Well here’s something that probably should turn into a regular feature, but never quite seems to — but that I’ll make to look like one anyway in order to keep from having it seem too terribly out of place: a collection of Monday thoughts on what was going on over the weekend that really should have just been separated into several individual posts…

Paul Beeston Is No Agromonongist

“I would say, at the very earliest, and probably realistically, 2018,” said Paul Beeston in an interview with Team 1040 in Vancounver (audio here) about the possibility of bringing grass to the Rogers Centre.

Beeston was on the west coast for the annual Vancouver Canadians luncheon, and spent a segment with former Globe and Mail scribe Matt Sekeres and Blake Price, answering the grass question, among several others. And actually, once you get past the initial groan about poor Jose Reyes’s knees on that shitty felt until 2018, and having to keep staring at a rug with all the visual appeal of a meth head’s front lawn (though Alex Anthopoulos has hinted that replacement turf may be coming in the interim), it’s really not that grim.

“The Argos are there until 2017. And, you know, I’m a great believer in the CFL,” Beeston said, as they all do when they’re trying to not poison their own brand with the potential stink of the rotting corpse of CFL in Toronto on their hands. “They’ve got their area to work it out, so they’ve got four more seasons to work it out. We have some real issues that we have to work on, engineering-wise. We have to take down, put it in, put in some type of drainage — and apparently the big thing is air flow. We have to have air flow — our air flow comes down from the top, it’s got to come from the side. Whatever that means, I’m not a agrologist, or whatever it is — an ‘agromonongist’ — or… you know what I’m talking about. The fact of the matter is, we’ve got some things, but I would say, realistically, that 2018. If the Argos left before that, we would expedite it.”

Ahh, pulled it out of the fire at the end, you wily old devil.

But… yeah. It is what it is. And it’s not like Beeston doesn’t know the value of proper stadium to the product he’s trying to sell — he brought up the universally acclaimed experience at PNC Park in Pittsburgh at one point, in fact. So… there’s that. There’s also the fact that, at the very least, he seems to think they can get the changes done between the end of an Argos season and the beginning of the next Jays one. Unless, that is, he just doesn’t want to say that it would be better to give the project the extra two (or, let’s be honest, six) weeks they’d get by waiting until the Jays were the sole tenant and doing the work for the entirety of their off-season.

Ugh. Let’s not even think about it taking even longer, though.

Other highlights of Beeston’s chat were:

- There were some mixed messages about “The Policy” and the Tanaka stuff, I thought. At first he took the blame off Rogers for their conservative approach to free agency, explaining, “We’ve never been told no on anybody. When we’ve asked, we’ve got it. It’s our rules that say that we don’t want to go over five years.” However, he later was less firm, explaining, “We try to have a limit on the number of years and we see where it goes from there.” And then on Tanaka specifically, he strayed a little from what we’ve heard so far, saying that “If it had been X number of dollars, which would have been significant by anybody’s terms, we might well have been there. But it was the length of the contract, it was the dollars at the very end.”

- On last season, though, he was blunt-ish. “”It was disappointing. I won’t say it was an embarrassment, but it was bordering on that.” You can probably go ahead and say that it was, Paul. We won’t mind (though, OK, maybe your players will).

- He made the bold prediction that we’d see baseball return to Montreal “I think in my lifetime, and I’m 68 years old.” Sure. OK. Um… no worries about the occasionally volatile Canadian dollar impacting that? *COUGH*

- And for those of you on out west: He promised that today he’d be on the phone pitching to MLB that, if they’re unable to schedule Canada Day games in Toronto, to at least try to get the Jays playing in Seattle that weekend. He also said that playing exhibition games in B.C. Place would be a possibility, though there were some scheduling obstacles that would need to be overcome in order to make it a reality.


Done In Dunedin? Not So Fast

In the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin looks at the Jays’ Spring Training situation, with their plans to join the Houston Astros at a complex on Florida’s Atlantic coast now looking unlikely to move forward due to opposition from residents near the Palm Beach Gardens site where the new facility was to be built. The Jays, Griffin reminds us, are in an enviable position with respect to their Spring Training site, because, “Astros letter-of-intent aside, the Jays have very little if any pressure to move, what with the two five-year club options” that they have on their current deal with Dunedin, which expires in 2017, and could conceivablyrun until 2027.

He notes the way that teams posture and bluff with various communities, looking to get public money in exchange for the economic benefit of bringing fan hordes into otherwise quiet Florida locales, figuring that the Jays’ dance with Palm Beach Gardens may speed up needed — but, as Griff notes, not that needed — changes to their current facilities. Doing so, he suggest, is probably the ideal end to this little game anyway, and I tend to agree.

“The bottom line,” he writes, “if indeed this 95-per-cent sure-thing misadventure with the Astros falls apart, at least the Toronto fan base is likely very happy to be staying in the Tampa Bay area. Many long-time Jays fans purchased real estate in Dunedin, Palm Harbor or Clearwater years ago and there was genuine anger from that group of loyalists.”

Griffin also suggests that the front office may not be terribly troubled if the team stays put, so perhaps they’re not quite so eager to move as they are to find an ideal way to upgrade their spring digs for as cheaply as possible — exactly what the Astros deal presented, as Griffin explains that the construction of the state of the art facility that was planned would have been funded by “little, if any, of their own money.”

Impressively, even with that deal seemingly falling apart, maybe the club can find an even better solution for everybody.

Pasco County is adjacent to Pinellas County, which is where Dunedin is located. One of the Pasco County communities north of the city limits of Tampa is Wesley Chapel. It’s about an hour’s drive from Dunedin, according to Google, so it’s a pretty big stretch to call it “ideal” for those who have real estate on the coast, but according to a report this month from the Tampa Tribune, the town is looking for a baseball team, and they’ve got the facility plans to lure one.

Earlier this month, Pasco County commissioners approved a contract to build a complex of nine MLB-sized fields, plus ten youth-sized ones, at a site in the area, according to the Tribune report, and the founder of the company that will build the $34-million site doesn’t mince words about his intentions:

With a signed contract in hand, [Blue Marble Strategic founder James] Talton can officially reach out to the Toronto Blue Jays, Houston Astros and other MLB teams that are shopping around for a new spring training site. “I know Florida would love for us to be able to steal back one of the Cactus League (Arizona) teams,” he said.

The site would put a team closer to the Tigers’ Lakeland facility, as well as the clubs in the Orlando area, than the Jays currently are, while also being within an hour’s drive of the teams in Tampa, Clearwater, and Bradenton.

Or, y’know, it might give the Jays a bit of leverage to crudely extract public money from Dunedin. That works too. (Or… well… y’know, actually fuck sports teams for doing this kind of shit, but you know what I mean).


Caveat Emptor

There is negativity rotting away the guts of Jays fans this off-season, and boy, do they ever respond viscerally when you tap into it. Or even when you don’t, actually.

It irked me last week when the Jays used “The Policy” as their quasi-official excuse for not bidding harder on Masahiro Tanaka. That was especially so because — in addition to the fact that the policy is as absurd as it is fake (or, if you really want to split hairs, “soft”) — it spoke to everything wrong about the club’s use of it as a P.R. device, while also running counter to certain rumblings that have been out there about what may have really happened.

The Jays claimed that once the bidding on Tanaka reached their five year limit they bowed out, which is the perfectly convenient way for the club to use “The Policy” to make them sound like serious, well backed bidders for every premium free agent, while never having to actually spend the money. Doing so seemed doubly eyebrow-raising with rumblings out there that the interest wasn’t necessarily mutual, and that the Jays were not given much of a chance to land him anyway, despite willingness to make a genuine effort. If you want to read it that way, such a tale may be substantiated by John Lott, who confirmed via Twitter that the meeting between the two sides was short, that money wasn’t even discussed, and in a piece for the National Post he quotes a source told him that, as far as attempting to match the massive offer made by the Yankees, “We never got that far.”

That’s nowhere close to an airtight case that the interest wasn’t mutual, and everything Lott says also fits the quasi-official explanation that came from his and Shi Davidi’s sources with the club as well. But OK, if the club wanted to downplay to agents for other free agents any willingness to go farther than five years on Tanaka by invoking “The Policy” and not engaging in sour grapes about — or highlighting — a player’s unwillingness to play on this side of the border, you could understand that. Thing is, before we ponder such things too deeply, we should be sure not to lose sight of the fact that the key words in the above paragraph, as well as this one, are the ones that are italicized.

The fact that in some posts I’m just openly spitballin’, or explaining how I might feel if certain conditions are met, can get lost, it seems, especially when stoking those dark emotions that, right now, are just about ready to boil over in so many fans — myself included sometimes. But please don’t mistake some of what I’ve been saying here, easy as it may be to do so as the building frustrations of this winter have nudged me toward an angrier tone. It would be a problem if money — and not the call of the United States — was the reason that Dirk Hayhurst and Jack Morris have parted with Sportsnet, and if that signaled a similar type of pulling back from above the heads of baseball operations, but we don’t have nearly enough evidence to says such a thing is happening. What appeared like a potential lack of seriousness on Tanaka — especially given the excuse — certainly may not have been that, or at the very least was not, on its own, indicative of any sort of reining in of payroll from on high, nor is the fact that they haven’t done anything yet on the free agent market, nor are any of the many other theories floating around out there, from the ascension of Guy Laurence to the dropping Canadian dollar.

As fans we have a right to be upset if Rogers gets cold feet when it comes to spending to further a project that took excitement about this team last year to levels unprecedented over the previous two decades when it’s still so close to being right there with its American League rivals (close enough that it’s debatable whether they even need to lock themselves into relatively underwhelming free agent pitching for a bunch of years). But we haven’t seen any concrete evidence of that as yet — even better, we haven’t seen them make moves to divest themselves of payroll, nor have we seen Alex Anthopoulos desperately offloading prospects just to maintain his near-term job security.

More importantly, we spend a lot of time around here calling bullshit on narratives that it doesn’t make sense to swallow, and I certainly don’t want to be responsible for helping any of those forward myself, no matter how cathartic it feels to vent. There will be plenty of time vitriol should the club ultimately try to make the feeble case that there weren’t players available this winter who could have helped them in the short term while not encumbering them in the future. For now, though, tough as it is to remember sometimes, the winter continues to play out exactly as we sort of thought it would. To break out the pitch forks now, as I keep saying, and as I think keeps getting ignored, would be premature.


Glorious image still via James_in_TO.

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  1. Sooo no pitchforks. How about torches and hatchets?

  2. Why the hell are fans so bent out of shape this offseason?!?!!?!? fucking mind blowing.

    Getting rid of JPA, and (hopefully) not having the type of performance Johnson had last season improves this team immediately. So after last offseason they were often considered a top 3 to win the whole damn thing, but now after a down year from a good portion of players it’s the damn apocalypse??

    Fuck Jays fans piss me off…

    • I don’t think Jays fans would be the only fans who would react this way in this situation, but points taken.

      • True… I suffer from the unfortunate circumstance of living in Boston now and they still complain about their roster after winning it all…

      • Lets face it AA should be writing for a politician or be one himself. I am a bit of a Jay’s apologist, not to the extend of you Stoeten.

        Until the Jays sign someone past five years I am going to believe it is a policy.

        The policy has some merits given the outcome of most of these long term deals, but if the market dictates longer deals for every good FA than it puts us at a disadvantage to ever signing one.

        • It’s not a policy. The opportunity to sign guys to deals that long is too rare to use that as your barometer. How about the fact that Romero got a sixth year option, they’ve said they offered six to other guys, they’ve said it’s more just a guideline, etc. etc.?

          • holy shit. Ricky Romero will still be kicking around in the Jays system in 2015? 16?

            • 2014 and 2015 at $7.75-million, then a cheap buyout that it will take all of a millisecond to decide to exercise.

              • With the .6 million buyout, Jays owe Romero $16.1 million for two more years of shit. Most of the posters here think the sixth year should be guaranteed. Last year this time there was loads of griping because Josh Johnson wasn’t signed to a long term contract. Wouldn’t six or seven guaranteed years of Ricky Romero and Josh Johnson look good now? Let’s have the complainers make a list of all the good contracts that are more than 5 years. Then we can stack that up against the long term money sewers.

              • Man oh man, that is some dead weight on your payroll.

          • They have said it, but that does not make it so. Romero was getting a lot of team control years paid for at much less than FA years would account for.

            I think AA was hedging on the team at least playing meaningful baseball into September, helping us become more of a desirable location for FA’s to consider.

            I just hope the game of chicken does not go long enough for the Yanks to get involved, they can offer a competitive team throughout the contract, given unlimited funds at their disposal, for the most part.

      • Stoeten, have you ever created a DjF highlight reel sort of post showcasing some of the weirdest, most unhinged, funniest, etc. comments you’ve ever received?

    • It’s not as doom and gloom but you’re looking at it with have hindsight and have hype.

      Jays were highly touted because of JJ, no one saw his performance slipping to what we witnessed in 2013.

      Not to mention that the Yankees and rays have gotten better as well as other teams in the AL outside of the east. Machado and Davis have emerged for the still pretty crappy but not that crappy orioles, and winning the World Series has increased the Red Sox expectations as well.

      So yes the jays have a realistic chance of being a better team next year vs what actually happened in 2013 but they will also face better competition.

    • I think the Blue Jays organization shares some blame in this regard. It was AA going around telling anyone who’d listen that adding one (or two) starters during the off season was a priority. Having said that, opinions can change if the facts change. The big problem is the incoherent (or perhaps just non-existent) communications strategy with respect to the media and fans. Tanaka is only the most recent example. He’s an unknown quantity who wasn’t going to take the Blue Jays’ money anyways. Why hide behind bullshit when you don’t need to? By the way, I truly believe there is a “Policy” because that is how Beeston’s teams have always operated. It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with Rogers.

      • There’s no policy. They’ve said as much.

        • Why mention it in the first place then? I’ll believe it when a Beeston team signs someone for more than five years guaranteed money. Although, I’ll concede it may change because the economics of baseball will leave them no choice. The “Policy” used to be no more than three years for pitchers back in the Beeston/Gillick era. So again, why mention it at all?

          • Why would they mention it? I think to avoid questions about why they’re not spending more money on premier free agents. Easier to say they won’t go the years than they won’t go the dollars.

    • Might have something to do with the fact that the Jays’ main division rivals are actively spending to get better while the Jays have made minimal changes to a team that finished with 74 wins in 2013.

      Can’t say I blame anybody for being upset with this offseason.

      • What drives me crazy are the guys who talk about the Jays as though they’re much better than last year. As though Dioner Navarro is the catalyst for a winning team.
        As a previous commenter mentioned, AA said at the beginning of the offseason that the team needed two, possibly three starting pitchers. Now (after misjudging the relief pitcher market AND the starting pitcher market), we’re being sold that the status quo is enough.

        I like the way AA does business in many ways, but at the same time, he does kinda treat the fan base like we’re morons. The team looked like crap last year, and there’s no reason to expect a big difference this year.

        • Why would you listen to what he said instead of actually looking at the team and why it performed so poorly last year? Yes, they’re better. Not better enough yet, just being prepared to not be dogshit at so many spots is a huge improvement. So… not sure why any of that would drive you crazy.

          • It’s a reference to his treating his fan base like they’re morons. I want to see a winning team, and Alex Anthopoulos is selling himself like a politician, i.e. by bending the truth.

            “We could do anything we wanted right now, we just don’t know if we want to.”
            “We’re gonna be active in the trade market and in the free agent market.”
            “We’re gonna be in the market for two, maybe three SPs”

            It’s gotten to the point where he’s just full of shit. So now the team sucks AND our GM is full of shit.

            • zigman – How are any of those statements BS? From all we know all of those statements are entirely true. HE never said we are going to sign 2-3 SP he said we will be active in the market and how do we know that they aren’t at this point? They are saying they don’t like the prices and are waiting for them to come down. Hopefully for us fans they wither do or they change their valuation to sign them for more

      • +1 Welcome back Fullmer!

        I do think it’s highly unlikely that this team wins 74 games in 2014.
        80-85 is more likely.

        If they got a starting pitcher & a real 2B then 85-90 wins is likely, assuming normal health.

        As I get into my 6th season of being a Jays fan, I am more mellow.

        I don’t mind watching Todd Redmond pitch. I hope Morrow recovers.

        Baseball is a great game to watch.

        Why stress out over whether the team can compete or not.

        I want winter to end ASAP.

        I am ready for Friday April 4th!!!. Yankees vs Jays!

        • Excellent point oakville. Why stress out about whether the team can compete or not. By the way, wanna watch the sunrise together before the home opener? I’ll bring the jelly beans. Jesus Christ man, go watch soccer or something.

  3. “They took out the windows in Windows Restaurant. How much more air flow do they need.” – Zaun Cherry, probably.

  4. There is a certain level of dishonesty within this organization. That may sound outlandish but then remember who the ownership is. How could we expect anything different?

    • I’ve never understood why guys like you feel like a company has to have full disclosure with its clients. It’s providing a product for a price, thats it.

      • Complete disclosure never happens nor should it.. At the same time don’t treat the fan’s like they’re stupid……Wait a minute! Maybe they are! I include myself of course for wasting my time writing this…lol

    • See, I ranted about them not just being honest about Tanaka because I didn’t like them hiding behind the stupid policy bullshit, but for the most part, so what if they’re dishonest? Always strikes me as weird. The whole “it’s not a lie when we know the truth” thing was a stupid thing for Ricciardi to say, but the people who clutched it so hard that they LIED and that, in and of itself, was some kind of fireable, fuck-this-teamable, breaking of an unimpeachable bond with fans. Meh.

      • Not to get too political, but hell, what do we expect from any corporation these days: certainly not the whole truth.

    • Where is the dishonesty? There is a policy, they have said as much, they say why there is a policy and that they arent landing big name big money free agents on long term deals. They say in some circumstances the policy could be fluid – these circumstances are likely when it is less money to commit / under their value – like for Romero signing extension at below market rate he would get as FA. No need to consult the ethics and morality councils about this supposed dishonesty.

      • it’s a general guideline.
        we would prefer our contracts to be x length.
        we’re willing to break it for anyone we feel worthwhile.
        this means there’s no policy

        • No that doesnt mean the policy doesnt exist. It means there is a policy that isnt hard set and can be bent in certain circumstances.

          • so at what point would a high profile guy become available that rogers felt would help re-shape the franchise, but they wouldn’t want to offer more than five years to?
            so there’s no fucking policy

            • It is not Rogers it is Beeston. I dont know at what point Beeston would break his policy when there is a high priced FA wanting a long term. You would have to ask him.

  5. A couple thoughts:

    Paul Beeston on 2013″ ”It was disappointing. I won’t say it was an embarrassment, but it was bordering on that.” Well, Drew Hutchison and Ryan Goins and Dioner Navarro aren’t necessarily the guys to turn a “borderline embarrassing” season into “playoff push”. I get that there were A LOT of other factors last year that contributed to the poor record, but you get where I’m going with this – they can’t have their cake and eat it too. Help the team out, Beeston and Rogers.

    Secondly, I’d be interested in seeing the Blue Jays come under the MLSE stable. I’m curious about where the team would go with Tim Liewke at the helm, considering what he recently did with Toronto FC and his insinuations that the Toronto Raptors will be spending above the cap and into luxury tax territory in coming years. I understand that Beeston says that Rogers has never said “no”, but that still doesn’t mean much – they either have a firm hand on the tiller or they haven’t created an environment where Alex Anthopolous feels good about “asking” for the resources he needs. I still like last year’s moves, and I applaud Alex for making them happen, but the failure to go harder after other free agents implies either restrictions on what AA can and can’t do (restrictions coming from ownership) or that there may have been scouting-mistakes on AA’s part when it comes to free agency. I don’t know. But, I’d like to see Rogers give the same devotion to the Jays as they’re giving Toronto FC and the Raptors. I get it’s a different division of Rogers, but still.

    • Not just different division, but a different company, of which they only own 37.5%, so the dynamic is different. I know what you mean, seeing Leiweke’s philosophy in action, but his spending now doesn’t mean that MLSE too won’t rein it in at a later point too. Just not much of a track record to judge on, assuming you separate their current actions from what happened under the Teachers’ Pension Fund.

      • +1.

        So Rogers owns 37.5% of MLSE. Bell owns 37.5% & Tannebaum owns the rest?

        Hmm. , So I guess Bell & Tannebaum supports big spending & Rogers is cautious?

    • Under the MLSE stable? Hahahahahaha so wrong on so many levels.

    • I think the brass at Rogers saw a correlation between the big moves from last year and the increased buzz that resulted. Both in terms of in -house sales and the broader revenues on the various Rogers/Sportsnet platforms.

      Let’s not use Tanaka as the shining fucking example where Rogers is all of a sudden made a return to being corporate shitheads. By and large, Rogers are shitheads but their refusal to budge on Tanaka was entirely defensible and foreseeable by a country fucking mile.

      Simple truth is this. Tanaka wanted to play for a big market club that is perennially in contention. And the Yankees were NOT going to be outbid for him. Period. Adding Tanaka pretty much blowed the Yankees ability to stay under the 189 M cap. Thus potentially costing the team another 30 to 50M in luxury taxes.

      You think they fucking care? Rogers would. Any other team would. Not the fucking Yankees. They can MAKE money by getting to the post-season, despite paying a boatload in luxury taxes.

      So please folks, the whole debate about policy this and payroll parameters that is fucking boring when we point to Tanaka as an example. He was a complete outlier.

      Now, let’s find a starting pitcher and a second baseman and go fuck up some of the projections already

      • very good points. I would be shocked if the Jays don’t sign a free agent pitcher. I am OK with Goins/Kawasaki at 2B

      • I … agree entirely, ballsdeep. Though I’m not 100% sold that Rogers really believes the revenue they can drive is limitless relative to what they invest. There will come a point of diminishing returns, and it’s hard not to wonder if they’ve hit it already. But… yeah. Pretty on point here.

        • HIt it already! The team just won 74 and 75 games in the last two years which cant be the pie in the sky scenario for revenue increase. You would hope the point of diminishing returns happens at some point before they are competitive enough to play meaningful baseball for the last two months of the season much less make the playoffs.

      • @ Ballsdeep
        “Simple truth is this. Tanaka wanted to play for a big market club that is perennially in contention And the Yankees were NOT going to be outbid for him. Period.”

        In fact they sent an 8 man delegation to LA to meet with him. Hideki Matsui also talked to him by phone. Tanaka later said he’s always wanted to win the World Series in pinstripes. Something tells me the Yankees may not have had to spend that much or go that far. Btw, They threw in a player option after 4 years so he’d be boinkers not to take advantage and give himself another raise at that point.

        “Adding Tanaka pretty much blowed the Yankees ability to stay under the 189 M cap. Thus potentially costing the team another 30 to 50M in luxury taxes.”

        I’m not sure it’s that much. I had the total at 193 before Tanaka and at 215 after. That puts them 26 MM over the cap and makes their luxury tax 13 MM. This could be why they may just look to add Sanatana or Ubaldo: If they’re going to take a hit in taxes AND draft picks, (not to mention the Internationally and their intentions there) this could be “the” year.

        • Anyone they sign while they are over the cap they pay a 50% tax on their salary so Tanaka will cost 50% than his salary this year and 50% more each year while they are over the cap. IF they go under the cap in the future they will just have to pay his salary.

  6. I’ll set the Over/Under on real grass at 2020.

    I’ll say over.

  7. Will Jose Reyes play on grass in the Rogers Centre? I say no.

  8. By the time grass gets put in, the stadium will be 30 years old, only five years older than Turner Field which is being replaced this year. I’d be good with the Jays not moving into a new facility, but if they’re going to invest the money in a grass field, you’d think they’d want to be there for a few years, so why not make some epic improvements to the place? Give us a view of the skyline, or the lake. Make it feel like a real stadium. I went to a couple parks this past summer (Cincinnati and Atlanta) and the atmosphere is just so different.

    • They bought it for so little and it will cost so much for a new one that it’s going to be a long, long time before they move. The renovation route would be fine. Not sure they can show you the skyline, but they can keep improving it. Once there’s grass, it’s really not so bad.

  9. Paul Beeston is just short of a piece of trash in my mind. Like most people in power, he probably got there by being a fucking weasel. Wasn’t it only last year he was talking of 2014-2015 for grass? Now 2018!?!? How fucking embarrassing that eyesore of a “baseball stadium” is. It is a joke, to the point where I don’t even enjoy watching games down there after being to other MLB venues. When is this team going to get to the point where it can be taken seriously? The old astro turf from the 90′s would be better for them than the garbage they have out there now. Balls taking funny bounces off of seams! LOL! The players must be like what in the fuck is this shit? Man this team just disgusts me sometimes.

  10. Just Fire AA and Beeston already and might as well add Gibbons given AA and Beeston inabilty to want to win, all they do is try spin the offseason like the team is going to be okay. ITS NOT OKAY!!! Spend the dollars to win in free agency otherwise you draft and develop your own players, since the blue jays development system is awful, and also not willing to pay the dollars for premium free agents.

    Why bother having a team if AA and Beeston are cheap and are not committing to win a championship.

    Why bother having a team with an idiotic, moronic 5 year policy that is outdated and should be abolished

    Why bother having a team when the organization does not want to win, and settles for mediocrity every season, just to grab our money and run away with it?

    The organization needs personnel that is willing to commit to a winner and is not afraid of handing out long term contracst to players that could potentially help the team and spend the necessary dollars on top international players, and develop players better than the current regime

    • Rogers operates this team like a bush league farm team… spending a bit more $ to make it look like they want to compete and they’re not just hoarding all our money.

      Beeston, AA and now Gibby… are all giving us lip service. Complete bullshit.

      • Out of curiosity, if the Jays are a bush league team because they won’t spend, what does that make the 21 teams who had lower payrolls last year?

        • +Another billion

          • Dan, you just nailed it, i’m glad someone said it.
            When are the jays going to get the superstars that put us over the top!
            guys like josh Hamilton? and Albert Pujos, why can’t we be like the angels?
            who cares what our depth is like, we need top end guys like cole hamels and cliff lee and ryan howard making 30mil a year… even with no one balancing it out that will guarantee a winner.

            get your shit together jays

            guys like dan and I are on to your crap

        • Many other teams exist in small markets, don’t generate the revenue the Jays do and don’t have the ownership dollars that Rogers does.

          The Jays are bush league relative to their fan base size, ownership and being located in the 5th largest market in NA.

          It’s fun getting beat out by Milwaukee for a FA….

    • Glad you got that off your chest. Now back to the BlueJays.com sewer.

  11. Barring some kind of significant transaction in the interim, it’s going to be interesting to see Beeston and AA’s sell job at the SOTF on Wednesday. It’s definitely the toughest they’ve had yet.

    • The pre-2012 mood was at least this poisonous, and probably more so, I’d say.

      • I think there were less expectations then. There was also the new logo/uniforms to appease people.

        • The year after the traded Halladay was WAY, WAY worse.

          At that point the narratives were like ‘is Toronto a baseball city’? ‘Will the fans ever show up again’? ‘Does anyone care’? And shit like that.

    • I hope at least somebody yells bs on their commitment to winning a championship and also their moronic policy that current winning teams like Yankees, even the Rays don’t have that moronic policy. Finally just overall, the organization attitudes just reeks uninterested in putting out a winner.

      • Yeah, that’ll show ‘em.

        Please buy a clue before entering the ride, Dan.

      • Yeah, the Rays have been all over those big money, long term deals for free agents!

      • Dan without a doubt you are reaosn enough to keep coming back to this blog, out of curiosity, how does this play out in your mind?

        Paul, Alex, and John sit down in their chairs to discuss how things are going,
        then some exuberant young fans shouts from his chair
        “you’re not committed to building a winner”

        AA runs from his chair to the bathroom, choking back tears, john goes to check on him, and alex gets on his phone to rogers and says ” guys, the gig is up, they’re on us”?

  12. My favourite comments are the people that think throwing money around is the only way to win.

    Like it or not the Jays have a payroll, and they’re better off looking for value in contracts, rather than backing up dump trucks of money.

    Would I have liked it if they signed Tanaka and Cano? Of course. But I’m also glad that they’re taking the longview and not getting weighed down with a bunch of back-loaded contracts.

    Let’s not forget they also added $40M in payroll last year. They may still get up to $150M or so. How many teams are actually up that high?

    Let’s wait until the off-season is over before we start shitting on them.

    • I’m not waiting because management is not committed to building a winner

      • Dan, if you’re just going to vent stupidity all over the place here, just go back to BlueJays.com.

        • Alright, good luck watching another season of 2014 mlb headlines featuring the Blue Jays poor performance of 2014

    • @Middaughsome

      Well said, but I’m going to wait till June 1st before shitting on them.

    • Dan, I think you’re anger is misplaced, maybe your mother was simply trying to help that gentleman work out a leg cramp.

    • the problem isn’t that throwing money around is the only way to win… the problem is that they are halfway down the development road and halfway down the spending road.

      they are caught in the middle once again… this sort of middle ground is the worst place to be in professional sports… you should be either trying to win now or trying to rebuild… but this idea of having a punchers chance at the playoffs is exactly where this team has been for the past 20 odd years.

      this offseason they should have traded away some assets (bautista, jose) in an attempt to re load for a few years down the road… or went all in on the FA agent / trade market to improve the club (like cano, tanaka, trading for an ace, etc.). signing ervin santana or the like is just rearranging the deck chairs.

  13. I swear to god I will pistol whip the next person who says ‘policy’


  14. You sounded like a crazy man with a tin foil hat on the Blue Jays Plus podcast.

    • Buy a clue.

      • Troll_response_bot says:

      • You brought up the subject in your post, not me.

        • so being slightly optomistic is an apologist right famous amazing guy?

        • What did I bring up?

          • The subject you discussed at great length on the Blue Jays Plus Podcast, Caveat Emptor in this post.

            So um, yeah.

            Not really worth a discussion.

            Have a great weekend.

            • I did not bring up the podcast once in this post. One thing has nothing to do with the other save for some of the subject matter being similar, but thanks for being ridiculous as usual.

              • This sentence to yourself a few times

                “One thing has nothing to do with the other save for some of the subject matter being similar,”

                So if KLaw has one opinion on twitter, and another on his chat they have nothing to do with one another?

                Really? You gonna play that card?

                • Oh, is that what you’re suggesting? That I had two different opinions? Because it would have been nice of you to say that in the first place so that I could have called it stupidity then instead of working your way around into whatever horseshit this is now about.

                  Of course, still doesn’t make you a not moron for suggesting I brought something up that I didn’t bring up, but I don’t think that’s an affliction you’re ever going to quite get over.

                  • What I am saying is that your rant about the policy (which you continued the subject matter on on the Blue Jay Plus Podcast and referred to in this post) made you sound “like a crazy man with a tin foil hat on the Blue Jays Plus podcast.”

                    That’s all.

                    • That’s not at all what you were saying. And the podcast has zero to do with this. I am not “bringing up” a podcast by referring to similar subject matter.

                      Either way, though, thanks for yet another shitty, baseless comment.

                  • I should have said “one opinion on twitter and a RELATED one in his chat”

                    That’s my mistake.

                  • Are you just being antagonistic? Or do you really think like that?

            • It is Monday (have a great weekend???)

  15. I don’t know why we all keep on talking about this 5 year term limit. AA and the jays brass are valuing people with the same metrics everyone else is talking about you just have to realize that there values come up at less then market value. Stop complaining about the contract length and how much is the jays limits. Start complaining about how much they value WAR. I think i’ve seen people say 1 WAR is worth what like 5 million or so. It seems to me AA values it at what maybe 3.5 million or what ever smaller number. Yankees , Bo Sox , Dodgers etc etc are using the same things except they value those wins at obviously a higher price. This idea that its just years is crazy and believing that they can go to Rogers and never be turned down means you have never worked for a large multi national corporation, much like the players have a WAR i’m guessing Rogers has the same rating for the bluejays , at what point does it just make sense to replace them with other programming.

    • It literally never makes sense to replace them with other programming. Literally never.

      Thought you were going somewhere decent there, too.

      • angst is high eh stoeten?

      • It would make sense if the cost of the organization became higher then an acceptable replacement. IE payroll sky rockets, profits from advertising , tickets etc don’t cover the price of a lesser cost alternative. The lesser cost alternative may not bring in the same revenues but the margins of its profitability may be higher. AA talks about value a lot, people on line seem to think its a cop out but I think he is being straight forward. The value for the yankees to win the world series may be 500 million who knows?? But the Bluejays may only value the potential gain at 150 million therefor the wins that it takes to get there become devalued at the same rate. Winning in major league baseball isn’t apples to apples

  16. when they sign Ubaldo AND Erwin you will all be eating crow.

  17. Stoeten: How hard is it to keep having to explain that there is no policy to commenters?

    • It’s pretty easy, actually.

    • That’s his opinion….

      AA and Beeston have said countless times there’s a 5 year policy. What is the average fan to think? They’re lying about lying about covering up the truth? Like what the fuck do you expect fans to think.

      I believe if AA and Beeston found the “perfect” free agent they’d splurge and go to 6 or 7 years. Whoop de fucking do guys.. That’ll blow the fans away. Meanwhile there’s half a dozen other teams willing to go 8.

  18. Guys, i do not exist. Im just an easy excuse.

  19. I get so sad at times when reading some of the comments from supposed Jays fans here. Rogers is cheap? We were 10th in MLB payroll last year. 9 of the teams above us did not win the world series. 4 of those teams won less than 80 games. I get the frustration surrounding the lack of moves made this offseason, but on the flip side, besides Tanaka and Cano, how many players signed thus far were clear upgrades in areas where we are lacking? One calender year ago, the Jays were favourites to win it all, and now, with by and large the same roster, they stink? The team was without the entire left side of the infield for half the season. Our left fielder played hurt most of the year. One of the top power hitters in the league was out for much of the season. I ma be an eternal optimist, but I do not for one second believe that this team is as bad as its record indicated last year. The problem with this team is not that we are bad, but there are some rather large question marks surrounding some key players. Does Dickey pitch in 2014 like he did in 2013, or like he did in 2012? Does Morrow finally put it all together and stay off the DL? How much did our infield defense (or atrocious lack of) last season contribute to some down years by our pitchers? How many ground balls found left field last year through third/short that would have been turned into outs by Lawrie and Reyes? How many outs got turned into baserunners by sending Bonifacio and Izturis out to second without a glove (at least it seemed like they weren’t wearing one). Do we get a solid year from Happ? Does one of Hutchinson/Drabek/Romero/Nolin/Stroman surprise this year? If you actually look at the body of work and potential of many of the players on this roster instead of the awful year that was 2013, than I believe you have reason to hope. I do think that this team, as is the case with ANY MLB team, could be improved, but the question that has to be asked is do the Jays need 7 years and 120-150 million dolars of improvement? I don’t really believe so.

  20. i can’t be the only retard who’s more disappointed with the idea that grass (likely) won’t be coming until ’18 (if not later) than i am with how the offseason has gone thus far. i know it was likely always a pipe-dream that grass would be in place by ’15 or ’16, but the IDEA that it was a possibility by then was just, i dunno…something to look forward to beyond the usual season // off-season march. it was something else, something different to get legitimately excited about. 2018 just seems like a long way off. IMO, i think the playing surface is the #2 reason FAs have less interest in signing here. and #1 isn’t that TO is in another country.

    • I think Beeston is just under promising, and hopes to over deliver.

      I’m sure he is plugged in with what the Argos are going to do, but until it is final, he can’t really say too much.

      Here’s hoping.

  21. Am I crazy or was there another awesome mock-up of the dome floating around, sans the hotel with a view of the city? Does anyone have that link?

  22. Might be a bit over saturated for Spring Training with the Marlins and Cardinals in Palm Beach Gardens and the Jay and Astros there too?

    4 teams in 10 square miles. This is Florida, not Phoenix. Weird like a third nipple. Hope they say in Sleepedin.

    • Why the hell wouldn’t anybody want teams closer together?

      • Yeah, because the thing that really puts the cherry on the cake is hour-long bus trips during spring training.
        Lots of teams in a small area is just fine for ST.

        • A bunch of older people in rocking chairs would lose their shit trying to figure out what game to go to.

          It’s called over saturation of the product. Too much of a product in one area would make those teams look like the Trop on cheap seniors night at the Cracker Barrell.

          Anyways, if you build it, they might come. But that much baseball in a small area in FLA? Jesus, sounds like a recipe for rolling tumbleweeds.

          But I’ve been wrong once before. Ever.

          • The locals really aren’t the ones attending the games. It wouldn’t matter if all teams were within 10 miles of each other. Its the fans of each team that travel to see them in Florida who attend. Having all of the teams close together can make it a bitch hotels and parking though which could be a disadvantage for those who travel.

  23. The “policy” is just an excuse for them to use to not pay free agents market value. Its pretty clear and its kind of pathetic the useless toronto media hasnt grilled AA/Besston more on it.

    • What it really does is eliminate the chance at anyone elite. Since the going rate now for an elite talent is 7-10 years.

      • It would eliminate that chance if it existed. Since it doesn’t, though, the reason they’re not getting those sorts of players is different.

  24. And this is my problem with your writing…

    “it’s really not that grim”

    Yes, it ABSOLUTELY is that grim. Can’t you just come out and say that the artificial playing surface is a major problem for the club and the sooner they remove it, the better? Why qualify it as ‘not that grim’ when it’s such an obvious problem?

    • I was referring to the fact that he said they’d expedite it if the Argos leave sooner — which I noted when I said he pulled it out of the fire at the end. Of course it’s a problem, it goes without saying, but you might as well scream at a brick wall. The situation is the situation, and I sure as hell don’t want to come off like… well… you.

  25. Also, why does everyone on this site refer to a self-imposed and widely broadcast internal policy with quotation marks? Makes no sense. It’s the policy. Not “the policy”. Just accept the fact that the club you love operates this way, even if we all agree it’s insanely stupid.

    • It is not a real policy, hence the quotes.

      • Ridiculous. You are all fooling yourselves.

        • Did I fool myself into reading the quotes where AA said they offered a sixth year on a guy, wouldn’t rule out going beyond that, where Beeston said it’s really just a guideline, etc. etc. etc.? It’s fake, man. Go try to be a big boy somewhere else.

          • Just because it is not hard set at certain terms does not mean it is fake and not a policy Andrew. If you have an issue with the Jays front office not getting enough premium talent don’t call them liars for talking about the policy but rather question the merits of the policy because that is the reason the talent isn’t getting acquired (or if you prefer the front office philosophy on acquiring players rather than policy as a term) .

            As others have said long term deals are usually bad for the teams in the end although there is an argument that the opportunity for the players performance at the front end to help team win in contention window skews the analysis of just saying you end up often paying a bunch for nothing at the back end.

            This offseason the Jays have had ample opportunity to acquire talent within the policy – McCann, Garza, Jiminez, Santana, Mark Ellis etc etc. If they dont improve and we question it ask why they didnt get these guys at lower terms rather than blowing up over Tanaka and them quoting the policy. We should never had expected any chance on Tanaka to begin with and should be no reaction necessary. Why no backlash against no reports on being in on McCann at all? He got a five year deal which is within policy and is premium talent at a position of need.

    • “Policy” or not, I feel the need to ask this question. Who on the open market would you feel comfortable signing beyond 5 years? I may be missing some, but here are some of the longer open market contracts signed recently:
      Albert Pujols – will be 41 when contract expires. Definitely still a productive player, but already looking like he’s overpaid, and still 8 years left on the deal.
      Prince Fielder – will be 36 when contract expires. I did at the time, and still do have major concerns about his body. I have a feeling he will regress more quickly due to his size.
      Adrian Gonzalez – Will be 36 when contract expires. Most definitely not living up to his contract. A very good major league player, but is steadily regressing.
      Robinson Cano – will be 40 when deal expires. Should earn his money for 2-3 seasons, but after that expect the regression.
      Jacoby Ellsbury – will be 37 when his deal expires. Speed doesn’t age well. I don’t see this panning out either, short term or long term.
      Zack Greinke – will be 35 when deal expires. Solid number 2 starter now, his ace days may already be behind him,
      Yu Darvish – will be 31 when deal expires. This one is a no brainer, though a moot point as Texas had exclusive negotiating rights. Maybe the Jays should have been more aggressive in the posting process, but this is where they are now.
      Masahiro Tanaka – will be 32 when contract expires. This has the potential to be a very good deal for the Yankees, but if all reports are close to accurate, Toronto had close to zero chance to landing him. There is still the possibility, however unlikely it seems right now, that he is less Yu Darvish and more Daisuke Matsuzaka. I don’t think this will be the case, but it has to be acknowledged.

      I do know that market is starting to dictate that these will be the types of contracts we will see going forward, but I can also say that even without the benefit of hindsight, all of the above contracts with the exception to the two Japanese pitchers had their fair share of detractors at the time they were given out. It should also be noted that a majority of 5 plus year contracts were extensions and not open market deals. Free agency seems to be the way of the past, with many teams locking up their young talent well into and more often than not, past their prime. This being the case, I am a lot more on board with Toronto’s “policy” of limiting their contracts. I would rather not see a $25 million dollar bench player for 3-5 years on this team. Do we all forget how bad the Vernon Wells contract was to this team, and what it would have meant for this team had they not found a way to unload it?

  26. A policy is a a course or principle of action – the word policy doesn’t imply that exceptions can’t be made. The quotation marks thing is dumb.

  27. I’d just love Beeston or AA to explain the team’s current strategy. I don’t really care what it is, but would like to know there is one as right now it seems week-to-week / day-to-day.

    They say they’ll buy on players if they value is right. But if the value is too high, then they won’t buy on them. OK – that makes sense.

    But then, shouldn’t that overpricing in the market mean the selling of existing exists? I mean, this is a team currently projected to be bottom half in the AL, with a farm system expected to provide significant reinforcements only after most current contracts expire.

    My current expectation for the season? The Jays sign one of the pitchers. They live up to their WAR projections and finish mid AL. 2015 they’re then in a worse spot than now – few rookies to help out, an aging rotation, an aging lineup, but Rasmus is now a free agent.

    Personally, I can understand either direction – buy free agents and go all in or sell and building for 2017-2020. However, standing pat this offseason is the worst of any scenario. I still have a glimmer of hope they’ll do something significant enough, but that hope is steadily diminishing

    p.s. projections are based on fangraphs 2014 projections with Jays currently having the 9th highest WAR in AL.

  28. If the Jays don’t end up signing anyone, I’m okay with pipe dreaming in Stroman and Goins.

    I mean, the reason we want them to sign someone is because those pipe dreams aren’t particularly likely; but it’s not like there’s no reason for hope. The injuries the Jays have had the last few years have been “beyond our wildest dreams,” surely one year it can go in our favour, right?

    • they can carry Goins bat at 2nd but they cannot even stay afloat with nothing but Dickey and Buehrle in thier starting rotation.

      • Like I said, the Jays have a high ceiling. They probably won’t reach it, but if Morrow comes back at full strength, if Hutchison breaks out, and if Stroman has a rookie of the year type season, that’s a strong rotation. There’s reason to dream, even if it’s unrealistic that all three of those things happen at the same time.

  29. There’s definite holes in the lineup but there is more depth in the sp slot this year than last. Maybe no true ace on the staff but there’s 2 guys I consider solid number 2 and 3 guys. (RA, Morrow) a great inning eater number 3 (B) and 4-5 guys who can be serviceable in the 4-5 slots. I like Happ think he’s underatted. Stroman. McGowen (ok maybe not McGowen) Hutch. Big Red. Drabek. So at least we won’t be signing guys like Wang this Year. Also a stronger defensive game will help as well. A full year of Lawrie Reyes and Goins on the infield will be nice. And with The melkman healthy. we could have a pretty strong team on D. So ya maybe not all that Grim.

  30. I just can’t wait for baseball to start. Grass and free agents be damned.

  31. plant some weed in the outfield, bumbaclot

  32. the issue is not with rogers or with the payroll. It is with a large percentage of the payroll which is wasted on non performing players. Let’s see how much is wasted

    romero 7.5 mil getting 0 value here. Hard to believe this guy avgd 200 ip previous 3 years
    morrow 8 mil very little value here
    izturis 3 mil a utility player should only be making 1 mil, 2mil wasted here
    buerhle 18 mil for a #3 starter who should only be making about 10 mil, 8 mil wasted
    reyes 16 mil overpaid for a ss with no power and poor range and injury prone, should have kept yunel 10 mil wasted
    melky 8 mil for a guy with no power and not great defense. Sierra can do the same thing for 500k, 7 mil wasted

    so by my count that’s about 42 / 130 mil wasted on non or poor performing players.

    that’s 1/3 of your payroll. And that’s not even counting the money wasted last year on the likes of JJ, bonifacio, oliver.

    Can’t blame romero or morrow contracts too much since they seemed reasonable risks at the time, but the rest is on
    AA for overpaying in the wrong areas

    • Well, Higgins, that was a real treat

      • I’m not sure why, perhaps it’s just simplicity and straightforwardness of your reply, but that made me actually laugh out loud.
        Could be the beer too. Yep, probably the beer.
        Good reply though.

    • I wish I had scrolled right down to KyleZ’s comment, so I wouldn’t have taken the time to read Higgins post which clearly made me stupider. Stupider. See?

    • @Higgins

      Im sure you were totally pissed when Reyes came to town thinking how in the hell did we let Escobar go?

    • @Higgins, great tune, hear the lyrics. If you can….


      I can’t tolerate your sadness
      Cause it’s me you are drowning
      I won’t allow any happiness
      Cause every time you laugh, I feel so guilty, I feel so guilty

      And so I hear, my voice again
      The tale of the bitter man, here I am
      Shake the silence and hear what it says
      The tranquil pride that becomes…… the lie

      Sell me the infection
      It is only for the weak
      No need for sympathy
      The misery that is me

    • With Romero, although many called for the extension as an overpay, at the time it seemed plausible based on the previous years. And with free agency 8 million for a 4-5 starter is plausible, Jimenez with his consistency is a #3 pitcher and estimates are for 13mill a season. I am not saying Romero deserves the contract now, but if he was able to pitch like Buerhle, which is what I think the jays were hoping he would have been worth the contract. Now he is justdontrelle willis 2.

      Morrow, not sure what you quantify as little value. Also since he is only in year two of the 8 mill contract, why not wait till this season to list it as no value.

      RE: Izturus and utility players only make 1-2 million, I would be happy to have Ben Zobrist or Matt Carpenter on a 2 million dollar contract.

      RE:Buehrle, buerhle had another Buehrle season in 2013, he was worth 2.5 war, and Steamer, Oliver, and Fans predict 2.2,1.9, 2.3 respectively. Going with Steamer’s 2.2; not really sure how I understand Mark is an 8 million overpay when Jimenez is estimated, 2.5, 1.8, 2.6 but is estimated to earn about 13-14 mill per season. I do not see Jimenez being more valuable for the Jays than Buerhle. Why? Mark has been the same since 2002 and has thrown 200+ innings each year. He has thrown the most innings of any active mlb pitcher. Jimenez only pitched 200+ in 2009 and 2010.

      Re: Reyes, not sure how you think he is an overrated player when rotochamp has him projected as the #3 ss.
      in 91 games he was worth 2.1 war and is projected for 3.3, 3.7, or 4.1 war according to fangraphs.

      I will also point out that if Yunel has more power than Reyes, how did he hit 1 less hr in 107 more PA’s? Maybe I just unmistakeably hate Escobar for hitting in to more gdp than a hr slugger. Heck, in 330 more PA’s Escobar has hit in to 41 more gdp’s than Lind.

      And although I think Melky is overpaid, if he is expected to get a minimum of 1.3 war this season, that would equal about 8 mill based on WAR/ $,
      Surprisingly enough fangraphs projects the jays to have the 20th best LF, which although not fantastic, is passable.

      • I think the point by Higgins makes sense – The Jays are wasting salary on underperforming players but he’s overlooking two things: a) injury played a HUGE part for most of it and b) the amazing contracts that Bautista, Encarnacion and Dickey have negate the aforementioned ‘wasted salaries.’

        I really think most of the animosity this season is because the team this year on paper is worse than last year simply because there is no #2/#3 starter to replace Josh Johnson (the one we thought we were getting). You pick up Jimenez and all of a sudden everyone will shut up and hope for a 2B trade.

  33. The Greek Geek will strike again.

    Probably dial up a slick little trade to fill our holes. Don’t be dirty.

    I hear Nick is out on the Percephini right now as we speak, combing the treacherous waters of Pickering lookin for prospects.

  34. I found our second basemen.



  35. Thinking about AA as a gm, he sure loves transactions so I think he has been working hard to bag a big prize. What else could he be doing? Otherwise he would be claiming waiver guys and such. I think trade now rather than signing is more likely.

    • Of course jays just signed 7 out of the DR. Foot in mouth

    • i dunno. what trade targets would fit at this point? it seems pretty clear that the cubs want stroman and sanchez and i think giving up even one is too much for samardzija. brett anderson was a great target but is gone. milwaukee is trying to contend and gallardo seems to have lost his consistency anyway. i can’t help but think that, if the jays were going to acquire jon niese, they would have done so by now. there are a couple teams looking to shore up their buillpens (oakland, seattle, san diego, baltimore, washington, etc.) so i suppose maybe that might be somewhere to start looking.

  36. I think AA likes to use minor league talent as the source for trades for two reasons. I believe Rogers assesses the teams performance much more in dollars then in talent. IE taking on riskier contracts can shorten his tenure as GM alot quicker then depleting a farm system. My guess is Rogers has very little in the way in assessing AA’s job via trades and therefor he is able to keep his job longer, he doesn’t come from money so although the job is sweet he’s more interested in trying to keep making bank for as long as possible. If I am AA i’m looking to improve the team no doubt but I’m also balancing in between what could effect my job status next year, he went big last year and failed. Buying up mediocre talent that he doesn’t believe in probably makes him nervous as to lose his position. Its easier to whether a storm of bad performance for low cost, much tougher if you use all available funds and make a mess of it

  37. So, uh, Dave Naylor just tweeted this out. Hello Argos at BMO and baseball on grass?!

    • Just saw that too. If this happens the real grass is a guarantee for 2018, in which case I’ll stop my bitching and moaning and accept the wait.

    • I wonder if they will then consider a major rebuild of BMO so that it can eventually handle a NFL team as well. However, that’s probably a stretch as the smallest capacity stadium in the NFL currently is TCF Bank Stadium at 50,000. That would be a huge stretch for BMO.

      • From what I’ve read,the NFL is requiring that new stadia have a minimum capacity of 70K and it would need many corporate boxes.
        Also there have to be a need in the foreseeable future.
        The NFL doesn’t allow for corporations to be owners,only individuals.
        That said,that person would need the resources to finance approx. 2-2.5 billion for an NFL team.
        I’m a little short this week so if I could borrow 1 billion from one of y’all,I’ll see what I can do.
        BMO doesn’t fit the profile.

        • I was thinking more about Tannebaum being the front man. It would interesting to see if he could front a minority stake to get around the no corporations rule. However, if what you’re saying about 70k minimum capacity then you’re talking about a purpose built stadium which would need to be brand new. What’s weird about the 70k figure is that the stadium in Minnesota is only 4 years old yet has a 50 k capacity. I wonder just how tightly they would enforce that rule in the future when it came right down to it.

          Anyway I am sure any NFL franchise here would be at least a decade away. It’s not like any of the NLF owners are crying poor and need expansion money. Also I have to believe they would go back to LA first and possibly even the UK considering their recent experimentation.

  38. Nothing like a little prospect porn to soothe the savage hearts of a disgruntled fan base.

    BPro has its top 101 prospect list out, 3 Jays in top 101.


    • Nice to see Tirado in there. Hopefully he makes more progress. The kid will be 20 this year. Can’t STAND to see how highly thought of Syndergaard is but anyone notice how D’Arnaud has dropped? Yikes!

      • ps Aaron Sanchez was the only pitcher in the ’13 AFL with over 15 IPs (23) and a WHIP under 1.00 (.94)

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