to a 4/60??

      • Yup… if healthy. Kinda like saying IF Morrow pitches a full season. Restated and isolated it doesn’t sound right, does it?

    • This team could look a whole lot different a day from now…..or not.

      You are all welcome to share this wisdom.

    • I had read that earlier in the day. In a way I am happy most are rating the Jays so low. Personally I think it’s very short sighted but it’s also understandable at least on the surface especially after last year’s debacle. I guess it’s funny how guys like Dickey and Morrow go from being aces and near aces after coming off of great years, to being potential total duds in the coming year. To me that’s the most laughable part of reports on the Jays. Whatever they were prior to 2013 doesn’t matter. Injured and shit in 2013 that’s what they are for good.

      Isn’t there a perfect example of what could potentially happen with the Jays in the 2013 Boston Red Sox?

      Again, if they stay relatively healthy, this offense is top 3 in my opinion. Missing your core players for 21% of your games and still finishing 7th in runs scored says a lot. They were only 55 runs behind Oakland for 3rd last in the AL last year, but again their regulars missed 306 games combined.

      • They were only 55 runs behind Oakland for 3rd last in the AL last year, but again their regulars missed 306 games combined.

        lol sorry should be:

        “They were only 55 runs behind Oakland for 3rd in the AL last year, but again their regulars missed 306 games combined.”

    • I don’t get that at all, and I agree… I usually like Keri’s writing. Fangraphs projected WAR by team:

      Red Sox – 47
      Rays – 42.5
      Jays – 39.6
      Yankees – 37.3
      Orioles – 33.5

      Projections/volatility/preseason/2013 and all that, but the Orioles certainly don’t look like the team that could “make it a four team race”. Even adding a Tanaka projection would only really move the Yankees to even with the Jays as they stand right now. If the Jays sign Ubaldo or Santana, they’re right there with the Rays. If they were to sign one pitcher and Drew, they would be pretty clearly in second.

    • I’ve always thought the Jays don’t really like Santana though. It goes back to the possible Vernon Wells trade of November 2006 when it was reported the Jays were offered Ervin Santana, Erick Aybar and Brandon Wood (or some form of that, Joe Saunders was also involved and the Angels also made a play for Miguel Cabrera with a similar package) from the Angels for Wells but they were not impressed by the package. And because Aybar and Wood were nothing more than the Angels top prospects at the time and Santana was the only “known” quantity I always had the impression they didn’t like him and Alex Anthopoulos would have been right in the middle of those dealings, being the A. GM at the time.

      Hey they may proove me wrong but I highly doubt they are really in on Santana. Plus a shit ton has happened since then but sometimes GM’s have longstanding opinions about guys.

  57. im back on the trade for Smardjiza (sp?) bandwagon.

    • not at the rumoured asking price. The worst thing AA can do after all this is make a panic move and over pay for someone in a trade.

      He’s an interesting pitcher because his k rates are high and his walks don’t get out of control, but he’s turning 29 and only pitched over 200 innings once. Steamer projections have him at 3.5 FIP and 2.8 WAR.

      That’s valuable to the jays of course, but not if it costs Stroman or Sanchez.

      • maybe the price is negotiable, but ya i totally agree, no subtracting pitching prospects to make it happen, the ranks are to thin.

        • of course its negotiable, but the cubs don’t have to move him so the price will remain high for anyone to pull him out now.

          personally if you go that route where you are moving top prospects, you have to bring someone who is more of a sure thing. If Shark regressed to a 4.00+ FIP/ 1.5 WAR pitcher, no one is going to go crazy asking what happened to him. His track record for success is extremely short considering his age.

          I think at this point if the jays were going to land him for B prospects, it would have happened by now.

        • Keep the Kids

      • I last heard they want Sanchez AND Stroman. which is an obvious no no for me

    • Honestly no. He’s not that much better than Santana and/or Ubaldo, who won’t cost you Stroman and Sanchez

  58. Thank goodness the league freed up so much money for the yankees :)

  59. Dontcha just love when Davidi & Wilner go on the Fan, dutifully take the red pill, and then apologize for the cats that sign their checks? What a broken record…

    • crazy thought…. what if Tanaka really wanted to be a New York Yankee?

      • Or, here’s another crazy thought… what if the Yankees offered him a ton of money? Like… 7 years/$155 million or something like that? Can you imagine?

        • so no one offered him anywhere close Philbert?

          It was 7/155 or remain in Japan?

          7/155 or 6/120 from the cubs?

          Don’t be so fucking naive, sure the Yanks spent a ton, but that wasn’t his only option to make that amount of money.

          • My “crazy thought” was meant to go along with yours, not to be a counter argument.

            He wanted to go to New York AND they offered him a shit ton of money. Basically, the Jays shouldn’t have to “apologize” for not signing him.

      • Exactly!

      • If the word is true – & he signed with NYY for less than the highest bid – then clearly the Big Apple was his preferred destination.

      • “crazy thought…. what if Tanaka really wanted to be a New York Yankee?”

        BANG-ON DC.

        Seriously, if YOU were offered the same contract by both the fucking D-Backs and THE NEW YORK FUCKING YANKEES what would you do?

        Kinda a no-brainer.

  60. Can we fucking sign someone already

  61. I must say that picture of the Yankee fans way up top nails it!

  62. John Lott is saying that Jays bid but once contract length went over 5 years they backed out. Not surprising.

    • And the opt out clause was an issue to apparently, frustrating when they say they can and will spend money when they consider it good but voluntarily place a wall there preventing them from doing it.

      • And also frustrating watching a division rival get better taking another player that would fit perfectly into this roster.

        • And this policy I imagine will only get worse because say right now in order for a player to get $100M they need to to sign for 5 years but lets say next season a FA gets that over 4 years and assuming its the money and not the years that the Jays are avoiding, as Stoeton argues, then the Jays are pricing themselves out of any top tier FA for the foreseeable future.

          • They can’t really stay behind the facade of this 5 year policy, though, and it’s been stated many times how irrelevant it is. It’s really about money, and has nothing to do with the years. The Jays don’t have to go beyond 5 years if they don’t want to, they just have to pony up some cash. Does Tanaka turn down 5/125? I may be wrong, but I sort of doubt it.

            • the Jays should send out a press release that states they have dropped the rule on years a contract can be. they could still prefer to do shorter than 5 years deals, but making it a rule is just dumb.

            • Um yes? cause he just took 7 years 155 guarenteed with a 4th year opt out? lol

            • The AAV is higher on the deal by $3 million, but it doesn’t even begin to compare to what he got from the Yankees. You really think he would turn down an extra $30 million guaranteed over two more years? Plus, with the opt-out clause, he can leave after four years and get even more money. The opt-out clause pretty much guarantees that no deal for fewer years would have stood a chance.

              • I hear you, I guess the point I was trying to make was poorly fashioned. In essence, it’s all about money and the 5 year policy is complete nonsense. All it does is allow the front office/ownership/decision maker to hide behind a policy instead of coming out front and being clear on the real reasons why they won’t or can’t spend the money.

                • I don’t think he’d have turned down the Yankees offer over a 5 year/$125 mil offer from the Jays. Future CBA negotiations in all league could center around guaranteed contracts, so free agents today are more likely to take the guaranteed money over an average annual salary bump. Now, if the Jays went 5 years/$155 million…

    • Well, I’d say that they balked at going SEVEN years.
      Five years they could have lived with, but seven is really pushing the envelope – especially in such a contract where the player has most of the options.
      I don’t blame the Jays for not wanting to take on such an albatross of a contract.
      I’d feel a bit better, though, if they went out and got Jimenez or something.

  63. OK, now we can all move back to looking at the possible, not the improbable. It’s a shame he went to the Yankees, but hey, around this time last year there were a whole bunch of other team’s fans bitching that their GMs didn’t land that heaping haul of goodness from the Marlins.

    • The problem is that the average fan has now built up Ubaldo and Santana in their minds to such an extent that not getting at least one of them will be considered a resounding failure. The fact is that each of these guys has been absolutely awful at different points during the past several seasons. There were various times in recent years when these guys were virtually unplayable and were at risk of being dropped. Lavishing a large multi-year deal on one of them could work out but- is also just asking for trouble. I’d persoanlly go with Garza all the way, injury and attitude concerns aside. And then hope for the best with Stroman. I thought that AA had the right idea earlu on in trying to acquire Brett Anderson.

  64. Andrew

    If the organization wants to hide behind the five year rule as the reason not to sign a 25year old free agent then does this mean they have no excuse not to sign one of the starters and Drew seeing that all likelihood is that none of them will exceed five years of contract length?

  65. Already starting to hear rumblings from Wilner and others about the Jays being comfortable where they are and that they’re better than we think. Just 2 months ago ahead of the winter meetings, the quotes were the Jays were looking to add 2-3 starters and no one mentioned then how comfortable they were or how the rotation was fine where it is. Funny how much 2 months changes things even though no games were played. I guess Wilner likes to be out front with these things in case they don’t add anyone so he can say they were fine all along.

  66. If this signing has shown us anything, it’s that the Blue Jays aren’t rich, but only upper-middle class.

  67. It makes a lot of sense for the organization to give the impression that they’re not desperate, it’s part of the poker game, so… yeah.

    • was supposed to be @ scott.

    • That’s fair but Wilner isn’t in the Blue Jays front office, he doesn’t have to make excuses when things go wrong. The one quibble he’s really had with the team was saying that Navarro isn’t an improvement over JP. And that was clearly a case of him having a hard-on for JP.

      Its just so funny how he gets butthurt everytime someone critiques the team, fairly or unfairly.

      • I’ve never been a huge fan of wilner, he operates with a chip on his shoulder for some reason.. probably because so few people take him seriously. that being said though, he deals so often with the lowest common denominator, so i can understand why his fuse is a bit shorter now a days.

        I mean listen to his callers for 5 minutes and its no wonder he acts the way he does.

        • Yeah I stopped listening to that call-in show about 5 years ago. I don’t know maybe I shouldn’t be taking him at face value. You can almost predict what he’s going to say in advance. He was better when he just tried to educate people on simple things like on base percentage.

      • I wouldn’t underestimate the influence that his connections have in forming his narrative. Not that I think he’s merely a puppet of the organization or anything, but it’s not a stretch to think his sources probably use him to get the message out, so to speak.

    • Right, except anyone with a lick of common sense knows they really are desperate. I tend to think this is more of the managing fan expectation stuff rather than a legit negotiating tactic. I mean, I find it hard to believe that Ervin Santana is gonna lower his demand because Anthopoulos tells McCown that he’s cool with JA freakin Happ as his 4th starter.

  68. Just a reminder the Jays attendance increased 20.8% from 2012 to 2013. From 25,921 per game and 23rd in the league to 31,315 per game and 14th in the league. And the company line is “we’ll raise payroll if attendance increases”.

    Also, Beeston said last year at the State of the Franchise event there’d be 3 playoff appearances in the next 5 seasons although he may have been in a drunken stupor.

    • Well, since they already increased payroll by $40 million prior to that increase… I don’t think they really owe us any kind of additional increase for the attendance jump.

      • you can’t be half pregant.

        If they were going to increase the payroll last year, they have to continue to do so where it makes sense, until the team is a playoff team.

        If you stop now, what happened last season was pretty stupid and worthless

      • Right but I’m also a season ticket holder who could have cancelled my seats. I guess I’m looking at it from a different view because 7 grand just came through my Visa.

        • hope that the jays have a Drake night, you will be able to sell those tickets for triple the face easily

  69. I hate yankees, and yankees fans. .

    but I was just looking over their offseason so far and I realize, it must be pretty cool to be a yankee fan.

    I mean to have owners that are willing to spend and spend in order to have a competitive team is really kind of awesome. Its so rare in sports these days, too many big companies have their hands in the pot and lose sight that at the end of the day sports is about the fans and giving them something to cheer for.

    I still hope the yankees fail, but the reality is, even if they do, their owner will be right there waiting next offseason to cut another cheque. Kind of awesome when you think about it from a not hatred stand point

    • Hmmmm, I don’t know if you could get an “awesome” out of me at this point. But I would wholeheartedly support raising the luxury tax from 50% to 75 %.

  70. Signing Ubaldo and Drew would be the TITS.

    Do it for fuck sake!

  71. That does it, I’m joining the Genie Army!

  72. I take it that the way this contract works is if Tanaka is pitching great than after 4 years he can opt out for more money. Now if he is not pitching well than the Yankees are still on the hook paying him 22m for the next 3 yrs. Plus he has a no trade clause.
    If all this is true is there any wonder why AA didn’t bite? This is a contract signed by a desperate team that’s praying he lives up to the hype.

  73. I’m starting to tire of the Jays 5 year rule… they’re handcuffing themselves. If there was ever an exception to this rule, it’s a 25 year old ace from Japan who was 24-0 last season and has a killer splitter.

    If that isn’t a time to pull the trigger, when will Rogers ever step up on a free agent?

    The Yankees are taking a big, expensive risk. You’d think they would have learned from the the last pitcher they got from Japan that was a complete bust.

    I’m just shocked the Cubs were outbid… I could have swore they said no one ever would.

    • I totally agree. In my opinion the way to salvage this deflating offseason is a decent starting pitcher and stephen drew for second base. they have the money. they have the need.

    • I agree, if the jays don’t give 22m AAV to someone who has never thrown a single mlb pitch the policy is absolutely to blame

    • It made the most sense to do it now, as far as giving out ridiculous contracts to watch men play kids games goes. But Rogers has (I think) only once given out a 7-year deal worth over $100M. That deal flopped tremendously, and Anthopoulos was extremely fortunate that the Angels have a dipshit owner in Arte Moreno.

      My feeling is Rogers is gun shy, and with their track record of $100M+ deals (albeit extremely brief track record), why would they want to try again? Sure Rogers is a billion-dollar company who has been flaunting their cash lately, what with essentially buying the NHL and finally putting some money into the TFC team. But $100M+ is a lot of money that they may not net a return from.

  74. Jays just aren’t into crazy money deals are they? I guess it’s pretty much time to accept it. Either Rogers just won’t support those kinds of transactions, the organization has convinced itself that those deals are almost never worthwhile, and I mean like 99.9% of such deals cause if Tanaka isn’t an extreme case, then no one is, or there’s just an enormous premium that needs to be paid to convince someone to come to Toronto. However, I’m thinking Jiminez and Santana would be more willing (and have less choice) to come. If there’s one thing they do have going for them, it’s the Latino culture thing.

    • They’re just going to “eat” the remainder of the A-Rod deal with no more aplomb that we would eat a hot dog at the ballpark.

      The Yankees have an absolutely stupid amount of money behind them.

      • No argument here. They just finished paying $28 MM luxury tax for last year and hired Tanaka who puts them over again. It may not be a problem for this year (2014) but in 2015/16/17 they will owe ARod $61 MM and it doesnt seem to bother them at all.

  75. That picture really should be a gif. So much better.


  77. I meant awesome.

  78. Fuck off.

    So the Yankees stage a witch-hunt to divert ARod’s salary to Tanaka. Never has Alex Rodriguez seemed so appealing.

  79. That “more forthcoming” has been such a tease.

    I’ve already rechecked this post over 10 times.

    I’m hopeful that your take on things will help me feel less bummed about the Yankees nabbing another big fish.

  80. how about a post about why the jays should sign scott baker? seriously, lets discuss.

    • Is he that guy that can chuck 200 innings.

      Pitching is all that matters. We don’t need a second basemen or a bench bat if we have to throw Happ, Redmond, or Rogers out there as starters. There will be a meteor shower in the bleachers.

  81. I am sad that the Yankees signed Tanaka. I didn’t think the Jays would get him because AA isn’t foolish enough to spend 150 million on someone that has not thrown one itch in the MLB.

    I doubt AA would give Price that money if he was a free agent today.

    It’s too risky.

    I hope AA gets one more qualified pitcher like Ubaldo, Garza etc.

    I think the Jays should hope that some of the youngsters come through this year.

    The Divison got tougher with TANAKA to the yankees.

    I think the Jays still have a chance at not finishing last in the division.

  82. This is maybe the best outcome for the jays. Don’t kid yourself they were never going to sign such a big contract. Now the Yankees are out on the sp and drew and their market has gone down. With protected first rounder jays are in good position to land those guys and prices could be dropping which is what aa has said he is banking on

    It’s not Rogers it’s Beeston he simply doesn’t believe in taking on the risk of long term big money deals especially not at market rate. Rasmus long term extension maybe if there is less risk because he comes at discount signing guaranteed contract with a year left on his current contract

    Yanks look strong right up there with sox but could struggle with injuries

  83. Fuck. Was hoping it would at least be the Dodgers.

    That said, perfect lead image.

  84. I read about half way through all this. Wasn’t going to keep going. I apologize if these points have been beaten to death already.
    I was preparing for an offseason like this one since the Jays started losing again after their June win streak. There are good reasons for the jays to not add big long contracts to this team.
    The Jays absolutely would not make playoffs this year if they signed Tanaka. Not worried about the exception to the rule (Orioles were an exception 2 years ago) The rule is, if your team looks like a 70-86 win team it will be just that. If tank adds 4 wins that might put their absolute ceiling at 90 wins. 90 wins may or may not put the team in the 1 game playoff. Why beat the Yankees offer if it’s going to give the team even less flexibility next year.
    Some pretty crazy things would need to happen for this team to contend with Tank this year and the next several years. I started to list off the players with declining skills, injury risk or question marks… Too many. Joey Bats, Lawrie, Reyes, Colby?? 2nd Base, Dickey, Morrow, Pitchers 4 and 5. If the team has a good year it will be because almost all of these players avoided injury and played near their career best.

    Is it possible that Anthopoulos is keeping this team together instead of starting a mild or extreme rebuild because this would include in ownership going a different direction with a GM, one that doesn’t include him?

    Would be a very tough tough team to fix right now. Re-builds are tough on fans and take years to see results but 3 years from now we’ll be wishing it had started sooner. But what do I know? I’m not a doctor

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