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  1. While we wait on Cuban prospect Diaz, it sounds like some aren’t all that impressed about him. Just read this article. Highly recommended. Interesting stuff.

    • Fuck it, we already got Getz, Goins, and Izturis.

      Let’s corner the market on AAAA 2nd basemen

    • Impressed about him? Is that a thing? If you’re going to patiently wait to advertise your blog in the comments section of another blog, at the very least don’t leave me with such grammatical conundrums. That or Stoeten just put in that comment for a friendly blogsterbatory favour before he published the post. Still though. ABOUT HIM!?!?!?!

      • Pat, why do you have to be such a dick? Comments like this is exactly why I don’t have Facebook and Twitter. A bunch of morons waiting around, either waiting to be offended by someone or rip apart someone to feel better about themself.
        I simply shared an interesting article that I thought people might want to read.

        • I’m sorry. Nice deflection though.

          • Not a deflection. More a comment on your need to make fun of others for no reason.

            • I don’t suppose you have heard of a typo.

            • Well that’s hardly fair, my reason was you’re plugging another blog and creating confusing syntax. If that’s not reason to belittle and shame an undeserving, unsuspecting human being well then this isn’t the Internet I know and love.

              • Have you ever read stoeten’s daily duce?
                Isn’t that what he’s doing there?

              • “Well that’s hardly fair, my reason was you’re plugging another blog and creating confusing syntax. If that’s not reason to belittle and shame an undeserving, unsuspecting human being well then this isn’t the Internet I know and love.”

                Period after fair, not a comma.
                Comma after being.

              • Lol at poons goons. You’re a real villain bud

      • “best known in recent years as the leading authority on post-revolution Cuban League baseball and is also the first American to write regular columns and analysis on two ‘official’ Cuban League baseball websites.”

        Probably the dumbest quote I have ever seen!

      • stupid. just incredibly stupid.

    • Hey Stoeten get off the piss and write something

  2. I’ve been trying to follow Diaz as well and he certainly doesn’t have a line up to sign him. At the right price the Jays might take a chance.

  3. Looking forward to watching Buerhle

  4. Anyone have plans to follow the Jays to any parks outside of Toronto this year? I’m heading down to Pittsburgh in May.

  5. I’m heading down to see the jays take on the Yankees at the end of July. Hopefully it’ll be a tight race :p

  6. any online streams peeps?

  7. Navarro looks more rotund than I remember

    • Read a report this morning where he said he loses weight during the season and last year he lost energy the longer the season went on,hence he thought he’d come to camp a little heavier.
      That’s his excuse and he’s sticking to it.

  8. any other streams? jays version of radio isnt working

  9. Cletus!


  10. Ok Sierra!! beauty throw!

  11. Very nice.

    Strong like bull.

  12. Pirates radio guys baffled by Moises’ arm

    • Well if he’s NOT #4 there’s a problem. And he seems to be a LOT more sure of himself from what I see. Gose ain’t looking so good any more…if he ever did.

      • I just may pump his tires this year, now that The Man From Muncie has this whole site’s love and affection.

      • Seirra is out of options also.
        Gotta figure he’s the frontrunner.

        • If he’s the front runner, who plays CF on Rasmus’ days off? Melky? Jose?

          • I’m going to miss Rajai’s shitty routes to the ball and mayhem in the base paths.

          • That was my concern too especially as it seems an 8 man pen is almost a given. I guess a revitalized Melky for a short period of time.

          • Rasmus doesn’t get days off and if he is hurt and needs some games off then AA calls up Gose in their ever ending call up and call down transaction orgy

            • Only problem with that is that person is down for 10 days minimum. This year there won’t be a lot of guys to choose from because they have no options left. Among the position players I only think there is Goins and Kratz with options left. Not sure if you wan to be messing with sending them up and down. So that leaves guys like Loup and Delebar among the pitchers. As you can see they won’t be doing what they did last year. Really need to hope Rasmus and Melky stay healthy or that AA can trade Redmond or Rogers for anything to free up a spot.

    • Where are you listening to the Pitsburgh feed?

  13. If anyone cant watch because of work, download AtBAt for your phone. Gives up-to-dates by the minute, and it’s free.

    So you can sneak a peek when youre in the can.

    Not that this is news to anyone.

  14. Anyone have a livestream link besides gameday?

  15. So far, so good. Dickey, Buehrle, and Morrow all have their first outing in the books with no apparent ill effects.

  16. What’s up with Rasmus’ new swing? I didn’t follow this offseason nearly as closely as the past several years.

    • Rasmus is a tinkerer. He always has something new in his swing or set up.

      • He just seems to have hands really low and over the plate before he loads up. That’s a lot of added movement. But hey, whatever works I guess.

        • I saw that too, seems scary. Rasmus took so long to adjust to a new stance last year and the year before and seemed to be comfortable and doing well last year. If it aint broke dont fix it and there does seem to be a lot of movement going on there

  17. Pirates pitcher is having problems. Colby needs to wait for his pitch.

  18. Buck finally pointing out that this pitcher is having problems and Goins should’ve waited….

  19. Can’t watch the game… how’s Sanchez looking?

    • He got the first two out than walked the next three. His fast ball has incredible movement and very hard to catch. He made good pitches but it didn’t seem like he was getting close calls.
      It was nice to see him get the third out and not give in.

  20. #SanchezBeingSanchez

  21. That fastball has ridiculous life.

    He should just aim it dead centre every pitch and let it do its work. None of this nibbling shit.

  22. When stromans getting his shot?

  23. “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”


  24. Quite clearly I’m in the wrong business doing the wrong job… *sigh*

    Gotta fix that.

  25. Nice to see first inning runs. Would love to see
    A team that gets into games right away, Jays pitchers really slow down and nibble when they are behind early.

    • “This year, they’re picking us to finish last, and I hope it stays like that,” he laughed. “Maybe this time, it’s going to be the other way around. Last year, they pick us to finish first and we finish last. This year, they’re going to pick us last. Maybe we’re going to be first. So you never know, man. You never know.”

      Fuckin nails

  26. Nothing to do with his 2 hits today, because they were both shitty bouncers that could just as easily have been outs, but is it wrong to think Kawasaki might be a better option at 2B than Goins?

    He’s graded out decently on defense in his career and probably has a way better chance of holding his own with the bat than Goins.

    For what it’s worth, Goins has looked anemic at the plate. No power and he’s struggled to make good contact too, which will make it impossible for him to walk since there’s no reason for pitchers not to pour everything in the zone against him. I know, two ST games, and Seitzer seems to think there’s hope, but any decent ballplayer over the age of 12 can look good in pepper.

    • Kawasaki is pretty much guaranteed to contribute more with the bat. You can’t fluke a 11.1% walk rate, and maybe it’s selective memory but he had his fair share of clutch hits too.

      Goins looks like JPA without power.

    • if you sit down and do the background checks, Izturis easily becomes the best option to play 2b.

      granted he hasnt been good for the jays, if he retires today he’ll have a better career then goins or kawasaki ever will.

      hopefully he can turn things around

  27. Just a reminder you guys; Jose Reyes plays for the Blue Jays


    Agree with the point about taking the best team.

    • I’m glad Zaun isn’t the Jays GM, because he can’t see past the end of his own nose. Gose, so far, on his best days, is Gary Pettis. Not a stud. Ride Sierra in 2014 until he fizzles, then sneak him through waivers back to Buffalo. Best case: he doesn’t fizzle and you have the option to trade him on a little bit of a high. Give Gose a chance to wrestle the job from Sierra’s hands; if he doesn’t, then it probably didn’t matter which of the two came north with the team.

    • Totally agree with bringing the best team, but does that team actually include Gose right now? He can’t hit for shit.

      I’d be okay with sketchy defense from Sierra in CF now and then as long as he provides above-average offense… probably.

      • Pretty sure Melky or Bats could give Rasmus a day off and just throw Sierra into a corner spot. Gose probably needs more time in the minors.

      • The best lineup for the team involves only a 7 man pen. Doesn’t look like that is going to happen to start.

        As for Gose he’s just regressed at the plate since 2012. Not sure what the future holds for him at this stage, definitely not a full time job. Be interesting to see what happens with Wilson this year. He looks like he could take a huge step forward in 2014.

      • Gose and Sierra would occupy different roles as the 4th outfielder.

        Gose would be a late-inning defensive sub for any of our three starting outfielders anytime we had a lead. As such Gose would have potential in any game.

        Sierra would get to start here and there and give one of the starters a day off.

        I think Gose gives us more options on days where all our starters are starting. If used effectively he could spell the starters often enough to minimize the number of days they need off, and keeping our starters on the field more often is a win in itself.

        • I’m hoping the Stray Cat hitting coach can turn Gose around. Not holding my breath though.

          • Turn Gose around from … where? They’ve played 3 games. SP. Gose I think has played 1. So … he hasn’t gone wrong before he’s gone right. Park it, amigo, and enjoy the game.

            • I’m hoping Seitzer can get more production out of Gose. I’m not basing this on the glimpse we’ve had of him this spring. I like the speed. I like the glove. The bat? Not so much.

              Trust me, I’m enjoying the game. Relax…

              • Think jays are better served long term with gose in the minors playing everyday hopefully improving and siera platoon with lind. 8 in pen to not lose a pitcher out of options and have three lefties. Gose really just serves as a guy to steal a base and emergency cf better off plsying everyday in aaa and hopefullly developing into a regular

          • I want Gose to succeed but he feels a lot like Drabek to me.

      • Sierra can barely hack it in a corner OF spot, there’s no way any self respecting team lets him get one inning in CF. It’s just not in his capability. And that goes for Melky and Bautista too at this stage.

        4 man bench is the only way to go – Izturis, Kratz, Sierra, Gose/Pillar – anything else really hamstrings Gibby late in ballgames or if he wants to give Colby a day off

        • Very true, but in the 3-man bench scenario — which is looking likely — if it came down to Gose OR Sierra, I’d count on the latter being more valuable to the team in 2014.

          • Don’t forget about the difference in speed. Gose can offer a late game stolen base not unlike Rajai. Sierra can’t play centre, isn’t a good late inning replacement as his defense is passable at best and isn’t a threat on the bases.

            I like his bat but Gose makes more sense to me as a 4th outfielder.

            Basically I think Gose can be Rajai with a little less hitting.

          • If it’s between Gose or Sierra, I’ll take Sierra. He can hit, hit for power and He has a gun for an arm. He’s playing with way more confidence out there and it shows. If Rasmus needs a rest put JB there or if it’s an injury (to Rasmus), call up Gose.
            For those who don’t think it will last, we’ll see.

            • Yeah, the only thing is Sierra can’t play CF. So either have a 4th who can cover all OF, but without a bat or have a hole in CF with a guy who can hit. I would take Sierra, who can hopefully get worked into games as PH.
              This two-step shuffle is a glaring issue with the Jays: platoon at 1B/DH takes up a bench spot. The now have possible platoon at 2B with Goins/Izturis, taking up another bench spot. Hole in OF unless Goes is used. Best teams have guys like Drew and Zobrist giving teams insurance and flexibility. Funny how Gibbons mentioned using Kawasaki in OF, but I don’t know how that would work out.

  29. It’s nice to see the jays taking advantage of opponent errors and getting some clutch hits. I feel like that was one of their fatal flaws last year.
    It’s a new year baby!

    • Hope

    • Grain of salt. Guys are fresh and hungry to play in ST, plus some have been hitting in games all winter (i.e. Sierra). Factor in AA/AAA pitching and defense and you get a skewed sense of reality for some teams.
      Days of old when Jays dominated AL East they had terrible ST numbers. Most likely they knew what they had with vets and All-Stars, and focus was on playing their rooks and FA signings.

  30. A lot of dopes posting tonight.
    Jays are the only team posting a 3-0 record in ST so far.
    Shouldn’t read too much into that, but things are looking up not down, dudes.
    So cheer up.
    Play ball!

  31. Jason Parks:
    Jays could have a top 5 farm system next year.

    • I read that too. I hope AA has learned a few things since he built and dismantled the farm. Jays have had tough time lately with their “high ceiling” draftees; supplement this with big International free agent signings, which is good, but they have to do better domestically.
      #9 and #11 need to be best overall SP available. Later rounds select the big power bat, one dimensional type guys (3 tools) and projected relief pitchers (hard FB, curve/slider; weighted splits types).

      • @ Beeston
        Don’t be surprised if they’re not SPs. AA’s drafted something on the order of 60% pitchers up til this point. On the other hand if the best overall pick happens to be an SP when his turn comes…

  32. Trolls are back

    • Bit like cockroaches crawling and shitting all over everthing

    • The notion that if you aren’t an absolute homer you must be a troll is just hilarious.

      Just so I don’t hurt your feelings check this out:

      Morrow is not going to get hurt and he’ll probably win the Cy Young this year!!!!!

  33. I wasn’t that impressed with Morrow yesterday…but it’s his first start. Until the starters are getting closer to the end of spring, you can’t really get much of an impression on them. He might simply have been airing his arm out for health reasons, although he did groove several fastballs.

    Basically, things have looked the way we thought–hitting good to excellent, depth not that impressive, bullpen very sharp.

    We’ll see how things shake out. I’m interested to see if Romero can have a renaissance this year–you never know.

    • Curious if he took off some speed would he get more movement from his FB? Good/great MLB hitters can adjust to 100+ FB w’t movement.

    • I never take anything as gospel during spring training. It’s the anti-season.
      Pitchers have have been told to go out there and air that arm out with a dozen straight fastballs…or they want to work on their breaking ball, so they’ll throw an entire inning of change-of-pace pitches just to work out the kinks.Of course, batters (being not entirely stupid) will finally figure out it’s “change-up day” and hammer them.
      And then your basic Chicken Little types will start trolling the boards – saying that the pitcher sucks and the world is coming to an end and AA is an idiot.

      • Good policy FB…I ALWAYS get sucked in on one or two good performances.

        BUT !

        I still think Negrych deserved a shot at the show.

    • For his first action of the spring, I’m just relieved he’s healthy.

  34. I guess today’s game is not on TV, yeah?

  35. Can we give Brett a hamstring transplant?

  36. Anyone know how I can watch this on the net

  37. Yes, where can we watch this online?

  38. Rogers channel 435 Blue Jays and baltimore

  39. Sooo, Hutchison looking poretty good with a 94-95mph fastball, spotting it well.

  40. Tanaka is third starting pitcher probably 5 and 6 innings for Yankees v Phillies channel 415 Rogers.

  41. How about Getz so far?

  42. Hutch is dealin

  43. Probably already mentioned by someone elsewhere but good lord, what is that thing on Linds face?

  44. Great 2 innings from Hutch. Very encouraging. I forgot how good he looked before his injury

  45. Stromania showed some flashes too with 3 K’s

  46. Ricky!

  47. Holy shit Ricky. 9 pitches, 8 balls. Hard to watch

  48. Looks like today’s pitching lineup are the ones to watch for the back end of the rotation. Hutch good, Stroman ok and so far, Romero meh. Poor Ricky.

  49. Stroman looked a lot better giving up 2 runs than Ricky did there.

  50. Might be the hardest hit ball of Gose’s career there

  51. “The Great Pumpkin.”

  52. Who was that Johnson dude?!

  53. Super small sample size, but Getz looks good. Looks like he can handle the bat a bit and serviceable D. Doesnt have great stats but maybe?

  54. That’s how you steal first Tony.

  55. Stoeten, after 2 weeks in Florida does your beard smell more of crab legs or the beach?

    Deciding if I want to grow mine out.

  56. I tried the Rogers Radio app today to listen to the game and cuts out all the time. Can anyone recommend an app or something I can use to get free Jays games radio on my android?

    • Rogers radio app doesn’t play Jays games from what I understand due to rights issues. Need the MLB AT Bat for that.

  57. Man, Dan Johnson is the weirdest baseball player ever. He had a 114 wRC+ with a .198 average in 2010, which is hilarious. Then had a wRC+ of 10(!) the year after but still managed to get the most important hit of the Rays’ season. Absolutely killed the ball in 31 PAs with the Sox in 2012, then promptly disappeared again.

    He’s always shown a great knack for taking walks and some impressive power numbers. Just crazy.

  58. Ok…so I’m kind of glad this game _isn’t_ on TV…

  59. Cancel the parade.

  60. ….urp?
    WTF happened?
    I go away for 2 innings and they score 6 against us?
    Wadda happen? Did they leave Rickey in too long, or did Wang come out of retirement?

  61. So I didnt see the game today but it looked like Andy Burns was ok again.
    Anyone see it who agrees? Along with Mitch Nay, it looks like there’s some
    strength at 3B coming along

  62. There is some hope. But after seeing AA spend a good chunk of prospect capital last offseason, it’s fair to say that the Jays system is mostly made up of high ceiling and high risk arms in the low minors. Jason Parks has an interesting take on the Jays system in the most recent Fringe Average podcast at BP..

    The Professor still likes the system, calling it deep as fuck, with the potential to be a top 5 system in a year or two.

    How things go with the 2014 draft will go a long way in finding the next impact player

  63. Loved the Buehrle piece in the Post. Apparently he hasn’t shaken off a sign since 2003.

  64. Anyone hear Zauny the other day talking about how filthy Dustin McGowan’s stuff is?
    He caught Dustin when he came into the league and called his stuff filthy. Also said that if he could pitch thirty games, he would likely be an all-star.
    One can only dream!

  65. Stoeten? (Insert crickets chirping here)

  66. Damn shoveled snow for an hour, than come in and catch the Jays in sunny Florida. Rogers looked good in the first.

  67. Bonus tv coverage today! Nice young hottie sitting behind home plate wearing a Jays hat. #dirtyoldman

  68. Way to go JB…Nice to see
    Geez I hate those Yankee bastards!

  69. Joey. So hot right now.

  70. So happy JPA is gone….

  71. Advantage Rogers

    • Actually if you were just judging on results i would say advantage Hutchison.

      Obviously first few games aren’t going to mean all that much.

  72. Lol did Redmond think he was just throwing BP today?

  73. That’s it, I am logging in at

    • Geez they’ve got a game thread and 230 + comments already

    • Yeah, kinda strange he posts multiple entries in the same day in the off season but now it’s quiet when baseball starts? Not that there’s much to write about after a handful of spring games.

  74. Oy vey Mr. Redmond.
    So far it has to be Hutch for #5. Based not only on this spring, but also on pre-injury performance.

    • Wilner just tweeted that the radar gun was on the slow side yesterday and Hutchison was actually sitting at 93 and touching 96.

      • Holy hell
        That’s good
        So one of McGowan/hutch for the fifth starter?

        • Honestly it’s going to be really interesting to see who they take. The cynic in me says it’s either Rogers or Redmond because of the option issue. Maybe even McGowan. All three can be the long man in the pen too.

          That said, I just hope it’s the best guy. Maybe Hutch and one of those three out pitch Happ too.

  75. I forgot about the shitty baserunning for a few months

  76. I’m spending way too much time checking out Sl Terror’s hottie sitting behind home plate lol.

  77. Doesn’t Jeffress have a put-away pitch?

  78. As a catcher:

    Cabrera will be fine.

    Jefress cant throw a strike when needed.

  79. Melkman delivers

  80. That was another good swing by Melky…

  81. Strand a pair.

  82. Best part of today’s game was the hit Asian chick behind home plate

  83. I never noticed…….

  84. I’ve been known to tell a lie…

  85. The season has started right? Time to get off the bottle and get some work done. It’s almost noon, I need some jays news!

  86. I’m sure this has been talked about, but the question should be asked if it hasn’t:

    If Beede falls in the draft to the Jays, would they draft him again?

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