Spring Threat: Jays @ Twins


Welcome to the 20th Century! MLB’s (pre-season) instant replay era begins today, and the Twins and Jays, along with the Cubs and Brewers, will be the first to attempt to use the system — which includes challenges from the bench (and a bunch of other stuff).


I think so. Should be interesting, at least. But at this point… I don’t know anything. Still gathering myself after a couple weeks on the road, to be honest. There will be thoughts on all that an on the beginning of camp to come this week, as we’re back in full swing, but first more actual weekday baseball-ish!



TV: MLB.tv

And now the lineups…

Toronto Blue Jays

CF Anthony Gose (L)
2B Chris Getz (L)
3B Brett Lawrie (R)
DH Edwin Encarnacion (R)
C Dioner Navarro (S)
RF Moises Sierra (R)
1B Dan Johnson (L)
SS Maicer Izturis (S)
LF Kevin Pillar (R)

LHP J.A. Happ

Minnesota Twins

CF Aaron Hicks (S)
2B Brian Dozier (R)
1B Joe Mauer (L)
DH Josh Willingham (R)
RF Oswaldo Arcia (L)
C Kurt Suzuki (L)
3B Nicholas Romero (S)
LF Jermain Mitchell (L)
SS Eduardo Escobar (S)

RHP Kevin Correia


Image of the umpire headsets to be used for replay today via @BlueJays.

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    • Umm Alex.
      When i click the link you provided, My anti virus tells me it blocked a trojan horse.
      I don’t know if you were aware or not.
      MLB.com is providing the games for free ( or so I’m told)

      • Only audio available and its not very simple to sign up because it asks for CC number

        • That’s MLB.TV.
          Go to MLB.com you still need to sign up,It’s free.
          Same as last year, I think.
          I haven’t done it yet but it’s what others are telling me.

      • @ RADAR..I get that EVERY time I pull up any of those links.
        I’m thinking I should give my computer the last rites.

        • Probably you’re right Karl.
          My computer is so old, I use a wind up key to get it started.
          2 antivirus progarms,firewall,Ccleaner,bubble wrap around the tower,sits on two diapers in case of an accident and I always make sure it wears a condom just to be safe.
          No,you’re paranoid.

          • Enough about you. Tell us about your computer. Heyooooo.

          • Shades of Monty Python…

            We used to DREAM of having a wind-up computer.
            Ours is powered by a couple of geriatric hamsters
            on exercise wheels.

            • Hamsters!! Lucky you.
              We used to get up half an hour before we went to bed, AFTER Dad had killed us……man, classic stuff.
              PS….I have tickets to their show in London next summer.

              • And you try and tell that to the young people of today !

                Well they won’t believe you!

                @Fastball. Is it live at Drury Lane? Now THAT would be something.
                Have a great time!

                • It’s the Monty Python Live (mostly) at the O2 Centre in London.
                  Tickets sold out in 43 seconds….and how we managed it, I’ll never know – but we ended up with 2.

  1. Anybody know where I can watch the game?

  2. When the hell did we sign Dan Johnson?

    • Early offseason I believe. I’d be interested to learn more about him, thoughts on by he’s never broken through? Other than he’s not that good?

  3. Inside the park HR :(

  4. JA Happ is awful, Izturis is awful. Happ has looked horrible so far this spring lets hope he doesn’t make the big team

  5. Who is doing the colour with Wilner on audio?

  6. Wow Macier…. Wow.

  7. 4 walks to start the first great JA

  8. #newarmslot

  9. Oh god. Is Syndergaard going to be better than Dickey in 2014?

    • I for one, hope Syndergaard, Nicolino et al do very well in the coming years. It proves that AA and scouting team are doing a fine job. I’d rather have drafted and traded Syndergaard, than drafted and kept Russ Adams. oui?

    • 2014 – maybe
      2015 – probably
      every year after – definitely.

    • Yes. Might be hot air, but Mets scouts say Syndergaard as good, maybe better than Gooden at same age. Yikes. Dickey trade looks sooooo bad. D’Arnaud has injury history, but if he can be healthy and average at-bat, that trade was brutal!

      • Trade looked very very steep at the time, looks like a fiasco now.

        But remember: flags fly forever. 2014 is the year!

      • Definitely hot air. Nose is 21 now — at the age of 21, Gooden already had a ROY award after a 17-9, 2.60 season and then followed that up with a 24-4, 1.53 season at age 20.

        Nose definitely is NOT ‘as good or better than’ Gooden at the same age.

  10. Happ = Romero at this point

    Actually I’d take Romero over Happ at this point, you could make the argument that RR has at least been successful in the past.

    • what a sad state of affairs to be choosing between those two….

    • I doubt even Ricky wants that to happen…

    • Romero isn’t the answer either. Jays still have time to sign Santana. Should have been done already. Happ is the 5th guy, let the young guys start in AAA. If Happ can’t get the job done you bring up Hutch. Its a shame because even adequate can win games with their offense.

      • I would way rather see Hutch start with the Jays than JA Happ. But that is likely the case due to salary considerations.

        • Not just salary its the fact he is coming off TJ surgery and has hasnt even seen AAA yet. It wouldn’t hurt him to start 4 or 5 games in AAA. I agree that Hutch is going to be much much better than Happ and I would think Hutch may actually be #4 if nobody else is brought in.

          • AAA really isn’t a spot where players are developed. I have no problem with prospects coming out of 2A, but I agree its hard to say what they are thinking about Hutch because of his health

      • Was reading on Bluebirdbanter the other day That RR had stem cell procedure on his knees in the fall. He was on crutches for 3 weeks.

      • +1 come on aa GET A DECENT PITCHER fuck

  11. Jays game cut out on TV. Switched over to the Yankee game.
    No good news there.
    Ivan Nova: 2IP, six up; six down with 4K’s
    23 pitches: 20 strikes and 3 balls.
    Just your typical # 4 starter…you know, a lot like Jay Happ.

  12. Wow, if Happ doesn’t want to make the rotation, he’s sure doing a good job.

  13. LOL at the twins broadcasters callin Pillar one of our top prospects. BA has him 20th this year.

    • Top 20 (or 30) is still pretty good considering there are probably hundred’s of org guys. But ya, have to tend to agree…definately not a TOP prospect, but any prospect with a big league future is nothing to scoff at.

  14. Couple of Things:
    1. It’s still early
    2. Spring training results mean close to nothing.

    Though I didn’t need poor spring training results to have skepticism about Happ.

  15. Happ will start as our fourth and may be ok. My hope is that Hutch starts in the 5 spot, and then during the season someone else — Stroman? McGowan? Drabek? — makes a case for coming up and Hutch is throwing well and that leaves Happ the odd man out. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to imagine that being the case. We’ll see. If Hutch can grab any of his pre-injury form I think he has fantastic stuff and great command. He could be a real wild card for us this year.

    • Kyle Drabek, Ricky Romero, Dustin McGowan, JA Happ, Esmil Rogers and Todd Redmond are trash – never forget this

      • Utter nonsense. You have just lumped the widest range of pitchers into one group. McGowan is far from trash — if healthy and used sparingly, could be a lights-out reliever. Drabek is about 15 years old and has a lot of time to get his command sorted out. Happ is a fine #5.

    • I know I can’t stop myself from getting too excited at this point in ST. Like I said yesterday though, I don’t like the idea of anyone getting DFA’d because they’re keeping Happ or anyone else for that matter. Seems to me it’s time to keep your best guys and not go hiding people because they MAY get better at some future date.

      • I agree.

      • the 25 guys you go north with are not going to be the 25 guys you finish the year with.

        you have to protect assets and depth and sometimes that means that the best team doesn’t start the year.

        The good news is that if happ gets off to a poor start they can send him down. It’s not like JJ where you keep sending him out there. Outside of Buerhle, Dickey and Morrow, no one is going to have a long leash, its all going to be about performance this year, which is good.

    Gameday has pop up video ads now.
    Of all the money grubbing, low life, sleezy..

    What was that line in that movie Wall Street?
    How many Yachts can you water ski behind?

  17. Orioles nearing deal with Johan Sanata, glad to see they are adressing their weakness. Not that it will work out but at least they are trying.

    • Santana was hitting 81 on the gun at his showcase.

      He was the best pitcher in the world at one point, but that was a decade ago.

      Stroman, Drabek, Hutch are all better options then Johan, so who cares what the orioles do.

      • Drabek is unusable. He can’t command his fastball. He’ll be out of baseball in a couple of years if he doesn’t learn quick.

        Stroman is at best a long way away.

        Hutchison is the only one of the three to have any faith in for this year. Let’s hope it works out.

        I still think they’ll sign Ervin Santana.

        • I don’t know what you saw, but the inning of Stroman I saw had him locating his pitches very well. And he’s got nasty stuff.

      • Not saying he will be the best in the world, just saying that maybe he might be better than JA Happ. Plus it’s a minor league deal..

        • he’s 2 years and a major arm surgery removed from being marginally better than happ.

          He’s picking the orioles because they have no depth and he could make it to the big leagues quickest. he’s too far along on most teams, yes including the jays, depth chart.

  18. Obviously it’s absurdly early to make any conclusions…

    But even aside from today’s performance, I’m really not feeling good about Happ in the 4 spot. I’m fine with the best of Drabek/Hutch/Stroman etc taking 5… but not feeling Happ at 4.

    Santana is still out there. Personally, I’d be feeling a lot better about this rotation with his addition. Unless the Jays don’t like his medicals or really think he can’t cut it in the AL East.

    • Not to make excuses, but beyond the extremely small sample size, we really don’t know what these guys are working on.

      I mean for the guys trying to make the team, their performance obviously matters, so they are probably relying on their best pitchers.

      Where as if a guy like Happ has been told he’s going to be the 4th starter but to add a pitch or whatever, he might be out there working on something.

      That’s why spring training really can’t be looked at solely by numbers, we don’t have the full picture.

  19. You guys do realize a lot of pitchers are mainly throwing fastballs this early in the spring just to warm their arms up, right?

    If Happ still looks bad later in the spring, then you can get worried.

    • So the fact Happ hasn’t had an ERA under 4.50 since 2010 means nothing? He has been consistently inconsistent over his entire career. He will have some good games but the fact is he has these stinkers far too often to be relied on.

      • no obviously his previous stats are important, not so much his era but his FIP.

        no one thinks happ is going to emerge as an ace, he’s a back of the rotation starter, every team them, some worse than happ.

        • Please name me a playoff team in the AL from last year that has a #4 starter on their depth chart that was/is worse than Happ. I realize some teams have bad starting pitching but those teams don’t win.

          • Rays- Hellickson, Hernandez
            Tigers- Porcello
            Red Sox- Dempster, doubront
            Rangers- Grimm, Tepesch

            All are around give or take happ’s ability..

      • Well sure his previous stats mean something. I’m merely arguing against his current spring training stats meaning anything.

    • Esmil threw nothing but change-ups and did fine vs. Orioles.

  20. That’s true, but most people aren’t worrying about Happ, Drabek and others getting hit hard they’re getting worried about those pitchers not being able to throw strikes. There’s a difference.

    Mcgowan’s performance today wasn’t the best – he was falling behind hitters consistently but you can tell he was throwing change ups, fastballs, curveballs and mixing the locations all around the strike zone. That’s what spring training is for. Happ and the others were missing location consistently and that is not a good sign.

  21. Who just went 3 up, 3 down?

  22. Hmmm… Ervin Santana’s probably a pretty happy guy if he’s watched Happ and Redmond the last couple days. Clearly the Jays won’t and shouldn’t make a knee jerk reaction to this, but if there are more poor outings this spring from those two, the pressure to cave to Santana will be huge

    • you can’t possibly believe that after 4 spring training innings

      • hence why I said won’t and shouldn’t make a knee jerk reaction

        • there wont be any pressure to cave based on spring training, and santana isn’t happy about this. its 4 innings.

          • you don’t think if a couple shit outings turn into shit springs that AA won’t be feeling the heat to add someone? this when it’s rumored that he is still actively trying to deal??

            it’s not like Happ, Redmond, Rogers and co. are above reproach here.

  23. Stilson and Wagner could be long-term pen bodies making Cecil and Delabar eventually redundant, similar to Santos is to Janssen. Depth is great, but RP arms are easily found vs SP and quality 2B.

    • Would prefer if they held on to Santos and dealt Delabar and/or Casey but apparently they’re still shopping Santos.

  24. Have the Jays release Happ yet? Brutal

    • Nonsensical & nontensical.

    • yeah dumb comment. Give the guy a chance, he had a great spring and early start last year until he got hit by that pitch.

      These guys have to stretch out a bit.

      • I was multi-tasking while writing the comment and did not check my grammar. I see your point and maybe I was a bit rash. But I am not a Happ fan and I kind of want him off the team.

      • he pitched to a 4.91 ERA with a 5.18 BB/9 before getting hit by the comebacker.

  25. New podcast soon stoeten?

  26. Im still on board with getting Santana, just wish he would sign a 3 yr deal.
    Happ is scaring me already. So is Rogers. So is Redmond. So is Romero.

    Hutchison for the #5 spot.

  27. Is it just me or did it seem McGowan was flying open too much, rather than driving straight towards the plate. Could be why his control was off.

  28. It hurts me when Drabek fails.

    • He’ll have a chance to pull it all together in Buffalo. He’ll see the bigs in Sept.

      • If he’s ever going to have success in the bigs it will likely be as a reliever.

        Bob Elliott was asked about him.
        It was an off the top of his head answer, not one he researched,
        but Elliott said he could not recall a single pitcher who had a successful
        career as a starter following two TJ surgeries.
        He named a couple of guys who came back to have success as relievers.

        Like I say, not a researched answer, but Elliott has a pretty good memory
        for that type of thing. There may be a guy; but there can’t be many.

        • I don’t think he can even have success as a reliever… not due to his two T.J.’s but more because the guy is 26 and still can’t effectvely locate his fastball. I mean most guys who become relievers become relievers because they can’t master the secondary offerings to get through the line-up mutliple times… Drabek can’t even master the primary offering.

          • Control is definitely his problem and always has been. he has great stuff but if you can’t throw strikes you won’t last very long in the bigs

            • “Always has been” is the key. It’s the reason why Phillies sent him and not Happ in deal for Doc. McGowan and Drabek need to be pen only assets. Release/trade Jeffress, trade Santos, trade Janssen, move Delabar to closer. Jays have Stilson and Wagner in minors waiting for their pen duties in 2015. AA needs to move RP to fill holes.

      • See my earlier post. Drabek can’t command his fastball. That is a fatal problem if he doesn’t fix it quickly.

        • He barely pitched above AA ball last year, wouldn’t write him off so quickly.

          Agree that I’d be surprised to see him as a starter again given his injury history.

        • He does have to command the fastball to have any sort of success.
          But maybe, if they take away some of his toys
          and turn him into a two pitch pitcher, he’ll be able to command both.
          Two is all that is needed by a one inning guy.
          I’d try that before I gave up on him.

          • He’s got another year’s worth of options left. Given how many starter candidates are out of options, I’ll be surprised if he sticks with the big team til they absolutely have to decide on him.

    • When things go wrong, oh, wrong with you,
      It hurts me too.

  29. Doomed

  30. I’m going to bite the bullet and buy mlb.tv this year. Do they still have ridiculous blackouts that will require me to use a IP proxy?

  31. seein jays pitchers get lit up today …

    it doesn’t help when i read that both Syndergaard and Josh Johnson both looked good today :/

  32. Josh Johnson looked good in spring training last year and we seen how that went.

    The Noah thing still makes me want to puke.

    • yups its spring training i know…
      just not something that helps make my monday feel any better…

    • Josh Johnson looked nigh on unhittable in ST last year. Whole different story when the real baseball started.

      Syndergaard though… I get that Aaron might have the better stuff, but this guy looks like the real deal.

    • You’ll want to stay away from news out’a Marlins’ camp. Ex-Jays prospects Justin Nicolino (#3) and Anthony DeSclafani (#7) are moving up the chain.

  33. Ya we fuckin’ get it. This jibber jabber is almost as painful as AA’s quiet winter.

    • Stop this horseshit.

      • Yeah our starting has too many question marks, this is nothing new. My bigger concern and hope is our offence making up for it. Fingers crossed for healthy seasons for Reyes, Bautista, Lawrie and melky.

        That is all.

  34. Happ was brutal today, but you definitely can’t read too much into spring training pitching results, especially this early. Remember how in 2012 and 2013 Mr. durable Brandon Morrow looked and felt great in spring training, was stronger, was concentrating on being more aggressive in the zone, adopting a “meaner” approach and mentality when facing hitters, blah blah blah…he then proceeded to have both his 2012/2013 seasons derailed by injuries AGAIN. JJ and Buehrle also looked great last spring and then shit the bed in April when the games actually counted…I definitely share people’s wholly legitimate concerns about the jays starting pitching, but let’s not overreact to Happ too early here in the spring, sad as it is to say, he’s one of our most experienced starters and it’s not out the question that if he stays healthy, he could give us some valuable, quality innings as a 4th or 5th starter. On the other hand, he could be total dogshit and never fully recover his form after his head/knee injuries last year. The point is, its early in the spring and history shows us that spring stats don’t usually tell us much about how the regular season will actually pan out.

    • Happ is a perfectly adequate 4th/5th starter. He likely would have put up 2+ WAR last year without the freak injury.

  35. With Happ, Redmond and Rogers looking like dog shit those precious question marks of AA’s are evaporating. Realistically Hutch is a solid option. Romero? Fuck off lol he’s done. Draebek? No chance for him I say. Hopefully AA comes to his senses before spring training ends and signs Santana or else they may as well give away every 5th game.

  36. I’m drunk. Go jays!!

    • Haha. Good find. Any script that starts “open on Opera Bob’s” is on the right track.

  37. How long before morons start calling for AA to fire Gibbons because spring training didn’t go too well?

  38. The stupidity by many on this Spring Training game thread incredible. It’s the second start for Happ and people are calling for his head after 4 innings? Do you people understand what an exhibition game is?

    Go back to hockey, you puck heads.

  39. I was thinking, one piece of evidence that hasn’t really been talked about yet with regards to whether it’s Rogers tightening the pursestrings or the FO just being value freaks when it comes to free agents, is the fact that the Jays have failed to sign two 1st rounders during AA’s tenure. To me that’s more evidence of the FO just being extremely tough negotiators who don’t budge a whole lot off their initial evaluations of a player. I highly doubt Rogers would have begrudged them the $1mill that was separating the Jays and Beede, or the similar number separating them and Bickford (Bickford apparently asked for $4.25mill, slot value of $2.9mill but Jays probably would have gone over a bit).

    AA nearly characterizing the 2/$8mill Navarro deal as an overpay is another sign of that. Navarro has some question marks sure, but even JPA put up the roughly 1.5 WAR it would take to make that deal worthwhile between 2011-12. If that deal is an overpay – jeez our front office drive tough bargains.

    I’m not saying it’s a bad MO, even if it is the case. I’m all for maintaining future flexibility and maximizing value, it’s just that with an uber-wealthy owner, you’d think that wouldn’t have to be the strategy, especially when they have so much flexibility post-2015.

    • The Jays at the same time came within $300 of being over budget in the draft and thus avoiding the penalties imposed by MLB.They spent the max available.
      They also spent a lot in Int’l FA’s.
      One of the worries with Navarro is durability.When was the last time he was a fulltime catcher?

    • I’d be ready to concede your point if the jays were losing the picks. For instance, if they don’t sign their #11 pick this year I’d be pissed. Picking hard to sign players, knowing that you get compensation next year if he doesn’t sign is a logical strategy, IMHO.

      • The problem with not signing those high-end 1st rounders is your organization has just lost a year of development. Getting that year back is impossible unless you trade for prospects, which is extremely expensive.

        • I think the idea behind the Beede pick (for example) was that he was low risk high reward. Most of the teams ahead of the Jays avoided him because there was word that he’d be hard to sign. But because they got that pick back again in 2012, and also because they had so many extra picks in ’10, ’11, and ’12 that they could afford to waste a pick. In 2011 they also picked (and signed) Dwight Smith, Daniel Norris and John Stilson as well as Anthony DeSclafini and Kevin Comer.

  40. I don’t blame Rogers or the FO for not getting some deals done, Draft or FA wise. To me, the FA pitchers this year were meh at best and not worth half of what they sought. I would see what the young guys got, perhaps revisit some of the trades that undoubtedly got talked about starting at last summer’s trade deadline and look for value, long term, that way. They did try to land a second baseman but it didn’t work out. I know that Goins = Satan (maybe Doug Flynn is more appropriate) on this blog but I never agreed with that equation, especially if things do not line up right now to find a better, long term solution. Goins is great defensively and with a good attitude and hard work plus adjustments, he may be able to help the team with the bat a bit too. But the truth is AA needs to see what he has in this team and then add, or subtract, accordingly.

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