In a post on his Facebook page Tuesday, Dirk Hayhurst confirmed that he would not be returning to Sportsnet next season. Bob Elliott had first grumbled about the possibility around the end of December, burying the news in the middle of some silly listicle he wrote for the Toronto Sun.

I contacted Dirk to see if there was anything else that he could add, but he politely declined, explaining only that their parting of the ways was amicable, and that he doesn’t have any future broadcasting plans to divulge at this time.

The year-and-a-half that he was here wasn’t without controversy, but it was mostly of the lighthearted variety. Of course, Clay Buchholz may disagree. And, actually, the whole Buchholz/cheating incident actually did get a little bit nastier — and awesomer, as in the insta-classic Jack Morris quip, “Salty, this isn’t my first fuckin’ rodeo” — than we might remember. Even the Arencibia stuff and the David Price thing from the ALDS maybe don’t quite meet the standards of “lighthearted,” but they sure as hell were entertaining. More importantly, those incidents really only represent a small portion of a body of work that was, among other things, strong enough to get Dirk noticed by TBS.

It was around that time — when Hayhurst joined Keith Olbermann, Tom Verducci, Gary Sheffield, and Pedro Martinez as that network’s postgame playoff studio crew — that a lot of us around got the inkling that his days in what remains, if we’re being honest with ourselves, a baseball backwater might be shortly numbered. It didn’t help when we saw praise for his work, like when Will Leitch wrote for Sports On Earth that Dirk was “an impressive, unconventional choice as a studio guy; he has proven to be an outstanding one. Hayhurst is 32 years old and is going to be on your television screen for a long, long time.”

I know that there are folks out there — I mean, unless we’re talking about Vin Scully there are bound to be – who won’t be particularly troubled by the move, but that’s far from my view, and I know I’m far from alone in that. Dirk brought more than just standard ex-ballplayer fare to broadcasts and to Baseball Central, in much the way that he does in his books, telling personal stories and toeing the line of what those in the room might find acceptable to divulge, just to provide us with insight into how he sees the game, and doing so with uncommon wit, intelligence, and flair — at least for a baseball broadcast in this city.

You’d think that Rogers might see enough value in that, validated as it was by the interest last fall from TBS and the praise their man received for it, to maybe fight a little harder to keep him around, but… well… it’s Rogers, and the only value they seem to see is the kind where they end up with more cash in their pocket at the end of the day. And since we have no idea what’s actually going on, raising the spectre of Dan Shulman is perhaps a little premature. Whatever’s happened, someone’s going to be better off for it, just not Sportsnet, and not us.

Hey, and maybe it’ll work out for the best for Dirk, especially since his new book, Bigger Than The Game, focuses on his time with the Jays and comes out in early March. I haven’t dug into my review copy just yet, so I can’t speak to any lurid details, and I know a lot of faces have changed since then, but I’m pretty sure no organization is real fond of being written about so openly… which is exactly why Jays fans are going to want to pick it up. Speaking of: you can pre-order it right now by way of a number of sellers (including Canadian ones) provided at Dirk’s website.

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  1. Who’s going to tell us to trade Bautista after 2 bad weeks in April???

  2. Bummer. I thought Dirk was great. I enjoyed his radio show and colour work a lot. Was a good contrast to Zaun’s meatheaded-ness.

  3. That’s too bad. I found Dirk interesting and easy to listen to in the booth. I just can’t believe they keep sticking with Zaun. It’s like Rob Ford – I just don’t understand how this happened!

  4. I too, liked Dirk’s broadcasting. His ability to share locker room stories without giving a rats ass about the consequences, is outstanding in my opinion. Oh the locker room is so sacred.

  5. fucking buck

  6. Ahhh I will never forget the day Dirk Wilner and myself Got into a fight on twitter. Memories. Dick Boy

    • But really how many people have NOT had twitter fights with Wilner & Hayhurst, & been subsequently blocked by them ??

  7. Also enjoyed Dirk. Rogers TV and Radio Talent is mostly terrible, so it doesn’t surprise me that they didn’t see value in retaining Dirk. TSN seems to understand that concept much better, but their programming includes little that I want to watch.

  8. He’ll be missed. Loved games where he and Wilner shared the booth. Nothing against Jerry and Jack, but it seemed like Wilner and Dirk were the future. Oh well.

  9. He didn’t have what it takes to be great.

  10. So long Garfoose.

  11. I loved Hayhurst’s work on Sportsnet. He talked about actual game mechanics, game strategy, roster strategy, statistics, as well as the internal psychology of players. His insights were truly refreshing and educational, making a strong contrast to the simplistic old-school-is-better commentary of Jack Morris.

    Hayhurst leaving is a bit like John Farrell leaving. Why is it that the best and brightest on the Blue Jays inevitably leave? It reflects poorly on the organization.

    • farrell? really?

      • may be a poor tactical manager, but you have to believe there is a reason he was sought after by both the Jays and Red Sox

        • how are you gonna bring up Jack and leave Buck out of it?
          Jack works well with Jerry on the radio IMO. Way better than I expected. Buck is the fucking worst

  12. This sucks
    On a side note, this is the most dispiriting offseason in a while, when all of the rivals load up on talent the jays just sit on their hands and hope all their guys bounce back. That’s ok to fans only if you show you can add depth to those bounce backs

    • Most dispiriting since the one before last? Recall the handling of the Darvish posting, payroll parameters, etc. Our biggest addition was Sergio Santos.

  13. Rogers going cheap in yet another area apparently. A pity.

  14. That’s a bummer, man.

  15. I wonder if the ZIPs were the last straw for him…

    • Are the ZiPS remotely surprising? Or… dare I say it… bad?

      • I think it’s mildly ridiculous to rate Navarro/Thole worth the same WAR replacement as Edwin to be honest. For that matter, that they’ll be worth as much as Dickey and Reyes even though they project Reyes to play a full season.

        Without getting into a whole thing about WAR, the way they measure defense is a travesty. Since WAR is supposed to measure a player’s value vs what is readily available in the minors, how is it possible that EVERY SINGLE FIRST BASEMAN in baseball has below replacement level defense?

        First basemen get docked twice in Fangraphs WAR – first, by using UZR, every 1B plays shitty defense because of the position he plays. THEN they apply a positional adjustment? That makes absolutely no sense.

        I guess I got into a whole thing about WAR. Sorry.

        • It’s a projection, not someone “rating” them.

          I agree that the defensive metrics at some positions are sketchy, but no, first basemen don’t all have below replacement level defence. Look at their UZR. However, yes, they get a huge positional adjustment down because they provide so little defensive value relative to other positions, so most of them end having the defensive component of the WAR calculation in the negative.

          • Well, according to fangraphs every single one of them has negative defensive component of WAR. But doesn’t that just get into the general question of WAR in general? If WAR is supposed to measure how much more valuable a given player is than someone who could easily replace him then the defensive component of WAR should be strictly limited to the defensive value of the player who would replace him at the position he is playing.

            For instance, I understand that most starting Center Fielders do more on defense than most 1B, but so would a replacement level CF. Why should a 1B have his WAR docked just because he plays a position with a lower defensive premium? Replace Edwin at 1B with Mike Trout and Trout wouldn’t contribute much more defensive value.

            I understand providing a positional adjustment to offensive production: because the baseline offensive production of a center fielder is so much lower than a DH, in order to compare all players on a common basis you need to value a star center fielder’s offense much higher. But why would you assess a positional adjustment on defense? Seems to me it just double counts the contributions of someone playing a position with a defensive premium. That, to me, is how you end up predicting Dioner Navarro as valuable as Edwin Encarnacion, which we should all be willing to agree is kind of fucked.

            • The defensive component of WAR on FanGraphs already has the positional adjustment factored in, so that’s why they’re low. Go to the 1B advanced fielding leaderboard for the unadjusted UZR.

      • It was hard on our starters. Beyond Dickey there isn’t much there, they say anyway. And of course Goins is awful, but we knew that already. It was just funny how the error yesterday of 2 WAR for Goins got people saying “SEE!! He’s good!!”

      • Pillar was projected for the most hits, if that actually happens something will have gone either very wrong or very right.

        • That’s pretty hilarious. And why projections are maybe not quite perfect just yet.

        • They have to be including AAA stats in this otherwise there’s about two teams worth of PA’s. All of these guys have significant plate appearance projections: Gose 616, Burns 500, Pillar 646, Morel(?) 450, Tolleson 441, Dan Johnson 527, Laroche 380, Sierra 534, Schrimf 480, Goedert 450, it goes on and on and on man. Unless they’re fucking idiots they are clearly including AAA numbers.

          • Scott, that’s not how they work. They’re not projecting playing time so that it all evens out.

      • As part of the overall picture, yes, the ZiPS are surprising. They predict another stellar year from the bullpen, which history suggests strongly is unlikely. The bulk of the rest of the staff is replacement level, whether that’s reasonable (e.g. Redmond, etc.) or not. Dickey and Buehrle both (well) under 200 IP? Morrow’s not much of a bounce-back candidate, while Lawrie is. Yup, there are a few surprises, I guess.

        • We’re one good starter and 2nd baseman away from being top 5 out of all MLB teams WAR.

        • Great name. Jack Whyte is awesome

          • @Colin: My favourite fictional character, bar none. :-)

            @Scott: Thanks. I hadn’t considered that angle.

            Edit: RA Dickey isn’t projected to pitch “(well) below” 200 innings…

  16. MLSE needs to buy the Jays from Rogers already. It actually makes some sense in that with Rogers now owning the NHL in Canada, they may need to outsource some Jays games and related airtime. TSN needs the content so it’s a win/win. Leiweke would have a fucking hard on for an MLB team too and the extra layer of bottom line obscurity would likely help the team avoid “payroll parameters”. DO IT BELL!!!

    The fall in the CAD is starting to make me nervous about the Jays payroll though.

    • Yeah, if only the Jays could have the winning attitude of the Raptors, Leafs, and FC.

      • You not been paying attention lately?

        • Heh. Sure, and I love the Raptors, but they’re one game over .500 and the FC have basically just done EXACTLY what the Jays did last off season.

          • And what’s wrong with what TFC did or what the Jays did last year?

            • Nothing, but the point is that MLSE certainly doesn’t have a history of winning, and in fact, seems to excel at all aspects of owning a sports franchise, except for putting a good team on the field/court/rink. And Rogers just spent a ton of money last year. MLSE is not the answer here.

              • MLSE has kind of changed the way they operate since the new ownership/Leiweke came in, no? Can’t necessarily look at the past, in which, yes, their track record is abysmal.

                I don’t know if they’re the answer either — not that they’re a realistic option anyway — but I wouldn’t be so dismissive. They’re at least willing to act big market with their clubs, and at least with TFC are investing huge money that they’re not likely to get back, just to drive interest in the club and try to spark a self-perpetuating success. That might be a nice start for the Jays.

    • Is Roger’s making a withdrawl from your account?

    • Wake up monkeyman, MLSE is busy. They will be a buying up the Argos soon enough.

      And the whole Expos thing we keep hearing about….

      Rogers isn’t selling the jays! they have it way to fucking good getting all this cheap content.

  17. Worst offseason in a long time
    @thegrumpyowl: Oakland. They made a movie about how poor that team is and the things they do to survive and compete. Oakland has spent more than Rogers.

  18. The Jay’s ownership and management suck!

  19. I much prefer Dirk to most other colour people. Maybe they’re letting him walk because he wanted more than a five year commitment.

  20. Dirks gone Halladay is working with the Phillies in spring training, no moves made for a last place team…..Are the Jays alive….no vital signs

  21. Dang I really liked Dirk and especially liked his books. The end of the last one had about 5 pages on the Jays which were really insightful so I can’t wait to read the new one that will be filled with Jays stuff.

  22. Anyone know if FSKC picked up the option on Rex Hudler’s contract?

    I would love to see the Wonderdog do colour in Toronto.

  23. wasn’t a fan, He could be a bit whiny

  24. Sad to see Dirk go . If we could only be so lucky with Pat and Buck

  25. …so have we signed a pitcher yet?

  26. Well there goes Baseball Central, now we will have Sam Constintino yammering on about the Blue Jays Way for an hour everyday… Ugh so awful

  27. I am so glad that Alex isn’t tied into Hayhurst’s ridiculous contract… Flexibility is key moving forward and you never know who will be made available in-season. Who can predict where broadcasting tastes will be in 5+ seasons? Or where his voice will be?

    If I were Alex here’s what I would have done…

    1st year 10.50/hr to start + performance related bonuses. Social media activity surrounding his account and guest appearances on other stations would play into this.

    IF he proves productive after the first season I’d have multiple team-friendly options to be picked up on a year-to-year basis. 12.50/hr, 14.50/hr etc to a maximum of 16/hr.

    If TBS/ESPN/MLB network want to shell out more than this, let them. 5+ years from now when young broadcasting talent (Muni??? LoLz!) hits the open market, they’ll have an aging broadcaster with diminishing returns on their hand.

    Smart play again, Alex!!

    • When I was in Dunedin the Radeberger rep came into the bar we were at just as we were drinking some and told us he’d get us some free ones if we chugged what little we had left. Almost puked it back up, but the free one tasted pretty sweet! (Even though down there is was probably a $3 glass, at MOST).

      I like to ask for a pint of John Ratzenberger.

      • Admit it, a Florida based import beer representative truly has it made. $10 or 4 LCBO tallboys of your choice says the guy’s name was Ray.

      • john ratzenburger. the highest grossing “actor” of all time.

  28. Should have kept Dirk around, could have landed the #5 spot in the rotation possibly..

    • Hey, while we’re here, don’t respond to pieces of shit like “Principal Skinner,” thanks.

      • OK.. btw for the record, im not a troll.. i love the Jays. Im just ok with Goins for now,. and down on Morrow cause i think hes a pussy, we can agree to disagree. :)

        • I know you’re not a troll, he is. You’re just a moron for thinking that way about Morrow, and clearly just using your little “feelings” and not actually looking at reality. But that’s OK. We all have our faults.

          • And you are the moron who only looks at his WAR, and the one time he almost threw a no hitter, instead of the fact that he is diabetic, and cant handle the workload of an average MLB starter. Honestly, i hope im wrong though.. I think his chances of playing an entire season and providing 200+ innings are worse than Ricky Romero returning to All Star form.

            This team has 2 reliable MLB pitchers, Dickey and Buehrle. Thats it.

            • that being said one or two of the following could work out:


              i dont want them to rush Stroman or Sanchez for obvious reasons. ie. Travis Snider.
              Let them develop properly.

            • Thing is, this is dumb as fuck.

              Go find me the last time I mentioned his WAR or his near no-hitter — as if that would ever mean a thing. His WAR has been up and down, as he’s out pitched his peripherals some years, others the opposite. I know this, of course, because I’m not dumb enough to rely on my precious little feelings, and have actually looked at the number of starts he’s missed and why.

              Do yourself a favour and maybe think for a second about what is or isn’t dumb as shit to build an opinion around the next time you want to have one that isn’t as laughable as it is frustratingly easy to have morons regurgitate without thinking.

              • Too strong?

                Yeah… couple drinks later and I realize that’s maybe a tad much. Sorry.

              • Sorry but I have to kind of agree with KevDog in regards to the diabetic issues. He’s a type 1 diabetic which severely impacts the rate at which his body heals. Not only how it can heal from injury, but also how it recouperates after such a strong workload. I know this because I’m also a type 1 diabetic, one who’s in extremely good health and who works extremely hard to keep my A1C levels at a healthy number. It is the one thing I can relate to as I know for fact that, professional athlete or not, there is only so much that can be done to help him in that regard. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed he continues to be often injured, but the odds are stacked against him.

                • Interesting prospective. I didn’t know diabetes causes injuries to heal more slowly, but it makes sense. FWIW, McGowan is diabetic as well…

                • That’s one area I never comment on, because I have no idea what it might actually mean in terms of how his body works. I do assume that it seems an easy path for the ignorant to take, to talk about his diabetes being an obstacle. But, sure, I don’t know.

                  What I do know is that his injury history, though there have been minor issues all along the way, seems pretty clearly overblown. In 2009 he had one 15-day DL stint with a bicep problem; in 2010 he made 26 starts before being shut down in September by the club; in 2011 he made 30 starts; in 2012 he strained his oblique; and in 2013 he had the radial nerve entrapment. Yes, there seems to be an issue of at least one kind or another in most years, but he hasn’t had nearly as much missed time as it feels like, and all of the major issues seem to have occurred in different parts of his body. Nobody is going to claim that any of this stuff is good, but looking at the specifics sure makes it much harder to pretend we know for sure something is always going to be an issue, compared to just dumbly looking at the number of games missed.

                  Doesn’t mean he’ll ever stay healthy for a full year — no pitcher is a good bet for that — but the idea that he’s THAT much less reliable than most other pitchers, save for an elite tier, doesn’t really hold up. Only 40 pitchers — 1.3 per team — have averaged over 30 starts per year over the last three years. In that span just 94 have started more than Morrow, which isn’t a small number, but isn’t an absurd, “Oh my god he can’t ever stay on the field” kind of number either.

                  The argument boils down to semantics to a large extent, which in and of itself seems to me to be a point in the favour of those of us saying, “Hey, let’s not get as stupidly hysterical as we possibly can about this.” He does have a history of getting hurt, but there is no need to pretend it’s worse than it really is just to get a cathartic thrill out of pissing out our mouths about how injury prone he is.

                  • Since you are so convinced that i am using my “little feelings” to form an opinion..

                    1. Look at above posts re. Diabeties
                    2. Head over to the Blue Jays Plus blog and read up on his mechanics that seem to lead him down the path of “oft injured”
                    3. its not one problem with the guy repeating itself, its different injuries each time, so what is going to be next year? thats my question..

                    Hey, don’t get me wrong, im cheering for the guy, he has the stuff, but we need a workhorse in the #3 spot of the rotation to have any chance at all.

                  • Ya I also agree with you here Stoeten, I just am cautious to also say that the diabetes doesn’t have any effect on his injuries is all. I have a feeling it does. While I’m obviously not a professional athlete, it’s just a very small window into his life that I can strongly relate, thus making me feel like it tips me onto the injury prone side of the fence.

                • http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/articles/64-/15052-overuse-injuries-in-diabetes
                  - overuse injuries more common indiabetic athletes

                  I’ve posted this before but it’s for those who maybe missed it. It has to do with overuse which can’t be ignored in a pitcher and for Morrow in particular with his entrapped nerve. But if you look up injuries in diabetic athletes, their blood glucose affects circulation and therefore healing. So it’s a double whammy: more injury prone and slower to heal.

  29. Meh. I cringed too frequently during his colour commentary or during baseball central. Stoeten, break out the résumé.

    • Yeah, they love me over there, I’m sure.

    • He’s refreshing and has a great approach and I’m sorry he’s gone. I got the sense though after a while that he would use 3 syllable words where an understandable 2 or 1 syllable word word suffice. And watching Cosentino try to keep up well, ….

      Oh well, what does it say that Buck and Tabby have lasted as long as they have?

  30. As long as we don’t have Hawk Harrellson, all is well.

  31. Too bad. I liked Dirk. Happy trails budz

  32. Ugh fucking Yankees now looking into Drew as well according to Heyman. Come on Rogers pony up. Give me Ubaldo and Drew please. Get those two and I can even live with letting my dreadlocked boy go next winter. If you move Happ you’d make things even more affordable.

    I really am not looking into watching the team fling poo at the wall and see who sticks at 2nd all season.

    • Goins is already working with the new hitting coach tho. :)

      Lets not forget, Izturis had an off year last year in terms of the rest of his career.
      Switch hits, has some speed, ok glove. He is not as bad as everyone says on here..

      • Sorry I can’t buy into the whole “new coach will fix him” spiel. It’s not like he was a known hitter that went bad like Lind. Isturis is your utility guy, it’s where he fits best imo, playing him full time or something resembling that isn’t optimal.

        Personally I am not optimistic about getting either of them but I am not so silly as to say it’s not a possibility.

        I could realistically see them getting Jimenez ($14 mil) and Drew ($12 mil) minus Happ for a net of $20 million. Potentially both could quite easily combine for more WAR than Tanaka for far less of a commitment. Both also offer the jays breathing space to finish developing or finding younger replacements.

        Unfortunately, I think if the jays had the money and or the will, they would have signed at least Drew by now. Let’s face it, we can no longer argue the Jays were saving their money for Tanaka. Of course all signs still point to the fact that they potentially have the money for a pitcher even after you factor in Gibby’s “soft limit” comment.

        • i just read that the Brewers 2B Weeks is available aswell..

          I mean combined with Reyes at least the middle infield would look cool..

          • I used to be such a huge fan of Weeks, especially when it came to fantasy baseball but he’s really declined so much over the last few years. Also, he’s set to make $11.5 million in 2014 and he’ll cost you something in a trade. I am not sure if he’d cost more than the potentially 2nd or 3rd rounder (if you’d signed Jimenez) you’d lose by signing Drew but there’s also a good chance he’s not going to bring you the same value either. Drew imo, brings a great combination of good to very good defense with at least a decent bat. I’d find it hard to ask for more than that out of a second baseman.

          • Id rather ackley.

            I know Seattle is planning to put him in the outfield… but I’m sure we can provide them with a speedy outfielder in exchange.

  33. Too bad. Enjoyed Dirk. As a casual fan who’s nowhere near smart enough to figure out some of the advanced statistics and analysis that have become so prevalent, I thought Dirk did a good job of making sure to give a quick explanation of whatever one he was speaking to at a given time. Thought he was an original and entertaining voice without trying to be like Zaun tends to.

  34. Yeah he was pretty good. But I wont miss seeing him and Cosentino argue like an old married couple.

    To be fair thats 205% Sammy being soooooooo annoying.

  35. according to multiple twitter sources. Garzas medicals are causing a snag and the Brewers may pull out on the deal…

    this is where the Jays start to see some sort of value or savings im sure.

    • LOL yeah typical AA… fucking ambulance chaser of MLB…

    • The Jays may actually be in a good spot to get an injury risk high reward guy like Garza at a lower price if it comes to that. They have lots of mediocre options so may be worth the risk more to them than a team without much depth that will want to bank on a more durable guy. Maybe he fails medicals with Brewers and Jays swoop in on a 3 year deal at a discount and hope for the best with him and Morrow while not having Thad Weber and Wang as backups if they go down but Stroman, Huitchinson, Drabek, Rogers etc who could provide average production.

  36. He was a smarmy asshole but that’s why I liked him… Maybe he told some dipshit at Sportsnet to go fuck himself… One can only hope.

  37. Hayhurst’s constant overbearing optimism for crappy pitchers really started to wear on me after a while. I enjoyed his writing much more then his broadcasting.

    He was pretty good for the most part but I’m honestly not gonna miss him that much. Still good luck to him, and all that

  38. this will probably make an interesting chapter in his next book.

  39. That blows. I liked Hayhurst a lot. I enjoyed him on Baseball Central with Blair, too.

    Whadda ya’ think, Stoeten: think you could speak for 9 innings without dropping F bombs?

  40. Dirk spent so much time smelling his own farts he should go cover the Cleveland Browns.

  41. [...] of Most Influential Canadians in Baseball at the end of December and according to Andrew Stoeten at DJF Dirk Hayhurst announced on his facebook page that he will not return to Sportsnet as a analyst. [...]

  42. Fuck Stoeten, I gotta hand it to you (not literally) in an off season that has been full of what would of’s your writing skills have really shined and I commend you for that.

  43. Have you sent in your resume yet Stoeten? Could you imagine?

    JP Arencibia would’ve HATED you!

  44. Andy as a replacement eh?…….

    Stoeten, you’ll need to shave that shit off your face.
    And maybe sit real close to Evanka.

    But yeah, I’m down.

    You’ll have to get meaner though. In your podcasts and interviews you come across a little soft spoken. It’s weird cuz in your writing you’re a ferocious, venom spewing cobra.

    Maybe get all liquored up before you’re interview.
    And wear an Ascot.
    And speak in the third person.
    And don’t use the word pedantic, or the term straw man.

    And most importantly you’ll need to let them know you’re a team player, and that you’ll really bring the broadcast together.

    You’re a shoe-in.

    • “So Andrew, how do you feel about Ryan Goins starting at second for the Jays in 2014″

      “Well if you ask the fuckwit commenters at DJF, some of them are willing to overlook Goins’ (who hit .214/.243/.310 against mostly MINOR LEAGUE PITCHING) offense because of the obvious defensive upgrade.

      It’s bullshit, but the alternative right now right now is Maicer Fucking Izturis. And since the cheap bastards at Rogers seem unwilling to pony up to get Stephen Drew maybe Goins is the best option.

      So… there’s that.”

    • Smasher, you sure you ain’t zaun in disguise?

  45. I’m really pining hard for Ubaldo right now. I’m gonna be so disappointed when we don’t get him.

  46. Do you think part of the reason is because he had to work with Zaun at times. I can tolerate him, but if I had to worked with him, I would hate my self a little bit, inside. Ah, what the fuck am I saying. It’s probably just Rogers being a bunch of cheap assholes again.

  47. [...] with Matt Garza may actually help the Blue Jays’ quest for a starting pitcher of their own. Thirdly, he shares the news Dirk Hayhurst will not be returning to Sportsnet this [...]

  48. Honestly, I wasn’t really a fan of his. Obviously better than Zaun, but that’s no accomplishment.

    Good luck to him nonetheless.

  49. Dirk Hayhurst…COULDNT hack it…Tom Verducci wasn’t even a water boy in high school…but yet they can still bash a player…SAVE IT NERDS!

  50. Thank fuckin’ God. One less condescending snot-nosed analyst on the biggest roster of dickheads ever assembled to broadcast the great game. Jerry, Zaun, Wilner, Shi, Morris, Cosentino, the list goes on and on. Rogers has one criteria for Jays broadcasts: must be a Grade A asshole. I’ll give Buck and (just a little bit) Tabby a pass, they’ve been classy through some tough times. Gonna be another long, miserable Jays summer.

  51. No Hayhurst? My enjoyment level just shot through the roof. He made me change the channel anytime I saw his face.

    I found him whiny and so opinionated that he left no room for discussion. A boring, might wind. .

    This is the best baseball news I’ve hears this off season.

    Good bye Hayman. Glad to see you go!

  52. Buck , Tabler , Cosentino , Wilner . Those are the guys that need to go

  53. ‘sup fellas? Well well well, isn’t this some interesting news….

  54. Cheap Vanilla is the preferred flavor at rogers.

  55. Lots of hate on Roger’s being cheap! Did Morris and Hayhurst leaving have much to do with money? Morris moving home and Hayhurst seeking bigger spotlight. Not all negative things to do with the Jays are about Rogers being cheap and the broadcast is unrelated to the baseball operations / team department wise at Rogers.

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