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Look familiar?

Yes, the Tumwater High School Baseball team, from Tumwater, Washington (about an hour south of Seattle), has taken the logo from those great Blue Jays teams of the early 2000s and made it their own. The Tumwater T-Birds might only be the 653rd best high school team in the nation, but they’ve easily become my favourite American high school baseball team.

And I don’t know about you, but if this 2014 Jays season falls apart in a hurry, I could see myself listening online to the local Tumwater radio station (KUOW 1340AM!) to see how the young men, wearing the most underrated Blue Jays logo, are doing. Rumour has it that Manager Jamie Weeks is coaching the boys up real nice in the fundamentals of the game and they could make a run at State. (follow Mr. Weeks on Twitter!)

Now, knowing the Blue Jays keen sense of public perception, they’ll probably sue the hell out of the Tumwater T-Birds. Shutting down, not only the baseball program, but the entire school of Tumwater. Parents, balking at the cost of shipping their kids to Olympia for schooling, will move their families out of Tumwater. Essentially turning the once vibrant baseball town into a shell of its former self.

OR, you know, the Jays could make up for the annoying begging that has been their twitter account pushing the #FaceOfMLB and do something fun like donate a bunch of the old Jays T-Bird gear to these kids. Which would ACTUALLY be doing something for a good cause.

The T-Birds Honda Home Opener is March 12th. State! State! State!

Thanks to Dave Burrows for the post. I repeat, this is a guest post.

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  1. That T-Bird be juicing

  2. Great post Stoeten!

  3. I think the logo is pretty accurately rated

  4. Let them have that of a logo, good riddance! Worst logo the Jays ever had.

  5. Maybe Rogers could sue them and gain the resources to sign a FA. *

    * Settle the fuck down it was a shitty joke….I think.

  6. I hated that old logo too, I think it’s the worst one the Jays ever had. That being said, though, I LOVE the gumption of the Tumwater T-Birds to just TAKE the logo and turn it green and claim it as their own. That’s a ballsy move for an up-and-comer. With that type of attitude, they’ll be in the top-500 teams in no time!

    Anyone know if the general public can buy those hoodies?

    • I tried. The website link under the image does not ship. You have to pick it up in Washington State. I have had no luck finding their gear with this logo on the sites that actually ship.
      If anyone has any luck, please let us know.

  7. I’ll take that logo over the black and grey era Jays logo any day of the week. That uniform and logo are horrendously terrible.

  8. Just goes to show ya I guess, I love(d) it too.
    Chacun a son gout!

    ( But I see no harm in Jays legal department confering special permission for them to use it.)

  9. That bluejays twitter page background really seems to cut off R.A.’s jersey at the worst possible spot, at least for my screen res.

  10. #653 – same ranking our best 2nd baseman has of all baseball position players

  11. I always immediately think of Roy Halladay when I see that logo.

  12. Their baseball season starts in March?! Fuck, I wish I lived in the Pacific Northwest when I was a kid.

  13. Jesus, wasn’t that faceofmlb crap just about the worst thing ever?

    At first I didn’t know what it was, and tweeted Bautista some shit for fraternizing with the enemy so openly (Ortiz) after having such a flagrantly pathetic season. (Not that he gives a shit what I think.)

    Then I figured it out and unfollowed the prick anyway. A relentless torrent of campaign tweets I need not.

    • Yeah, how dare he have friends outside of the Jays organization?! He is a horrible person!


    • And moronic tweets from a petulant child who calls a 4+ win season flagrantly pathetic he needs not.

  14. Isnt it kind of normal for small teams to just borrow pro teams Logos and stuff?

    I remember my highschool used the Nationals “W” cap

  15. A friend of mine from Jersey said his highschool or something used the Jays logo there. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising, a lot of teams highschool/amateur teams do that across every sport. Not sure which era or Jays stuff they used, though.

  16. High school and legion teams in The States do this kind of thing pretty often. Mostly seems to go unnoticed.

    Sometimes, MiLB teams even make it available:


    • I actually play on a men’s league team which is just a blue version of the current Chicago White Sox logo.

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