Paul Beeston appeared on Prime Time Sports last night on the Fan 590, and dropped a steaming shit-bomb on fans’ hopes that getting the Argos out of the Rogers Centre could “expedite” the process of bringing real grass to the facility.

After mostly brushing off questions about the still-possible improvements to the roster — he says would never say he’s satisfied and doesn’t want to get better, declined to answer about whether he’d be surprised if they got to Opening Day without a major addition, but actually came around to admitting that, based on both offense and defence, they’re looking to improve on Ryan Goins specifically — and addressing the whole The Policy thing again (and, as usual, sounding more firm about it as a guiding principle than Alex Anthopoulos ever does),  the issue of the upgrades to Rogers Centre came up, as Stephen Brunt pressed the Jays’ president and CEO on the confusion that has reigned as the story out of Rogers has changed.

After letting Beeston give his spiel about the many obstacles that will need to be overcome, Brunt went to work:

BRUNT: If the Argos were not part of this discussion, and I said to you, ‘Put grass in there as fast as you possibly can,’ how long do you think that would take?

BEESTON: I think it would take three or four years.

BRUNT: Still?

BEESTON: Yep. Because we have a lot of work to do. We just can’t put grass in there and see it die. So, we know that we can put grass in, because we’ve done it before, but that grass that has been put in before has been brought in, laid on top of the concrete, and they played soccer games on it. But you can’t continue just to put the grass in, because it would never mend properly so that you had a clean surface. So, the idea would be that you would have to take the concrete out, dig down, have — and this is all — there’s a lot of engineering work in this. This isn’t just a matter of putting grass on the concrete, this is a matter of making a grass field, and then making sure that it can grow.

BRUNT: So, Argos or no Argos, you’re saying 2018.


He continued, with respect to the obstacles, by adding that, “I wasn’t aware of this, it’s not just he light and the sun, because you can take care of that to make sure it gets the proper lighting, but it has a lot to do with the air currents. And, you know, our air comes from the top down, and we’re going to have to put something in so that the air goes along the surface of the grass to grow.”

Yeah, I can’t imagine what kind of marvel of engineering it might take to get the air to flow along the surface.

I also can’t imagine where fans might have got the fucking grand idea that the team may be able to “expedite” the process if the Argos were to leave the building earlier.

And now it’s not even so much that it will be done, but it’s that “We think that it can be done, but we’re going to have to find out,” and ”We’re examining this very, very closely and we want to do it.”


It’s not all bad, though. Last week Beeston’s boss, Rogers Media president Keith Pelley, was also on Prime Time Sports, and his comments were a little more grass-friendly. Sort of.

He agreed that the goal was to have grass in the stadium by 2018 “in a perfect world,” and added, “you know, in a perfect world we’d like to have grass in next year.” However, he went down obstacle road himself, continuing:

It’s just there are so many — in the way Rogers Centre was built, without the drainage, to actually grow grass in there we’ve now brought in some experts, and working with a couple of universities, as they analyse all aspects of it, and what it would take to actually make it happen. But the plan is, we would like to get grass into the Rogers Centre eventually.


He later added — after discussion potential destinations for the Argos, including a suggestion of Lamport Stadium (!) — that “if we wanted grass in there a little bit earlier, yes we probably would have moved them out, but that’s certainly not in the spirit of the relationship we’ve had [with the Argos].”

Pressed by Bob McCown on whether, if the Argos were to move out after the upcoming CFL season, the Jays could get grass for 2015 or 2016, Pelly explained, “Certainly not for the ’15, but you never know for the ’16. We’ll know more once we get all the research done in the coming months.”

The fact that they’re (supposedly) spending money to research it is at least good, right??


More Beeston…

A couple extra tidbits from Beeston’s chat last night:

- On attendance, he explained: “We’re behind where we were last year, no question, but we’re ahead of where we were in 2012.” So… unexpected.

- Regarding the Jays’ spring home in Dunedin — which Beeston and McCown both lauded as being like home for the team, which I tend to agree with — Beeston said, “I think we’ll get to where we want to be over the next two or three years.” He was non-committal about whether that would necessarily be in Dunedin, though, as he said that minor upgrades to the facility wouldn’t suffice, and that significant ones were needed. As for looking elsewhere, he added, “The one thing is, when we got out of Palm Beach Gardens, we probably heard from every realtor down there.” And he ruled out the club ever even considering a move to Arizona while on his watch, given that Florida is so much more convenient for the fans.

- One more non-Beeston thing, because I don’t want to write a post about it: Jon Heyman tweeted this morning that the Orioles had, indeed, signed Korean pitcer Suk-Min Yoon, while O’s MLB.com reporter Britt Ghiroli added that it’s a three year deal for just $5.75-million, and Ben Nicholson-Smith reminds us that the Jays supposedly bid. Given the injury concerns — the former starter lost velocity in 2013 and moved to the bullpen — I’m not crying over the loss. It could be a good thing, even. If Baltimore sees him as a starter — even just a stopgap one until Kevin Gausman is ready for full time duty — this may take them out of the running (if they were ever even in it) for Santana or Jimenez. O’s fans, however, would prefer to take the opposite view, hoping the club sees him as a reliever and continues to pursue a starter (though Jim Bowden tweets that there are incentives in Yoon’s deal based on the number of games started).


Glorious image still via James_in_TO.

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  1. Oh well; at least we know it’s coming and it’ll be awesome when it does…

    • I tend to agree. If someone told us three years ago that the Rogers Centre would have a grass baseball-only field by the 2018 season, we would have all jumped for joy

  2. You can design and build an entire fucking stadium in 4 years. The “engineering” excuse is the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever heard.

    Even if the physical work can only be done in off-seasons, there is just no way that reasoning is believable.

    • I’ve heard bigger piles of shit.
      But I’m inclined to agree with your premise. If they wanted it sooner, it could be done.

    • Unless of course this is all related to the whole Bills/Rogers Centre/New Baseball Stadium thing that was tossed out as speculation a while back. A pipe dream most likely, but come 2018 the RC will be on the verge of turning 30. Once they have gone to the trouble of putting in grass you can be they’ll spend at least another 10-15 years there.

      I like the RC and all, but Wrigley Field this thing ain’t. At 40-45 years of age this building will start to resemble the coliseum in Rome and not in a good way. Eventually you need to start considering contingency plans.

      • I agree. There’s a good chance this is what’s driving the timing/decision making. It better not roll out like this: Grass keeps getting put off, Toronto gets NFL franchise, grass gets put off further to accommodate NFL team, NFL team gets brand new stadium, Blue Jays START the whole grass project in 2018, grass goes in 2020, Rogers Centre rots away with Jays as tenants for years having seen no benefit from that entire ordeal.

      • New baseball stadium? Good luck with that.

    • Don’t disagree that four years is an awfully long time, but it’s generally easier to build something from scratch the renovate it into something substantially different. Especially given they have to do so without interrupting the season or other events going on.
      Certainly a tricky thing to do.

    • Well, I don’t think that Beeston sees this as a “we HAVE to do it” thing; more of a “nice to do”; that’s the impression I get, anyway. I don’t think there are multitudes of fans that are staying away from the park because there’s no grass field, and they know that.

      • Actually Julius, excellent point. And doesn’t it always come down to that?
        If there were enough fans to say, boycott the Jays games* unless they put grass in then they’ll take their own sweet time doing it.
        Btw did anyone notice the difference in timing between Pelley’s and Beestons answer?
        Could it be that they’re not on the same page?

        *Additionally, if they threatened to boycott their sponsors too, that would have a much more powerful effect.

  3. Yeah, it definitely seems to me that there would be plenty of sources of warm air flow across the field when the time comes…

  4. Translates to me as “its not a priority for us”.

  5. They could have grass in there by opening day 2015, just wish they’d say what they really wanna say: it’s gonna be pretty fucking expensive and they’re not committing to any timeline for that right now.

  6. Ugh…the more and more I hear AA and Beeston talk lately – the more and more my finely tuned bullshit detector screams “Red Alert! Danger, Will Robinson, danger!!”

    • I get that when I hear Beeston speak, for sure, and that’s why a couple weeks back on a different post from Stoeten, I ruminated about wanting to see this team run with a different President at the helm; I’d be curious to see how it would function. I get the distinct impression that AA’s hands are tied on numerous issues not necessarily by ownership, but by Paul Beeston. I thought my suspicions were confirmed yesterday when Beeston said (not quite verbatim, but close), that “we won’t be signing any contract longer than 5 years, as long as I’m here”. Then, he talked glowingly about CBAs in other leagues (NBA and NHL) that have max-length player contracts, without referring to the fact that EVERY team in those leagues have the same restrictions, and MLB doesn’t restrict its teams that way, and to take that on as your own policy means giving yourself a pretty distinct competitive disadvantage.

      So, this was in pretty sharp contrast to AA’s “never say never” talk on The Policy. I’m okay with saying I’ve lost a lot of faith in Beeston.

      • But are you evaluating the effectiveness of the policy here? Do you think the Jays should have signed Cano, Ellsbury, Tanaka etc to the expensive long term deals that they got? MKcCann at 5 years and 85 million? There is merit in the policy but it is certainly debatable. Before Beeston the Jays were handcuffed by the Wells and Ryan contracts (I know the Ryan deal was 5 years that’s not the point) and they signed Rios to the long term deal then unloaded him on waivers for nothing in return to clear the contract from the books. I personally think the policy is handcuffing the team at a critical juncture and would have loved to see Cano and McCann signed if there was payroll room for it but also dont dismiss the merits of running the team in that fiscally conservative way.

    • @fastball
      Yikes how old are you?
      Bonus question:
      Who spoke those lines and what was his name?

  7. With all the grass talk on this blog you may need to consider changing the name to Stoned Jays Fans

    • I miss stondjaysfan but given his reasonable nature always figured I was the MOARR stoned

      • I am still here, just shortened up the handle to a more DJF-like SJF!

        I appreciate the ‘reasonable’ label, despite being a bake sale most of the time.

  8. All of the evasive language indicates this really isn’t a big priority – or at the very least that they’re really waiting for some other issue to be resolved before they dive into it.

    The idea that it could possibly be held up for 4 years do to engineering issues is a joke. Its actually insulting to think that that answer could possibly be accepted by anyone in a city like Toronto where there are.. y’know.. actual engineers and developers building every-fucking-thing right now.

    They’re waiting to sort out the NFL. If Rogers wanted this done – the planning would have been done already. They don’t need the Argos to leave before drawing up the plans. Thee fact that he’s still talking about this as some hard-to-grasp, still in the initial stages, consulting with Universities type of venture reveals that they are not serious about it and are waiting for something else to happen.

  9. The most depressing part of this interview was when Beeston said that even putting a dirt infield in was a logistic nightmare…so I honestly believe them when they say they are 3 -4 years away irrespective of the Argos. The Jays are 81 dates a year…the Skydome probably doesnt turn an operating profit without 100-150 other events a year, let alone positive net income (after amortization, etc.). You can’t just say “Screw it, we are putting in grass now” without having to fundementally re-orient what the Dome actually is as a venue, and a revenue driver.

    I love the Dome, but it sure will be nice when the 2032 Blue Jays move into the brand-spanking new Rogers Field. Although by then I will be old and probably find something else to whine about.

    • Just to be a pedant, considering Rogers bought the stadium for a song, there is likely minimal depreciation on the books for the stadium.

  10. I really really hope Beeston and his 5 year policy is gone after this year….

    • Why? How many 6+ year contracts would you say have worked out well? I’d guess way less than half.

      • The current market value for an elite free agent is 7-10 years.

        if you want someone elite, you give them a 7-10 year contract. If not you’re left with whatevers left, but you won’t be signing someone elite.

        big contract’s don’t have a better chance for the player to flop, its probably the same percentage as 4-5 year deals, only difference being the amount of years remaining as a bad contract.

        • Nothing you said really counters my argument.
          Most of the long term deals out there are examples of people being rewarded for past performance (e.g. Pujols) and the actual production their team is getting isn’t worth the deal. Those are the “bad contracts” that appear on lists such as Grantland’s from yesterday.

          There are other ways to get elite players (develop them!) and in free agency you’re usually overpaying for someone whose best years are behind them…

          I’m not saying a longer deal is never warranted. I’m just saying that having a general aversion to contracts over 5 years (not a policy mind you!) is not exactly a bad idea…

          • It’s foolish to come right out and tell your fans you have a 5 year policy… It basically gives them no hope of ever signing an elite free agent, say someone like Cano… It’s stupid from a business perspective but beeston is an old fucking Dinosaur living in the 80′s still so it makes sense.

          • Its a very bad idea, because Free Agency can be a great tool for a mid market/payroll team to improve itself.

            Pujols deal would look bad if he signed a 5/150, he fell off the face of the earth unexpectedly, its unfortunate but also odds were stacked heavily against the best player on the planet falling so far so quickly.

            I agree that relying overly on free agents could bury a team if things dont work out. However you need to take chances to drastically improve your team. Lots of teams have won the world series with bad contracts, its not the end of the world.

            • Is this Rogers policy based more around salary parameters and is Beeston just the mouth piece or is this Beestons policy? Would love to know.

              Having Rogers as the ownership is a double edge sword in a way. On one hand they provide stability and during lean times they can tolerate the losses. But when the team is actually on the verge of contention, they fucking turtle and snap that wallet shut.

              You’d love someone there to just wake the fuck up and realize hey we have Bautista, Reyes, Edwin… some pretty fucking high end talent here that teams league wide are drooling over. Maybe we should just spend up to what the big boys do, for once, and lets just see how it plays out. If it fails so be it and the rebuild begins and Rogers gets to enjoy the 50 million payroll for 4 years.

      • I don’t think the point necessarily is that you’d instantly shoot your 10-year wad at every FA out there; the point is that Beeston’s Policy (yes, I’ve renamed it) gives the Blue Jays a very distinct competitive disadvantage that few other teams malign themselves with. To issue a blanket policy (and to hear Beeston discuss it yesterday, it sounds pretty firm) essentially taking you out of the running to improve your team with the best free agents out there is bad policy. You have to at least be open to every possibility in regards to improving your club, and to instantly say “no” to that opportunity is irresponsible.

        • How many teams in the league have signed players to these long term deals? Some have done so with extensions but not FA and few are doing so in FA market. Many (most?) other teams are operating the same way as the Jays they just aren’t broadcasting it to the fans as a previous poster has said is something Beeston and the Jays have done that maybe was a bad idea.

          • @nick

            not every team can afford to pay elite players, however those teams, like the A’s & Rays focus on player development, drafting and extending young players. Sure the jays could take that route, but they don’t have to, they can afford to pay players top dollars. Their payroll now is in the top 10, without a big FA contract, so why go that route when you don’t have to?

            • You picked two small market teams. Other than the Yanks, Boston, Texas, Dodgers, Angels, maybe SF, Seatlle now, what teams are signing these long term deals?

              The majority of teams in the league operate like the Jays do and don’t sign these long term deals.

  11. Hm, that seems like a good deal about Yoon. Maybe teams don’t think he’s going to get his velocity back. I love the idea of having a Korean starter on the Jays, but obviously that only makes sense if he’s one of their top 5 starters.

    • He’s an interesting case for me. Personally I can’t really see why the Jays were interested because of the depth they have at the back end. From what I understand he doesn’t have the ceiling of guys like Jimenez and Santana. If you add in the injury factor then he seems to be more in the class of guys like Capuano. That said, maybe the scouts are seeing more there than what’s been reported.

  12. Haha Beeston pulling out his best say nothing, pass-it-down-the-line politician impression.

    As for the attendance, I am not surprised. They seem to have done a fraction of the promotion that were doing at this time last year, and rightly so I guess,considering what took place in 2013. That said, a good start to the season will take care of that in no time. Looking back at last spring they really almost went overboard with the hype and marketing, even though they were just doing their job. Maybe an interesting signing or two will perk things up. I imagine signing Jimenez and Drew or signing Jimenez and trading for a 2nd baseman would give sales a boost.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised that the shitty winter has had a lot to do with ticket sales right now.

  13. How long until we get some more pitching?

  14. I know a bunch of guys that grow grass in their basements.

    Get it done.

    • If they ever do legalize weed, what a great place to grow it in the winter lol. Would be the new market inefficiency. How well can you grow weed in your stadium in the winter? Think of the added revenue stream advantage. Combine that with food concessions and a cable package. Talk about your vertically integrated audiences.

    • Agreed. If the basement works with the limited ventilation, just quite making excuses already Beest.

      Thank fuck I didn’t get a Beest tattoo like that wingnut featured here a while back. While very inspired to do the same, I decided against it when I showed my wife. She was NOT in favour at all.

  15. Brunt is probably the only guy who covers the jays that I’ve never wanted to punch out. Davidi too, I guess. Fucking love Brunt. Fucking love that guy.

    • Brunt definitely gives Sportsnet some respectability.. otherwise it’s strictly horeshit from the bobcat and the other old fools he has on his show.

      Davidi is a Rogers mouth piece, much like Wilner. Although not a fucking asshole like Wilner.

      • Think you are being way too hard on DaVidi.

        • @ Sandlot
          I dunno Sandlot. It was just 2 weeks ago that that whole Kinsler non trade was leaked by him on the eve of the SOTF months after the fact.

      • I tend to agree on Wilner… I know he has the thankless job of discussing the Jays with the retards that call in to his show (“not actual retarded people; people that were born normal and fought for it” – an awesome comedian I saw the other day), but he’s a real dick on Twitter.

        And yes, Brunt is awesome. Had the chance to chat with him once for a few minutes when he was doing publicity for “Gretzky’s Tears”. Really nice guy. He’s forgotten more about sports than most people will ever know.

    • I heart Brunt too.

      Classy, classy guy. Hard to believe he hangs with the likes of Bob McCown and doesn’t want to slit his wrists.

  16. I heard Keith Pelley on Prime Time sports last week and he was non-committal regarding grass in the Rogers center by 2018…

  17. Taijuan Walker is reported to be experiencing shoulder tightness. Using the words “pitcher” and “shoulder” in any sentence without a negative is seldom good.
    This is on the heels of losing Iwakuma yesterday. (4-6 weeks)

    If AA is truly waiting for an additional drop on he prices on Santana or Ubaldo,
    this is the kind of thing that can make that strategy blow up in his face.
    Have a couple of “win now” teams lose a couple of guys in spring training
    and the market could re-set in a hurry.

    • It’s looking very likely the M’s will go for one of the 2. After Felix, Iwakuma and Walker were the only 2 they could be sure about in that rotation so they could get a little desperate. We already managed to dodge Texas losing a couple guys and not replacing them with someone significant…there is gonna be more stories that come out like this as physicals are done and spring training gets underway.

    • Now may be a good time to trade happ for a second baseman.

    • Mariners were always going to be involved.

      And do you think the agents don’t know this too and haven’t been holding firm on higher prices because of it?

      If “blow up in his face” means he doesn’t get to pay a shit-tonne for these guys… meh.

  18. My grandfather’s electrical company installed a lot of the HVAC and electrical systems (so maybe the ventilation). Don’t blame him for the design though.

    I’ll see if I can rouse him from his afternoon nap to offer some ideas. Maybe the Jays can enlist him and some other old timers for one last big mission a la Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones in “Space Cowboys.”

  19. I know there’s still the 2 guys out there to help the rotation but I’m kind of disappointed that it’s even gotten this far without adding ONE starting pitcher candidate. I mean not even 3 months ago Anthopoulos was talking about adding “2 or 3 starters to the mix.” I’m just wondering what has happened since then that they couldn’t find one guy they like. Even if they do manage to get one of the 2 it’s just surprising they’ve done nothing else…anywhere since the early Navarro signing. They can talk all they want about how the Red Sox only made minor tweaks to their last place club but adding Victorino, Napoli, Gomes, Drew, Dempster, Uehara is a little more than we can point to this offseason. At this point I’d feel better if they at least signed Capuano and acknowledged he’s a better option than Happ.

    • I keep forgetting Happ is on the team, and don’t like being reminded of it.

      • Lol me too, but i have let myself buy into the yarn that Gibbons has been spinning about the changes they made with Haap last year being a game changer. Since all my hate for him was just getting me the start of an ulcer, i figured it was better to take the blue pill and remain in Gibbon’s version of the Matrix.

    • i think what has happened since then is that they had a deal for brett anderson fall through due to injury concerns. then, they learned that chicago wouldn’t trade samardzija without getting sanchez, stroman and someone else in return. then, it seems that cincinnati decided that, in order to contend, they needed to keep homer bailey and that hamilton would be their centerfielder. and then there were no other reasonable starters available via trade – other than fister who detroit never told anyone was available. which other starters were possibly available this offseason?

      • All of these things are true. At the end of the day AA maybe needs to learn to keep his mouth shut a little more to avoid these PR disasters. The exact same thing happened a couple years ago when Darvish was being bid on and Latos and Gonzales got traded. In the trades he said later he under estimated what would need to be given up and made himself look foolish. Just go with the we like the status quo from the beginning, underpromise and then potentially over deliver. Otherwise he is just pissing off the fans getting their hopes up then nothing happens.

        • Can you start bitching till AFTER the “big” 2 pitchers have been signed, we still don’t know where Santana of Jiminez are going.

          • Well that was the caveat of what I was saying – even if they land one of the big (mediocre) 2 it’s still been a perplexing offseason. It’s a bit of a leap to sell to your fans that the same team minus JPA and Johnson and adding Navarro and Ubaldo/Santana + having better luck than last year increases their win total by something like the 16-19 they need to make the playoffs.

            • Hopefully the negative effect JPA had on the Jays and rotation last year has the same negative effect on Texas.

  20. Could be non-committal due to big changes at Rogers. They have their new CEO coming in, their profits are falling, and he’s expected to shake things up.

    • hopefully he’ll put the team up for sale, so we can get a non corporate owner, and rogers can begin paying market value for content

      • don’t hold your breath.

      • I think the most likely scenario here would be Bell buying it to top up what they have on TSN, which is not much. That is, if Rogers ever decides to sell.

      • @ dc, who in Canada has the money to buy this team? Maybe MLSE, but Rogers owns a bit in that as well. Rogers is here for the long shot I am afraid

      • Would there really be a difference – Beeston said in the Griffen interview they are trying to break even and win. If there was a new owner they would potentially get more broadcast revenue but would have a directive to make money one would assume as well. Plus a new owner may not have such deep pockets and be able to spend beyond revenue something that may have transpired with the Jays last year after the trades – could they have made the Marlins trade without a deep pocketed owner?

  21. Yeah, I can’t imagine what kind of marvel of engineering it might take to get the air to flow along the surface.

    lol, thats great

    • +1
      Laughed out loud when I saw that.

    • +1
      I’m beginning to tire of Beeston’s ‘come here, come here, come here, go away, go away, go away’ bullshit.

      If it’s still so up in the air, just tell us, and the media will stop bugging you about it.

      If it’s actually in the cards, tell us where you’re at in the process and we’ll live with it.

      I get the impression that he’s just trying to temper expectations, but it’s making him, and the team by extension, look like bumbling idiots.

    • Maybe they’ll ask all the fans on the left side to blow (air) during the even-numbered innings, and the opposite side blow during the odd-numbered innings.

  22. the jays will not sign either jiminez or santana. there may be a slight upgrade on goins. what you see right now is pretty much what you’re gonna get

    • Carnac has spoken!!!

    • unforunately i think you are right.

    • Yeah, I’m sorta getting that feeling as well.
      Either AA’s playing “you blink first” for a few million dollars with a couple of pitchers/players, and hoping to catch them in a low-ball situation as spring training looms nearer or nearer – or he’s just pissing in our boots and telling us that it’s raining in regards to “being in on discussions”.

    • Just so we’re clear, even if that turns out to be correct, it doesn’t make you not a moron for saying it like it’s a certainty at this stage of the game.

  23. I almost wish the wishywashy Beeston babble is driven by any potential NFL team or a new stadium all together because otherwise it just seems like they are being lazy.

    • NFL will never come here. The way Rogers disrespected the NFL last year hosting Bills, it will never happen. London England will have a team over Toronto in the next five years.

      • the sheer logistics of having a team in europe makes that very very unlikely.

        • The NFL is playing 3 games over there next year. They are making huge amounts of money and the British love the game. I was over there during Christmas and a lot of people are talking about and following the league. A team will be there in 5 years and a Superbowl will be played in 15. Book it

  24. I think that by 2018 it will definitely be time to start planning for a new stadium. It will be 30 years old by then.

    Other concrete multi purpose stadiums like The Vet, Three Rivers, and Riverfront were only around for 30 years.

    RC was the last of those terrible designs before true baseball stadiums we’re build again starting with Camden.

  25. I think that by 2018 it will definitely be time to start planning for a new stadium. It will be 30 years old by then.

    Other concrete multi purpose stadiums like The Vet, Three Rivers, and Riverfront were only around for 30 years.

    RC was the last of those terrible designs before true baseball stadiums were built again starting with Camden.

    • I’d be totally fine with a retrofit, I’m sure they could substantially change it for the better. The location of the Rogers Centre is fantastic, near subway and commuter trains, and recently more restaurants opening that are good places to grab a beer before and after the game. Also, it’s part of the skyline, and prominent driving in or flying to town on Porter.

      I’d worry that a new stadium would be built somewhere else that’s less convenient.

      • Not much space left down town unless they go east.

        A stadium outside of the downtown core would probably be an interesting idea.

        • I think you mean horrible idea.

          The current location is ideal. It is easy to get to for the most amount of people. Centrally located, walkable for many, TTC and GO train accessible, parking.

          No other spot in Toronto could offer all of that.

          • The demographics of the core of toronto has changed. Have you ever tried to find parking on a busy jays game day? near impossible.

            Toronto is far behind in having even average non personal vehicle travel within the city, and thats mainly why Toronto remains a commuter city, hence our traffic and road problems.

            So having a ballpark maybe around the parklawn area, where there is a ton of space to build, might not be the worst idea.

          • Don’t worry–by the time we get around to building a new stadium, CityPlace will have become a ghetto and the land will be mad cheap

    • The reason the ballpark was a dome to begin with is becuase it gauranteed games to be played.
      Important for those coming from out of town.

  26. Best post in a LONG time. Love how ornery you are about the grass. It’s a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE problem and that can’t be overstated. Nice work.

  27. Wow. That air-moving device looks awesome. What will they think of next?

  28. 5.75 for 3 years? That’s not a bad gamble at all, even if it could be 12mil with incentives (which would mean he’s probably pitching well). Especially considering how expensive arms are nowadays…

  29. How about MLSE takes over the Jays and Leiweke runs the team?

  30. What’s everyone guess on odds for signing a Pitcher?

  31. Well the two starters we’eve been tied to are still out there. The starters we were dreaming about of course are gone. I think AA has a career in Poker if he ever gets out of baseball.

  32. Starting to dislike beeston

  33. Why do you censor comments that are in no way offensive or obscene?

  34. I would be down for a new stadium construction come 2018.
    But where would they put the damn thing?? RC is in the perfect location.
    Would they demolish and build there?? Move into Coca Cola Field while the construction is on going??

  35. I read these comments everyday and have to agree with Andrew. The jays gambled last year and lost (health the major reason) and are not willing to give up there top few prospects for a mid rotation starter (the shark). The slow playing by AA is brilliant. He will eventually get one, maybe two for the original overall cost of Santana two months ago. AA learned a lot from last year and still is quite bright and won’t double down on mid rotation starters. The only reason he got RAD last year was because he thought that was the missing piece for the jays to truly contend. The Jays will add 10 wins based soley on health (not estimating perfect health) and the balance will be related to luck which is consistent with every winning team. Including last year Red Sox as there main FA ha close to career years especially the health of there rotation. Jays dont need 5 aces but 5 innings eaters with there projected offence. My only bone with AA is don’t jeopardize your core which is in there prime.

    • I also so agree with Beeston with respect to the 5 year policy. We have potentially 3′-4 all stars in ou le line up without one over pay. Rogers will step as we’ve seen payroll increase dramatically over the past two seasons. One thing people forget is regional deals in Canada are drastically different the USA. Only two players an baseball is second fiddle to hockey. If we mentioned two years ago the jays payroll will be 150 millionish, then everyone would be happy. Let this play out and we do have internal options if need be.

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