For real? It’s here??? I’m doing this???

The Jays travel down the road from Dunedin to Clearwater today, opening their spring schedule against the Philadelphia Phillies at Brighthouse Field. The forecast calls for rain, but the radar shows much of it passing north of the area, at least for now. Though… shit, if I can wait out a six hour rain delay — and tornado warning — on the backstretch concourse at the Daytona 500, I think I can handle some piddly bands of isolated showers. And let’s hope so, because according to Shi Davidi’s latest at Sportsnet, the Jays are basically running out their opening day lineup today (minus Stephen Drew) — Reyes, Cabrera, Bautista, Encarnacion, Lind, Lawrie, Rasmus, Navarro, Goins. The Phils have a bunch of regulars going, too. So let’s play some baseball already!

I’d elaborate further, but I’ve got to get myself to the park! For those of you back home, apparently you can check out the game via MLB.com — though some seem concerned it’s going to be blacked out. Uh… yeah. Baseball!

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  1. A THREAT!!!!

    It’s time to play ball. So excited for the end of the hand wringing and the start of the games.

  2. Mississauga…-13 feels like -24 :(

  3. Greatest day of the year (so far)

  4. pumped for a big day from Ryan Goins!

  5. My TV shows it blacked out. Makes sense. Black it out in the only two markets that would give a tinker’s damn about it being on. Oh well, my Super Sports Pack kicks in on Sat.

  6. FYI for those worried Spring Training games have never been blacked out.

    • s_t_w apparently has more current information than I do.

      • Apparently, the game is on MLB network on cable TV. That is channel 415 on my TV here in SW Ontario, but the game is being shown as “Blackout in Effect.” Can’t tell you anything more than that.

        • Guide says Blacked Out, but there it is on channel 415 in 50 inches of HD.
          Just one question from all you experts: what’s that green stuff on the ground?

          Looks like Bats is ok.
          Wind aided bomb….but from where it landed, wind may not have mattered much.

        • +1…the Rogers guide, to no surprise, does not give the proper info. Game is on MLBN (ch. 415 for Rogers customers like me) despite the ‘blackout in effect’ noted on the screen. Never trust the screen…especially for sports events.

    • Further clarification, they aren’t blacked out on mlb.tv.

      Urg, can you tell I’m excited about actual baseball being on!?

  7. Baseball! Fuck yeah!!

    H/T to Phillies special guest instructor Doc Halladay.

  8. This is a bit of topic, but you guys might get a kick out of it:
    Zaun was on Connected this morning. He introduced a new metric (actually, its more like an anti-metric) that he called “The Run Producer Index” (RPI.)

    The formula for calculating an player’s RPI is (Runs + RBI – HR) divided by Games Played.

    According to Zaun, an elite run producer would have an RPI of 1.00 while and RPI of 0.75 would be considered good.

    Surely, he had to be funnin’ with us just a little bit, but just for the heck of it:
    Using 2013 stats only,
    Bats: 82 + 73 -28 = 127/118 = 1.0762
    EE: 90 + 104 – 36 = 158/142= 1.1126
    Cletus: 56 + 66 – 22= 100/118= 0.8474
    Miggy: 103 + 104 – 44 = 196/148=1.3243
    Trout: 109 + 97 – 27= 179/157= 1.1401
    Adam Jones 100 + 108 -33=175/160=1.0947
    Orange Crush 103+ 138-153=188/160=1.175
    Andrus: 91 + 67 -4=154/156=0.9871
    Ellsbury 92 + 53 – 9= 136/134 + 1.0419
    Zobrist 77 + 71 – 12= 136/157= 0.8662

    As for the self proclaimed great run producer himself ?
    J. P. Arencibia: 45 + 55 -21= 0. 5724
    Sorry J.P. you suck on this one too. Maybe when we develop the SAE metric, you’ll rank right up there at the top. (SAE= Sucks as Everything)

  9. Are spring training games going to be free to listen on the radio again this year?

  10. So pumped to see a Threat!

    The post from John Olerud’s FH made me realize I haven’t seen anything come of the Jays’ invitation for Halliday to come to Spring Training. Did that happen and I just missed the coverage?

  11. Don’t worry, Stoeten, I’m ready to screen cap any Constanza moments you may have in the crowd…

  12. (minus Stephen Drew)


  13. Damn the jays lineup would look so sexy with Drew batting ninth over Goins.

    Also, I don’t like the R-R-L-L through the middle of the lineup, makes it easier to manage the bullpen against us.

    Against Righties I hope they go Reyes-Bautista-Lind-Encarnacion to break it up

  14. LOL “minus Stephen Drew”. Very optimistic. I’d rather they trade for Franklin.

  15. Sports package with like six different sports net channels and they’re playing fucking darts and soccer. I get that it’s spring training but jeeeeezus.


  17. Blacking out spring training games…. brilliant…

  18. So nice to see the photo of Lenny’s. Memories of Spring Training 2000. I don’t think I could ever walk in there again, because I wouldn’t be able to resist the basket of pastries.

  19. BTW, just for you batshit insane fuckers out there: “The Blue Jays should be able to look ahead to better health and fewer black holes. As much as theirs has been an offseason of inactivity, they should get better just by staying the same.”



  20. So far so good. Channel 415 (on Rogers) is not yet blacked out. They’re acting like they’re going to play the game…

  21. Thanks for the link Alex!

  22. BOOM! PLAYOFFS!! Joey Bats!!!

    • I could tell that was a HR from my app…
      2 away, Bautista up, BAM! 1-0.

      damn you work for blocking the radio link!

  23. Adam Lind is on Duck Dynasty now?

  24. Yes! And the MLB.tv audio streaming and MLB Network video are actually in sync, at least for me.

  25. wow jose didn’t waste any time…OUT of the stadium!

  26. Bautista homered in his first AB.


  27. It may be -9876765123 degrees where many of us live, but the first real spring training game can only mean one thing: the summer is right around the corner. BASEBALL FTW!

  28. Navarro with a little classic JP-style passed ball just for old time’s sake.

  29. Matt Stairs is hilarious doing colour commentary. He’d be an awesome pick-up for the Jays broadcast booth…

  30. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate my job anymore…BASEBALL!!!!!!! And I’m stuck at work like a chump. Wish I could see JB’s bomb and Kitten Face’s…whiskers?

  31. welp… happ won’t be making his 2 innings….

  32. ahhhh .. this is a familiar feeling isn’t it guys? 30+ pitches in the first inning? lol

  33. Who’s more drunk right now. Matt Stairs or John Gibbons?

  34. Did anyone else just hear a Wilhelm Scream when that foul ball went into the stands?

  35. I suppose whether we get Drew or not depends on whether Goins is hot or cold at the plate during Spring Training.

  36. Jays are gonna need an 8 man pen, just to have someone ready to clean up after Happ averages 4 innings a game.

  37. Liking the nice quiet stance at the plate for Lawrie.

  38. Cletus!!!

  39. Wind my ass, looked well hit from my viewpoint.

    • “Or a normal day that would have been a routine flyball”
      …. except that “on a normal day” (ie mid season) cletus would have hit that pitch about 500 ft.

      mediocre fastball right down the middle.

  40. Dioner Navarro looks like an enormous baby

  41. Navarro and Goins both pop up after Lawrie and Rasmus have back to back doubles

  42. So Redmond is in after that enormous pitching efficiency by Happ in the first…

  43. Too lazy to read the previous 81 comments, but I am watching the game via MLB.tv. I’ve had an account for about 8 years. Last year was the first year I could watch Jays games. They were not blacked out. Seem to remember Beeston had something to do with that as he stated one of his MO’s was to ensure the Jays were available in every single Canadian household without black out limitations. Not sure if he has that kind of power though…

    • He might not have that kind of power but he does know the right numbers to call to ask about it.

    • So can you confirm that MLB.tv will not blackout games for me in Manitoba?? I have to make the call of MLB.tv vs Cable soon. Will not get MLB.tv if they still blackout games, which is such a crock of shit.

      Game blacked-out for me? Mmmmkay, I only live in Canada, so I’ll just hop in my car, yep, 10 minute drive to Vancouver, 10 minute drive to Toronto….NO PROBLEM, I’LL BE THERE REAL QUICK

      • You can always get by the blackout restrictions (if they exist this season) with a proxy IP address. I think the best, “legit” ones cost $5 a month.

        • Yeah, one of my roommates gets ‘American Netflix’ so I assume this is done in the same manner? Bounce IP to the states and through some sort of sorcery I can watch Jays games?

          I am not tech-savvy, god bless nerd-friends.

      • We’ll only know once the regular season starts. Spring training games have no blackouts on mlb.tv

    • MLB.TV, my jailbroken Apple TV and Ouya, I’ll never need cable again!

  44. Nice to see Melky have the ability to move his legs.

  45. Fuck I love game threats. Fuck I love baseball. I have come out the woodwork after a relatively long hibernation. Go Jays.

  46. Wow, Lind’s beard looks horrible. Right-handed Buerhle is looking efficient out there though.

  47. Todd Redmond don’t need no Ervin Santana.

  48. I’m late to the party….how did Happ look? Yanked after getting slapped around for 1 inning?

  49. Was that a Phillies call to the bullpen for Wes Mantooth?

  50. I agree with everything Stairs said about the changeup.
    Fuckin evil.

  51. Drabek is such a ringer for the Kings of Leon lead singer.

  52. Drabek+Abreu=Walk


  53. Alright Drabek, make me moist.

    • Not exactly sharp but not getting hit hard either.

    • Got a little morning dew going on after that inning. Still throwing all over the place though. Coulda gone waaay different without that DP

  54. Redmond did not hurt himself at all today.
    I think they’ll want to get Hutch and Drabek some less stressful innings at Buffalo
    and they’ll want to delay the service clock on Stroman.

    If Redmond, or Rogers or McGowan can consistently do
    what Redmond did today, that guy probably opens as the #5 starter.

    • Whether Happ is really a lock as #4 or #5 will be an interesting question to watch throughout ST.

    • We’re 4 innings in to the preseason. Pretty sure they’ll take the best pitchers north.
      If that ends up being Redmond then so be it, but I don’t think they are going to hurt the team because he’s out of options.

      • Hurting the team can mean a lot of things, including letting value leave the org because it’s out of options.

        • I agree with you.
          Though if Stroman/Drabek/Hutch gives you a better shot at some wins in April over Redmond and you take Redmond anyway to protect service clocks or to prevent a waiver claim, then you could find yourself a game or two out in September in a ridiculously tight AL east wishing you had played your best team early.

          • Smasher,

            while I agree with you, i think we both know that for most teams, it simply doesn’t work that way.

            Losing depth in April could affect you in September as well.

      • Agreed they will/should take the best north, be it Redmond or anyone else.

        It will interesting to see if Happ really ends up being a lock as has been expected.

        • “We’ll take the best team north.”
          That’s the way they SAY it will work.
          But in the real world, that’s not the way it DOES work.

          Tampa Bay did not take Myers nor Archer north last year
          and unless there are no other viable options,
          Stroman will be in Buffalo until past the Super Two deadline.

          Drabek and Hutch are both off TJS.
          They will want to protect those arms.
          Innings in Buffalo are a lot less stressful than innings in Toronto.
          Look for both guys to get 3-5 starts in Buffalo
          before heading up the QEW.

          • The Rays had David Price, Matt Moore, Jeremy Hellickson, Alex Cobb and Roberto Hernandez (formerly Fausto Carmona) whom they signed as their 5th starter. So leaving Archer in the minors until an injury or implosion is justifiable.

            TB is a bad example anyway, out of necessity they have to do what’s cheapest or what will prolong asset control because they get 5k fans to a game and have very little revenue.

    • Would not give these results all that much credence until the last week or so of games no matter how good or bad the results are.

    • I haven’t checked but I think there’s 4 off days in April

  55. Melky 2014. Believe!

  56. Wow, Melky really is moving a lot better. He’s looking a lot slimmer too.

  57. How did Drabek look?

  58. Note to Jamie Moyer: “inclusiveness” is actually a real word…

  59. Wish Stoeten was listening. Some great chemistry talk from Matty.

  60. Same old Drabek, walks and a couple of hard hit balls. Oh well at least it’s spring training.

  61. Wagner does have some good stuff.

  62. I haven’t watched a tonne of spring training games… is it typical to leave your catcher in for the whole game? Does it depend on who’s scheduled to pitch? Noticed they subbed out pretty much everyone except Navarro.

  63. Screamer

  64. Matt Stairs is fucking annoying to listen to. Like listening to someone who starts a sentence before they figure out what their point is.

  65. For those that ever played Warcraft


  66. Matt Stairs talking about relying on small ball to win games should be filed under “crushing fucking irony”…

  67. Woot sac bunts in spring training!

  68. Blue jays win! Too all the AA haters suck it! He knew what he was doing all off-season and now you have to look about something else to cry about

    • Remember 2012 when the jays won more ST games than any other club?

      That turned out…uh…yeah.

      • You remember losing 3 starters in 4 games june 2012?

        • I know WHY the chips fell where they did, I’m just saying that ST wins and losses don’t mean a thing. He seems like he was being sarcastic anyway, I think…

          • They do have a correlation, playoff teams tend to have strong spring training, if only to demonstrate the team depth is good.

            • Source? Because I don’t think the correlation is particularly strong. Haven’t thought of it in several months though.

    • high five man! I know I have my 2014 world series cigars ready

  69. are the rumours true? Redmond opening day starter..

  70. Could the waiver wire ninja strike again?


    In AA we trust.

    Maybe trust is too strong a word at this point. How about in AA we hope.

  71. 50 bucks Stoeten got drunk as fuck and mails some shit in tomorrow…

  72. Check out @TheGarfoose’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/TheGarfoose/status/438812795677990912

    Brice has one less possibility. Let the spexulation run wild

  73. Fucking Mrs. Tom W banned me from baseball and anything that is reasonably fun for a week ‘cuz of my weekend antics…..walking the line boyz.

  74. Jay’s heave and slice…..We be ready and Jays heave hoe…..

  75. Really cool pic from yesterday’s Indians game.

    Guy got in my kitchen…maybe he was after a can of corn…..


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