He’s like a kid in a candy shop, and that candy is… success.

Sportsnet will broadcast a tonne of Jays Spring Training games on the radio this season, and also on TV. They gave us all the details in a release this morning.

Late addition: According to a tweet from Jon Morosi, the Jays are among the teams who’ve scouted Cuban 23-year-old second baseman Aledmys Diaz. That doesn’t mean they’re not just doing their due diligence, but if the interest is there, and the opportunity to play in the big leagues is something that may drive Diaz’s decision, uh… you’d have to think there might be a chance. I gathered some additional background on him here.

Bluebird Banter takes a fresh approach to looking at Jays prospects, with writer jays182 giving us the infield portion of their Organizational All-Upside Team.

So, about that pining for A.J. Burnett. According to John Perrotto of the Beaver County Times, there’s more to A.J.’s ending up in Philadelphia than just money. “Everything changed when the Pirates decided not to start Burnett in the decisive Game 5 against the Cardinals in the National League Division Series after he had been rocked for seven runs in two innings in Game 1,” he writes. “Burnett was enraged by the decision and threatened to not fly with the team to St. Louis despite being told he would likely start Game 1 or 2 if the Pirates advanced to the National League Championship Series to face the Dodgers.” Yikes.

Drew has a hot taco on the Burnett stuff over at Getting Blanked. And there’s Moore great stuff at Getting Blanked (see what I just did there?), as Jack Moore’s latest¬†Primary Sources piece looks at Dick Allen, Race, And Repeated Failures in Sport.

Back to¬†Sportsnet, where Ben Nicholson-Smith looks at the weak spots for each team in the AL East, and also catches up with Darren Oliver, who won’t be pitching at a big league camp this spring for the first time since the Jays’ World Series years.

Brett Lawrie tweets that he’ll be on the Canadian cover of a video game this year.

Jonah Keri looks at the worst contracts in baseball over at Grantland, with Jose Reyes getting an honourable mention, and Ricky Romero ending up on the full-on list.

The Jays will once again run their Tournament 12 showcase for Canadian amateur players this year. Gregor Chisholm has the details at BlueJays.com.

Keith Law chatted with readers at ESPN.com today, calling Kevin Pillar a fourth outfielder, and… that’s about it, as far as Jays stuff goes. But it’s always good stuff, regardless, of course.

Interesting stuff from the Canadian Baseball Network, as Alexis Brudnicki looks at the history of Baseball America, and its Canadian roots.

Um… skinny C.C. Sabathia? Skinny C.C. Sabathia.

Finally, former Jays manager Jim Fregosi is in a Miami hospital, recovering after a stroke suffered during an MLB alumni cruise in the Caribbean. MLB.com has the info. Here’s hoping for a speedy and full recovery.

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  1. Congrats to Sabathia for giving birth to his food baby.

  2. That RR contract looked good at the time
    It sucks that he fell off a cliff

  3. Dave Cameron had a completely different viewpoint on the Reyes contract in his chat yesterday. I tend to agree, especially if Reyes is healthy. Even when he misses a ton of like last year he was still worth 2.5 WAR and he’s not exactly old. If he was a couple of years older I would probably agree.

    BTW AA please sign Jimenez already.

  4. So Cuban SS Aledmys Diaz can sign in 6 days.

    Long shot, but Jays have reportedly shown interest. Any reports on whether he is MLB ready this year? Could play 2B if his bat is read.y

  5. Don’t forget Derek Jeter’s Dating Diamond:


  6. What the hell? That doesn’t even look like C.C. Sabathia. That looks like a skinny guy who kind of looks like C.C. Sabathia.

  7. Jeter’s an amazing ballplayer. I’m not sure, however, he plays on the right team to be a heart-throb.

  8. I was hoping for an announcment of who was doing colour on the radio broadcasts this year to go along with Sportsnet announcing their schedule. Apparently AA and whomever is in charge of radio personalities have the same thought process on waiting out the market to get the cheapest option, perhaps even just using in house options if necessary.

  9. I’m surprised that Cano didn’t make Keri’s list. He hasn’t played a game yet for the Mariners, but at a $24MM AAV and already at 31-years of age, it should already be considered terrible.

  10. Hope Fregosi is alright. Always liked that guy.

  11. Jays. TV. 2 weeks.

  12. Is 23 the real age or the falsified age?

    • Both. He pretended to be 23 when he was 22. Was caught and suspended for a year and is now 23.

      • Why would he pretend to be a year older?

        • Oh wait I just looked it up.. to be able to earn more. Such a small diffence he changed it from Aug 1, 1990 to Jan 8, 1990

        • I think it was trying to skirt the international pool money allocation needed? After a certain age signing international free agent doesn’t count against those caps?

  13. I am very concerned about CC.

    • Don’t worry. The guy in that pic is no less than 49 years of age. Could not be CC.

  14. Burnett sure doesn’t sound like much of a team player being enraged for not getting a start in game 5 after getting blasted 3 games earlier.

    • That’s the petulant whine-baby I remember: like the game against the Orioles in his last year here. He couldn’t get a strike from the ump so to prove his point he threw it down the middle of the plate, whereupon some forgotten Oriole knocked it out of the park. The look of smug satisfaction made me wish Kevin Mensch, Cory Koskie or whoever was around would kick him in the teeth, on the field.

  15. Just read the Keri article and I think I now know how to solve the problem of bloated long term contracts: the rule is, that if you’re over 34 years old, and make more than 20 million dollars a year, then the league’s drug policy doesn’t apply to you.

    I mean, that’s essentially what the ‘steroid-era’ was, with Sosa, Bonds, and McGwire as old, recognizable names crushing home runs and bottles of nandralone well into their late 30′s.

    It’s kind of unfair. Teams are going to stop giving 30-year-old free agents long term contracts because they know the guy’s going to be a husk 3-4 years into the deal. I mean, you spend all these years busting your ass as a player, making a name for yourself, and then finally when you’re a marketable item, you’re 33 years old, with a bad back and a shitty average, and no one wants to give you any money.

    I think the whole reason we saw these mega-contracts in the first place was because of guys who in the 80′s and 90′s were able to extract a few more productive years out of their careers, and made the whole idea of a 38-year-old veteran a highly valuable commodity.

    It’s not like performance enhancers keep the best players in the game any longer than normal – Pujols would still probably be in the game in his late 30′s regardless – but rather it keeps money out of it. 34-38 should be the highest paid group of players based on service time and body of work. But it only makes sense to pay these guys if they can be somewhat productive at that age as well.

    • I am not sure if this is mostly all sarcastic but if not I don’t agree with most of it. The system is entirely warped and unfair because it is set up to over pay veteran players that are producing less than younger players. Players should be paid based on performance to some degree not service time and it isnt fair that usually until their 6th year in the league they are paid under market value – especially for star players. The long contracts trend likely has more to do with the escalating revenues and the ability of the large markets to eat big money at the back end of contracts and take on the long term risk more easily.

  16. I dropped my daily deuce this morning and it resembled the possible playout of the Jays 2014 season.

    By no means was my dump the sign of the Anthocalypse Now, but I’m moderately concerned.

    One would think if Double Eh goes out and blows all his Greek Yougurt on a Bentley last year, you think he would maintain it. Problem is, this Bentley may look fuckin great, but at a closer analysis it’s engine is burning oil and the transmission causes it to stall at intersections.

    You would think, if you spent that much money to drive with the big boys, you would drop a little more cheddar to keep up with them.

    So Stoeten, you may now proceed to blow a sphincter.


    The deal just got finished because Ubaldo agreed to work for nothing and AA concluded that the price finally came down low enough although Beeston would not approve the deal yet unless he gets assurances that it is not longer than 5 years

      Not to be outdone, Ervin Santana will pay for the privilege
      to play on green concrete and in a foreign country.
      No word yet if he can go 5 years though.

  18. If I’m an aging MLB legend, I am staying the fuck away from cruises after the last couple years..

  19. Fergosi dies? I just read he was in the hospital up top, RIP

  20. Just read that Fregosi passed away… RIP

  21. AJ Burnett is an asshole. I base this on EVERYTHING.

    Stay classy,

    MTG Jays

  22. Looks like NBC had an obit up then pulled it. Poor guy. It sounds like he’s nominally alive. He used to sit just in front of me when he was scouting the Jays. Seemed like a really nice guy.

  23. I am a big fan of Dustin McGowan and was in the minority of those who thought his deal made sense for the Blue Jays. On that note, fuck off Parkes. Love the idea of allowing him to ease into a starting job at his own pace during ST. Who knows right?

    But I am also a realist. McGowan may only throw 25 serviceable innings when all is said and done.

    Benny fresh’s little piece on the AL lists potential candidates to fill out the Jays rotation and nowhere do you find Ricky Romero. In fact, McGowan is listed as an option but nothing on Ricky.

    Can he pull off a Kazmir on us? Or is he really done?

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