I’m currently in Dunedin, but just quickly, as I’m on the road again today. I’ll check in later with some early impressions after yesterday’s spring opener, but for now, this is all you get!


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  1. I hope by not getting elmore from the white sox that means the jays are getting Drew right? Right?

  2. One can only hope, but alas, I think we’re kinda screwed on that front. Perhaps we can convert Toma Okha into an SS

    • I think throwing a knuckler to 2nd or 1st is problematic, especially when turning the DP. Plus there are serious questions about Ohka’s range that need to be considered. lol

  3. Boras is suggesting Jays sign Drew and Morales and trade Lind for pitching again.


    I think he’s pitched that to Blair, TSN and now Elliot. Is he hoping he’ll stir up fan pressure?

    • As always Arencibia you’re just a little bit late.

    • he assumes Lind could bring back quality pitching, which is a pretty big stretch. His contract is basically market value so there’s no surplus value there, and any team that has visions of him being their primary 1B must have a platoon partner already in place or be willing to acquire one. Lind would fit the Pirates like a glove, but they dont line up well with the Jays as trade partners since they lack excess pitching to trade and aren’t going to deal their starting 2B or SS if they have designs on contending.

      The Jays have a pretty good 1B/DH situation as is, no need to mess with it.

      I’d take Drew on a reasonable deal, but Boras seemed to indicate it would take some kind of premium in years or dollars to get him to play 2B.

      • If he went to the pirates it’d probably only be for a mediocre pitcher like wandy rodriguez – adam lind isn’t getting you much more than that

      • Yeah I agree. I’d be happy with Drew. If Goins is a black hole, could be a huge upgrade actually.

        But I think I’d rather have Lind/Sierra over Morales.

        If you could actually get a pitcher better than Happ/Drabek/Hutchinson/Stroman in 2014 for Lind, maybe it’d make sense to trade him and sign Morlaes. But hard to believe Lind could net that. Maybe if Lind was part of a package.

        • It doesn’t make sense for us to sign Drew. How much will he cost? 8 mil – if we’re lucky? And where would he be in our lineup? 7th? Ahead of Rasmus? He’d either be the 8th or 9th hitter. As well, is a guy who’s never played second base’s defense really that much better than what we have now?

          We’ve got enough offence – that’s not the problem, even if Goins is a laggard. And if defence is a moot point, between Goins and Drew, why pay for an upgrade?

          • Because you’re paying to upgrade from basically replacement level to 2-3 wins, which – if you’re trying to contend – is massive.

          • Drew can hit, get in base and is a switch hitter. Goins can only play the field.

            You win baseball games by scoring runs.

    • I think Scott is just worried about the Blue Jays playoff chances “ya think???” actually I listened to him with Blair, had me half assed convinced until he said Lind could get some pitching. can’t see Lind getting anything better than we already got

  4. Boras is an idiot who has a terrible relationship with Beeston. This is a hail Mary desperate play for him, it won’t go anywhere.

    • He is very very far from being “an idiot”
      but the rest of what you said is probably correct.

      • yeah – i’d be more inclined to go with, ‘beeston is an idiot who has a terrible relationship with boras’

        • In hindsight, idiot was the wrong word. Boras is most def not stupid. In that sense he is not an idiot. However, I often use the term idiot to describe loud-mouth blow-hard arrogant pricks. In this sense he is an idiot. He miscalculated the market in the hopes of a bigger return (i.e. bigger cut for him) and now he’s trying to save face.

        • Beeston is an idiot exactly why? Because he doesn’t suck Boras’ dick the way the fans who go apeshit over every possible free agent want him to? Beeston’s not the idiot ryan. You are.

  5. James Cybulski? Really?

    Why couldn’t we have had Dirk Hayhurst? Zaun shoots his mouth off too. Don’t tell me Zaunie is some kind of untouchable.

    • I enjoyed Dirk also.
      But maybe there are other reasons why he’s moved on.
      He’s promoting his new book everywhere.

  6. Bautista hit the hell out of that ball yesterday. Don’t know if it’s just me but he looks thicker around the middle this spring. Little bit of winter weight?

  7. Another beautiful early spring day in Southern Ontario…


  8. man Stoeten you’ve really slowed down on the posts over the last few days..busy getting Florida drunk?

  9. Dickey’s Doo Doo

  10. That was an awesome pitch

  11. That knuckler was pretty vicious

  12. Sierra! Okay, I can be convinced he might be useful as the fourth outfielder. It will be good to watch him this spring

  13. Those strikeout knucklers were sexually exciting….

  14. Oh my Dickey

  15. Ok, guys. I need help.

    How can I follow this game at work? MLB Gameday isn’t working, Can I stream radio from somewhere? (sorry, I’m not the most savvy of internet users)

    • It might be on Fan 590 (web streaming). Not sure. It’s televised on Sportsnet One, but Howarth is doing the colour commentary on the TV broadcast, so I’m not sure…

      • As an example of MLB protecting broadcast rights, you can’t even listen to regular season games on the Fan website, they air other programming during the game.
        This has driven me nuts for years at work with afternoon games on

        • I didn’t know that. I thought they webcast the game yesterday or something, but I was home and could watch it on MLB Network…

    • If Gameday isn’t working it might be a computer flash issue or something with your work’s firewall. Probably not a tonne you can do. Do you have a smartphone? The At Bat app should get you the audio, or at worst the gameday.

    • You can watch/listen on mlb.com but you have to sign up and pay for it. I have the radio only package and it costs about $20 for the season.

      MLB is really anal about their broadcast rights, at least compared to other pro sports. In my experience trying to see games at work, you can sometimes find a stream online but rarely is it ever a good one and I found this to be more true on an office network. Thats why I ended up signing up on mlb.

      They got me …

      • Fuck me. I’d rather not pay for radio.

        I think the best solution is for all you people watching the game – provied a play by play commentary in the comments, thanks!

        • I’m pretty sure you can get the audio on MLB.com for free during Spring Training. It’s working for me, and I’ve never paid for anything.

  16. I’m stuck at work too. How’s Dickey looking so far? I’m expecting a great year from him.

  17. Am I the only one rooting for Esmil Rogers to suck so that we don’t have to worry about him getting a spot in the rotation?

  18. Rogers :\

  19. Looks like Redmond has an EARLY lead on Rogers, although the Jays love “live arms” and what are the chances Esmil passes through waivers? Stack the pen. Send down the guys with options. Wait for the injuries (looking at you, Morrow) to begin…

  20. Huge points for Sierra on that single….nails!

  21. Joey Bats!!!

  22. Bautista’s looking good!

  23. There’s the Brad Lincoln we’ve come to know and love.

  24. Another interesting thing…apparently Kratz can catch the knuckleball

  25. Bautista is looking good! Hopefully he continues to improve now that he can focus on baseball instead of spamming my Twitter feed all day long.

  26. That’s the new tumourless Melky…

  27. Melky beats out a DP!!

    Holy Shee-ite! This could be good!

    • Ok, so me stting at my desk unable to see any of this game, can now deduce after 1.3 games that:

      Redmond has made our rotation.
      Bautista is going to hit 50 bombs with on OBP of 400+
      Kratz is our catching saviour.
      And Melky will win the batting tittle.

      This is the year!

      • You forgot Lawries batting title.

        • Jokes aside, look for Melky and Lawrie to push each other for the team hits lead.
          And if Reyes can stay on the field one of these sonsAbitches gets 200 hits.


        • I want to see Lawrie cut his GB rate by a significant amount before I start to believe in his bat again. I’d happily take a line drive doubles machine out of him instead of the power he showed when he first came up. Not sure that kind of power from him was realistic based on his minor league numbers. I’d happily jizz myself if he hit 45+ doubles and 10-15 hrs.

      • We man now have a battle between Redmond and McGowan after that 1,2,3 inning for McGowan.

  28. That’s how to keep McGowan healthy – 3 pitch innings!

  29. Really pulling for Dustin even though it’s probably impossible at this point. Is there another player one could look to that has gone through anything remotely familiar and succeeded? When did Chris Carpenter really put it together with the Cards? Are their timelines comparable?

    • Not really. Carpenter missed about a season and a half before he returned with the Cards. He was very good his first year in St. Louis and won the Cy Young the next.

      McGowan missed two and a half years, pitched 20 innings, then missed another year and a half. It’s been a much longer road for McGowan.

  30. Say what you want about McGowan.. But fuck he has some incredibly nasty stuff. I know its been harped on for 5 years while we wait for him to not be injured but its criminal what happened to his career. Imagine if the Jays could have had him as a starter in 2009 through 2013?

  31. Kenny Wilson starting CF for the 2015 Blue Jays? Or maybe he and Gose end up as platoon mates. He hits lefties pretty well. Both have fantastic D and great arms and burner speed.

    • Still hoping it’s Colby though. Don’t think it will happen unfortunately.

      • Still nice to have options. Does anyone know what Wilson’s wheels are like? Whatever happens they’re gonna need a lot more time to decide

        • According to the broadcast, he’s all about the wheels. He was detailed last year by shin splints that led to a stress fracture…

        • Check out his FG page, there is a good article written about him from Marc Hulet, it’s from 2012 but there is a good scouting report.

  32. Did Cabrera even _get_ a double last year? Nice!

    • Its a remarkable difference really when you think about how crippled he was.

      • I totally agree. Yesterday’s catch in LF. Beating out a (bobbled DP ball). Tagging to third last inning. Double to right-centre.

        Early days yet, but he’s running like he’s not 147 years old…

        • And his swing is so much better too. His entire body was behind that hit… just really solid contact. Hopefully he finds a lot more gaps like that this year.

          • Is Melky in contention for the “best shape of his life” award, with him and Bautista doing 2 a days all winter?

            I mean…in his case I guess you would need an asterisk. ” Best shape of his roid-free life”. Hmm, that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  33. Geez Mayberry’s getting a real workout in RF.

  34. Ok, someone give me a recap on our runs.

    • Lots of doubles. A couple of singles when someone tagged to third or went first-to-third…

      • Some good opposite-field hits too

      • Know it’s early in spring training, but it’s nice to see the Jays manufacturing runs in different ways. And pretty good contact across the board too, instead of the endless home run/strikeout rut they fall into.

        • I’m not sure they are manufacturing runs as much as they are taking walks and hitting the ball, sometimes the other way.

  35. Those framed that like a boss…

    Of course, Buck Martinez “isn’t a big framing fan.” Because he’s a genius…

  36. I know that it’s only Spring training, but this is making me feel optimistic about the season ahead.

  37. I hear you GSMC, stay positive my freind.

  38. We’ll never win without Ubaldo, guys. Don’t get your hopes up.

  39. You make a lot of fucked up comments.
    You should change your name again and take your meds.

  40. Boras’ big picture involves a shitload of money for his clients – which in turn, means a shitload of money for Boras. No self-serving interests at play there (insert sarcasm font here)

  41. Really miss the “weekly” podcasts… Just sayin..

  42. all this positve energy convinced me, I just bet on the jays for over 79.5 wins on the the year.

    Also for anyone who curious the over under for the rest of the AL east are:

    rays: 88.5
    redsox: 87.5
    yankees: 87
    balt : 80.5

  43. I love the world that you live in.

    Everything is negative in regards to the jays. So Dickey gets shelled every game, but Jimenez is the second coming of Cy fucking Young?

    Any one who knows anything about baseball would take Dickey over Jimenez any fucking day of the week.

  44. While we wait on Cuban prospect Diaz, it sounds like some aren’t all that impressed about him. Just read this article. Highly recommended. Interesting stuff.


  45. Best thing to do is just ignore him, he’ll eventually fuck off once he’s not getting a rise out of anyone.

  46. I can’t tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic, but if you are being serious, your logic needs a lot of work.

  47. sometimes even when a criticism is warranted and right, if it comes from the wrong place it doesn’t matter.

    For as much of a visionary that he is, Boras has no right to criticize an mlb team.

    He’s absolutely right about the way jays are half committing to winning but its not his right to speak on it.

  48. for a guy that hates the jays so much, why do you come to a site and comment on so much jays material.

    Go to a red sox blog and talk shit about the jays atleast you wont be alone in your absolutely moronic viewpoints.

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