It’s hardly anything we haven’t heard before, and wholly self-serving coming from an agent — especially one with clients (Stephen Drew and Kendrys Morales) still adrift in free agency and weighed down by anchor-shaped draft picks — but Scott Boras made some interesting comments last night to Ken Rosenthal for a piece at Fox Sports, skewering Rogers like he was a fan… or… I dunno… had some kind of financial stake of his own in their spending…

“There is no one who has the asset base of Rogers,” Boras told FOX Sports on Sunday, referring to Rogers Communications, the Jays’ parent company.

“It’s a premium city. It’s a premium owner with equity. And it’s a very, very good team that with additional premium talent could become a contending team.”

Boras added, “They’re a car with a huge engine that is impeded by a big corporate stop sign . . . a successful and committed ownership that needs to give their baseball people financial flexibility.”

Part of me really wants to believe that this is simply another salvo in an ongoing war between Boras and Paul Beeston, which has been going on since as far back as the Bill Caudill fiasco, and the agent is just trying to make life difficult for his adversary. However, I think Jeff Blair is probably hitting closer to the truth when he tweets, “If I told my client to turn down a $14 million qualifying offer like Boras did, I’d be looking for someone to blame, too.”

After all, there are whispers out there that the Jays may have been concerned about the medicals on Jimenez, Santana, and Brett Anderson, and if they’re wary of feeding the “this team doesn’t comprehend injury risk” beast, maybe there’s more legitimacy to their passing on those guys that we’d like to accept, and reason to believe they’d have similar worries about Drew. It must also be remembered that Boras is talking about a company, Rogers, who increased this club’s payroll by over $35-million from 2012 to 2013, and $50-million from 2012 to right now.

On the other hand, those figures are a little more complicated than they seem on the surface.

Here’s how I explained it all back in October:

After years of using a small payroll as an instrument to extract extra revenue sharing dollars, while using the team as little more than a source of cheap content for their regional sports networks, Rogers appeared to have seen the light sometime in late 2012. It is surely not a coincidence that their epiphany came around the same time that league’s new collective bargaining agreement with the players phased out the old version of revenue sharing, making clubs in the 15 largest markets– including the Jays– ineligible for it by 2016, with the low-spending among those– again, including the Jays– becoming the “most motivated to increase their revenue streams over the next few years,” according to Jayson Stark of at the time of labour deal’s announcement in November 2011. But that hasn’t stopped much of the chatter surrounding the club’s winter task from largely absolving ownership, who we’re to believe so benevolently increased spending last year, from demands that they continue to put revenues from a club, and a sport, flush with cash (especially with new national TV deals beginning in 2014, which will give each team an additional $26-million per season) back into it.

. . .

[We] should be talking more about why [more spending is] possible– i.e. because of the change in the revenue sharing system, because of national TV deals, because of the ever-increasing value of the content they provide Sportsnet, because of the highest-in-MLB growth they saw in terms of attendance this season, and because the new CBA saves them money in other ways, like the fact that MLBTR indicates that in 2010 and 2011, the club spent $22.6-million on the draft, while Baseball America indicates that for 2012 and 2013, the figure was just $12.3-million.

There have been little-noticed savings on international free agents, as well: in December of 2011 (the first time I used the image above) I figured that, though the numbers were murky, in 2010 and 2011 the Jays had spent about $20-million on international amateur players (including $10-million for Adeiny Hechavarria, plus bonuses for Roberto Osuna, Dawel Lugo, Wulimer Becerra, etc.). Because of the new CBA, in the signing period that began in July of 2012 their pool allotment limited them to spending just $2.9-million (though they could go over that by 10% before incurring a penalty that would prevent them from signing anyone above $500K in the following period), and this year their figure dropped to $2.82-million.

So there are instruments in the CBA to compel the Jays to spend more in general, and to move money from other, darker areas to the big league payroll — which is, of course, the number that will always be zeroed in on. As much as that sort of spending made Rogers’ commitments worthy of defence in 2010 and 2011, when they were pouring money into unseen areas while fans whined about big league payroll alone, it means we can’t now give them a break simply because the money has been moved around. They’ve spent more, just not quite as much more as it looks. It also so happens that their current commitments, large as they are relative to the league, are slated to go down by more than $100-million in about 18 months’ time, at the end of the 2015 season.

As much as we have to look at everything about how this club spends money through the prism of how much capital Rogers is willing to give the front office access to, it’s an absolute joke that the parent company can attempt to cry poor, or construct a series of hoops that the front office must jump through in order to get their hands on the kinds of resources we understand full well that the club generates.

Ervin Santana, the Rosenthal piece says, is posturing now like he’d rather wait until July to sign, when the draft has passed and he’s free of the compensation tied around his neck, “than accept a deal similar to the one-year, $8 million contract  outfielder Nelson Cruz agreed to with the Orioles, pending a physical.” The Jays should be willing to pay him more than that — and they should be willing, even, to overpay him without the fear that even a wholly reasonable deal may haunt them down the road, should Rogers choose to suddenly turn off the revenue tap.

While it’s naive to expect ownership to behave against their own interests, we surely can expect better than the warped misrepresentation of the club’s financial picture that it seems hoped we’ll simply swallow uncritically, especially when such slimy pronouncements come from the unassailable mouth of Paul Beeston. To blame Anthopouos, then, even as he dutifully praises ownership and tries to insist that the buck stops with him, would be folly.

In other words, Boras is right. We knew that already, and clearly he’s saying as much entirely out of self-interest, but he’s right.

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  1. According to this Fangraphs post, Jays are 8th in the league in 2014 payroll. So it’s not like they aren’t spending money.

    • Adding to it is the probable issue

    • Stoeten addressed that in his article, actually…

    • The owners taking in the cash with basically free tv rights. The jays play in the largest city with only one team. The Jays market reaches across an ENTIRE COUNTRY. the jays should be making more money than any team (except the Yankees) they should AT LEAST be in the top 3.

      • Holy crap. People talk about the entire country like it strengthens their idiotic point. This is a country of ~33MM people, or less than twice the New York metropolitan area.

        The strip of land that runs from Washington to Boston has well over 50MM people. That’s about an 8-9 hour drive, in case you’re wondering, or about the same time that it takes to go from Kitchener to the QUE-ONT border.

        Stop talking about the ENTIRE COUNTRY like it’s a thing. It’s not, it’s just dumb.

        • Uh… there are six MLB teams in that strip with 50-million people, and four, maybe five TV markets (BOS, NY (NYY/NYM), PHILA, BALT/WASH). The fact that Jays games are in so many households is definitely a thing when you’re talking about the value of their TV rights and the club as a product.

          • Yeah, at a superficial glance I suppose. Except that 80% of our population lives within 100 miles of the border. I wonder if all the baseball fans around Windsor-Sarnia are Jays’ fans, or whether all the baseball fans in BC are Jays’ fans, or whether all the baseball fans in MAN are Jays’ fans, or whether all the baseball fans on the Atlantic provinces are Jays’ fans, or whether all the former Expos’ fans are Jays’ fans…

            Two things. I roll my eyes at the assumption that because the Jays are based in Canada, that all Canadians automatically cheer for them. There’s plenty of competition for allegiances. Second, I’m in a pissy mood so don’t take it personally–either of you.

            • You’re right that there are fans of all stripes, and lots of Mariners fans and Tigers fans (London is basically split, allegiance-wise, I understand), and Red Sox fans. But the opportunity is there for the Jays to market to them and turn them into fans of their own club, which is what they’ve been doing in recent years. It’s all about the number of eyeballs they can get pointed at the advertising, and being on a network with such a gigantic base of homes is a really good thing for them, I’d think.

              • Yup, you’re right and I agree. It’s the hasty generalization that bothered me so much. I’m going to stop now before my reputation gets any worse. Cheers and I apologize if I lowered the level of the conversation…

              • Yes London is 50/50. Most of the younger fans support the Jays but the baby-boomers are predominantly Tigers fans, as you would expect. Having Detroits AA affiliate helped for a short period is an important factor.

                • Back when the London Tigers were still around, I would say it was about 50-50. Since then however, it’s swung to the Jays’ favour in a large way.

              • London is still 90% Jays fans. You don’t see many Tigers fans outside of the Windsor area in Ontario.

            • I’m BC born and raised, living in Alberta and I can assure you that the majority of baseball fans in Western Canada are Jays fans. Walk around any mall in Calgary and you’ll see multiple people wearing Jays gear.

              • It’s not that there aren’t any Jays’ fans in the country. It’s not even that the majority of fans aren’t Jays’ fans. It’s the assumption that all baseball fans in Canada are Jays’ fans. For years the main rivalry on the east coast, for example, was Red Sox/Yankees, and those allegiances are deep historically. That’s not to say that the Jays haven’t made serious inroads, especially among younger fans, but cheering for TOR still isn’t a given.

                What’s the closest major league team to Alberta? At a guess, I’d say that it’s the Twins. Both the Jays and Twins are pretty geographically remote, but at least the Jays are Canadian. If I thought about it, I’d hazard a guess that Alberta’s chock full of Jays’ fans, so I’m not surprised by your assertion.

                • Nobody makes that assumption. The point is the potential market — that’s what makes the national broadcasts relevant. It’s the same reason we can cite Toronto’s size as being relevant to the Jays’ potential value, even though not everybody in the city likes baseball.

                • Mariners are the closest. By a wide margin.

                • Seattle is much closer than Minneapolis

              • For what it is worth I grew up in ontatio where there were ball fans of all sorts. Lived in sask and ab since where hardly anyone gives a shit at all about baseball, the only associations I have had with anyone that is a baseball fan are people I have played with and the odd baby boomer. My understanding is also that there are less baseball fans per capita in ontario than the states as well. Especially younger people dont follow ball or are fans.

            • For what it’s worth, I grew up near Vancouver, and most baseball people there were Jays fans, strictly because of the canada thing.

            • I have lived in Western Canada my whole life and can tell you that the Blue Jays are huge out here. Always have been.

              • Go to the states and learn how huge baseball can be. It is not close to as popular in western canada as in america

            • Cool. So, wherever you are in Canuckistan, you get YES or MASN as your basic cable feed instead o f Rogers/TSN?

        • A market of 33 million people, with only one baseball team, that happens to be on TV every night.

          If you don’t get the relevance of that fact to the value of TV rights (in contrast to the saturated northeast corridor that you cited in your post), you probably shouldn’t be lecturing people on what is or isn’t an “idiotic point”.

          • Yeah, because this entire country only has access to Jays’ games. Wow.

          • It’s been shown that the Jays have the #2 team for TV audience in baseball, behind the Yankees.

            Of course you gotta look at what the Jays are doing via the Rogers prism. This includes the gigantic takeover of the hockey universe in Canada which falls into the Rogers Media domain.

            With a communications company, they are going to look at the Jays as a business and attempt to figure out what their “return on investment” will be for the team. For the 50,000,000 or so increase in payroll last year, the TV audience did not increase, but park attendance did. The team did not deliver extra wins, and the buck stops at Anthopolous and Beeston.

            i could see Anthopolous / Beeston talking to the Rogers board of directors asking for another 20 million to secure some all-star talent and Rogers looking at what happened last year.

            But WTF do I know?

        • That’s 50 million people divided between the Yankees, mets, Red Sox, phillies, orioles, and nationals.

      • Jays fans are few and far between on the west coast. I bet there are more UFC fans here than baseball fans. Also, weekday games start at 4 here, right around the time most people are stuck in traffic. Unless you pvr it, you miss the first 4 innings. I’m not sure about Alberta or Saskatchewan but baseball doesn’t sell in western Canada because nobody gives a fuck.

        • There are lots of jays fans on the west coast, I see more and more Jays gear, everywhere I go on Vancouver Island, and I travel the Island weekly. Also, as for being UFC fans over baseball, your talking about one of the best places in the country to play baseball 9 months of the year. There is a reason a lot of the players drafted that are Canadians are from B.C. I can’t speak of Calgary, but I lived in Edmonton for close to 10 years, and have had countless conversations started by just simplying wearing a Jays cap. Last off season I had a 95 year old man roll up to me in his motorized cart and asked me if I thought we were going to do well this year. Brought a smile to my face. I pick my son up from scholl, and the kids are wearing the gear. Yeah, you see the Yankee, Red Sox, Nationals and Mariners gear, but I still see way more Jays gear than others. I will say that I’ve seen more younger fans since last years off season.

          • I guess maybe its just my own experience when I say theres a lack of Jays fans in B.C. However, Ive started multiple conversations with people in Jays hats that don’t know shit about the team. Just because they wear the gear doesn’t mean they are fans. My wife gave me a bieksa shirt that I wear all the time but I couldn’t care less about bieksa or the canucks, I only wear it because its bulky and hides my man-tits. Nat Bailey is the only place I ever see passionate Jays fans.

        • One thing somewhat relevant to this discussion, and I don’t have any sort of answer as to why (nor any definitive source outside of a couple web links) but the cost of ads on American TV versus Canadian TV is significantly different. I believe it’s something like $50 per thousand viewers for US TV and closer to $15 or $20 per thousand Canadian viewers.

          So you can’t really compare apples to apples the Canadian TV market to the US and assume the Jays are swimming in TV ad revenue because Canada is 33 million people. If i’m close on my advertising price estimates there, when you compare real advertising revenue, the 500,000 or so Canadian views may only equate to 150,000 or 200,000 American viewers from an ad revenue perspective

        • There is no doubt that the penetration rate for baseballin canada is not as high as thr states. Itisnt as popular of a game period especially outside of ontario so you cant just compare populations. Has similarities to southern cities and hockey straight population does not represent the size of the market

          • Does the rest of Canada really matter? A 7 pm start is 5 pm in Calgary and 4 pm in Vancouver. Even if the Jays were to ever have a lot of fans there, is that really likely to translate into viewers?

            Ontario is enough in itself to make the Jays one of the largest markets in baseball. And realistically, that’s where it should end given the time zone and proximity challenges – any effort spent on expanding the audience in the rest of Canada is probably not worth the expense, if it comes at the cost of investing in viewers in Ontario.

            I mean, just think about it … if the Jays got a typical viewer in Vancouver, he/she may watch the game for an hour at most and probably see a live game, in Toronto, once every few seasons. Conversely, Seattle will get viewers in Vancouver on Sportsnet Pacific and can realistically expect an interested fan to make the journey once every season or so. I can see the Mariners valuing promoting to the Vancouver market,, however any money spent on promoting the Jays, if it comes at the cost of promoting them in Ontario, probably doesn’t make sense.

            Similarly, the incremental cost to Rogers of airing Mariners games out west is probably worth it so that they can get 3 hours of eyeballs rather than ~1 (and the fact that Sportsnet televises Mariners games on Sportsnet Pacific and Red Sox games on Sportsnet East demonstrates this further).

        • So full of shit. If Rogers relocated to Arizona for spring training they would own Western Canada. When they came to Regina for an exhibition game in the early ’90′s they sold out Taylor Field. Rogers does nothing to encourage western fans, pisses me right off but I still follow. Vancouver could make a NL team fly way easier than Montreal (sorry but you had your chance).

        • That was for retardhead

          • Just an fyi, I live in a small town close to Windsor and I’m one of very few jays fans that I know. They’re all tigers and wings fans.
            Based on proximity I suppose…
            I’m going to laugh all them all when we beat them in the alds this year!

          • Wow, sold out a game in Regina in the early 90s? Solid point dicksucker

  2. Boras is just stirring the pot as only Scott Boras can do. Whether he’s right or not, none of us can truly know unless one of us has insider knowledge of the the inner workings of Rogers, and how much money they’ve allotted to the Blue Jays. The fact still does remain, though: Rogers has a buttload of money they COULD be giving to the Blue Jays. I’d feel better if I know that some of the money I gave them went to my fair Blue Jays. Oh well.

  3. Is there an element of truth to Boras’ comments? Sure. However, after their payroll increase over the last couple of seasons, I think it’s more agent-trolling than anything. I’ll wait for a pattern to emerge before I agree with this claim.

    • Next year will be telling

    • With the exception of last year we have seen quite a pattern.

      We all know Boras is right about this. Rogers can flex its financial muscle if it wants to… But why bother when you have ridiculous growth in the value of the club without spending?

      Last year was an experiment to see what a winning team could do for ratings and profits. Unfortunately they didn’t win…. So ownership says “why bother spending if we can grow the business without it”.

      They can talk about value all they want. The protected pick they have gives them a serious competitive advantage in the FA market. Salaries aren’t going down in the future… So hard to see when “value” will be available in the FA market if not now. I don’t think any of us would mistake AA for an idiot so he’s probably already figured this out. Which means its not him staying out of the market with baseball decisions. It’s Rogers keeping him out for financial reasons.

      Very frustrated. Not so much because we didn’t sign a starter… More because of the constant bullshit that comes from having a profit seeking corporation own the team.

      • But you dont know what the profit margin for the team is or has been do you? Beeston said in griffen interview that they try to break even and win and insinuated thst the trades resulted in spending before revenue rather than after like the previous position he was saying ….. if you believe what beeston says

      • Boreass isn’t going to let them sign for nothing. He will make sure that all it costs the Jays is money , lots of money,(and the draft pick) and then the Jays would have two slightly better than replacement players signed long term with no room in the future for any more additions. This would get their payroll up to 165 million and not gaining very much on the field. No way! Jays need to show patience and see what they have first and can trade in-season for any other needs.

  4. As an utterly pointless and irrelevant-to-the-discussion aside: I sure wish there was a way to edit our posts so that so I can fix my typos after the fact :S

  5. Or you can all just not bother to read what I just wrote. That’s fine too.

  6. “You’re not wrong. You’re just an asshole.”

  7. Stoeten you’re quick enough to ban trolls from this board, why are you giving credence to what Boras is saying now? Because he’s trolling pretty good.

    It’s easy to say that Rogers are mean bastards who won’t spend enough to support the team. But look at what you’re suggesting they open the purse strings for. Santana is not a game-changer. He’s a #3 starter at best. There are a lot of teams out there looking for pitching help but no one has stepped forward to hire him. I get that the pick weighs him down but I doubt it weighs him down enough if he is that great a pitcher. Everyone decided the Jays would sign him but I see no evidence to suggest that the Jays ever really wanted him. Maybe their stats guys are throwing up red-flags that we haven’t thought of. Maybe they have health questions. maybe they want a surer thing than an aging pitcher who may be coming down with Dead Arm Disease in the very near future.

  8. I buy that he’s looking for someone to blame, it’s just a weird target to go after when neither of the two guys he’s got looking for jobs are an obvious fit for the Jays. Unless he’s been insistent in negotiations that Drew can play second, in which case, what the fuck Jays?

    • I doubt Boras expects the Jays to sign Drew or Morales, otherwise he wouldnt have taken a dump all over rogers.

      • I’m sure Boras called AA about Drew and maybe Morales but got a flat out no for the asking prices. It’s just sour grapes since Boras knows there’s no chance.

        • that’s my guess…

          Boras communicates with AA & AA didn’t like the offers…

          Boras puts a negative spin on Rogers to give them negative publicity..

          And my guess is Boras is hoping Rogers execs pressure AA into doing something and/or Boras is trying to make it seem like AA has stated he can’t do a deal b/c the $$’s aren’t there…divide & conquer

          I believe the $$’s are there…just that AA doesn’t see the value for the price…simple as that…

          my hope is Rogers/AA/Beeston stick together & let other teams deal with Boras…

    • As a Boras client I would be none too happy seeing my agent saying something like this about a potential suitor, not matter how remote the chances of signing there.

  9. I guess Boras expects everyone to just back up the Brinks’ trucks and dump the vault into his clients’ laps. And history has shown he’s gotten used to thinking like that.
    I’m not sure what AA and the Jays are doing – but I’m thinking it’s all about the club dictating the terms on what it perceives as “value”, not the agent/player.. It’s about “Do we really want Player X at X-million dollars a year for X-many years” – and I guess AA and the Jays have decided that this year’s crop of guys wanted more than they were willing to pay….either that, or nobody wanted to take the Jays’ offer, and would play the waiting game to get the deal that they feel (or that they’ve been TOLD) that they’re entitled.
    In Rogers’ defense – just because you HAVE shitloads of money, doesn’t mean you HAVE to spend shitloads of money – which is what Boras thinks the natural order of the universe should be.
    AA wants high-ceiling, controllable young arms. He doesn’t like tying up some so-so guys for long-term deals, nor giving up picks. Face it, Santana and Ulbado have a LOT of question marks on their resumes. They’ve been good, and they’ve stunk out the joint.
    But are you getting something with them that you can’t get in-house?
    Not at 10M+ for 4 years, you’re not.
    At least that’s his opinion, maybe.
    Better no deal than a bad deal.

    • Consider, though, whether you’ve been conned into believing MLB owners’ terms on what constitutes a “bad” deal.

      • At this point, realisticallyl, what would be stopping the Jays from signing Santana for a $10M, 3-year deal? I don’t think there’s any question that the financial flexibility is there. Is it that the Jays don’t think he’s worth that much, or Boras and Santana are holding out for much more?

        • I honestly don’t know. I’d assume that’s lower than Santana still thinks he can get.

          Santana’s not a Boras client, by the way.

    • I think part of the bigger issue that Boras is addressing though (which he didn’t really expand on) is that the Jays made one big move to get better (the Marlins deal, which was suppose to address 2 holes in the rotation and 2 in the infield), and 2 moves to go “all-in” – the Cabrera signing and the Dickey trade. Regardless of the efficacy of those moves, Boras is probably just as surprised as a lot of analysts to see the Jays make a couple all-in moves last year and then followed that up with jack-shit this year, despite 1) obvious needs at 2B and in the middle of the rotation, 2) the financial means to make the moves necessary to address those needs, and 3) not being as impugned as other teams when it comes to draft-pick compensation as their first 2 picks are protected. While I agree that the holes that the Jays have aren’t worth jumping off a cliff over, having a competitive advantage to make your team better, the players able to address those weaknesses being available for not a ridiculous amount of money given the time of year it is but deciding it’s better not to is puzzling to a lot of people – not just you and me and other fans, but to insiders and agents and likely a lot of team executives.

      Of course, all this second-guessing could be dispelled by the team coming strong out of the gate, but anything less than a strong record is going to be a huge distraction if players like Jimenez, Santana, Drew, etc are playing well for other teams and helping them compete.

  10. Good on ya Boras… finally someone calling out this cheap fuck ownership!

  11. Seems a bit odd for him to directly call out the Jays. He hasn’t really needed the Jays to be the most successful agent in pro sports so I don’t necessarily believe he’s trying to goad Toronto into doing anything.

    • Goading them into doing anything? Obviously not, I mean what could he really force them to do? Maybe this is nothing more than Boras responding to inquiries from Ken Rosenthal about the Jays payroll situation and Boras telling him as he sees it.

      I mean it could be anger from a deal falling apart, but as we saw with Tanaka and Jimenez, no offers were made by the Jays. The same was reportedly true regarding Santana after rumours came out saying the Jays made that lowball bid to both Santana and Jimenez and the agent denied it.

      So at least as far as three of the main targets in the free agency market goes, we know the Jays did in fact not make an offer.

      Maybe it’s just the fact that AA was so adamant about addressing the pitching situation as late as December that’s throwing everyone off. I know there are those that might say that AFL results for guys like Stroman and Hutchison might have changed their reasoning but I am not so sure that you can put that much weight into that theory outside of Morrow’s health status. The Jays knew what they had in Stroman and Hutchison already. There were plenty of pundits like Law arguing he could have already been been successful last year. They might have had their hopes in Happ’s altered mechanics in September but he didnt pitch after that. There’s also the failed attempt to add Anderson that kills that theory for me as well. So to me it seems outside of Morrow’s good reports not much changed in what AA knew between October and now.

      Who knows, maybe that was enough, or maybe despite what he said back in October, he never intended to upgrade through free agency at all.

  12. So by your numbers, they saved about $10 million on the draft and $15 million internationally, for a total of $25 million and this season they’ll start getting $26 million more per year for the new TV deal. So there should have been about $50 million extra in the pot from 2012 to 2014 and over that time they increased payroll $50 million. i.e. status quo in total spending. Perhaps that’s why there’s no money for further additions.

    I would take that a step further and also wonder whether or not it’s really coincidence that the Jays payroll is setup to ramp back down to much lower levels in time for 2016 when they’re revenue sharing money stops rolling in.

    Overall, I’d say these businessmen are very shrewd indeed.

    • The revenue money already stopped or they were getting a minimal amount, it was being run down over 4 years. The started losing 25% of what they were originally getting every year. Their last year would have resulted in them getting approximately $9 million.

      As for the $26 million figure I read an article where the Pirates GM said they weren’t getting all $26 million in year one and that like a lot of the local TV revenue deals it was going to be ramped up over time. Also there was costs that MLB took from that amount. Don’t have the link handy but if you google it you should find the actual quotes. There were other reporters talking about the $26 million figure this winter as well.

      That said, if it’s basically the same amount they’ve been putting in all along, then it goes back to the question of a few years ago, have they been putting in enough from the start?

      • That makes sense to me. I’m sure we’re only getting the tip of the iceberg in terms of how the year to year numbers actually fall. It is obviously way more complex once the accountants get involved. I just think it’s interesting that the numbers on the surface are so close, it’s really hard not to draw a connection. I think Stoeten was really on to something on this one.

        • Maybe the revenue only justified that much expense. They arent going to lose money. Seems obvious to me that winning could dramatically increase revenue and then expenses could go up. Expenses did go up a little overall last year as sandlot was saying. In any case this is all mostly speculation none of us know what the real revenue figure is

  13. I really think they feel good about internal options over spending x$ for who is available. However as always I will head into the season with some optimism… thinking more about 2013 and a healthy morrow would have put us in an 85+ win area with all the shit that happened. 2012 2013 were injury+ years. Probability of better fortunes should be on our side one thinks?

  14. Best is listening to all the Rogers employees on the fan590 gripe about AA and Beeston – never daring to mention their Boss

    • Do they gripe about Beeston? Seems to me he’s pretty bulletproof, though I don’t listen to much beyond PTS these days, and occasionally Blair.

  15. He’s frustrated that the Jays are not offering anything to one of his clients, despite the gaping hole at second base. He’s trying to get the Jays in so he can squeeze more money out of the team he really wants to negotiate with.

    Then again, the Jays haven’t signed a single client of his since 2008… so based on that, I’m shocked this statement hasn’t come sooner.

    • I am too (shocked….and appalled) and here it is so I won’t have to write it.
      Let’s face it; these are sworn enemies.
      If your were Rogers would you deal with him?

      • If the Jays are willing to bring in questionable characters such as Lawrie and Cabrera to make the team better, they have no excuse shutting out Boras. To out rightly refuse to negotiate with one of the most prominent agents in the sport solely on principle is just bad business

  16. Boras is right, but it’s hard to take anything from him seriously.

    It’s like if Barry Bonds came out and said PED’s taint the sport and players should stop doing it.

    • Insert sosa or macguire for bonds. Bonds didnt juice until after they did and they were being praised and promoted as heros by mlb. Then bonds juiced and blew them all away. Bonds could feel that way and be justified he took peds after they already had tainted the sport

  17. Yeah, it’s Boras, but when AA starts the offseason by stating ‘staring pitching is our most glaring need’, then refuses to even offer competitive contracts to starters who would clearly help improve the team, as Stoteon says it does have merit.

    • This is where things fall apart for me too.

      When AA made that statement, he must’ve known that it would set the expectation amongst fans that the team planned on rectifying that problem at some point during the off-season. He must’ve also had at least some idea what the market was for the available free agent pitchers. It is difficult to imagine that he would have boxed himself into that corner if he thought at the time there there was any chance that he wouldn’t add another pitcher to the rotation in time for this season. The fact that he didn’t sign (or trade for) any pitchers to address that “most glaring need” at least raises the possibiilty that at some point since the end of last season ownership has told him to hold the line on new free agent spending.

      • Maybe that was the point of saying it.

        • If it wasnt pr to avoid saying no payroll increase then why would aa say it? I surely hope he didnt misjudge the market so badly to expect to land these guys so far below market rate. Jays havemt even offered anyone anything

  18. Maybe I’m stubborn but I have a tough time believing the decision not to sign FA’s is solely due to Roger’s fiscal restraint.They’ve spent in many areas trying to improve the club and with the resurgence of interest from last year to build on,it’d be easy to plop down an extra 10 mil a year to keep the hype machine going.But AA and Beeston didn’t ( as of yet) take the easy way out. opening themselves up to scrutiny.
    The assumption is that no deals= cheap Rogers fucks.
    I’m not so sure there aren’t other reasons..
    Boras is a master negotiator and manipulator.
    Read somewhere that Seattle agreed to 9 years for Cano but JayZ pressured for 10 because “Boras would have”. Don’t know if it’s true but Boras can and does influence the marketplace.

    • Sorry but I don’t know what else to think at this point.

      Internal options be damned. There isn’t a GM in the league that would rather go to war with Happ et al fighting for 2 spots instead of 1. All the garbage about Santana being only a #3 is completely missing the point. Show me a #3 that doesn’t get $12mill annually on the FA market. That’s the going price and the Jays should get him a bit cheaper than most with the draft pick issue. If they weren’t willing to go this far they shouldn’t have given us bullshit 4 months ago about needing to improve the rotation.

      • You didn’t read where AA said as the offseason rolled on, they began to like their internal options much more due to solid performance in the AFL and improved health?

        • What else is he going to say?… “Yeah, out rotation isn’t good enough and the cheap ass bean-counters who ultimately sign my cheques and employment contract won’t give us jack… but whatevs”?

          C’mon. AA’s just being a good company man when he says stuff like that. He only trotted out the AFL line when it became obvious that he’d end up getting nothing.

      • Except Dexter,that both UJ and Santanna have been satistically dissected and the consensus is far from overwhelming,one way or the other.
        UJ has either found his form from his glory years or he got lucky for a few months after stinking for 2 years.
        Santanna is either a solid #3 or would be horrible at the RC with his HR totals going through the roof ( pun intended). Some have suggested NOT aquiring him at any price.
        Adding either on a 3/4 year deal maybe useless IF the rest of the team performs like last year.
        Both could work out or either one could be another one of those aquisitions that AA has to try to deal away in a year, to make room for a real pitcher.
        With so much uncertainty,is it a gamble worth taking? Especially not knowing how the rest of the team shakes out?
        Cheap Rogers or smart decision by AA?Time will tell.

        • Add to that that MLBTR was saying the other day that even Cleveland didn’t want UJ back because of his inconsistancy. And they didn’t have to pay a pick to get him.

        • Translating cash to on-field assets at below-market salaries seems like a pretty good idea, though. Not sure it’s a problem that they might eventually have to deal them if they don’t work out. It becomes a problem if the payroll isn’t there to support the deals going south. It’s sports and these are humans, not every deal is going to work out well, and the club ought to have the confidence that they can swing and miss and still have the resources to fix it. They act awfully risk averse on the free agent market when they’re one of the teams with the kinds of theoretical resources to be the opposite, which could be an advantage for them.

          • Good counterpoint Stoeten.
            Back in the day, I read a quote about why the Yanks were so good over a period of time.
            ” they have the ability to write off bad contracts and move forward,whereas most teams live with the mistakes and keep putting it out on the field”
            Either way the Jays wrote off Ryan and basically Romero. sent money out with Halladay and Wells. Paid 500,00 for a draft pick.
            Mindlessly speculating,we as fans value UJ and Santanna as possibly improving the starting rotation THIS YEAR.Maybe.How sure are we that they’ll do that for 2015,2016,2017?
            Are there options behind the scenes?IF AA has a budget increase that we don’t know about,.could he be saving that for a better option?Dunno.

          • @stoeten theoretical is a good word. Theoretically rogers could afford the slash wireless rates in half or whatever else. Sure that is bad example since there isnt upside there. Point is realistically they are going to be short term risk averse to avoid losing lots of money and would need to be convinced to justify risk and likelihood of future revenue gains, last year wasnt a good start for that convincing

        • So get Drew then. He can’t be asking for much now.

          Or Jeff Baker

          Or Nelson Cruz for $8. Is this really too much for one year of a Lind platoon with huge upside and ability to spell Jose in RF and maybe play LF in a pinch? especially if (with a good season) you might QO him again and re-coup a pick.

          Or fuckin Chris Capuano for $2,25M + incentives. More proven than the #4 #5 we have now for next to nothing.


          Considering the dollars involved and the contracts being handed out around MLB none of these are bad baseball moves for an aging but competitive win now Jays team with little on the books after 2015.

      • Maybe aa would be putting his job on the line by attempting to upgrade via fa money and not succeeding. Rogers may give him that leeway but not be forgiving if it results in the team losing money. That seems like the other explanation.

    • To me there were too many good reasons for signing one of them. There were reports from the SportsNet guys about having $15 million in additional payroll at one point which then stopped being mentioned all of a sudden. I mean there are those in here who believe they are simply Rogers stooges so it’s kind of hard to have it both ways.

  19. “In other words, Boras is right. We knew that already, and clearly he’s saying as much entirely out of self-interest, but he’s right.”

    Yes that was my take on it as well. He has a professional stack in saying it but he’s not wrong.

  20. we need new owners. maybe CIBC will buy the Jays back *wink wink*

  21. Opinions are banable offenses around here? This site would be a big hit in Germany 50 years ago.

  22. “Waaah, they’re not overspending on the mediocre ball players I represent”

  23. In other news, even though they’re rich, Rogers wouldn’t give me free phone and tv!

    …Obviously, I’m exagerating, but my point stands. There are only a handfull of owners who are going to pour money into their team without actually trying to make money off of it. Unfortunately, the Jays don’t have one of them and to expect Rogers to make large investments without trying to profit is just as naive as thinking they will give me free tv.

    I’m not saying I’m glad they are operating the Jays the way they are, just that, realistically, we shouldn’t be so surprised.

    • “to expect Rogers to make large investments without trying to profit is just as naive as thinking they will give me free tv.”

      Making those investments is trying to profit… teams that win a lot generally draw better then teams that lose a lot. Winning = Better attendance + better TV rating = Profit. Not to mention that it builds brand loyalty… how many people are still fans of the Jays today because of the development and success of the early 90′s?

      • What you say is true, but Rogers is obviously calculating the profit maximisation curve differently. i.e. they think you will part with enough more money for a crappier product to make it worth their while,.

  24. But wouldn’t over spending on middle of the pack FA arms be completely out of character for Alex? I mean, I hate the big bad corporate man as much as anybody, but how is this established pattern of making value for money moves indicative of a corporate stop sign, especially when said corporation recently opened up the purse strings? I could be naive, but I think if the arms were different 4/40 gets done.

    • I’m inclined to agree with this, but, on the hand, AA has shown a willingness to diverge from his valuation in other moves, particularly in the Dickey trade where I have to think he willingly overpaid in prospect value in order to make the “put us over the top” type move.

      Now that I think about it, that’s actually the only example I can think of, since most of the big financial moves they’ve made (taking on the Buehrle contract, adding the sunk cost of Mark Teahen) have been done as part of a much bigger deal.

    • Depends on your definition of “overpay”.

      AA said Navarro’s contract was an overpay. Even though he’s a catcher being paid to produce between 0.6 and 0.8 WAR per year, depending on which WAR/$ calculation you prefer. And he’s filling a glaring hole in the team.

      If this is considered an overpay they will be very hard pressed to ever find an FA that isn’t.

  25. I know its not really comparable but Rogers just payed $3.3 Billion at the wireless auction spectrum and yet 10 or 20 Million more to the Jays isn’t viable? Like its just such a small fraction of what Rogers pays and owns and takes in it shouldn’t be that big of a deal to get that extra few million.

  26. Just because we should expect it doesn’t make it any less shitty.

  27. So HJ Birdie was OCD troll all along. Congratulations to those who actually defended that sad little person’s opinions. Hopefully it was out of pity, since that’s all he deserves.

    • Surprised, didn’t seem like him

      Commenter J.Bieber,from the previous post, fit the profile to a tee.
      Back to baseball.

      • He’s a different knob. Hasn’t been around as long. Not nearly as pathetic — still a chance he might one day value his time more than by wasting it here, or will actually get help if he finds he can’t stop.

        • Looking at the positive side.
          At least people aren’t apathetic about you.
          You’re either a fucking genius or a fucking shithead.
          I’ll keep my opinion of you to myself.
          Sorry didn’t mean to start a string about this.
          Back to baseball.

  28. Santana’s agent is Bean Stringfellow, the agent with the best agent name ever, and the agent for Bautista, among others. Kind of surprised somthing hasn’t been worked out between the two sides…

    3/42M… guess it’s not something reasonable (maybe just in my head). Big Erv must be holding out for more.

  29. Boras is right. His words are totally self serving but he is right. Im shocked and disgusted by the way AA/Beeston/Rogers have treated fans this offseason.

    • Disgusted? Treated?


    • Its gone from “significant changes will definitely be made” to “We are optimistic that something will get done” to “sorry we arent doing anything and the team that won 74 games will remain intact.” I still cant believe they havent addressed 2b or acquired a starter. AND they are planning to contend??? I dont care what propoganda wilner spews but the plan at the beginning of the offeason was definitely not nothing.

      • It hasn’t, and you’re not using your brain if you’re calling them a 74 win team, talking nonsense about propaganda, thinking there’s no way they can content, and dumbest of all, saying that the plan was to do nothing. You don’t have to like what’s happened, but this is a big bag of hilariously wrong. Do you really have to invent stuff to be negative about here?

        • The roster is bascially the same team. Is navarro over jpa worth 15 wins on its own?? Dickey and buhrele are getting older. Who the fuck knows what to expect from morrow. Also, I didnt say the plan at the beginning was to do nothing. I said the opposite. Someting got fucked along the way. Sometimes, I think you just enjoy being a contrarian.

          • Ugh i am a believer that it’s possible things changed along the way but not that are 74 win team. Sorry, the only way that is happening again is if the injury bug strikes for a second time as badly as it did last year. They might not be a playoff team, but they arent that bad either.

          • Sorry, misread the “not” about the plan. Still though, this is all just a bunch of hysterical garbage — that fact is punctuated by the way that you’re pretending age issues are anything but marginal, that Morrow isn’t a good pitcher when healthy (which he is), or that there aren’t all kinds of ways to make up those wins beyond the change at catcher.

            Between Izturis, Cabrera, Arencibia, Thole, Bonifacio, and Gose, the Jays lost almost 5 WAR last season, and they lost two more WAR with negative-value pitchers Ortiz, Lincoln, Romero, Edgar Gonzalez (who was a thing!), Bush, Nolin, Drabek, Wang, Laffey, Weber, and Morrow.

            Obviously some guys will inevitably come in and suck — few teams go a full year without running at least one or two players out there who end up providing less value than replacement level — but there are a whole lot of places where they can make up a whole lot more just by breaking even at replacement level. Add in that catcher can be multiple-wins better than even that, and that a healthy Cabrera will be better, Morrow will be better, Buehrle and Dickey can be better. Lawrie and Reyes should be healthier, and therefore better. Bautista too. Also, the pitcher who throws the third-most innings on the club will almost certainly be better (last year it was Esmil, at 0.4 WAR over 137.2 IP), and they’ll probably do better over 30 starts than the ones that went to Johnson and Redmond and produced just 1.3 WAR.

            There are plenty of places to improve a lot, and it’s not at all a fantasy.

            Yes, I would like to see them do more to improve, but there is no need to be ridiculous about this.

            • True… but you’re talking about improvements on the 74 win team. I agree that they’ll get a significant number of wins back simply from having just average health in aggregate (fingers crossed on that front)… but will that be so many wins as to turn the team into a legit contender? I’m doubtful… seems like we’d need almost as much good luck this year as we had bad last year and IMO that’s not a bet I’d take. Team should have pushed to at least add what we could have realistically expected out of Johnson (call that his last season with the Marlins) I don’t think we can legitimately expect that from whichever one of Rogers/McGowen/Drabek/Hutchison/Stroman goes north come opening day.

              • And you’re basing this all on… ?

                • Clarify what you mean by “this”?

                  You mean my doubts that absent very good luck they’re not likely a legit contender?

                  A: The older guys are older (and thus more likely to experience decline).
                  B: Josh Johnson’s generally expected performance from last year is gone and none of his potential replacements are projected to equal it.
                  C: No one in the ALE got significantly worse, and a few got significant additions.

                  I’m comparing the team now to the team at roughly this time last year that on paper looked like a contender. The team now looks worse then the team did then. I hardly think that it’s a reach to think that a worse team on paper + harder competition means that absent a lot of luck they likely won’t make the playoffs.

          • 15 wins increase with navarro over jpa! I really hope that wad sarcasm.

      • Just to add to that, the fans came out in droves last season and this is how they repay them?? Throw them a bone for fucks sake. The corporation has endless amounts of revenue and a 4 yr signing is a drop in the bucket.

        • They shouldn’t be signing players just to throw fans a bone. I agree that there are legitimate signings they should be/have been closer on, but that’s a preposterous reason.

          • You would know better than probably any of us, have the Jays not made offers or tried to sign the players that you feel they should have been in on?

            For instance would we ever know if the Jays tried to sign Cano or were willing to offer him a deal comparable to Seattle’s?

            I feel like sometimes we bitch about the Jays not trying to sign players and then we find out later that they were willing to sign a guy like Carl Crawford when he was a free agent, but were flat out rejected.

            • I don’t know what to make of some of that stuff, because it often comes up for self-serving reasons. I’ve definitely heard rumours about the Jays being stronger on guys than it has looked like from where we’re sitting — one, not Anderson, because of medical issues/issues with a physical, and one they wanted badly who didn’t want them — but a lot of that is second-hand hearsay itself, so… only AA and the inner circle really knows.

          • Agreed, They should have signed a second baseman like Infante or even Ellis to add Wins, or sign Jiminez to increase depth and add an extra win. Not to placate the fans who were calling for his head. That just screams desperation.

        • Addition by subtraction in some cases.
          Take away JPA’s historical bad year with the bat, along with his atrocious defense last year – and put in a halfway decent catcher….and that’ll maybe be a couple of games saved.
          Take away Johnson’s stellar outings one of every five games. Take away the starts from Wang/Redmond/Rogers & Co., one of every five. Hope for health from Morrow and Happ and whoever, and you’re way better off in the rotation.
          Maybe a whole season of health from Lawrie, Reyes, Melky and JBats – all of whom missed considerable time last season.
          Goins might be better than the Kawasaki/Itzy/Bonifacio triad at second…certainly no worse, perhaps.

          This was the team that was SUPPOSED to win it all last year…how are they worse?

        • The Jays said all along the the money would be there when the fans showed up. Then, BEFORE the fans showed up, they went out and increased payroll by $50 million. I’m as big a Jays fan as anyone and I want the team to be as competitive as possible, but to come out and say “Hey, we showed up and now they aren’t sticking to their word!” is a little ridiculous given how the last year and a half has unfolded.

          • Jesus, it’s not as if they CUT payroll!
            They bumped the payroll up about 50M dollars in 2013 (and probably more this year in pay raises)…and the fans showed up. Now they have to somehow bump it up AGAIN “because the fans showed”?
            Seems to me this is a what-came-first-the-chicken-or-egg conversation.

  30. How do we know the Jays aren’t willing to overpay for someone they really like, but not willing to overpay for someone that they kind of maybe like.

    • I don’t think there are any players they really like to begin with, might be part of the problem. They only will over pay when it ends up being contracts like Navarro or Izturis, overpays but still small when all things considered.

      • It seems to me that they had no issues taking on Reyes very big and backloaded contract, not to mention Buehrle’s. I think the issue might be that the players they really like (as free agents) aren’t coming to Toronto for one reason or another, which forces them to get the guys they like via the trade route.

        I think if Anthoupolus truely liked ethier Santana or Jimenez, one of them would be signed by the Jays by now. However, I think it’s likely he see’s risk with both of them and therefore is only interested if the price is right.

        • “I think if Anthoupolus truely liked ethier Santana or Jimenez, one of them would be signed by the Jays by now. However, I think it’s likely he see’s risk with both of them and therefore is only interested if the price is right.”


        • @peter they jays havent made any offers so they players dont wanna come here theory is out the window

      • They really like goins!!

    • Why is the barometer set at “overpay”? I mean geez, they seem unwilling to pay even what appears to be fair market value.

  31. My hope is – come July or so – we see the numbers on pitchers we didn’t sign and we go ‘phew’.

    • AA’s too. It’s definitely possible.

      Unless they sign Santana — which is still possible too, despite all the posturing to the contrary.

    • I don’t think AA looks at such things, but every good outing by one of the FA’s he’s passed on, combined with an inevitable bad outing by an “in house” guy is going to bring out the braying idiots. It’s going to be a good year for the trolls.

    • At which point, hopefully, those resources are still available to trade for somebody better than Santana or Drew.

    • Much Less likely we look at cano Infante mark ellis and brian mccann stats and say that

  32. Another reason I have some doubt about the “we liked what we saw all of a sudden” bit is that the Jays weren’t looking to upgrade at the 5th spot. They had Rogers and Redmond for that already. Considering there is a very good chance that one of those two starts the season in the rotation because of option issues, it makes no sense unless it was all about Morrow. Like I said before, the only new information was Morrow’s health status. Maybe it was Morrow’s condition that the Jays were worried about along. It still doesn’t account for the Anderson trade and that trade, if it did in fact involve Santos, would only have added a few million to the payroll.

    • Maybe it was Morrow’s health, but by definition, by adding a 2+ win pitcher, you are upgrading the #5 pitcher cause the pitchers before him are pushed down.

      Anderson would be a depth piece, having the upside that would far outstrip Happ.

      • That’s my point, it’s the idea that they were looking for something better than Happ, Redmond or Rogers to begin with. An upgrade would have pushed Happ to 5th. Now he’s 4th and you’re auditioning for the 5th spot. On the surface that’s the opposite of what they were saying they were going to do at the end of the season. We are being asked to believe that some combination of Happ, Stroman, Redmond, Rogers and Hutchison is better than Free Agent X and Happ + the depth of Stroman, Rogers and Hutchison in reserve. Maybe it works maybe it doesn’t, it’s just a change from what they initially said. It also presumes that there is no longer any doubts about the production from Dickey, Morrow and Buehrle.

        • Let’s be serious here. Happ is nominally the fourth, but do we really think he’s not actually the fifth? The four spot will belong to one of the young arms sooner or later.

          As for what they said originally, it’s selective memory. They say a lot of things, fans choose to ignore or not take seriously a lot of what they don’t want to hear.

  33. I’ve always wanted this team to spend more money. they spent double what any one thought the would last year, so its hard to all of a sudden go back to ripping them for not spending.

    One thing to criticize though, is that if there is a firm budget of 135-150 at the moment, which is fine. you can definitely win with that payroll, however the moves last year took away almost all flexibility moving forward, since no big contracts were coming off the books this year.

    if you speed up the process by moving top end prospects and taking back salary, then you have to keep going, you can just put the car back in neutral. The trades look shortsighted now when coupled with this offseason.

  34. I still can’t believe they made those moves last year thinking those would be the final pieces. Idiots. No we owe Jose Reyes 86M more at least. A 31 year old SS playing on turf with a long history of leg injuries. We already lost Johnson, the centerpiece of the deal. The Dickey trade was a disaster. I haven’t been less excited for a Jays season since the Gord Ash days.

  35. And how about Brett Gardner getting $12M per year? WTF?!

    • Crazy good value for Gardner.

      • I wonder if the qualifying offer loomed large here. Not sure he’s a guy who is a slam dunk not to get QO’d and wind up going year to year at $14M, or getting lowballed into much less, after making $4M in arbitration this year (which is what MLBTR projected). In that case, guaranteeing himself 5/$52M now, and not leaving so much up to his 2014 performance was possibly smart. Sold a little low on what he might have potentially made in FA, got a good payout, but mitigated a lot of the risk of not extending and signed a deal that looks like a good risk for the team, too.

        If Colby wants to do this, I’m all for it.

        • Just the thought of Colby signing a deal like that is chubb worthy. I keep hoping that the Jays just decided to divert the money they might have spent on a starter to Colby’s eventual extension.

          • I don’t know – if Rasmus is able to hit .260 with his usual power, but cut down on his ridiculous K rate, he’ll be looking for BJ Upton money, and we all saw how that worked out for the Braves.

            I’m a Rasmus fan, but I’m thinking that money may be better spent elsewhere, particularly if Gose gets some playing time and shows he can hit major league pitching.

          • Im all for it but think that contract is a lot riskier with rasmus than gardener. Gardener has been more consistent and is also less volatile as a speed and contact guy. For that term hope the aav would be less even though rasmus has power and more upside his floor is lower. If he gets off to a strong start the expected contract could rise dramatically

        • I am totally down for Rasmus to sign a bautista-like extension

  36. Think Im about ready to forget the war of words nonsense lol and get on with the season. Its baseball season baby.
    Minus some tinkering, we have a competitive team and it is time to sink or swim with what we have…

  37. There are two issues here:

    (1) Rogers are or may be cheap fucks.

    (2) Scott Boras is a sports agent who represents baseball players.

    But (2) has nothing to do with (1). It is not for Boras to rip the Jays management or anyone else’s. He wants some ink so he calls Ken Rosenthal and runs his mouth. He’s not saying anything we haven’t heard and many of us believe. We’ve been talking about Roger’s cheapness for years. Why do we care that Boras thinks they’re cheap, too? He’s an agent. He has a vested interest in getting front offices to pay big bucks for his clients. He is not the gold standard of what baseball players should be paid by their clubs.

    • Sure he is. They should be paid as much as possible, because the profits ownership makes are off their labour — and he’s the best in the world at extracting money from these owners for the people who deserve it. If he thinks a team is being dumbly stingy, that carries weight, self-serving as it is.

      • No Stoeten. He should be getting as much as he can for his clients. But his clients are not necessarily worth the value he puts on them. The value is what the market thinks they are worth, not what their representative thinks they are worth. His lifestyle comes from a percentage of their salary. If they get lots, he gets lots. He’s just trying to shame Rogers into paying lots. For all we know, Santana’s agent is a pal of his and he’s doing the guy a favour. Agents do have friends in the business.

        Here’s the best analogy I can think of: I am going to sell my house. I think it’s worth $1.5M and that’s what I want to ask. Other houses on my street are going that high and higher and my agent agrees. However prospective buyers disagree. They think the house may be fundamentally unsound. They only want to pay $699k. If no one steps up higher than that, then that is what the house is worth right now. Neither the agent nor I can dictate value to a buyer. It’s the market that decides. Always.

        • Great. Not sure what you’re responding to that I said, but great.

          • Responding to the bit that said ‘if he thinks the owners are being dumbly stingy’. It’s not for him to make that decision.

            And Sandlot, that may well be why he shot his mouth off, if Rosenthal asked him a direct question about the Jays.

            Don’t get me wrong. I think Rogers are extremely cheap and it pisses me off that they have so consistently constrained the team. But Boras had no right to say what he said. And maybe the guys available have knob-and-tube wiring and structural defects in the foundations!

            • Nonsense. It’s exactly his job to point out where their crying poor is bull — especially when phony crying poor is taking money out of the pockets of those whose labour the game is built on.

              • Wait, what? ‘especially when phony crying poor is taking money out of the pockets of those whose labour the game is built on.’ Rogers don’t pay their ballplayers enough? The poor guys are starving out there on the diamond? Ballplayers get paid what the market demands they get paid. They’re no one’s charity case. If Rogers are too cheap to hire good ballplayers then those ballplayers go elsewhere. If no one will pay them more money, and they still want to play, they will take Rogers’ offer. And that will be the market value of that player. Rogers should be paying more for better players. Santana isn’t that much of a better player.

                • They deserve to extract as much from ownership as possible. That is Boras’s job. He helps set the market on their behalf. This is not for owners to simply dictate.

                  • The agent cannot determine the market. He can set a price, but if the buyers decide it’s too high, they won’t buy. And the player won’t have a contract. The buyers *always* determine the price. If he can get some schmuck of a GM to overpay for a player then, fine. But there are other considerations here. If you over-price a player and he under-performs his contract then he will not get another decent contract, and in fact may never get another contract, and you’ve burned that player. You don’t–or shouldn’t–always go for top dollar on any one contract unless you’re repping someone who is at the end of his career and wants as much money as he can get to set himself up. Even then, the buyers will decide what they want to pay. The agent can wheel and deal and posture and mouth off but at the end of the day the clubs will either pay or they won’t. It’s straightforward. And it’s always down to the buyer. Always.

        • Isabella the comments came from Boras after I questioned Rosenthal on Twitter about the Jays payroll possibly being the issue for not signing anyone. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe it’s not. Seems logical for a reporter to ask if an agent had heard anything regarding that if you were looking into it. That said, I was a bit surprised by Boras going on the record with such vehemence.

  38. I think another consideration here is the roster slot. Do you really want to tie up a slot with a marginal pitcher making so much that you gotta play him for 3 or 4 years? I know you could theoretically drop anybody (see Romero) and eat cost but that will get real old with ownership before too long. This isn’t the NHL where you sign guys for 10 years knowing full well that your gonna buy out the last 3 or 4 years. You enter a contract with the intent of fulfilling it. If you have no intent of keeping a Santana or Jimenez for 3 or 4 years then why start the relationship. If things worked that way, we’d just sign everybody for 10 years and kick em to the curb when we are done (I know this is also done but the outcomes are seldom favourable for the team).

    I wish we would’ve signed a good pitcher this off-season too. I just don’t sport wood for these particular clowns.

    • It would get old with ownership at a certain point, sure, but twice? And that’s in the worst case scenario? With Romero off the books after 2015 (and only on them for $7.75M to begin with). Totally it’s a concern, but there’s risk in every deal and the bigger issue is why the Jays don’t operate like a team that can absorb more risk than they do, because we know that Rogers certainly has the resources to allow them to. Plus, the idea that these pitchers aren’t good is just silliness. Not perfect or without risk, but they were both in the top 40 among MLB starters in WAR last year. Averaged out, then, every team had a better starter, 1/3 of teams had two better pitchers, and none had three better pitchers. That’s not bad, and it’s not like they’d never been there before or there aren’t reasons for optimism on them, just like there are reasons to be concerned. The Jays may not be better off for signing them if they end up not having the resources to do other things in the event that these guys failed, which is exactly the point: they should be less averse to the risks, I think, and the reason they’re not comes down to ownership.

  39. I don’t mind passing on Ubaldo/Santana. Hutchison + Stroman both impressed in the AFL, and with Happ being virtually locked into the 4th spot, I’m fine with seeing who emerges.

    2B needs a trade. The Mariners (Franklin, Ackley) and White Sox (Beckham, Semien, Ramirez) and probably others have extra MI. Beckham would probably come cheaply if Semien has a strong spring. Franklin would cost more, but could be a productive regular with 5+ years of control. Either way, I’m not angry until we see Goins at 2B on opening day.

    • Beckham should come cheaply regardless, he’s not very good.

    • I fully support a Franklin or a Semien deal. No interest in Beckham or Ackley, if they are actually not the same person.

      This kind of deal makes a lot of sense.

      In fact a package deal for both Franklin and Smoak could work out very well.

      • Ackley is younger and has alot more upside than Beckham, though neither project to be any good. Still better than goins though lol.

        • Ackley is only 15 months younger. But the point is they were both supposed to be superstars but look to be taking the same career path.

          • 15 months younger still means better upside, plus he offers positional flexibility, which is why the Mariners probably won’t trade him as opposed to Franklin who literally has been blocked at the position with nowhere to go.

            And he’s still better than Goins.

  40. Its fashionable to dump on Rogers for not providing adequate money. I’ve done it myself and Lord knows they are an easy enough target. But according to Baseball Prospectus/MLB Depth Charts, the current Blue Jays payroll stands at $132.6m

    There are 15 spots on a team that eat money. 9 bats, 5xSP and a closer. A key factor in being competitive is to get significant contributions from pre-arb and arb eligible players. Generally, these guys are playing for below their market value.
    For the Jays 3B-Lawrie, 2B Goins, 5th starter are pre-arbs as will be Sierra and/or Gose if they make the team. CF-Rasmus is a free agent next year. Problem is, of those guys, only Rasmus and Lawrie figure to make significant contributions.

    If you compare the Jays with other teams like Boston, Tampa Bay, Baltimore or Oakland, the Jays seem to be getting less from these types of players than just about any other team that fancies itself a contender. Filling all the spots with competent players may be more of a draft and development problem than it is an ownership problem.

    • I like this. The payroll is not the problem. It’s paying the right amounts to the right guys. Problem is: What’s the combination and where and how do you get these guys?

      We were getting into player development on the last post and I think it’s a huge Jays downfall. They can’t keep scouting and drafting talented players and hoping they’ll be ok without better development.

    • The timelines are completely different. As far as we can tell, the drafting and development under Anthopoulos seems to be just fine, it’s just they don’t have much that came out of the Ricciardi years. Switching to draft so many high school guys as of four drafts ago is going to produce a lag in terms of the number of players at the big league level anyway, without factoring in whether there are problems with development. If it’s still an issue in three or four years, then there’s a problem. Seems like a cop out, I know, but when they started drafting the way they did when AA took over, they were inevitably pushing back the timing of the pipeline’s arrival — you can’t honestly expect waves of 22 year old big leaguers or younger, those guys are rare, and top prospects lists are littered with ones identified, drafted, or largely developed by the Jays — and I think they’ve gone to a more veteran-focussed approach because they ended up finding ridiculous, elite level power bats to build around and felt they shouldn’t waste the opportunity. That has forced them to spend more and find more solutions from outside the organization in order to fill in the gaps, which seems perfectly reasonable… until it seems like they’ve possibly stopped even that.

      • Yep there is only something like 10 of roughly 288 players drafted by JPR between 2005 and 2009 on 25 man roster as of 2013. None of them is a major star.

      • Agree with you on the Richardi years and on AA’s drafting. I don’t know the kids in low A but the prospect gurus seem to like them.

        I’m not as convinced about the development arm
        We’ve heard bits from Keith Law and from Farrell on his way out the door.
        Not sure what credence we can give to those, if any.

        I think it was Jason Stark at ESPN who recently wrote an article (and I can’t find the link)
        about how the Angels were starting to turn around the development in their system.
        He made the point that a simple lack of communication can undo all the hard work
        that has been done.

        Lets say the Lansing coach works with a kid and makes some progress. Kid goes to Dunedin and does the information follow him? If not, he might get completely contradictory advice. And then the New Hampshire guy tells him something different. Kid gets frustrated, tunes them all out and goes back to the guy he’s known since grade six. One can see how that kind of thing could happen and stall development. Angels are taking steps to make sure it does not happen. What about the Blue Jays? I dunno but I’d like to.

        • @STW…” Lets say the Lansing coach works with a kid and makes some progress. Kid goes to Dunedin and does the information follow him?”

          I love this point and I’d be willing to bet that 90% of all MLB organizations don’t address it. I’d also bet that they’ve all thought about it at some point or other too.
          But on the way for example, to field grounders and all the standard plays like that there should be organization wide policy. I remember a number of times I saw Butterfield tutoring kids like Snider on fielding and throwing. That should have been 2nd nature to any Jays fielder by the time he got to the big leagues.

      • No idea what the statistics would show in this regard, but it would seem to me that making a conscious decision to draft HS players over college players would also make it more difficult to sign them, right? I mean, I know you get the compensation pick for not signing a kid, but having one less first-rounder in the pipeline because of that also pushes back the development of your minor league system.

      • I’m thinking that we agree on the AA era kids still being in the pipeline and that your point (if I get it) is that we can’t really judge player development until those kids reach the show. And this is largely because the kids JPR drafted were, to put it kindly, not the same and because of that, probably no amount of coaching or developing would help them.

        • The interesting thing I find is that AA has really doubled down and signed only high upside high school kids in the upper rounds of the drafts. The obvious exception is stroman but only because he fell so low. And even Stroman has a high ceiling.

          By investing in only the high rounds, he has invested all of his lottery picks in the high upside, high risk, and as a result we hear nothing but glowing reports of the low minors, and if even if a only couple pan out in AAA within the next couple of years, we have ourselves a high ranking farm system.

          And AA still drafts the low ceiling, low upside college players but after round 11, as evidenced by the Pillar and Danzler.

          It’s a much better strategy compared to JPR.

    • Lets say we had three more competent pre-arb players.
      They don’t have to be all stars: just competent guys.
      eg. C-Josmil Pinto, 2B-Brad Miller and SP Alex Cobb or Chris Archer.

      If the Jays had 3 guys like that, I’d like their chances a whole lot better.
      They could roster all three and still be in under $135m.

      With the team friendly contracts to EE and Bats plus four pre-arb guys
      $135m would be enough to make them Division favourites.

  41. As a fan i love seeing my team add talent for a push into the playoffs, that being said im also content with the team we have in place, if healthy i dont see a reason why we cant contend?? Yes i see other teams stacking up and its frustrating at times but we did that last year and how did that work out for us? Every team in our division has the tools to contend witch will make for some good baseball this season. We could use a 2nd baseman and maybe add a starter but im really looking forward to seeing what our prospects can do for us.. This season will be differant, stay postitive jays fans :)

  42. David Cameron ‏@DCameronFG 2h

    Yikes. RT @CoreyBlenkhorn: @DCameronFG More ZIPS leaderboard fun. There are 62 2B projected to be better than the Blue Jays Starter.


    lol at this. I know they are just projections but um…

    • Yeah, but that’s just because Ryan Goins is terrible.

      • Sshhh Kevin Seitzer tells AA otherwise lol but I am really hoping that’s the case considering the options.

        • Goins has got to be upgraded no?

          • I think the general thought is that if he can OPS around .700, he’ll be roughly as shitty as the average second-baseman.

            I’d have loved to have seen Kelly Johnson back. I don’t remember his defense being all that bad and he certainly provided some value with his bat.

            • Yeah but he got into some K problems and then let them get into his head. IMHO he’s prob better off not here. Btw I though his defence was fine too.

            • It would be great if he can hit .700 OPS with good defence. But as minor league to major league projections go, that is unlikely. Learning to take a walk would help though.

              • w/o JPA on the roster they can hold his weak bat. they should get him working on bunts because he will need to move runners over..his defense is solid. A pitcher is needed much more, especially because its impossible to tell what Morrow is going to give you.

                • But if thole catches dickey and one regular is out there could be three holes at bottom of the order. Not to mention navarro is no lock. Really hope some quality bench guys and 2b are picked up via trade of excess fringe sp

                  • Kratz will be the backup C, and there are some encouraging things to think about that. Navarro is fine enough, too.

            • Very optimistic to expect goins to have 700 ops

    • Seriously 62 freaking 2nd basemen. AA should make a play for Franklin seriously. Or anyone really

  43. For those interested. Hayhurst going to be on MLB Network at 3:30 to talk about his new book. Channel 415 for those in Toronto.

  44. And Morrow is already sore, twitter saying nothing serious but some lols out of it for me.

  45. And there goes Brent Morel

    MLB Trade Rumors ‏@mlbtraderumors 1m

    Pirates Claim Brent Morel #mlb

    • shame, there goes our second baseman of the future. The sad part is he had a chance to beat goins at spring training.

      • Keep your eyes on Liam Hendriks. Who here thinks he may not make the Bisons roster?

        • He’s gonna be put on the waiver wire soon so AA can stash him off the 40-man. Who else is gonna make room for stroman? :p

  46. boras is right

  47. I can understand why AA would rather go with whoever is best out of Happ, Redmond, Rogers, Hutch, Drabek, Romero, Nolin and Stroman for the last 2 spots. Last year the Jays had to keep running JJ out there, as they had no better options, and they needed him to show he had some value. Santana could be almost as bad as JJ last year (granted, he could also end up doing pretty well).
    I can’t understand the Jays not going after Drew. I don’t know if they are or they aren’t, but it couldn’t hurt the Jays to have Drew playing second and letting Goins prove he can hit enough in the minors. Quality depth is something the Jays are missing in the middle infield, and Drew would be a big step up. What I don’t know is if Drew is willing to play in Toronto (he probably is), and if he is willing to play second (maybe not so much).

    • Happ is sadly a lock unless he craps the bed. He provides durable innings that are winnable, That’s pretty much all you need from a #5 spot. Unfortunately by defacto he’s the number 4, but hopefully the collection of upside depth pieces can outperform Happ.

      The reason why the Jays havent gone after Drew is he’s a very definition of a meh player who has a draft pick compensation, and the player himself probably wants more money than is offered, which is probably pretty low at this point.

      • happ is a fine number 5 starter.
        I would feel good if the rotation was Dickey, Burhele, Morrow, Santana and Happ, with the stroman/hutchinson/drabek/ waiting in buffalo in case of an injury or just plain old suckage

      • But goins is the definition of one of the worst players in the keague. Guessing meh is better than that

  48. Fuck Boras, but as of the state of the team and AA’s offseason i’m of 2 minds.

    We needed upgrades at SP, C, and 2b over last year. AA was pretty aggressive in stating so in various media outlets at the end of the season. Either…

    1. He likes his catcher upgrade of Navarro/Kratz over JPA which makes sense. AND…he was pleasantly surprised that Morrow’s rehab sessions indicated he would be back as a #2 and Hutch/Stroman’s AFL reports were that they would be a strong #4/5 upgrade depending on where you put Happ thus upgrading the SP. AND maybe Seitzer convinced him that he could turn Goins into a serviceable hitter to go along with plus defense thus upgrading 2B.


    The combination of some sober 2nd thoughts on the short term futility of last years’ deals AND the drop in the CAD which is equivalent to another $10mm in payroll, AND a new CEO that Beeston/Pelley have to convince the Jays asset value upside outweighs potential short term negative cash flows WHEN Pelley went way out on a line on the NHL deal meant that Uncle Paully had a friendly conversation with AA that he may want to play it safe for a little while.

    The truth is likely in the middle, although the lack of follow-through on public statements is somewhat worrying.

    IF the answer is more #2 than #1 then the answer should be a flip of the Jays into MLSE. This will free up more distribution for the Jays content which is now going to have more NHL competition on the Rogers only platform, thus maximizing Jays’ revenues. It also helps spread the risk of any individual salary decisions on a larger SPORTS entity and brings Rogers a nice tidy profit on the Jays for the new CEO to crow about.

    Last random thought. The fact that the Jays are getting their share of a US national TV contract, even though they really don’t generate US revenue seems like a nice double dip, considering Jays Sportsnet ratings nationally are top 3 in MLB.


    • OR the Rogers bean counters crunched the numbers and said at $140M payroll we maximize our return and spending more adds a negligible amount to their return on the investment – even if they win.

      Not to mention that the FO was fed a line last year that went “we can win now if you add this payroll” and since essentially everyone but JJ is back, they just may be holding AA’s feet to the fire.

      • I agree with the sentiment but not the even if they win part. Their are huge revenue gains to be had if the team wins, even just considering ticket sales

  49. Can’t wait to see Stroman on Saturday.

  50. Over the last 4 seasons the Jays’ top 4 starters–Dickey, Morrow, Buehrle, and Happ–have been worth 10.8, 9.3, 10.5 and 5.6 fWAR. 2013 shows that they were worth about 50-60% of their usual value, so there’s barrels of room for improvement/rebound.

    This year, they’re projected to be worth 8.7 fWAR, on average, and Morrow is projected to be a 1.9 fWAR pitcher, also on average. It’s no wonder that some look at them and say, ‘yup, that’s a 4th/5th place team right there.’

    Obviously there are shortcomings to simply adding their fWAR together but frankly, I’d love for the surprise to be a positive one this season.

  51. Anybody look at the schedule? The Jays play 16 games with AL East teams in April.

    It could be a very telling month…

  52. F@ck Scott Boras!! hes everything thats wrong with baseball!!

  53. Either rogers capped payroll, front office does not want to improve team because doing so could put them in hot seat if payroll goes up and revenues dont increase or the front office is over evaluating internal options relative to fa options (by general consensus). None of these are good for fans unless it is the third and they turn out to be right

    100m is only dropping from 2016 if nobodys optioned are picked up (bautista, ee, dickey, lind) there are no arbitration players, rasmus is gone etc. Assuming only rasmus is gone payroll is still relatively high.

  54. The needed info missing here is what revenue the jays actually produce. Nobody knows this so how can anyone say definitively rogers is cheap and profit hungry? For all we know the team is losing money

    • Unfortunately in the Jays situation, it would be extremely difficult to separate true SportsNet revenues from the Jays alone. For one you would need a fair open market deal for the media rights and not the minimal one that’s recorded for revenue sharing purposes.

      • Beyond that the balance sheet isnt even published so nobody knows thr bottom line outside the team and rogers

        • Exactly which is why Forbes estimates are usually pretty far off too. Their valuations weren’t even close with last couple of teams that changed hands. As Beeston the accountant himself said, it’s easy to make a loss look like a gain or a gain a loss for an operation like a ball club.

        • Would be an interesting post to try to estimate profit margin. Revenues based on attendance average /ticket price plus concessions plus tv plus radio plus advertising for rogers and expenses being payroll, drafts, international draft, operational costs (opportunity cost of stadium rental count there?) Stoeten has done a great job exploring individual aspects would be real interesting to see taking a shot at the full equation and trying to estimate profit margin.

  55. Man, I’d give Radar’s left nut to see Ricky show up and pitch lights out this spring. Revert back to form….and those whole winter-long hand-wringing exercise would be all academic, and merely a bad dream.
    (If that’s alright with you, Radar?)

    • I second this. Ricky also seemed to go in toilet when he broke up with his beauty pageant girl, maybe his new girl gives him his mojo back lol totally grasping at straws here for hope that he bounces back.

    • Having 2010/11 Romero, 2012 Morrow and Dickey, and the usual Buehrle all together would be ridiculously awesome. Heck, if Stroman comes in and goes full Jose Fernandez on us…

      • Romero’s pretty much fucked until he finds a new weapon to get LHB out.

        • Had a dream last night in that everywhere I went,there you were, with a maniacal grin and a pair of rusty tin snips,screaming Romero,Romero,Romero.

    • @ fastball

      You know I’d take one for the team just to win.
      Although early feedback for the ladies at the home aren’t as positive.

  56. Geez Radar if RR makes a return you could be our resident one ball wonder!

  57. and he’s off to the Rodeo…

  58. and he’s off to the Rodeo…

  59. Fuck don’t know why that doubled…..

  60. I believe ownership and AA simply don’t like the available free agents this year. I actually like seeing what we have in a Stroman or Hutch or other internal options.

    While I haven’t read how free agency looks next year hopefully it’s a better crop and we can spend better next year than for the sake of it this year!

    Go Jays Go!!


    Looks like the Jays are staying Dunedin for a little while longer.

  62. Broadly speaking, I think Scott Boras is right in pointing out that the Jays are in a big market and have particularly deep-pocketed ownership so they could be spending more.

    But it seems wrong to me to blame “Rogers” per se when the message we are always hearing is that Rogers is generally amenable to spending requests from Jays executives.

    I’s think what really irks Boras and other agents is the Jays unwillingness to consider contrats longer than four or five years, which essentially takes the team and its deep pockets out of the bidding for top-tier free agents most years.

    But that isn’t a “Rogers” limitation that’s a Paul Beeston policy. I don’t necessarilly disagree with Beestono. This, but just pointing out that it seems unfair to balme “Rogers”. Boras’ beef at heart is really with the Jays brass,not Rogers, and Beeston specifically I’d think.

    • It’s not a real policy. It also doesn’t matter. It’s about guaranteed money anyway, they could sign free agents without breaking the terms of the policy if they wanted to spend enough to.

  63. [...] Rosenthal had an interesting article on Fox Sports where agent Scott Boras rips into the Jays ownership for not spending big money on free agents this [...]

  64. Nick Franklin is available. Reliever and a prospect?

    • CBS was talking a high end A ball starter from the Mets, whether that was true or not remains to be seen. I had read that Seattle was looking for ready now pieces in return which was why the Jays weren’t a great match. Maybe AA just needs to get his three way freak on again. Cubs have a lot of high ceiling positional players, maybe a Jays pitching prospect to the Cubs and a Cubs positional prospect/positional player to Seattle.

      That said, Franklin isn’t without risk.

  65. Samardzija could still be dealt and apparently Cubs manager refused to name him his opening day starter because of how things can change over the course of the spring. Well Samardzija is their best pitcher and I doubt spring training will change that. Chances of an extension with the Cubs look about nil.

    Personally, I think the Mariners get him if anyone does. They seem to have taken their crazy pills this offseason and are more likely to overpay.

    • at this point, why would any team give in to the cubs asking price when they could just sign santana? I’d take Santana and a draft pic over 2 high end prospects for shark any day.

      the time to trade him was probably at the beginning of the offseason, they will have to wait until the deadline to move him now. thats a bunch of risk that he performs tho.

  66. Fuck Bill Caudill. Fuck him up his stupid ass. What a waste of a mustache that douche was.

  67. I understand the money not matching up ( realistically the player who fit best was Burnett, because of him not taking a seat from Hutchinson, Strowman, and Sanchez for more than a year). And suggest the jays improve the in game experience both at the rogers centre and home viewing. At home I have hated for years that jays coverage does not show pitches thrown. whether it be tbs or yes, US baseball coverage seems to like to show pitch count. Whenever I watch a game I have my laptop connected to gameday to see the pitches thrown.

    In the stadium is no better. Seats are uncomfortable, crappy pre- game coverage on the Jumbotron. Lack of replays on the Jumbotron. Little opportunities for fans to interact with the players. Expensive food/ and booze. Aramark…. No grass. Dome is closed on days when there is no rain. Improve the fan experience if you do not want to spend on overpriced players.

    With prospects I would be interested to see the jays take more chances with some of the prospects. I understand they hold some back due to fear of TJ. However, I look and see some teams like the braves and Cardinals continually bringing there pitching prospects up early and it works out for them (ex. Michael Wacha only pitched 106 ip in minor ball).

    • Well with regards to your last point, they were doing that with Hutchison and Alvarez. Just went horribly wrong.

  68. [...] by Scott Boras over the weekend but I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t link to Andrew Stoeten’s excellent piece at DJF. It’s easy to discredit Boras as a self-serving prick, which he probably is, but it [...]

  69. Rogers is right and wrong. $130M should be enough to contend, but given the way the roster is constructed (and they knew this after the Marlins deal), it is foolhardy not to spend even 10-15% more to try to push this over the top. Its sports, not science.

    “This organization is not focussed on saving X dollars. We are interested in making b…ball decisions”. who said this quote?

    Mitch Kupchak of the Lakers. The Lakers are a first class organization, own the LA market, and were owned, before Mr. Buss passed, by a great businessman. They are the second most valuable franchise in the NBA.

    Rogers is run by job guys who never created wealth on their own. Therein lies the difference.

  70. Though agent Scott Boras softened his strong words towards the Blue Jays in comments today, he continued to implore the team to open its pocketbooks by saying that Toronto has a “rare opportunity” to add impact free agents because of its protected first-round draft picks, reports Ben Nicholson-Smith of (interview via Jeff Blair of Sportsnet 590 The FAN). In addition to its advantageous draft situation, Boras argued that the Jays have the “flexibility in the long term” to backload contracts.
    Boras said that client Stephen Drew could significantly upgrade the team’s second base position, and that Drew would be willing to shift to the other side of the bag “if the club came and made the position a long-term one for him.” Meanwhile, Boras argued that the switch-hitting Kendrys Morales would offer a better option against lefties than incumbent DH Adam Lind, who Boras said could be dealt for pitching. Toronto could recoup a future draft choice via qualifying offer when those players’ deals end, the agent added.

    Your new G.M. Scott Boras.

  71. Sorry that’s from MLB

  72. Boras looks like a fool in all of this. Casey Close’s clients get huge contracts. Drew and Morales are desperate for anything and Boras is reduced to doing radio spots making up silly trade scenarios to have his clients get a job, clients who turned down a QO probably on his advice. Definitely in his decline.

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