Philadelphia’s annual Wing Bowl took place this morning — note: morning — and while you maybe can’t quite tell from the dual beer cans and gushing foam blocking his face, that Steve Austin lookin’ motherfucker right there is none other than Matt Stairs. Doing the Great White North proud!

The image above comes from Philly Sports Live’s David Malandra (@DaveM_PSL), but don’t sell your afternoon short by settling for just the still image. After the jump, by way of the 700 Level and Comcast Sportsnet, we’ve got the video, and… um… remember when the CBC did that Greatest Canadian thing Tommy Douglas won? Might want to revote.


Ladies and gentlemen, your new GBOAT. 

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  1. Stellar.

  2. I’m speechless on so many levels.

    The winner of the event ate 363 wings.

  3. Great vid.
    Knowing how much you hate autoplay,I’m a little surprised you utilized it.
    No choice maybe,still good to see.

  4. Wow, with all of our broadcasting vacancies doesn’t Stairs seem like a match made in heaven?

    Always loved his interviews, remember “the boys were hammerin my ass”?
    Sign him up.

  5. The pride of New Brunswick.

    I still wished he kicked A-Rods ass after Clemens plunked Rios. He woulda destroyed him. Clemens hit him after he knew he was going to be out of the game the next inning.

    I remember asking Stairs about it in the Baltimore, Stairs said, “what can I say man, typical Yankee baseball”

    I’d love to see him do color too. With of course the odd beer chug, Stone Cold style.

  6. That just negated Justin Bieber, Celine Dion AND Nickelback.

  7. StairsyDaBest

  8. This photo should be the typical pic on DYF blogs.

  9. Still remember when he hit that homer in game 4 of the nlcs vs the dodgers. One of the more memorable pinch hits of recent times.

  10. Matt Stairs vs Rob Ford no-holds-barred cage match please

  11. Amazing!

  12. A professional hitter indeed.

  13. I remember a game years ago when Stairs played for the Jays. A relative was sitting near me at the ballpark and every time he came to the plate to hit, she would yell “hit the ball Matty”. True story

  14. “that Steve Austin lookin’ motherfucker” Quote of the post right there.

  15. Maybe Andrew et al should fire up the DJF army to sign the petitions, write the MPs and call the midwives or whatever it takes to bring Stairs to Jays broadcasts?

  16. Fuckin beauty ! That’s how to do’er boy !

  17. Hey bud I’m just out for a rip

  18. Hey everyone! Emilio designated for assignment. Here’s our chance to get him back!
    Remember when posters thought they had stole him from us and they got themselves a gem?

    • Just saw that, I wonder if the Jays will try for him again. Still prefer Drew obviously but I doubt the payroll or the willingness to burn another draft pick is there. Be nice if he turns out to be the player they thought he was going to be 2nd time around. They way I look at is if they sign him and he’s shit again then they can DFA him and bring up Goins. Not really a big loss.

      • Interesting to see that KC signed Boni for 3.5 mil,,avoiding arb,only to DFA him 2 weeks later.
        Somebody just tweeted Wilner about reaquiring Boni and he said ,as a bench player.

  19. I guess he just signed a one year contract for 3.5 million two weeks ago. I’m not sure that anyone wants to pay that for him. It’s too bad it didn’t work out better for him in Toronto. I wish we weren’t debating between bad, quite bad and very bad options at second base.

    • Agreed that we’ve probably seen enough of Emilio at 2B.
      But he might make sense as a 4th outfielder/ late innings pinch runner,
      replacing Rajai in that role and clearing the way for Gose to play
      every day in Buffalo.

    • Apparently contracts signed through the arbitration process are not fully guaranteed. I learn something new everyday.

  20. No. Seriously. Maybe it was the turf but he did better elsewhere. Let’s just walk away from this right now.

    • Thing is, who is on our bench right now? The second baseman not starting, one of the catchers, maybe Sierra or gose. Could probably use bone face. I guess gose could be your bench guy with some speed but if he’s starting, you don’t exactly have a quick team.

  21. WTF is Dayton Moore doing?

    Did we just get cash for Emilio? For some reason I remember hearing there was a PTBNL if I’m not mistaken?

    • @jazayerli: By DFA’ing Emilio Bonifacio, the Royals are sending a giant signal that their payroll is tapped out. At $89 million. Which is unacceptable.

      • “Unacceptable?” To whom?
        Last I heard, they could set the payroll to whatever they pleased.

        They likely signed Chenn as a swingman and may not want
        to add his salary to Bono’s. That is their right.

        It could mean they are tapped. It could also mean they are saving
        their remaining bullet(s) for a run at Santana or another starter.

        There are some out there who think that there is ANOTHER team
        saving their remaining bullet(s) for starting pitching. Can’t QUITE recall
        just which team that might be…….but I think they’re like KC in that
        they wear blue uniforms.

  22. my complete irrational self wants to the Jays to do nothing this off season and blow the doors off everyone enough to shut people the fuck up about how bad our team was last year and that they were all stupid moves and Gibbons fault as a manager. Then when they realize it was all horse shit get Price at the deadline and some 2Bman and win the pennant, beat Boston into submission in a 3 game series and piss all over everyone as the flag/banner/whatever flys.

  23. you know..when you go back and look at RA’s numbers from last year..the only thing really keeping him from having a stellar year was command loss. he will likely give up alot of homers..but those will be much less painful if he can keep fools off the base ahead of them.

    • He was amazing to watch when he had everything working. There was that game against the White Sox where he looked virtually unhittable.

    • I’d say it’s velocity loss that hurt him the most.

      • Those are related right? Didnt he raise the point last year that with less velocity (and therefore more time for the pitch to get to the plate) the randomness of the knuckleball comes into play more and he loses some control of it? To me that makes sense. But I have no data to back that up.

      • Dickey had a bad back and apparently fought a mild case of plantar fasciitis. The dude was banged up. Full ST with no distractions like the WBC should get him on track sooner hopefully.

  24. To the Rays, Janssen, Loup, Gose, Redmond, Hutchison and Drabek,

    To the Jays David Price. Then we have Delabar be the saver.

    • The Rays do. They are going to want a few blue chippers and then some if he is staying in the division. Janssen is in the last year of paying him less than he might be worth. Loup has lots of team control but is a middle reliever. Gose could be a regular at best in my opinion or a fourth outfielder. The last three could top out at no. 4 pitchers or be out of baseball in three years.

      It would take are two top prospects and maybe a team friendly contract like EE to trade him in our division. I would not do it even with an extension which Price would not agree to before he came here.

    • you again? Put players youd NOT like to lose in the first couple spots and a prospect you DONT want to lose and thats about what gets it done for an inter-division rival and their Ace lefty that throws mid 90′s

      • Stroman, Sanchez and Lind and maybe Santos. Hell of a lot to give up, some we can handle. Maybe replace lind with a guy like Rasmus, Rays are a team that might take value even if they dont need the position and repack it to another team for something they really want and get it on our dime so to speak than using all their bullets

    • for the jays to get price..they would likely have to give up stroman, sanchez, nay, and EE.

      • I think you take what they got for Shields and add a bit. Sanchez (elite prospect in the mid-minors), Stroman (top-notch, major league ready prospect) and one or two of the promising short-seasoners (Barreto, Lugo, Nay, etc.).

        no way EE would get lumped into that deal: he’s under control for longer at a lower price and is of similar talent/value, and it would turn 1B into complete dogshit.

    • Ridiculous. You’d have to start with Sanchez and Stroman, then go from there.

      • I would be so OK with a Stroman, Sanchez + for Price (plus an extension) deal.

        Not many aces out there.

    • the Jays say no because that deal is so ridiculous, it’s probably a trap.

  25. The Inuit generally do not like being called Eskimos either.

  26. I think Sean Nolin is getting greatly overlooked because of 1.1 bad innings.
    Big lefty, throws 90-93 with a nice bender, and was on a meteoric rise prior to that one outing.

    All he’s done is 2.95 ERA, 9.6 K’s per 9 and 3.52 K/W ration in the minors.

    He could be a huge contributer this year. I keep thinking (delusionally) that he could be our version of Andy Pettite.

    • he was throwing alot slower than that when I saw him. He was sitting 87-89..but that was just one game.

      • How did he pitch?

        I’m holding out hope that he and maybe one of the other wildcards like Stroman can give us some great innings.

  27. Reposting from MLBTR, but this is too good not to share

    “Chris Davis appeared to be excited by Duquette’s disclosure earlier today that the club had offered him an extension. “Really? Did he say anything else? … Keep me up to speed on that,” the slugger said while speaking with Roch Kubatko of and other reporters.”

  28. After watching that I’m not sure I should admit that Matt Stairs and I went to the say high school or not….

    My boss’s kid won an hour-long one-on-one hitting clinic with Stairs last summer – he showed up in flip flops. The kid did learn a lot about hitting though.

  29. 50 bags of heroin found in Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s NYC apt.

    go big or go home.

  30. Pitchers and catchers report in what…2 weeks?

    I’ll take a second baseman and/or a pitcher.
    Dammit – somebody BLINK already!!

  31. Bring Boner back, he can’t be as bad as he was and he’s better at that price than any option out there

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