Buster Olney tweets that the asking price for Ervin Santana has come down significantly, and that the free agent pitcher may now be looking at signing just a three-year deal. That’ll do.

At ESPN.com (Insider only), Jim Bowden breaks down where the free agent market is at, calling the Jays a likely landing spot for both Ubaldo Jimenez and Ervin Santana — though, before you get all breathless, I don’t think he means it’s likely they’ll get both, just one of them. Importantly, he notes that, while Cleveland and Kansas City wouldn’t give up a draft pick to re-sign their own players, they actually kind of would. Cleveland, in particular, he says is banking on getting a draft pick when Ubaldo signs elsewhere. And Kansas City doesn’t seem likely to re-sign Santana either, according to what he’s hearing.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star has an excellent, wide-ranging interview with Paul Beeston, and perhaps most interestingly, he speaks of his fight to make Jays games available to be viewed by anyone anywhere who wants to watch it… not that I ever noticed that MLB.tv blackouts didn’t exist last year or anything. Beeston mentions something about having to be authenticated with Sportsnet and TSN to watch those? I don’t really know. There was a bunch of other food for thought in there too.

Speaking of: according to a tweet from Scott MacArthur, TSN is the new home of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball in this country, plus Monday and Wednesday night telecasts, as well as Baseball Tonight. Nice! Except for whatever blackouts may now apply. They’ll carry 75 games this season.

“The Jays aren’t saying, but after months of freezing out Dunedin while they and the Houston Astros worked a deal for a new stadium in Palm Beach Gardens, the team has finally agreed to sit down with Dunedin officials later this month and talk about what it would take to keep them in town,” writes Keyonna Summers of the Tampa Bay Times. She adds that the gamesmanship is happening on both sides of this issue, as “just in case [the Jays leave when their lease runs out in 2017], Dunedin has reached out to other teams whose leases are also nearing expiration.”

Peter Gammons takes a look at the A.J. Burnett market, and while placing the Jays clearly in the background, he does note that Burnett “always really liked Toronto.” Let’s do this! (But the first thing we should do… is distribute the rocket boots.)

I keep forgetting about this one for some reason, but I was reminded of it when talk of The Policy reared its ugly head again today in the comments on the post below. Via the Blue Jay Hunter we have a tweet from Greg Balloch of Vancouver’s Sportstalk AM 650, who was at the Vancouver Canadian’s luncheon a couple weeks ago. He quotes Alex Anthopoulos as saying that the five year policy is “more of a guideline for us. It’s not that strict. It all depends what the total dollars are.” OK????

Great stuff as always from John Lott of the National Post, as he looks at the Expos-heavy class headed to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

At Bluebird Banter, Nick Ashbourne looks at some strange similarities between Adam Lind and Rajai Davis, who are kind of identical hitters, only from opposite sides of the plate.

At ESPN.com (Insider only), Dan Szymborski runs Keith Law’s top 100 prospects through his own ZiPS projection system, and both of the Jays’ two listed prospects take steps backwards — Marcus Stroman falls from 58 by KLaw to 65 by ZiPS, while Aaron Sanchez tumbles from Law’s number 30 to ZiPS’s 88. For, y’know, whatever that’s worth.

Speaking of ZiPS, here are the ZiPS projections for the 2014 Jays from over at FanGraphs. I’ve been meaning to do a bigger post about this, but… y’know… here we are. PECOTA is out too, I think!

MLB Prospect Guide has 49 Jays listed among their top 1000 prospects for 2014. No, those are not typoss.

I’ve never quite got the interest in fringe prospects and org guys, but perhaps Matt Boyd can be quite a bit better than that, and Jays Prospects looks at his instant impact at Lansing last year.

Jose Reyes playing catch in a snowstorm? Jose Reyes playing catch in a snowstorm.

Lastly, a great piece at the Hardball Times by Eno Sarris about the life of a beat reporter, marred though it was by a smarmy comment from special little access snowflake Geoff “The White Jays” Baker, who bemoans the onset, in the second half of his career on the beat, of social media and “some of the bloggers/commenters with an online platform who think they know how to do the job better.” This sent me down a rabbit hole into the DJF archive, where I found an old post responding to a commenter claiming to be in the ‘professional’ media, who urged us to remember what Baker had said to us on a podcast in that grand year of 2008, which was that “you guys (bloggers) are fans and nothing more. You will never have a greater understanding of the team than the writers because you do not have the same access.” The same commenter told me to save myself “future embarassment and stop pretending you’re anything more than three fans with a good blog,” and added this gem: “You and Theo Huxtable can start your own newspaper or web site because you pose no threat to any paid journalist’s job because you could never do their job.” Still as funny now as it was back then, so… maybe “marred” isn’t the right word after all. Ugh, the life of a beat grunt, though.

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  1. I don’t know why I care, but does anybody know where Jose Reyes is in that picture?

  2. Jeff Baker’s a douche.

  3. here i am! in the comments section of DJF again!

  4. Maybe when Wilner said he didn’t think Jeff Baker was a good fit because he’s bad in the clubhouse he was thinking GEOFF Baker.

  5. Errrrybody in the club gettin’ tipsy

  6. nothing says i’m not threatened at all like penning a threatening letter of contempt

  7. Baker was and is always an Ass#¥h
    Kinda guy who is always an outsider (because he deserves to be)

  8. Fuck Geoff Baker


  9. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I really believe that the Jays are going to add TWO starting pitchers in the next two weeks.

    I know that AA has mentioned that the team could stand pat, but I don’t think anyone actually believes that. Several times (recently) I’ve heard him saying that they are still looking to add AT LEAST one starting pitcher.

    Now, of course that doesn’t mean he’s definitely going to add more than one. But why put out that expectation to the fans? Why signal to your current starters that you feel that two should be replaced?

    I’m guessing we sign on FA SP, minimum. Then we either trade for another or sign another, probably depending on who the first SP we sign is, and how much he cost.

    Or maybe I’m just way too anxious for something to happen and reading too far into the “at least.”

    • Ehhh

    • It’s an interesting premise. I argued they should earlier in the off season when it seemed there was more money to go around. I still would love for them to get out from under Buehrle’s contract but that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Ideally I would have loved for them to move him for 2nd base help, and sign 2 starters. You’d fill a major hole at 2nd and use the payroll flexibility to cover other things.

      The real interesting question for me is would the Jays also sign someone else in addition to someone like Ubaldo thereby costing them their 3rd round pick. Based on last year’s values the Jays would have to give up $1.168 million and $650 thousand for a 2nd and 3rd round forfeiture. Normally I would say go for it if they could snag someone like Drew for 2 or 3 years to play 2nd. However, that’s roughly $1.818 million of cap room you could help use to sign 2 first rounders, one of which HAS to be signed this year.

      Of course, they could get around some of that by punting more of the later round picks, go over by 5%, or just go crazy in the international draft this coming summer.

      Considering where the team is now, I’d be more inclined to sign now and worry later. If they ended up shitting the bed again there’s always opportunities to recoup those picks by dumping guys at the deadline. At least this way you’ve got a better chance to not shit your pants.

  10. Ubaldo and Erwin on 3 year deals with options for 4 and 5 please.

    • No need for options.

      • By that do you mean 3 years is enough, or that they should go for the full five that the policy allows (tweak)?

        • I just mean, whatever, no need to get greedy and have nice team options on deals. Could work. Three seems just fine.

    • I think if anything the jays might be able to get away with a 2 year contract with a player option for the 3rd year.

      You are going to have to give up 3 no matter what (chances are) but giving ubaldo a chance to re hit the market early if he wants to could be what steers him this way.

  11. hey boys.

  12. Thought this Beeston quote was pretty interesting

    “We run this as a business. We’re not in the business to lose money. But we’re not in the business to make money either”

    Saying their goal is basically to win while breaking even. If this is a Roger’s sanctioned attitude I suppose the profit margins come on the Rogers publicity side and profit margins on TV? I guess the franchises are all getting more valuable regardless as well and the impact of winning on raising franchise value may outweigh profits the team could generate?

    Can’t believe he didn’t ask him about the P word. Stoeten when are you going to get an interview with Beeston and how would you frame that question?

    Would be interesting to compare the hits on this and other blogs compared to conventional media articles on the interwebs. Rightly or wrongly seems like many fans simply consider the insider reporters as lackeys and have more faith in the objectivity of the bloggers

    • It makes perfect sense because we know Rogers doesn’t pay the Jays a legitimate market rate for the broadcasts to begin with. So already the Jays profits aren’t going to be completely accurate.

      • I cant remember the numbers exactly but read recently the Jays get like 60M a year or something and whatever the number it was comparable to big markets on new deals. Also thought I remembered there was an auditing process or something to ensure the cable company owned teams received fair market rate for revenue sharing reasons. In any case even at fair rate Rogers should be making profit on the broadcasts.

        • Yes by major league rules they have to pay a “fair” portion into revenue sharing just like the Yankees and the Dodgers. However, just like those teams, what they pay isn’t necessarily close to the true value that they derive from those rights which is one reason why you start are your own RSN. Of course if you bungle things like the they did in Houston then the picture isn’t so pretty lol.

        • If I remember right they submitted a figure around 35 million to the league. I’ve read with the ratings, TV was estimated to be worth around 60 million.

    • I’d just sort of expect him to dodge questions like that anyway, so I can’t say I’m surprised it wasn’t asked.

      I guess I’d try to frame it to show that I get that it’s understandable Rogers isn’t going to pay the club market rates for the content they provide — a huge part of the appeal of owning the club is so they don’t have to — but I’d ask who decides on that number, whether the Jays have input in saying what is fair, and how closely they look at where the league is going when doing so.

      Thing is, there’s an easy answer, which is, look at the clubs among the bottom in terms of the TV revenue they receive (http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/dodgers-send-shock-waves-through-local-tv-landscape/): Cardinals, Braves, A’s, Pirates, Brewers, etc. They do pretty alright, so… not sure Rogers would buy that they can’t just out-manage their payroll limitations, especially if they get something reasonably fair from the company, and especially since that’s probably how Beeston and Anthopoulos almost certainly sold themselves to get the jobs.

  13. I dunno. I guess I’m just a little nervous of this whole “wait it out” strategy.

    If Ervin is down three years and a much lower asking price, and say we pounce now even if we ONLY pay fair value (instead of getting a great deal) and then we can play the waiting game and try to snag Ubaldo. If it doesn’t work at least we got one of them.

    And grabbing Ervin prob makes Ubaldo just that little bit more likely to sign.

    • Was going to respond to this, but I think I wrote enough to make a full post out of it (not a snarky one, BTW).

      • Whats the harm in waiting? The price will only go down. Unless I guess if the market changes if it goes into spring training and some team suddenly needs some SP due to injury or poor performance.

        • The price going down IS the harm. Right now, because of a few factors, we seem to be the only game in town. AND Ervin is quite reasonable.

          If we wait for the price to come down even more, we risk other teams becoming serious options. We’re kind of in the drivers seat now,,but there IS a point where Ervin will come down enough so that other teams will start to enter the fray in earnest. And once you’ve got a handful of other teams interested, its just a crap shoot.

          So if he’s reasonably priced now, why wait? To save an extra $5 million?

          I’d rather grab him now and THEN play the waiting game with Ubaldo. Too much risk of him going elsewhere if other teams enter the fray to worry about saving a few million.

          • Meh. If his price goes down low enough that other teams are interested, we just jack it back up again with a higher offer than anyone else is prepared to make.

            As long as AA knows that he’ll be called before a deal is made, there is literally nothing to lose.

            • There is one problem with waiting too long.. Let’s say nobody makes him an offer…he never signs with anyone

              • The Jays could already have an offer on the table that one of the pitchers is willing to take if nothing better comes along. There are a lot of things that COULD be happening right now…

  14. I’m thinking maybe AA will really surprise us and trade for someone none of us had ever thought of.

  15. Jays stuck to the International cap. Spent only 50k over

    15th overall.


      • Why? Good for them. Dumb system, good for teams to say fuck it. I’d love to see the Jays take advantage of the penalties that the Yankees incur in the following year and do something similar themselves. Not much sense when New York is already posturing like this, though we’ve seen before (Hechavarria, for example, and Franklin Barreto, who was the top ranked prospect in his class, according to BA) that the international market doesn’t quite view the Jays the same as premium FAs do.

        • No I agree with you that the Jays should be players internationally. And I had said in the past that I hope they continue the way they had in the past. But then I saw we “played ball” this past year and obeyed the cap.

          I was hoping AA was just saving up for what is supposed to be a much better pool this year.
          But if the Yanks are willing to spend 10-20 it’s unlikely we could compete for the top guys available.
          Could be posturing as you’ve noted but I though the same when the said they’d get Tanaka and McCann.

      • Smasher don’t forget according to the rules they Yanks will pay big time taxes on their overages and in the following year they can’t sign anyone for more than $250 k.

        That said, I agree with Stoeten and hope that the Jays do the same thing, especially if they end up losing more than their 2nd rounder this winter. (ie 3rd rounder for signing Drew).


        • Yeah, it was kind of nice when AA was the big fish in the international market.
          I hope he finds another way to exploit the systems in place.

  16. I think youtube is broken, I typed in Sergio Santos breaking ball and this is what I got:


  17. Relax, Eno. Nobody reads game summaries in the paper anymore. They’ve already watched the game on tv or saw the highlights on Sportsnet or whatever.
    Sorry you feel you have to cultivate relationships with players for fear of pissing them off, but it makes for bland commentary.
    Kick back and have a foamer. Nobody really cares.

  18. Just to set the fuckin record straight, I’m not a dick. So to the assholes are saying such things, you are a big fat asshole.
    Jeff Baker

    • A whole lot of people can throw 90 mph (relatively speaking). Its certainly not the kind of thing to base a baseball career on

      • It’s not a bad start. Plus he played college ball quick successfully reportedly.
        Who knows. It’s obviously a long shot for him, but if he wants to try, why not root for him?

        • For the record, I was goofing around with that post. . But sure, why not root for the guy. I did get to see Jordan play in a minor league double header back in the day. The Birmingham Barons vs the Carolina Mudcats – summer of 94 maybe? What a weird sight. He was nothing like the graceful miracle he was on the basketball court. On the diamond he was this awkward looking gangly dude.

  19. I’m just wondering, if the people advocating this ‘wait and see’ approach by AA when it comes to the teams most glaring weakness and need, starting pitching will be okay with the Jays losing out on the 2 best options left?

    • I’m pretty confident you’re the only one who wants the team to spend more than they need to.

      • Well, when it’s June and you’re sitting in the dome drinking an $18 beer watching Happ as the 3rd starter I think you’ll have wished AA wasn’t nickel and diming the top FA’s that the team so sorely needs.

        Fact of the matter is that no one knows what the asking prices were, or are now… it’s all conjecture. All I see is a team trying to adhere to their “policy”

      • No its good to wait SOME time in order to get a better deal. But at some point the law of diminishing returns comes into play and you need to weigh rusk/reward.

        So let’s says waiting the last month or two brought Santana’s price down by $15-$20 million in total. That’s great and clearly a good move.

        But what will waiting ANOTHER month or two bring the price too? A few million? $5 million tops? Over the length of the contract tgats not a good enough reward to cover the risk (the risk that someone else grabs him).

        • But they’re not just sitting on one pitcher. There are three available who are good upgrades to the Jays. If one of them signs, there are still two left.

          Again, people are complaining about the Jays trying to make smart investments because it could potentially backfire, even though they still have at least as good a chance as anyone else to make the additions.

          I will complain about it if they don’t sign anyone. Will you admit you were wrong when they do?

          • Lol

          • Reports out there say Burnett to the Jays is slim, thank god… And with the way the Jays approach Free Agents I’m fairly confident neither of Santana or Jimenez will sign here… If I’m wrong I’ll be the first to admit it.

            It’s been nearly a decade since the Jays have signed a FA of any significance.. I don’t know why people continually ignore this.

            • Could you provide a GOOD reason why Burnett to the Jays would be a bad thing?

              Melky Cabrera last year was a signing that would be on about the same level as Jimenez or Santana, in my opinion. Also, not signing a major FA in the past doesn’t eliminate a team from doing so in the future.

              But I’m glad you’re confident that the Jays won’t get anyone, I guess we can all stop waiting anxiously to see what happens?

              • He’s old, he’s not consistently good. Jays need a younger starter that can grow a bit with the team and one that will be here more than a year.

                Melky was a gamble signing, a good gamble and it may still pay off but the Jays overpaid him to come here… The Jays overpaid a FA that just came off a suspension and wasn’t permitted to play for his world series winning team….. that alone should tell you where the Jays are at in free agency.

                • I didn’t say Melky was a good or bad signing, I said his signing was on a similar level to that of Jimenez or Santana. You basically stated that the Jays won’t get either because they haven’t signed high profile FA’s in recent history. But they’ve signed guys on similar levels to both those pitchers.

                  Burnett May be old, but he’s coming off two excellent seasons (combining for 7 WAR). He was also old last year, yet improved from his solid 2012 numbers.

                  Why sign a worse pitcher to a longer contract when the best available guy on the market only wants a year or so? If they did land him, the Jays would be free to take a run at another guy next year in a potentially better crop of SP’s.

                  I fail to see the downside of a quality starter on a one year deal with the Jays.

                  • I think both those pitchers are on a higher level than Cabrera… most will agree.
                    What significant free agents have the jays signed since 2006?

                    And you’re looking at what you want to look at to determine that Burnett is the right signing, his last time pitching in the AL East was a train wreck. The Jays would benefit from a quality start on a multiple year contract, Burnett is not that. If Burnett rounds out your rotation then fine but he can’t be the guy to come in and be a 3rd starter. This team has the worst rotation in the east it needs more than Burnett.

                    • sign good old pitchers to one year deals all day. Santana, gets shelled, or Ubaldo’s mechanics fall apart again, we’re on the hook for three years probably. All three guys have question marks, Burnett’s walks probably won’t stay down, Santana has home run problems, and Jimenez has been all over the map the last few years. If Burnett will sign for 16 million that’s the deal I want.

                    • “And you’re looking at what you want to look at to determine that Burnett is the right signing.”

                      This is kind of hilarious, given that you’re doing the exact opposite, only you aren’t using Burnett’s actual results to prove your point.

                      You’re concerned that Burnett struggled his last years in the AL East, but you don’t care that he’s had success there, while Santana and Jimenez haven’t pitched there. You’re concerned that Burnett is inconsistent, but you’ll happily ignore how horrifically bad Santana and Jimenez were in 2012, while Burnett was putting up 3 fWAR.

  20. So how does Olney know the asking price for Santana has come down?

    Why would an agent throw this info out there?

    Would you not just sit back and wait until an offer you find acceptable comes in rather than just state “hey..i can be had cheaper than you think!.”

    sounds like he is inferring that this is the case, and possibly rightly so..but I bet its still an inference.

  21. Hey Stoeten how about a piece on the loonie and how it could affect payroll? Considering we pay salaries in USD and the loonie has fallen almost 10% since the summer (currently around .89).

    That’s like adding $13 million in payroll without adding anyone. You’d hope it wouldn’t play a role, but who knows?

    • No need. There’s a wonderful thing called hedging. Check out Rogers Annual Report. When there is a long- term decline then you should ask.

      • Page 57 on the 2012 AR tells you about their program.

      • I understand hedging. And I understand the other comment re: Rogers should be diversified enough to make the impact nil.

        One thing I think you guys are not factoring in tho is that Rogers is not the Blue Jays. They have separate books, separate finances, separate executives etc. The Jays are an arms length subsidiary whose finances are not interconnected to their parent company. If this were not the case then Rogers would not need to buy the Jays broadcast rights. But they do.

        So yes, I agree with you guys that ROGERS is probably well hedged with regards to currency risk, that means nothing as to if the Jays are. And I have a bit of a finance background, I can tell you that hedging is typically a complex financial arrangement that doesn’t always work. So even if they DID have an official hedgeing strategy, that doesn’t mean it worked as expected (in a typical hedge, you would buy another asset/derivative which is correlated to the risk you want to hedge out, however sometimes the correlation breaks down and doesn’t work as well as one had hoped).

        Be interesting to see if the Jays have a hedge policy in place. I know lots of other Canadian pro sports teams that deal in USD don’t. And if they DO, that’s not because of Rogers. They would be responsible for their own financial activities I.e. hedging.

        • Here we go again lol

          “In July 2011, we entered into an aggregate US$720 million of foreign
          currency forward contracts to hedge the foreign exchange risk on
          certain forecast expenditures (“Expenditure Derivatives”, and
          together with Debt Derivatives, “Derivatives”). The Expenditure
          Derivatives fix the exchange rate on an aggregate US$20 million per
          month of our forecast expenditures at an average exchange rate of
          Cdn$0.9643/US$1 from August 2011 through July 2014. As at
          December 31, 2012, US$380 million of these Expenditure Derivatives
          remain outstanding, all of which qualify for and have been
          designated as hedges for accounting purposes.”

          I’ll be gentle but I have to ask, do you really think the Jays, whose main expense is in US Dollars, wouldn’t hedge? Would be entirely stupid of them not to given the past troubles Canadian sports franchises have had with the US dollar. I don’t buy that the bean counters at Rogers aren’t the ones running the show. They are owned by Rogers and are managed by a division of Rogers. They pay the bills hence they are ones ultimately in charge of the money. That’s how corporations work. Be reasonable. Rogers aren’t idiots when it comes to business. Think what you may about some of their baseball related decisions but they’ve been hugely successful as business people. Hedging is just smart business.

          • Rogers doesn’t pay the Jays bills. The Jays do. They are self financed.

            Again, all you are posting is ROGERS hedging strategies. Which has no bearing on the Blue Jays hedging strategies

            • Hello. Here we go again. The Jays come under the Rogers Media Divisions results. Rogers gives the Jays the money. They are owned by the Jays. The Jays don’t file their own AR. Their budget comes from Rogers. Don’t believe me? Ask AA. Ask Beeston. If they need more money they go to Rogers.

              I’ll make it simple for you. The Jays are like a trophy wife. She might go out and shop and buy pretty things but it’s still the husbands money. He’s the one ultimately paying the bills, he’s the one that pays taxes on that money. It’s not a hard concept to understand.

          • And the debate is moot anyways. The question has been answered by Beeston in that article above.

            It won’t affect this year (perhaps they’ve already allotted payroll and converted it to USD and placed it in escrow) but that next year its going to be a definite factor. I.e. they’re not hedged.

            • No you’re wrong again. If you actually took the time to read the AR they are hedged at $0.96 until July 2014. After that they will have to start another hedging program which will obviously be at a lower rate which is when it will start to affect them slightly.

    • A few thoughts I have on this:

      1) exchange rates are volatile. During my MBA one of my profs basically said that you should generally not worry about it much because you can’t really predict it anyway. I doubt that recent moves by the Jays were made under some kind of assumption that the CDN$ would always be as high as it was 1-2 years ago.

      2) Rogers is probably a large enough corporation that their have a very well diversified portfolio and a fluctuation in the Canadian dollar can be smoothed out greatly using their other assets.

      • Also this: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/sinking-loonie-threatens-teams-bottom-lines/

        “It won’t affect our plans for this year, we’re already locked and loaded (with regard to payroll),” says Blue Jays president Paul Beeston. “But it will affect our bottom line, that’s for sure.”

        • wait..what does locked and loaded mean? like they alread have the money in the chamber and are going to spend it? or does he mean the money we had is already spent but we dont have to dump any salary already allocated?

        • Gotcha.

          Soaybe they’ve already converted the 2014 pay allotment to USD which would protect against this year. But as he says, if it stays the same, it will affect next year too.

          Remember, we’re not that far removed from a 0.70 loonie. And if you think it can’t go back to that, remember that the big catalyst that moved the loonie to par was the explosive rise in the oil price back in the mid to late 2000′s. As a petrocurrency, the loonie tracks the price of oil quite well. And then when you see what’s going on with regards to the energy boom in America right now,, its not crazy to imagine a slow and steady decline of the Loonie over the next few years.

          America is now projected to be the worlds largest energy producer within a few years, a thought that would have been utterly unthinkable even a few years ago. What their doing down there caught everyone by surprise.

    • Maybe this is an oversimplification of things, and my knowledge of economics is basic at best, but couldn’t it also be seen as incentive for a free agent to sign in Toronto? I mean… if the Jays pay players in American dollars, couldn’t the player look at it as though, for now at least, he’s only paying $0.89 for every dollar of expenses?

      • Normally yes. For pro ballplayers, prob not

        For example, I work overseas and get paid in USD but live in Canada for most of the year. For me its great. But its only a benefit if your converting your USD into CAD and are spending most of your money in CAD.

        Most ballplayers prob don’t even convert, just leave the USD that goes into their bank ACCTS in that currency.

      • doesn’t work that way. although they are getting paid in USD it doesn’t mean they are saving 11% by spending money in Canada.

        In fact, Toronto is top 5 in terms of living expenses in North American, it’s still an expensive place to live, regardless of where the Canadian dollar is. Not that it should matter so someone making 10+ million a year

  22. http://www.baseballamerica.com/international/blue-jays-sign-dominican-pitcher-hansel-rodriguez-for-330000/

    There’s what the Jays just did with the extra bonus pool cash AA traded for. That was 50k well spent.

  23. 9 days til pitchers and catchers report, where the fuck are the new pitcher(s)??

    • About to sign contracts with other teams getting fed up with thrift shop Anthopolous…

      • boooooooooriiiiiiinnnnnggg!

      • Wait, wouldn’t they be fed up with the other teams too then? Still not seeing why overpaying was/is the better approach. Sounds like you are just impatient and people should cater to that.

      • just wondering, why are the other teams not ‘thrift shopping’ ?

        there’s 28 teams this year that didn’t spend anything on pitching.. there’s 20 teams that have lower payroll then the jays.

        I want this team to improve as much as anyone, but for fucks sakes, stop being such a fucking tool.

        • Sorry, I just believe that a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 20 years and hasn’t signed a significant free agent in almost 10 shouldn’t be playing fast and loose this off season, it could back fire.
          Calling me a fucking tool isn’t necessary either.

      • On an unrelated note, I just now got your username…

      • Don’t be surprised if we hear that the Jays sign a pitcher some time before the end of the weekend. The agents and pitchers both will find out how hard they fucked up playing the market. Crossing my fingers for Drew too, though Boras may not want anything to do with the Jays after what happened with Paxton.

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